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205 Live = Cruiserweight Division


Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (7/2/19)

Lucha! Lucha! VS Bolly Bolly Bolly!

The Cruiserweight Division prepares for the extreme!

Drew Gulak is ready for his Cruiserweight title defense in his hometown of Philadelphia, but is Tony Nese ready to go into enemy territory? Plus, #LuchaTime returns as the Lucha House Party takes on the Singh Brothers in a Tornado Tag Match!



  • Tornado Tag: Lucha House Party VS The Singh Brothers; Lucha House Party wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Tony Nese, Oney Lorcan & Jack Gallagher VS Drew Gulak, Ariya Daivari & Mike Kanellis; Nese, Lorcan & Gallagher win.


Tony Nese talks with Jack Gallagher and Oney Lorcan.

The Premier Athlete lets them know that while he’s known Drew Gulak for a long time, “this is the most dangerous I have ever seen him.” And worst yet, Gulak parades around with the Cruiserweight Championship. Nese vows to take it back at Extreme Rules. But tonight, these three must be ready for Gulak and his own tag partners. Nese has had his own wars with Ariya Daivari, and Mike Kanellis… Well, the Extraordinary Gentleman notes that if Maria told the truth on Raw, Mike is a bit of a disappointment. But even so, he will bring it as a competitor. They will watch each other’s backs.

Gallagher is excited for this opportunity. Almost as much as Gallagher is to add onto Mike’s misery. Lorcan speaks up, saying the match will be chaotic, and that will be fun for him. But not as fun for giving Daivari more stitches. “See you boys out there.” Nese is glad Lorcan’s on their side. Will this dynamic trio be able to defeat the dangerous combination of Gulak, Daivari and Kanellis?


Tornado Tag: Lucha House Party VS The Singh Brothers!

Not only is it #LuchaTime again on 205 Live, but it’s also #TornilloTime! With things getting as intense as they have been, the only way to settle this was to let Lince Dorado, Gran Metalik and the Bollywood Boys off the leash! Now with all four men fighting at once, who will come away the superior Cruiserweight tag team?

The teams put aside their props and jackets to get ready for this match. The bell rings and the Singh Brothers dance with the “curry-sel.” But the Lucha House Party and San Antonio chant “Lucha! Lucha!” And then the brawl breaks out! Lince and Metalik get the edge and throw the Singhs out of the ring. Metalik CHOPS Sunil against the desk, then both he and Lince CHOP the Singhs by the barriers. Kalisto and the pinatas enjoy what they see as the CHOPS continue to fly! Metalik holds both Singhs as Lince climbs the barriers. Lince leaps for big clotheslines! Metalik then puts Sunil in the ring while Lince keeps on Samir. But Sunil hits Metalik back as Metalik returns to the ring. Sunil whips Metalik while Lince bounces Samir off the announce desk.

Metalik handsprings but Sunil gets clear, but Sunil walks into the CHOP! Metalik uses Sunil for balance as he acrobatically arm-drags Sunil away! Sunil gets up but gets a mule kick. Metalik hops up fast but has to hop down as Sunil runs over. Metalik hits him with a swing kick, then a springboard missile dropkick! Lince covers, TWO! LHP whips and double hip tosses Sunil down, then combine for a wheelbarrow back senton! Lince adds a Stone Cold flavored Plank Splash! Cover as Metalik hits Samir away, TWO! Metalik keeps on Samir while Lince stomps Sunil. Samir throws Metalik into barriers and goes after Lince. Lince ends up in a 2v1 against the Singhs and they club him down. The Singhs stomp and CHOP Lince in a corner, then double whip him corner to corner. Lince uppercuts Sunil away then kicks Samir. Lince whips Samir hard into buckles, then springboards for a moonsault DDT! Cover, TWO!

