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WWE PPV/Specials Coverage

Andrew’s WWE Extreme Rules 2019 Ratings & Analysis

A busy wrestling weekend ends with WWE Extreme Rules! How did it all turn out?



A busy wrestling weekend ends with WWE Extreme Rules! How did it all turn out?

Nakamura and Balor haven’t been on WWE programming much the last few months, so hopefully they take this opportunity and kick some ass!

As for the rest of the card, Styles and Ricochet have lots of hype. Then there’s the main event that most people have interest in because they want to see Corbin and Lacey dropped back down the card.

So I guess we should see what happened?


  • Intercontinental Championship Match: Shinsuke Nakamura vs Finn Balor: Nakamura wins via Kinsasha @7:40 – *** 1/4TITLE CHANGE!!
  • Cruiserweight Championship Match: Drew Gulak (c) vs Tony Nese: Gulak retains via Cyclone Crash @7:25 – ** 1/4
  • Undertaker & Roman Reigns vs Shane McMahon & Drew McIntyre: Undertaker wins via Tombstone @17:00 – *** 1/2
  • Raw Tag Team Titles: The Revival (c) vs The Usos: Revival retains via Shatter Machine @12:35 – *** 1/2
  • Aleister Black vs Cesaro: Black wins via Black Mass @9:45 – *** 1/4
  • SmackDown Women’s Championship 2v1 Handicap Match: Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross vs Bayley: Bayley retains via Flying Elbow Drop @10:30 – **
  • Last Man Standing: Bobby Lashley vs Braun Strowman: Braun Strowman @17:30 – * 1/2
  • SmackDown Tag Team Titles: The New Day vs Heavy Machinery vs Rowan & Daniel Bryan (c): New Day win via Midnight Hour @14:00 – *** 3/4 – TITLE CHANGE!!
  • United States Championship: AJ Styles vs Ricochet (c): Styles wins via Avalanche Styles Clash @16:30 – **** 1/4TITLE CHANGE!!
  • Kevin Owens vs Dolph Ziggler: Owens wins via Stunner @0:15 – N/A
  • WWE Championship: Kofi Kingston (c) vs Samoa Joe: Kofi retains via Trouble in Paradise @9:45 – *** 1/4
  • Extreme Rules Winners Take All Raw Women’s & Universal Championships Match: Becky Lynch (c) & Seth Rollins (c) vs Baron Corbin & Lacey Evans: Rollins & Lynch retain via Stomp @20:10 – ***
  • MiTB Cash In for Universal Championship: Brock Lesnar vs Seth Rollins: Brock Lesnar wins via F5 @0:10 – N/A – TITLE CHANGE!!!!



Kicking off with a match that could’ve easily stolen the show, gives me a few mixed feelings. I would like this to be on the main card, but being the unbridled Shinsuke Nakamura mark that I’ve been for about 10 years, I just want him to win.

Okay so we start off with a nice exchange, a little old school Shinsuke flair, but Finn keeps fighting back. Nakamura gets caught on the Kinsasha attempt, John Woo Dropkick sets up the Coup de Grace and now I get disappointed…wait, Finn missed? Back of the head Bombaye-erm-Kinsasha…and then a straight forward Kinsasha! Pinfall for Shinsuke! He gets his hands back on an Intercontinental Championship! Now, let’s see if he can make it as big as the main titles, like he did with the IWGP Intercontinental belt. Great start to the show, from a completely biased stance.

Cruiserweights and the Pre-show go together like Tony Acero and AJ Lee. Sadly though, these matches are usually a high energy spot and this…wasn’t close. The match was lackluster, mediocre and nap worthy. Gulak is fantastic and him going over is great, but this match was about as captivating as watching trash float down the Delaware River.

Now this match did nothing for me but it was well worked. Spots were kind of predictable sure, but Taker didn’t look nearly as crippled as the last few times, so that’s a plus. Also let’s give kudos to Shane for actually hitting the Elbow through the table. He hits that more often than Johnny Last Name hits Starship Pain, so thanks to math I’ll give the match an extra 1/2 star for Shane. Also having Drew rise up behind Undertaker in the shot was really cool.

Okay, this was actually a the best match so far. Lots of nice tandem moves, signature spots and good flow to the action. They each had a great stand off towards the end of the match, but Revival edged out our Samoan legacies with a well timed tag and a Shatter Machine. Nice match.

This was, basically what I expected. There is no real story beyond ” I want to prove I’m better than you”, which is the bare bones basic concept for anything competitive in the history of ever. So a basic story, with a slightly above average match, doesn’t really set my world on fire. Cesaro did some of his bigger signature moves that we haven’t seen much and Black showed he’s a force to be reckoned with by managing to catch Cesaro with a Black Mass. It was fine, if not a little slow.

Ahh the fact that this was one of those stupid co-champions angles instead of the wild card of whoever gets the pin wins the belt, made this match formulaic and predictable to the square root of boring. Nothing was clever or close, the writing was on the wall that Bayley will retain and we’ll most likely see the little alliance between Cross and Bliss dissolve in the next few weeks. Ugh…

It’s a Last Man Standing match with Braun…did you really have high expectations? This match was plodding, shock spots, partially missed collisions that had to be sold as full contact and just a stupid spectacle. Did the crowd seem to like it? Sure. But that doesn’t excuse the fact that it was a pile of crap filled with a couple strikes, going through something, rest and repeat. The finish was worse cause that was obviously a spot filled with crash pads and Braun could bust out to “look cool”. Braun sucks, Lashley was better in Impact…this match gave me a stroke.

Each tag team had a good amount of time to shine. This match continued the story that Heavy Machinery are athletic, but perhaps the idiocy is their downfall. Bryan and Rowan tried to take advantage of situations, but Bryan wasn’t quite crafty enough. After taking a while to get in, Big E did the bulk of the work in the latter portion of the match. Great match that got across all teams personality and was paced very nicely.

Ricochet and Styles is a match with two beloved IWC workhorses. Styles also going back to Bullet Club Styles adds a fun wrinkle. Anderson and Gallows attacked before the bell, and then we had a damn good match with a ton of callbacks. The way Styles beat Ricochet the first time, the foot under the ropes and then the finish was teased on Raw but Styles decided to give Ricochet an Ultimatum instead. Solid enough story, great callbacks and great ring work, culminating in a Styles win is what’s best for business.

So this was a nice surprise squash. I’ve been over Ziggler for a while and Owens eating his lunch was magic. Great moment followed by an okay enough promo to continue this worked/shoot storyline.

I’m not sure if it was because Joe was jawing a bit too much or if the crowd was just tired, but this match came off flat from in-ring perspective and crowd interaction. There was a “We Want Lesnar” “No We Don’t” chant towards the end of the match. So this was okay but definitely left a lot to be desired.

Well this main event was awkward. Any extreme spot felt like it took forever to set up, the match generally didn’t pick up until the very end when Corbin hit End of Days on Becky Lynch. The rest of the match really felt like it was on cruise control with the champion duo dominating and making the match lack in suspense and be generally boring. The finish was an emotional high and with Lesnar coming out for the Cash In, that felt perfect. So it was rough to get to the close of show, but it ended well.

Overall Score: 7.5/10

Damn good show! This was odd for me, cause I had personal issues with the way the card was laid out, but matches were solid, ended well or just made sense story wise. Even the two worst matches of the SmackDown Women’s and Last Man Standing told the stories they were supposed to.

So generally speaking, everything moved in a logical direction. The biggest negative I can say is that certain matches finishes felt a bit abrupt. Also, love him or hate him, that End of Days from Corbin on Becky was the best heel moment in wrestling this year. That was genius.

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Mitchell’s WWE Elimination Chamber Results & Report! (2/18/23)

The final stop before WrestleMania!



WWE Elimination Chamber 2023

Will Sami Zayn pull off a Montreal Miracle?

Before Cody Rhodes challenges for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at WrestleMania, Sami Zayn gets his shot at Roman Reigns! Will the Great Liberator drastically change the WWE’s landscape?


  • Raw Women’s Championship #1 Contender’s Elimination Chamber: Asuka VS Liv Morgan VS Raquel Rodriguez VS Carmella VS Natalya VS Nikki Cross; Asuka wins and will challenge Bianca Belair for the title at WrestleMania.
  • Bobby Lashley VS Brock Lesnar; Lashley wins, by disqualification.
  • Mixed Tag Match: Edge & Beth Phoenix VS Finn Balor & Rhea Ripley; Edge & Beth win.
  • WWE United States Championship Elimination Chamber: Austin Theory VS Seth Rollins VS Bronson Reed VS Johnny Gargano VS Damian Priest VS Montez Ford; Theory wins and retains the title.
  • Undisputed WWE Universal Championship: Roman Reigns w/ Paul Heyman VS Sami Zayn; Roman Reigns wins and retains the title.


It’s the Elimination Chamber Kickoff Show!

Join Kayla Braxton, Kevin Patrick, Wade Barrett and Pete Rosenberg in discussing, analyzing and predicting all the action that’s going to heat up tonight!


Backstage interview with Austin Theory.

Byron Saxton catches the United States Champion as he’s arriving and says he steps inside the “grueling” Elimination Chamber against “five of the fiercest WWE superstars.” Theory says let’s look at those five. Johnny Gargano is a stay at home dad. Montez Ford, how’d he even get into this thing? This isn’t a tag team match. Bronson Reed is just a massive waste of space. And then there’s Damian Priest, a former US Champion! We forgot all about that when Theory became champ. And Theory’s “favorite,” Seth Freakin’ Rollins. AKA Seth “The Past” Rollins! Every time Theory beats Rollins, Rollins goes further and further into the past.

“And that’s exactly what’s gonna happen tonight to all five of those superstars. Because the reality is, we are in the now, and I am the Forever Champ. And they are all just lucky that they get to experience Austin Theory Live. How ’bout that?” Theory laughs his way towards the locker room, but is his ego going to bring him down when the odds are not in his favor?


“On this path to glory…”

“… forward is the only way. No matter the danger, you must face it head on. The fear is bitter. The obstacles, unrelenting. You freeze or fight. And man, that’s cold. But when the storm hits home, it hits big. The Chamber calls, and the only way out is in.” Face the danger, brave the Chamber, and grab glory with both hands!


Raw Women’s Championship #1 Contender’s Elimination Chamber: Asuka VS Liv Morgan VS Raquel Rodriguez VS Carmella VS Natalya VS Nikki Cross!

Having cleared out Bayley and Becky, The EST awaits a new challenger for WrestleMania. The Empress of Tomorrow, the LIVing Embodiment, Ricky Desperado, the Fabulous Princess of Staten Island, the Queen of Harts, and Anarchy Incarnate are all fighting to win, but who will survive the steel to head for gold?

Asuka makes her entrance first, followed by Carmella, who eggs Asuka on while she’s in a pod. Mella goes to her corner, and then Raquel makes her entrance. Fourth out is Nikki, and she’s more than excited to be back in the Chamber. This leaves Natty and Liv to start, which Montreal is excited for. The bell rings and the two circle. They tie up, Natty hits a headlock takeover. Liv fights up, powers out, but Natty runs her over. Natty stares Liv down and smiles, then things speed up. Natty rolls, Liv whips, but Natty hurdles and comes back to waistlock, O’Conner Roll! TWO, Liv rolls Natty, TWO! The two stare down and fans fire up.

Natty and Liv reset and circle, tie up, and Natty waistlocks. Liv elbows free and Natty goes to a corner. Liv runs in, Natty throws her up and out, then ROCKS her with a right. Natty goes out after Liv but Liv whips her into the steel chains! And then again! And again! And again! Natty falls and Liv sits her up for a kiss on the cheek. Liv then goes up the chains to DOUBLE STOMP Natty down! Fans are torn and Liv catches her breath. Liv then digs Natty into the chain and pushes her head through them! Natty struggles to get free, she throws hands but Liv kicks her low. Liv runs in but is sent into a pod!

Liv staggers, Nikki laughs, and Natty SMACKS Liv off the pod again! Fans cheer Natty and she brings Liv back up, to SMACK her into the pod again! Nikki watches with a big grin while fans want that “ONE MORE TIME!” Natty says okay, and she SMACKS Liv back into the pod! Natty then hauls Liv up but Liv pushes back. Liv swings, but into the lift, rebound and TOSS into the chains! Now Natty puts Liv through the chains for a motorcycle stretch! The countdown is here, and the first one out of their pod is… RAQUEL! Big Mami Cool ROCKS Natty with forearm after forearm! Raquel then RAMS shoulders and runs Natty over!

Raquel drags Natty up, whips her to ropes, but Natty kicks back! Natty runs, into a LARIAT! Raquel drags Natty back up, waistlocks, but Natty resists the lift. Liv runs in, but Raquel BOOTS her! Raquel SLAMS Natty, then whips Liv to a corner hard! Liv bounces off buckles, Raquel brings Natty up and whips her in. Natty runs into Liv, and Raquel revs up to run in, STINGER SPLASH SANDWICH! Raquel then TOSSES Natty away, and scoops Liv for a FALL AWAY SLAM! Fans fire up and Raquel BOOTS Natty down! Raquel goes out after Natty, she brings Natty up into a fireman’s carry, and RAMS her into the chains! And again! And again!

Raquel drops Natty, fans are a bit torn, but Raquel stands Natty back up. Raquel hauls Natty up in an Alabama Lift, but Liv jumps on! But Raquel catches her! Natty sunset flips to BOMB Raquel into chains! Fans fire up as all three women are down! Natty throws Liv into the ring, storms up on her, and she grabs the legs. Natty stomps Liv’s stomach, but Liv blocks. Liv BOOTS Natty away, then monkey flips her! But Natty holds onto the legs, only for Liv to roll her up! TWO! Liv kicks, KICKS and springboards, but Natty throws her to Raquel, who catches her! NECKBREAKER CODE BREAKER COMBO!! Natty covers Raquel, TWO!

The countdown is back, and next out is… NIKKI! Nikki RAMS into Natty, CLOBBERS Raquel, and then SPLASHES Liv! She SPLASHES Natty, then SPLASHES Raquel! Nikki keeps going, another SPLASH for Liv! But Raquel POSTS Nikki! Raquel runs in, but posts herself! Natty elbows Nikki, whips, but Nikki reverses and sends Natty out! Liv kicks, KICKS, but misses the enziguri on Nikki! Nikki TOSSES Liv, then she grins as she sees everyone else is down. Nikki grabs Liv’s legs to CATAPULT her into a pod! Nikki drags Natty up, RAMS her into the chains again and again, then goes to Raquel to do the same!

