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Mitchell’s AEW Fight for the Fallen Results & Report! (7/13/19)

All Elite fights for a good cause!



AEW Fight for the Fallen

AEW fights to benefit others!

To help the victims of gun violence and their families through such trying times, AEW is willing to give all of their proceeds for this event as charity! This isn’t about money, but about helping others, and of course, for the pride of being the best of the best on this night! Who gains some momentum before going All Out in August?



  • AEW Buy-In: Sonny Kiss VS Peter Avalon w/ Leva Bates; Kiss wins.
  • AEW Buy-In: Britt Baker and Riho VS Bea Priestley and Shoko Nakajima; Priestly and Nakajima win.
  • Six Man Tag: Jimmy Havoc, Darby Allin & Joey Janela VS Shawn Spears, Sammy Guevara and MJF; Spears, Guevara & MJF win.
  • Brandi Rhodes VS Allie; Brandi wins.
  • Triple Threat Tag: The Dark Order VS Angélico and Jack Evans VS Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus; The Dark Order wins and will face Best Friends at All Out.
  • Hangman Adam Page VS Kip Sabian; Page wins.
  • SoCal Uncensored VS The Lucha Brothers; The Lucha Brothers win.
  • Kenny Omega VS Cima; Omega wins.
  • The Young Bucks VS The Rhodes Brothers; The Young Bucks win.


AEW Buy-In: Sonny Kiss VS Peter Avalon w/ Leva Bates!

The Librarians are back, but the fans will not be quiet. Peter scowls at the booing and jeering fans as he and Leva take the ring. Fans already tell Peter, “You Suck!” but he tells them, “Shhhh!” Peter introduces himself and Leva and asks the fans to be quiet in the “library.” They have something very important to tell the fans in Jacksonville. But before he can speak, the sassy Sonny and his new friends in the Jacksonville Jaguar cheerleaders make their entrance! Fans make noise for him, the cheerleaders and Jackson Deville as they head to the ring. Will the “Concrete Rose” be too much for Peter to handle?

The bell rings and Jacksonville is on Sonny’s side. Sonny and Peter circle, but Peter tells Sonny to shush. Sonny brushes that off as he and Peter circle again. But Peter says shush again, so Sonny grabs the finger! Sonny kicks but Peter flips him. Sonny lands, leap frogs, but the wheelbarrow is reversed to a shove and a shush. Peter runs but Sonny follows to huricanrana! And then wheelbarrow to arm-drag! And splits! Fans fire up with Sonny as he handsprings corner to corner to SLAP Peter! And then taunts with a twerk. Sonny mule kicks but the heel kick is blocked to a dropkick! Cover, TWO! Peter keeps his cool as he drags Sonny up into a chinlock.

Fans rally as Sonny endures. Peter shifts to an arm surfboard but Sonny fights up to booty bump free. Sonny runs but into a leg lariat! Peter covers while shushing, TWO! Fans cheer Sonny on as Peter drags Sonny back up. Peter suplexes but Sonny blocks! Sonny suplexes Peter! Cover, TWO! Peter dropkicks Sonny right down! Cover, TWO! Peter grows frustrated but Leva has pointers from him from their book. Peter throws Sonny out hard, and then distracts the ref while Leva brings Sonny up to put on the apron. That didn’t seem like the plan according to Peter, but Peter drags Sonny up. Sonny fires off forearms! But Peter hits low. Peter whips Sonny to a corner but gets the ax kick!

Sonny slips off Peter’s back, dropkick-flips and uppercuts! Sonny spins Peter for an exploder! And kip-up! Sonny goes Spider to dodge the boot and then PELES Peter down! Then Sonny twerks for the moonsault! Cover, TWO! Peter stays in this and now Leva is on the apron. Leva distracts with her book and Peter rolls Sonny up! TWO, but Peter enziguris Sonny down! Fans say “Reading Sucks!” as Peter fireman’s carries. Rolling senton to moonsault a la Omega! But Sonny gets clear! Sonny hits a boot then hops up to drop the splits! Cover, Sonny wins!

Winner: Sonny Kiss, by pinfall

The Concrete Rose is successful in his AEW singles debut! Will this just be the first of many for the young star? Will the Librarians ever get things to go their way?


Backstage interview with The Rhodes Brothers.

Cody and Dustin are reunited in the ring tonight, but the main attraction is that this show is here to help those affected by gun violence. It is amazing to have this tag team dream match, but it is even better to give this check to a community that needs it.

How do they feel about facing the Young Bucks? Well there is no controlling the pace, but the Bucks are all #WestCoastOffense. But there is no expectations put on the Rhodes boys, but what happens when they go after a single body part? It’s new school versus old school, and that goes the Rhodes’ way. The old school is why there’s a new school. The #Brotherhood will powerslam the Bucks so hard, their souls leave their bodies. “You’re only as good as we allow you to be.”

One last question: How is Cody doing after that Fyter Fest chairshot? If he wasn’t 100%, he wouldn’t be here today. He could talk about Shawn Spears, but the satisfaction of beating an enemy is nothing compared to the friendly rivalry they have with the Bucks. The Brotherhood vows to be better than the Bucks, but will they be able to back it up?


AEW Buy-In: Britt Baker and Riho VS Bea Priestley and Shoko Nakajima!

The DMD teams with the Joshi Idol for the first time, against new-to-AEW killer Kiwi and Big Beast of Stardom! Which sides wins this first-time-ever tag match?

The teams sort out and for the first time in AEW, it’s Baker and Shoko! The bell rings and fans are already fired up as the two stare down. They circle, and Baker gets the wristlock. Tiny Shoko endures the headlock and fights out. She wrenches out then keylocks but Baker spins around. Shoko headlocks to get a big headlock takeover. Baker headscissors back but Shoko works her way around to bridge into a Boston Crab! Fans love it, but Baker gets the ropebreak. Shoko lets Baker go and the two circle again. They tie up and Shoko ducks under. Baker grabs the tail and pulls her back! To kick her down!

Fans don’t like Baker bullying the beast but she whips Shoko to the corner. Shoko slips out then under then shoulders in to somersault and dropkick! Tag to Bea and she stomps Baker out! Fans cheer as Bea bumps Baker on buckles. Bea whips corner to corner then runs in, but Baker dodges to arm-drag Bea down. Baker rolls Bea to a cover, ONE! Baker Northern Lights then gets confused? She makes it to Rhio and tags! Riho leaps with a crossbody to cover, TWO! Bea reverses the whip but Riho handsprings to dodge. Riho leaps but into a scoop and slam! Bea stomps Riho down then drags her arm around to hammerlock, and STOMP!

Riho clutches the arm as she gets to the corner. Bea grinds her boots into Riho and doesn’t even care about fans booing. She lets up at 4 to then Fujiwara the arm. Riho reaches with her leg for the ropebreak and fans cheer as Bea lets her go. Bea drags Riho up to tag in Shoko. Shoko takes the hand-off and clubs the arm. Shoko snapmares and yanks the arm! Riho endures as Shoko does it again then covers, TWO! Shoko slams the arm then drags Riho over. Bea tags back in and kicks the arm. Riho runs away to a corner but Bea wraps the arm in the ropes. Bea pulls on it until the ref counts 4. Bea gives Riho an armbar DDT, but fans rally up for Riho. Riho fires back with forearms, but Bea ROCKS Rioh with a right!

Tag to Shoko and they mug the bad arm in the corner! Fans are divided as Baker comes in to save Riho. But the ref puts her back in her corner, and Bea and Shoko continue to mug Riho behind the ref’s back! Shoko plays innocent before she snapmares and runs a basement blockboster! Shoko wraps on a headscissor to squeeze Riho. She rolls and jams Riho into the mat over and over! Shoko covers, TWO! Shoko handstand splashes down, cover, but Riho slips out! Riho dropkicks Shoko down! Fans rally up as Riho drags Shoko over and tags in Baker. Baker takes Shoko and clubs away. Baker whips Shoko tot he corner and hits a shining wizard! Then she runs for a neckbreaker on the go! Cover, TWO!

Baker clubs Shoko and drags her up, but Shoko slips out for a Lethal Combination! Soho bulldogs Baker into buckles then climbs up top. Fans rally up as Baker staggers into the missile dropkick! But all the way to Riho for a tag! Riho hits Bea but Shoko whips. Wheelbarrow into stomps from Riho to Shoko! Riho runs but Bea gets a cheap shot in! Riho hits her for that, but runs into Shoko’s huricanrana! 619! Shoko drags Riho up but Riho blocks the Northern Lights. Riho runs and tilt-o-whirls to headscissor Shoko! Now Riho dials it up, only for Bea to ROUNDHOUSE her! Baker SLINGBLADES Bea! Shoko hits Baker for a CLIMAX! Riho hits Shoko and now the Joshi brawl!

Fans are on Riho’s side as she and Shoko keep trading forearms. They pick up speed, but their partners run in to DECK each Joshi! Tags and now Bea and Baker face off! Fans fire up as the tension mounts. A new brawl starts as each woman hits the other with big forearms and elbows! They pick up speed just like Riho and Shoko! Bea gets the edge but Baker ducks to spin Bea around, fisherman but Bea slips out. Bea misses the kick and Baker kicks low. Baker puts Bea in a corner to fire off andwhip corner to corner. Bea goes up and around to triangle meteora! Cover, TWO! Baker lives but Bea keeps her foc us.

Bea drags Baker up, runs, but into a SUPERKICK! Baker spins Bea around, butterfly suplex! Cover, TWO! Now Bea survives and Baker is shocked. Baker watches Bea in the corner as fans rally up. Baker throws more forearms then whips again. Riho joins in but Bea boots Baker. Bea puts Riho on the apron then roundhouses her down! Baker catches her breath but walks into a boot. She comes back wit kicks of her own but Shoko dropkicks Baker out! Shoko runs and DIVES! Tope Suicida from the little kaiju! Fans chant for “A E Dub!” as Shoko feeds Baker to Bea. Bea drags Baker up, single leg back suplex! And bridge! TWO!?

Bea is furious, but she won’t let up on Baker. She drags Baker to a drop zone and Shoko is up top, KAIJU SENTON! Bea covers, but Riho stomps it out! Riho drags Baker to safety and then tags in! Fans rally as the idol runs and meteoras Bea in the back! Cover, TWO! Riho keeps her cool as Baker comes back in. They coordinate but Shoko anchors Riho. Baker fights with Bea at the ropes while Rioh fights Shoko off. Bea shoves Baker away but gets the guillotine dropkick! Baker drags Bea out for a draping DDT! Cover, TWO!? Bea survives but fans fire up for Riho. Riho runs in at Bea, but misses! Tag to Shoko and she runs in at RIho for a BIG forearm! Then she keeps going, only to get Riho’s knee! NORTHERN LIGHTS! Cover, TWO!?

Riho won’t let that slow her down, she climbs back up. IDOL STOMPS! Cover, TWO!? Shoko must actually be a kaiju to survive! Shoko hits a lariat, then drags Riho over to a corner. Butterfly DDT a la the Lunatic, then Shoko climbs back up. Shoko leaps, KAIJU SENTON FLOPS! Shining Wizard to the back, but huricnarana outta nowhere! Cover, Shoko and Bea win!!

Winners: Shoko Nakajima and Bea Priestly, Shoko pinning

A victory snatched from the jaws of defeat! Bea and the Beast make a formidable tag team, but now things head for the AEW Women’s Championship. Will one of the winners be a front-runner for that title?

But then Baker and Bea brawl afterwards! The two aren’t done with each other, and fans want to “Let Them Fight!” Will these two get that chance as we draw closer to a Women’s Championship crowning?


Backstage interview with Kip Sabian.

Mr. Superbad is here, to make sure everyone knows his nickname’s pronunciation. But for now, Hangman Page is considered the favorite. Is he really the underdog? He knew this question was coming. People seem to think Page is that much better and Sabian is just filler. But Sabian isn’t here to sit back, cash checks and just be happy with being on the roster. He’s here to prove he’s not just the best in the UK, but in the world. Sabian is no underdog, he has a point to make. Then would winning tonight mean he’s in line for the world title? Yes, that would be the proper way. But he needs to get something off his chest.

Sabian has no animosity towards Hangman, seriously. But he does have a problem that Hangman being The Elite just gets him things. But Hangman talking the talk, he seems to forget who Sabian is. Hangman is too focused on CHris Jericho and All Out. But he’s going to see what Sabian can really do. He’ll be first in line for that belt. Hangman needs to bring his best, because he won’t be ready for Superbad otherwise.


Good ol’ JR once again joins AEW commentary!

Jim Ross is ready to get this show really going! Tonight will leave fans going to bed buzzing just like he is!


AEW has kept us on the edge of our seats.

Fans were in utter awe and screaming at the top of their lungs, because AEW has made us feel again. AEW made us remember what it is to BE a fan of pro-wrestling. But tonight, a young contender will be tested. Will UK’s Superbad derail the Problem Solver this close to All Out? What will Y2J have to say about it? The Chief Branding Officer hits the ring for the first time in AEW, and the AEW World Tag Title tournament is taking shape. The best of the best will battle, and a dream match will come true! All in this #FightfortheFallen!


Six Man Tag: Jimmy Havoc, Darby Allin & Joey Janela VS Shawn Spears, Sammy Guevara and MJF!

Very eclectic combinations will fight to maintain momentum, but will these teams really hold together? At Fyter Fest, it was the Perfect 10 who gave Cody that wicked chairshot, and it was the #SaltoftheEarth who was among the first to check on Cody. Will it be all business tonight? Or will things get personal very, very quickly?

Shawn insists he be introduced as the “Chair Man.” Get it? Well, MJF seems to not like the pun, either. As for Sammy and Allin, they’re ready to rip at each other as soon as they’re both present. But teams sort out, and we begin with MJF and The Bad Boy. Fans are fired up as the bell rings. But MJF says we’re about to witness greatness,a nd he tells Shawn to take notes. But Janela hip tosses and dropkicks MJF! Shawn applauds as MJF gets a mule kick. Janela wrenches and tags in Havoc. Havoc clubs and wrenches MJF, then bites the fingers! The ref repriamnds Havoc but he keylocks and STOMPS MJF’s arm! Havoc keeps on the arm but MJF gets up. Fans tell him, “F*ck him up, Jimmy, f*ck him up!”

Havoc wrenches and bites MJF more, but MJF wrenches back! Fans boo but Havoc flips MJF off before spinning and snapmaring into a crucifix cover. TWO, but Havoc hammerlocks the bad arm. And then bites the other hand! Havoc lets up to wrench. MJF says Shawn is doing something., and then gets away with poking Havoc’s eyes! MJF scoop slams then brags. He tags in Sammy, but Janela tags in. Sammy mule kicks Janela then CHOPS him in the corner! Sammy whips Janela corner to corner to ram his shoulder in and enziguri Janela out. He springboards but Janela ducks the crossbody! Janela German Suplexes Sammy into buckles!

Fans fire up for Janela as the tags Havoc back in. Havoc gets a knee from Sammy but clobbers him back! Havoc bumps Sammy on buckles then sweeps the legs. He runs side to side to hit Shawn just because, then boot washes Sammy down! Havoc hops up and leaps, but rolls  as Sammy dodges. Sammy hits another knee! Sammy swaggers and tags in Shawn. Fans boo the Perfect 10 as he stares down Havoc. But Darby Allin wants in! So Havoc tags him in! Fans fire up for the undead daredevil as he dares Spears to hit him. But Spears tags out instead. Sammy swaggers and flips Darby off. But Darby wrenches, rings and armbars! Sammy gets the ropes and Darby lets off.

Things speed up, Darby goes sky high on that arm-drag! He rams Sammy in the corner and tags in Janela. The Bad Boy runs in and tackles Sammy! He whips Sammy corner to corner but misses the second tackle! Sammy runs in but gets a huricanrana and forearms. Janela whips but Sammy reverses. Things speed up as Sammy shows off and dropkicks Janela down! Kip-up and a bow from the Best Ever as he tags in MJF. MJF soaks up the heat as he brings Janela to the apron. But then Janela fireman’s carries! MJF slips out to hotshot and forearm smash! Janela goes down and MJF flexes. But Spears tags in to put Janela in and fire off stomps in the corner! He lets up at 4 to back suplex Janela down hard.

Spears stomps Janela then glares at everyone around. He drags Janela up to CHOP! Janela takes a cheap shot on Sammy, but Sammy tags in. Sammy double CHOPS Janela, but Janela fights back. Sammy digs his fingers into Janela’s face then snapmares for a headlock. Fans rally and Janela fights up. Janela fades but gets a second wind. He gets to his feet as Jacksonville cheers, and he jawbreakers free! But Sammy double stomps him down! Sammy drags Janela back in a waistlock and Spears tags in. But MJF tags off Spears. MJF brings Janela out to throw him by his hair, and soak the heat up. MJF mocks the Perfect 10 cartwheel! Spears wants at MJF but Janela lariats him down! MJF laughs, but Janela elbows MJF down!

Janela flounders and finds his corner. MJF tags Sammy, Janela tags in Havoc! Havoc arm-drags Sammy into the corner! Then he throws EuroUppers on Spears and MJF! Spears boots back but gets a SHORYUKEN! Havoc fireman’s carries and hits Spears into MJF, to then death valley slam Spears ON MJF! But Sammy tackles Havoc to the corner! Fans boo the bragging Best Ever, and Havoc puts him on the apron. Havoc dodges Spears and then sends MJF into Spears! Havoc climbs over them to drag Sammy up top, for a SUPERPLEX! Cover, TWO! Havoc dumps and doges Spears and MJF, but Darby tags in.

Sammy knees Havoc out, but Darby slingshots up and over to spin around for a flipping stunner. Cover, but Spears breaks it. Janela hits Spears but MJF wrings Janela into buckles! Havoc has MJF for the ACID RAIN MAKER! Backstabber from Sammy to Havoc! Fans are on Darby’s side but Sammy kicks him down. Sammy aims at Janela to slingshot onto the apron. Shooting Star misses but he lands on his feet to SUPERKICK Janela! then Sammy DIVES onto Havoc! And FLIES out onto Janela! Then he hits Darby with a standing Spanish Fly! Cover, TWO!! Fans love “A E Dub!” as Sammy is shocked.

Sammy drags Darby to a drop zone, then he climbs up top. Janela drags Sammy off in a fireman’s carry, arpon Death Valley Driver!! Fans loser their minds over that sadism, but Spears shoves Sammy into the ring. Spears tags in off him while Darby rolls MJF. Wheelbarrow then springboard tornillo! Spears gives Darby an Ushigoroshi, to a RUNNING Death Valley! Cover, Spears and team win!