Metalik returns to dropkick Sunil out, then LHP double whip Samir. Lince whips Metalik in to give Samir a clothesline, then Metalik feeds Samir to Lince’s CHOP! Lince rolls Samir into Metalik’s wheelbarrow, and they combine for the bulldog! Metalik covers, TWO! Sunil drags Lince out to ram into the apron! Kalisto coaches up Lince while Samir puts Metalik on the apron. Metalik swing kicks Samir, but Sunil trips him up on the top rope! Metalik falls on his huevos while the Singhs gloat. The Singhs drag Metalik up and double suplex him down. Samir covers, TWO! Sunil drags Metalik up and the Singhs put him back in the corner. Lince comes back and clubs both Singhs from behind! Lince messes Samir’s hair and throws haymakers, but Sunil takes Lince down with a spinning wheel kick!

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Samir gloats as he and Sunil go after Metalik again. They stomp a Bollywood mudhole into him, then dropkick Lince back out. Sunil keeps on Lince but Lince hits back. Sunil whips Lince into a post! Lince bounces off and goes flying while Samir stomps Metalik more. The Bollywood dancing returns but then the Singhs snapmare Metalik down. Samir holds Metalik while Lince dances around. Sunil stomps Lince back down before going back to stomp Metalik. Fans rally for the LHP but the curry-sel rides again. The Singhs taunt Kalisto as the only man not in this match. Samir hits Lince back out but Metalik fights back. The Singhs double whip and elbow Metalik then dance around for double elbow drops. Cover, TWO!

Kalisto rallies San Antonio up behind LHP but Samir climbs. Sunil gives Metalik the backbreaker, then Samir adds the top rope elbow drop! Cover, but Lince breaks it in time! Sunil throws Lince out and goes back to Metalik. The Singhs whip but Metalik holds ropes. Metalik throws Samir out then elbows Sunil into a Sling-Dog! Samir runs back in and throws Metalik out. Samir swivels the hips again but he doesn’t see Lince return. Lince waits for Samir to turn around to get the “Lucha! Lucha!” started. Lince rallies with haymakers and a whip. Samir reverses but Lince huricanranas him to a corner! Lince uppercuts Sunil as he returns, then hammers away on Samir! Lince stomps a mudhole into Samir for over 30 stomps! Sunil returns but gets a dropkick!

Lince keeps moving as he hears the “Lucha! Lucha!” echo out. He runs corner to corner but Samir dodges. Lince hops out then up then crossbody onto Samir! Cover, but Sunil breaks it! Sunil goes at Lince but Lince dodges, handspring to Golden Rewind! But Lince isn’t done there, and Metalik returns! The Singhs both end up outside on opposite ends. The LHP build speed, they both FLY! Lince takes out Samir while Metalik takes out Sunil! San Antonio is fired up with LHP as Lince puts Samir in. Metailk puts Sunil in, too, and both take aim again. Double springboards, into SUPERKICKS! Cover on Metalik, TWO! The Singhs are shocked but San Antonio is fired up for LHP!

Samir demands his “Boscar” back. He grabs it from the timekeeper and brings it into the ring. Kalisto protests, and then grabs the trophy! Sunil clocks Kalisto, but gets a SUPERKICK from Lince! Lince SUPERKICKS Samir, then Metalik lifts him, for the Metalik Driver! Both luchadors climb up top, for the tightrope elbow AND Golden Shooting Star! Side-by-side covers, LHP wins!

Winners: Lucha House Party, both Lince and Metalik pinning

The Golden Lynx and King of the Ropes redeem themselves! Will this victory in the tornado lead Lucha House Party to bigger and better things?


205 Live takes a closer look at Humberto Carrillo.

Ultimo Ninja, the third-generation Cruiserweight luchador has moves and skills as good as his looks! He has come so close to the top already and is rising fast! When and where will Carrillo come across a Cruiserweight Championship match?

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Backstage interview with Mike Kanellis.