Nikki digs Raquel’s face into the chains, and chinbars to really twist Raquel up! Raquel can only endure, and Nikki lets off to scare Mella. Nikki digs Raquel’s face into the pod! Mella mocks Raquel’s pain and Nikki throws Raquel down. Nikki then looks up, and decides to climb! Fans fire up as Nikki gets on top of Mella’s pod, throws her jacket around, and then away. Nikki aims, and SUPER CROSSBODIES!! Down go Raquel, Natty AND Liv! Fans are thunderous and Mella can’t even! Nikki grins and waves to fans, and the countdown is back. Next into the pod is… CARMELLA! She hurries to cover Liv, TWO!

Mella covers Natty, TWO! Mella waves at Asuka to taunt her, but Nikki sneaks in. Mella gets right up against Asuka’s pod, saying she’s not afraid. But then Nikki slithers up and Mella is creeped out. Mella wants back in her pod! Mella stays safe but fans boo. Nikki turns around, and Raquel picks her up! To RAM her through Mella’s pod!! Mella runs away and wants to borrow Raquel’s pod for safety! Fans lose their minds over what Raquel just did, and she drags Nikki up out of the wreckage. Raquel TOSSES Nikki in, covers, Raquel ELIMINATES Nikki! But Liv is up top, she leaps for a FLYING CODE BREAKER!!

Raquel flounders away, Liv chases after, springboard, but Raquel tosses her to the chains! Liv clings onto the chains to climb! Natty CLUBS Raquel but that just pisses Raquel off! Raquel BOOTS Natty, goes back in and hauls Natty up, to RAM her into a corner! Raquel puts Natty up top, throws forearms, then climbs up after her. Natty and Raquel fight, Natty slips under, but Raquel holds ropes! Raquel rains down fists and even stomps Natty into sitting down! But Liv is up on top of Asuka’s pod! SUPER FLYING SUNSET BOMB!! Mella covers, TWO!?!? Raquel survives and no one can believe it! And the last countdown is here! TIME FOR ASUKA!!!

Asuka BOOTS Mella before she can get in a pod, then dribbles her off the glass! And then off chains! Fans are thunderous, “ASUKA’S GONNA KILL~ YOU!” Mella is pushed into the chains while Asuka smiles! Asuka then brings Mella around to URAKEN! URAKEN! SOBAT! KICK! URAKEN! But Mella ducks the roundhouse and Asuka kicks pod! Asuka hobbles, but she keeps moving, SLIDING KICK on Mella! Fans fire up, Asuka wraps Mella up in a waistlock, GERMAN SUPLEX! Raquel and Asuka stare down and fans fire up again! Raquel swings, misses, but she blocks a backhand to RAM Asuka down!

Asuka’s back up, she tilt-o-whirls to an IRON OCTOPUS!! Raquel endures but Asuka pulls on that bad arm! Raquel powers up, powers Asuka into a fireman’s carry, but Asuka slips off to POST Raquel! ROUNDHOUSE! MISSILE DRPKICK from Liv! Cover, TWO!! Natty ROCKS Liv, gets her up, but Liv fights free! CODE BREAKER! ObLIVI- FABULOUS KICK!! Natty gets Liv for a SHARPSHOOTER!! Liv endures, reaches out, crawls her way forward, but Natty drags her back! Liv bites her hand to ignore the pain, and she powers her way forward again! Asuka clamps onto Liv’s arms! RINGS OF SATURN!!

Liv endures, but she’s fading! Liv is OUT, Asuka & Natty ELIMINATE her!! Fans are bummed by that, but now Natty and Asuka stare down. Natty blocks, Asuka blocks, and Asuka wants the arms but Natty arm-drags free! Natty has the legs, SHARPSHOOTER!! FABULOUS KICK! Mella covers Natty, and ELIMINATES her! We’re down to three and Mella laughs at the haters because she’s one of ’em! Mella stares Asuka down, and she sees Raquel stand up. Mella runs in but into an elbow! Asuka kicks, but Raquel lifts her! Mella CHOP BLOCKS Raquel, Asuka URAKENS! FABULOUS KICK! ROUNDHOUSE! FABULOUS KICK! SLIDING KICK! Double cover, they BOTH ELIMINATE Raquel!

FABULOUS KICK on Asuka!! Cover, TWO!!! Asuka survives and Mella is furious! Mella vows to be the one going to WrestleMania, and she aims again. Asuka blocks the kick, ANKLE LOCK! Mella hops on one foot, rolls Asuka into a cover, TWO!! Asuka has the cover, TWO!! Mella rolls Asuka again, TWO!! But into the RINGS OF SATURN!!! Mella endures, flails, but she QUITS! ASUKA WINS!!

Winner: Asuka, by submission (NEW #1 Contender to the Raw Women’s Champion)

NO ONE was ready for Asuka! But will Bianca Belair be the readiEST she’s ever been for this WrestleMania showdown? Or is there no such thing with the Empress of Tomorrow?


Bobby Lashley VS Brock Lesnar!

The All Mighty and the Beast have gone back and forth over the last year, and being thrown over the top rope in the Royal Rumble was the last straw for Lesnar. Lashley has become more than a rival, he is an obsession of Lesnar’s. Will Lesnar get even with Lashley while getting Lashley out of his head? Or will Lashley finish Lesnar off once and for all?

The bell rings and the two tie up. Lesnar RAMS Lashley to a corner! And RAMS him again, and again! Then OVERHEAD Belly2Belly suplexes! Montreal fires up as Lesnar RAMS into Lashley again, and again, and then knees away on Lashley! Fans chant “SUPLEX CITY!” but Lesnar clotheslines Lashley up and out first! Lesnar paces around while Lashley stands. Lesnar goes out after Lashley, CLUBS him on the back, and then puts him in the ring. Fans fire up but Lashley gets moving, and he SPEARS Lesnar!! Cover, TWO!! Lesnar survives but Lashley knows to just aim again. Lesnar slowly stands, Lashley runs back in, to SPEAR again!!

Lashley soaks up the heat and he wants Lesnar to stand up again. Lesnar rises, and Lashley stalks him. Lesnar resists the full nelson, he gets his hands between Lashley’s, and then fireman’s carries! F5!! Cover, TWO!! Lashley survives but Lesnar keeps his cool. Lesnar stands up first, fans want that “ONE MORE TIME!” so Lesnar fireman’s carries again. F5!! Lesnar crawls to the corner, TWO!!! Lashley survives again, so fans say, “ONE MORE TIME!” Lesnar figures what the hell, he’ll go again! Lesnar fireman’s carries, but Lashley slips off! Lashley shoves, dodges, and SPEARS!! Lashley fires up, and he demands Lesnar stand!

Fans boo but Lashley stalks Lesnar. Lesnar rises up again, Lashley clamps on, HURT LOCK!!! Lesnar is caught in the All Mighty’s full nelson, and he’s fading fast as Lashley puts on the pressure! Fans rally up, Lesnar powers up, and Lesnar LOW BLOWS Lashley!!

Winner: Bobby Lashley, by disqualification

Lashley had Lesnar, so Lesnar threw the fight! But Lesnar is pissed, and he grabs the ref! F5!!! That’s a fine! Lesnar gets Lashley again, another F5!!! The Beast just demolished the Rocky Mountain Machine, and fans still want that “ONE MORE TIME!” Lesnar drags Lashley to the apron, kicks him out of the ring, and he heads for the announce desk! Lesnar clears it off and fans fire up for another F5, through the desk!! Fans lose their minds as Lesnar is standing tall. Lesnar then drags the ref out! And he F5s the ref onto the wreckage!! Well, that’s another fine. Lesnar doesn’t care, but what happens to his Road to WrestleMania?


Mixed Tag Match: Edge & Beth Phoenix VS Finn Balor & Rhea Ripley w/ Dominik Mysterio!

The Rated R Superstar wanted to create a group to elevate this generation. What he got was a monster he could not control. But now, it has escalated to a level where there is no going back! Will “the Grit Couple” break The Prince & The Eradicator for what they did back at Extreme Rules? Or will there be no stopping what The Judgment Day has become?

The teams sort out and fans sing along with Edge’s theme song. Finn and Edge start, they circle, and they tie up. Finn waistlocks, headlocks, but Edge powers out. Finn runs Edge over then flexes at Beth. Fans boo, but Edge runs Finn over! And BOOTS him! Edge goes after Finn in the corner to rain down fists! Fans count along, all the way to nine, then Edge adds on for TEN! Tag to Beth, Edge whips her in to RAM Finn! Beth sets up, PO-EDGE-RY IN MOTION! But now Rhea gets in and fans fire up! Beth and Rhea circle, talk some trash, and Rhea pushes Beth. Beth pushes back, then they throw hands!

They tie up, are in a deadlock and go around. Rhea headlocks, Beth throws body shots then whips Rhea away. Beth LARIATS but Rhea stays up! Rhea talks trash and boops Beth in the forehead. Rhea LARIATS, but Beth stays up! Beth says, “Eat this, bitch!” They throw DOUBLE LARIATS again and again and again! It’s fitting that they have Bull Nakano face paint! Beth runs, ROCKS Rhea, but Rhea kicks back! Rhea ROCKS Beth, Dom whispers advice to Mami, and then hurries away. Rhea and Beth step to each other, and Rhea calls for a Test of Strength. Beth says hell yeah, and she ties up with Rhea. Fans chant “F YOU, DOMINIK!”

Rhea and Beth go shoulder to shoulder, and Rhea has Beth on her knees! But Beth powers up to push Rhea back! So Rhea kicks low, pump handles, RIP- NO, Beth slips free! Chicken wings! Rhea fights free, elbows Beth, but Beth runs and CLOBBERS Rhea! Rhea bails out, Domi distracts but Beth chases him off. Beth goes out after Dom, but Rhea runs in, only for Beth to dodge! CHOP, CHOP and whip into the steel steps! Dom is freaking out as Beth drags Rhea back up. Beth puts Rhea in, stomps her down, and then CLOBBERS Finn! Beth goes up but Finn distracts the ref. Dom grabs at Beth but she kicks him away. Dom trips Beth up!

Edge runs after Dom, CLOBBERS Finn, and Dom runs away to the back! Rhea CLUBS Beth, grins and brings Beth up by her hair, and puts her in a Tree of Woe! Rhea stomps a mudhole into Beth, fans sing “HEY HEY HEY! GOOD-BYE!” to Dom. Rhea drags Beth up, SLAMS her back down, then brings her back up. Dom returns, apparently having found some guts backstage. Rhea CLUBS Beth, shoves her into ropes, and CLUBS her again. Rhea stands Beth up to shove her, but Beth ROCKS Rhea! Rhea ROCKS Beth, fans chant at Dom, and the forearms continue to fly! Beth kicks low, ROCKS Rhea with haymakers, then BLASTS Finn!

Rhea picks Beth up! Beth reaches but can’t reach Edge! So she DDTs Rhea! Fans fire up while both women are down! Beth crawls, but Finn appears from under the ring! Finn trips Edge! Then ELBOW DROP to the floor! Fans boo but Beth is stuck, and Rhea SPLASHES in the corner! Rhea drags Beth out, pump handles, RIP- NO, Beth slips free again! Beth has the chicken wings but Rhea runs to RAM Beth into buckles! Rhea drags Beth up the corner and chicken wings the arms! Dom cheers Rhea on but Beth elbows away on Rhea! Beth is free, she blocks a boot to CHOP Rhea! And CHOP her again!

Beth climbs up after Rhea, but Rhea throws hands! Beth CLUBS away on Rhea, stands her up, and Dom freaks out over the SUPERPLEX! Rhea flounders and even Dom felt that one! Fans are thunderous while both women are down and Dom shouts at Rhea to get up. Rhea and Beth crawl for their corners, but Finn runs in to drag Beth back! But then Beth BOOTS Rhea into Finn! Hot tag to Edge! Edge rallies on Finn, FLAPJACKS him, and fans fire up! Finn staggers, into a kick! But he wrenches out to trip and DOUBLE- NO, Edge avoids the stomps, trips Finn, and puts Finn in the EDGE-UCATOR! Rhea runs in, but Beth SPEARS her!

Beth has Rhea’s legs, and it’s another EDGE-UCATOR! Rhea keeps Finn from tapping, and Dom distracts the ref! Beth lets Rhea go, but Rhea HEADBUTTS her for it! Rhea grabs brass knuckles to DECK Edge!! Rhea helps Finn cover, BETH BREAKS IT! Rhea gets on the apron, Beth kicks her right back off! Beth fires off on Rhea, Rhea kicks her away, but Finn rains down fists on Edge! Fans boo as Finn goes up the corner. But Beth TOSSES Dom into the ropes! Finn gets tripped up! Rhea RAMS Beth into barriers! But Edge CLUBS Finn, turns him around, and goes up after him. Edge CLUBS away on Finn, then clamps on!

Finn holds the ropes to resist, but Rhea adds on! Beth also joins in! The ladies POWERBOMB the men! Fans are thunderous as Beth fires up! Rhea and Beth DOUBLE LARIAT! All four are down, and Dom sees his opening! Dom looks under the ring, he brings out chairs, and Rhea bails out to that side. Rhea drags Beth out while Dom moves the steel steps around! Rhea brings Beth to those steps, SMACKS her off them, and Finn keeps Edge down. They’re upping things from Extreme Rules! Rhea has a chair, but Beth avoids the chairshot! Beth SMACKS Rhea off steps! And then chicken wings, to GLAM SLAM Rhea to the floor!

Edge gets Finn for the IMPALER! And then Edge DIVES onto Dom! Edge gets back in, and he- SLINGBLADE from Finn! Finn aims, runs in, but into a SPEAR!! An then Beth joins in, SHATTER MACHINE!! Cover, The Grit Couple wins!!

Winners: Edge & Beth Phoenix, by pinfall

Judgment Day just faced the consequences of their actions, Edge & Beth stand tall! Is this the end of the war between creator and creation? Or will Finn and Rhea just want revenge further down the line?


Paul Heyman talks with Roman Reigns.

