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Mitchell’s ROH Results & Report! (6/29/19)

What goes down during Best in the World Weekend?



ROH cover image

ROH Wrestling Television, Episode 406

Yes, Best in the World just wrapped, but the action doesn’t end there! What happens as the best in ROH continue to fight for gold and glory?



  • Jay Briscoe VS PCO; PCO wins, by disqualification.
  • Coast2Coast VS ???; Bully Ray & Shane Taylor win.
  • Jeff Cobb VS Mark Haskins; Cobb wins.


Colt Cabana returns to ROH commentary!

Despite what The Briscoes did to the NWA National Heavyweight Champion during his defense against Mark Briscoe, Boom Boom Cabana is back! He won’t let #DemBoyz intimidate him into backing out of Best in the World Weekend. But speaking of The Briscoes…

Jay Briscoe VS PCO!

#DemBoyz couldn’t get it done at Best in the World, but they roll on towards another showdown with the Guerrillas of Destiny.

No Code of Honor, but that’s expected from the Briscoes. The bell rings and fans are fired up for the Canadian Frankenstein’s Monster. PCO and Jay tie up, and PCO powers Jay to a corner. Jay comes back and they tie up. Jay gets a headlock but PCO powers out. PCO and Jay collide but neither backs down! Jay throws an uppercut but PCO gives back a forearm, and repeat! PCO CHOPS then runs, but Jay follows to boot him down! But PCO gets right up! Jay stomps PCO in a corner then whips him corner to corner. Jay runs in and hits a big clothesline! Then he goes side to side, but PCO runs him over! Fans cheer for PCO again as he drags Jay up. PCO chokes Jay on the ropes, then runs, only for Jay to dump him out hard!

But PCO is up again and drags Jay out! PCO CHOPS away then forearms Jay onto the apron. PCO gives Jay kick after kick then bumps him off the apron. Fans cheer as PCO runs, only for Jay to back drop him on the apron! The referee checks on PCO but Jay is on PCO with stomps, and we go to break.

ROH returns and PCO fights back against Jay. Jay kicks then runs, then kicks PCO’s back drop away. Jay runs again to sunset flip, but PCO rolls through to scoop Jay into Alabama position. Censors bleep Jay as PCO gives him the Air Raid Crash! Cover, TWO! PCO keeps his cool as he drags Jay up in a gut wrench and powerbomb! He rolls Jay for a stiff running knee! And another! Then a clubbing forearm! PCO drags Jay around into a drop zone. Fans fire up as PCO climbs up! PCO leaps for the swanton! Cover, TWO! Jay still lives and gets to a corner. PCO stands but gets a boot. He still stands, so Jay runs to boot again. PCO still stays up, so Jay tries another, but gets caught to a dragon screw!

Jay curses more, PCO runs and clotheslines Jay and himself out! PCO gets up and back in the ring, to build speed! Jay stands for PCO to DIVE onto! The cannonball takes Jay down again! Fans chant for PCO as the ref checks on both men. Jay crawls away but PCO does rise. PCO runs at Jay, but Jay flapjacks him onto railing! Jay grabs a chair! The ref reprimands Jay but Jay doesn’t care about referees these days. Jay sits the chair down to boot PCO then club him down. He puts PCO in the chair then backs up. Jay runs to crossbody PCO down! Fans fire up as Jay drags PCO up and in. Jay picks up the chair and brings it into the ring! The ref again warns Jay, but Jay talks back.

Jay grabs PCO but PCO hits back with uppercuts! Jay throws a haymaker, PCO CHOPS! They go back and forth, but Jay gets an edge. Jay runs but into a pop-up powerbomb! PCO gives a shout out to the Prizefighter with that on. PCO drags Jay back up for the side slam! He goes back to the corner and climbs again, but Jay has the chair! Jay SMACKS PCO down!

Winner: PCO, by disqualification

It seems neither Briscoe cares about winning, only hurting! Jay grins as he holds the chair up high. Jay is joined by Mark, who goes looking for items. Mark brings out a table! The Briscoes stomp PCO while setting up the table. They put PCO on the table, and Mark climbs for a Froggy Bow through the table!! But PCO rises! He’s not human! He even eggs the Briscoes on! So the Briscoes kick and punch, then run, only to get run over by clotheslines! Security rushes the ring to break this up, and ROH throws it to the back!


ROH hears from Mark Haskins.

Mr. Overkill tells Jeff Cobb that he’s wanted this match for a long time. He’s got nothing but mad respect, and knows they can both bring out the very best in each other. However, Haskins knows things haven’t been going his way for a bit, a win against a former ROH World TV Champion might just be what he needs. Haskins’ family needs this, and he needs this. So this isn’t personal, Haskins is just coming to take what he needs.

Jeff Cobb responds.

“You see, the interesting aspect about working with ROH is getting a chance to compete with wrestlers I haven’t gotten a chance to suplex yet.” Cobb and Haskins go 1v1 for the first time ever. People see this match on paper, and they think what they will, but Haskins is a submission expert. But he’s going against a Hawaiian Juggernaut. Cobb might throw Haskins so far that Haskins lands back in England.


Josh Woods is confronted by Brian Johnson.

Brian mocks The Goods for wrapping up his hands. There’s not enough tape in the world to fix what happened to the Top Prospect Tournament after what Woods did. But The Number One vows to bring honor and prestige back to the tournament this year as the number one seed. Brian vows not to be a failure like Woods was. That gets Woods to stare him down, and that scares Brian. “Easy, big boy. Easy.” Brian smartly backs away, but will he pay for mocking The Goods?


Coast2Coast VS ???

Shaheem Ali and Leon St. Giovanni are still building back up in the ROH Tag Division, but “do you know who I am?” Bully Ray comes out and tells the ring announcer to get out because he’ll introduce himself. Bully bullies the announcer, then looks at the ring. “This is what I came out here for? This is what I traveled 3000 miles for?” Bully had to come all the way to the West Coast for this?