Winners: Shawn Spears, Sammy Guevara & MJF, Spears pinning

Well, “team” is a loose term for this trio. The “Chair Man” took advantage of the chaos, but is he going to establish his own Perfect 10 Order?


Brandi Rhodes VS Allie!

For the first time in AEW, Mrs. American Nightmare will wrestle! The Chief Branding Officer has been through so much already in her wrestling career, but this match could make or break her. On the other hand, the Cherry Bomb is ready to take that next step. Whose career will be defined here tonight?

The bell rings and Brandi offers Allie a handshake. Allie accepts, but “THIS! IS! KONG!!” Allie knew better but she fell for it! Awesome Kong is here, returning the favor for Brandi from Double or Nothing. Allie throws hands on Brandi and hits a bulldog! Brandi kicks back then bumps Allie in the corner. Brandi throws hands then whips but Allie reverse to a Russian leg sweep! Senton to cover, TWO! Brandi scrambles to a corner but Allie storms in for a CHOP! Allie glares at Kong before she whips Brandi. Brandi whips but Allie goes up to crossbody! Brandi escapes but falls for Allie’s trap! Allie roundhouses Brandi down, but Kong gets her attention. They stare down, but Allie plays it smart, only to get wrecked by a dropkick!

Brandi stomps Allie and tells her to stay down. Brandi goes to get some water to cool off. She brings the bottle to Allie, to pour it on her head! Brandi drags Allie up to bump off the apron, and again! Kong likes what she sees as Brandi puts Allie in. Brandi runs to knee Allie down! Cover, ONE! Brandi grins as she stomps Allie. She drags Allie up to bump her off buckles and stomps her in the corner. Brandi backs off at 4 but Allie turns the tables! Allie fires forearms and a CHOP, but Brandi headlocks. Allie powers out but Brandi runs her over. Things speed up, SUPERKICK from Brandi to Allie! Cover, TWO!

Brandi rains down rights on Allie and Kong likes the aggression. The ref backs Brandi off but she puts Allie on the ropes to choke her. Brandi kicks the ropes to jam Allie then covers, TWO! Allie gets mad but Brandi toys with her. Allie mule kicks the bad leg! But Kong takes a swipe! And Brandi knees Allie down! Waistlock to takedown and cover, TWO! Brandi grows annoyed, but she toys with Allie more. Fans rally for Allie and Allie fires herself up. Allie slaps Brandi then rolls her up, TWO! Brandi kicks but is caught into a neckbreaker! Kong is mad now as a standing count begins. The count passes 5 but Brandi is against the ropes. Allie is up at 7, and the two start throwing forearms!

Fans are on Allie’s side as she and Brandi go back and forth. Allie gets the edge and rallies on Brandi with clotheslines! She whips but Brandi reverses, but misses. Allie goes side to side for a forearm, then another! She sweeps the legs and runs corner to corner, for the Sliding D! Cover, TWO! Brandi staggers about but Allie fireman’s carries. Brandi slips out as fans duel. Allie switches but Brandi elbows out. Brandi runs but Allie follows for a bulldog! Allie crawls to a cover, TWO! Fans rally again as both women get to ropes. Allie stalks Brandi and reels her in for a dragon sleeper! But Brandi snapmares out to get to a corner. Brandi boots Allie then hops up top, tornado snap suplex! Cover, TWO!

Brandi’s frustration boils up and she argues with the referee. Kong is also seething as Brandi and Allie crawl to opposite corners. Brandi runs in but into a SUPERKICK! Allie reels Brandi into the fireman’s carry, for a running Death Valley! She crawls to the cover, but Kong drags Brandi out from under! Fans boo and Allie is losing her cool. Allie tells the ref and the ref warns Kong, but Brandi catches Allie in a cradle! TWO, and Brandi is furious. She swings but into the dragon sleeper! Allie has Brandi in the body scissors, too! Kong distracts the ref while Brandi taps!! Allie lets go and has had it with Kong! She tells the ref to do something about this, but he doesn’t have any ideas. Brandi rakes Allie’s eyes! SPEAR TACKLE! Cover, Brandi wins!!

Winner: Brandi Rhodes, by pinfall

The CBO wins, in large part thanks to her mighty new partner in crime. Is Kong doing this for a very special favor down the line? And for that matter, Kong practically coaches Brandi into beating Allie down more! Brandi feeds Allie to Kong for the underhooks, but someone comes to the rescue! It’s AJA KONG!! Kong stares down with Kong and they circle in the ring. Jacksonville loses its mind over this stare down, but referees and security hurry to keep the peace. Fans want to “Let Them Fight!” but we don’t see it here. Brandi tells Awesome Kong to wait for a better time. Will Kong VS Kong go down on the road to an AEW Women’s Champion?


Triple Threat Tag: The Dark Order VS Angélico and Jack Evans VS Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus!

Evil Uno and Stu Grayson sent their message to the Best Friends, Chuckie T & Trent Barreta, at Fyter Fest that they’d be seeing them again soon. Now the Dark Order fights to qualify for All Out’s major opportunity! Can they get past two other elite tag teams to fight for the right to a first round bye?

The teams sort out and Evans starst with Grayson. Grayson already body checks Evans around then powers him to a corner. Grayson CHOPS Evans then runs in. Evans boot SGraysn tthens pringboards, but into a double hand overhead toss! Grayson kips up and drags Evans to throw at the corner. He dares Aneglico to come in, so Angelico does! Angelico dodges Grayson to jab away. Grayson powers Angelico bakc and things speed up, Grayson dropkicks Angelico down! Grayson drags Angelico up into a torture rack, but Angelico fights out, only to get a BIG urenage! Fans are admittedly impressed as Grayson stalks Angelico.

Grasyon holds a hand up to crossface but Evil Uno wants in. Grayson tags him in and Uno bites Angelico’s ear! The ref reprimands Uno but Uno wipes his mouth. Angelico sweeps and Eddy Gordo kicks! Tag to Jungle Boy! Jungle Boy chops Uno then acrobatically arm-drags Uno around! Things speed up and Jungle Boy huricanranas and dropkicks Uno down! Fans fire up but Uno rakes the eyes! Uno snaps Jungle Boy’s nose! THe ref reprimands Uno but then Uno uses teh ref as a sheld. He blocks JB’s kick to hit a neckbreaker! Fans boo but Uno takes a boy. But JB tags in Luchasaurus! The dinosaur glares at Uno, and Uno realizes the trouble he’s in!

Uno mans up to SLAP Luchasaurs, but tags out to Angelico! Angelico tags to Evans, and now Evans has to face Luchasaurus. They argue but Evans fires up, only to bounce off Luchasaurus. Luchasaurus easily blocks the elbow to CHOP Evans down! Luchasaurus tosses Evans then tags in JB. T Hey combine to dropkick and boot wash Evans, then Luchasuarus Wheelbarrow suplexes Evans to the Dark Orders corner! Grayson tags in and tackles JB to tag Uno. JB fights back and hotshots Uno down! JB goes up and over Grayson to hit a BIG uppercut! He rolls Grayson to CHOP away! Grayson shoves JB and Uno dumps JB out! Uno then back suplexes JB to the apron! Grayson slingshot sentons JB on the apron! Uno covers, TWO!

Uno stalks JB as fans rally up. Tag to Grayson and the Dark Order stomp away on JB. Fans boo but the Dark Order soaks up the heat. Grayson CHOPS JB then tags in Uno. Uno and Grayson stomp JB more, then Uno drags JB up. Uno CHOPS JB but JB chops back! But the Dark Order mug JB more as they tag again. Fans boo as Uno gets a bite in on JB. Grayson drags JB but JB kicks back. Grayson hauls JB up but JB enziguris back! JB is down but Uno keeps Grayson in. Uno tags in and dropkicks Luchasaurus down! JB scrambles but Uno keeps him from Evans and Angelico. JB escapes the back suplex, but Evans and Angelico are tripped up by Grayson! Uno cannonballs JB, then climbs up top for a SWANTON! Cover, TWO!

Luchasuarus is furious but Uno taunts him as he brings JB over. Uno CHOPS JB but JB dodges, only to get haymakers. Uno taunts Luchasaurus but JB springboard spears! Fans fire up, Luchasaurus tags in! Grayson tags in, too, but he gets a body shoot! Luchasaurus BOOTS Uno then fires off on Graysno! And he grabs both Angelico and Evans! They break free but misse their kicks! Tail Whip kick for Angelico, roundhouse for Evans, STANDING MOONSAULT! Jacksonville is thunderous as Luchasaurus spins Evans up for a choke grip. JURASSIC CHOKE SLAM onto Angelico! JB Shooting Star presses them both! Grayson moonsaults, into a Tombstone Age! Cover, but Uno breaks it!

THe Dark Order go after Luchasaurus but Uno gets a knee and roundhouse! Luchasaurus fireman’s carries, for a spinning death valley! Tag to JB, and Grayson staggers about. A Boy and His Dinosaur double whip but Grayson ducks and double PELES! Grayson stalks JB but he gets hands from Evans and Angelico! Evans dropkicks Luchasaurus and Angelico whips JB. Angelico whips Evans in for a handspring back elbow! Angelico lifts, Evans double stomps for the back suplex! Angelico puts on a trailer hitch, but Uno breaks it to break it up! Evans rolling roundhouses Uno! Tag and Evans spins to kick JB. Angelico adds on, Last Chancery Buzzsaw! Then Angelico helps Evans for the 450! Cover, TWO!?

Angelico tags back in and he keeps on JB. Fans keep cheering, but Angelico vows to end it. He powerbomb lifts to a Canadian rack and crucifix, BLACK TIGER BOMB! JB falls but Evans tags in. Evans climbs up but Marko Stunt trips Angelico up! Stunt climbs and has Evans, for a SUPER STEINER!! But he’s not a legal competitor! The referee EJECTS Stunt, but Luchasaurus says it’s okay. Because if Stunt’s leaving, he might as well be of use! Luchasaurus throws Stunt at Angelico! JB and Luchasaurus coordinate on Evans, Candian wrack and TAIL WHIP GO TO SLEEP! Then, back supelx powerbomb!! Cover, but Uno breaks it! Luchasaurus is furious with Uno and the chase is on!

Grayson tags in from Evans, but into a choke grip. Uno saves Grayson and chop blocks Luchasaurus for Grayson to dropkick. JB is all alone, rising knee, and “GET OVER HERE” overhead suplex onto Luchasaurus! Senton splash combo! Cover on JB, TOW!?! Tag to Uno and the Dark Order looks to end him! Gory Especial, with blockbuster! FATALITY! Cover, The Dark Order wins!

Winners: The Dark Order, Evil Uno pinning; will face Best Friends at All Out for the first round bye opportunity

Evil Uno and Stu Grayson keep their promise to Chuckie T and Trent. But which team wins at All Out to get a huge advantage in the AEW Tag Team Championship Tournament?


Hangman Adam Page VS Kip Sabian!

The Problem Solver vows to work harder than ever for the fans. Mr. SUUUUPerbad claims it’s lip service to hide the favoritism. Who proves they’re more worthy of the opportunities given as AEW grows bigger and bigger?

The bell rings and the two technically handshake. Fans are fired up for Hangman but Sabian doesn’t let that bother him. They tie up and Hangman arm-drags Sabian fast. The two stand off and go again. Hangman wrenches to a wristlock but Sabian spins through to wrench back. Hangman rolls and pries free to hammerlock then snapmare Sabian. Sabian turns around but Hangman kips up to break free, and fans cheer this exchange. The two catch their breath to circle again. They tie up and Hangman headlocks. Sabian endures the grind, and fans build to a rally. Hangman holds on as Sabian tries to power out. Sabian works on an escape and arm-drags, but Hangman goes back for the headlock. The two back off and fans cheer again.

Sabian and Hangman tie up again, and now Sabian headlocks. Hangman powers out then dodges to run Sabian over. But Sabian kips right up! Hangman CHOPS Sabian down for that! Sabian CHOPS Hangman back, and now Hangman is having fun. Hangman CHOPS Sabian, and Sabian CHOPS Hangman. They go back and forth, then Sabian shifts to haymakers. Hangman gives it back and the two throw heavy rights. Sabian staggers more and Hangman returns to CHOPS. The forearms and elbows fly, Sabian kicks but Hangman spins to elbow Sabian down! Hangman cools off while Sabian gets to ropes. Hangman whips and scoops Sabian to Fall Away Slam! Then kip up!

Hangman clotheslines Sabian out and walks off the bad leg. He goes out to fetch Sabian, taking the steps to make it easy. He puts Sabian in at 8, but Sabian triangle enziguris Hangman down! Sabian builds speed to get a haymaker back! Hangman catches his breath while the count returns. He returns at 4, then walks around Sabian. Fans duel as Hangman drags Sabian up to a fireman’s carry. Hangman tosses Sabian to the mat, then fires the fans up. Hangman pump handles and throws Sabian to a bridging cover, TWO! Sabian crawls away but Hangman keeps his cool. Fans rally again as Hangman runs, but Sabian puts him on the apron.

Sabian dodges but fakes Hangman out to boot him down! Then Sabian DIVES to jam Hangman into barriers! Sabian gives the jeering fan a kiss! He puts Hangman in and takes aim, to springboard missile dropkick! Cover, TWO! Sabian keeps his cool as he goes corner to corner, big enziguri to snapmare and shining wizard! Cover, TWO! Sabian goes at Hangman with a mounted armlock. Hangman endures and fans rally up. Hangman fights up and out of the hold but Sabian clubs him back. Sabian whips but Hangman reverses, only to run into a boot. Sabian hops up and leaps for a double stomp! Cover, TWO! Hangman survives and Sabian is running out of ideas.

Fans rally up again as Sabian goes after the bad leg. Hangman kicks with his good leg and Sabian reels away. Sabian runs into a belly2belly into buckles! Both men are down and a standing count begins. The count reaches 5 before Hangman sits up. Hangman stands at 7, but Sabian stands right after. Hangman fireman’s carries but Sabian fights out. Sabian runs but into the fireman’s carry, rolling senton! Hangman manages a basement dropkick and standing shooting star! Cover, TWO! Sabian survives and Hangman is too tired to be frustrated. Fans rally up as a new standing count begins. Hangman is up at 4, then stalks Sabian to a corner.

Hangman throws Sabian to the apron but then Sabian bumps him off buckles! Sabian springboards for a tornado DDT! Cover, TWO! Sabian catches his breath and keeps his cool as he sits Hangman up. Penalty Kick! Cover, ONE!? Hangman grits his teeth as Sabian Penalty Kicks again! He SPITS at Sabian!? Sabian stomps and Penalty Kicks then covers, TWO! Sabian is growing frustrated while Hangman crawls away. Fans rally again as Hangman CHOPS Sabian. Sabian throws hands and we have another brawl. They hit back and forth, but Hangman gets an edge with forearms and CHOPS! Hangman whips but Sabian reverse, to pop-up knee and haymaker! Sabian spits on Hangman, but runs into a discus lariat!

Both men are down again but Sabian rolls to safety on the apron. Hangman gets up as fans duel. Hangman drags Sabian up to a corner, and then to the top rope. Sabian fights back and headbutts Hangman down to the apron. Sabian adjusts and fans fear what’s coming. Double stomps miss as Hangman moves, then Hangman back suplexes Sabian to the apron! Hangman has Sabian down on the floor as he climbs up. Sabian gets up as Hangman MOONSAULTS! Fans lose their minds, but the bad knee takes the worst of it! A ring count begins as both men are down on the outside. Hangman drags Sabian up and into the ring. He crawls after to cover, TWO! Sabian still has life but Hangman is on him with the good leg.

Hangman drags Sabian up, powerbomb lift, and bombs him on the ramp!! Fans lose their minds all over again as Sabian is down on the platform! The ring count climbs past 5 but Sabian does come to. Sabian crawls to the ring at 9 and gets in at 9.5! Fans cheer Sabian’s heart but Hangman wants to end it. Hangman hobbles over, goes to the top rope, and drags Sabian up to join him. SUPER SWINGING NECKBREAKER!! Cover, TWO!? Sabian survives and Hangman can’t believe it! Time is running out, too! Hangman hobbles and drags Sabian up again. Alabama lift but Sabian grabs ropes to escape. Sabian has the bad leg but Hangman fights him back. Sabian uses the leg as his lifeline! Hangman ROCKS Sabian, but Sabian still Dragon Screws!

Both men are down again as Hangman crawls away. Fans rally up as Sabian stirs. Sabian springboards, huricanrana and cover! TWO as Hangman reverses, TWO! Sabian sunset flips, TWO, Hangman sits on it, TWO! Hangman jackknifes to Alabama, DEAD-EYE! Cover, Hangman wins!

Winners: Hangman Adam Page, by pinfall

And with a minute to spare! Hangman toughs it out with just over a month before his All Out title match. Will Hangman have a chance of beating Chris Jericho to become AEW’s first world champion?

Wait, who is that Dark Order Creeper returning? Clothesline and a rain of rights! And then knees to the head and a whip to a clothesline! Code Breaker!? Oh of course… It’s CHRIS JERICHO! Y2J promised to be here, but to think he’d treat Page like Naito. Judas Effect to Hangman’s bloody head! Jericho wants Hangman to know this is what he can expect. Then he flips the fans off because he still hasn’t gotten his thanks.


SoCal Uncensored VS The Lucha Brothers!

Another first-time-ever in AEW! The Fallen Angel accompanies the Heavy Metal Rebel and the Closer to the ring as they prepare for Pentagon and Fenix! But of course, they pick up the mic and let Jacksonville know, “This is the WORST TOWN I’ve Ever Been to!” But that’s fine, this is a bad town with a special place in their hearts. They may not be SoCal but they get some respect via the Jaguar colors. And they’ll give some California Love to #DUVAL! And with that, let’s say three little letters to make Kaz’s day. Give a loud and proud, “S C U!”

But after that, the fans give a louder and prouder “CERO! MIEDO!” for Pentagon and Fenix! The teams trash talk but sort out, and fans duel as we begin with Frankie Kazarian and Fenix!

Kaz and Fenix tie up and go around the ring. They break and Fenix backs off to a corner. Fenix wants a test of strenght but gets the leg. He trips Kaz then speeds up, but boucnes off Kaz’s shoulder. Fenix tries again but Kaz follows to run him over! Kaz lets out an “S C U!” but things speed upa gain. Fenix sweeps but Kaz gest uot. Kaz sweept sbut Fenix gets out and then the two kip-up and stand off. Fenix shoves but so does Kaz, and now Pentagon and Scorpio Sky jump in. The referee keeps the peace but fans want the fight. Tags to Scorpio and Pentagon, and these two circle now.

