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Chris King’s WWE Raw Grades & Analysis For 7/8/19

Monday was is the Go-Home WWE Raw for Extreme Rules this Sunday; what intriguing matches will be added to the pay-per-view? How will Ricochet respond to “The Club” and their brutal assault on him last week?



WWE Raw Bobby Lashley Rey Mysterio

Monday was is the Go-Home WWE Raw for Extreme Rules this Sunday; what intriguing matches will be added to the pay-per-view? How will Ricochet respond to “The Club” and their brutal assault on him last week?

Chris’s Grades For WWE Raw:

  • Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch vs. Andrade and Zelina Vega Tag Team Elimination Match–B
  • The Miz & The Usos vs. Elias and The Revival ⅔ Falls Six-man Tag Team Match–B+
  • Bobby Lashley vs. Rey Mysterio–A
  • No Way Jose vs. Cesaro–B
  • The Viking Raiders vs. Colin and Devin Justin–C
  • Ricochet vs. Luke Gallows; Ricochet vs. Karl Anderson–B+
  • Bayley vs. Sarah Logan; Nikki Cross vs. Dana Brooke (Beat The Clock Challenge)–C
  • Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre vs. Roman Reigns & Gary Garbutt–D

Tonight’s Raw opens up with “The Man” Becky Lynch walking with a purpose to the ring, with her Raw Women’s Championship in tow.  Followed by her boyfriend “The Beastslayer” Seth Rollins the Universal Champion. Here comes their opponents for tonight, Andrade Cien Almas and Zelina Vega in a mixed tag team elimination match. This is going to be interesting because Vega hasn’t competed in a match since the Women’s Battle Royal at WrestleMania. Vega and Lynch start things off.

After Vega takes advantage; and utilizes some lethal attacks and submissions on the ropes, The Man finds some distance to make the tag. Rollins and Andrade mix it up, with dueling sequences that end with a stare-off. The Beastslayer hits back-to-back suicide dives on the outside; Lynch drops Vega with a Bexploder and locks in the Dis-Arm-Her for the first elimination of the match. Of course, Lacey Evans appears at ringside and The Man takes the fight to her. There was a brilliant spot where Rollins attempted his signature superplex, but Andrade lands a nasty Double-Stomp.

Vega got involved and Rollins ate a hurricanrana and spiked the floor; The Man came to even the odds and got wiped out instead by Andrade. The finish came when Vega went to well too many times and attempted another hurricanrana but Rollins was ready. Lynch dropkicked her outside; which left Andrade in prime position for a Stomp, 1-2-3. The Beastslayer and The Man make their way up the ramp; which allowed the cowardly Baron Corbin and Evans to strike.

While Rollins and Lynch are down “The Advocate For The Beast Incarnate” Paul Heyman walks down to the ring with a sly grin on his face…Commercial.

Gloating with Corbin and Evans: Both competitors talk about what the “lovebirds” are going to do when either one loses the championship for the other.

Ladies and Gentlemen: The Master of the mic Heyman; plugs his experience with the word EXTREME from ECW.  He shares a little spoiler for Sunday at Extreme Rules, that his client BRRROOOCCKK LESNAR will cash-in either on the WWE Champion or the Universal Champion.

Recap of the Carnage: Where “The Monster Among Men” Braun Strowman drove Bobby Lashley last week, straight through the Tron which left both behemoths incapacitated. We now know that Strowman and Lashley will go one-on-one Sunday in a Last Man Standing Match. I have to say I’m surprisingly pleased to see this feud went from lukewarm to blazing hot in two weeks!

“The Best in the World” Gets To Pick The Best Partner For Roman Reigns: Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre are approaching The Best Garbage Man in the World Tony. Claiming he’s the best choice for “The Big Dog”, Tony is indecisive so Shane and Drew are going to check on him later.