But he does have a partner. There is a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow. And C2C should be worried, because this is an upgrade than what Bully is used to. It is SHANE TAYLOR! The ROH World Television Champion joins Bully because the money’s good. Will the Notorious Hitman help Bully get an easy win and fat paycheck? Or will Ali and LSG show them what a true tag team can do?

There is no Code of Honor upheld but that’s also expected from Bully. Taylor starts with Ali but Bully wants the ref to reprimand the fans. The ref refuses so Bully does it himself by grabbing a chair! Then the trash can! Bully doesn’t throw anything but he does dare the fan in question to look him face to face. It’s a little boy! Bully tells the kid off then goes back to the ring. Ali keeps laser focus as he and Taylor tie up. Ali headlocks but Taylor fights out. They collide and Taylor just laughs at Ali. Ali SLAPS Taylor, and Taylor says that was a mistake. But Ali SLAPS him again because it’s on purpose. Ali ducks Taylor’s punch and fires off forearms and chops and an elbow!

Ali runs but Taylor catches his crossbody! Taylor shakes his head before he pops Ali up. Ali slips out and waistlocks. They go to ropes and LSG tags in before Taylor bucks Ali off. Ali headbutts Taylor, then LSG somersaults in. Ali forearms Taylor in the corner then LSG rams his shoulder in! LSG holds Taylor in place as Ali swing kicks Taylor down! LSG covers, ONE! LSG clubs away on Taylor as we go to break.

ROH returns and Ali throws forearms. Taylor blocks then reverses the whip, sending Ali into the corner. Bully calls Ali a “Stupid son of a-” but Ali’s elbow interrupts. Ali boots Taylor away but Bully trips Ali up! And pulls him backward into the post! Bully mocks the fans while Ali writhes in pain. Taylor taunts Ali and sits him up for a HEAVY right! LSG tries to coach Ali up as fans rally. Ali still slaps Taylor! Ali starts throwing body shots then forearms, but Taylor headbutts him down! Bully likes that as Taylor toys with Ali. LSG and the fans still rally up for Ali but Taylor clubs Ali with crossface forearms.

Tag to Bully and Bully kicks Ali down. Bully knows everyone feels bad for Ali, but he’s still going to hit him with jabs. Ali wobbles with each hit, but then Bully revs it up… SUPERKICK from Ali! Bully doubles over while fans fire up for Ali. Bully brings Ali up but Ali switches to a waistlock. But Bully slips out to powerbomb lift, Bully Bomb! Bully runs to FLOP! Ali crawls for his corner, hot tags to Taylor and LSG! LSG fires off on Taylor then hits Bully for good measure. LSG elbows Taylor but Taylor reels him in for a back suplex, but LSG lands on his feet! They collide with clotheslines but stay up. LSG keeps moving to clothesline again, but Taylor still stays up. LSG tries again and gets Taylor in a corner! Taylor puts LSG on the apron but gets the enziguri! LSG climbs and leaps, blockbuster!

LSG keeps going, top rope again, another crossbody! Cover, TWO! LSG drags Taylor up and tags Ali. C2C work together, but they see Bully coming! They get clear and let Taylor get run over! C2C SUPERKICK Bully out! Taylor is down and C2C go to opposite corners. Top rope, frog splash and frog splash! Cover, TWO!! Taylor survives but LSG sees Bully. LSG slingshots to take Bully out! Then both C2C hit Taylor with corner back elbows! Now they go for their namesake, but Bully trips LSG! Ali hits Bully down but runs into Greetings from the 216! Cover, Taylor and Bully win!

Winners: Shane Taylor and Bully Ray, Taylor pinning

The Hitman was the key for Bully, but Bully still had to help out. Bully says “That’s what you get!” but are these two going to prove a formidable tag team?


ROH looks back to War of the Worlds Tour, 5/11/19.

It was Tracy Williams VS Eli Isom. LifeBlood’s Hot Sauce got the Future of Honor up for a crunching piledriver and won the match, and has a shot lined up at THE ROH World Championship! That match comes to us next week, Episode 407! Can Hot Sauce succeed where others have failed? Or will The Kingdom still hold gold because oooooof Matt Taven?


Jeff Cobb VS Mark Haskins!

Best in the World was not a good night for either man. The Hawaiian Juggernaut couldn’t overcome The Kingdom’s king while LifeBlood could not defeat Villain Enterprises. But just because these incredible international wrestlers aren’t holding gold now doesn’t mean they never will! Who uses this win as the first step back on track?

Fans duel as the two uphold the Code of Honor. The bell rings and the two circle. They tie up and Haskins wristlocks but Cobb waistlock slams. Cobb facelocks, gator rolls, and turns Haskins over for a cover. Haskins pops out before a count but Cobb stays on him. Haskins powers Cobb away and the fans cheer as the two stand off. Cobb and Haskins circle again, and tie up. Haskins waistlocks but Cobb just smirks as Haskins can’t lift him. So Haskins shifts to a takedown and has the leg! Heel hook! Cobb scrambles to get the ropebreak! Haskins backs off and Cobb nods, because this is exactly what Cobb expected. Cobb walks it off and ties up with Haskins.

Fans rally both ways as Haskins gets around and spins Cobb to a cravat. Cobb powers up and carries Haskins, but Haskins holds on. Cobb pops out the back and waistlocks again, but Haskins scrambles up to hammerlock then half nelson to the headlock. Haskins manages to wrangle Cobb down but Cobb turns it to his own cover, ONE! Haskins holds on and tries again, but Cobb headscissors, but Haskins pops out fast. Fans cheer as the two stand off again. This technical exchange continues but we go to break.

ROH returns again as Cobb CHOPS Haskins! Haskins grits his teeth so Cobb CHOPS him more! Haskins blocks the next one to CHOP back on Cobb! He backs Cobb up but Cobb ducks to then scoop and slam! Fans fire up as Cobb goes to moonsault, but Haskins rolls him! Cobb rolls through but Haskins Penalty Kicks! And then one on the run! Haskins runs again, but into a pop-up, only to get the arm! Haskins wants the triangle but Cobb powers up for a snake eyes! Cobb clutches his arm while Haskins slumps to the mat. Cobb covers, ropebreak! Haskins keeps his wits about him while Cobb keeps his cool. Cobb grabs Haskins but Haskins clutches to ropes, so Cobb headbutts Haskins into letting go.