Those who saw Raw saw him and Mrs. Kanellis take on the WWE Universal and Raw Women’s Champions in a Mixed Tag Match. They also saw the complete meltdown of Maria and her pregnancy reveal. Is Mike even emotionally capable to compete tonight? And where is Maria right now? No he’s not emotionally ready. Who could be after such a roller coaster? But he’s here, at the orders of Drake Maverick, who isn’t even here because of his honeymoon. As for Mrs. Kanellis, she won’t be ringside because they’re not on speaking terms. That announcement should’ve been the happiest moment of their lives. But instead, live on television, she said that she was surprised he was man enough to get her pregnant. She called him a disappointment.

And he, too, is disappointed. Not in himself, but in Drake Maverick! Maverick is at fault for this rift! If he’d just given Mike the opportunities Mike deserves, Mike would be celebrating the coming of his second child with the Cruiserweight Championship around his waist and his happy wife by his side. But no, Mike’s alone while Maverick is on some beach somewhere, with the WWE 24/7 Championship and a happy wife! Mike swears to make Maverick pay for the damage done to the Kanellis Family, and he swears to prove to Maria he IS man enough. That starts with tonight’s Six Man Tag!


Six Man Tag: Tony Nese, Oney Lorcan & Jack Gallagher VS Drew Gulak, Ariya Daivari & Mike Kanellis!

We heard from the Premier Athlete, Boston Brawler and Extraordinary Gentleman, and we just heard from the furious and desperate Opportunist of Love. With that kind of fire inside Mike, is he the perfect third partner for the sadistic Philly Stretcher and lethal Persian Lion?

The teams sort out and Nese starts against Gulak. We get a sampler for Extreme Rules right here as the two circle and stare down. But then Gulak tags out to Mike. Fans troll Mike with “Where’s Maria?” She’s watching from backstage! Maria scowls as Mike struggles to keep his composure. Gallagher tags in and also looks for Maria. Gulak tells Mike to ignore the fans and knock Gallagher’s mustache off his face. Mike and Gallagher tie up and Mike wrenches to a wristlock. Gallagher rolls and pries the hold apart to waistlock Mike. Mike pries at Gallagher’s hands to get free and wrench back. Mike headlocks as Gulak and Daivari applaud.

Gallagher powers out but Mike runs him over. Mike runs but Gallagher drops to then jump over and become a pretzel! Mike falls for the bait and into a cover, ONE! Gallagher keeps on Mike with a wrench and tags Lorcan. Lorcan runs to swing on Daivari! Mike runs at Lorcan but Lorcan dodges to CHOP! Lorcan has Mike in a corner for more CHOPS! Mike turns things around to give those CHOPS back! Lorcan turns it back around to CHOP Mike more! But Mike does the same! Lorcan swings but Mike dodges to CHOP more! Lorcan headlocks but Mike powers out, only for Lorcan to run him over. Mike is up to CHOP but Lorcan CHOPS back! Both men keep going, and then Lorcan shifts to European Uppercuts! Lorcan runs, but Mike follows to clothesline Lorcan down! Cover, ONE!

Mike keeps on Lorcan and tags in Daivari. Daivari clubs Lorcan down then rains down punches from all sides! Daivari is furious given that attack from behind last week and stomps Lorcan down. “You want to hit me with a chair, huh!?” Daivari kicks Lorcan to the corner while fans boo. He drags Lorcan up but Lorcan CHOPS back! Daivari boots Lorcan down then tags in Gulak. Gulak and Daivari double suplex Lorcan then Gulak covers, TWO! Gulak keeps on Lorcan with a headbutt. Lorcan gets to ropes while Gulak taunts Nese. Mike tags in and stomps away on Lorcan, then drags him up for a snapmare. Mike sits Lorcan up and runs for a big basement dropkick! Cover, TWO! Mike drags Lorcan back over to tag in Daivari.