“My Tribal Chief, Montreal is now your city. There’s nothing ‘Zayn-y’ about Montreal. Tonight, Montreal becomes the centerpiece of your Island of Relevancy!” Roman nods while finishing his C4 Energy. Heyman thanks Roman, but will Montreal be absolutely “Zayn-y” by the end of tonight?


WWE United States Championship Elimination Chamber: Austin Theory VS Seth Rollins VS Bronson Reed VS Johnny Gargano VS Damian Priest VS Montez Ford!

The Now says he is the future and the forever, but the odds are not in his favor. Will Theory be the one who ends up the past? Or will he somehow survive the Visionary, the Colossal, Johnny Wrestling, the Punisher and the Highest Flying Profit?

Theory makes his entrance first, so he’s saved from having to start the match and run the table. Next out is Ford, so the red Solo cups rain down. Then Bronson makes his entrance, followed by Priest. That leaves Gargano and Rollins to start the match. Fans sing “OH~ OHH~ OHHH~!” for Rollins as he circles with Gargano. The two tie up, Rollins wrenches an arm to a wristlock, but Gargano spins, wrenches and wristlocks back. Rollins rolls, wrenches, WRINGS Gargano, but Gargano kicks him away! Sweep and cover, ONE! Sweep and cover back, ONE! Fans fire up for this opening exchange, and now fans duel between Rollins and Johnny Wrestling.

The two reset, they feel it out, and fans chant for ‘BOTH THESE GUYS!” Gargano arm-drags Rollins sidesteps and things speed up. Gargano hurdles, schoolboy but Rollins avoids the kick! Gargano avoids the stomp, sunset flips, TWO! Rollins high stacks, TWO! Sunset, TWO! Ghost pin blocked, TWO! Ghost pin completed, but Rollins stands up with a fireman’s carry! Gargano elbows free, goes to the outside and ROCKS Rollins! Then slingshots, but into underhooks! But Gargano back drops free! Rollins lands on his feet, ROCKS Gargano, but Gargano SLINGSHOT SPEARS Rollins to the floor!

Fans fire up but that was a bit double-edged for Gargano. The countdown is here, and first out is… THEORY! The champ BOOTS Gargano, throws hands on Rollins, then throws Rollins into chains! Then he clotheslines Rollins into the ring! Theory throws Gargano into chains, digs him in, and says, “This is MY time! MY time!” Theory talks trash on both his former mentors, then bumps Rollins off buckles. And off more buckles. Theory RAMS into Rollins again and again, then snapmares to stomp him down! Theory goes back to Gargano and RAMS him into a pod! Fans boo but Theory talks trash on them, too.

Theory ROCKS Rollins, has him in a corner, then whips corner to corner. Rollins bounces off buckles, and Theory hits a BACKBREAKER! Theory BLASTS Gargano, ROCKS him, and then “no look” DECKS Gargano! Theory mocks the fans singing Rollins’ song, but Rollins ROCKS Theory! Gargano ROCKS Theory! They pinball Theory between them, haymaker after haymaker! And then a CHOP! Fans fire up and Theory wants mercy! Theory says the fans are singing, and he makes it seem like the fans only care about Rollins! Theory reminds Gargano of their time as The Way! Gargano seems up for that, but then he DECKS Theory!

Fans fire up as Gargano goes after Theory, who hides in his pod! Theory pulls a Mella, but Rollins opens the other side up. Gargano grins, Theory turns around, and Rollins fires off on Theory! Rollins dribbles Theory around, then Gargano joins in! They both beath Theory down! The countdown is back, next in is… PRIEST! The Punisher CLOBBERS Rollins, TOSSES Gargano, then BOOTS him! Rollins gets in but Priest kicks and ROLLING ELBOWS! Priest back elbows Gargano in a corner, back elbows Rollins in a corner, repeat! Priest hits BROKEN ARROW on Gargano! And then he runs at Rollins, but Rollins dodges to kick low!

Rollins underhooks, Priest slips out, DIRTY DEEDS! Priest then COMPLETE SHOTS Gargano! Cover, TWO! Priest waits on Rollins to stand up, and he choke grips for SOUTH OF- NO, Rollins flips free! But Priest JUMP KICKS! Priest wrenches, UNPRETTIER! Cover, TWO!! Priest prepares the hand again and Theory cheers him on. Priest ROUNDHOUSES Theory! Priest then runs to go up the ropes and SENTONS onto Theory! Fans fire up while Priest stalks Rollins. Priest scoops Rollins, but Rollins blocks the lawn dart into chains! Rollins drags Priest into the ring, but Priest slips off to BELL CLAP! But Rollins PELES!

Gargano BUZZSAWS! Theory SOMERSAULT SHOTGUNS! Priest SPINNING ROUNDHOUSES! Fans fire up as Priest stands tall! Priest drags Gargano into a drop zone and he goes up the corner. “This is Awesome!” as Priest reaches the top. But Rollins is right after him! SUPERPLEX, and roll through to FALCON ARROW! Cover, TWO! The countdown is back, and next out is… BRONSON! And he CLOBBERS Theory! And he CLOBBERS Rollins! And he CLOBBERS Gargano! Rollins CHOPS, but Bronson doesn’t budge! Bronson spins Rollins around, grabs Gargano, URENAGE REVERSE DDT COMBO!

Fans fire up as Bronson stomps around. Bronson whips Gargano into Rollins, then SPLASHES them both! Bronson puts Gargano up top, CHOPS him, then brings Rollins around to fireman’s carry. Gargano is added on top, Bronson carries them both for a DOUBLE SAMOAN DROP!! Cover on Rollins, TWO! Rollins is still in this but Bronson watches Priest stand. Priest and Bronson throw hands, Bronson HEADBIUTTS! Priest ROCKS Bronson, goes up the ropes, but Bronson catches him! GERMAN SUPLEX into chains! Priest staggers, Bronson runs in, SPLASH against the pod!! Priest flops over and fans want that “ONE MORE TIME!”

Bronson tells the fans to shove it, and he goes up the corner. Theory runs over but Bronson HEADBUTTS him! FLYING SHOULDER knocks Theory for a loop! Bronson stands Theory up, and RAMS him into a pod! The countdown is back, and of course, FORD is in! Bronson meets him at the door, but Ford BACKHANDS him! “SUCK IT!” ENZIGURI! But Theory suplexes Ford! Ford slips free, runs and CLOBBERS Theory! Then mule kicks, front kicks, and ENZIGURIS! Theory wobbles, into a SPINEBUSTER! Fans fire up with Ford as he stands over the champion! Ford says A-Town Down? NAH! Off comes the elbow pad!

Ford runs side to side, but Bronson CLOBBERS Ford! Bronson grins, but Theory elbows him! Theory fireman’s carries Bronson!! But Bronson slips off, reels him in, POWERSLAM! Gargano returns, bobs ‘n’ weaves and fires off boxing elbows! Fake-out 52! BUZZ- NO, Bronson gets under the kick to Electric Chair! But Rollins FLYING LARIATS and Gargano uses that to POISON-RANA Bronson!! Ford covers, TWO!! Bronson survives, all six men are down around the Chamber! Priest stands first, Gargano follows but flops back down. Gargano crawls after Rollins and Theory, Ford sees Priest! ford FLIES, but into a choke grip!

Priest lifts but Ford slips out, only for Priest to LARIAT him back down! Priest drags Ford back up, reels him in, RAZOR’S- NO, Ford grabs the chains! Ford kicks Priest, climbs up higher, and Rollins goes after Priest! Ford goes all the way to the ceiling! Ford is hanging up there like a bat as the others gather! SUPER DUPER CROSSBODY!! Ford bowls over everyone and Montreal is losing its mind!! Ford has Bronson in the ring, but Bronson fireman’s carries! Ford fights free, to SUPERKICK! Bronson just fires up!? DOUBLE SUPERKICKS from Ford & Gargano! Bronson’s still up, so Rollins adds on, TRIPLE SUPERKICK!!!

ONE FINAL BEAT!! CURB STOMP!! And FROM THE HEAVENS!!! Cover, Ford ELIMINATES Bronson!! Though technically, it took everyone! Fans sing “HEY HEY HEY! GOOD-BYE~!” to Bronson as everyone else stands up. Priest ROCKS Ford, Rollins CLUBS Priest! Gargano adds on, they mug Priest but he fights back. Theory CLUBS Rollins, bumps him off buckles, Priest ROCKS Gargano! Theory TOSSES Rollins, goes out after him, and Priest does the same to Gargano. Rollins ROCKS Theory in return but Theory trips Rollins! CATAPULT, but Rollins clings to the chains! Rollins climbs now but Theory climbs after him!

Gargano and Priest are also climbing, just on the other side of the pod. Rollins SMACKS Theory off the chains and down goes Theory! Gargano throws hands and sends Priest down. Gargano and Rollins are back to back as fans sing “OH~ OHH~ OHHH~!” Rollins and Gargano nod and smile, then Rollins CHOPS Gargano! They brawl up on top of the pod and fans fire up! Rollins dribbles Gargano off the glass! Gargano sits down, Rollins sees the others gathering. Rollins drags Gargano up, SUPER- RANA!!! Gargano sends Rollins flying onto everyone else!!! Fans lose their minds all over again as all five men are back down!

Priest stands up and fans again declare “This is Awesome!” Priest has Gargano by the ear, and he blocks Gargano’s forearm. Gargano avoids the haymaker to SUPERKICK! TORNADO DDT to the floor! Theory runs in, but into a SUPERKICK! Ford runs in, into a SUPERKICK! Gargano sees Theory go to the other side, he takes aim, ONE FINAL BEAT to the floor!! Fans are thunderous as Gargano aims at Priest! GAMANGIRI, and then ONE FINAL- UPPERCUT! Crucifix lift, RAZOR’S EDGE! Cover, Priest ELIMINATES Gargano! The Bad Guy would be proud as Priest soaks up the heat from Montreal.

Priest DECKS Rollins, then DECKS Ford! Priest KICKS Rollins around, then UPPERCUTS! Priest BOOTS Ford back down, then fires off more kicks on Rollins. Rollins blocks, and he swings, but Priest blocks! They go back and forth, Rollins kicks low and underhooks, but Priest wrenches out to ROUNDHOUSE! Priest reels Rollins in but Ford climbs. Priest lets Rollins go to ROCK Ford! Priest climbs up after Ford, choke grips him, but Rollins adds on! Ford and Rollins hit a BLOCKBUSTER POWERBOMB! Cover, Ford ELIMINATES Priest! Ford avenges Dawkins’ loss to Priest, and now we’re down to three!

Theory stirs off on the side, Rollins and Ford stand in the ring. They stare down, Ford mocks the conducting of the fans. “OH~! OHH~! OHHH~!” Rollins ROCKS Ford! Ford ROCKS Rollins! Repeat! Ford gets the edge, but Rollins ducks the backhand to ROLLING ELBOW! Turn and- Mule kick from Ford! Front kick! But Rollins ducks the enziguri! Back suplex, but Ford lands on his feet to ENZIGURI! Fans fire up as Ford then FLIES to take out Theory!! And then he FLIES to hit Rollins! And he throws Theory to that side, to FLY and take them BOTH out!! Ford throws Theory in but Theory fireman’s carries!

Ford slips free, slips around, clinch to the ROCK BOTTOM! Ford says “SUCK IT” to Theory and he goes up top! FROM THE HEAVENS onto knees!! Rollins CURB STOMPS! Theory BLASTS Rollins, covers Ford, and ELIMINATES Ford! Fans boo, but Rollins and Theory are the last two left. Fans chant “YOU SUCK!” at Theory but he doesn’t care. Theory stands Rollins up, but Rollins SUPERKICKS! Rollins gets Theory up, LIGER BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Rollins and Theory are both down, refs call help for Ford. Fans applaud as Ford manages to sit up. Refs and security help Ford out of the ring, Rollins aims at Theory.

Theory sits up, Rollins runs in, but Theory dodges! Fireman’s carry, but Rollins slips free! Underhooks, PEDIGREE!!! Rollins aims and Theory flounders up, but LOGAN PAUL slips into the cage! TO BUCKSHOT ROLLINS!!! And then he CURB STOMPS him!! Fans boo and the refs reprimand but Logan leaves. Theory waits on Rollins, he fireman’s carries, A-TOWN DOWN! Cover, Theory wins!

Winner: Austin Theory, by pinfall (still WWE United States Champion)

One big mouth helps another big mouth survive, and Logan tells Rollins to keep running his mouth. Will the ImPAULsive Influencer have hell to pay? Will The Now only have an even bigger ego after tonight?


Undisputed WWE Universal Championship: Roman Reigns w/ Paul Heyman VS Sami Zayn!

For 902 DAYS, the Tribal Chief, the Head of the Table, the Island of Relevancy has held onto gold. But after an almost year long journey, the Great Liberator has broken away and regained the respect he is owed! Will Sami’s homecoming be a perfect one? Or will he NOT be the one to end Roman’s reign?

Roman makes his entrance first, the Wise Man and only the Wise Man at his side. Roman raises the belts for the pyro, then continues to the ring, even as fans chant, “F YOU, ROMAN!” Needless to say, Montreal does NOT acknowledge Roman as their Tribal Chief. Roman again lifts the belts for the second round of pyro. Fans already sing “OLE~ OLE OLE OLE~!” and then they erupt as Sami makes his entrance! The introductions are made, the belts are raised once again, and we see if Sami makes a Montreal Miracle happen!

Fans start up the “F YOU, ROMAN!” chants. Roman is amused by that as he and Sami go to corners. The bell rings, “OLE~! OLE OLE OLE~!” starts again, and Roman stares Sami down from across the way. Sami wants Roman to hear how fired up Montreal is for SAMI, but Roman is stone faced. Sami steps forward and fans fire up even more! They’re already red hot and there hasn’t even been a punch thrown! Roman is confused and annoyed by that, but he keeps cool. Sami paces, Roman smirks and Heyman says Montreal will acknowledge Roman. Roman and Sami finally circle, and the fans get back to the “F YOU, ROMAN!”

Roman gets angry now, because Sami raises his hands and the fans cheer him! Sami tells Roman it’s as he said, Roman has to take on all of Montreal tonight. The two finally tie up and fans fire up! They go around, Roman headlocks, but Sami powers up and out. Roman runs Sami over, fans boo, but Roman holds up the finger, #HeTheOne. Roman also uses that finger to hush the fans, but they just keep booing. Sami stands up again, and he circles with Roman. They tie up again, Sami waistlocks to a headlock and fans fire up as he grinds Roman down! Roman powers up, powers out, and he ELBOWS Sami down!