Cobb then drags Haskins up for more headbutts, and stalks him as he crawls. Haskins throws body shots back but Cobb clubs him down. Cobb works to get feeling in that right arm, then goes back to bring Haskins up. He wraps Haskins up in a bearhug while fans rally up. Haskins endures and fights with forearms. Haskins gets free and goes back to ropes. Cobb hobbles over to drag Haskins up, but Haskins again holds ropes. Cobb clubs Haskins but Haskins still holds strong. Haskins even hooks a leg around the rope, so Cobb clubs and kicks away more. Cobb throws big shots but the ref backs him off. Cobb calms down, but Haskins jumps as Cobb runs in! Haskins fakes Cobb out to then DIVE from the other side!

Fans fire up with Haskins as he puts Cobb back in. Cobb staggers up but into a mule kick to the knee! Cobb ends up on the ropes, Haskins goes out to kick him back in! Haskins climbs up, double stomps! Cover, TWO!! Cobb survives and Haskins can’t believe it! Fans rally as Cobb sits up. Haskins is on Cobb’s arm, but Cobb whips him away. Haskins goes up and over then comes back with a calf kick! Cobb staggers and Haskins pump handles, but Cobb breaks free. Haskins ducks the elbow but not the forearm! Gut wrench to spinning PILEDRIVER! Both men are down but Cobb crawls to a cover, TWO!! Haskins lives and we go to one last break!

ROH returns once more and fans want “One More Time!” as Cobb and Haskins have a knuckle lock. Cobb drags Haskins up but Haskins hits back! Haskins has the arm but Cobb rolls, only for Haskins to step through and STOMP the arm! Haskins runs to kick it out! He goes for another kick, but Cobb blocks it! Cobb clotheslines but gets caught into the armbar! Cobb gets the ropebreak quick and Haskins lets go just as quick. Haskins goes to the apron as Cobb bails out. Haskins Penalty Kicks the bad arm! Then runs to Penalty Kick again! He wants the hat trick but gets tripped up into the Athletic Plex! Both men hit the floor but the fans are thunderous!

A ring count begins and climbs to 5 of 20. It continues to 10 of 20 before either man stands. Cobb and Haskins stir at 13, but Cobb doesn’t sit up until about 15. Haskins revives at 18, and both men are in at 19.5! Fans cheer the close call and that this match continues. Haskins and Cobb glare at each other. They crawl and grind forehead to forehead before throwing forearm after forearm! Cobb rises first but Haskins is next with elbows and knees! Haskins uppercuts but Cobb spins him around for a forearm to the back! Cobb drags Haskins up to shove, but Haskins boots back! Haskins fakes Cobb out for a swift jab! Haskins runs but Cobb gets him in a snap German Suplex!

Cobb whips Haskins, but gets a knee! Haskins runs again but into a flapjack, and standing moonsault! Fans are thunderous again as both men are down! “This is Awesome!” but far from over. Cobb drags himself up in a corner while Haskins writhes and crawls. Cobb stalks Haskins, waistlocks, but Haskins covers up. So Cobb clubs and knees him, then drags him up in a sleeper. Wristlock ripcord, scoop, but Haskins slips through to a roll up! And then a step through, but Cobb powers him off. Haskins jackknifes to a fireman’s carry! Shoulder Soldier Roll!! Cover, TWO!! And Haskins is shocked!!

Haskins throws off the elbow pads and heads to the top rope. Cobb intercepts with a forearm, then climbs up to join him. Haskins fights Cobb back, but Cobb headbutts him, then dropkicks him! Haskins teeters but Cobb climbs again. Cobb grabs Haskins but Haskins slips around to a sleeper hold! Then he wrenches the arm to a kimura. Cobb resists and fights back, so Haskins forearms and headbutts Cobb down! Haskins has to reset and climb back up, but Cobb jumps to meet him. Haskins enziguris Cobb down! Up top, double stomps miss! Haskins runs, but into a TOUR OF THE ISLANDS! Cover, Cobb wins!!

Winner: Jeff Cobb, by pinfall

This was nothing short of incredible! And best of all, he and Haskins uphold the Code of Honor with another handshake! With a big win like this, will Cobb make his way back to that world title? Who will even have it after Taven takes on Hot Sauce?



My Thoughts:

Another PPV weekend, another weird disconnect in continuity for ROH. This was obviously recorded before Best in the World, but even at the earliest, aired after the event. I do give them credit for selling this as “after” the PPV via commentary and also Mark Haskins’ promo. They were already talking like Best in the World happened, which it technically did, but they couldn’t say what happened because it actually hadn’t. Commentary was already plugging the next event, which is Manhattan Mayhem via Honor Club, but they didn’t/couldn’t say what happened between The Briscoes and their BITW opponents. This is a step in the right direction, but it still needs some tweaks to be a smoother transitional episode.

Jay Briscoe VS PCO was really good, even with Jay throwing the match away. But with PCO running him and Mark off, this shows that while at Manhattan Mayhem is Guerrillas of Destiny VS Briscoes, the next story for Jay and Mark in ROH might actually be them going after the NWA World Tag Team Championships and Villain Enterprises. That sounds like a really good story given how these teams did fight over the ROH World Tag titles once, without really settling anything since GoD took those from them both at G1 Supercard. Potentially we could get titles for titles again, ROH for NWA, but I don’t think GoD loses at a lesser event as Manhattan Mayhem, even if it will be No Disqualifications.

That was a decent tag match for Coast2Coast and Bully-Taylor. Though it looked like Taylor did 90% of the work for his team. Is Bully dealing with injury or is he just not in wrestling shape right now? I really hoped he was helping the Soldiers of Savagery with their in-ring debut, but maybe another time. Good to hear we’re getting a proper Top Prospect Tournament after Jeff Cobb literally took it down all by himself. And given the backstage promo with Brian Johnson and Josh Woods, maybe Johnson wins but has a match with Woods before going for the TV title. That gives Taylor’s story plenty of time to build, since he wants to be the best ROH TV Champion ever.

