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Mitchell’s ROH Results & Report! (7/6/19)

Taven takes on the Hot Sauce!



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ROH Wrestling Television, Episode 407

From PCO to Mark Haskins to Flip Gordon to even Jeff Cobb, Matt Taven has retained the ROH World Championship. Can Hot Sauce Tracy Williams succeed where others have failed?



  • The Kingdom VS The Bouncers; The Kingdom wins.
  • Brian Johnson VS Josh Woods; Woods wins.
  • ROH World Championship: Matt Taven VS Tracy Williams; Taven wins and retains the ROH World Championship.


The Kingdom VS The Bouncers!

While their charismatic leader prepares for battle, the Horror King and Sassy Wild Horse have one of their own! Will Vinnie Marseglia and TK O’Ryan be able to bounce Brawler Brian Milonas and the Beer City Bruiser to then cheer on Taven? Or will tonight’s ringside ban be the least of their concerns after this?

There is no Code of Honor upheld by the Kingdom, but that’s par for the course. Milonas starts against TK and TK has to fire himself up before tying up with the Mastodon. Milonas easily shoves TK away and grins as TK gets up. TK runs back at Milonas but gets shoved down again! Milonas shows a punch and TK scrambles away! Vinnie distracts Milonas, and TK rakes Milonas’ eyes! TK CHOPS away on Milonas in the corner, but Milonas comes back to bump TK off the buckles. Fans chant ‘BEER! BEER!” with each hit, then Milonas whips TK to back drop him down! TK gets up to get CHOPS from Milonas, then another whip. Milonas gives big double chops, and Bruiser likes what he sees. Milonas whips TK corner to corner but TK goes up and over.

TK baits Milonas to go up and over again, and again, and then again. Milonas stops to catch his breath, then they keep going. TK continues to evade Milonas, then dropkicks the tired Mastodon down. TK celebrates a little too much, because as he kneels and waves, Milonas falls on him! The referee checks on both men, and Milonas realizes he squashed TK underneath him. Milonas gets up and Bruiser calls him over. The tag is made and Bruiser back suplexes. TK slips out to tag in Vinnie! Vinnie runs in, but Bruiser runs him over! Bruiser scoops and carries Vinnie around, but Vinnie slips out to shove Bruiser into buckles! Vinnie runs side to side but Bruiser dodges him in the corner. Bruiser runs in but gets a big knee! Vinnie runs out, tilt-o-whirls, but can’t bring Bruiser down in the leg sweep!

Bruiser swings but VInnie dodges, only to get “BEER!” jabs! TK runs in, and he gets jabs, too! Bruiser punches TK then Vinnie and repeat. Bruiser winds up to take a bite, but Vinnie fish hooks Bruiser’s mouth! So Bruiser bites Vinnie’s fingers! The referee reprimands Bruiser, but Bruiser reminds us, “I can’t bite! I ain’t got no teef.” Tag to Milonas, but Vinnie boots Bruiser. Vinnie whips Bruiser but Bruiser reverses to feed Vinnie to Milonas’ Scrapbuster! TK climbs up while Vinnie bails out, but he leaps into Milonas’ arms! Milonas adjusts and Bruiser dropkicks for the sidewalk slam! Fans fire up with the Bouncers as Bruiser tags in. Milonas helps Bruiser build speed to CANNONBALL off the apron! He wipes out both TK and Vinnie!

Bruiser gets up and high-fives fans as he puts TK back in. Bruiser goes to whip Vinnie but Vinnie whips Bruiser into the post! He hit his teeth! Vinnie grabs Bruiser again to smash his mouth off railing! Bruiser clutches whatever teeth he has left while ROH goes to break.