Fans boo but Roman soaks it all up while Sami goes to a corner. Roman talks trash on Sami, then circles with Sami again. Fans continue to chant, “F YOU, ROMAN!” and that gets on Roman’s nerves. Roman and Sami circle, tie up, and Roman headlocks again. Sami endures, powers out, and he drops this time to then throw Roman up and out! Fans fire up and Sami builds speed! Sami FLIES to take down Roman at the ramp! Fans fire up even more, especially the Zayn family at ringside! Sami brings Roman around, puts him in the ring, and bumps Roman off buckles! Sami climbs up to rain down fists! Fans count along, all the way to TEN, and Sami goes past it!!

Sami goes fast ‘n’ furious with both fists, he gets roughly TWENTY! Sami pushes Roman away, goes up the corner, and leaps to FLYING ELBOW! Cover, TWO! Sami keeps cool as he stands over Roman. Sami brings Roman up to bump him off more buckles. Roman staggers, Sami goes up the corner again, but Sami leaps into an UPPERCUT! Fans boo but Roman shakes out the cobwebs. Roman grins, throws Sami out, and then goes out after him. Roman SMACKS Sami off the apron, then gets space. Fans boo but Roman tells them to shut up. DRIVE-BY DROPKICK! Sami staggers away and Roman puts him in the ring.

Fans rally behind Sami, but Roman grins as he stalks Sami. Sami staggers up, and he CHOPS, but Roman doesn’t budge! Roman DECKS Sami with a forearm! Fans boo, Roman dusts himself off, and he says, “C’mon! C’mon! I thought about this all week, and that’s all ya got?” Sami sits up, goes to ropes, and fans chant ‘ROMAN SUCKS!” Roman wags his finger, but he walks up into a CHOP! And a CHOP! And another CHOP! Sami ROCKS, runs, but into another UPPERCUT! Fans boo but Roman dusts himself off again. Heyman laughs at Sami while Roman stalks him to a corner. Roman looms over Sami in the corner and says he wanted Sami’s family to be his family.

Roman fires off point-blank lariats again and again as fans boo. Roman won’t stand for that, and he TOSSES Sami out of the ring! Roman lets Sami’s family cheer him on before he goes out after him. “This was never meant to be like this. I didn’t do this. This is his fault.” Roman makes Sami look at his wife, then pushes him down! Roman says he wanted them to be close, but Sami betrayed him! Roman brings Sami around to HEADBUTT him! Sami flops to the ring, fans tell Roman off, but Roman stands Sami up again. “You don’t deserve this, you understand me?” Roman pie faces Sami, puts him in the ring, and gets in at 8 of 10.

Fans rally for Sami but Roman paces around him. Roman waits on Sami to stand, and Sami throws a forearm! Fans fire up as Sami fires more shots, but Roman kicks low. Roman checks his jaw and his ear, then he whips Sami, Sami rebounds, goes up and over, and LARIATS!! Fans fire up as Sami and Roman are both down! Sami fires up, Roman is in a daze, and Heyman looks worried! Sami storms up to fire haymakers on Roman! Sami whips, Roman reverses, but Sami CLOBBERS Roman! Fans fire up more as both men stand back up. Sami clotheslines Roman up and out of the ring! Roman staggers about, Sami goes out after him!

Sami bumps Roman off barriers and rains down fists, right in front of his wife ‘n’ kids! The Zayn family and Montreal fire back up, “OLE~ OLE OLE OLE~!” and Sami puts Roman back in. Sami gives his wife a big kiss and fans fire up more! Sami climbs a corner, but Roman ROCKS him first! Roman climbs up, throws hands, then stands Sami up. But Sami resists! Sami throws body shots and fans fire up again! Sami CLUBS away on Roman’s back, then SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMBS!! Cover, TWO!! Roman survives by a split-second and no one can believe it! Heyman is relieved, but fans rally back up.

Sami staggers, he brings Roman up, and he waistlocks, but Roman fights with elbows! Roman elbows away again and again, then clinches for the ROCK BOTTOM! Cover, TWO! Heyman is shocked but Montreal fires up again! Roman wags his finger, saying this isn’t Sami’s comeback. Roman goes to a corner, Sami flounders to the other. Roman locks ‘n’ loads, he runs in, but gets caught! EXPLODER INTO BUCKLES!! Fans are thunderous as Sami goes to the other corner now! HELLUVA- SUPERMAN PUNCH!! Cover, TWO!! Sami survives again but Roman’s too tired to be upset! However, Heyman is plenty upset on behalf of his Tribal Chief.

Roman sits up and Sami flounders. Sami makes it back to a corner but Roman soaks up all the heat from Montreal. Roman lets out the battle cry, “OOAH!” Roman runs in, but is sent into buckles! Roll-up, TWO!!! Roman escapes by nanoseconds, but he staggers into another CORNER EXPLODER!! Sami aims again, but he decides to lock ‘n’ load! Fans are thunderous, Sami runs in, SUPERMAN PUNCH!! And then the HELLUVA KICK!!! Cover, TWO!?!?! Roman survives by the thinnest margin imaginable and Montreal cannot believe it! But Montreal rallies up again as Sami goes back to the corner.

Roman flounders up into the corner again, Heyman is freaking out, but Sami runs in. Roman bails out! Fans boo, but Sami goes outside, and runs at the corner! DAREDEVIL- UPPERCUT!! Roman takes out Sami as Sami goes back to an old favorite! Roman then decides to go around the way, build up speed, and he SPEARS just the barriers!! Sami got the better of Roman there! Sami puts Roman in, hurries to the corner, dodges a superman punch to BLUE THUNDER BOMB!! Cover, TWO!?!?!?! Roman survives again and Heyman is thanking God for that one! Sami is growing frustrated because he’s used all his best stuff!

Montreal still rallies behind Sami, though, and that fires him back up! Sami drags Roman back up, reels him in, but Roman blocks the Blue Thunder with a headlock! Roman ELBOWS Sami, RAMS Sami into the ref! And then Roman throws back elbows that also get the ref! Roman runs, into a HELLUVA KICK!!! Cover, but there’s no ref!!! Sami would’ve won already!! Sami is beside himself but Heyman shouts at Roman to get up. Sami checks on the ref, but the ref falls out of the ring! And then JIMMY USO appears! SUPERKICK on Sami!! SUPERKICK again!! And then a whip, to a SUPERKICK!!

Jimmy hurries up top while fans boo! USO SPLASH!! Jimmy drags Roman over, a new ref arrives and counts, TWO!?!?!?!? Sami survives and Montreal is thunderous! Jimmy and Heyman cannot believe it, but Sami still isn’t done! Sami flounders, Roman sits up, and Roman seems confused by how Sami is still conscious. Fans sing as hard as they can but Sami’s strikes don’t hurt. But then he gets fire and the haymakers fly! Roman staggers, runs up, and he grabs Sami by the face to HEADBUTT him! Sami leans against ropes, Roman gets up in Sami’s face and pie faces him as he says, “You understand me?”

Sami ROCKS Roman instead! Roman swings, Sami dodges! BOOT, and then haymakers! Sami fires off stomps and the ref counts! Sami lets off, Roman bails out, but Sami BOOTS Jimmy!! Sami turns around, into a SPEAR!! Cover, TWO!?!?!? Roman just can’t understand how Sami is still in this! Montreal probably doesn’t either, but they’re loving every second of it! Sami crawls after Roman but Roman tells him Sami ruined his life! “I tried to like you!” Roman says Sami is NOTHING without Roman! Roman upgraded Sami and this is how he repays Roman!? All of Montreal will suffer with Sami now!

Roman SLAPS Sami! And slaps him again and again! Sami SLAPS back!! And then dodges! SUPERMAN PUNCH takes out the ref! SUPERMAN PUNCH from Sami! SUPERMAN PUNCH from Roman!! Both men are down, and we need another ref!!! Heyman is almost amused by that. Roman realizes that, too, and tells Heyman to hurry. Heyman goes under the ring to bring out a chair! Heyman sends that in to Roman, and Roman looks to Sami as he flounders to ropes. But wait! JEY IS HERE!!! Jey stands between Roman and Sami!! Roman is furious that Jey would choose now, in this moment, to defy him! Or is Jey here to rejoin the Bloodline?

Roman tells Jey, it’s either Sami or the Bloodline. Roman holds the chair out to Jey, fans chant “NO! NO! NO!” but Jey takes the chair! Roman tells Jey to do what Sami couldn’t. Roman talks trash to Sami, but then Jey hesitates. Heyman and Roman are confused, but if it’s like that, then Roman takes the chair back. Roman pie faces Jey! And again! Sami runs in, but Roman dodges! Sami’s SPEAR hits Jey!!! And Roman SMACKS Sami with the chair! And again! And again! And again! Not even Heyman can watch this! Fans boo as hard as they can while Sami writhes and flounders! Sami tries to stand, falls back over, and Roman aims again!

Roman runs in, SPEAR!!! Cover, the first ref returns, and Roman wins!!

Winner: Roman Reigns, by pinfall (still Undisputed WWE Universal Champion)

Just as the Tribal Chief looked to be in checkmate, he found a way to survive! Jimmy gets back in the ring, and Roman has him go after Sami! Jimmy rains down fists on Sami and fans boo, but HERE COMES KEVIN OWENS!! The other son of Montreal is here! Jimmy goes out but Kevin fires off fists on him first! And then RAMS him into the barriers! Kevin glares at Roman, runs in, and he SPEARS Roman! Kevin rains down fists, kicks low, STUNNER!! Kevin dodges Jimmy, STUNNER!! Fans fire up again as Kevin goes out to bring Jimmy around, POP-UP POWERBOMB through the announce desk!!

Kevin then spots a chair! Fans fire up as Kevin gets in the ring with it, and he storms up to Roman. But Heyman gets in the ring to attack! Well, “attack” might be an exaggeration. Kevin turns around and Heyman panics. Fans tell him he messed up, but Heyman says he’s always been a fan of Kevin’s! STUNNER!! Roman stands up again, Kevin takes aim, but Sami is also up on his feet. Kevin looks to Sami, and Kevin hears the fans singing. Kevin lets Sami go ahead, HELLUVA KICK!! Montreal’s favorite superstars stand tall, and even though Sami didn’t bring home the gold, maybe he and Kevin can make amends.

As for Roman, he survives his fight, having pulled off a different kind of Montreal screwjob. But if it took all this to deny the Honourary Hab, will he not stop the American Nightmare?

My Thoughts:

A great Elimination Chamber event, though the level of action didn’t make up for some of the results. While Lesnar VS Lashley was going about how every Lesnar match does, that was a ripoff of a finish. Lesnar blatantly low-blowing Lashley was not very Lesnar of him. They should’ve tried to recreate the finish from Crown Jewel for it to backfire somehow, but whatever, Lesnar still has to look strong. There’s a good chance they still have another match at WrestleMania before Bray Wyatt gets his turn. Bray wanted the winner, but also whoever “made it out alive.” Bray will surely address this on SmackDown for clarity, but it could be night one: Lashley VS Lesnar for the final time, night two: winner from night one VS Bray.

The Grit Couple had a great tag match with Finn & Rhea, and of course Dominik did his best to be the one to tip the scales. He got a lot of Heat, as he should, but to my surprise, the Grit Couple wins out with Finn taking the loss. If not for Rhea having her title match against Charlotte Flair, Rhea and Beth could totally have a 1v1 match to parallel what I would think is Edge VS Finn 1v1 at Mania. Great stuff from both Elimination Chamber matches, and while Asuka didn’t clear out everyone, she still got the win and she is going to have a great story and match with Bianca Belair. And as I said just last night for SmackDown, Asuka has to win at Mania, it’d be a ripoff otherwise.

The US Championship Elimination Chamber was even more intense, and hot damn did Montez Ford look amazing throughout. Now, Ford did also scare us by how well he appeared hurt, but as soon as Logan Paul showed up, it was clear it was a work. Logan costs Rollins, there’s a Mania match, and that helps Theory win so he can continue on towards Mania. More than likely, Theory VS Cena happens at Mania to play on the whole “Theory is the next Cena” talk from not too long ago. Also, great first WrestleMania Hollywood 2023 movie reference  commercial where Rollins was Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker and Becky was The (Bat) Man. I hope we get more of those as soon as Monday.

And of course, just amazing, amazing stuff in the main event. Montreal was just as fired up tonight as they were last night for SmackDown, and they were so ready for a result that sadly wasn’t gonna happen. Even I was hoping they were going to call an audible because then Montreal would just erupt and possibly fly into space. But we still got Roman and Sami pushing the limits of how much damage they could take, we got the Usos showing up, but naturally they’re on opposite ends. Jimmy is 100% Team Roman, but Jey looked to be just as stuck in the middle as he was at the end of the Royal Rumble event.

I love the tease that Jey could’ve hit Roman like Sami did, but he hesitated because this story still has more chapters to it. I would’ve liked if Kevin Owens showed up during the match to make the save rather than after, but I suppose if Kevin showed up before Sami lost, then the mood still would’ve been down. Kevin showing up after lifts Montreal up just a bit, and it shows that things could be fixed between him and Sami to do the tag title run. They’ve kept things intriguing up to this point, they will surely keep it that way all the way to Mania.

My Score: 8.9/10

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Mitchell’s NXT Vengeance Day Results & Report! (2/4/23)

Vengeance, thy name is…



NXT is back on the road, but how will the landscape be affected?

NXT takes over Charlotte, North Carolina and puts it all on the line! Will Bron Breakker or Grayson Waller be NXT Champion after their Steel Cage match?


  • NXT North American Championship: Wes Lee VS DIJAK; Wes wins and retains the title.
  • NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships: Kayden Carter & Katana Chance VS Fallon Henley & Kiana James; Fallon & Kiana win and become the new NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions.
  • Best 2 out of 3 Falls: Carmelo Hayes w/ Trick Williams VS Apollo Crews; Hayes wins.
  • NXT Tag Team Championship Fatal 4 Way: The New Day VS Pretty Deadly VS Gallus VS Chase U; Gallus wins and becomes the new NXT Tag Team Champions.
  • NXT Women’s Championship Triple Threat: Roxanne Perez VS Gigi Dolin VS Jacy Jayne; Roxanne wins and retains the title.
  • NXT Championship Steel Cage Match, NO ESCAPE: Bron Breakker VS Grayson Waller; Bron wins and retains the title.


