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Andrew’s Top 5 Matches: Week Ending 7/7/2019

A weekend with the beginning of the G1 Climax and Impact Wrestling’s Slammiversary! How much of those make the Top 5 matches?



A weekend with the beginning of the G1 Climax and Impact Wrestling’s Slammiversary! How much of those make the Top 5 matches?

So before we get to this week’s Top 5, last week was the last vote for June. I bring you, the June Pool for our MoTY breakdown!

  • NJPW Southern Showdown: IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship: Will Ospreay (c) vs Robbie Eagles
  • WWE Stomping Ground: Cruiserweight Championship: Tony Nese (c) vs Drew Gulak vs Akira Tozawa
  • AAA Verano de Escalando 2019: AAA Tag Team Championship: Lucha Brothers vs The Young Bucks (c)
  • NJPW BOSJ 26 Finals: Shingo Takagi vs Will Ospreay
  • Takeover XXV: NXT Championship:Johnny Gargano (c) vs Adam Cole

Familiar names litter the June Pool, but, Shingo Takagi vs Will Ospreay, is the match that gets my vote.


5. 205 Live: Oney Lorcan, Jack Gallagher & Tony Nese vs Drew Gulak, Ariya Daivari & Mike Kanellis

Snippet from Mitchell’s Coverage:
Mike swings but is thrown right back out. Gulak BOOTS Gallagher all the way out! But Lorcan body checks Gualk out, to then FLY out onto them all! But Daivari LEAPS onto everyone! Gallagher crawls away but the others are still out there as Nese FLIES in! Nese wipes them all out! But wait, Gallagher has WILLIAM! Gallagher opens up the umbrella and climbs up top, for the Mary Poppins senton! He wipes out everyone! And he gets Daivari in fast! Gallagher climbs again, leaps, falling headbutt! Cover, but Gulak breaks it! Everyone is down all over the place but San Antonio loves this! Gulak crawls back to his corner and reaches out to Daivari. Tag is made, and Gulak stalks his former friend in Gallagher.

Daivari and Lorcan start brawling on the outside! Lorcan throws uppercuts and CHOPS that send Daivari to the ramp! The brawl continues and Gulak is distracted just enough for Gallagher to roll him up! TWO, and Gulak headbutts Gallagher down! Lorcan and Daivari end up backstage, so this is just 2v2 now. Gulak drags Gallagher up for a headlock. Mike tags in as Gallagher powers out. Gallagher runs at Gulak for a flapjack! Gulak spins but Gallagher gives him the Gentleman’s Headbutt! Both men stagger, and Nese tags in! Nese doesn’t realize Gulak isn’t legal as he goes up top! Nese 450 Splashe FLOPS as Mike drags Gulak out of the way! Mike scrambles to cover Nese, TWO!! Mike is shocked and furious! He gets up and grabs Nese by the head, but Nese spins out and powers Mike up, Sunset Driver! Cover, Nese and team win!

Winner: Nese via Sunset Driver

Rating: ****


4. Impact Wrestling Slammiversary: Impact World Championship: Brian Cage (c) vs Michael Elgin

From My Analysis:
Well now, big boy match with big boys doing big boy things. This was a great display of power moves and athletic moves, since neither guy is one dimensional. Elgin worked over Brian Cage’s back, and it played into the match a few times. Cage couldn’t land the Drill Claw, because his back went out. Right when everything was looking good for Elgin, he hits a Buckle Bomb, lifts Cage for the Elgin Bomb, but Cage rolls through, Sunsets Elgin and sits down into a Double Legged Cradle, ala how Okada beat Jericho (and got the first fall on Omega in the 2 out of the 3 falls match). So after all these power spots, the match ends with a basic wrestling move. Great stuff.

Winner: Cage via Double Legged Cradle

Rating: **** 1/4


3. NJPW G1 Climax 29 Night 1: SANADA vs Zack Sabre Jr

Snippet From Mitchell’s Coverage:
Sanada stays standing with ZSJ’s weight pulling on him, and fans rally up. He pops an arm free and suplexes ZSJ for a brain buster! Fans fire up as Sanada drags ZSJ into the fireman’s carry, TKO! Cover, TWO! ZSJ lives but Sanada vows to finish it. He goes to the corner and climbs up, but has to land on his feet when ZSJ dodges the moonsault. ZSJ uppercuts Sanada, but leaps into a backslide! TWO, and Penalty Kick takes Sanada down! ZSJ catches his breath instead of covering, then gets a facelock to a scoop. Sanada slips out to the dragon sleeper! ZSJ resists so Sanada swings him around! Then he drops ZSJ to go up top, MOONSAULT into knees! And a Triangle Hold!!