And while it is a shame Cobb isn’t ROH World Champion yet, his match with Haskins was title worthy! Taven VS Williams next week, that is going Taven’s way one way or another. The Kingdom will be busy with The Bouncers next week, but that doesn’t mean Vinnie and TK won’t try something. At the same time, the developing stories of LifeBlood could bring out other enemies to help Taven. If it isn’t Cobb taking the title, then no one should yet.

My Score: 8.4/10

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Mitchell’s WWE WrestleMania 37 Results & Report! (4/11/21)

Who wins THE WrestleMania main event?



WrestleMania 37 Coverage

WrestleMania 37’s two night adventure reaches its conclusion!

After an epic first night, how can WrestleMania 37 possibly get any greater? Perhaps with Daniel Bryan VS Edge VS Roman Reigns for the Universal title! Will the Head of the Table still be at the helm of the WWE?


  • Randy Orton VS The Fiend w/ Alexa Bliss; Orton wins.
  • WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships: Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler w/ Reginald VS Natalya & Tamina; Jax & Baszler win and retain the titles.
  • Kevin Owens VS Sami Zayn; wins.
  • WWE United States Championship: Matt Riddle VS Sheamus; wins and
  • WWE Intercontinental Championship Nigerian Drum Fight: Big E VS Apollo Crews; wins and
  • Raw Women’s Championship: Asuka VS Rhea Ripley; wins and
  • WWE Universal Championship Triple Threat: Roman Reigns w/ Paul Heyman VS Edge VS Daniel Bryan; wins and


It’s the WrestleMania 37 Night Two Kickoff Show!

Join Kayla Braxton, Booker T, Jerry “The King” Lawler, JBL and Peter Rosenberg for yet another round of discussing, analyzing and predicting the action tonight!


Sonya Deville joins the panel again!

Does anyone really understand the implications of the Nigerian Drum Fight? It might just be Apollo Crews who understands. His power and his culture are going to define what happens tonight. Booker asks, “What do I look like? Chopped liver?” Well okay, he would know, yes. Booker says this goes back a long time ago, the Zulu nation and the Mandingo. This will play out in front of the world so the world needs to understand, and Booker says Apollo will make you understand. Sonya wishes she’d heard more about this. But Jerry wants to know why it’s drums. Booker asks, “What do you do to a drum?” You beat it. Exactly!

Rosenberg says the bottom line is, Apollo is in control. Big E may be on the kick of being in his hometown- JBL asks why Rosenberg’s hands are everywhere. But the point is, Apollo knows what this is about because this is his match. Booker says this will be a great night for everyone back home. JBL and Jerry can’t say anything without getting canceled, so they will agree with him.


Ashlyn Craft sings America the Beautiful!


We’ve waited patiently for this moment.

“Finally…!” The biggest event in LIVE entertainment is BACK! Back with the spectacle, the excitement and the pageantry! WrestleMania is #BackInBusiness! And tonight, WWE sets sail on the high seas with epic epicness bigger than the history of history! Wait, what? Did he just say all that? That’s what was written. Okay, mate, let’s get this cold open done right. We pick up where we left off just last year. Our heroes are obnoxiously heroic as they battle for the ultimate prize: immortality. But no more tall tales, let’s get real, as the kids say. Tonight, we witness the global event that spans decades, created unforgettable moments, and has the memories we will remember forever.

But let us tip our caps to you, the fans, who made this possible. You over there, and them up there, and even those at home who “can’t not watch.” We raise the sails as fate still awaits. The course was corrected, the wind cannot be stopped, and the quest continues! Now how’s that? Impressive. But where’s the big finish? That’s cold open 101. Good point. Pyro montage! “Welcome back… to WrestleMania!”


The WrestleMania cohosts are back!

Titus O’Neil and Hulk Hogan return to kick off Night Two of WrestleMania 37, but this time they’re Captain Titus and the Hollywood Privateer! “I dunno about you, Hulk, but I think we look damn good tonight.” Well, T-man, it’s a little hot, too. But either way, AHOY MATIES! Yo ho, brothers, and welcome to Mania Sunday! Last night was incredible, but tonight will be no different! Seven matches, and FIVE are for gold! That means they need to batten down the hatches. No room for scurvy dogs or scallywags! Whoa, don’t be calling the people that. Hogan’s not gonna walk the plank, is he? No, Titus will take care of that. The first match is a tale of terror, dark than the depths of Davey Jones’ Locker! YARRGH!


Randy Orton VS The Fiend w/ Alexa Bliss!

The Viper thought he’d finished this at TLC, but some evil never dies. And now, this horror movie in real-life opens the Showcase of the Immortals! Lil’ Miss Twisted Bliss is still by his side, but will Orton finally #LetHimIn?

As he makes is entrance through a mysterious tunnel, The Fiend… has been restored! Alexa makes her way out first, with spooky face paint on to clash with her Punky Brewster outfit. She frolics along, and has a GIANT jack-in-the-box?! Alexa winds the handle and Orton already has an idea what’s coming. All around the mulberry bush, the Fiend chased the Viper~. And out rises The Fiend’s new form! Orton isn’t sure what to make of this, and The Fiend suddenly LEAPS into the ring to CLOTHESLINE Orton down! The bell rings, Fiend SPLASHES in the corner, reels Orton in and hits an URENAGE! Fiend sits Orton up for a NECK SNAP! “YOWIEEEE WOWIEEE~!”

Orton writhes as he clutches his neck and Fiend goes to a corner. Fans fire up as The Fiend spider-walks! Orton gets up, Fiend copies him as he takes aim! Orton flounders up, but he avoids a punt kick! Fiend pursues, Orton kicks low and gives him a back suplex to the desk! But Fiend clamps on with the CLAW! Orton grabs at the ring, gets in, and the ring count is still climbing! Orton gets free but Fiend gets in, only for Orton to kick low. Orton gets Fiend through ropes, for a DRAPING DDT! But Fiend springs right back up! Fiend blocks the RKO, but Orton throws him into his own jack-in-the-box! Fiend flounders, Orton gets Fiend through ropes again and KICKS him!