It’s the NXT Vengeance Day Kickoff Show!

Join Matt Camp and Sam Roberts in discussing, analyzing and predicting all the action on this historic night!


NXT_Anonymous shares footage.

Apollo Crews and Carmelo Hayes had a tense encounter in the lobby of the hotel, but management was there to keep it from exploding. Their Best 2 Out of 3 Falls will settle things, but which way will the future go?


Wes Lee speaks.

“Woo~ hoo! Fresh to death, and ready to head to the Spectrum Center. But first, a kiss from the missus.” Wes kisses his wife, picks up his title, “never leave home without it, and I plan to make my way back home with it.” The Missus says he better. Wes tells Dijak he has no shot, the North American title stays on the #WesSide.\


Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen talk with Fallon Henley & Kiana James.

Briggs knows Kayden & Katana have a ton of tag moves, so Fallon & Kiana have to stop them before they get going. Jensen agrees. Kayden loves her dropkick-splashes, so Kiana should get those beautiful legs- er, knees up! Kiana asks if Jensen was watching film for her. He was. Kiana tells Fallon, “Isn’t Jensen the sweetest?” Fallon says, “I don’t now, Kiana. You tell me.” Briggs tells them to focus! If they’re gonna win, they gotta listen to each other. The ladies agree, they’ve got this. Will the Cowgirl & Calculator figure out KC Squared and bring home the gold?


Backstage interview with The New Day.

McKenzie Mitchell is with the NXT Tag Team Champions, and notes that they take on three tag teams at once. Xavier Woods says yes they will, but first, he wants to talk about something very important. New Day has new shirts at WWE Shop! But also, NXT had these tag titles stuck down in Orlando, going up and down Florida, nobody saw them! The New Day has taken these belts all over the world, starting with Australia, Los Angeles, and Atlanta. Now, we’re here at Vengeance Day! Kofi Kingston says they have stiff competition.

First, the longest reigning NXT UK Tag Team Champions EVER in Gallus! Then there’s former NXT Tag Team Champions, Pretty Deadly! And if that wasn’t enough, there’s Chase U! Chase U hasn’t won titles yet, but imagine if Andre Chase won his first here in his hometown of CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA! Chase will win one day, just not today. Woods bids us adieu as he and Kofi must prepare to walk out your W, W, E, N, X, T, World, Tag, Team, CHAMPIONS~! And do you know why? McKenzie does her best Big E, “BEEECAUSE~!” “NEW! DAY ROCKS!” McKenzie knows, but will the world know after tonight’s Fatal 4 Way?


Chase U gets hyped outside the Spectrum Center.

But why? It’s freezing right now! Andre Chase says Spectrum Center in Charlotte, NC is a place with so many great wrestling moments he grew up on. And tonight, they have the opportunity to have THEIR moment! It’s just as Michael Jordan said: Heart is what separates the good from the great. Chase U may be the underdogs, but not here in Charlotte! They not only have heart, they have homefield advantage! They’ll go give those other three teams an Andre Chase University sized ASS WHOOPING! Duke does the U to high-ten, he and Chase are all fired up! But will this homecoming be a big win for Chase U?


Charlotte Flair speaks.

“Alright, North Carolina, it’s about damn time. NXT is back on the road. A brand that revolutionized this industry. But it’s not about then, it’s about this generation. Starting with this man: NXT Champion, Bron Breakker. He will Spear you so hard, your great-grandchildren will feel it. His opponent: Grayson Waller. A silver-tongued Aussie who believes it’s not talking smack if you can back it up. Two caged animals, but only one will come out as champion. From one champion to another, allow me to introduce a 21-year-old Prodigy, Roxanne Perez. This new champion has to fend off two Toxic vultures whose mission is to stop the future and rebuild their empire. Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne will do it by any means necessary.

“And for the ten people in the world who don’t know the new Day, they’re only the greatest tag team in WWE history. Three teams respect history, but want to write their own. A university rich in passion, rich in tradition. A flamboyant duo who’s pretty on the outside, but deadly inside the ring. And two bruisers who are ready to reign over a new kingdom. If we’re talking tag teams, where my ladies at? Katana & Kayden, please stand up. Since day one, ride or die. And you chose to ride all the way to the longest reign in Women’s Tag Team History. Raw, SmackDown, NXT, period. But there are two bitter rivals, Fallon Henley & Kiana James. They put their disdain aside for the opportunity to break the streak and capture championship gold.

“If there’s a way to get that W, North American Champion Wes Lee will find it. But Dijak is a man on a mission, ready to serve justice. It’s the classic David VS Goliath for the North American title. And finally, there’s talent, and then there’s these two men. Apollo Crews and Carmelo Hayes. They have more athleticism in their pinkie finger than 99% of men have in their whole bodies. Don’t blink, you’ll miss something incredible, because these two men are about to put on a show. Not for one fall, but for two out of three. This is your moment. This is your day. This is Vengeance Day!” The Queen has spoken, who seizes the day in The Queen City?


NXT North American Championship: Wes Lee VS DIJAK!

The Must-See Kid has proven himself to be a fighting champion and a worthy champion, but he’s going up against #HardJustice! Will this title stay on the #WesSide? Or will it be put under lock and key?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see if the Cardiac Kid’s heart will see him through!

The fans fire up as the two circle. The fans chant for Wes as he ties up with Dijak. Dijak shoves Wes away, but Wes grins as he gets up. Dijak says he should’ve just given up, but Wes throws up the W. The two approach, Wes gets around Dijak, headlocks, and holds on tight. Dijak throws body shots, powers out, then runs Wes over! Wes gets up, a little worried by the strength difference, and Dijak tells him to save himself the beating and lie down. The fans rally up behind Wes, but Wes lies down? Dijak covers, but Wes KICSK him in the face! Wes grins, Dijak rushes in, things speed up and Wes slides to roll and headscissor!

Dijak hits buckles, Wes runs in and waistlocks. Wes starts to lift Dijak but Dijak elbows back. Dijak bucks Wes away, Wes returns but is put on the apron. Wes shoulders in, slingshots and RANAS Dijak into another corner! Fans fire up as Dijak bails out, and Wes WRECKS him with a dropkick! Wes goes to the apron, leaps, but into a fireman’s carry! DEATH VALLEY DRIVER to the floor!! Fans are stunned as Dijak puts Wes in the ring. Cover, TWO!! Wes survives and Dijak grows frustrated. Dijak clamps on a hammerlock and CLUBS away on Wes’s arm! Dijak pushes Wes to a cover, TWO! Wes is hanging tough but Dijak stomps him down.

Dijak stalks Wes to a corner, puts him on ropes, and CHOKES him! The ref counts, Dijak lets off, and fans rally up for Wes. Wes sputters but Dijak drags him up. Dijak throws back elbows, then CLUBS Wes in the chest! Dijak suplexes Wes, TIME TO FLY! Wes hits hard, Dijak covers, TWO! Dijak is annoyed but also a bit amused by Wes still fighting. Dijak stands WEs up but Wes throws hands! Wes UPPERCUTS, runs, and CROSSBODIES, but Dijak catches him! Dijak KNEES Wes in the side, then TOSSES him out of the ring! Fans fire up as Wes crashes down! Dijak goes out after Wes, drags him up again, and RAMS him into the apron!

The ring count climbs but Dijak THROWS Wes into barriers! The count is 5 of 10 but Dijak RAMS Wes into the apron, CLUBS him, then pushes him in at 7. Dijak stalks Wes, covers, TWO! Wes crawls to a corner, Dijak stalks him. Dijak stomps Wes again and again, but lets off as the ref counts. Wes sputters and fans boo but Dijak drags Wes up. Dijak ROCKS Wes with forearm after forearm, and then heavy elbows! Dijak lets off to whip Wes corner to corner hard! Dijak then runs in, to back elbow just as hard! Wes is dazed, but Dijak stands him back up to whip the other way. Dijak runs in again, but Wes dodges! Dijak hits buckles so hard, he falls out of the ring!

Fans rally for Wes but Dijak hurries back in. Wes avoids Dijak’s hands, throws body shots, but Dijak ROCKS Wes with a forearm! Wes SOBATS, fires off body shots, and fans fire up as he fires off in the corner! Wes ROCKS Dijak, whips Dijak, but Dijak reverses! Wes hits buckles, but he dropkicks Dijak’s legs out! Dijak hits buckles, Wes SUPERKICKS! Wes waistlocks, Dijak is too big, so Wes shoves him to ENZIGURI! Wes tires again, he has Dijak up, GERMAN SUPLEX!! Bridging cover, TWO! Fans rally up for Wes again as Dijak goes to the apron. Wes throws down hands, but Dijak drags him out to the apron!

Dijak and Wes brawl on their knees, Wes gets the edge, but Dijak fireman’s carries! Wes throws elbows to fight free! Wes then back drops Dijak OFF the apron!! Wes then builds speed to FOSBURY FLOP!! Direct hit and fans are thunderous! Wes puts Dijak in the ring, he goes to the corner and slingshots in for the HANDSPRING- NO, torture rack! FEAST YOUR- NO, POISON-RANA!!! Wes brings Dijak in, to fisherman and MICHINOKU DRIVER!!! Cover, TWO!?!? Dijak survives Wes’s feat of strength and no one can believe it! “This is Awesome!” as Wes rises up. Wes goes up the corner, takes aim, and 450- NO, Wes bails out as Dijak moves!

Dijak runs in, but into a SUPERKICK! Wes springboards, into a choke grip! HIGH JUSTICE!!! Cover, TWO!?!? Wes roars, but Dijak clamps onto him with the hammerlock sleeper! Wes fights but he fades! Fans rally and Wes reaches out! Dijak keeps Wes from ropes, but Wes backs him up and snapmares! Dijak holds on and has body scissors!! Wes is caught! Wes is fading! Fans rally up harder, the ref checks, and Wes comes back to life! Wes fights his way out of the body scissors, reaches out, but Dijak brings him around into a torture rack! FEAST YOUR- ROLL-UP!! TWO!! Dijak choke grips again, HIGH- Wes slips out! SUPERKICK!! SUPERKICK again!

Dijak shakes his head as he sits back up. Dijak is laughing and Wes isn’t sure what to make of this. RUNNING KNEE! Wes keeps moving, but Dijak CYCLONE BOOTS!! Cover, TWO!??! Wes survives and Dijak is shocked now! Wes snarls as he gets back to his feet, but Dijak SUPERKICKS! And LARIATS! Cover, TWO!?!??! How is Wes doing this!?! Fans are thunderous again for Wes as Dijak drags him by his hair to a corner. Dijak stands Wes up then climbs the corner. Dijak brings Wes up to join him, to SUPER POWER- STEINER!!!! Wes turns things around at the last possible moment! Wes hurries back up, for a SKY TWISTER!!! Cover, TWO!?!?!?

Just what are either of these two made of!? Dijak bails out, ‘This is Awesome!” as Wes goes and DIVES from the corner, to be sent into barriers! Dijak thwarts Wes’s flight plan, and then he grabs the timekeeper’s armchair! The ref starts the ring count but Dijak makes Wes take a seat. Dijak then grabs a broom, and he puts it through the armrests so that Wes can’t get out of the chair! SUPERKICK!! The ref reprimands but Dijak tells him to shut up. Dijak climbs the corner!? Dijak reaches the top, but Tony D’Angelo and Channing Lorenzo get Wes out of the way of the ARIHARA MOONSAULT!!!

Dijak wipes out Teh Don and Stacks, he tells them to stay out of his business, and then he puts Wes in the ring. Dijak springboards, into a SUPERKICK!! Wes handsprings for the PELE! Cover, Wes wins!!

Winner: Wes Lee, by pinfall (still NXT North American Champion)

Hard Justice just ran into Street Justice! The Don did Wes a favor saving him from utter destruction, but will Wes soon owe them?


Backstage interview with Kayden Carter & Katana Chance.

McKenzie is with the NXT Women’s Tag Team titles moments away from their defense against the “unorthodox team” of Fallon & Kiana. Katana says from unorthodox to in-sync to best friends to bitter enemies. They’ve faced them all on the road to becoming THE longest reigning Women’s Tag Team Champions in the WWE. Kayden says whether it’s a love triangle, rectangle or whatever between Kiana, Fallon, Jensen and Briggs, that’s not their concern. Their concern is the titles. Kayden isn’t trying to sound cocky, but this team busted their asses to become champions. They’re gonna do what they do. But will they do it for one more night to keep the reign going?


NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships: Kayden Carter & Katana Chance VS Fallon Henley & Kiana James w/ Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen!

KC Squared loves to bring the party, but the other team is all business. Well, Kiana is business, Fallon is a pretty rough ‘n’ tumble party girl in her own right. But will the Cowgirl & Calculator handle business against a united duo? Or will Chance & Carter be bringing these titles to an after party?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and we see if KC Squared adds to the Highlight Reel!

The teams sort out and Kiana starts against Kayden. Briggs shouts, “New champ alert!” as Kiana and Kayden circle. They tie up, Kayden gets around to waistlock, and she trips Kiana to twerk on her. Kayden asks if the boys like twerking, but Briggs covers Jensen’s eyes. Kiana whips, Kayden reverses, but Kiana blocks hip toss to throw Kayden out. Jensen gives Kiana a thumbs up, but Kayden gives Jensen a spank! Kiana rushes out, chases Kayden, but Kayden dropkicks Kiana in the ring! Tag to Katana, they whip, trip and basement dropkick to a slingshot senton! Cover, TWO! Katana brings Kiana up, but Kiana knees low!

Kiana brings Katana over, tag to Fallon, and Kiana holds Katana, but also pulls hair! Fallon argues with Kiana about that, and the ref also reprimands over that, but Katana kicks! Fallon blocks, goes to punch, but Katana gets away, so Fallon has to hold back so as not to hit Kiana! Katana kicks Kiana, Fallon kicks Katana. Katana tags Kayden, Fallon & Kiana both kick but both get blocked. KC Squared swing haymakers but Fallon & Kiana get around to short arm LARIAT in stereo! Fans fire up, Fallon ghost pins Kayden, TWO! Kayden EDDY GORDO KICKS Fallon! Tag to Katana, the champs double wrench, sweep and run to MOONSAULT LEG DROP COMBO! Cover, TWO!