“The A-Lister” The Miz is out first for his Six-man Tag Team ⅔ Falls Match; where he teams with The Usos to battle Elias and The Revival next. Usos come out and drop some Uce Truth on their opponents. They want Dash and Dawson to shine the tag team titles up nice because Sunday The Usos are becoming seven-time tag team champions….oh and Elias better enjoy singing the blues cuz he’s about to get locked up in The Uso Penitentiary!

Dawson and Jimmy start the match; technical maneuvers that slow the action down, Jimmy pick things up with an arm-drag to Dawson. Plenty of fantastic double-teaming from the heels to isolate Jimmy with lariats and stomps in the corner. Elias and Miz trade right hands and “The Drifter heads up the ramp, leaving Jimmy to eat a Shatter Machine for the First Fall! Quick tags by Dash and Dawson; with The Revival putting on a clinic, preventing Jimmy from making a tag.

Dawson missed a splash in the corner and went headfirst into the ring post. Dash knocked off Miz but missed Jey…backdrop…Jey is in now. He’s on fire; lighting up The Revival with stiff uppercuts and flying clothesline…up top cross-body, Dash grabs the tights for a long two-count. Dawson back in now…stiff right hands to Jey, followed by a nasty brainbuster…Miz is on the apron begging for the tag… Enzugiri…into… Skull-Crushing Finale. 1-1 now…Not missing a step here; as Miz gets thrown outside… Jimmy’s in. Double Superkicks, followed by Jey with the tag…Jimmy flies outside and Jey hits the Splash for the 3rd Fall! The only thing I dislike about this is 50/50 booking as it ensures The Revival keeping the gold on Sunday.

Recap of Drave Maverick’s Triumphant 24/7 Victory: We get an inside look into their Honeymoon? Not really Renee Michelle is looking mighty pissed at her husband’s antics. Maverick keeps overshadowing her with the 24/7 title…it’s hilarious. Backstage we see Maverick sporting a black t-shirt with Maverick 24:7 on it… Genius. He vows that after tonight he’ll prove to the world that he’s the best 24/7 champ and he’s the best husband to her. Michelle says then and only then will they consummate the marriage… Maverick grins like a fourteen-year-old boy and screams “I’M GOING TO GET IT ON WITH MY WIFE”….then the chase is on as Maverick flees the scene and leaves her alone.

Backstage we see the returning “Master of the 619” Rey Mysterio back in action with an open challenge next!

We’re back as Shane and McIntyre now enlist the services of The Best Beer Server in the World, “The Scottish Psychopath” is intimidating him.

Back to the ring as a fully healthy Mysterio gives a heartfelt promo about his six weeks of intensive rehab, and having to relinquish the United States Championship due to injury. He’s back now and his challenge is accepted by….Bobby Lashley?

How the hell is even fit to compete? Not only did Lashley compete; he bulldozed through Mysterio and beat the hell out of him! Spearing Mysterio right out of his boots for the 1-2-3! Lashley dragged him up the ramp; WWE officials prevented him from slamming Mysterio through the Tron…so he just tosses him onto the official’s arms! Lashley grabs a mic, claiming last week he was the only man standing and Sunday He’ll be the Last! Where the hell has this Lashley been since he returned in 2018?

Backstage we see “The Real AJ Styles” along with Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. Charly Caruso stops Styles before he can get to his room; she wants a response from his vicious attack on Ricochet last week, “I don’t owe you or anyone else an explanation, now get out of my face”.

Back in the ring is No Way Jose and his Congo line…we get a recap of Cesaro’s brutal attack on him last week, following 24/7 antics. A fired up Jose take the fight to “The Swiss Cyborg” on the outside. Once the bell rings; Jose hits a few offensive maneuvers, but it’s business as usual for Cesaro…. Uppercut city and Jose is going swinging and Cesaro locks in the sharpshooter for the easy tapout.

Don’t Sleep On The Street Profits: Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins are beatboxing backstage…they plug Extreme Rules and impersonate Shane/Drew and Roman/Undertaker. Taker and Roman for the win….but “The Big Dog” has to make it to Sunday.