Fans duel more and Pentagon soaks it up. Pentagon puts Cero Miedo in Scorpio’s face! Scorpio gives it back with “S C U!” Pentagon walks up, and gives Cero Miedo harder. Scorpio wipes his face, copies the swagger, and kick-steps to give a stronger “S C U!” Pentagon ups the ante by taking his glove off. He tosses it to the ref, who misses the catch. Boo! They try again, and this time it’s a touchdown! “CERO! MIE-” Scorpio blocks but Pentaogn headlocks. Scorpio powers out and tackles him down! Scorpio scrambles up to clothesline Pentagon down. He drags Pentagon over to bump off buckles then whip corner to corner. Pentagon puts Scorpio up in a headstand, to SUPERKICK down! Kaz runs in, gets kicks, and a DOUBLE SUPERKICK!

Fenix and Pentagon Cero Miedo together to slide out and SUPERKICK Daniels! Then SUPERKICK Scorpio! Pentagon strips off Daniels’ shirt, to CHOP! Fenix gives Scorpio a CHOP, too! Fans fire up as Pentagon holds Daniels for Fenix to DIVE, but he gets his brother! Daniels hops up, ARABIAN PRESS! Fans fire up with the Fallen Angel as he feeds Fenix to Kaz and Scorpio. The ref EJECTS Daniels! Fenix and Pentagon make sure Daniels leaves, but they forget about Kaz until he DIVES onto them! Kaz has Fenix and LAUNCHES him into the ring! Scorpio stomps Fenix then tags Kaz. SCU drags Fenix over to hook the legs for the wheelbarrow catapult! Cover, TWO! Kaz keeps on Fenix with a scoop and slam, then a springboard leg drop! Cover, TWO!

Kaz keeps on Fenix as fans rally back up. Kaz clubs away on Fenix and wrangles him down in a chinlock. Fenix endures and reaches but Kaz keeps him from Petnagon. Scorpio tags in and SCU coordinate in the corner. Big shoulder tackle then a sweep to the swinging dropkick! Kaz kips up and fans cheer SCU on. Scorpio drags Fenix to a cover, TWO! Scorpio brings Fenix over and Kaz tags in. Kaz mugs Fenix then facelocks to grind Fenix down. Fans rally with “ANIMO! ANIMO!” as Fenix fights up. Kaz clubs Fenix down but Fenix denies the suplex. Fenix gets away and SUPERKICKS Kaz back!

Fenix dodges to springboard sobat Kaz down! He crawls for his brother, but Kaz drags him away. Fenix breaks free of teh waistlock to PELE Kaz down! Hot tags to Scoprio and Pentagon! Slingblade for Scorpio! Slingblade for Kaz! SUPERKICK for Scorpio! SUPERKICK for Kaz! Scorpio hits Fenix then throws him out but gets a SUPERKICK and hook kick! Lucha Bros have Kaz in a corner, enziguri and somersault forearm! Scorpio runs in but is put up top, in the tree of woe. The Lucha Bros combine for a monkey flip senton! They get both SCU down and Pentaon hops up for double stomps! Cover, TWO!

Fans rally up and Pentagon hits Scorpio. Pump handle, SUPERKICK and then Fenix aims at Kaz. Package driver for Scorpio while Fenix gets a splash on Kaz. Cover, TWO! Fans rally again as Pentagon drags Scorpio back up. Fenix climbs again but Kaz disrupts. Pentagon gets a guillotine leg drop, then Kaz shoulders and slingshots over Fenix for a BIG German Suplex! Kaz is on Pentagon but gets a CHOP! And a kick, then a whip. Kaz rolls off the back for a backstabber into Scorpio’s boot! Scorpio hops up, combines with Kaz for double stomp Unprettier! But they brag too long, and get DOUBLE CUTTERS from Fenix! Fenix puts Scorpio on the apron, cutter from Pentagon to Scorpio on the apron! Kaz hits Fenix then puts him up top.

Kaz climbs but Fenix fights him off. Scorpio comes back and climbs up, but Fenix fights him off, too. Scorpio hits a big right, then boosts Kaz up for a SUPER TORNADO DDT! Cover, TWO!! Fans are loving this as Pentagon SUPERKICKS Kaz. Pentagon fires off CHOPS on SCU, then says Cero Miedo, before running into Kaz’s DDT! Fenix returns but SCU knees low. SCU whips Fenix at Pentagon, but Pentagon puts his brother on the apron. SUPERKICK for Scorpio, Fenix climbs as Kaz is put on the apron. Fenix is up top, walk the ropes for dumdum stomps! Pentagon gives Scorpio the DESTROYER! Cover, TWO!? Pentagon packages, Fenix dumdum stomps the Package Driver! Cover, Lucha Brothers win!

Winners: The Lucha Brothers, Pentagon pinning

Fenix and Pentagon get their first win in AEW! The AAA Tag Team Champions are rolling, will they be part of the AEW World Tag Team Championship tournament?

Daniels returns, and the Lucha Brothers use a golden ladder to wipe him out! Then they hit Kaz with it! Pentagon sets up this ladder while Fenix makes sure SCU is out of the ring. Pentagon takes up the mic and fans cheer “CERO MIEDO!” as he drums. The Lucha Brothers climb up their golden ladder to speak. “Jacksonville~! Oi!” To everyone here, the Lucha Brothers vow they are THE BEST tag team on the planet! And to the Young Bucks, “cabrones,” what about a Ladder Match to truly determine who is the best? All Out will prove who is the universe’s best! Cero Miedo, ANIMO!


Kenny Omega VS Cima!

This first-time-ever is truly incredible. Not just for the legitimate wrestling skill and star power between these two, but the fact that these two have been in and out of Japan without ever crossing paths before! AEW brings them both into the same ring at the same time, but who is it that takes the very first victory between icons?

The bell rings and fans are fired up already as these two circle. Fans already say Omega and Cima is awesome, and then they tie up. The two are even but Omega waistlocks. Cima moves around to wrench but Omega gives it back. Cima kicks Omega away and the two stand off. The Terminator drums are already present as Omega comes back to tie up with Cima in a test of strength. They go shoulder to shoulder and grind down to a knee. Omega wrenches the wrists and brings Cima to his knees. But Cima rolls back to reverse the wrists. Omega gets to ropes and Cima lets him go.

Cima and Omega go again and Cima headlocks. Omega powers out but Cima runs him over! Cima checks his hair then runs but Omega speeds things up. Omega dodges but Cima arm-drags Omega back. Cima whips again but Omega sunset flips. Cima rolls through and double stomps Omega down! Omega gets to a corner but Cima is on him with stomps. Cima whips Omega but Omega holds onto ropes. So Cima kicks Omega hard. Cima whips again but Omega reverses to CHOP back! Omega CHOPS more, but Cima reverses the whip. Omega goes up and over to huricarnana but Cima rolls him up, TWO! Into a butterfly lock!

Omega endures and reaches as fans rally up again. Omega wiggles and crawls but Cima pulls tight. They rock back and forth and Omega manages the ropebreak. Cima lets Omega go and stomps Omega down. Cima slingshot sentons, then takes time to catch his breath. He stomps Omega and then hauls him up. Fans rally as Omega resists the suplex. Omega throws haymakers back but Cima CHOPS him. Omega CHOPS back. Cima headlocks then runs, but into a boot. Big back suplex drops Cima! High stack cover, TWO! Omega keeps his cool as he drags Cima around. He drops a fast elbow, covers, TWO!

Omega drags Cima into a headlock but Cima endures. Fans rally again as Omega drags Cima up. Cima fights out then runs, but Omega ducks down to jump, into a CHOP! But Omega huricanranas back! Cima bails out and the Terminator drums begin again. Omega kneels then rises. He runs but Cima returns to enziguri him in the face! Omega still moves to hit the running DDT! Cover, TWO! Omega clutches his nose, still bad from Double or Nothing. He drags Cima up, but Cima slips out. Cima has Omega, AOI SHODOU! Cover, TWO! Omega survives but Cima isn’t deterred. Fans rally up again and Cima stalks Omega to the corner. He whips Omega but Omega reverses. Cima goes up to headscissor but Omega pops out to windmill Cima in the back!

Cima is on buckles and Omega backs off to take aim. Omega run in, V-TRIGGER! Then he puts Cima up top and climbs up behind him. Omega full nelsons but Cima resists. Omega elbows away on Cima’s back then tries something else. An Electric Chair up top!? Cima fights out and spins around to SUPER POWERBOMB Omega down! The referee checks but Omega is okay to continue. Cima drags Omega around to a drop zone and climbs. Cima leaps but the Meteora hits the mat! Omega stands and goes after the legs. He stomps and yanks the legs, then has Cima in a corner. Omega stands Cima for a CHOP, then wrap the leg on the ropes! The ref reprimands so Omega lets up, to kick the leg! Omega puts Cima’s leg on the ropes again, to drop a stomp on it!

Omega circles but Cima fights back with body shots and forearms. Cima shakes the legs out but his kick is blocked. Omega elbows the knee then fireman’s carry. “You Can’t Escape!” Moonsault gets knees! Cima uses a double-edged tactic to save himself, but he dodges Omega to CHOP away! Omega chop blocks the bad leg! Then SNAP DRAGON! Cima teeters before flopping back down. Omega drags Cima up, Electric Chair lifts, tucks Cima in, but Cima slips out! Backstabber! Another double-edged move given those bad knees. Omega goes to the apron and fans rally up. Cima runs over to dropkick Omega to the railing! Omega shakes the cobwebs out while Cima fires his legs up. Cima slingshots but misses! Omega gives Cima a shinbreaker to the apron!

Omega catches his breath and has the timekeepers clear out. He takes their table and brings Cima over to it. He bounces Cima off the tiny table, then lifts. Cima fights out to back suplex Omega, but Omega lands on his feet. They brawl and Omega facelocks, but it’s Cima who snap suplexes Omega down! Cima refreshes the count the puts Omega on the timekeeper table! He climbs up high, SUPER METEORA TO THE TABLE!! Fans cheer for “A E DUB! A E DUB!” Cima gets up and hobbles over to Omega. Fans duel as Cima puts Omega in the ring. Cima climbs the ropes to springboard Meteora Omega in the back! then from the FRONT! Cover, TWO!! Cima would be frustrated if not for his knee pains.

Fans say “This is Awesome!” all over again as Cima goes to a corner. Omega is up but checking his nose. Cima leaps but the Meteora is caught to a buckle bomb! And a SNAP DRAGON! V-TRIGGER! Cover, TWO!! Omega doesn’t stop, Aoi Shodou Ushigoroshi combined! Then, BANG! V-Trigger again! Electric Chair, tuck, but Cima slips out to Alabama lift. Omega resists and clubs away on Cima’s back. Omega powerbomb lifts but Cima DDT counters! Both men are down again and fans are loving this! A standing count begins but hits 5 before Cima sits up. Omega follows but Cima is on him for another Alabama lift. Omega resists so Cima slaps away with palm strikes. V-Trigger point blank! Then another! Underhooks, lift, but Cima slips out to lift. Omega sunset flips but gets a meteora drop!

Cima gets to a corner and climbs up again. Omega gets another meteora! Fans love “Both These Guys!” as this match continues. Omega is on the apron but Cima follows. Fans hope they “Fight Forever!’ but there is a time limit. Cima Alabama lifts, to an apron Air Raid Crash! “You Killed Kenny! You Bastard!” Because here’s another Meteora! ROPEBREAK! Both men are down from exhaustion, and fans rally up. Ten minutes left and Cima has Omega in a drop zone. Omega anchors Cima’s feet but Cima breaks free. Omega anchors him again but Cima clubs away harder. Cima SLAPS Omega as he sits up, but Omega stands. Cima CHOPS but Omega SLAPS. Now it’s a SLAP fight!

Both men wobble but Omega fires off more slaps. Cima gives them all back with interest! Omega fires forearms and another SLAP, then fires up, to get a roundhouse! He still hits the roaring elbow, then runs, into a dropkick! Cima runs, but his knees give out, V-TRIGGER to the back! Underhooks, TIGER DRIVER! Cover, TWO!?! Cima and Omega will not die, but Omega has a silver bullet. BANG, but Cima dodges, hooks, and Dragon Cradles! TWO!? V-Trigger! Electric Chair, ONE-WINGED ANGEL! Cover, Omega wins!!

Winner: Kenny Omega, by pinfall

This first-ever meeting was an instant classic! Omega finally has a singles win in AEW, can he translate this into his second when he and Jon Moxley go all out at All Out?


Chris Jericho returns!

This was Y2J’s scheduled time to speak, though he already did plenty when he attacked Hangman Page. Jericho picks up the mic to say, “I’m looking at the blood of Hangman Page on my hand right here, right now. Can you see it?” Do they see the Hangman’s blood? Jericho has just wanted one thing from AEW: a thank you. Shut up, fans, he doesn’t mean you. Aw… But Jericho realized the “Jerksonville” fans don’t mean a thing anyway. Is that not good? What about “Jagoffville?” They want to boo Jericho!? Well fine, boo! “Let the entire White Trash Riviera here you boo Chris Jericho!”

But as he was saying, the thank you means nothing. Jericho will get his thank you one at a time as he beats every single wrestler in AEW. And he’ll start with Hangman. If Jericho wasn’t here, the fans wouldn’t be here! They’d be out panhandling or recycling bottles, but no they’re here tonight. AEW was started by Jericho, made legit by Jericho, and the TV deal (starting in October) was sealed by Jericho. This goes beyond thanks. This is something that bothered Jericho since Double or Nothing, when he found out a battle royal would determine one of the contenders. Of course Jericho beat Omega, but he watched that battle royal closely.

Was it gonna be the guy with no legs? Joey Janela with a cig stuck to his forehead? The Young Bucks’ cabana boy? No, they were all eliminated, and one man was left: Hangman. Fans cheer for Hangman but Jericho says Hangman is in fact one of the best wrestlers he’s seen in a long time. Fans like Hangman, right? But ever since then, Jericho has been obsessing over his match with Hangman. If Jericho beats Hangman, and he will, it is just another notch in his belt! He is the GOAT, right? Shut up! But if Jericho loses to Hangman, it will be the beginning of the end for AEW, and for Y2J. If Jericho loses, where does he go from there? So Jericho HAS to beat Hangman! He became obsessed with it!

And that’s why Jericho attacked tonight, leaving Hangman in the pool of his own blood. It is to show everyone to never trust Jericho. Jericho will prove at All Out, he is THE AEW World Champion. He will prove that without him, AEW wouldn’t exist. And all you fans wouldn’t even be here, huh? More importantly, Jericho will prove again that Hangman is “a little b*tch!” He encourages fans to cheer, but Hangman is here!! Hangman attacks Jericho for what he did earlier tonight! Referees and security rush the ring but Hangman decks them all! Then he goes at Jericho again! They brawl all over the ring but now the locker room hurries to keep this fight from happening. But Hangman busts through!

Jericho bails out of the ring and Daniels keeps him from fighting fans! Jericho goes around the outside and up the ram while Hangman is kept in the ring. Fans chant, “Thank You, Hangman!” as Jericho is herded to the back. Hangman is still seething, too, even with one good eye. Just how badly will Hangman and Jericho beat the hell out of each other when they go All Out?


The Young Bucks VS The Rhodes Brothers!

Matt and Nick Jackson have been among the best tag teams in the world for years, and certainly among the best brother tag teams ever. However, there is another pair of brothers they need to prove themselves again. Matt and Nick poked fun at Cody and Dustin from their emotional Double or Nothing moment, but will they be having the last laugh? Or will the #Brotherhood take over tag team wrestling?

Fans already cheer for “A E DUB! A E DUB!” as the teams stand across from each other. The teams sort out, and we start with Cody starts with Nick for a younger brother battle. The fans rally up and Cody offers a handshake. Nick takes it because they’re all still friends. Cody and Nick circle and tie up. Cody gets a leg but Nick gets the ropebreak. The ref counts and Cody lets up. Cody and Nick circle again as fans duel. They tie up and Cody wrenches. Nick rolls and spins and handsprings but Cody headlocks. Cody takeovers but Nick headscissors. Roles reverse and the two stand off as fans cheer again. Cody wants another handshake but Nick kicks it away. Cody sees how it is, and they circle again.

They tie up and Nick headlocks. Cody powers out but they bump shoulders. Neither man falls and Cody flexes. Nick runs and they collide again. That one stings Nick, and Cody flexes. Nick SLAPS Cody, then runs to dodge and slide out. Cody pursues but Nick swings a kick and moonsaults, but Cody gets clear of it all. Things return to the ring, Cody cartwheels but Nick snapmares Cross Rhodes away. Nick misses the superkick but says it was close. The shoving begins and the big brothers run in! The ref keeps the peace and everyone cools off. Cody and Nick tie up again and Cody headlocks. Dustin tags in and he atomic drops Nick into Cody’s slap, bulldog added on! Matt runs in but gets the Rhodes uppercuts!

The Rhodes boys clothesline Matt out and fans fire up! They focus on Nick with body shots and stomps. But Matt returns to double knee Dustin and Cody down! The Bucks go after Dustin, alley-oop dropkick! Cody returns but gets the headscissor dropkick! Matt and Nick double slingshot onto the Rhodes brothers! They regroup and mock the “I need my older brother!” hug. Nick fetches Dustin to put in. He wrenches the arm then tags Matt. Matt climbs and drops ax handles on the arm. Dustin turns things around to CHOP Matt! Dustin whips but Matt reverses and Nick trips him up. Matt dropkicks Dustin down, then Nick slingshots to hit the X-Factor. And he moonsaults onto Cody! Classic Nick.

Fans duel as Matt circles Dustin. Matt throws hands on Dustin in the corner up and down until Dustin sits down. The ref backs Matt off but Matt comes back to tag Nick in. The Bucks double suplex Dustin down then Nick covers, TWO! Nick elbows Dustin down then rakes the eyes. Dustin scrambles up but Nick kicks him back down. Nick tags Matt and they mug Dustin in their corner. Matt rams his shoulder in over and over, but Dustin clubs back. Nick tags in as Dustin suplexes. Nick saves Matt, and they double dropkick Dustin down! They drag Dustin from Cody to scrape his face. Nick spits at Cody but the ref keeps Cody in the corner.

Tag to Matt and the Bucks mug Dustin more. Dustin CHOPS back but Matt haymakers. Another CHOP, but Matt jawbreakers Dustin down. Matt keeps Dustin down with a facelock but fans rally up. Dustin fights his way up but Matt grinds him down again. The fans still rally and Dustin fights up again, but Nick hits Cody down. But the Bucks turn around into a DOUBLE back drop! Dustin hurries to his corner but Cody’s not there. Matt rolls Dustin, lets go, and runs into Dustin’s SPINEBUSTER! Both big brothers are down and fans rally up. Dustin crawls but Nick trips Cody! Nick mocks Dustin to tag in, but Dustin uppercuts him down! Matt LARIATS Dustin back, then takes a moment to catch his breath.

