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Carol: Does Seth Rollins Deserve Backlash For Recent Comments?

Has Twitter drama effected Rollins’ overall allure to the IWC?

Has Twitter drama affected Rollins’ overall allure to the Internet Wrestling Community?

As the Universal Champion, Seth Rollins has become the new face of WWE. From his days in The Shield to his singles run as a competitor, Seth has always been a fan favorite. With his athleticism, looks, charisma, and dedication to the business; it’s no surprise why the fans love Seth Rollins.

Yet, Seth’s recent actions have him embroiled in controversy.

In case, you haven’t heard Rollins found himself in a twitter war with indie wrestler Will Ospreay.

Their spat began when Rollins sent out a tweet saying that WWE had the best pro wrestling on the planet. Fans immediately joined the chat, most disagreeing with Rollins’ assessment. Soon Ospreay joined in the conversation leading to him and Rollins having a social media face off. Rollins fired back at Ospreay calling him a little guy, then the two engaged in an argument about most matches wrestled and the size of their bank accounts.

Rollins’ social media showdown with Will Ospreay caught the attention of everyone. Fans took sides in the Twitter war; some sided with Rollins while others were annoyed with his behavior.

The online quarrel with Ospreay gained Seth a lot of criticism, but it’s his comments about his friend Jon Moxley aka Dean Ambrose that caused a lot of fan outrage.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Seth talked about Moxley’s departure and Jon’s interview with Chris Jericho. Seth criticized Moxley for taking his ball and going home. He also implied that Moxley was ungrateful, had no right to voice his complaints, and didn’t do much to elevate his career while in WWE.

As everyone knows by now, Moxley vented his frustrations with Vince’s creative process on Chris Jericho’s podcast. The interview was an eye-opener about what went on behind the scenes at WWE. Moxley said he was grateful for meeting his wife, making new friends, and gaining fans with his newfound success. However, his never ending fight for creative freedom became too much of a hassle that he dreaded going to work.

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Seth’s comments about Moxley were shocking because the two are friends. Prior to Jon’s departure, Rollins stated in an interview that he would miss his friend, but he understood his reason for leaving. If Rollins understood Moxley’s predicament, then he knows that his friend was unhappy. Afterall, Seth stated when Jon turned heel on the night of Roman Reigns’ leukemia announcement, neither man wanted to go through with the angle. The infamous heel turn and the aftermath is the final straw that led to Moxley’s departure.

We don’t know if Seth’s comments about Moxley were his true feelings or if WWE pressured him to say it. But it’s out there now and it’s caused a lot of backlash for The Architect.

Sure as WWE’s top champion, he’ll feel it’s his duty to defend the company. However, moving forward Rollins needs to be careful about his choice of words. Not only does he run the risk of alienating fans, but also his friends and possibly management.

Who knows one day Rollins could find himself in a similar situation like Jon Moxley.


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