The Power of Love Is Falling Apart: Backstage we see Maria Kanellis sitting on a couch; where an overly apologetic Mike comes in with flowers…Looks like everything is right with the world…until Mike doesn’t get the hint that his pregnant wife wants Ice cream and pickles Now!

Side-by-side Interview: Bayley and Nikki Cross are seen on the screen, while Michael Cole explains The Best The Clock Challenge tonight. Both Cross and Bayley will compete in the said match and the winner with the shortest time will pick the stipulation for Alexa Bliss and Bayley’s SmackDown Live Women’s Championship Match this Sunday. Cross brings up how she’s nothing without Alexa, Bayley tries to show her the light… Cross’s had enough. Bayley will clash with Sarah Logan, and Cross will take on Dana Brooke.

The Viking Raiders are here and ready to bring the Raid when we come back.

The Hunt For The 24/7 Championship: Backstage we see R-Truth and Carmella searching through trunks; looking for Maverick. Truth apparently has a more intimate relationship with “his baby” and she’s afraid of horror movies. Truth belts out the lyrics to Jeff Jarrett’s “Me and My Baby Tonight” song, when Maverick is escaping the flood of superstars.

Back to the ring as Erik and Ivar are set to demolish Colin and Devin Justin. Right out of the gate The Viking Raiders annihilate… Viking Experience 1-2-3. Someone, please tell me why the hell these two are not the Raw Tag Team Champions already? If that’s not bad enough…Now the 24/7 antics are taking place. Two poor souls get bulldozed through, Truth attempts to step up, but wisely slides outside.

“The One and Only” is here backstage and heading towards the arena… Commercial.

Backstage “The Big Dog” is being interviewed by Charly Caruso, Reigns isn’t concerned with Shane and McIntyre’s mind games tonight.

Ricochet vs. Luke Gallows is next…But first The United States Champ gets to speak his mind. Ricochet states that two weeks ago when in a post-match photo shoot; Styles congratulated him on becoming the new champion and when they fought, he’d finally go up against a person he’s looked up to for years…That all changed last week when “The Club” gave him the beating of a lifetime. He’s not stupid…he knows it’s not Gallows one-on-one, it’s 3-on-1. How long before Anderson and Styles interfere? I give it five minutes.

Styles grabs a mic and thanks Ricochet for reminding him who he is. He tells the champ to slow down and appreciate the moments… speaking of let’s roll the footage from last week’s beatdown. I love heel AJ Styles, his cockiness was missed! Gallows is taking Ricochet to school with a good old fashion ass-whooping. Gallows attempts a Pumphandle throw but Ricochet slides through for a quick roll-up and the win. However; Styles says let’s see if he can put his money where his mouth is and go through all three like he claimed he could…head to commercial.

We return as the bell rings and Anderson begins to dominate, Ricochet levels him with a top-rope flying lariat. Styles distracts him so his buddy can go on the attack. Anderson is like a shark smelling blood in the water, stomping a mudhole in Ricochet. The champ has some life…Styles grabs his leg, Ricochet flies outside with a Corkscrew Moonsault to take out Gallows. Back in and dodges some moves, dropkick into the 630…1-2-3.

Immediately Styles blasts his opponent on Sunday. 3-on-1 beatdown reminiscent of last week’s attack. Styles tells Ricochet that they’re going to leave just enough of him so he can take the United States Championship at Extreme Rules…that is if he stays down… Ricochet starts to stir, so both Gallows and Anderson hold him up so Styles can deliver a ferocious Phenomenal Forearm!

Maverick Survives: Michelle is yelling at Maverick for leaving her all alone tonight. Maverick is so giddy until…Truth climbs out of a trunk and the chase is on for “his baby”. This is amazing!