Katana grinds Fallon’s arm, Fallon powers her back, tag to Kiana. Fallon whips Katana into Kiana’s knee! Fallon is still upset about cheap tactics but Kiana hits a BIG back suplex! Cover, TWO! Kiana sucker punches Kayden, pie faces Katana, and drags Katana up to whip her to the corner. Kiana fires off on Katana, RAMS into her, then handsprings to RAM into her again! Fallon tags in, runs, and Kiana feeds Katana to the LASSO FACEBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Fallon clamps onto Katana with a chinlock, then makes it a half nelson chinbar! Fans rally up as Katana endures. Katana fights up but Fallon wrangles her back down!

Fallon keeps on Katana, thrashing her around. Katana still endures and fans rally up. Katana fights up and arm-drags free! But Fallon hurries to keep her from Kayden! They’re fingertips away! Fallon back suplexes, Kayden tags in! Katana slips free, Kayden BULLDOGS Fallon, BLASTS Kiana, and then fires off forearms on them both! Kayden sends Fallon into Kiana, sandwiches them, then DROP-SPLASHES! Fans fire up as Kayden runs side to side. Tag to Katana before the BOOT WASH! Fallon falls out of the ring, Katana comes in around the way to get the boost, CROSSBODY on both Kiana & Fallon!

Katana puts Fallon in, then ROLLING AX KICKS! Cover, TWO! Katana keeps on Fallon but Fallon throws body shots! Fallon throws haymakers and DECKS Katana! Fallon drags katana up but Katana JAWBREAKERS! Kiana tags in, brings Katana up and back suplexes, but Katana lands on her feet! Katana and Kayden SILLY STRING Kiana down! Tag to Kayden, she brings Kiana up toa  fireman’s carry. Kiana slips free, shoves and scoops, SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Kiana is frustrated, but she drags Kayden up by her hair. The ref reprimands, Kiana whips but Kayden holds ropes. Kayden BOOTS, Katana tags in, they TABLE TOP Kiana!

Kayden gives Katana a WHEELBARROW BACK SUPLEX, but onto Kiana’s knees! Kiana TOSSES Kayden, storms up on Katana and DECKS her with a right. Tag to Fallon, she runs to go up the ropes, FLYING BLOCKBUSTER! Scoop and DOUBLE DRIVER!! Cover, Kayden breaks it apart! Kiana is furious, she kicks Kayden then throws her out! Kiana goes out to the apron, MOONSAULT! Kayden avoids it, mule kicks and goes up, FLYING CUTTER to the floor! Fans fire up for “NXT! NXT!” as Jensen checks Kiana and Briggs coaches Fallon. Fallon and Katana throw hands back and forth. Katana CHOPS, Fallon ROCKS then CHOPS!

Fallon drags Katana up, whips her to the corner, runs in but is put on the apron. Katana shoulders Fallon, Kayden tags in and she ROCKS Fallon. Kayden climbs up the corner, Fallon fights the lift! Fallon HEADBUTTS Kayden! Fallon climbs up now, but Kayden HEADBUTTS back! Fallon CHOPS Kayden but Katana sneaks a tag! Fallon is up on Kayden’s shoulders, but Katana SUPER STEINERS her down!! Cover, TWO!?! Fallon survives and no one can believe it! Katana hurries to tag Kayden, then Katana climbs. Kayden drags Fallon up and turns her, but Kiana SHOVES Katana away! Katana crashes down and Kayden is shocked!

Fallon runs, Kayden gets around, O’Conner Roll! TWO and Kayden hits ropes! Fallon kicks Kayden into body scissor clutch position, and Kiana holds Kayden’s legs! FALLON & KIANA WIN!!!

Winners: Fallon Henley & Kiana James, by pinfall (NEW NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships)

Kayden knows she got cheated! She protests but it’s too late! The streak is over at 181 days, and now the gold is going home with the Cowgirl & Calculator! Is this unlikely duo going to go far with these belts? Or will it only be a matter of time before Kiana gets caught bending the rules?


Drew Gulak is on Instagram.

He has Hank Walker join him on his Instagram story. Did Hank see Wes use speed to counter Dijak’s size and strength? Yeah, he saw that. That is how you have to beat high-fliers: you ground them. One more thing, too. See how nice everyone here is dressed for Vengeance Day? Why is Hank dressed like he’s going to repair a sink? These are just Hank’s clothes. Oh, those are just his clothes? They need to get Hank some real ring attire. Sure, right away. Good, Gulak is building a superstar, not a house. Hank says he can do that. What kind of ring gear will we see the Blue Collar Boy bring to NXT?


Lyra Valkyria speaks.

“My Vengeance Day was supposed to arrive last Tuesday. Cora Jade was going to, as she put it, teach me my place here in NXT. But I guess Cora changed her mind. I can’t respect a woman who says one thing and then does the opposite. Cora Jade’s time will come, and she will perish. This Tuesday, I’m going to be standing in the middle of the ring. So who among the women’s locker room is ready to soar?”


Best 2 out of 3 Falls: Carmelo Hayes w/ Trick Williams VS Apollo Crews!

These two have gone 1-1, and they both want the same thing: a shot at the NXT Championship. With no excuses left, this will decide who really has next! Will Melo be that man? Or is the future bright for Apollo?

Trick gives Melo the introduction. “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, Trick ‘n’ Melo fans of all ages. I need you to strap in and glue your wigs on tight.” For he is the 2021 Breakout Superstar; the longest combined reigning North American Champion; an NXT WarGames winner; the Unified Cruiserweight & North American Champion… “HIM!” Melo makes his way out, his shirt having Apollo’s face with a big blue X through it. Apollo’s entrance has highlights from his first NXT run, facing Finn Balor, wining the United States and Intercontinental Championship, to the moment he almost beat Bron Breakker.

The bell rings and fans rally up as the two stare down. They talk a little trash, circle and then tie up. Apollo waistlocks, throws Melo down, but Melo slips out to wrench. Apollo wrenches back, but Melo drops, spins and trips Apollo. Apollo gets the ropebreak and Melo lets off. Fans cheer as the two stand off. There’s a little more trash talk, and the two tie up again. Melo wrenches, drop toeholds, and floats to a facelock. Apollo slips out to flip Melo over and facelock back. Melo slips out, but then Apollo has him again. Apollo drags Melo down but Melo slips out to wrench an arm. The two separate again and fans applaud.

Apollo and Melo reset again and tie up. Melo waistlocks, Apollo pries free to headlock, and Apollo hits a takeover. Melo headscissors, Apollo shrugs that off and he grinds the hold. Melo tries again, gets the headscissor and keeps it, but Apollo fights around. Melo slaps Apollo here and there, clamps onto an arm, but Apollo fights both holds at once. Apollo pops free, floats to the headlock, but Melo chinbars in return. Fans rally and duel, Melo facelocks and pushes Apollo, but Apollo slips out to facelock back. Melo fights up, Apollo headlocks but Melo powers out. Things speed up, Melo hurdles then ducks to roll off Apollo’s back, and SLAP him!

Melo SLAPS Apollo again! Apollo smirks while Melo talks trash. Apollo SLAPS Melo down! “Get your ass up!” Melo gets up, swings, but Apollo gets around toe headlock. Melo powers out, Apollo goes up and over and handsprings. Fans cheer as the two stand off again! Melo runs, Apollo hurdles, drops but Melo avoids the dropkick! Melo strolls around, but Apollo blocks the rana! Apollo CATAPULTS Melo at a corner! But Melo lands on the ropes! Apollo runs but into a mule kick! Melo CROSSBODIES into anti-air DROPKICK! Apollo shoots his three and scores! Fans are torn but Apollo drags Melo up.

Apollo scoops Melo to RAM him into a corner! Melo tumbles down the buckles but Apollo drags him back up. Apollo CLUBS Melo, CHOPS him, but Melo pie faces back. Apollo stomps Melo down, whips him corner to corner hard, and Melo hits buckles! Apollo drags Melo back up, scoops and BACKBREAKERS! Melo writhes but Apollo waits on him to get up. Apollo waistlocks, Melo moves around and goes to ropes. Melo throws elbows, then whips Apollo tropes. Apollo reverses, and catches the Fade Away to a GERMAN SUPLEX! Apollo holds on, but Melo throws elbows! Melo whips Apollo out of the ring!

Apollo gets on the apron, Melo runs, and Melo slides, but Apollo jumps over! Melo trips Apollo but Apollo lands on his feet. Trick stands in the way and fans boo! Melo builds speed, Apollo moves and Melo stops before he hits Trick! Apollo CLOBBERS Melo! Trick can’t believe that didn’t work! Apollo goes up the apron, MOONSAULT to the floor! Apollo is going above and beyond for this one! Fans rally for “NXT! NXT!” as Apollo puts Melo in. Slingshot senton! Cover, TWO! Trick brings out a chair!? The ref and Apollo warn him, but Trick says he’s just taking a seat. Apollo suplexes Melo, holds him up, then SLAMS Melo! Cover, TWO!

Apollo keeps focus, and he rolls Melo to his feet. Melo goes to a corner, Apollo rushes in but Melo gets away. Melo elbows Apollo, then puts Apollo up, HOTSHOT!! Apollo falls to the floor, and Trick isn’t sitting anymore. Melo grins and he dribbles. Free throw made, Melo goes out to get Apollo. Melo puts Apollo in, Trick brags and high-fives with Melo. Melo gets in the ring, CLOBBERS Apollo and hammers away with fists! Melo dribbles Apollo off the mat, covers, TWO! Apollo sputters but Melo clamps onto him with a neck wrench. Melo chinbars to pull Apollo’s head around but Apollo still endures.

Melo grabs an arm in the hold and Trick cheers Melo on. Fans rally, Apollo and Melo throw hands, but then Melo clamps on a headlock. Apollo fights but Melo throws knees. Melo whips, Apollo ducks and comes back, but into another HOTSHOT! Cover, TWO! Another cover, TWO! Melo is annoyed, but he says “I am.” Apollo goes to ropes, Melo winces and storms up on Apollo. Apollo CHOPS, ROCKS and CHOPS again! Apollo fires off, Melo knees low, Apollo wrenches but Melo CLOBBERS Apollo! Melo drags Apollo up and gives him toying kicks. “Get your ass up. You ain’t Him.” Apollo stands, but ducks the lariat to GERMAN SUPLEX!

Apollo has the waistlock to GERMAN SUPLEX again! Melo fights it but Apollo back suplexes! Melo lands on his feet, dragon sleepers, but Apollo fights around to BACK DROP! Both men are down and fans fire up! Melo and Apollo go to opposite ends, and Apollo comes back with wild eyes. Apollo mule kicks, BOOTS and LARIATS! And LARIATS again! Melo flounders, Apollo whips him to ropes for a LEAPING- NO, Melo gets around! Melo suplexes, Apollo fights out and dodges, to LEAPING LARIAT! Fans fire up with Apollo and he runs to SPLASH! And then a whip, only to get buckles! Melo runs in, is put on the apron, but he ROCKS Apollo!

Melo slingshots but Apollo GAMANGIRIS! Melo is dazed on the apron and Trick is praying he pulls through! Apollo deadlift SUPERPLEXES! Cover, TWO!! Melo survives and Apollo grows frustrated. Trick is still praying, begging and pleading even, but Apollo says he’s gonna raise the roof! Fans fire up, Apollo drags Melo up, but Melo clamps onto a leg. Apollo CLUBS Melo, KNEES Melo, then KNEES him some more! Apollo drags Melo back up, trophy lifts him, but Melo slips off to grab an arm! Apollo fights the takedown, OLYMPIC- NO, Melo arm-drags to a takedown! But Apollo rolls it! TWO, Apollo BOOTS!

Melo rebounds, and tilt-o-whirls for the FACEBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Apollo survives and Melo is a bit shocked! Melo hurries to suplex and CUTTER! Cover, TWO, but into a CROSSFACE! Apollo endures, fans rally but Trick coaches Melo! Apollo TAPS, Melo gets the first fall!

Melo: 1; Apollo: 0

Melo grins, he high-fives Trick, and Melo rests in the corner while Apollo gets to ropes. Apollo goes to the other corner, Melo storms over, and there’s no rest for the second fall. But Apollo throws body shots! Melo DECKS Apollo, but Apollo throws hands from below. Melo ROCKS Apollo and Apollo leans against ropes. Melo chinlocks and brings Apollo from ropes, but Apollo throws more body shots. Melo throws a haymaker, then he HOTSHOTS Apollo on the ropes! The ref checks Apollo but Melo drags Apollo back up. Melo reels Apollo in, but Apollo slips around to a GERMAN SUPLEX! And another GERMAN SUPLEX! And another GERMAN SUPLEX!

Apollo lets off to hit a STANDING SHOOTING STAR! Cover, TWO!! Apollo hurries to a corner, goes up top, but Melo anchors a foot. Apollo CLUBS Melo but Melo GAMANGIRS! Melo puts Apollo in the ropes for an ENZIGURI! And the FADE AWAY! Cover, TWO!! Apollo is still in this and Melo can’t believe it! Melo runs, Apollo dodges, ROLLING DDT!!! Cover, TWO!!! Melo survives and Apollo is beside himself! Trick has the chair again but Melo rolls to the apron. Apollo storms over, he drags Melo up the corner again. Fans rally, but Melo shoves Apollo over! Apollo ends up in the ropes, he climbs up again and throws back hands!

Apollo climbs but Melo has him first! Apollo throws body shots, Trick is worried as the two grab at each other. DOUBLE HOTSHOTS! Both men are on the floor, Trick isn’t sure what to do as Melo and Apollo both sputter. The ring count climbs, Trick barks at Apollo, and we’re at 6 of 10. Melo pushes Apollo down, gets in the ring, but Apollo slides in at 9! Melo is shocked, and Apollo says that’s not how a champ wins. Melo runs, Apollo waistlocks, but Melo throws him away. Apollo JUMP KNEES, then pops Melo up! Wheelbarrow, but Melo slips out to go after the arm! Apollo makes that an OLYMPIC SLAM!