ROH returns and Vinnie clubs Bruiser with crossface forearms. “You wanna bite me?!” Vinnie makes Bruiser bite ropes as he shoves his face against the middle one. The ref counts and Vinnie lets up at 4, but he distracts the ref while TK pulls Bruiser in more! TK adds an uppercut then backs off, leaving Bruiser to rest on the ropes. Vinnie kicks the ropes to jam Bruiser’s teeth more! Fans rally up with chants of “BEER! BEER!” but Vinnie drags Bruiser back up to put him in a corner. Vinnie runs side to side for a forearm smash, then another! He bumps Bruiser off buckles again, for Sliced Bread! Cover, TWO! Vinnie seethes while Bruiser checks his gums.

Vinnie wrenches Bruiser’s neck and hooks the mouth but the ref stops him. Bruiser gets up but Vinnie throws European Uppercuts. Tag to TK and The Kingdom double whip. Bruiser blocks the flapjack but gets body shots. The Kingdom both run, but into double sidewalk slams! All three men are down but Milonas and the fans rally up. Bruiser crawls, hot tag to Milonas! The Brawler rallies with big hands on The Kingdom! He blasts TK with a shoulder, then POUNCES Vinnie! Milonas grabs TK but gets a JAB! TK runs but into the crossbody! Milonas shouts to Bruiser, and the Bouncers coordinate. But Vinnie trips Bruiser up! Vinnie then anchors Milonas to disrupt the superplex, and TK crossbodies to cover! The Kingdom win!

Winners: The Kingdom, TK O’Ryan pinning

No Last Call, no Closing Time! The Kingdom keeps the bar open, but can Taven make it their night in the main event?

The Bouncers stay respectful, offering beers for the #ToastofHonor. The Kingdom’s response: they do take the beers, and the mic. “ROH is prided on elite tag team wrestling.” And there’s no doubt the Bouncers are elite. Fans agree with that. “But tonight, you guys proved to us that you’re exactly like everybody here. A big, fat loser.” And then they pour the beer on the floor!? The Bouncers clobber and whip The Kingdom to run them over! That’ll show The Kingdom to disrespect them and beer!


ROH hears from Matt Taven.

“Beware of the quiet man. For while others speak, he watches. And while others act, he plans. And when they finally rest, he strikes. That ol’ soft bark with a big bite.” The problem is, Matt Taven never rests! He’s worked harder than anyone in ROH history to become the world champion! And he will not be satisfied. The finish line is nowhere in sight, and there is work to be done. Taven will be ready for the quiet man, but he also wants the quiet man to know that “IIIII’M the world champion, and my bark is as big as my bite.”


ROH also hears from Tracy Williams.

“I’m standing here right now, going into the biggest match of my ROH career so far, and of my entire wrestling career so far.” Tracy earned this opportunity, and he doesn’t take it lightly. Taven holds a title that has also been held by some of the greatest professional wrestlers in history. Taven added his name to the list, so hopefully he enjoyed his time with the title. Tracy is coming to take the title. The Kingdom can’t stop him from out-wrestling Taven. Taven better hold on tight, because that belt will be going home with Tracy.


Brian Johnson VS Josh Woods!

The Number One feels The Goods hasn’t been good since he won the 2017 Top Prospect Tournament. In fact, Johnson feels Woods is the biggest bust in the tournament’s history. But Woods is all about “less is more” and being #DownToFight. Will Johnson still feel like “the one” after he actually gets in a fight with The Goods?

Johnson keeps his distance as Woods gets in the ring. The Code of Honor is upheld but Johnson also talks trash and shoves Woods. Johnson boasts and brags that he’ll be the top guy soon enough, but then Woods picks him up for a slam! Woods stalks Johnson, waistlocks and deadlifts, but Johnson grabs ropes. Johnson elbows Woods out and gets all smug again, but then gets a BOOT to the gut! Woods grimaces but Johnson yanks Woods into buckles. Johnson throws forearms and stomps away in the corner. He throws in elbows, then gets his arrogance back. Johnson whips Woods but Woods reverses it. Johnson goes up but Woods catches him!