The Best Janitor in the World: Same song and dance Shane and McIntyre coerce this guy to stand on the apron for $5,000 tonight for a traditional 2-on-1 beatdown courtesy of The Best in the World and The Scottish Psychopath. I’m calling The Undertaker to show up.

Bayley vs. Sarah Logan as we return to the ring. Logan is quite impressive being that this is her first match on Raw since splitting up with The Riott Squad. The finish of the match comes with a running knee from Bayley followed by a Sunset-Bomb into the turnbuckle. Bayley wins at 4:32.

Cross’s music plays as she makes her way for her match with Dana Brooke. I’ll give Brooke some credit here, she countered a few maneuvers but she was no match for “The Twisted Sister”. Cross hits the PURGE for the win at 1:50! Are we going to find out the stipulation right now? Apparently, it’s going to be a 2-on-1 Handicap Match; Cross says Bayley needs a loyal friend to put her in her place…Slap…Cross eats a Bayley-2-Belly and a Top-rope Elbow Drop!

Love On The Rocks: Mike returns with his wife’s ice cream and pickles…”I can’t eat that” Maria said. More Jekyll and Hyde with her claiming maybe Mike’s not even the one to impregnate her this time?

“The Savior of the Masses” Corey Graves interviews Rollins and Lynch: Graves stirs the pot about the relationship drama that could be in jeopardy this Sunday. The Man debunks everything and says those dopes will get nothing!

Recap From SmackDown Live: Samoa Joe wants Kofi Kingston to shake his hand to ensure his family and friends safety…Kofi flips him off and drops Joe with Trouble in Paradise. Street Profits with more entertaining impersonations and predictions for Sunday.

Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre vs. Roman Reigns and Gary “The Goat” Garbutt in a Lucha mask. This was your typical Shane and McIntyre tag team match, however, Gary is forced to make the tag. Once he does he explodes through the air and hits some incredible offense… However, Claymore Kick took his head off and Shane got the win. Before the duo could do any more damage; Reigns leveled McIntyre with a Superman Punch and one for Shane too! Gary takes off his mask and it was CEDRIC ALEXANDER!.

That’s the show folks!

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Saint Louis Anarchy Circus Maximus Preview

July 19th is fast approaching which means that Saint Louis Anarchy’s Circus Maximus is just days away. Circus Maximus is the biggest show of the year for the promotion



St Louis Anarchy

July 19th is fast approaching which means that Saint Louis Anarchy’s Circus Maximus is just days away. Circus Maximus is the biggest show of the year for the promotion. Last years Circus Maximus was the return of Anarchy and it blew every expectation out of the water so this year a lot of hype around it and has a lot of lead up to it.

Every Anarchy show has a pre-party and if you’re going to an event its best not to miss these. Every pre-party is unique and memorable. We’ve had beer pong, a rap battle, a magic show, and even a bear paternity test (which was a lot cooler than it sounds). Circus Maximus’s preparty event sees Everett Connors reading fortunes and a scramble that includes the likes of Slade Porter, Sage Phillips, Brad Mercury, Sean Orleans, Briar Mercury, and Victor Analog. You don’t want to miss this as the antics of the pre-party usually are what set the tone for the entire show.

Everett Connors was set to face Chuck Mambo who unfortunately had to pull out of the show but, make no mistake, whatever match Connors ends up with will be memorable. Connors has spent the last year being one the most charismatic members of the Anarchy roster and leaves every show looking more like the star he is. Plus, who knows what antics he and Raul will get up to.

Chicago standout Craig Mitchell is set to face the veteran Larry D in what should be a violent fight. Mitchell has spent the last year carving out his name within the wrestling scene and has been at Anarchy since the beginning of 2019 where he has been able to show everyone that not only can he wrestle but he can fight. Larry D is easily one of the most respected men within Anarchy and indie wrestling overall. Watch any of his matches and you’ll see they are not for the weak of heart. This should be interesting because if there’s anyone who can step up to Larry it is Mitchell.