Fans duel as Dustin stands. Matt runs in but gets an elbow. Nick runs in but gets the other. Dustin climbs up high, and crossbodies onto both Bucks! Fans give that an ovation as Dustin fires up. Cody returns and tags in! Cody rallies on Matt with forearms, then the same for Nick! He blocks Nick’s kick to a dragon screw, then suplex tosses Matt down! Nick dodges but gets an elbow. Cody climbs for a BIG moonsault! Cody keeps moving to FLY onto Matt at the ramp! Fans are thunderous for the American Nightmare as he looms over Matt. Cody drags Matt from the Young Buck bucks and into the ring. Cody undoes his weight belt, and takes Matt to the woodshed with that SMACK! He then puts Matt up top and climbs up to rain down rights.

Cody a has dragon sleeper, for the INVERTED SUPERPLEX! Cover, TWO! Fans cheer as Cody stalks Matt again. Matt slowly stands, Cody kicks low, and tucks Matt in. Cody lifts but Matt escapes Dinn’s Fire to shove Cody into buckles. Matt runs in but only gets post as Cody goes up and over! Tag to Dustin as Nick checks on Matt. Dustin slams Matt’s arm into the post! Dustin clubs away on Matt then drags him up and around to throw the arm on the mat. He stomps Matt over and over then wrenches. Tag to Cody and Cody hops up to drop ax handles. Cody throws Matt back into buckles, then stomps a mudhole into the bad arm. He also spits at Nick in return for earlier.

The referee keeps Nick back as Cody drags Matt up. Cody wrenches and gives the arm a shoulder breaker. Tag to Dustin and Dustin kicks the arm. Dustin keeps on it with a wristlock and a hotshot onto ropes! He clamps onto Matt’s arm and jams it. This is the strategy the Rhodes boys talked about earlier tonight as Dustin keeps on that arm. Dustin then DECKS Nick with an uppercut. Cody gets a cheap shot in before Dustin wraps the arm around the ropes. The ref counts but Dustin just clubs away on Matt’s chest! The ref gets Dustin to stop and Dustin tags in Cody. Cody whips Matt for a hip toss, then a short-arm-scissors. Matt endures and fans rally up. Matt turns and rolls to a cover, ONE!

Cody kicks Matt’s bad arm with a roundhouse! He yanks Matt’s arm against ropes, then tags in Dustin. Dustin whips Matt into buckles, making sure that shoulder hits. Dustin stomps a mudhole in, then tells the ref to leave him alone. He goes back to stomp Matt more, then drags him up to grind an elbow into the shoulder. Matt endures as Dustin grinds him down and wrenches the arm. Fans rally up as Matt fights back with haymakers. Dustin knees low and throws Matt into another post! Cody tags, stomps Matt into the floor then throws the arm into railing. Cody puts Matt back in and soaks up the heat and cheer. Fans duel as Cody suplexes but Matt resists. Matt spins to Northern Lights, roll through for another lift. Cody slips out to drag Matt down into a Fujiwara!

Matt endures again and gets the ropebreak. Cody lets up but comes back on Matt. Matt hits Dustin down, then denies the bulldog with a huge shove! Cody keeps moving but Matt dumps him out onto the ramp! Fans rally as Matt crawls. Cody hurries back in but gets Matt’s SPEAR! Both Matt and Cody are down, but fans rally up again. Matt is up, hot tag to Nick! Nick bobs ‘n’ weaves then fires off! All those kicks rock Cody, shining wizard in the corner! Dustin runs in but that just helps Nick hit the clothesline bulldog combo! Cody elbows Nick back but Nick mule kicks his legs out. Dustin puts Nick on the apron but Nick kicks and dumdum stomps Dustin down! Then he gives Cody the draping backstabber!

Nick calls for the Superkick Party, but Cody blocks. Nick sweeps and wants the Sharpshooter but Cody denies. Both Rhodes run into shoulders, and both Bucks slingshot sunset flip to Sharpshooters! But Dustin and Cody power out, to trip the Bucks up into double Figure Fours! Fans “WOO~!” as the Bucks endure now. Matt gets a ropebreak and Dustin lets go. Cody lets go, too, but then the Rhodes boys hit their uppercuts. All four brothers stand, all four brothers hit clotheslines! Now all four brothers are down but the fans are rallying. “This is Wrestling!” and it’s far from over! Nick and Cody are in the ring and stand, Nick powers Cody to a corner. Dustin tags in and Cody goes up and over. Powerslam for Nick! Powerslam for Matt!

Fans fire up with Dustin as he then aims at both bucks. COdy joins in, cannonball and a FLYING splash! Fans are thunderous for “A E DUB!” as the Rhodes put Nick back in. Dustin blocks the kick and gives an uppercut. He spreads Nick open and goes corner to corner, but Matt tags in. Matt waits for Dustin to turn around to SUPERKICK! Dustin staggers into Matt’s gut wrench, but Nick is intercepted by a Beautiful Disaster! Another for Matt, and now the Rhodes boys combine! ELEVATED CROSS RHODES! But Nick is back, and he swantons the cover apart! All four brothers are down again but the fans are still loving it!

Another standing count begins and fans rally up. The younger brothers bail out and Matt goes at Dustin. Dustin throws an uppercut, but Matt haymakers back. Dustin uppercuts again, but Matt haymakers again. The brawl continues and picks up speed! Nick and Cody join in, too! But then the ref gets hit by a stray hand! Double Powerslams take the Bucks down! But the ref can’t make a count so the Rhodes boys set the Bucks up for something special. They go corner to corner, DOUBLE Shattered Dreams! Then double twisting suplexes! Cover, TWO!! The Bucks still live and they get out of the ring. This is still awesome to the fans as Cody climbs and leaps, into SUPERKICKS!

The Bucks have Dustin alone and they know it. Fans rally up behind Dustin as he throws hands on both Bucks! He gives jab after jab, and pumps it up like daddy did! Dirty birds for Matt, bionic backhands for Nick! But then a SUPERKICK in return! Shining Wizard to Macho Elbow! Cover, TWO!! Fans duel again as Matt grits his teeth. Matt runs at Dustin in the corner but gets a kick. Dustin hops on for a DESTROYER! Cover, TWO!! Fans rally and Dustin still feels it. Dustin tags Cody in and he sends Nick’s kick into Matt. Then Cody SUPERKICKS Nick, grabs Matt, but Nick SUPERKICKS Cody back! The Bucks think, and as Cody stands again, they give him DOUBLE SUPERKICKS to the back! Cover, but Dustin breaks it!

The Rhodes regroup, as do the Bucks. Fans hope they “Fight Forever!” as the Rhodes both stand together. The Bucks rush them, to steal the uppercuts! But then they get SUPERKICKS from the Rhodes! To give them back! Stolen Cross Rhodes! Cover, TWO!! Cody survives his own move, but the Bucks are not done. Nick FLIES onto Dustin, then coordinates with Matt. Matt gut wrenches, Nick springboards, MELTZER DRIVER! Cover, the Young Bucks win!

Winners: The Young Bucks, Matt Jackson pinning

Brothers went to war, and the Jacksons beat the Rhodes this night. Is this the last time we’ve seen Dustin and Cody teaming together? Is this the last time we’ve seen these two brotherhoods battling? And will we see these brothers in the race for the AEW World Tag Team Championships? And what of the Lucha Brothers’ challenge for the ladder match?

But because they’re still friends, Nick and Matt want to check on Cody. Dustin keeps them back to help Cody up first. The Rhodes stand across from the Bucks, and Matt has the mic. “Things got a little competitive out here. And I know for weeks on end, Nick and I have been making fun of you guys.” But it was in the spirit of competition. The Bucks have been everywhere and faced everyone. They heard the myth of the Rhodes Brothers. It was this legend. Matt doesn’t watch that stuff, so he didn’t see any of that. “But dammit, you two are one of the best tag teams we’ve ever been in the ring with!”

Music plays, and the time has come! Mr. Khan is here to present the check AEW is giving to the Victim Assistance Advisory Council. Cody breaks down the numbers, but it’s $150,000 in all! Fans cheer this most of all! AEW wanted to help those affected, and this money will be responsibly sourced and distributed in the city of Jacksonville! “And I don’t know if we are still on the air, but I’ll say this: you can’t counter program what AEW is doing.” Maybe you can counter Cody, the Bucks or Brandi, but you can’t counter the “damn revolution that is All Elite Wrestling!!” Fans agree to that! So Cody has a question for everyone: when AEW hits TNT, are you coming with them? “YES!!”

Well Cody has no catchphrase, but Omega does. So Omega might be able to customize it to tonight. Cody hands the mic over to the Cleaner! Omega thanks Cody for that intro and thanks the fans for supporting this cause. Today was not just about making a statement with wrestling, but that they’ll do something for this community to honor the selflessness of the fans. But this is a conundrum. As much as Omega wants to bid adieu, this doesn’t seem like the day for that. So while Omega wants to say good-bye and good night, bang, no. Just the good bye and good night. Actually, let’s have fun since this is the end. It will be “boing.” No one ever got in trouble for bouncing around. So with that, Omega bids you adieu. Good bye, MWAH, and good, night, BOING!



My Thoughts:

Another AMAZING night for AEW! They’re practically at a 100% success rate. Again, not a bad match on the card. And all these matches got time to breathe. Which is actually a great bonus here, and why Fight for the Fallen ended up longer than the other AEW PPVs. All the winners felt right given the stories of the matches, so I can’t really complain about booking, either. The Librarians, Avalon and Bates, are obviously great Heel jobbers to put over Faces, but I feel like Bates VS Allie was better than Avalon VS Kiss. The women’s tag of Baker & Riho VS Priestly & Nakajima was really fun, really good, and with the hype for Priestly coming into AEW, she had to win to make it all worth it.

I was surprised that the Six Man Tag was scheduled for the Buy-In but ends up a main card match, but again that’s because the matches were all given plenty of time. It was brilliant work for MJF and Shawn Spears to not get along at all, but to also have Spears be the reason his team wins anyway. I think this gives us a rare Heel VS Heel rivalry for All Out and AEW TV, where fans just choose a side and go from there. That in itself will be something to make AEW stand out. I was surprised to see Brandi bring out Awesome Kong, but I probably shouldn’t have been. Brandi is morphing into the Heel wrestler/authority figure and is actually doing it rather well. And then the surprise of Aja Kong showing up, we better get Kong VS Kong on the road to a women’s champion.

Hangman Page VS Kip Sabian was really good, and they’re clearly pushing the story that Hangman will have the uphill battle. Especially with Jericho attacking him, very truly referencing how he attacked Tetsuya Naito with that mask and ambush. Jericho’s promo after and the brawl that happened were great for the story, and this AEW World Championship match is going to be something else. For that matter, Omega VS Cima was insane! I don’t know what fans were reacting to off camera in the middle, but who cares, the real attraction was the number of meteoras Omega took. Omega wins because at this point, he did have to. While he’d only had one match in AEW before, these events are all AEW has right now, and Omega needs momentum to face Moxley at All Out.

Tonight was clearly a tag team night, though. The Triple Threat Tag was the most given result of the night, since the Dark Order went after Best Friends at Double or Nothing, then sent a message at Fyter Fest. Even so, all three teams shined, so that’s all any fan can ask for. Dark Oder VS Best Friends at All Out will surely be a great match and either team could win at this point. SCU VS Lucha Brothers was amazing, and Lucha Bros win because they apparently want the Bucks to challenge them for the AAA tag titles again just to make a point to everyone. I feel like Lucha Bros should win that ladder match to retain the titles. Bucks VS Rhodes was an insane main event, and the only thing anyone could say is that it was almost midnight in Florida so fans were legit tired from how awesome the whole night was.

Given the challenge posed by Lucha Bros, the Bucks had to win. They also needed to win just on the virtue of the Rhodes not having teamed in a long time, and Dustin just getting up there in age. Then the closing section making it to air was a good call, it was so great to see this technically “behind the scenes” moment of just how much AEW is giving to this cause. Cody’s talk of “counter programming” is obviously aimed at WWE and the Evolve 10th Anniversary special also being tonight, but I’m not going to pass judgement. It is what it is, it’s not like TV networks don’t do the same with any given show or event. I’ll just say there are fans like myself crazy enough to want to watch it all in the same weekend.

My Score: 9.1/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (1/13/21)

Can Darby Allin stop the Path of Cage?



AEW New Year's Smash 2021

New Year’s Smash wraps up with a blast!

The Relentless Darby Allin takes on Team Taz’s Machine, Brian Cage, for the AEW TNT Championship! Will Cage crush Darby and have TWO belts?


  • PAC w/ Death Triangle VS Eddie Kingston w/ The Fam; PAC wins.
  • Miro w/ Kip Sabian & Penelope Ford VS Chuck Taylor w/ Orange Cassidy; Miro wins and Chuck Taylor must be his Young Boy until after AEW Beach Break.
  • Six Man Tag: The Elite w/ Don Callis VS ???; changed to…
  • Six Man Tag: Kenny Omega & The Good Brothers VS Danny Limelight & The Varsity Blondes; Omega & The Good Brothers win.
  • Jurassic Express VS FTR w/ Tully Blanchard; FTR wins.
  • NWA Women’s World Championship: Serena Deeb VS Tay Conti w/ Anna Jay; Deeb wins and retains the title.
  • AEW TNT Championship: Darby Allin VS Brian Cage w/ Taz; Allin wins and retains the title.


PAC w/ Death Triangle VS Eddie Kingston w/ The Fam!

The Bastard is back to stop the Mad King from using the only two people he respects on the face “of this scummy world” as pawns. Will Pac make Kingston learn to respect him and the Lucha Brothers? Or will Kingston, the Butcher and the Blade only add on to what they did to Death Triangle last week?

The bell rings just seconds before Pac dropkicks Kingston down! Pac builds speeds and FLIES! Direct hit with the Fosbury Flop! Kingston flounders and Pac whips him into railing! Pac scares off The Fam, then stalks Kingston back into the ring. Kingston staggers but Pac is after him with a BOOT in the corner! Pac has the fans fired up behind him as he grinds then BOOTS Kingston down! Pac digs his boot into Kingston at the ropes but lets off as the ref counts. Kingston gets to another corner, Pac BOOTS him down again! Pac stalks Kingston along the ropes as The Fam rallies up but Pac just BOOTS Kingston again!

Pac snapmares Kingston, climbs up the corner and watches like a hawk, for a shotgun missile dropkick! And what a fluid kip-up right after! Kingston stirs as The Fam coaches him up but fans are on Pac’s side. Kingston throws a body shot, Pac KNEES him back! Kingston flounders into another KNEE! Pac glares as Kingston goes to a corner, and he throws forearms! Kingston shoves Pac, boots him, then hops up for a FLYING KNEE! Fans boo as Kingston stomps Pac, but then Kingston distracts the ref by pointing out the Lucha Brothers. Bunny Allie claws at Pac’s eyes! Allie laughs at Pac’s pain but Rey Fenix rushes over! The ref tries to keep Fenix back but Kingston hits an EXPLODER on Pac!

Fans boo as The Fam keeps the Lucha Brothers at bay. Kingston puts Pac in, looms over him and brings him up to turn for a neckbreaker! Cover, ONE! Kingston is annoyed but he keeps on Pac with a smothering neck wrench. Fans rally up as Pac endures, Kingston claws at Pac’s face but the ref reprimands. Kingston lets off to then CHOP Pac to a corner! And CHOP again! Pac snarls as Kingston CHOPS him again! Kingston elbows Pac down, pulls on his ear at the ropes, but the ref counts. Kingston stops at 3, The Fam laughs at Pac’s pain, and Kingston drags Pac up. Pac ROCKS Kingston, Kingston CHOPS back! Pac forearms, Kingston CHOPS!

Pac gets the edge, kicks and kicks and KICKS! He dodges Kingston to SNAP GERMAN! Fans are thunderous as Pac sits up with another scowl. A standing count starts, Allie taunts Pac but Pac sneers back. Pac gets up with the ropes at 5, and he goes over to Kingston. Kingston sits up but Pac KICKS him in the chest! And KICKS him again! Kingston manages to stay up, but Pac just KICKS him again! Kingston falls over and Pac looms over him. Kingston pushes Pac, Pac runs but into a CHOP! ENZIGURI! SAIDO!! Cover, TWO!! Pac survives and fans are fired up! The Fam is furious but the Lucha Brothers rally for Pac as a new standing count begins.

Kingston sits up first at 3, but Pac follows at 4. Kingston and Pac slowly stand, hobble a bit, and Kingston is on Pac in a corner with a CHOP! Pac snarls again and dodges Kingston’s clothesline! Kingston elbows back, then boots, but Pac ENZIGURIS Kingston on the top rope! Kingston is dazed and Pac climbs up to join him. Pac brings Kingston up for a SUPERPLEX! Cover, TWO!! Kingston survives, The Fam and the Lucha Brothers are all anxious, but Kingston flounders to a corner. Pac stands, takes aim, and runs in to BOOT Kingston down! Pac throws more boots, Kingston manages to stand, but Pac runs corner to corner to EuroUpper!

Pac brings Kingston out and pushes him over. Kingston flounders about, tries to find Pac, Pac runs but into a LARIAT! Cover, TWO!! Pac barely survives and that frustrates Kingston. Kingston hobbles, clutches a shoulder, but he gets Pac up in a facelock. Pac holds ropes to deny the DDT, then he basement dropkicks Kingston down! Pac drags Kingston to a drop zone, climbs up top, BLACK ARROW!! Cover, Pac wins!!

Winner: PAC, by pinfall

But he isn’t done! Pac puts Kingston in the BRUTALIZER! The Fam and the Lucha Brothers jump in but the ref keeps the peace as best he can! But here comes LANCE ARCHER! The Murderhawk Monster chases off The Fam because they know he wants his pound of flesh from Kingston! Jake the Snake is now keeping the peace between the many enemies of Kingston, and Archer is telling Pac to get on the same page as him. They both want the same thing, but will they all be patient enough to take the Mad King down together?


Miro w/ Kip Sabian & Penelope Ford VS Chuck Taylor w/ Orange Cassidy!

The Best Man and the Superbad couple undoubtedly injured Trent’s arm, which is why the Best Friends are down a man. But in an attempt to get even, the Kentucky Gentleman made a bet! If Chuck wins, Miro and friends leave him and Trent alone. But if Miro wins, Chuck becomes Miro’s “Young Boy,” aka lackey, from tonight until the Superbad Wedding at AEW Beach Break in February! Will Chuckie T be able to carry on without Trent? Or will he have to carry Miro’s bags instead?