Woods yanks but Johnson holds onto the ropes. Johnson elbows Woods down, then gets some space. He runs at Woods in the corner for a big back elbow, then throws a slapping haymaker. Johnson runs corner to corner, but Woods catches him and carries him, before throwing him with an exploder! Woods clobbers Johnson then stalks Johnson to a corner. He whips Johnson corner to corner and then runs in, but Johnson dodges! Woods rams into the post and falls to the floor! Johnson is smug again as ROH goes to break.

ROH returns and Johnson has Woods in a chinlock. Woods endures and fans rally up. Woods fights his way up and out of the hold and throws elbows. Johnson shifts to a facelock but Woods powers him into a corner! Woods throws big hands on Johnson then whips. Johnson holds the ropes and Woods’ arm jams. Johnson then runs to clothesline Woods down! Cover, TWO! Johnson is furious that Woods is still in this. But Woods is clutching his arm, so Johnson goes after it. He slams it on the mat, then grabs it for an armbar DDT! “That’s a top prospect?!” Johnson isn’t impressed but Woods hits back. Johnson wrenches the arm to a standing armlock, but Woods endures. Fans rally up and Woods fights back with his good arm giving forearms. But Johnson wrenches more.

Woods still throws forearms but Johnson yanks. Johnson wrenches again but Woods forearms free! And throws a big knee! Woods rallies with forearms then a belly2belly! Fans fire up with Woods as he runs corner to corner for a shining wizard! Johnson falls and Woods covers, TWO! Johnson survives and Woods is shocked. Woods grabs a leg but Johnson grabs ropes. Johnson kicks Woods’ bad arm then kicks a leg out! Woods falls and Johnson uses the ropes to cover! But the ref sees that as clear as the nose on his face! Johnson clubs away on Woods, but Woods snapmares back. Woods hits another big knee! Wrench to fireman’s carry, SEISMIC TOSS! Cover, Woods wins!

Winner: Josh Woods, by pinfall

The Goods still has it! It’ll be awhile before the Number One is better than Mr. Top Prospect 2017, but can becoming Mr. Top Prospect 2019 help with that?


ROH looks back to how Hot Sauce became a contender.

It was War of the Worlds Tour, 5/11/19, Tracy Williams VS Eli Isom. LifeBlood’s Hot Sauce got the Future of Honor up for a crunching piledriver and won the match, and has lined up his ROH World Championship shot for tonight! Can Hot Sauce succeed where others have failed? Or will The Kingdom still hold gold thanks to Matt Taven?


ROH World Championship: Matt Taven VS Tracy Williams!

Former world champion, Jay Lethal, joins commentary to watch the man that took the title from him at G1 Supercard. Despite being on the losing end of a Best 2 Out of 3 Falls series with Kenny King, Lethal will get another shot at the world title at ROH Manhattan Mayhem on July 20th! Who meets The Franchise Player in Hammerstein?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and the Code of Honor is actually upheld. Taven and Tracy back off for the bell, and we begin!

Tracy is fired up already as he circles with Taven. Taven gets to a corner and uses the ropes as defense, then trash talks a fan that his girl’s going home with Taven. Lethal is practically pacing at commentary as Taven and Tracy tie up. Taven wrenches to a wristlock but Tracy reverses to hammerlock then headlock and takeover. Taven headscissors but Tracy pops out. The two stand off and fans cheer as they circle again. Taven and Tracy tie up and Taven waistlocks. He spins Tracy for a snapmare then crucifix, TWO! Taven brags about how good he’s doing and Tracy “applauds.” Tracy and Taven circle again, but Taven again uses the ropes as defense. Taven has Tracy cool of while ROH goes to break.