Orton wrenches the arm, KICKS again, and drags Fiend into ANOTHER DRAPING DDT! Orton looms over Fiend and stomps a hand! Fiend barely flinches, so Orton stomps the other hand! Orton throws hands and clubbing forearms but Fiend just gets up! Orton kicks low, runs, but into a LARIAT! Fiend and fans fire up, things speed up, Fiend BODY CHECKS Orton! Fiend rains down forearms over and over! Fiend gets up to run and drop a back senton, but Orton dodges it! Orton throws Fiend out but Fiend gets right back on the apron. Orton kicks him between ropes, gives away more kicks, then drags Fiend back in, for a THIRD DRAPING DDT!

Orton paces as Fiend slowly stirs. Orton hears the voices and wants Fiend to get up now. Fiend rises, but still no RKO, because Fiend has the MANDIBLE CLAW! Fiend smothers Orton, Orton starts to fade but he grabs at Fiend. Fiend brings Orton up, gives him a kiss good night, and the FLAMES erupt as Alexa is now in a new form! She has a tiara of barbed wire and there’s black ink pouring out. Wait, this distracts the Fiend?! ORTON HITS AN RKO!! Cover, Orton wins!!

Winner: Randy Orton, by pinfall

What is going on with Alexa?! Did she mean to ruin tonight for The Fiend?! Either way, the Viper slithers away before he has to worry about this any longer. Is Orton finally done being haunted by these ghouls? Fiend looks up at Alexa, but the lights start to go out again. And when the lights return, Fiend and Alexa are gone. Just what is happening inside the Firefly Fun House?


DING DONG~! Hello!

Bayley asks Titus and Hogan what happened to them texting her back. She says hello to Eric Bischoff, she’s a big fan of his podcast, and says if he ever feels like being on a real show, he can be on hers. Well he’s more of a book guy, not into TV. But that match of Sasha VS Bianca, the SmackDown Women’s Champion on his podcast would be awesome! Yeah, yeah, flavor of the month. But they’re not a role model like Bayley! Bayley is the longest reigning women’s champion, has her own talk show, and is on both nights of Mania! Bischoff brings up Hogan’s new boat, and they decide to go see the boat. Titus wants to ride a boat… Sorry, Bayley, Hall of Famer stuff.


WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships: Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler w/ Reginald VS Natalya & Tamina!

The Tag Team Turmoil is over, but now the real battle begins! Will the Irresistible Force & Queen of Spades still be standing after battling the Daughter of Superfly & Queen of Harts?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and the battle of alpha females begins!

The teams sort out and Shayna and Natty start. They circle, tie up, Natty headlocks and hits a takeover, but Shayna headscissors. Natty kips free but Shayna smirks as the two reset. They tie up again, Shayna headlocks to hit the takeover, but Natty gets up to power out. Shayna runs Natty over, dusts off her hands, then runs. Natty drops, hurdles, but Shayna blocks a hip toss to get a headlock, only for Natty to trip her up! Shayna scrambles to avoid the Sharpshooter, and tags to Nia. Nia and Natty stare down, fans duel, and they tie up. Nia shoves Natty down and says, “I don’t want you.” She’s calling out Tamina! Tamina reaches out, and Natty tags her in!

Fans fire up as Tamina and Nia stare down. Nia pie faces, headbutts and talks trash but Tamina HEADBUTTS back! It’s a battle of headbutts! Tamina fires off haymakers but Nia denies the scoop! Nia runs but Tamina fires off forearms! Tag to Natty, Nia ROCKS her and Tamina! Nia runs, Shayna tags in, Natty & Tamina DOUBLE BACK DROP Nia! Shayna BOOTS Natty, Tamina ROCKS Shayna back! Natty is up, she and Tamina DOUBLE GOURD BUSTER Shayna onto Nia! Fans fire up as Natty gets the legs again and steps through, but Shayna cradle counters, TWO! Natty waistlocks and GERMAN SUPLEXES! Natty drags Shayna up to stomp her down, then tags Tamina.

Natty keeps Shayna from her corner and feeds her to Tamina’s clothesline! Tag back to Natty, Natty gets the hand-off to trip Shayna, and catapult her into a SUPERKICK! Cover, TWO! Natty keeps on Shayna with forearms, then scoops Shayna, only for Shayna to slip out and fire off a strike fest, topping it off with a KNEE! Natty and Shayna are both down, Nia YANKS Tamina off the apron! Tamina fires off on Nia, but Nia scoops her to SLAM her! Natty is shocked, Shayna KNEES her down in a corner! Shayna snapmares to a cover, TWO! Shayna goes after a leg and bends it! Natty endures, kicks with her free leg but Shayna throws a forearm. Shayna pulls on the leg and twists the ankle!

Natty kicks at Shayna more, Shayna turns Natty over and has the foot stuck, to STOMP IT!! Tag to Nia, and Nia looms over Natty as she clutches the foot. Nia soaks up the heat, and drags Natty to drop a leg on the leg! Nia has a standing toehold and Natty endures. Natty fires off haymakers, but Nia stomps the leg! Cover, TWO! Nia is annoyed but she drags Natty up. Natty fights back, Nia CLOBBERS her! Tag to Shayna, Nia has Natty in a STRETCH MUFFLER! Shayna KNEES Natty while she’s upside-down! Cover, TWO! Shayna taunts Natty as Tamina is still down. Shayna SMASHES Natty’s knee into the mat, then pushes Natty around.

Shayna drags Natty up, Nia tags in, and Shayna feeds Natty to a scoop and SLAM! Natty gets to her corner, Nia soaks up heat and runs in, but Natty POSTS her! Natty catches her breath, runs at Nia and throws clothesline after clothesline, then the DISCUS! Cover, TWO!! Nia still has a lot of power but Natty rallies the fans! Natty drags Nia up but Nia headbutts her! Nia reels Natty in, gets her up, and hits the ONE HAND SLAM! Cover, Tamina breaks it?! Tamina is back in this and Shayna is furious! Nia crawls over to tag Shayna in, but fans fire up for Natty as she tags Tamina in! Tamina rallies on Shayna with elbows, then dodges to CLOBBER Shayna!