AEW returns as Miro makes his entrance. The bell rings and Chuck attacks Miro with fast hands and feet! Chuck has Miro in the corner, stomps away but backs off as the ref counts, to then clothesline Miro out! Miro staggers back up and hurries back to the apron, but Chuck knocks him down! Chuck goes out and whips Miro into the stage! Miro comes back, Chuck gets around him and uses a waistlock to send Miro back into the stage! Miro staggers into the ring, Chuck builds speed and FLIES! Direct hit and down goes Miro! Fans are fired up as Chuck stares down Kip! Chuck fires haymakers, whips Miro into railing, then throws more haymakers!

The ring count is 5, Miro shoves Chuck then runs at him, but Chuck dodges and Miro hits POST! Chuck refreshes the ring count, then leaps out to DOUBLE STOMP onto Miro! Miro manages to get in the ring, fans rally with Chuck and Chuck climbs up top. Kip dropkicks Cassidy! So Chuck mule kicks Kip! Chuck hits a SEXY CHUCKIE KNEE on Miro! Chuck builds up speed but Miro hits a SAMOAN DROP! Miro fires up and RAMS into Chuck, then fires off furious fists! The ref counts, Miro uses an OVERHEAD suplex to send Chuck across the ring! Miro then runs corner to corner to SPLASH Chuck, then keeps moving to WINDMILL KICK Chuck down!

Fans boo but Miro glares at Chuck. Chuck flounders up, Miro stomps around, Miro hits the BEST KICK! But he’s not done there, because it’s “GAME! OVER!!” Stomp and camel clutch, GAME OVER STRETCH! Chuck taps, Miro wins!!

Winner: Miro, by submission

Miro makes Chuck suffer, but now he has himself a new butler! Miro and the Superbad couple usher their Young Boy away, leaving Freshly Squeezed all alone. What will Chuck have to endure for the next month?


Backstage interview with #HardyParty.

Marq Quen, Isiah Kassidy and their new manager, Matt Hardy, are here, what does this mean for the relationship? Hardy speaks over Private Party to say that now that they’ve joined his Hardy Brand, things have been so much better. He lets them tell us what that means. Kassidy says a wise man once told them “It’s called show business, not friend business, for a reason.” Quen says ever since signing with AEW, their lives have been great. But now it’s so much better after signing with Matt! He is a tag team legend, an icon! It’d be pretty stupid if they stopped being a tag team now.

Actually, there is something Quen needs to get off his chest. Matt is taking 30%?! Yes, even from third party platforms, that was in the fine print. If they didn’t read that, that’s on them. It was a lesson they had to learn. But they’re so focused on money. Money will be nothing when they’re multi-millionaires! Hardy should know. Says the guy who is taking money from them! He’s like some, some… money-grubbing CARNY!

They’re calling him a carny!? How disrespectful! You guys were nobodies before him! He is the only one here that cares for them! The fans don’t care about them! Hardy had to learn that the hard way, on 9/15/2020, AEW All Out! No one here cares!! The sooner you get that, the better you’ll be. So just shut up, listen to him, and do what he tells you! Now go, this interview is over! Well, this escalated rather quickly. Will the party be over now that Hardy is in control?


Chris Jericho and the Inner Circle are here!

Le Champion, MJF, and the rest of the team head to the ring, united as one after all they’ve been through. Jericho takes a moment to revel in the fans singing Judas for him, we learn the Inner Circle’s 2021 New Year’s Resolutions after the break!

AEW returns and Jericho has the mic to say, “It’s the first time the entire Inner Circle has been in the ring together in 2021, and it’s gonna be a huge year for us!” 2020 was big, but this will be bigger. So they’re here to share their plans for the next 365 days! Who starts? Jake Hager starts by shouting, “CHAMPIONSHIPS! YEAH!” That is a good one. MJF says that was a great answer, and if he were to say off the top of his head, “just continuing to strengthen these bonds I have with all the men in this ring. And also fat people, they gotta go.” Sammy Guevara agrees, and Ortiz says he wants to perfect his grandmother’s sofrito recipe, and also “learning how to throw down some arroz con nueces.” MJF pretends to know what that is but Jericho knows the sofrito’s amazing.

Jericho wants to go out on a limb here and give his own resolutions. 2021 is the year Jericho and MJF will become AEW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS! Whoa, wait. Santana and Ortiz say they were handpicked to be in the Inner Circle because they were THE tag team. So what’s…? Sammy has Santana and Ortiz stand down because Sammy knows what’s going on here. Sammy says Jericho is a tag team SLUT!! WHOA~! Sammy!?! What?! The writing’s on the wall! Jericho wants to team with MJF! He teamed with Hager! He teamed with Sammy! MJF says this is messed up. But Jericho was dappin’ it up with Snoop Dogg, are they going to be a tag team? Maybe…

MJF has this calm down. Sammy, you’re getting the trains off the tracks, let’s get them back on track. So much hostility. SHUT UP, MAX! This is the thing! Hager wants Sammy to let Jericho and MJF explain. Jericho says they’re all top level professionals, huge stars, tremendous athletes and even “sexy hooligans!” Any combination here could win the AEW World Tag Team Championships! But much like Big Jake and War Dog blew off some steam, Jericho and the others should do the same. For bragging rights, next week, live on Dynamite, for the first time-ever, a Triple Threat to decide who will be the OFFICIAL tag team of the Inner Circle! Whoa!

So Jericho says it’s him and MJF against Santana & Ortiz, and then Sammy says it’ll be him and Hager. CHAMPIONSHIPS, YEAH!! Sammy Hager? Good one, Sammy. Wait, what do you mean? Nevermind. MJF says we’re off rails and running short on time, so let’s all relax. At the end of the day, after their “teeny tiny exhibition match,” they’re all still family, they’re still the Inner Circle, and nothing will break them up. They are better than you, and you know it. Hands in! Santana asks why MJF’s hands are darker than his face. Don’t ruin the moment. But will it be Sammy Hager, the Proud ‘n’ Powerful, of #Y2MJF that will represent in the AEW Tag Team Division?


Backstage interview with The Dark Order.

After honoring the life of the late, great Mr. Brodie Lee, many are wondering what is next for the faction. Evil Uno says that night was very important for them and all of AEW. In the future, everything will be in his name. They must be better people, and that starts next week when Hangman Adam Page teams with them. And wouldn’t you know, Hangman was just off camera! Stu Grayson pulls Hangman in to join the group, and they serve up drinks. Now the Dark Order will interview Hangman! John Silver starts by saying they all just love him so much! Alex Reynolds takes over to apologize and explain that Silver still gets nervous around Hangman.

But the Dark Order wants to know: When will Hangman #JoinDarkOrder? C’mon, Adam! Is it next week, after their match? Well, after next week, he’ll let them know. Sweet! But Hangman’s totally in, right? Up top! Hangman didn’t go that far so he hears them say all this. Will that affect his decision?



AEW is going to have the first-ever Dynamite Awards! Hosted by Tony Schiavone! Go to to vote!


AEW looks back at how Darby Allin VS Brian Cage came to be.

Before forming Team Taz, Taz himself came to the Relentless underdog in hopes of mentoring the young wrestler in AEW. Taz has a lot of knowledge as one of the best from the 1990’s and early 2000’s. But Taz didn’t know how to talk to Darby, and took Darby’s rejection personally, and so Taz found himself someone who would listen. That someone was The Machine, Brian Cage! Cage wrecked everyone, but especially Darby Allin, in the Casino Ladder Match. Taz would then bestow upon Cage his most valued possession in THE FTW World Championship! Cage has the FTW mindset, and that is why he is holding the FTW title.

Then Team Taz would expand, adding Absolute Ricky Starks. This duo would beat down Darby at every turn, yet it was Darby who was getting what he wants. Cage tried to destroy Darby with body bags and thumbtacks, but Darby never says die. Darby kept fighting, even after being betrayed by “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs. But then, “IT’S STIIIIING!” Sting pointed to Darby and said, “Something feels really, really familiar about this place.” Team Taz tried to warn Stinger he’d get hurt, but Darby would return the favor by backing up the icon.

Team Taz have been holding back, but this feud isn’t 9 months in the making but 27 YEARS. Darby has been dealing with this kind of bullying his whole life, and now it comes to a head! Will the Relentless Face of TNT cause the Machine to break down?


Backstage interview with The Elite!

After the wild moment to end last week, “the band is back together!” Kenny Omega stands with the Young Bucks as Don Callis says of course they’re back together! Kenny’s two best friends, all these belts, it’s unbelievable! The Elite is ready to stir it up as a trio! But Callis says the Bucks should still have their own entrance, they have such a great song. That said, the Best Bout Machine heads out first!

Six Man Tag: The Elite w/ Don Callis VS ???

“And now, he has held the AEW World Title for 42 days. His victory over Rey Fenix on last week’s Dynamite was his 14th straight singles win. He now has an AEW high 36 victories. He has not teamed with The Elite in 144 days. He will become the first contracted talent to appear on Impact Wrestling Pay-Per-View at Hard to Kill. He is considered a hero by many in… NOOORTH CAROLINA! However, he is proud to be called a legend in his hometown of Winnipeg, Manatoba, Canada. He weighs 224 pounds. He is the All Elite Wrestling Wooooorld Champion…! KENNY! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMEEEEEEEGAAAAAA~!” The Sweepettes return to lead the way!

Omega walks out on stage with Callis, the pyro goes off, and we see that the opponents are Danny Limelight and The Varsity Blondes, Griff Garrison and Brian Pillman Jr. When these three tried to stop the Good Brothers from invading, they were swiftly dealt with, and Griff even took a superkick from Matt Jackson! Will the young and hungry trio be able to catch The Elite by surprise tonight?

Callis grabs the mic from Justin Roberts to take over from here. Tonight is too special to leave this in the hands of an amateur. As we all know, this is history tonight because the band is back together! “Courtesy of Kenny Omega and Don Callis, the dream match, the dream six man” is happening! So let him introduce these two very special people in Kenny’s life, and the WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS… and Omega’s best friends in the world… the GOOD BROTHERS~!! What?!? Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson are here again?! To be fair, they are world tag team champions, but for IMPACT, not AEW!

Dasha is there to get Tony Khan’s reaction, and the Bucks are there to also be very disappointed in Kenny. Callis says business is business, but best friends are forever. Well, Elite or not, will this powerful trio be just too sweet for the young hopefuls across the ring?

Six Man Tag: Kenny Omega & The Good Brothers VS Danny Limelight & The Varsity Blondes!

The trios sort out, but the former Bullet Club boys rush Limelight and the Blondes! The Good Brothers go after Griff and BPJ while Omega has Limelight in the ring! Fans boo but Omega stomps away while the Varsity Blondes are sent into railing! Omega drags Limelight up, whips him to a corner then runs in, only for Limelight to go up and over! Limelight runs back in, Omega puts him on the apron but Limelight enziguris back! Limelight slingshots and arm-drags then dropkicks! Limelight kips up, but Gallows gets in to CLOBBER him! But the Varsity Blondes get in to double dropkick Gallows! Gallows stays up, the Blondes run and they clothesline him out together!

Fans fire up while Gallows is furious! Griff and BPJ reach out, Limelight tags in BPJ. BPJ kicks and CHOPS Omega, wrenches and tags in Griff. The Blondes go after the arm with ax handles! Griff wrenches, tags BPJ back in and again they go after the arm! BPJ facelocks. Limelight tags in and KICKS Omega! Omega blocks the suplex, body shots back then ROCKS Limelight with forearms! Limelight mule kicks and whips, but Omega reverses and Gallows gets a cheap shot in! The ref reprimands but Omega runs to KOTARO KRUSHER! Tag to Anderson, and Anderson rains down rights on Limelight! Fans boo, Anderson blasts Griff off the apron then whips Limelight to a corner hard!

Anderson claws at Limelight’s face, fans rally and Omega talks trash. Anderson drags Limelight up and over as AEW goes picture in picture.

Anderson CHOPS Limelight, Gallows tags in, Omega gets a cheap shot in, and Gallows drags Limelight up to shove him back into the corner hard! Gallows throws heavy hands and ROCKS Limelight with an uppercut! Gallows soaks up the heat from the fans, stands on Limelight’s head, then lets off as the ref counts. Gallows drags Limelight back up, bumps him off buckles then waits for Limelight to get up, for a ROUNDHOUSE! Tag to Omega and Omega drags Limelight up to scoop and BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Limelight lives but Omega drags him back up. Omega feeds Limelight to the Good Brothers’ boots! Tag to Anderson and Anderson snapmares Limelight into a chinlock.

Limelight endures and fans rally up as Anderson cranks harder on the hold. Limelight fights up, throws elbows but Anderson throws him down! Anderson claws at Limelight’s face, lets off as the ref reprimands, then tags in Omega. Anderson scoop slams Limelight, Gallows becomes a backpack and Omega walks over to Limelight, for Anderson to run and add on, THREE MAN SPLASH! Cover, the Good Brothers intercept but the Varsity Blondes still get in to break it! Gallows knocks BPJ and Griff out of the ring and Omega drags Limelight up as AEW returns to single picture.

Omega RAMS Limelight into a corner, RAMS him in again, then sits him up top. Omega CHOPS Limelight, then runs, but into a boot! Limelight walks the tightrope to avoid Omega, then springboard RANAS him down! Fans fire up and Limelight crawls, but Omega drags him away! Limelight enziguris but misses as Omega ducks! Omega says he’s too smart for that! Omega reels Limelight in, GERMAN SUPLEX, but Limelight lands on his feet! To hit the enziguri this time! Fans fire up as Limelight and Omega crawl, hot tags to BPJ and Anderson! BPJ springboard tackles Anderson! He hits Omega and Gallows for good measure!

Tag to Griff, the Blondes whip Anderson into a lift, BPJ hurries up top, BLOCKBUSTER SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Anderson survives but Griff fires up with the fans. Griff runs at Anderson in a corner, but the splash misses! Omega runs and hits BPJ! Anderson whips Omega in to back body block Griff! ROCKET KICK! Gallows splashes, then they hit a back suplex DOUBLE neckbreaker! Cover, but BPJ and Limelight break it! Gallows and Omega throw them out and Anderson aims at Griff. Griff staggers up, Anderson runs in, MACHINE GUN BOOT! Cover, TWO!?! Griff survives and Gallows gets in to help Anderson drag Griff up! Anderson spins, Griff slips out, Limelight tags in!

Limelight fires off strikes on Anderson but Anderson knees low. Anderson whips, runs in but Limelight BOOTS! Limelight goes up, up and leaps INTO A SPINEBUSTER! Gallows drags Limelight up, Omega intercepts the Blondes, MAGIC KILLER! Cover, “The Elite” wins!

Winners: Kenny Omega & The Good Brothers, by pinfall

But before they can celebrate, here comes MOXLEY! Omega sees Moxley coming down the bleachers and dares him to do something while he has his back-up. The Maniac gets in and rushes Omega! Anderson and Gallows are after him but he fights them off! Omega hits back and this is still 3v1! They dig their boots into Moxley in a corner, but here comes the LUCHA BROTHERS! Rey Fenix springboards in to crossbody Gallows down! Pentagon goes after Anderson, the Lucha Brothers are getting payback for what they did at the end of last week! Omega is still after Moxley, they brawl with forearms while things spill out of the ring!

Moxley tackles Omega, but here come other AEW wrestlers and security! But while Omega gets away, Moxley hits Mike Verna with a PARADIGM SHIFT! Moxley then runs and DIVES! Direct hit onto Omega and many others! Moxley puts Omega in, but the Bucks show up to end this here! Matt and Nick ask Moxley cool off but he says “Screw you!” The Bucks dare him to do something more then, but the Lucha Brothers get in! The Bucks turn around, and get SUPERKICKS! Then Fenix and Penta brawl with the Good Brothers, Moxley on their side! Omega and Callis bail out, not caring about anyone but themselves! When will Moxley get his shot at revenge on Omega?


AEW presents the Dynamite premiere of The Waiting Room!

Rebel welcomes us back and introduces The Dentist, the Role Model and the face of the AEW Women’s Division, Britt Baker! Britt dances her way in and thanks Reba for that intro. Britt is so excited to have this Dynamite debut! Everyone, check under your seats for a huge surprise from her! GOT YOU! Never gets old. But let’s get serious. Tonight’s guest is huge! It’s Cody Rhodes! He’s so special, right? They want to give him a huge congratulations on his opportunity with TBS with The Go Big Show, airing Thursdays, and you’ll see some crazy stuff on that show. Probably the craziest thing is that there are some big name celebrity judges, and then Cody. No idea how he got that gig, but we’re all happy for him.

Before bringing Cody out, Britt wants to say one more thing. She can’t get this straight: Who is Cody’s guy? Sting? Shaq? Snoop? Make one good choice! Unlike that thing on his neck. Rebel’s talk show laugh is rough as always. But give it up for the American Nightmare, Cody Rhodes! Wow, Rebel even has sparklers for him. Cody walks in under the sparklers and the Snoop remix of his theme plays, per the contractual obligations of having Cody on the show. Okay let’s put these out… Cody gives Britt and Rebel a hug, Rebel gets a bit frisky, but Britt congratulates Cody on the announcement of his first child with Brandi. That kid is gonna have an action figure way before anyone else here but who’s counting? Britt says she’s just kidding. There are no fake friends here, just fake teeth.

Britt does want to ask Cody about himself, though. A huge year. Go Big Show, baby Rhodes, let’s talk about it. But wait! Another huge surprise that Britt just thought up right now. A surprise guest! Give it up for… JADE CARGILL! Jade walks in in her shiny new ring gear, and Britt asks if she always wears this just walking around. Jade says she’s “a badass bitch,” she does what she wants. Fair enough. And then she snatches the mic from Cody! Jade says Britt actually doesn’t, and Jade sure doesn’t, and certainly no one else in AEW gives a DAMN if he and Brandi are having a baby. Britt says it’s just nine months of no Brandi. And not to sound corny, Cody did Brandi a huge favor.

But Jade and Shaq are TIRED of waiting. “Where is my damn opponent?!” Brandi should be watching Jade dominate as a REAL bad ass mother. And if Brandi ever returns, Jade will beat dat ass. And then she pie faces Cody!! Uh oh~! Here’s RED VELVET! Who invited this little girl? Jade will get on Velvet’s level and squat down to look her in the eye, as she pushes her, too! Velvet SLAPS back! So Jade SLAPS Velvet! They start scrapping! Britt loves this but the women’s locker room rushes in to stop this! Cody as EVP tells Britt to stop recording this, but Velvet comes back for more! Cody shouts, “Pull the plug!” but cameras keep rolling!