ROH returns again, and Tracy steps through to drop on the toehold! Taven kicks but Tracy catches it! To roll it into a heel hook! Taven scrambles and gets the ropebreak. Tracy lets go and wants to know where the champ’s confidence went. Taven slowly gets up but again uses ropes as defense. To then sucker CHOP Tracy! Taven whips Tracy but Tracy reverses to CHOP back! Tracy reels Taven in for a trapped-arm saido suplex! Taven stands but Tracy is on him with another CHOP! Tracy CHOPS in the corner and Taven reels towards another. The CHOPS keep coming but Taven kicks back. Taven suplexes but Tracy slips out to CHOP again! Tracy goes to suplex but Taven powers him into buckles.

Taven rams his shoulders in then runs corner to corner, only for Tracy to slip out and swing boots into Taven! Tracy fires up while Taven staggers and falls back. Tracy slingshots but rolls through as Taven bails out. Taven turns around into a wrecking ball dropkick! Tracy throws forearms on Taven as they go around the ring. Tracy CHOPS away with palm strikes and kicks, then chases him back in the ring. Taven bails back out but Tracy is on him at the barriers. Taven ducks the chop to then throw Tracy into a post! Tracy’s bad shoulder collides with steel, then Taven throws Tracy into railing! Taven puts Tracy in but decides to take the night off early. He takes his belt back and blows kisses to his fans. But the fans boo as Taven goes up the ramp.

Tracy pursues and throws hands in front of the stage! And CHOPS, too! Fans cheer as Tracy drags Taven up the steps to bounce him off them! Taven crawls as the 20 count reaches 10, but Tracy climbs up onto stage. Tracy fires up and FLIES with a forearm! He takes Taven down and fans cheer for “R O H!” The ref gets Tracy to drag Taven back to the ring, and the action goes back inside. Fans fire up with Hot Sauce as he aims. Taven runs in but gets kicks! The toe gets Taven in the face! Tracy climbs but Taven rocks him with a forearm. Taven climbs up to join Tracy but Tracy grabs Taven! The two fight up top with body shots, but then Taven grabs Tracy for a SUPER Russian Leg Sweep!! Tracy crashes and burns on ropes, apron and cameraman!

Taven builds speed to WRECK Tracy with the dropkick! “Because I’m… Matt Taven.” Taven soaks up the heat from the fans while ROH goes to one more break.

ROH returns once more as Taven and Tracy are down in the ring. Taven crawls to a corner while Tracy goes to the opposite end. Tracy runs in but Taven dodges, only to run into an elbow. Tracy hops up and leaps for a Sicilian Slice leg drop! Hot Sauce stays hot as he climbs up again. Taven is in the drop zone and Tracy leaps, but Taven gets clear of the double stomps. Tracy rolls through but turns around into Taven’s Slingblade to sleeper hold! But Tracy powers out and puts one on Taven! Tracy hops on but Taven powers him into buckles. Taven is free, but Tracy reels him back in! The ref calls for a ropebreak but Taven breaks free again. Taven hoists Tracy up and enziguris the bad shoulder! Taven grabs Tracy, but Tracy pushes him away.

Tracy misses the clothesline in the corner but elbows Taven away. Tracy hops up but Taven enziguris again! Taven has Tracy in the other corner and back up top. He CHOPS Tracy then shouts at a fan, “Suck on that, fatty!” Taven climbs but Tracy has him for a half hatch DDT to the top buckle! Tracy fires up, hops up, and leaps for a flying DDT!! Cover, TWO! Taven survives and Tracy can’t believe it! Both men are down and fans rally up as a standing count begins. Tracy sits up first but Taven slowly follows. Tracy drags Taven to his feet and wants a piledriver, but Taven blocks. Taven back drops but Tracy sunset flips, only for Taven to roll through and give Tracy #JustTheTip of the knee! Both men are down again and another standing count begins!