Apollo and Melo stagger, bump into each other, Melo CODE BREAKERS! But he runs into a POP-UP DEATH VALLEY DRIVER!! Both men are down and fans are thunderous! Trick is panicking, so he unties a buckle pad! Fans boo but the ref was too busy checking both men. Trick coaches Melo to let him know, fans chant, “Trick’s a Cheater!” Melo grins as he sees the bare buckle, and he brings Apollo up. Apollo breaks free, but Melo BOOTS him! Apollo roars! Apollo CHOPS and ROCKS and fires off furious fists int he corner! Apollo whips Melo into the bare buckle! The ref sees what happened but there’s nothing he can do now!

Melo bails out, Trick gets the chair! BUT AZEEZ IS HERE! Or rather, Dabba-Kato! He trips up Trick, and then Apollo CLOBBERS him! Apollo and Kato are united again, but Melo hits the FLYING LARIAT! Melo goes up top, to hit NOTHING BUT NET!! Cover, Melo wins!!

Winner: Carmelo Hayes, 2-0

Melo pulls off a sweep! Kato isn’t happy about that but there’s nothing he can do about it now. If Melo can do this to Apollo, will Melo do this to even the NXT Champion?

As for Kato, he joins Apollo in the ring and helps him up. Fans cheer that these two are reunited and hug it out, but then Kato’s face turns to a scowl! Kato HEADBUTTS Apollo down! Fans boo as Kato brings the chair over, and then drags Apollo up! TWO HAND BOMB on the chair!! Why did Kato help Apollo if he was just going to beat him down?


Valentina Feroz and Wendy Choo are also on Instagram.

Ferzo wants to take Lyra up on her challenge! Elektra Lopez says Lyra is tough, Feroz might need help with that. Wendy says Feroz doesn’t need help. But Wendy will offer Feroz her support. Feroz thanks Wendy for that. And she says she’ll welcome Lyra to the jungle!


Fallon, Kiana and the boys celebrate backstage!

Briggs has the bubbly, he is so proud! Jensen says it again, “AND NEW NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions!” Fallon can’t believe they did it. Kiana says she knows someone who can. They congratulate each other, and Kiana says it was all Jensen’s idea. Jensen says he loves this! And Briggs says let’s go drink! WOO~!


NXT Tag Team Championship Fatal 4 Way: The New Day VS Pretty Deadly VS Gallus VS Chase U!

Xavier Woods & Kofi Kingston have joined The Revival and Street Profits as being TRIPLE CROWN Tag Team Champions, but they’re up against the historic unified NXT & NXT UK Tag Team Champions, the historic longest reigning NXT UK Tag Team Champions, and… Well, New Day said themselves that Andre Chase & Duke Hudson have yet to put their marks on history, but could that be tonight? Or is Vengeance Day just another day for the New Day?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and we see if the New Day can defy the odds!

In this kind of Fatal 4 Tag, only two teams are legal at a time, so Kofi starts for the champs against Elton Prince. They circle, fans rally up, and the two tie up. Kofi waistlocks, fans rally for him but Elton standing switches then headlocks. Kofi wrenches out to headlock, but Elton powers out. Kofi ducks ‘n’ dodges, Woods tags in, and Kofi RANAS Elton! Woods joins in as Kofi CHOPS Elton down! Woods CHOPS Elton, too, then CHOPS again! Elton shoves Woods away, runs in but Woods throws him out! Kit Wilson runs in but is put on the apron! Woods SLAPS the hands, but Elton saves Kit with a chair lift.

Pretty Deadly do Scott Hall fingers, but Kofi runs in to baseball slide! Elton drops Kit on the apron! And Thea Hail SHOUTS at them! Then Woods WRECKS Pretty Deadly! Woods puts Elton back in, Duke has Thea not cheer New Day, and Woods suplexes. Woods holds Elton up, Duke tags in and pushes them both over! Fans cheer as Duke wrenches and shoulders into Elton. Duke wrenches and shoulders again, tags in Chase, and they double whip to drop toehold and “LET’S GO~!” ELBOW DROP! Fans shout, “U~!” as Chase lifts Elton. Kit tags in before the atomic drop, but Chase dodges Kit to hit an atomic drop on him!

Chase says that is a TEACHABLE MOMENT! But Mark Coffey sneaks a tag before Chase CHOPS Kit! Mark arm-drags Kit, wrenches him to a cobra clutch and Wolfgang tags in. Gallus mugs Kit, then Wolfgang wrenches for a Straight Arm Lever Suplex! Tag to Mark, they double wrench, CHOP and Kit is shouting in pain,. “STOP CHOPPING ME!” Kit tells them all to stop, but Mark ROCKS him! Woods tags in off Kit and fires off on Mark! Woods fires off the E Honda combo! Woods whips, Mark reverses and kitchen sink knees! Wolfgang tags in to SENTON! Wolfgang hurries to get Woods up but Elton tags in off him!

Elton tells Wolfie to leave, then he storms up on Woods. Elton throws down hands, then stomps a mudhole! Kit says Woods isn’t special! Pretty Deadly is special! They’re the specialest! Elton snap suplexes Woods, covers, TWO! Elton drags Woods up, fans rally, and Woods throws hands. Elton RAMS Woods into a corner, Kit tags in, and Kit taunts Kofi before he UPPERCUTS Woods! Cover, TWO! Kit says Woods has ruined Kit’s life! Kit wrenches the arm and bends the fingers! Woods endures the double wristlock and fans rally up. “NEW! DAY ROCKS!” Woods fights up, throws body shots, but Kit shoves him and they COLLIDE!

Kit drops elbows on Woods, then tags Elton. Pretty Deadly CHOP Woods, then CHOP him on the back! Elton stomps Woods’ hand, then he taunts each team in turn. Thea is furious but Elton uppercuts Woods, then BLASTS Chase U! Fans boo but Woods ENZIGURIS Elton! Fans fire up as both men are down! Kit coaches Elton, fans rally for New Day, and Woods crawls over, hot tag to Kofi! Kofi springboards to AX HANDLE Elton! Kofi BLASTS Kit, BLASTS Gallus and DROPKCISK Elton! Fans fire up as Kofi LEAPING LARITS Elton! Then he dodges Kit to LEAPING LARIAT him! Mark gets in but he gets a LEAPING LARIAT!

Kofi sees he has three, fans fire up as he runs, NEW~ DAY~ BOOM DROP! Fans clap along as Kofi aims at Elton. Elton ducks Trouble in Paradise, but swings into SOS! Cover, Kit breaks it! Chase runs in to COHP Kit! Wolfgang CLOBBERS Chase! Duke CLOBBERS Wolfgang! Elton CLOBBERS Duke! Woods ROLLING ELBOWS Elton! Mark CLOBBERS Woods! Kofi KNEES Mark down! Elton returns to fireman’s carry and Kit runs in, DRY MARTINI! Cover, TWO!! Pretty Deadly is furious but they get Kofi back up. They mug Kofi, back suplex, but Kofi lands on his feet! Kofi dumps Kit out hard! Kofi BOOTS Elton, Woods tags in!

Woods scoops Elton, Kofi goes up top, UP UP DOWN DOWN!! Cover, EVERYONE breaks it!!! Fans are thunderous as all four teams are down! “This is Awesome!” as the eight men sort out. Elton SMACKS Kofi, Woods staggers over to CLUB Duke. Kofi staggers into a corner, Elton throws Mark out. Brawling continues outside, Chase tags in off Kofi! The ref tries to get things in order but Kofi puts Chase up top! Kofi throws hands, everyone brawls by commentary, and Kofi climbs up! Chase throws body shots on Kofi, and SHOVES him onto the cluster! Charlotte, NC comes alive for “U~~!” Chase adjusts, but Kit SMACKS him!

Thea freaks out but Kit brings Chase up. But Chase throws body shots! The cluster is fighting again, and Chase brings Kit up for a SUPERPLEX onto the cluster!! Fans are losing their minds, they sound like Mr. Chase when he gets mad! Chase brawls with Gallus, but Gallus mugs Chase! They SMACK him off the apron, RAM him into the desk, and then decide to clear off the desk! Fans fire up, but Duke makes the save! Duke whips Wolfgang into the barriers! And then he TOSSES Mark aside! Duke finishes clearing off the desk! But Kit CLOBBERS Duke! Elton stomps Duke, he and Kit drag Duke up. Thea freaks out for the DOUBLE-

NO, Duke is too much to lift! Duke CLUBS Elton away, reels Kit in, and he lifts Kit up! Elton makes the save, kicks Duke low, then RAMS Duke into the apron! Thea panics for Duke’s sake, Pretty Deadly puts things back on the desk? Fans boo, that’s lame. But Pretty Deadly goes into the ring and they rush Duke. They double whip, but Duke busts the line to DOUBLE LARIAT Pretty Deadly! Duke JABS away on Kit, flips, flops and “U~!” ELBOW! SENTON! Clothesline for Elton, then an OVERHEAD Belly2Belly! Mark runs in but gets hands! Duke whips, Mark reverses, but Duke FLYING ELBOWS! Fans are thunderous as both men are down!

DUKE KIPS UP!? Duke aims from a corner, he tunes up the marching band, but Wolfgang runs in! Duke DECKS Wolfgang but Mark bails out. Duke goes out after Gallus and fires off on them! Gallus mugs Duke, clears the desk, and DOUBLE URENAGES Duke through the desk!! Fans lose their minds all over again! Gallus leaves Duke behind in the wreckage, then go tot he ring to go after Chase! Chase fires off hands! Fans fire up but he gets mugged! Wolfgang whips but Chase holds ropes! Chase dumps out Wolfgang to fire off hands on Mark! Mark whips, Chase reverses, RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP! Time to spell it out!

C! H! A! S! E! U! What’s that spell? “CHASE U~!” Chase goes up the corner, leaps and CROSSBODIES Mark! Cover, TWO!! Chase gest a leg, steps through, FIGURE FOUR! Charlotte, NC goes “WOO~!” for the Nature Boy shoutout! Mark endures, crawls, reaches out, but Wolfgang HOWLING SWANTONS Chase! Wolfgang lifts Chase, Mark adds on, DOUBLE TAP! Cover, TWO!?!? Chase survives Gallus’ best shot?! They haul Chase up again but Kofi leapfrogs to CLOBBER Mark! Chase slips away, Kofi dumps Wolfgang out! Kofi goes up the corner to SUPER TRUFST FALL onto Pretty Deadly, only tog et caught! SPILT MILK to the floor!!

Pretty Deadly shout, “YES BOY!” but Woods BLASTS them off the apron! Mark waistlocks, Wood switches, ROLLING ELBOW! Woods hurries to the apron and he goes up top! LIMIT- NO, Wolfgang catches Woods! DOUBLE TAP!!! Cover, GALLUS WINS!!

Winners: Gallus, by pinfall (NEW NXT Tag Team Champions)

It was chaotic and violent, but that’s how Markus & Wolfie like it! And now, we see Gallus Boys back on top! Will Gallus soon have a historic reign like they did in the UK?


NXT Women’s Championship Triple Threat: Roxanne Perez VS Gigi Dolin VS Jacy Jayne!

The inaugural Women’s Breakout Star, the inaugural Miss Iron Survivor, and a Prodigy in this business living the childhood dream, Roxanne Perez is now facing perhaps the hardest first defense a champion has faced in NXT. Toxic Attraction claims to be on the same page, and claims that they can be co-stars in the singles division, but only ONE walks out of Charlotte, NC with this title! Will the 2v1 break down into every woman for herself? Will the numbers spell disaster for Roxanne on Vengeance Day?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see if the Toxic Empire strikes back!

The bell rings and Roxie eyes Toxic Attraction as they flank her. Roxie blocks Jacy’s punch and then Gigi’s punch! Roxie UPPERCUTS Jacy, UPPERCUTS Gigi, but Jacy blocks an uppercut and Gigi BOOTS Roxie down! Toxic Attraction mug Roxie, going through with their plan. Double wrench and DOUBLE FACEBUSTER! Gigi and Jacy each gloat, but fans boo as they stalk up on Roxie. Roxie fights back but gets mugged again. Toxic Attraction double whip, Roxie ducks ‘n’ dodges to CROSSBODY, but they catch her! BACKBREAKER to BOOT! Roxie bails out, Gigi pursues, and Gigi drags Roxie up to throw her back in.

Gigi lets Jacy go after Roxie, but Roxie dodges the boot! O’Conner Roll, TWO, THESZ PRESS on Gigi! Roxie rains down fists but Jacy drags her away. Jacy waistlocks but Roxie elbows free. Roxie runs but is sent into ropes! Jacy and Gigi coordinate, they aim from opposite ends, but Roxie moves! The Toxic Annihilation is stopped before someone gets hit! Jacy helps Gigi up, Roxie dodges them both to DOUBLE SHOTGUN! Fans fire up with Roxie, she wrenches Jacy and knuckle locks. Gigi storms up, Roxie kicks her low and knuckle locks her, too. Roxie goes up the ropes to springboards and DOUBLE ARM-DRAG!

Fans fire up as Toxic Attraction bails out! Roxie builds speed to DIVE! Down goes Gigi! Jacy is on the apron as Roxie gest Gigi up, Jacy CANNONBALLS but only gets Gigi! Roxie ROCKS Jacy, puts her in the ring, and Roxie has the fans rallying up. Roxie stomps Jacy, rolls and handsprings, MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO! But into the CROSSFACE! Jacy endures, pries free, rolls to a cover, TWO! Roxie hurries after Jacy, wrenches an arm, and she whips. Jacy reverses to hit a NECKBREAKER! Jacy rains down fists on Roxie then shrieks! Fans boo but Jacy just grins. Jacy drags Roxie up, SLAPS her, then CHOPS her!

Roxie goes to ropes, Jacy snapmares and KICKS her in the back! Cover, TWO! Jacy clamps onto Roxie with a chinlock and she smothers her! Fans rally as Roxie fights up, and she arm-drags free! Jacy staggers up, CLOBBERS Roxie, but then Gigi drags her out! They argue about the mishaps, they shove, but then Gigi says they should focus and work together. They shake hands, but Roxie runs in! Gigi makes Jacy take the dropkick! Gigi then RAMS Roxie into steel steps! And fires off Kawada Kicks against the steps! Gigi fires off furious knees, grins, then THROWS Roxie into barriers! Gigi snarls and shouts SHE’S the next champion!