Sanada endures again as we hit the 20 minute mark! ZSJ twists the arm and squeezes tight. Sanada fades but fans give him a second wind! He lifts ZSJ but ZSJ Peles the arm. ZSJ runs into an elbow and Sanada moonsaults to the dragon sleeper! ZSJ starts fading now, but he keeps going. Sanada lifts but ZSJ slips out. ZSJ body scissors and leg clutches to the EuroClutch, TWO! SKULL END, but ZSJ pops out to another EuroClutch, only for Sanada to pop out into a Japan Clutch! SANADA WINS!

Winner: SANADA via Japanese Leg Clutch

Rating: **** 1/4


Honorable Mentions:

Impact Slammiversary: Sami Callihan vs Tessa Blanchard
Winner: Callihan via Piledriver
Rating: ****
NJPW G1 Climax 29 Night 1: Block A: Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Kazuchika Okada
Winner: Okada via Rainmaker
Rating: ****
NJPW G1 Climax 29 Night 1: Block A: Lance Archer vs Will Ospreay
Winner: Archer via Iron Claw Hold
Rating: *** 3/4
Impact Slammiversary: Knockout’s Championship Monster’s Ball: Havok vs Su Yung vs Rosemary vs Taya Valkyrie (c)
Winner: Taya via Super Piledriver
Rating: *** 1/2
IMPACT!: Trey vs Dez vs Wentz
Winner: Dez & Wentz via Hot Fire Flame
Rating: *** 1/2
Impact Slammiversary: Jake Crist vs TJP vs Trey vs Willie Mack
Winner: Mack via 6 Star Frog Splash
Rating: *** 1/4
IMPACT!: Ace Austin vs TJP
Winner: TJP via Knee Bar
Rating: *** 1/4
Impact Slammiversary: First Blood: Killer Kross vs Eddie Edwards
Winner: Eddie Edwards
Rating: ***
NJPW G1 Climax 29 Night 1: Ren Narita & Jeff Cobb vs Tomohiro Ishii & Shota Umino:
Winner: Cobb via Tour of the Islands
Rating: ***
IMPACT!: Johnny Impact & John E. Bravo vs Rich Swann & Willie Mack
Winner: Swann via Phoenix Splash
Rating: ***



2. NJPW G1 Climax 29 Night 1: KENTA vs Kota Ibushi

From My Analysis:
KENTA and Ibushi might have been the biggest attraction to this show, even beyond the main event. KENTA’s return to Japan in an attempt to prove himself might overshadow Ibushi’s own desires. This match was insanely even. They traded strikes, high impact moves and impressive transitions. Thankfully for KENTA, he countered Ibushi’s Outside-In German Suplex, and rocked the Golden Star with a hanging Double Footstomp, normal Double Footstomp and went for the G2S, but Kota countered it. A nice strike exchange happened, Ibushi went for a Palm Strike, but KENTA hit a high kick that seemed to do in Ibushi. One Go 2 Sleep later, KENTA wins his first G1 match ever! Amazing match.

Winner: KENTA via Go 2 Sleep

Rating: **** 1/2


1. Impact Wrestling Slammiversary: X Division Championship: Johnny Impact vs Rich Swann (c)

From My Analysis:
We saw a lot of character work between Johnny and Bravo, which definitely helped carry the slower spots. Swann took out Bravo towards the end when both we trading big cool moves. One move of note coming from Rich Swann, being a Cartwheel Standing Phoenix Splash. That just looked cool. Johnny attempted Starship Pain, and even though he supposedly hit it (you’d think after a decade he’d know how to position people), Rich kicked out. Rich hit a nice 7 strike blitz and 2 Lethal Injections, ole shock and awe tactic. Top Rope Phoenix Splash allowed Swann to retain the title. Damn good match.

Winner: Swann via Phoenix Splash

Rating: **** 1/2



The two weekend main attractions delivered big time! Great wrestling to round things out, and now we have to pick a match of the week! My vote goes to, KENTA vs Kota Ibushi, great match and great story unfolding for KENTA.

He is, fucking KENTA.

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