Cody gets Velvet out of here, but then someone replays footage of Britt going after Thunder Rosa! Britt doesn’t mind, she likes rewatching it. But it’s THUNDER ROSA! We all know why Britt likes to have a talk show: Britt and her big nose like to get into other people’s business. But at some point, Britt has to get in the ring and do the work! Rosa talked with Tony Khan, and Khan said a match between them is a huge deal. There needs to be time and a big stage. Rosa says this will be settled the right way. That is why Britt gets to face Rosa on Dynamite, 2/3/21, BEACH BREAK! God has answered Rosa’s prayers and now she gets to beat Britt’s ass!

Britt freaks out and thought she wouldn’t have to face Rosa. But it’s happening! There’s no going back now, so that’s the end of the Waiting Room! Will Britt pray that Beach Break never happens? Or is there no more running from what she’s done to Rosa?


Jurassic Express VS FTR w/ Tully Blanchard!

Normally Luchasaurus would be by Jungle Boy’s side, but after Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood got in his face, Marko Stunt couldn’t stand idly by! Will JB and Stunt make FTR #FeelTheRegret for making fun of Fun-Sized?

The teams sort out and Stunt starts against Cash. They circle, tie up, and Cash pops Stunt right up to put him in a corner. Dax tags in, Stunt gets loose and slides under, hops around and JB jumps in to back him up! FTR stays back but Stunt flips them off here, there and underneath. Dax and Stunt tie up, Dax puts Stunt in the corner, the ref calls for the break and Dax lets off. Stunt stares Dax off to SLAP him! Dax throws forearms on Stunt, rains down fists, but the ref backs him off. Dax lets off, brings Stunt up, and snap suplexes him hard! Tag to Cash, FTR both yank Stunt up by his hair to SLAM him back down!

Cash stalks Stunt, puts him in a corner and CHOPS him down! Fans boo FTR while rallying for Stunt. Cash gets in JB’s face but Stunt CHOPS Cash! Stunt kicks low but Cash kicks back. Cash ROCKS Stunt with the EuroUpper! Tully taunts Stunt, Cash whips Stunt but Stunt QUEBRADAS, but into Cash’s arms! Cash tilt-o-whirls Stunt but Stunt headscissors! Cash rebounds off ropes into Stunt’s dropkick! Tag to JB and the Express double whips to atomic drop and enziguri! Dax runs in but he gets an atomic drop and enziguri, too! JB has Dax, Stunt has Cash, they double whip FTR but FTR reverses! Stunt and JB stop themselves just in time, to somersault back for KANGAROO KICKS!

FTR staggers, Stun gets a monkey flip boost to RANA Dax out of the ring! And then FUN-SIZED IN MOTION on Cash! JB aims to open the ropes, Stunt DIVES and takes FTR down! JB adds on an ASAI MOONSAULT! Fans fire up as Jurassic Express strikes a pose and AEW goes picture in picture.

JB goes out to put Cash in, bumping him off apron. Dax throws hands but JB hits back! Cash CHOPS JB, JB CHOPS back! JB pushes Dax away, pursues Cash and puts him in the ring. Cash hurries but he misses his elbow drop! JB CHOPS, knuckle locks, kicks and goes up, up, tag to Stunt before the springboard arm-drag! Stunt and JB double dropkick Cash down! Stunt stalks Cash to a corner, fires off hands, but Cash pushes him away. Tag to Dax. Cash reverses the whip and FTR give Stunt a HUGE double hotshot flapjack! Dax scowls down at Stunt as he looms over him. Dax drags Stunt up, back suplexes high and HARD!

Dax looms over Stunt again, drags him up by an ear, then bumps him off buckles. The ref counts as Dax is after Stunt in the corner with a CHOP! Stunt falls, Dax lets off and brings Stunt up, but Stunt CHOPS back! Stunt CHOPS again, then kicks, but Dax brings Stunt around to whip and CLOBBER him! Dax stomps Stunt around, fish hooks his face to keep him from JB, and drives an elbow in as the ref counts. Dax pulls Stunt’s hair, snapmares him and wraps him up in a seated cobra twist. Stunt endures as Dax pushes on his head, wrenches the neck, and pulls hair. AEW returns to single picture as fans rally for Stunt. Dax grinds his forearm in but stops as the ref reprimands.

Dax lets Stunt out of the stretch to tag in Cash. Whip and SPINEBUSTER, cover, TWO! Cash keeps his focus and he drags Stunt back up. Cash bumps Stunt off buckles hard, then tags in Dax. They whip, drop toehold and drop elbows on Stunt! Cover, TWO! Another try, ONE! Another, ONE!! Dax is furious and he stomps Stunt to the apron! The ref backs Dax off and Dax tags in Cash. Cash drags Stun back in, back up, and reels him in. Cash puts Stunt right into a Gory Especial and pulls on the ankles! Stunt endures, fans rally, and Stunt gets his arms free to sunset flip! TWO! Tag to Dax and Dax keeps Stunt from JB! Dax powerbomb lifts but Stunt slips out to tag JB!

Jungle Boy fires off with forearms, dropkicks Cash then elbows Dax! Another elbow, then a EuroUpper! Dax denies the bulldog but not the LARIAT! Cash runs in and shoves but JB LARIATS back! BACKSTABBER for Dax! Cover, TWO!! Fans fire up for JB and he stalks Dax to a corner. JB CHOPS, hoists Dax up top, then CHOPS again! JB climbs up but Dax hits back! JB and Dax brawl, JB staggers away but comes back to hop right up, SUPER STEINER! Cover, but Cash breaks it! Cash drags JB up and suplexes but JB slips out to suplex back, BRAIN BUSTER! Dax rolls JB up! With trunks!  TWO!! SUPERKICK! Tag to Stunt, and they combine, wheelbarrow senton! Cover, TWO!!

Stunt drags Dax up, goes up the corner but no Sliced Bread as Dax TOSSES Stunt away! Stunt gets up, Dax throws his elbow pad away to LARIAT! Dax snarls as he stalks Stunt to a corner. Fans rally up, Dax fires off fists! The ref reprimands, Dax lets off at 4 and drags Stunt up by hair! The ref is busy telling Dax to stop, and Stunt MULE KICK LOW BLOWS!! Stunt gets Dax again, for the TORNADO CUTTER! High stack cover, TWO!! Stunt flops out of the ring while Dax is down! Tully backs off as the ref checks and Dax crawls over. Dax brings Stunt up but Stunt ROCKS Dax with rights! Dax flounders, the ref watches him, and misses Tully POSTING Stunt!

JB storms over to tell Tully to back off, but Cash is there to CLOBBER JB! And whip him into railing! Cash puts Stunt in, tags in, and FTR hits the now BIG RIG FLAPJACK CODE BREAKER!! Cover, FTR wins!

Winners: FTR, by pinfall

Tully has another assist in the success of Cash and Dax! Will Jurassic Express get back on track when Luchasaurus is behind the wheel?


NWA Women’s World Championship: Serena Deeb VS Tay Conti w/ Anna Jay!

Two women already incredibly accomplished in the world of martial arts, these two battle for the first time in the squared circle! Deeb was the woman to dethrone Thunder Rosa, but will she be ready for the Brazilian blackbelt?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and this newest chapter in the AEW-NWA crossover begins!

Deeb and Conti circle as fans fire up already. They tie up, go around, and Deeb gets the arm for a wrench and wristlock. Deeb wrenches back, steps over and hooks Deeb right up in a standing cobra twist! Deeb pries at the hold but Conti grinds a forearm into the ribs! Deeb reaches back to hip toss free, then arm-drags Conti down to an armlock! Deeb floats around to shift Conti into a double chicken wing cover, TWO! Conti gets right up and pushes Deeb, but Deeb keeps her cool. Conti spins but Deeb blocks the back kick, only for Conti to kick the other leg and knock her over! Conti goes after a leg and has a HEEL HOOK!

Deeb endures, Conti pulls on the foot, and turns things over to a CALF KILLER! Deeb grabs Conti’s head to drag her out of the hold and into a chinlock! Conti fights and moves around but Deeb throws her with a takeover! Conti headscissors, Deeb pops out but runs into a sayanagi throw! Deeb gets back up and fans cheer as the two stare down. Deeb and Conti circle again, show test of strength, and tie up with knuckle locks. Deeb rolls, wrenches, keylocks and wrangles Conti to the mat! Deeb twists the wrist, Conti kips up and wrenches back to reel Deeb in for a triangle! Deeb stays up, throws hands, but Conti throws forearms back!

Deeb powers out and snapmares Conti to run and SLIDING LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Fans fire up as Deeb brings Conti up and reels her in. Double underhooks but Conti back drops and sits down! TWO, Deeb sunsets, TWO! Conti bicycle BOOTS Deeb so hard, Conti is staggering! Deeb flounders out of the ring and Conti steadies herself as AEW goes picture in picture.

Conti hurries after Deeb and brings her up. Conti puts Deeb in, gets a hug from Jay and then gets in, only for Deeb to get a leg! DRAGON SCREW in the ropes! Conti hobbles, Deeb gets the leg again, but Conti throws forearms back! Conti gets free, then kicks, but Deeb ducks the buzzsaw only to get the HEEL KICK! Cover, TWO!! Deeb survives and Conti grows frustrated but Jay coaches her up. Conti brings Deeb up, Deeb waistlocks but Conti switches to ripcord and sayanagi! And again! And again! Conti sits Deeb up to BUZZSAW! Cover, TWO!! Deeb still lives but Conti goes for another cover, TWO! Conti grows frustrated as she can’t put Deeb away!

Conti gets back up, paces around Deeb and whips her to a corner. Conti runs in, and BOOTS Deeb again! Then double wrist to monkey flip! Conti rolls back to cover, TWO!! Deeb is still in this as AEW goes to break!

AEW returns as Deeb puts Conti back in the ring. Deeb fireman’s carries, Conti slips off and full nelsons, swinging STUNNER! Cover, TWO!?! Deeb survives and Conti can’t believe it! Conti drags Deeb into body scissors, hooks the arms, but Deeb resists the leg hook nelson to STRETCH MUFFLER! Conti reaches out for ropes, crawls over, and gets the ropebreak! The ref counts, Deeb lets go fast to drag Conti away and omoplata, but Conti cradle counters! TWO and Deeb fireman’s carries Conti for a GUTBUSTER DROP! Cover, TWO!! Conti crawls as Deeb grits her teeth. Deeb puts Conti up top backwards, climbs up behind her, but Conti throws elbows.

Deeb clubs Conti, climbs up and hooks Conti into a HANGING GORY ESPECIAL! The ref counts, Deeb lets go at 4, and Conti adjusts position. Deeb comes back but Conti boots her away! Conti leaps up and over, comes back with another BOOT! Then a double chicken wing, but Conti can’t get Deeb up into the Especial from her beat up legs! Deeb reverses to a backslide, Conti slips through but into the underhooks! DEEBTOX!! Cover, Deeb wins!

Winner: Serena Deeb, by pinfall (still NWA Women’s World Champion)

The trapped-arm facebuster secures the win for Deeb! Jay is still there for Tay, but when will she have another chance at a title in 2021?


Next week, AEW celebrates Negative One’s birthday!

That’s why Hangman Page is teaming up with The Dark Order’s Alex Reynolds, John Silver & Colt Cabana in a great 8 Man Tag! Will the Good, the Bad, the Hungy and the BOOM BOOM give the gift of winning when they go against Chaos Project and The Hybrid2?

Plus, #HardyParty is going to make the money worth it in a Six Man Tag against Matt Sydal & Top Flight, and Miro gives us the debut of his Kentucky Butler, Chuck Taylor! Then, the Vicious Vixen’s Nyla Rose returns to Dynamite against LEGIT Leyla Hirsch, and after we saw him rough up Kenny Omega, Jon Moxley will be back in action!


AEW TNT Championship: Darby Allin VS Brian Cage w/ Team Taz!

Who can stop the Path of Cage? So far, no one has. But with Taz, Ricky Starks and even Son of Taz, Hook, in his corner, is it a shoe-in that Cage becomes the Two Belt Machine? Or will the Relentless underdog take Cage to his limits in this New Year’s Smash finale?

AEW returns as Darby makes his entrance and Taz joins commentary to enjoy this. The introductions are made, the TNT title is raised, and this grudge match a long time coming finally begins!

Darby rushes in and dropkicks the leg out then basement dropkicks Cage out! Darby keeps moving and he DIVES to send Cage into railing! He dribbles Cage off the railing, goes back into the ring and builds speed again, to DIVE! But into a SUPLEX! Cage shouts, “WHO BETTA?!” Starks fist-bumps Cage and Cage puts Darby back in the ring. Cage stalks Darby, circles around him then drags Darby up, but Darby SLAPS Cage! Cage CLOBBERS Darby! Cage drags Darby up, trophy lifts him, and then TOSSES him onto the timekeeper’s table! The table is splinters from that crash landing! The ref goes out to check on Darby, he’s somehow okay to continue, so Cage goes out to fetch him.

The ref tells Team Taz to stay back as Cage drags Darby up. Darby is bleeding, and Cage suplexes Darby up to make the blood rush there faster. Cage holds Darby up like that as he goes up the steel steps to the ramp, and then TOSSES Darby into the ring! Cage then dead lifts and SLAMS Darby with one hand! Darby is bleeding, making for a crimson mask on the unpainted half of his face! Cage watches Darby crawl to a corner, then he runs in, to EuroUpper and ROUNDHOUSE, then GERMAN SUPLEX! Darby flops and flounders but Cage stalks over to TOSS Darby into the corner! Darby hits hard, then flops to the mat, and his blood stains the mat!

Fans rally up for Darby as hard as they can but Cage looms over Darby. Cage hauls Darby up, and TOSSES him to the other corner! The ref wants Cage to let off but Cage rains down furious fists! The ref counts, Cage lets off at 4, and he drags Darby up. Darby flops down, fans rally even harder, and Cage sits Darby up for crossface forearms as AEW goes picture in picture!

Cage keeps clobbering Darby with forearms, then lets off as the ref wants to check on Darby. Darby is somehow still in this but Cage scuffs him with his boot. Cage toys with Darby, then shows off the muscles. Darby leaps right up and onto Cage to throw forearms all over the place! Cage RAMS Darby into buckles and Darby crumbles! Cage BOOTS Darby down, then dead lifts him into bicep curls! Cage is just showing off before he TOSSES Darby again! Cover, ONE?! Cage laughs, he didn’t think Darby was conscious. Darby manages to sit up but Cage is right on him for a wrench, clinch, and OVERHEAD SUPLEX! Darby writhes while Cage paces.

Starks sneers and smirks as Cage bumps Darby off buckles and CHOPS him! Cage digs his boot into Darby’s good side, but the ref counts. Cage lets off at 4, rains down rights, trying to bust open the good side so Darby will have a full crimson mask. Cage stomps Darby, drags him back up, and then goes corner to corner as AEW returns to single picture. Cage runs in, but into a boot! Darby goes up and leaps, into a fireman’s carry and F5!! Cover, ONE?!?! Darby surprises Cage again and Team Taz is growing frustrated. Fans are thunderous for Darby as Cage yanks Darby right up to a POWERBOMB! And then ANOTHER BOMB! And ANOTHER! That last one was like a Kevin Nash Jackknife!

Darby sits up to flip Cage off?! Cage hauls Darby back up for a bomb to the ramp!! The ref asks Darby if he wants to stop this mask but Darby just flips Cage off again! Taz is furious on commentary and shouts for Cage to whoop Darby’s ass! Cage drags Darby over to a corner, and dead lift SUPERPLEXES him! Cover, ONE!?!?! How is Darby doing this?! Cage is losing his cool, and he goes out to bring the steel steps around! The ref tells Cage to stop, but Cage positions the steps near the apron. Cage drags Darby to the apron and aims at the steps! Cage fireman’s carries but Darby fights out!

Darby dropkicks Cage but Cage holds ropes! Darby BITES the hands, Cage lets go and falls onto the steps! Cage is on the steel, Darby climbs up the corner, SUPER COFFIN DROP!! Both men are down on the floor and fans are thunderous again! A ring count starts, Taz is furious on commentary all over again, and somehow Darby stirs at 3. Darby pushes himself up at 5, gets to the apron at 6, and drags himself in at 7! Cage uses the steps to stand at 8 and gets in at 9! Darby throws wrist tape away to SLAP Cage! And SLAP! SLAP! Darby runs, springboards, but into a waistlock! Cage flips Darby around but Darby BITES Cage’s face!

Darby takes off his studded belt, runs at Cage, gets around and flips over, THROWBACK STUNNER! The belt adds on, and then Darby uses it to tie up Cage’s legs! Darby shoves Cage over and rains down fists on the back of Cage’s head! The ref backs Darby off but Darby comes back, only for Cage to BASEMENT FLAPJACK him! Darby flounders, Cage breaks free of the belt, but Darby runs in for CODE RED!! Cover, TWO!! Cage staggers up, Darby goes to a corner, Darby runs and shotgun dropkicks Cage into buckles! Cover, TWO, but Darby is right to the top rope for DOUBLE STOMPS!

Darby isn’t done, but Hook distracts the ref! Starks YANKS Darby down, but the lights go out! IT’S STIIIIING! Baseball bat shot and a SMACK for Starks! Cage KNEES Darby up top, climbs up and hauls Darby up for a fireman’s carry. Darby fights that off, for a SUPER CRUCIFIX DRIVER!! Cover, Darby wins!!

Winner: Darby Allin, by pinfall (still AEW TNT Champion)

The Icon helped even the odds, and the underdog is still the champion! Will Hobbs hurries out to back up Taz, Hook and Cage, but the snow still falls! Will Team Taz continue to be left out in the cold so long as Sting is watching over Darby?

My Thoughts:

Another great episode for AEW, and a very good second part to New Year’s Smash! We had a really good opening of PAC VS Kingston with everyone else ringside, and I like that Pac since he’s been gone and needs these wins since AEW is about the records. Archer showing up makes a lot of sense, too, as he still has business with Kingston. But with both of them wanting after Kingston, there is surely going to be PAC VS Archer to see who gets first crack at Kingston going into a PPV like AEW Revolution, or maybe even just Beach Break on 2/3/21. Miro VS Chuck was a good match, but I figured Miro wins because the story of Chuck being his “butler” is more interesting and will surely be more entertaining.