Shayna blocks a punch to fire off kicks, but she kicks into a DRAGON SCREW! Tamina runs but gets buckles. Shayna blocks Tamina’s boot, twists the ankle, but Tamina BOOTS her down! Nia storms over but Tamina DECKS her! Shayna gets around, wants the Kirafuda but Tamina blocks it to SAMOAN DROP! Cover, TWO!! Tamina grows frustrated but she drags Shayna to a drop zone. Fans rally as Tamina goes to a corner! Tamina climbs up, but Shayna KICKS her first! Tag to Nia, and Nia storms over to get up top! Nia fireman’s carries but Natty saves Tamina! Shayna gets in but Natty CLOBBERS her! But Nia adjusts, DOUBLE CROSSBODY!! Double cover, TWO!!

Natty and Tamina survive but now Nia clutches a leg. That was a rough landing for everyone but Nia manages to get up. Nia sees Tamina is still down, fans rally for Tamina and Nia gets annoyed. Nia brings Tamina up, but Tamina scoops Nia!! Tamina SLAMS NIA!! Cover, TWO!!! Tamina drags herself to a corner, and fans fire up again as Tamina climbs! Tamina aims, SUPERFLY!! BUT SHE FLOPS! Nia moves and Tamina is down again! Nia and Tamina both crawl for their corners as fans rally again. Hot tag to Natty! Natty runs and swipes at Shayna, but Nia gets Natty for a fireman’s carry! Shayna tags in, Natty slips off and DECKS Shayna!

Natty basement dropkicks Nia, and she’s after Nia’s legs! But Shayna’s the legal one! Natty doesn’t know that as she works to get the turn! SHARPSHOOTER, but Nia isn’t legal!! Shayna gets in to get the KIRAFUDA!!! Shayna drags Natty down, Natty endures but she’s OUT! The champs win!!

Winners: Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler, by submission (still WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions)

So close and yet so far for Tamina & Natty! Does this mean no team can stop the Irresistible Force & Queen of Spades?


Kevin Owens VS Sami Zayn!

Two men who have known each other for two DECADES, ranging everywhere from friends to rivals to bitter enemies, finally have their moment together on the Grandest Stage of Them All! But given the Great Liberator’s ludicrous behavior as of late, the Prizefighter promises to beat some sense into him! Will Kevin snap Sami out of it? Or is Sami too far gone?


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AJ’s WrestleMania 37 Night One Results & Review 4/10/21

AJ continues with the WWE coverage this Mania week! Night 1 of WrestleMania may have been rain delayed; but did that dampen the excitement?



Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls. Children of all ages… WrestleMania is finally upon us once again and this time we are for real going to have it at my champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers stadium, Raymond James  and we get fans involved! We will hear the cheers, the boos and of course the ugly in the whole the but it’s still the grandest stage of them all. We have some decent matches for night one that will take place, sadly a thunder storm but if we know Vince McMahon, that’s not going to stop him.

Welcome to the Thirty-Seventh installment of WrestleMania!!!!!!!!


  • Drew McIntryre vs Bobby Lashley(c) for the WWE Championship:  Bobby Lashley wins via Hurt Lock – ****  – TITLE DEFENSE!!!!!
  • Tag Team Turmoil: Naomi & Lana vs Carmella & Billie Kay vs The Riott Squad vs Dana Brooke & Mandy Rose vs Tamina & Natalya: Tamina wins by last Elimination the Riott Squad – ** ½
  • Seth Rollins vs Cesaro: Cesaro wins via Gotch Neutralizer – *** ¼
  • AJ Styles & Omos vs The New Day(c) for the WWE Raw Tag Team Championships:  Omos wins via Two-Handed Chokeslam – ***TITLE CHANGE!!!
  • Steel Cage: Braun Strowman vs Shane McMahon: Braun Strowman wins via Running Powerslam – ** ¼
  • Bad Bunny & Damien Priest vs Miz & John Morrison: Bad Bunny wins via Electric Chair Crossbody combination – *** ¼
  • Bianca Belair vs Sasha Banks(c) for the WWE SmackDown Wom0n’s Championship: Bianca Belair wins via KOD – ****TITLE CHANGE!!!



Drew McIntyre vs Bobby Lashley

Both men try to get a strength advantage with a Collar & Elbow tie up before breaking it and going to holds now and still getting even ground. Now both men get some fighting in the corner going, delivering punches and strikes until they go to the outside where Lashley takes control and ragdolls McIntyre into the barricades before tossing Drew back in. Lashley keeps the onslaught on Drew and gets a quick pin attempt for a one and continues to get the beat down on the former champ. Lashley gets a lot of steam going as he goes to do another shoulder tackle into the corner, only to miss and Drew targets the arm of Bobby. Momentum shifting into Drew’s favor as Drew getting things going for him, suplexes and strikes galore as he goes for the Future Shock DDT. Lashley puts Drew into the corner to get separation but Drew catches the strike attempt and catches lashley into Northern Lights Suplex for a nearfall.

Bobby gets a reversal into a slam, a near fall and both men get some signature moves in. Drew hits the Glasgow Kiss and Bobby hits back with a one handed Spinebuster. After another near fall, Drew gets caught in a Hurt Lock but gets out of it quickly as they both go to the corner. Drew getting the swing this time and lands a good ol’ Alabama Slamma for a near fall of his own before trying to set up a sky-high superplex to the champion. Lashley fights off the attempt as Drew gets a Kimora Lock in to weaken the arm, Lashley fights him off again, catching Drew into a Tree of Woe but Drew sits up to launch Bobby in a Belly- To Belly. Lashley hits another one armed Spinebuster until Drew kips up and tells him to bring it, delivering a trifecta of Future Shock DDTs for a two count.