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Daivari and Mike double whip Lorcan but Lorcan kicks Mike away! Lorcan dodges Daivari to tag in Nese! Nese rallies on Mike and Daivari, then hits Gulak for good measure! Nese hops up but Daivari gets under the moonsault. Mike runs but misses Nese as Nese goes Matrix! Nese kip-ups to mule kick Mike then mule kick Daivari. Nese knee lifts Mike away then does the same to Daivari. He also kicks and sweeps the legs to a cover, TWO! Nese keeps on Daivari with a CHOP, then runs. Mike trips Nese up but Gallagher flies to knee Mike down! Gallagher fires off on Mike while Nese kicks Daivari down. Nese hits Gulak away then springboards, but Gulak shoves Nese out onto Mike, Gallagher and Lorcan! All four crash down on the ground!

Gulak watches coldly as Nese and the others writhe and stir. The ref reprimands Gulak to go back to his corner. Daivari gets up and waits while the 10 count climbs. He tags to Gulak and Gulak goes around to fetch Nese. Gulak puts Nese in and covers, TWO! Gulak likes that Nese “still has some fight”, so he wrenches and rolls Nese to a new cover. TWO, but Gulak keeps on the arm. Nese endures as fans rally up. Nese fights his way up and fights with body shots. Gulak keeps Nese from the corner with a whip, but Nese crossbodies! Cover, ONE, and Gulak LARIATS Nese down! Cover, TWO! Gulak grimaces as he watches Nese crawl to the corner. Gulak drags Nese over and tags Daivari in. Daivari runs in and hits a clothesline, then snapmares Nese for stomps. Daivari drags Nese and stomps his stomach!

Fans boo but Daivari talks trash to them. Daivari stays between Nese and his corner, then stomps and clubs Nese back down. Daivari swings on Lorcan but Lorcan gets clear. Nese shoves Daivari away but Daivari clubs him back down. Daivari whips Nese hard into the corner! Nese hits buckles then mat, and Daivari tags Mike. Mike stomps Nese down and grinds his feet in. Mike drags Nese up for a suplex but Nese cradle counters! TWO, but Nese hurries for his corner. Mike LARIATS Nese down! Maria actually smirks backstage as Mike rains down raging right hands! Tag to Gulak and Mike holds Nese down as Gulak drops an elbow. Cover, TWO! Gulak circles Nese and tags Mike back in. Mike tags Daivari, and now all three dangerous men work on Nese.

Daivari whips Gulak in for a corner clothesline, then Gulak feeds Nese to Mike’s SUPERKICK! Gulak electric chair lifts Nese for Daivari to hit Iconoclasm! Cover, but both Gallagher and Lorcan barrel through Gulak to break it! Now a brawl breaks out! Gallagher sends Gulak out then Mike. Daivari and Gallagher brawl but the referee restores order. Nese crawls for his corner but Daivari drags him away. Tag to Gulak and Gulak takes Nese’s leg for a standing toehold. Nese endures and kicks back with the free leg, but Gulak stomps him down. Cover, TWO! Gulak keeps Nese down with a mounted armlock. Gulak boots Nese in the face but Nese keeps reaching for his team. Fans boo as Gualk whips Nese. But Nese reverses and pump handles to a driver! Both men are down but fans rally up as they crawl! Hot tags to Daivari and Lorcan!

Lorcan counter punches and uppercuts and CHOPS Daivari! Lorcan runs to blast Daivari! Mike runs in but he gets an uppercut, too! Mike falls out of the ring as Lorcan goes corner to corner. Back elbow to Daivari! Then another! Daivari follows but still gets another elbow. Lorcan hops up, but Daivari ducks the blockbuster. So Lorcan just hits the blockbuster on the run! Cover, TWO!! But the Fury of 205 Live fires up, and San Antonio with him! Tag to Gallagher, and Gallagher fireman’s carries to a hotshot! EuroUpper to clothesline to leg drop to falling headbutt! Cover, TWO! Daivari lives but Gallagher keeps on him. Gallagher bumps Daivari off buckles then hoists him up top. Gallagher climbs up behind but Mike yanks him off.