In what is being billed as a tag team dream match, we see the Besties in the World take on the debuting Workhorsemen (Anthony Henry and James Drake). If you haven’t seen The Workhorsemen then you are in for a treat. I’ve been lucky enough to see them many times and they are always improving their teamwork. This match is should prove to be fun and hard hitting as Henry & Drake are not of the joking kind.

Matt Kenway has been on a tear of the Saint Louis Scene since late 2017. He’s proven time and time again that when given the opportunity he will knock it out of the park. Evan Gelistico made a surprise return in May to avenge Buddy Shepherd and to finally take down Kenway who has been antagonizing him since last July. These two men are set to meet in a dog collar match. Expect this to be violent as neither man is looking to back down from proving they are the one to end the other.

Circus Maximus is a diverse show as we are not only getting tag team action, but we are also getting trios action. The most hated men within Anarchy, Jake Dirden, Christian Rose, and Thomas Shire (who I am not sure is still hated but we’ll see) are set to meet The Gym Nasty Boys and Gnarls Garvin. Garvin is replacing Mikey who is out with a knee injury. Make no mistake, this match will be an all-out war as Shire, Dirden, and Rose attempt to continue the hot streak their team has been on since last July when they formed their alliance and to prove that they are in fact the most dominant men within Anarchy.

Gary Jay is one of “the” men of Anarchy (we’ve been over this) and at Circus Maximus he takes on the debuting Jigsaw. Jigsaw is one of the best wrestlers anywhere in the world and his debut being against Gary shows how highly thought of he is. I don’t know what to expect out of this but if it’s anything like the rest of Gary’s matches this year, be prepared to spend the next few months talking about it.

Kody Lane has been quietly making a name for himself within Anarchy and the Midwest wrestling scene overall. Jaden Newman is the uncrowned king of Chattanooga and southern wrestling as a whole. This match will be two young up and comers trying to prove just how far they’ve come and trying to get the Anarchy faithful invested in them.

Kicks n Shit (Chip Day and Logan James) look to make an example out of Diamond Dogs (Luke Langley and Graham Bell). Kicks n Shit have been jiving and gelling but not winning and that can’t be. Diamond Dogs on the other hand won their last match at Anarchy (it was the dark match with Billie Starkz in May). Expect both teams to show out as they want to be at the top of the tag team division of Anarchy.

Finally, the main event sees Warhorse Jake Parnell take on the Monarch Jeremy Wyatt for the Gateway Heritage Championship. Parnell and Wyatt each have a win over each other, so this match is anyone’s for the taking. Wyatt is coming into this as confident as ever while Parnell is as a determined as ever. You won’t want to miss it.

Watch it live in person at Spaulding Hall in Alton Il or on IWTV. Either way, this show will be memorable and in year when its Circus Maximus 2020 will have a new bar set as this is the year show of the year.

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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Chris’s WWE SmackDown Live Grades & Analysis 7/16/19

Following Extreme Rules, The New Day hold all the gold on the Blue brand but for how long? Who will face Kofi Kingston at SummerSlam for the WWE Championship, The Viper perhaps? Could we witness the reigniting of a ten-year rivalry? 



Following Extreme Rules, The New Day hold all the gold on the Blue brand but for how long? Who will face Kofi Kingston at SummerSlam for the WWE Championship, The Viper perhaps? Could we witness the igniting of a ten-year rivalry?

Following Extreme Rules, The New Day hold all the gold on the Blue brand but for how long? Who will face Kofi Kingston at SummerSlam for the WWE Championship, The Viper perhaps? Could we witness the reigniting of a ten-year rivalry?