Drew in shock but goes to the corner, doing the countdown to the Claymore but Lashley rolls out of the ring. Drew tapping into a little bit of Undertaker and does a Tope Con Hilo to take MVP and Bobby out and takes Lashley back to the ring, setting up for something in from the top. Lashley catches the challenger and goes to apply another Hurt Lock but Drew runs out of the way to stun Lashley. As Lashley goes to do another Spinebuster, Drew rolls it into a Kimura Lock, perfectly on before Lashley inches slowly to the ropes to kick out. Lashley now, getting his aggression out, taking it to McIntyre in the corner until Drew gets separation, going for another Claymore until MVP distracts the former champion and misses the Claymore for Lashley to get the Hurt Lock in. Drew looked impressive to break out but Lashley didn’t break when Drew pushed off the corner and passes out from the pressure.

Tag Team Turmoil

Naomi & Lana vs Carmella & Billie Kay to start off the gauntlet style matchup as Naomi and Lana take the early advantage against Carmella. Carmella gets a tag onto Billie Kay but the advantage is still Lana and Naomi. When all four get in for chaos, Billie Kay goes for a roll up and beat Naomi and Lana for the next team to come out…

Riott Squad come out and take it to Billie early on but Carmella gets a tag and starts a beat down against Liv Morgan. Ruby breaks up the pin attempt but as Billie goes for the same pin attempt, the ref catches it and the Riott Squad get a tag and the advantage as Billie Kay gets brutalized, pinned and Carmella starts to beat up Liv before the next team come in…

Dana and Mandy come out and Ruby fights the two alone from the beat down as the fresher team gets things going and Liv barely gets a break of a pin attempt as Mandy and Dana work Ruby’s neck now. As Mandy cuts the ring off from Ruby, Ruby starts to fight out of the corner and gets Liv into the match now as they start the beat down of Mandy Rose. As the Riott Squad lose the advantage, Rose and Brooke get some damage with a superplex and Swanton combination but Liv gets a reversal on Dana and get the pinfall.

Natalya and Tamina are the last two to get in the match up and start the powerhouse assault on the Riott Squad. The two getting the best of the most tenured tag team in the whole match up as Liv tries to break out of their grasp. Ruby gets the tag and hit the codebreaker/senton combination to Tamina only for a two though and Tamina gets the advantage back, gets the tag to Natalya and they hit a Hart Attack. Natalya looks to get the Sharpshooter but changes her mind and tags Tamina in for the Superfly Splash to get the Day Two Tag Team Championship opportunity.

Seth Rollins vs Cesaro-

Cesaro goes quick into the offense with an Uppercut and goes for the Swing early but Seth rushes out and panics with Cesaro getting more and more of a beat down. Cesaro getting a good amount of offense going as Seth starts to target Cesaro’s arm and starts to pick things up after with his Superplex/Falcon Arrow combo after getting distance. Seth getting cocky again as he tries to take it to Cesaro but the Swiss Cyborg gets his strikes in again, taking down Seth with Uppercuts and goes for the swing again constantly, first time gets countered into a cradle, second time Seth gets to the ropes but the third time is the charm for nine rotations of the Swing and Sharpshooter. Seth breaks out of the hold and moves out of another Uppercut attempt from the corner, hurting Cesaro’s arm again as Rollins gets his high offense in, knees, Slingblades and a 360 Splash but nothing keeps Cesaro down. Seth tries for a ripcord knee but Cesaro changes it into a Neutralizer and a two count. Rollins crawls to the ropes and gets his legs grabbed again for yet ANOTHER Swing but flips out of it, into a Pedigree but fails to get the victory again.

Rollins gets his speech in about being God as he hits Cesaro in time to set up the Curb Stomp. Rollins gets caught into a Uppercut (second best Stomp counter) and takes Rollins spinning, first with a no handed Airplane Spin, Giant Swing and finishes it with a Neutralizer.

(Now get my Red and Pewter out of my sight on Rollins. They are winners unlike you tonight, Seth.)

New Day vs AJ Styles and Omos-

We… are getting Omos to start off against Kofi…? Oh no. New Day goaded AJ to start.

Kofi and AJ using their speed to go off and do some of their big moves or attempt them as AJ thinks he gets an advantage but Kofi gets it, with a slam and near fall, teasing AJ after a beat down as the champs get frequent tags, even getting a Unicorn Stampede off before Xavier holds AJ down for a bit. They keep teasing Omos to tag in but to no avail, New Day beating AJ down more. Kofi goes to tease AJ to get to tag AJ but tags Woods in to cut him off from tagging Omos. After a flurry from AJ to separate from Woods, Kofi tags himself in and fights AJ from tagging the big man in until AJ separates himself from the two and realizes, “I can tag the big man…? I CAN TAG THE BIG MAN!”

Omos comes in and Xavier can’t knock Omos down as Kofi tries to tag in and chop down the big man as The New Day… well to quote the remake of The Longest Yard… they shit themselves. Omos dismantles and smashes The New Day in the ring. Omos basically is breaking them apart as AJ flings over Omos for a Phenomenal Forearm and Omos two handed Chokeslams Kofi down for the win… Jesus Christ. They made him look like a billion dollars in the ring tonight.

Braun Strowman vs Shane McMahon-

As Braun comes in second, Elias and Ryker goes and beats Strowman down with chairs before the bell and Shane tells them to bring Braun in for it to start.

Shane grabs one of the chairs and beats Braun down with the chair over and over, going for a quick win and escaping but Braun, limping, stops Shane and taking more strikes from Shane for a good amount, limping and weakened as Shane breaks sheet metal from the top of the cage to continue the beat down and near fall. Braun now taking the fight to Shane as he stops Shane from escaping and tossing Shane into the cage walls over and over as Shane gets Braun’s hands now before getting squashed between the cage walls. Braun gets the full advantage in the match until his legs give out from earlier and Shane slides out, doing a swinging DDT and setting Braun up to go from Florida all the way to Cali with the Coast to Coast for a second near fall. Ryker and Elias climb the outside to get Shane out but Strowman runs into the cage to loosen all three of them. More offense goes on before Shane gets away and climbs out almost until he pisses off Braun and… gets caught, pulling the cage apart and dragging Shane back in. Braun getting a bright idea as he props Shane up on the cage, going up himself before Braun launches Shane off the cage and climbs back in, stumbling and standing up for himself and everyone who was bullied that’s watching before hitting a Running Powerslam for the win.