Mike swings but is thrown right back out. Gulak BOOTS Gallagher all the way out! But Lorcan body checks Gualk out, to then FLY out onto them all! But Daivari LEAPS onto everyone! Gallagher crawls away but the others are still out there as Nese FLIES in! Nese wipes them all out! But wait, Gallagher has WILLIAM! Gallagher opens up the umbrella and climbs up top, for the Mary Poppins senton! He wipes out everyone! And he gets Daivari in fast! Gallagher climbs again, leaps, falling headbutt! Cover, but Gulak breaks it! Everyone is down all over the place but San Antonio loves this! Gulak crawls back to his corner and reaches out to Daivari. Tag is made, and Gulak stalks his former friend in Gallagher.

Daivari and Lorcan start brawling on the outside! Lorcan throws uppercuts and CHOPS that send Daivari to the ramp! The brawl continues and Gulak is distracted just enough for Gallagher to roll him up! TWO, and Gulak headbutts Gallagher down! Lorcan and Daivari end up backstage, so this is just 2v2 now. Gulak drags Gallagher up for a headlock. Mike tags in as Gallagher powers out. Gallagher runs at Gulak for a flapjack! Gulak spins but Gallagher gives him the Gentleman’s Headbutt! Both men stagger, and Nese tags in! Nese doesn’t realize Gulak isn’t legal as he goes up top! Nese 450 Splashe FLOPS as Mike drags Gulak out of the way! Mike scrambles to cover Nese, TWO!! Mike is shocked and furious! He gets up and grabs Nese by the head, but Nese spins out and powers Mike up, Sunset Driver! Cover, Nese and team win!

Winners: Tony Nese, Jack Gallagher & Oney Lorcan, Nese pinning

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But Gulak shotgun dropkicks Nese right down! There’s no celebrating for the #1 Contender as the cruel Cruiserweight Champion drives in knees and forearms! But Lorcan returns! Only for Daivari to return, too! Gallagher goes after Gulak but Mike throws him out! Daivari throws Lorcan into steel steps while Mike throws Gallagher into the announce desk! Gulak and Nese keep brawling, and Nese gets Gulak in a corner. Gulak turns it around, but Gallagher turns things around on Mike! Lorcan whips Daivari into barriers! More referees hurry out but they can’t stop any of this!

Commentary bails out as Lorcan starts attacking Daivari right on top of the desk! Mike throws Gallagher into barriers and stomps a mudhole! Nese and Gulak spill out of the ring, too, and Nese throws Gulak into barriers! Lorcan rakes at Daivari’s face while Gallagher whips Mike into steel steps! Nese throws Gulak into the post and then kicks him against the LED board! Lorcan was right, this IS chaos! Will Drake Maverick have to cut his honeymoon short to restore some order around here? Or are the Cruiserweight inmates running the asylum now?



My Thoughts:

What a great 205 Live! And with only two matches! I referenced this last time, but the Tornado Tag being the apparent blow-off between Lucha House Party and Singh Brothers, I wish there was something on the line. Those once-rumored Cruiserweight Tag Team titles would have been perfect for this match because it was another great match! LHP win as the Faces and just the stronger team overall, but if they were also raising those titles up instead of taking the “Boscar” from Samir and Sunil, it would’ve been that much better. We also got a nice promo video for Humberto Carrillo to keep him fresh in everyone’s minds. Surely he has to be next up after Extreme Rules for the title. But that likely only happens if Gulak retains, which I feel he does.

The Six Man Tag tonight was incredible! They did great in bringing the events from Raw over for Mike and Maria, everyone got to shine, and Nese’s team wins to keep Nese going strong for his match with Gulak, even if Gulak retains. The brawling after was great, too, it adds on to how Maverick is not around to be the authority figure, which furthers all the stories at once. Between Maverick having to worry about R-Truth and the WWE 24/7 Championship and this, Maverick’s kayfabe life is going to be in chaos of its own, and I would love to see if this turns into some kind of match to determine Maverick’s fate. I bet Maverick uses Gallagher as a proxy since Maverick would have to worry about 24/7 Championship hunters, and if Gallagher wins, Maverick stays in power. If Mike wins, perhaps Maria takes Maverick’s place?

My Score: 8.5/10

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