I should’ve known from the moment Callis insisted on separate entrances that the Bucks wouldn’t be joining Omega. Of course, Nick Jackson also suffered a minor leg injury last week, so he wasn’t going to be in shape for any matches tonight. This was a good way of covering that up in kayfabe, even if it pushes the pace up on the story. If not for the injury, I would’ve thought they’d give us more time of Bucks and Omega being friends. Of course, the Bucks did get in at the very end of all the brawling between Moxley, Lucha Brothers, Omega and Good Brothers, so perhaps they aren’t that upset with Omega pulling this little swerve.

And while I don’t want “the band” breaking up after only just reuniting, I would love if AEW could be the gateway to a Triple Threat TRIPLE TAG TITLE match. Bucks are AEW World Tag champs, Lucha Brothers are still AAA World Tag champs, and the Good Brothers are currently Impact Wrestling World Tag champs, it would be insane if one of these legitimately great teams became TRIPLE tag champions. At the very least, it’d make sense if Lucha Brothers returned to Impact as they were only just there in 2018 to 2019 and were Impact tag champs just the once.

FTR VS Jungle Boy & Marko Stunt was very good, and it was an interesting twist for Stunt to low blow Dax before Tully cheated him out of a win. I wonder if FTR brings that up before giving us the rematch, but with Luchasaurus in with JB per the usual combination. Though I could see Stunt wanting to be back in, just in JB’s spot. This feud is definitely only extending to build tag contenders on the side while The Bucks are busy with the Omega story. The same goes for the Inner Circle having a Triple Threat Tag within their own ranks. That is going to be a great match, but now that Jericho and MJF have declared for the Tag Division, they’re definitely going to win and go on a run up the rankings.

Deeb VS Conti was a great match, but AEW and TNT still need to figure out how they can go picture in picture and NOT have to go to full commercial. Conti got that monkey flip to cover and then it goes away, I almost thought Deeb was going to win while we were on break. Deeb retains because for one, it’s the NWA title, it won’t change hands until it’s on an NWA program. Plus, Conti is still very young and so is her career, she will have plenty of time to build into a great champion. The Dark Order had a good segment with Hangman Page, but if they’re posing the proposition here, I have a feeling Hangman doesn’t #JoinDarkOrder.

The Waiting Room was alright as far as the talk show portion, as Britt literally reused material from Dark to mock Cody. But Jade Cargill getting in Cody’s face, then brawling with Velvet was a much better segment. As was Rosa calling out Britt and finally giving us the match between them for Beach Break. That match should be treated as an unofficial contender’s match, the winner moving on to challenge Hikaru Shida for the AEW Women’s World Championships. That probably means it’ll be Britt, but perhaps with help from Rebel.

And then the TNT Championship was a great match, especially once Cage tossed Darby through the table and Darby was bleeding. Darby proved his superhuman durability, and it was great for Sting to reinforce him against Team Taz. That tag match has to happen for AEW Revolution. Otherwise, what is Sting really doing here?

My Score: 9.4/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (1/12/21)

A Dark dozen on 1/12!



AEW Dark 2

In the shadow of New Year’s Smash is AEW Dark!

Before the New Year’s Smash continues on Dynamite, AEW Dark brings a dozen match-ups, with a BIG 10 Man Tag featuring the Dark Order!


  • Ricky Starks w/ Hook VS Mike Verna; Starks wins.
  • Jurassic Express VS RYZIN & Fuego Del Sol; Jurassic Express wins.
  • Tay Conti w/ Anna Jay VS Marti Daniels; Conti wins.
  • 10 Man Tag: Dark Order VS Shawn Dean, Zack Clayton, Adam Priest, Danny Limelight & Vary Morales; The Dark Order wins.
  • “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs w/ Hook VS Louie Valle; Hobbs wins.
  • Red Velvet VS Leva Bates; Velvet wins.
  • The Dark Order’s Alex Reynolds & John Silver VS KC Navarro & El Australiano; The Dark Order wins.
  • The Varsity Blondes VS Lee Johnson & Aaron Solow; The Varsity Blondes win.
  • Anna Jay w/ Tay Conti VS Alex Gracia; Jay wins.
  • Serena Deeb VS Tesha Price; Deeb wins.
  • Bear Country VS Baron Black & Nick Comoroto; Bear Country wins.
  • Chaos Project VS Top Flight; Top Flight wins.


Ricky Starks w/ Hook VS Mike Verna!

Absolute has the Son of Taz in his corner as he takes on the Real Man of Steel! Hook has played a small part in Team Taz’s recent wins, will he do the same this week?

The bell rings and the two circle. Starks has fans chanting for him and he thanks them, then ties up with Verna. Starks knees low, throws forearms, and strikes a pose, only for Verna to ROCK him! Verna whips, Starks reverses and blocks a kick but not the enziguri! Starks staggers to a corner, Verna runs in but only gets buckles! Starks jawbreakers, runs and dropkicks Verna down! Now Starks strikes his pose! Starks stomps Verna in the corner but the ref counts. Starks lets off and says, “Too easy!” Starks brings Verna up to CHOP, then CHOP him off his feet! Fans cheer as Starks elbows Verna, but Verna hits back. Starks knees low, throws haymakers and another CHOP!

Verna goes along ropes, and CHOPS back! Starks kicks low, bumps Verna off buckles and fires off fast hands and feet! Verna bails out but Starks stalks him. Starks RAMS Verna into the apron, puts him back in the ring, and fans cheer as Starks stalks Verna more. Verna throws body shots, but Starks blocks the suplex to give the suplex! Starks shakes his head and drags Verna up. Starks whips Verna corner to corner, strikes a pose then runs in but Verna dodges! Verna ROCKS Starks then rallies with lariats! And a spinning powerslam! Cover, TWO!

Verna fires up and he drags Starks up to a fireman’s carry. Fans rally, Starks slips off and runs to run Verna over! Starks keeps moving, Verna drops down but stands up into the SPEAR! Cover, Starks wins!

Winner: Ricky Starks, by pinfall

Starks grins and strikes his pose again. Will Absolute go from #5 contender to THE #1 contender soon enough?


Jurassic Express VS RYZIN & Fuego Del Sol!

Though it’s the usual combo of Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy now, it’ll be JB and Marko Stunt against FTR for Dynamite tomorrow night! Will Jurassic Express at least stay on track against the Priest of Sin and Fire of the Sun?

The teams sort out and JB starts against Fuego. Fans are fired up for JB as he and Fuego circle. They tie up, JB waistlocks, headlocks but Fuego powers out. JB whips Fuego, things speed up and JB hurdles but Fuego leaps. JB sweeps the legs, cover, ONE! Fuego reverses the roles and sweeps to cover, ONE! Double dropkicks cancel out, JB and Fuego double kip-up! Ryzin tags himself in and says he can do better, but he runs into an arm-drag! Luchasaurus tags, Ryzin whips JB but JB ducks the boot and Luchasaurus ROUNDHOUSES Ryzin down! Luchasaurus brings Ryzin up, Ryzin throws a haymaker but Luchasaurus CHOPS him down!

Tag to JB, Luchasaurus scoops Ryzin to SLAM him! JB hits a KNEE-BOARD SENTON! Cover, TWO! JB keeps cool and he brings Ryzin up to CHOP him! JB whips Ryzin, Ryzin reverses and gets around to pull hair for a neckbreaker! Fans boo, Ryzin taunts Stunt, then Ryzin says NO to tagging Fuego! Ryzin stomps JB down, drags him back up and scoops him for a slam. Ryzin runs to drop a leg, brother! Cover, ONE! Ryzin keeps on JB with a chinlock but JB fights up. JB throws elbows and fights free, then dodges and leaps, into Ryzin’s arms! POWERSLAM! Ryzin still won’t tag Fuego and he runs to the corner to go up and moonsault, but JB moves! Ryzin belly flops and now he tags Fuego!

Fuego drags JB up and whips him, but JB LARIATS on the rebound! Hot tag to Luchasaurus! Luchasaurus rallies on Fuego and Ryzin, CHOPS, back kicks, BOOTS! Luchasaurus tosses Fuego to a corner for fast hands! Luchasaurus whips Fuego, and FLAPJACKS him! Ryzin dodges but Luchasaurus bounces off buckles to DOUBLE LARIAT Ryzin and Fuego! Tag to JB, they drag Fuego up, but Ryzin throws JB away! Fuego lands out of the back suplex, he and Ryzin double dropkick! Luchasaurus stays up, so Fuego dropkicks a leg out and Ryzin throws Luchasaurus out! Ryzin wrecks Luchasaurus with another dropkick, then Fuego goes after JB with forearms.

JB reverses the whip to ROCK Fuego, whip, but Fuego springboards to POISON-RANA! Cover, TWO!! JB survives and Fuego can’t believe it! Ryzin grabs JB and coordinates with Fuego, but Luchasaurus intercepts! JB breaks free, Luchasaurus CHOKE SLAMS Fuego onto Ryzin! Jurassic Express get Fuego with the BACK SUPLEX BOMB! Ryzin runs in, but into a TAIL WHIP! JB puts Fuego in the Snare Trap STF, Fuego taps! Jurassic Express wins!

Winners: Jurassic Express, by submission

The team is still on track, but they’re going in with their “Fun-Sized” formation against one of the best tag teams in wrestling today! Will Jungle Boy and Marko Stunt be able to catch FTR off guard at New Year’s Smash?


Tay Conti w/ Anna Jay VS Marti Daniels!

Whether the Brazilian blackbelt has decided to #JoinDarkOrder or not has yet to be seen, but she still has her tag team partner by her side. Will Conti be rolling into her NWA Women’s World Championship match for New Year’s Smash?

The bell rings and Marti rushes Conti but Conti gets around to roll Marti up, TWO! Conti throws Marti with the drop sayanagi hat trick, then the judo hip toss. Conti sits Marti up, blows a kiss and KICKS Marti in the chest! Marti gets up and Conti storms over, but Marti ROCKS, whips and YANKS Conti down by her head! Conti staggers up, Marti rushes in but the boot gets stuck on the ropes! Conti KICKS the leg, goes out to the apron and has a HANGING KNEEBAR! The ref counts, Conti lets go at 4 and Marti hobbles away while protesting. Conti gets in, drags Marti back up but Marti SLAPS her! Marti tells Conti she will not be disrespected, so Conti fires off forearms!

Marti shoves, gets under one clothesline but not the BLINDSIDE! Conti rallies with clotheslines, dodges Marti and OVERHEAD THROWS her! Fans fire up with Conti and Conti goes up a corner. Marti runs in but Conti jumps over and rolls, to then come back with a BOOT! Conti reels Marti in, Gory Especial to the SPINNING KNEE! Cover off the #TayKO, Conti wins!

Winner: Tay Conti, by pinfall

A strong showing ahead of her big title opportunity, will Conti be a champion for the first time in her wrestling career?


10 Man Tag: Dark Order VS Shawn Dean, Zack Clayton, Adam Priest, Danny Limelight & Vary Morales!

Speaking of the Dark Order, this is literally a BIG match for them to start their 2021! Will Evil Uno, Stu Grayson, Alan Angels, Preston Vance and BOOM BOOM, Colt Cabana, start the new year on the right foot together?

The teams sort out, Stu starts and CLOBBERS Priest! And again! Stu hauls Priest up, Priest sunset flips but Stu rolls through to kick. Priest gets under, rolls Stu up, TWO! Priest arm-drags and CHOPS Stu, then whips. Stu reverses, Priest reverses back to lock up a leg and Russian Leg Sweep! Priest whips Stu, Stu reverses and hurdles to drop then CLOBBER Priest again! Priest tags out to Clayton, Stu tags in Angels! Clayton pie faces Five, but Angels throws forearms back! Clayton shoves Angels down but Angels gets up to kick and forearm! Another shove but now Angels dropkicks the legs out! Angels runs but Clayton CLOBBERS Angels!

Clayton wrenches and suplexes but Angels slips out to get around and dropkick Clayton down! Morales tags in, leaps over Angels but turns around into a dropkick! Tag to Ten, he whips Five in to forearm! Angels feeds Morales to Vance’s scoop, dropkick to FALL AWAY SLAM! Vance stalks Morales to a corner, whips him corner to corner and clotheslines! Vance whips back the other way, Morales goes up and over then dodges to mule kick! Morales goes up, and missile dropkicks Vance down! Morales mocks the Dark Order pose, runs but the clothesline doesn’t bother Vance! Morales avoids the boot, but not the wheelbarrow stungun GERMAN!

Vance looms over Morales, drags him over and tags in Uno. Uno runs in to CHOP Morales, then keeps him close with a butterfly suplex! Tag to Cabana and Cabana stays between Morales and his team. Cabana whips, body shots and runs to swinging neckbreaker! Fans fire up with Cabana as he runs around with a victory lap. Cabana cools down and brings Morales up to whip him to a corner. Morales BOOTS back, then hops up over Cabana to sunset flip! Cabana rolls through but into an enziguri! Hot tag to Stu and Limelight! Limelight springboard clotheslines Stu down! Then he dodges Vance to springboard neckbreaker! Limelight whips Stu but Uno tags in!

Uno catches Limelight for a GERMAN! Fans cheer as Uno stands on Limelight’s head then brings him up to bump off buckles. Tag to Cabana and Uno whips him in to back body block Limelight! Tag to Angels and Cabana feeds Limelight to Angels’ elbow! Cover, TWO! Angels keeps on Limelight, whips him to a corner and throws haymakers! Limelight hits back but Angels stomps him then turns him for a neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Dean was ready to spring on him but the ref keeps him back. Angels powers Limelight to the corner, Vance tags in, and Angels feeds Limelight to Vance’s SPINEBUSTER! Angels somersaults to go up the corner and MOONSAULT onto Limelight!

Vance drags Limelight back up to bump him off buckles, tag to Uno. Limelight fights out of the Dark Order corner, but Uno blocks him, hands the foot to the ref and hits a neckbreaker! Tag to Stu and Stu drags Limelight up. Stu tags Angels, they mug Limelight, and Angels grinds Limelight with a facelock. Dean and team rally up and Limelight fights out with a forearm, back hand, and then he blocks Angels’ kick for an EXPLODER! Limelight and Angels are down, hot tags to Dean and Stu! The Captain rallies on The Dark Order with big clotheslines and elbows! Dean runs to corner dropkick Stu, then goes the other way to dropkick Uno! CANNONBALL onto Stu!

Angels gets in, Dean spins him around and around for a DDT! Fans fire up with Dean and he drags Stu up for a suplex. Stu fights free, goes Matrix with the handspring and PELES! Priest tags in but Stu tags Uno! The Dark Order all get in, QUADRUPLE BOOTS! Uno BOOTS Clayton down for good measure! Vance ripcords Priest, he and Angels LARIAT SANDWICH him! Then BIONIC ELBOW from Cabana, Uno and Stu hit FATALITY!! Cover, the Dark Order wins!

Winners: The Dark Order, by pinfall

A big win for the united front! Will they carry on in the name of Mr. Brodie Lee and make AEW theirs from top to bottom?


“Powerhouse” Will Hobbs w/ Hook VS Louie Valle!

Another member of Team Taz, and Hook, head to the ring, ready to show no one can stop FTW! Will the Hellion be little more than a speedbump as Hobbs heads for the top?

The bell rings and Hobbs CLOBBERS Valle into the corner! The ref reprimands as Hobbs grinds Valle into the buckles, so Hobbs lets off to then CLOBBER Valle again! Hobbs drags Valle up, puts him in another corner, then TOSSES him across the ring! Valle flounders and flops like a ragdoll, and he has a cut on his eyebrow! Hobbs doesn’t care that Valle is bleeding, he bearhugs and thrashes Valle around! Valle can only flail so Hobbs drops him. Hobbs makes everyone look at the blood, and then throws Valle out hard! Hobbs distracts the ref, Hook is lurking, Valle gets up and Hook judo throws Valle down! Hook puts Valle in for Hobbs, Hobbs hauls him up, scoop and POWERHOUSE SLAM!! Cover, Hobbs wins!

Winner: Will Hobbs, by pinfall

To be honest, Hook didn’t even need to get a shot in, because this was done the moment it started. “This is what I do! BLOOD!” Hobbs hauls Valle up again for ANOTHER POWERHOUSE SLAM! Will 2021 be the Year of FTW?


Red Velvet VS Leva Bates!

These two have quite a bit in common. They’re both able to be very sweet but also very spicy, and are both working hard towards the top of the AEW Women’s Division! Will Red Velvet be the one to stop the Librarian’s winning streak before it really gets going?

The bell rings and the two shake hands to show there’s respect. Leva does the stirrin’ it up and Velvet likes that. They tie up, Velvet steps through to fireman’s carry takeover then get the arm. Leva gets up, wrenches out and has a wristlock. Velvet rolls, handsprings and wrenches back to hammerlock. Velvet rolls with Leva to get a cover, ONE! Leva sweeps to cover, ONE as Velvet bridges out! Velvet Oklahoma Rolls, TWO! Velvet whips, Leva gets around and turns Velvet for a neckbreaker! Cover, ONE! Leva is a bit surprised by that but she Northern Lights! Bridging cover, ONE! Leva is again surprised, but she headlocks to grind Velvet. Velvet powers out but Leva runs her over!

Things speed up, Velvet does the splits then side steps and calf kicks! Cover, TWO! Velvet drags Leva up, whips her to a corner and hits a corner splash! Velvet does the splits as she digs her boot into Leva, then lets up at 4. Velvet runs in but Leva slips out and Velvet gets buckles! Leva roundhouses, then sweeps the legs, to slingshot and somersault, run corner to corner, and hits a swinging bronco buster! Cover, TWO! Leva grows annoyed but she waits for Velvet to stand. Velvet blocks the superkick, spins Leva and kicks. Leva blocks to sweep Velvet to a splits, BASEMENT SUPERKICK! Cover, TWO!

Leva is getting closer and she brings Velvet up, but Velvet mule kicks! AX KICK LEG DROP! Cover, TWO! Velvet keeps her cool and she runs at Leva but Leva fireman’s carries! Velvet slips off whatever Leva was going for, to sweep the legs to a facebuster! JUST DESSERTS! Cover, Velvet wins!

Winner: Red Velvet, by pinfall

Sweet, sweet victory for Velvet but a bitter defeat for Leva! The streak is over already, will Leva be able to recover? Is Velvet just a few more wins away from the taste of a title opportunity?


The Dark Order’s Alex Reynolds & John Silver VS KC Navarro & El Australiano!

Numbers 3 and 4 are back in action, and are looking to keep the momentum going for the faction! Will the top recruiters convince “The Truly Blessed” and the Luchador from Down Under to #JoinDarkOrder?