We get a small break for the cage to be taken down to honor the inductees to the 2020 Hall of Fame, Shatner, Liger, JBL, The Bella Twins, The British Bulldog, Titus O’Neal with the Warrior Award and the New World Order, Waltman, Hall, Nash and Hogan.

Bad Bunny & Damien Priest vs Miz & John Morrison-

Priest and Miz start it off and Miz goes to the corner and goads Bunny to come in and tags in as they walk around a little bit and Miz being an ass saying he can get the first shot as Bad Bunny pops Miz down. Bunny actually goes for a waist lock as Miz swings wild, Bunny ducks and gets another jab in before Miz gets pissed off and both of them trade blows in the corner of the ring before Miz gets the advantage, taking Bad Bunny into one corner and gets cocky a little before getting countered and Bunny flings Miz down with an arm drag. Miz rolls out and gets caught INTO A LA MAGISTAL AND A NEAR FALL! Miz had to get cheap after a a short pep talk with Morrison as Bad Bunny showing he’s better than Enzo with the rope spot. Bunny gets the advantage again as he slides under the ropes and does a well done Tilt-A-Whirl Head Scissor on Miz before tagging Morrison and getting some control in the match for M&M.

Miz gets back in and taunts Damien Priest by putting Bad Bunny in a headlock, inches away from Priest until Bunny gets some fight in him, dropping Morrison from the apron and almost getting to Priest, countering Miz’s stop with a Sunset Flip but getting beaten down after the pin attempt. Miz and Morrison take it to Bunny on the outside a bit. Morrison gets tagged in and taunts Booker T with a Spinarooni (A perfect one at that) as the tag to Miz gets in and Priest tries to get the crowd amped up. Miz cheap shots Priest and takes the ref’s attention away as M&M just keep embarrassing Bad Bunny with kicks in the corner. Miz gets cocky again and goes for his signature clothesline in the corner but Bunny stops him, dropping Morrison’s attack from the apron and hits a Tornado DDT onto Miz as he finally tags Damien Priest.

Damien goes to both men with his speed and strength, suplexing Miz into Morrison and hitting a chokeslam into a nearfall as all four men now get in the ring. Stereo Falcon Arrows, Damien Priest getting his step up Tope Con Hilo and Bunny with a crossbody. Priest gets Miz into the ring and Miz counters it into a Skull Crushing Finale into a pinfall. Bad Bunny goes to break it up and almost gets a tag in before Morrison pulls Bunny down. Bad Bunny having none of it from Morrison, hits a God Damn Destroyer as Priest props Miz up, gets the tag and lands a crossbody on the Miz for the win.

(Okay… Bad Bunny actually impressed me. Showed he cared. I give him props for that. I really do.)

Bianca Belair vs Sasha Banks-

Both women size each other up for Collar & Elbows and Sasha shoves Bianca down, getting the trash talk started before Bianca kips up and shows a good amount of her –est’s, being Strong, Quick, Fast against Sasha as Sasha gets annoyed and gets caught by Bianca, rolling her out of the ring as Bianca goes to the outside. After some fighting on the apron, Sasha goes for a good suicide dive attempt but Bianca catches her and carries her to the ring as the match gets back to the ring. Bianca gets her usually offense going but Sasha actually grabs the hair of Bianca during the cartwheel and takes control this time around, getting her edge back and weakening the challenger. Sasha takes her to the corner and goes for the double knee attempt from the apron before Bianca catches her and drops her on her shoulder as they both go to the outside. Bianca’s hair gets caught by Sasha and Bianca takes control on the outside before the ref gets to 8 and both come back in. Bianca showed off her strength this time after a cradle attempt and does an impressive amount of time on a stalling suplex. Sasha keeps using Bianca’s hair to try to stop her after the Suplex but Bianca uses her hair as a ripcord effect into a clothesline. Sasha gets beat down from a Standing Shooting Star and getting propped into the corner as Belair goes for a 450 attempt from the top rope and Sasha counters, getting the momentum change momentarily.

Bianca catches some of Sasha’s high speed offense and does powerbomb pinfalls as Sasha kicks out of the first two, reversing the third with an X-Factor and taking control back with a Tornado DDt for another near fall. Banks now goes to the top for a Frog Splash. Sasha gets her anger and ruthlessness to wrap Bianca’s hair around her opponent into a Bank Statement and somehow, Bianca powers through and gets to the ropes before Sasha starts stopping on Bianca’s face after the break. Banks keeps going with the trash talking but Bianca shoves her into the corner post with some Shoulder Tackles and sets her up for a Superplex. Sasha fights her off and attempts a cartwheel kick before Sasha grabs the feet into a Tree of Woe position to land a Meteora. Sasha misses the first one, goes to a knee strike from the Tree as Bianca sits up so Sasha lands knees first into the turnbuckle and eats a 450 Splash for a near fall. Sasha tries to get control again after but gets whipped in the midsection with Bianca’s hair and after a fight to swing around, Bianca grabs Sasha up and lands the Kiss Of Death to win her first Women’s Championship in WWE.

Overall Score: 8/10

Well not too bad for the first fan attended event for WWE… barring NXT of course. Bad Bunny showed he can actually care about wrestling, wasn’t expecting a Canadian Destroyer… or I guess Puerto Rican Destroyer. Cesaro gets his moment, Bianca gets her moment. AJ Styles is now a Grand Slam Champion and every match except for the Tag Team Turmoil thing was pretty solid. I actually can’t wait for night two of Mania. Did it match Stand and Deliver Night One? No. That is still the best match of the week so far but they brought a good amount of fire this night and held a candle to Night Two all things considered. Well we have one more day for me to do Mania Week writing so let’s see if Night two can live up to Night One.

Just… people stop wearing my Bucs colors and lose in the process. Seriously. Disappointed me tonight Seth and New Day.

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Let us know what you think on social media @ChairshotMedia and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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