Fans cheer and rally as both men stir again. Both men get to ropes and stand. Taven runs at Tracy but gets buckles. Tracy throws forearms then whips corner to corner. Taven stops himself, rolls back and enziguris Tracy again! Tracy escapes the back suplex, but Taven ducks the discus. Tracy blocks the boot to hit a LARIAT! Cover, TWO!! Into a Crossface!! Taven flails but Tracy shifts to the Ankle Lock! Tracy has Taven away from ropes, but Taven keeps fighting. Tracy drops down to an STF! Fans rally both ways as Taven crawls, to a ropebreak! Tracy can’t believe he couldn’t finish it there. Tracy springboard stomps Taven, then slashes the throat. He drags Taven up and wants the piledriver, but Taven back drops again. Tracy sunset flips again, but Taven rolls through again for more of #JustTheTip!

Taven headlocks but Tracy denies the Climax, to spin around and swing a lariat. Taven blocks that, into another headlock, and the CLIMAX! But Taven has to crawl to the cover, TWO!? Tracy lives and Taven is stunned! But the fans know “This is Awesome!” Taven focuses and drags Tracy to a drop zone. Taven climbs, leaps, frog splash onto knees!! Cover, TWO!! Tracy knees low then drags Taven in, PILEDRIVER! Cover, TWO!! Taven survives the driver and now Tracy is beside himself. Fans are fired up for both men as another standing count begins. Tracy sits up first but Taven follows again. Tracy grabs Taven but Taven rolls through. Taven runs around but can’t get free of Tracy’s grip, so he sends Tracy into the ref! And then he throws Tracy’s bad shoulder into an exposed turnbuckle! The buckle Taven exposed during commercial comes into play! Taven steps through to lock the arm, CLIMAX! Cover, Taven wins!

Winner: Matt Taven, by pinfall; still ROH World Champion

The Kingdom’s king survives LifeBlood’s technical genius! But now Lethal is ready for a major rematch in Manhattan! Will things finally be settled between Lethal and Taven? Who comes out proving they are the one true ROH World Champion?



My Thoughts:

A pretty good ROH to help set up the Manhattan Mayhem special in a few weeks. Honestly, that’s the only thing this episode did, despite solid matches. Bouncers VS Kingdom was one good way to keep TK O’Ryan and Vinnie Marseglia from interfering with the main event, along with the mentioned ringside ban. Kingdom is still the better tag team so it makes sense for them to win. Perhaps we get a longer feud of Kingdom VS Bouncers to determine contenders to the ROH World Tag Team Championships. Manhattan Mayhem will see those titles on the line, Guerrillas of Destiny VS The Briscoes, and I can’t be sure the titles change hands because it doesn’t seem like that big of a PPV. Though perhaps it’ll have to be then or else ROH is never actually getting those titles back.

Obviously Josh Woods beats Brian Johnson because for starters, that’s how this story was going with Johnson talking so much trash to bring the match about. Secondly, “The Number One” is some kind of bootleg GLORIOUS Bobby/Robert Roode. For me, Johnson is dangerously close to “go away” heat with this smugness. But I have a feeling that alone will take him far in this year’s Top Prospect Tournament. Last year, the tournament was “scrapped” as Jeff Cobb kept blowing it up, but I’m pretty sure this year goes off like the others before it. I don’t know all the entrants, but I doubt the winner of that overcomes Shane Taylor if Shane Taylor is still ROH World TV Champion by the end of it.

The main event was much better, and naturally since it was for THE ROH World Championship. Tracy Williams did great, but as expected, he didn’t win. For one, this was a televised world title match, on only episode 407, it’s just not how things are done. Secondly, we’re getting Taven VS Lethal now in Manhattan, and this will for the time being settle things between them. We never really got the story I had hoped for with each man having their own version of the world title belt, but the matches have been good enough. I would expect Taven to win again, but I’m wondering where Kenny King is to complain that Lethal is still getting this shot at all. King won the 2 out of 3 series, so he has an actual reason to get a shot before Lethal. Maybe with the episode left before Manhattan Mayhem, King drops a promo about this.

My Score: 8.1/10

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