Chris’s Grades For WWE SmackDown Live: 

  • Aleister Black vs. Cesaro Winner: Aleister Black–B+
  • Liv Morgan vs. Charlotte Flair
    Winner: Flair–B
  • Ember Moon & Bayley vs. Mandy Rose & Sonya DeVille Winners: Moon & Bayley–B+, The B+ was for the announcement of Bayley vs. Ember Moon at SummerSlam
  • The New Day vs. Randy Orton, Samoa Joe & Elias Winners: Orton, Joe & Elias–B+
  • WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Match The IIconics © vs. The Kabuki Warriors Winners: Kabuki Warriors by countout–C
  • Apollo Crews vs. Andrade w/ Zelina Vega
    Winner: Crews by surprise roll-up–B
  • Kevin Owens vs. Dolph Ziggler
    Winner: No Contest 


The shows opened up with a recap of KO’s Pipebomb promo and Stunner, on the self-proclaimed Best in the World last week. We see footage from earlier today with Shane is seen instructing security guards to detain Kevin Owens if things get out of hand.

The egocentric boss tells Owens that tonight there will be an open forum for many mistreated superstars to air their grievances and Shane “is going to listen”… excuse me while I hurl. Owens says he doesn’t work for him, his contract is with WWE. Shane gives him a lesson that the McMahon Family controls the company, so “Yes, you do work for me”. Owens is given the night off. Two things I see all said superstars with issues are going to get Claymore Kicked straight into next week, and Owens will strike again!

We go to ringside as the entire SmackDown Live roster is on the ramp I guess we’re getting the first-ever ‘Town Hall’ but first a recap of The Undertaker and Roman Reigns’ destruction from Extreme Rules! Of course, as long as they are respectful. The Big Dog speaks up first and says “Shane I don’t think you get it, nobody respects you…Oh and you can kiss my ass!” Shane’s rebuttal is Roman getting fined. I’ll be frank I just deleted two paragraphs worth of superstars who aired their grievances, and Shane cut them all off…Liv Morgan and Charlotte Flair bickered and maybe we’ll see a match soon.

Buddy Murphy is still a heel and sided with Shane, Apollo Crews got challenged to a match with Andrade, The New Day shut down Elias, and Kofi Kingston got his mic cut off while inquiring why Shane is not giving opportunities to deserving superstars.

Shane closes the thing… Cesaro wants another piece of Aleister Black tonight and gets it! Hell yeah! Owens is standing behind Shane, who botches and falls down… Stunner, this was a complete bore-fest. WWE needs to drastically change things with the upcoming move to Fox if they do long and boring segments to start the show there won’t be a SmackDown Live… commercial.

We return and Thank God we get some action as Aleister Black is making his entrance for his Extreme Rules rematch against Cesaro. I don’t expect a decisive winner tonight, I think these two will have another exhilarating match though!

We find out several things are happening tonight. First The New Daniel Bryan will give a Career-Altering Announcement, The IIconics will defend the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships against The Kabuki Warriors (Asuka and Kairi Sane). The bell rings and Black and Cesaro trade bombs…Black off the ropes and lands a kick. Cesaro slides outside and Black is gonna fly…Nope, sit-down cross-legged pose…commercial.

We return with Cesaro with a headlock on Black. The action is fast-paced with devastating strikes by both competitors. Black lands his signature springboard moonsault off the ropes for a close two-count. Black knocks Cesaro’s mouthpiece out of his mouth with a MASSIVE BLACK MASS 1-2-3! 

Backstage we see Shane’s newest suck up Dolph Ziggler and he wants Owens tonight, he claims if it’s the main event he can get Owens back here.

We see a recap of a hallucinated Daniel Bryan in his Extreme Rules Post-Match Interview with Sarah Schrieber. Talking about saving the planet, he needs to go somewhere he’s never gone before. He knows exactly what he needs to do, yeah go see a shrink lol. Do you remember when I told you we would see Flair vs. Morgan soon? Well, it’s coming up next.