The teams sort out, Reynolds starts with Australiano and they tie up. Australiano wrenches to a wristlock, Reynolds rolls to wrench back and spin him around for a headlock to wristlock. Australiano flips through, dodges the clothesline and runs Reynolds over! Australiano does a dance then a standing mariposa! Then he dodges a kick, hits a headscissor, but Reynolds handsprings to drag Australiano down. Reynolds moves Australiano around into a dragon’s lair, TWO! Reynolds dropkicks Australiano then kips up to show off! Tag to Silver and Navarro tags in, too. Silver says he’s friggin’ jacked, Navarro says he’s friggin’ BLESSED!

Well jacked fireman’s carries blessed and TOSSES him! Navarro flounders around to ropes and wants a time-out. Silver flexes on Navarro, and Navarro apologizes for talking trash. Navarro offers a handshake but goes for a kick, which Silver blocks! Silver flips Navarro, things speed up, Navarro slides under and trips Silver up! Navarro flips up and over Silver and says he’s blessed AND jacked! Silver ROUNDHOUSES Navarro down! Silver drags Navarro up, TOSSES him across the way, and flexes again. Navarro goes to a corner, Silver brings him up and bumps him off buckles. Tag to Reynolds, Silver trophy lifts and tosses into Reynolds’ CUTTER! Cover but Australiano breaks it!

Reynolds brings Navarro up to DECK him with the EuroUpper! Tag to Silver, he brings Navarro up and ROCKS him! Silver whips Navarro to ropes and back drops him HIGH! Even Silver is shocked! Tag to Reynolds, they drag Navarro up and double whip to double hip toss and toss, but Navarro dodges! Tag to Australiano and he dropkicks Silver! Enziguri for Reynolds, but Silver kicks back! The Dark Order double whips but Australiano goes up and over in the corner. Silver catches him, but Australiano gets away and Reynolds almost hits Silver! Australiano goes up top and hits WHISPER IN THE WIND on them both!

Australiano does a dance, Navarro gives him a hand to go old school, and Australiano SUPER MOONSAULTS! Direct hit on Reynolds, Navarro DIVES onto Silver! Australiano puts Reynolds in, climbs up top, and SIDEWAYS MOONSAULTS, only to FLOP! Reynolds BOOTS Australiano, but Navarro missile dropkicks him down! Navarro throws forearms on Silver, fires up then runs, but Silver trips him into ropes! Dark Order STRADDLE ATTACK DROPKICK COMBO Navarro! Silver torture racks for the INVERTED F 10!! Australiano runs in but into a half nelson, ENZIGURI, then fisherman BUSTER! Cover, Dark Order wins!

Winners: The Dark Order, by pinfall

Reynolds almost went Back to the Future with that one, but the Beaver Boys win another one for the faction! Will they find their way to the AEW World Tag Team Championships in the new year?


The Varsity Blondes VS Lee Johnson & Aaron Solow!

Griff Garrison and Brian Pillman Jr. tried to protect AEW from the Good Brothers invading, but got superkicks from the Young Bucks for it! Will the Ivy League MVP and Bulletproof BPJ blow off steam against Big Shotty and The Extra Talented?

“Pretty” Peter Avalon joins commentary because he wants to keep his eyes on the young man he’s hoping to have a Pageant Provocation with. But at the same time, he might have found another candidate in Lee Johnson. Big Shotty might make Avalon forget about Griff. The teams sort out and BPJ starts with Johnson. They circle, fans rally up and the two shake hands to show there is respect. They tie up, BPJ headlocks then holds on as Johnson tries to power out. BPJ hits the takeover, Johnson headscissors but BPJ pops out. Johnson headlocks and hits the takeover, but BPJ headscissors back. Johnson moves around, bridges up but BPJ bridges to turn for a backslide.

Johnson resists, BPJ headlocks again but Johnson powers out, only for BPJ to run him over. Things speed up, BPJ leaps but Johnson sweeps to cover. ONE, BPJ sweeps to cover, ONE! Johnson ducks a kick but BPJ avoids the dropkick, only for Johnson to kip up. Avalon is cheering, too, but Johnson and BPJ tag out to Solow and Griff. The Varsity Blondes run in, Johnson and Solow dodge. But then Solow and Johnson rush in and the Varsity Blondes dodge. All four men stand off and fans cheer. Solow SUPERKICKS BPJ, Griff BOOTS Johnson, and Griff blocks the kick! Solow dodges the punch, huricanranas Griff then dropkicks him down!

Griff flounders to a corner, Solow runs in but Griff dodges. Griff runs in to leap and lariat! Griff fireman’s carries, SAMOAN DRIVER! Cover, ONE!! Solow survives but Griff drags Solow up to wrench and wristlock. Tag to BPJ, the Varsity Blondes whip, body shot and swinging neckbreaker, then Griff drops a leg, brother! BPJ covers, TWO! BPJ stomps Solow, drags him up, kicks him down, then covers, TWO! BPJ has Solow’s arm and then shifts to a seated cobra twist. Fans rally as Solow endures, BPJ digs knuckles in, but Solow fights up. BPJ blocks the hip toss, body shots then wrenches.

BPJ CHOPS Solow to keep him away from the tag, then puts him in the Varsity Blondes corner to clothesline and CHOP! Tag to Griff, BPJ whips Griff in for a BIG splash, that misses! Solow throws BPJ out, crawls to his corner, hot tag to Johnson! Avalon is fired up for Big Shotty as he clotheslines Griff out, then DIVES into both Varsity Blondes! Johnson puts Griff in, springboards, and missile dropkicks! Fans fire up with Johnson as he runs in and CHOPS Griff! Solow tags in, Johnson feeds Griff to the scoop, neckbreaker back suplex combo! Cover, TWO! Solow drags Griff up, fans rally, Griff breaks free but the rolling elbow misses! Solow SCREW HIGH KICKS, but BPJ tags in!

BPJ springboard lariats Solow down but Johnson runs in, into Griff’s BOOT! Griff runs into an enziguri! BPJ SUPERKICKS Johnson! Solow victory rolls BPJ but Griff ROLLING ELBOWS Solow down! The Varsity Blondes coordinate, pop-up missile dropkick POWERBOMB! Cover, Varsity Blondes win!

Winners: The Varsity Blondes, by pinfall

The only relief to Pretty Peter is that Johnson was spared. But with this win, will Griff and BPJ be climbing up the tag team ranks? And speaking of Johnson, Avalon walks over to him and offers him his 8 x 10. Is Johnson going to partake in Pretty Peter’s Pageant Provocation in the near future?


Anna Jay w/ Tay Conti VS Alex Gracia!

The Star of the Show cheered on Conti, now Conti will cheer her on! The rest of the Dark Order has dominated, will Number 99 keep it 100?

The bell rings and Jay circles with Gracia. They tie up, go around, and Gracia arm-drags Jay away. Gracia waves at Jay but Jay gets up and ties up with her again. Jay arm-drags Gracia now but Gracia kips up. Jay wrenches, Gracia wrenches to sweep the legs and cover, ONE! Jay sweeps, covers, ONE! Gracia runs and arm-drags Jay but Jay dodges the dropkick. Jay fires off forearms, whips but Gracia reverses. Jay slips out to the apron, HEEL KICK gets Gracia in the mouth! Jay gets in and rallies on Gracia, then mule kicks a leg out to run and BASEMENT BLOCKBUSTER! Jay fires up, drags Gracia up and wrenches to DANGEROUS JAY HOOK KICK!

Gracia gets in a corner, Jay runs in to LEG LARIAT! Then Jay runs side to side, somersault KICK! Gracia boots Jay away, runs but into a waistlock then the QUEENSLAYER SLEEPER!! The body scissors are on, Gracia taps, Jay wins!

Winner: Anna Jay, by pinfall

The Queenslayer makes the Pink Dream’s night a nightmare! Will Jay find her way to a title opportunity in the near future?


Serena Deeb VS Tesha Price!

The NWA Women’s World Champion knows she has quite the challenge coming for New Year’s Smash, so she’s going to stay sharp and build some momentum! Will Tesha pay the price of being Serena’s tune-up opponent?

The bell rings and Tesha tells her new friend to hop off the apron. Tesha and Deeb circle, tie up, and go around. Tesha powers Deeb back but Deeb gets around to a waistlock and takedown. Deeb floats to a facelock, moves around with Tesha, then shifts to flip her over to a cover, ONE! Deeb keeps on Tesha with a headlock and takeover and grinds her down to the mat! Tesha makes it a cover, ONE, and Deeb holds on. Another try, TWO but Deeb still holds on. Tesha fights up, powers out, but Deeb throws a EuroUpper! Deebo throws more EuroUppers, then drop toeholds Tesha to get the legs! Deeb ties the legs up, grabs the arms, inverted surfboard to the cover, TWO!

Deeb keeps on Tesha, has the arm, omoplata, but Tesha gets the ropebreak with a leg! Deeb lets go at 3, and Tesha ROCKS Deeb to then run and elbow her down! Tesha rains down heavy hands, covers, TWO! Tesha grows frustrated and Deeb gets to the ropes. Tesha whips, Deeb ducks and dodges to leaping lariat! Fans fire up with Deeb and she drags Tesha up to TWIST ‘N’ SHOUT! And then ANOTHER! Deeb keeps going, to snap suplex! Tesha flounders up, Deeb hoists her to the top rope and backwards. Deeb climbs up behind Tesha, grabs at the arms, and has a HANGING GORY ESPECIAL!

Deeb lets go at 4, Tesha is in a Tree of Woe but she frees herself and flops down. Deeb drags Tesha up, underhooks the arms, FACEBUSTER! Cover, Deeb wins!

Winner: Serena Deeb, by pinfall

Tesha just got a #Deebtox and the champion is rolling into her title defense! Will it be serenity now on Dynamite’s New Year’s Smash finale?


Bear Country VS Baron Black & Nick Comoroto!

The big and burly Boulder and Bronson have been impressive since showing up in AEW, but they’re still hunting that first win! Will the EmpBRUH and Freak Beast be the first ones lost in Bear Country?

The teams sort out and Baron starts against Bronson. They circle, tie up, and Bronson powers Baron to a corner. The ref counts, Bronson lets off but throws a big body shot! Bronson whips corner to corner, Baron goes up and over and arm-drags Bronson! Bronson runs back in but into a waistlock. Bronson elbows out hard, clinches and whips but Baron dodges to reel Bronson in for a knee! Baron gets Bronson in a standing cobra twist but Bronson powers out, only for Baron to ripcord, wrench and arm code breaker! The two stand up but Bronson backs off to tag to Boulder. Baron tags Comoroto in and he circles with Boulder.

Fans fire up as the behemoths tie up, are in a deadlock, and then break. They try again, another deadlock, and Comoroto shoves Boulder back. Boulder gets mad, ties up with Comoroto and powers Comoroto to ropes. Boulder gives a shove, Comoroto shoves back, and the forearms start flying! Boulder then knees low, runs, but Comoroto catches his crossbody!? For a scoop, but Boulder fights out! Boulder ROCKS Comoroto, and Comoroto staggers but elbows back! Tag to Baron, Baron gets around and he throws EuroUppers, CHOPS, and a spinning CHOP! Boulder stays up, Baron dodges his big haymakers, but not the BOOT!

Boulder drags Baron up, puts him on ropes and CLOBBERS him over and over! Boulder reels Baron into a knee, then runs for a knee lift! Boulder drags Baron over, tags in Bronson, and Bear Country mugs Baron. Bronson clamps on with a thrashing chinlock and he throws Baron down. Fans rally as Bronson stalks Baron to a corner. Bronson throws haymakers then stomps him down. The ref counts as Bronson digs his boot in, and Bronson lets off at 4. Bronson drags Baron up but Baron throws forearms back! Bronson keeps Baron from Comoroto but Baron throws more hands. Bronson dodges, Baron dodges back, tag to Comoroto!

Comroto rallies on Bear Country, throws forearms and CHOPS, then dodges Boulder to send him into Bronson! Comoroto clotheslines Boulder out, then scoops Bronson for a RUNNING SLAM! Comoroto fires up, fireman’s carries Bronson, USHIGOROSHI! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up as Comoroto drags Bronson up. Tag to Baron, they double whip Bronson to a corner and Baron whips Comoroto in. Boulder saves Bronson, Bronson CLOBBERS Baron, and Boulder tags in. They whip Baron into Comoroto, Boulder hits a corner splash sandwich! Bronson is a backpack for the BEAR COUNTRY CANNONBALL!!

Boulder drags Baron out and tags in Bronson, they combine their forces again, for an Electric Chair SPLASH! Cover, Bear Country wins!

Winners: Bear Country, by pinfall

Bronson and Boulder get a big win but are hungry for more! Will they make 2021 the Year of the Bear?


Chaos Project VS Top Flight!

Luther and Serpentico are still fuming after what happened to them as part of the Go Big Show sponsored segment on New Year’s Smash! Will the Original Death Dealer and SNAKEMAN take it out on Darius and Dante Martin to end Dark? Or will the Coldest Tag Team in the Game show they’re not afraid?

Chaos Project rushes Top Flight as they get in the ring! Serpentico puts Dante in one corner and Luther puts Darius in the other. Luther whips Serpentico to back elbow Dante, then the other way to elbow Darius! Luther scoops Darius to slam him, then he scoops Serpentico to slam him onto Darius! The match isn’t even official but Darius BOOTS Luther back! Top Flight regroups, they dodge Chaos Project then double dropkick them down! Top Flight has the ring as the bell rings, they build speed but Serpentico SUPERKICKS Dante! Luther catches Darius, blocks the flips and puts him on the apron. Serpentico throws Dante out hard, then knees Darius into Luther’s KNEE!

Luther puts Darius in for Serpentico and Serpentico drops elbows. Serpentico drags Darius up, bumps him off buckles then tags Luther. Chaos Project mugs Darius in the corner, Luther kicks Darius then runs to BOOT him! Luther grabs Darius’ head for a NECK CRACKER! Tag to Serpentico, Serpentico whips but Luther reverse to back suplex, ATOMIC LEG DROP! Serpentico crawls to a cover, ONE as Darius bridges out! Serpentico drags Darius up, wrenches and throws forearms, then tags in Luther. Chaos Project chokes Darius on ropes and Luther kicks Darius down. Luther tells the ref to shut up and leave him alone as he snap suplexes Darius. Cover, TWO with another bridge!

Luther drops a knee and then shouts at the ref to count faster. Tag to Serpentico, Luther scoop slams Darius then scoops Luther for a back suplex senton! Serpentico flounders to the cover, TWO! Serpentico keeps Darius from Dante and fans rally up. Darius fights up, fights out but Serpentico knees him! Tag to Luther, Chaos Project mugs Darius and Luther chokes Darius on the ropes! The ref counts, Luther lets off at 4 while talking trash. Tag to Serpentico, Serpentico DECKS Dante, but Darius fights back! Darius forearms and CHOPS but Serpentico ROCKS him! Chaos Project double whip Darius hard, then Luther makes Serpentico a weapon again, FALL AWAY BODY BLOCK!

Darius flounders out of the ring, Luther drags him up and he tells Serpentico to run. Serpentico is reluctant, but he builds speed and DIVES, only to get Luther! Darius got away, and hurries back in the ring! Serpentico hurries after Darius, then goes past, but Dante ROCKS him! Darius tags in Dante! Dante shoulders in, slingshots up and over, then rallies with big forearms! Dante runs in to ROCK Serpentico in the corner! Dante whips, Serpentico reverses but Dante goes up and headscissors Serpentico into buckles! Serpentico flounders, Dante rocks him again, spins him around, hotshots and springboards, BIG flying uppercut! Cover but Luther breaks it!

Luther drags Dante up, whips him to a corner, then whips Serpentico in, only for Dante to put Serpentico out. Dante boots Luther, somersaults and jawbreakers! Mule kick for Serpentico! Dante throws Serpentico into Luther, then uses him as a step to hit a somersault BLOCKBUSTER onto Luther! Serpentico ends up taking a DDT at the same time! Dante covers, TWO!! Serpentico survives but Dante tags in Darius! Dante ROCKS Luther, Darius whips Dante for Dante to whip Darius, Serpentico SUPERKICKS Darius down! Dante runs in, but Serpentico puts him way out! Serpentico dodges Darius, Luther whips him and Serpentico SPEARS! Cover, Dante breaks it!

Luther throws Dante back out, then goes to the apron to CANNONBALL! Fans rally as Luther whips but Dante reverses to send Luther up and over the barriers! Darius has Serpentico, blocks the punch and enziguris! Darius brings Serpentico over, tags Dante, and Top Flight coordinates with an Electric Chair and tuck. Dante gets a boost from Darius for a DROPKICK CHEEKY NANDOS! Cover, Top Flight wins!

Winners: Top Flight, by pinfall

Air Wolf and Angel Dorado are rolling, and there’s still all of 2021 ahead of them! Will the ice cold Martin brothers get some tag gold while they’re still young?

My Thoughts:

A very good Dark, only 12 matches and just over 90 minutes is much more manageable than those extra stuffed episodes with 15+ and another hour. There were also some slightly less unpredictable matches, such as Red Velvet VS Leva Bates. Both of them have been doing good work, but Velvet having a small part in the story of Jade Cargill, the Vicious Vixens and Brandi Rhodes means she needs the momentum as a proxy for Brandi. The main event of Top Flight and Chaos Project could’ve gone either way, but the younger team needed the momentum so it was great for them to win over the more experienced Luther and Serpentico. Top Flight using that boosted dropkick Cheeky Nandos is an interesting move, but I think if they coordinate it better, it should be the legal man whipping the other so that he can also be the one to cover as the opponent falls back.

On the other end of things, it was great to see Bear Country get a win through Dark, they’re a great team that can build up the already stacked tag division. The Dark Order had a very good night again, and that 10 Man was pretty congested. Cabana is meshing with the Dark Order more, and so I hope some part of the story originally intended with him is given television time. Not to move on too quickly from Mr. Brodie Lee, but if Uno and Stu can move up as leaders and then make Cabana a new right hand man, I think that’d be good for the group as things go forward.

Conti gets a good win over the incoming Marti Daniels, and Deeb gets the same off Tesha Price, but even without these matches, I’m pretty sure their title match is going to be very good with a lot of technical skill on display. Speaking of Price, who was her sidekick and why did she not get an entrance? That’s a bit weird when it wouldn’t have taken that much to add that to Dark’s runtime. Maybe something happened to the footage at the time and they couldn’t shoot it again? Maybe we’ll learn who the guy is next time. And I like that Avalon is building the story of his Pageant Provocation by snubbing Griff and acknowledging Johnson. No idea where this will lead Avalon but it seems like the journey will be fun.

My Score: 8.2/10

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