Gigi drags Roxie up and puts her in the ring. Roxie is on the apron, Gigi drags her up, but Roxie fires a forearm! And another! And another! Roxie shrieks, but Gigi hits an APRON STO! Gigi pushes Roxie in, drags her up, and hits a BIG back suplex! Cover, Jacy drags her off! Jacy wags her finger with a grin, and gets in the ring to cover. Gigi drags Jacy off and fans are loving the dysfunction. Jacy and Gigi argue, they growl at each other, then Jacy shoves Gigi. Gigi shoves Jacy! The shoving continues, but Jacy SLAPS Gigi! Gigi grins and SLAPS Jacy! Fans seem to be on Team Gigi here, but Jacy has a wild grin, too!

Gigi blocks a neckbreaker, things speed up, Jacy gets around to trip Gigi and jackknife! TWO, Gigi sunset flips, TWO! Jacy and Gigi stand, pull hair, but Roxie CROSSBODIES them both down! Fans fire up with Roxie, and she RAMS Gigi to then CLOBBER Jacy! And she CLOBBERS Gigi! Roxie SHOTGUNS Jacy down, kips up, and fans fire up! Roxie has Toxic Attraction in the corners, UPPERCUT for Gig! UPPERCUT for Jacy! UPPERCUT for Gigi! UPPERCUT for Jacy! Roxie wrenches and reels Jacy in, kicks Gigi and adds her, too! RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP DDT!! Cover on Jacy, TWO! Cover on Gigi, TWO!

Roxie shakes her head, fans rally up behind her, and she drags Jacy up. Roxie runs, hops up, but Jacy puts Roxie up top! The Tree of Woe traps Gigi, too, and Jacy stomps away! Jacy mule kicks Roxie, then shrieks as she goes corner to corner! CANNONBALL SANDWICH! Gigi flops out, Jacy SUPERKICKS Roxie! Jacy aims from the corner, runs in, and KNEES Roxie down!! Cover, Gigi breaks it! Gigi and Jacy get forehead to forehead, and fans fire up as the forearms fly! Team Gigi is strong as she hits Jacy again and again! It’s a scrum! Both women shove, Jacy ROLLING ELBOWS Gigi down! “SUCK IT!”

Jacy grabs Roxie, Roxie cradles! TWO!! Ghost pin! TWO! Jacy knees Roxie low, brings her up and puts her in a corner. Jacy back body blocks, then grins as she goes corner to corner, but Roxie dodges! SUPERKICK! Roxie hops on, but Jacy pops her off into Gigi’s STO! ROUNDHOUSE for Jacy! Gigi drags Roxie up, PANCAKE! Bridging cover, but Jacy SENTONS it apart! All three women are down and fans fire up! Gigi sputters and coughs while she crawls away. Roxie and Jacy stir, they crawl. Fans duel between Roxie and Gigi, they and Jacy meet int he middle. Jacy ROCKS Roxie, Roxie ROCKS Jacy, Gigi ROCKS Roxie, they all just go around hitting each other!

Gigi HEADBUTTS Roxie, Roxie ROCKS Jacy, then ROCKS Gigi! Roxie fires off on both opponents again and again! Roxie roars, but DOUBLE SUPERKICKS take her down! Gigi and Jacy glare at each other, DOUBLE HEADBUTTS!! DOUBLE COVER, TWO!?!? It was hard to tell who was even on top, but this match is still going! Fans rally up, Gigi and Jacy decide they should work together to take Roxie out. Gigi shouts, “Jacy! GET THE TABLES!” Jacy shrieks and brings out a table, Toxic Attraction is Team 3D tonight! They drag Roxie up and over, DOUBLE- NO, Roxie elbows free! Roxie SOBATS Jacy, but Gigi runs in!

Roxie SOBATS Gigi! POP ROX to the floor! Roxie tells Gigi that’s what she gets, but Jacy is after her! Roxie ROCKS Jacy, RAMS her into the apron again and again, then pushes her into the ring. Fans chant for the table but Roxie climbs up. But Jacy GAMANGIRIS first! Jacy climbs up, CLUBS away on Roxie, and hoists Roxie up! Roxie resists, CLUBS away on Jacy, and fans fire up! Roxie adjusts, but Gigi joins in! Jacy begs for help, and Gigi holds onto Jacy. Roxie BOOTS Gigi off and Gigi falls through the table!! Roxie then hits SUPER POP ROX!!! Cover, ROXIE WINS!!

Winner: Roxanne Perez, by pinfall (still NXT Women’s Champion)

Breakout Star, Iron Survivor, and still youngest Women’s Champion in NXT history! Will the Prodigy make all the history and break all the records now that she’s survived Toxic Attraction?


NXT Championship Steel Cage Match, NO ESCAPE: Bron Breakker VS Grayson Waller!

The Big Booty Nephew has been through a lot in his NXT career, and has survived quite a bit. But the 21st Century Success Story will not be denied! Controversy in the form of a ring malfunction muddied their previous match, will not even the cage falling apart keep these two from settling the score?

Waller has lovely ladies, lots of bubbly, and “The Golden Shoey” with him as he makes his entrance, already planning his celebration before the match has even started. As for Bron, he busts through a Grayson Waller Effect cutout and storms right tot he ring. The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and the cage is locked in place! One way or another, vengeance will be served! But then Waller CLOBBERS Bron before he gets in the cage! Waller RAMS Bron into barriers, talks trash, but fans boo and the refs reprimand. Waller throws hands but Bron throws them harder! Bron runs, but Waller dodge! Bron avoids crashing through barriers, and he stalks the swaggering Waller.

Bron CHOPS Waller, THROWS him into barriers, and barks it up with the fans. Bron ROCKS Waller, then SLAMS the door into his face! Bron puts Waller back in the ring, storms up the steps, and he slams the door shut himself. Waller realizes Bron’s not trapped in a cage with him, he’s trapped in a cage with Bron! The bell rings, fans fire up and this is happening! Waller climbs but Bron drags him down to DECK him! Bron ROCKS Waller with hands, stalks him around the way, then ROCKS him again! Waller knees low, CLUBS Bron, then cravats for a neck wrench. Waller throws knees and Bron staggers around.

Waller whips Bron to ropes, fans duel, but Bron ducks ‘n’ dodges and builds speed to CLOBBER Waller! Bron shakes the cage, fans bark it up, and Bron brings Waller up. Bron suplexes Waller and marches around! Fans fire up as Bron does a lap, then SLAMS Waller down! Bron kips up and STANDING MOONSAULTS! Waller writhes but Bron grins. Bron drags Waller up, scoops him, but Waller slips off! Waller ROCKS Bron, but Bron shakes it off quickly. Waller climbs again but that baits Bron in! Waller ROLLING ELBOWS, then tilt-o-whirls to DDT! Cover, ONE!! Bron is tough but Waller keeps cool.

Waller stomps Bron’s leg, stomps Bron’s face, then mocks the barks with little arfs. Waller CLUBS Bron, throws kidney shots, but fans boo. Bron elbows back, elbows again, but Waller dropkicks the legs out! Cover, ONE! Waller drops an elbow, talks some trash, then brings Bron up. Fans duel, Waller whips, but Bron avoids hitting steel! Bron elbows Waller away, knees him low, then throws haymakers. Bron whips corner to corner, runs in, but into a BOOT! Waller somersaults, but leaps into a clinch! OVERHEAD Belly2Belly! Bron runs to rally with big shoulder tackles! Bron ducks ‘n’ dodges, and catches Waller for a POWERSLAM!

Fans bark it up as Bron goes to a corner. Bron climbs, aims, leaps, FLYING BULLDOG! Bron aims from a corner, Waller rolls away, but the cage keeps him from bailing out! Bron runs in, but Waller dodges and Bron hits steel! Waller drags Bron to a cover, TWO! Waller keeps cool, and says Bron’s in Waller’s world. Waller stomps Bron, rains down fists, then drags Bron up. Waller throws hands, using the straps to keep Bron close. Waller DECKS Bron, then swaggers. Waller drags Bron back up, RAMS him into the steel, and Bron flops back! Cover, TWO! Waller shows off by doing push-ups, then pretends to pee on Bron like a dog.

Waller knees Bron into the steel, then digs his boots in! Bron can only endure, and Waller lets off to drag Bron to center. Waller stomps the legs, throws forearms, then runs, to SPLASH Bron against steel! Bron flops down, Waller waits on him to get back up. Bron stands, Waller runs, but Bron catches the splash for a scoop! Waller rakes eyes! And RAMS Bron into steel! And then RAMS him into more steel! Waller sees Bron stagger, ROLLING UNPRETTIER! Cover, TWO! Bron survives but Waller keeps his cool. Waller drops some knees on Bron’s head, then snap suplexes. Waller grins and he goes up the corner.

Bron storms over but Waller throws hands. Bron CLUBS Waller’s legs, Waller CLUBS Bron’s back. Bron goes right up to SUPER STEINER! Cover, TWO! Waller survives and Bron is frustrated, but fans rally up while both men are down. Bron goes up the corner again, leaps, but Waller JUMP KNEES the bulldog down! Waller hurries up the ropes, for the BALLER ELBOW!! Cover, TWO!! Bron survives but Waller says, “Okay, Bron.” Waller kicks Bron around, has him against ropes, and ties the arms up in the ropes! Fans boo but Bron is stuck! Waller fires body shots on Bron like he’s the heavy bag in the gym!

Waller runs to SHOTGUN Bron in the ribs! Fans boo but Waller slaps Bron around. Waller gives toying kicks, then JABS Bron! Waller mocks taking down the straps and breaking stuff a la Bron. Waller hits a three point stance, to RAM into Bron! Waller does drop steps, but Bron just gets mad! Bron goes Incredible Hulk and breaks out of the ropes! Waller is scared now as the fans all bark it up! Waller tries to climb again, but Bron grabs him and TOSSES him! And then THROWS him into steel! And into more steel! And more steel! Waller wobbles, Bron trophy lifts! To TOSS Waller into steel! Waller scrapes down the side and fans fire up!

Bron goes to a corner, aims at Waller as he flounders up, and runs in, but Waller dodges! Bron keeps from hitting buckles, but Waller LOW BLOWS! Waller somersaults for the STUNNER! Cover, TWO!?!? Bron survives and Waller is beside himself! Fans rally up, Waller talks trash from the corner. “You can’t beat me!” But then Waller looks up at the cage, and remembers back to WarGames! Fans duel as Waller climbs the corner, and then climbs the cage! Fans are freaking out as Waller stands on the very top! Bron stands and stares Waller down! Bron hurries up, Waller kicks at him, but Bron throws hands!

Waller tries to leave the cage but that won’t change anything! Bron drags Waller back into the cage, for a SUPER DUPER PLEX!! Fans are thunderous for “NXT! NXT!” as Bron aims! SPEAR!! Bron roars, pulls down the straps, and he flexes! Waller flounders, but Bron looms over him. Waller drags himself up but can’t stay up. Bron tells Waller to look at him! “You wanna talk trash now, huh? You wanna talk trash on social media to me, huh? This is MY dog pound! I RUN NXT!” But Waller SLAPS Bron! Fans bark it up as Waller eggs Bron on! Bron runs and SPEARS Waller back down! Cover, Bron wins!

Winner: Bron Breakker, by pinfall (still NXT Champion)

Waller talked a lot, backed up a lot of that talk, but none of it was enough to break down Bron Breakker! Bron climbs the cage and holds up the belt to show he truly stands atop NXT! But wait, here comes Trick Melo Gang! Melo won against Apollo, he is the de facto #1 contender! Will Melo be the man that finally dethrones the man?

My Thoughts:

A great event for NXT to get back out on the road with! Vengeance Day wasn’t a TakeOver by name but it was definitely one in spirit and quality. Granted, they did still give us promos from the superstars not involved in matches tonight, but I do like that they were having a viewing party back in the Performance Center. Feroz VS Lyra for NXT this Tuesday is going to be good stuff, and it will surely help push stories along. It could even feed into the story of who attacked Nikkita Lyons, with Feroz still being a suspect from the footage. And I was just hoping we’d get Hank Walker having to get traditional wrestling gear, I can’t wait to see how that turns out.

Good promos in the kickoff show, and the North American title opening was a bit of a surprise. But at the same time, they went nuts in that match to really set the bar. Tony and Stacks helping Wes was a surprise, but it makes sense since they’d want to screw over Dijak. Also, Dijak apparently broke his finger through the course of this match, that sucked for him. But Wes retaining makes sense, as he’s been doing great ever since being on his own. Plus, there are limitless possibilities for his next defense. Great women’s tag match, and of course Kiana still uses her Heel tactics. Kiana and Fallon winning was a bit of a surprise, but it works for their story as we approach Valentine’s Day and perhaps the culmination of the Kiana-Jensen story.

The Best 2 Outta 3 was great stuff, but I was a bit disappointed they didn’t push that to the third fall before Azeez returned. Also, I like that Azeez has returned as Dabba-Kato. But also, I kinda meant it when I questioned them bringing him back if he was gonna turn on Apollo. I suppose this will be Apollo’s next story, and it’ll help reestablish Dabba-Kato as his own man. The Fatal 4 Way tag title match was awesome stuff, as expected. I thought Duke and Chase were going to fall apart as a team, but it seems not. Instead, we got new champs in Gallus, without Joe Coffey even showing up. Gallus is great, they will carry things while New Day will return to SmackDown for their WrestleMania story, if they have one.

Awesome Women’s Championship Triple Threat, and we all knew it was gonna fall apart for Toxic Attraction. They weren’t going to copy Michelle McCool & Layla when they were co-WWE Divas’ Champions, and Roxie wasn’t going to lose in her first defense ever. Just like with Wes, Roxie has any number of potential opponents for Stand & Deliver, maybe even the superstar who attacked Lyons! Something about that could tie in multiple stories. This person could’ve been someone Lyons considered a friend, but they betrayed her to get ahead much like Cora Jade betraying Roxie.

And of course, NXT Championship as the main event was great stuff. The Steel Cage being made No Escape was a good move, and was just what I was sensing on Tuesday. Waller going after Bron before the match was a good touch, but that and his big celebratory entrance were just indicators he wasn’t winning. And given that, I was kinda hoping Bron would Spear Waller through the steel cage wall at the end there. Escape wouldn’t give Waller the win, so it would’ve just been an epic moment to kinda get us past the whole “Bron Wins LOL.” Bron VS Melo is the clear match for Stand & Deliver, and I would hope Melo wins. Melo wins to truly be THE champion of NXT, Bron moves on to Raw or SmackDown to head for a midcard title.

My Score: 9/10

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