This will be Morgan’s first match on SmackDown Live since the Superstar Shakeup, and her first as a babyface. She played one before she debuted on the main roster as a member of The Riot Squad. The bell rings and Flair just shoves her down…Wild punches from Morgan.followed by a stunning hurricanrana and a side dropkick! Wow, I’m shocked! Flair just stares as Morgan just smiles and waves at her in his laying down pose. Flair gets the upper hand hits a Powerbomb and locks in the Figure-eight and Morgan taps. Morgan lumps to the announce table and grabs Corey Graves’s headset and says “Charlotte was right, and when I come back I’m going to be real”!

I wish this was longer so Morgan can show off more of her in-ring skills, but for what it’s worth she did alright in her first match back. The Queen has been MIA for some time, and she needed to get a dominant victory here.

Outside the arena we see Ziggler trying to get Owens’s phone number from senior NXT official Drake Wuertz. If you’re not familiar with him, he’s been the official for a plethora of TakeOver matches, here recently he’s been receiving much more exposure on the main roster.

Ember Moon is walking for her tag match against Mandy Rose and Sonya DeVille, I wonder her partner will be? Rose and DeVille are out first, The Shenom is here and…The SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley. Before the bell rings Rose and DeVille attack both opponents.

The match is now underway, Rose hits a high knee and DeVille hits a shining knee… two-count. Moon gets the tag and is firing on all cylinders, bringing the fight to Rose. DeVille comes in and eats a Bayley-2-Belly and Moon hit The Eclipse for the 1-2-3! Post-Match Interview with Kayla Braxton as Bayley is asked who will be her next challenger now that she’s done with Alexa Bliss? She thinks for a minute and turns to Moon and she ecstatically accepts by saying HELL YEAH!

The match was fine. I’m seeing a pattern here, because of the extremely long opening segment to start the show, most of the performers are paying the price with shortened matches. This is ridiculous!

Backstage Interview with The New Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura who says “I am a storm, and now he’s free to rain down his chaos on the entire roster”. He’s then congratulated by one of SmackDown Live’s greatest assets The Heart and Soul of 205 Live Ali. Holy Shit, What A Match That Will Be!

Daniel Bryan and Rowan are coming up next, where do you think he’s going? I think maybe NXT. He technically was in NXT before it boomed as a rookie, but many are speculating its to 205 Live either way is Awesome!

We return live as Tom Phillips announces that Owens has been contacted and he’s on his way back to the arena. Something smells fishy to me, either he’s getting arrested or he’s getting a brutal attack from The Corporation 2.0.

It’s A New Day, Yes It Is… They’ve put the SmackDown WWE Championship and Tag Team Championships on Lockdown (Sorry Uce)! After some dancing and celebrating Kofi grabs the mic and tests it. Nope, we’re good compared to earlier, Woods gives props to Kofi for beating The Samoan Submission Machine Samoa Joe. Kofi congratulates E and Woods on their victory to become Six-time Champs! E offers Bryan and Rowan their Tag Team Championship rematch.

A distraught looking Bryan and Rowan walk off the stage, but it quickly turns to furious after “New Day” chants break out. Bryan throws the mic down and leaves.

The Samoan Submission Machine wants another title shot but of all people, Elias tells him he’s had his chance. The Viper is ready to take back the WWE Championship. Elias says we should all three make a statement to The New Day tonight, New Day pays homage to former Smackdown General Manager Teddy Long back in the day! Orton says Six-man Tag Team Match…Nah he’s good. Kofi provokes him to come back by saying maybe he’s gone limp! Orton storms down the ramp along with Joe and Elias… commercial.

We’re back as the bell rings and Kofi and Elias start it off, tie-up and headlock and a shoulder tackle by Elias. Kofi hits a flying-spinning elbow for the first pinfall of the match. Joe gets the tag and throws hard rights to the WWE champ in the corner, Kofi launches himself into a Lou Thesz Press maneuver. Woods in and Joe eats a highlight reel of splashes and attacks from Woods and Kofi. Tag to E and hits the splash two-count.

Back from a commercial, Woods lands a jaw-dropping missile dropkick all the way ¾ across the ring. Here comes Kofi, flying clothesline…Five Moves of Boom! Cross-body chops, followed by another flying clothesline and the Boom Drop to The Viper.

Kofi Sets up Trouble in Paradise… nope…RKO…nope Kofi hits a beautiful cross-body onto Orton, pin broken up by Elias. Woods and E back in and hit some good offense…Joe drills E with a ferocious lariat, Woods sends him to the outside…Huge Splash, Joe locks in the Coquina Clutch and Woods is out. E makes the save but Elias hits the Knee. Elias back in the ring, Kofi hits Trouble in Paradise… RKO 1-2-3! Yes, sir, my prediction of Kofi vs Orton at SummerSlam is all but confirmed now!

Paige and The Kabuki Warriors are making their way to the arena. Backstage Carmella is searching for R-Truth. HE’S FREAKING GOLD! Truth is hiding in a Washing machine! He’s stuck and Mella helps him out. She says she’s got a better hiding spot but he’ll need a wear a costume z Truth says “good because being the 48/7 European 7/11 24/7 I-75 277 Champion Ain’t No Joke!” Truth falls down while exiting the machine…and off they go.

We return live as The IIconics are making their entrance to the ring, their opponents are already in the ring. Greg Hamilton gives the championship introductions, and the match is underway. Sane and Royce start…Slap to Sane. Not wise…Whip tag to Asuka… Headscissors into a Code Breaker and a stunning Blockbuster…Asuka in and nails a shining wizard for almost the victory! They are on fire tonight!

Asuka wants the hip attack…nope tag to Kay and a big boot. Kay starts trash-talking…Huge Roundhouse Kick that sends her outside. Royce check on Kay outside as the official starts the ten-count, Royce grabs Kay off the ropes to ensure the countout victory… Genius! The challengers are not done as the women’s champions try to flee with the gold. Royce gets driven into the steps, and Sane and Asuka drives Kay into the barricade. Back in the ring and another vicious kick by The Empress of Tomorrow, followed by The Insane Elbow Drop!

While I know that the charades must end at some point, The IIconics are brilliant cowardly heel champions. I predict a few more weeks of cat and mouse games and then we’ll get the title change at SummerSlam. Andrade and Crews are up next.. commercial.

Andrade blasts Crews before the bell rings, now the match is underway. Hard knee in the corner to Crews, stiff strikes from Andrade. Crews answers back with rights of his own Enzugiri…nope stomps to Crews on the mat. Crews gets back up and tries to dodge Andrade but, he gets blasted with a nasty back elbow…Running knees in the corner. Andrade goes for the pin, Crews reverses into his own and gets the 1-2-3! Andrade and Vega are shocked.

Recap of The Fiend’s Spectacular debut and attack on Finn Balor!

Owens and Ziggler are up next… commercial.

We return as Ziggler is out first, followed by Owens, I sense a trap…Let’s find out!

The bell rings as Owens out of the gate Stunner… nope. Ziggler escapes outside but Owens flies into him! Owens up top, Senton…nope… Fameasser… two-count. Ziggler slows the pace down with a crossface submission and rakes Owens’s eyes in the process. Ziggler gets in some good offense now…Ziggler hits a splash in the corner, followed by his signature satellite DDT for a two-count. Owens blasts him with a Superkick, Senton connects two-count. Here comes Shane with a flood of superstars behind him, they surround the ring… Zig-Zag… two-count!

Owens gets drilled shoulder-first into the ring post. Owens slaps him, Ziggler unloads on him in the corner. Owens gets sent to the ring post again, Ziggler with the Superkick…nope… Stunner… pin…nope Shane pulls Owens outside, and eats the second Stunner kt of the night and Owens sprints outta there! Kayla Braxton tries to get a word from Shane he says “He’s gonna pay, Kevin Owens you are gonna pay my friend!” 

That’s the show folks

Chris’s Grade Of The Show–B- 

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