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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (7/30/19)

What will Mike Kanellis resort to in order to become a contender?



205 Live = Cruiserweight Division

Will the Cruiserweight Division ever be the same again?

After months of frustration, both Mike Kanellis and Drake Maverick have lost their cools! And now it has come to this: an UNSANCTIONED Match that will determine if Mike gets a shot at the Cruiserweight Championship, or just some respect beat into him!



  • The Singh Brothers VS THE Brian Kendrick & Akira Tozawa; Kendrick & Tozawa win.
  • Lince Dorado VS Ariya Daivari; Dorado wins.
  • Unsanctioned Match: Mike Kanellis VS Drake Maverick; Maverick wins and Kanellis will not have a Cruiserweight Championship opportunity.


Mike Kanellis wants to be Cruiserweight Champion, by any means necessary.

He was promised opportunities, only to squander them. Then he felt he was owed more opportunities for sticking around, but why would he get anything when all he does is complain? Drake Maverick can’t reward a wrestler like that. Mike would throw tantrums, but Maria would be the one to humiliate him on Raw. She wants him to grow up and be a real man, but he’s “just a disappointment.” Maria even couldn’t believe he is the father of her child. Mike did not take any of the blame, he’s just passed the buck onto Maverick. And when he got in Maverick’s face about all the frustrations that have piled up, Mike took it a step too far. Maverick did what he said he’d never do, and he fought one of his own superstars!

Now, with both men pushed to their emotional limits, there is only one way to end this! Mike will get his contender’s match, but it is UNSANCTIONED! Will Mike ever regret pushing Rockstar Spud to this point? Or will he get everything he wants and more?


The Singh Brothers VS THE Brian Kendrick & Akira Tozawa!

Samir & Sunil brought this upon themselves when they mockingly “awarded” the Man with a Plan a “Boscar Lifetime Achievement Award,” and then escalated things in the ring. Now they’ll have to face up to two heated former Cruiserweight Champions! Will Kendrick and the Stamina Monster steal the spotlight? Or will it be Lights, Camera and Bollywood Action in Memphis?

The teams sort out and Samir starts against Tozawa. The two circle and fans boo the “Bolly bolly!” Samir and Tozawa tie up and Samir knees and elbows Tozawa to a corner. Samir stomps a mudhole then swivels the hips. He brings Tozawa up but Tozawa CHOPS! Tozawa keeps chopping, then gets Samir with the feint and JAB! Tozawa drags Samir up to tag in Kendrick. The two whip and hip toss Samir down, then Kendrick drops an elbow, followed by Tozawa dropping a senton! Cover, TWO! Kendrick keeps on Samir with an armlock, and tags Tozawa back in. Kendrick whips Samir and Tozawa hits a forearm! Tozawa whips Samir to Kendrick, and the two former champs combine for an enziguri complete shot! Sunil runs in but he gets Kendrick’s dropkick!

The Singh Brothers bail out and Tozawa fires up. Tozawa aims for Samir but is tripped up by Sunil! Samir hurries in to swivel those hips and stomp Tozawa down. Samir rains down rights and then taunts Kendrick. Tozawa CHOPS back! Samir clubs Tozawa then tags in Sunil. Samir feeds Tozawa to Sunil’s boot, then Sunil rolls film before stomping a mudhole. The ref counts and Sunil backs off. Sunil tags Samir back in, and they do the Curry-sel befoer stomping Tozawa more. Samir snapmares Tozawa for a chinlock and grinds him down. Fans rally up as Tozawa endures. Tozawa fights his way up then fights out, only for Samir to club him back down. Tag to Sunil, and the Singhs double whip Tozawa hard into their corner! Sunil keeps on Tozawa with a CHOP, then tags to Samir again.

Sunil whips Samir for Samir to whip him, and Sunil hits a big splash on Tozawa! Samir snapmares Tozawa back to the chinlock. Fans rally up for Tozawa as he fights his way up, but Samir tags in Sunil. The SInghs whip Tozawa to the open corner, then Sunil sends Samir in. Tozawa dodgse Samir and kicks down Sunil! Samir grabs Tozawa’s legs, but Tozawa enziguris out! Hot tag to Kendrick! Kendrick rallies on both Singhs, then forearm smashes Sunil in the corner. Kendrick BOOTS Samir then calf kicks Sunil! Cover, TWO! Kendrick keeps his cool but Samir grabs the Boscar! Tozawa protests but the ref keeps him back. Kendrick dares Samir to try something, but Sunil clobbers Kendrick from behind!

Samir passes the Boscar to Sunil, and they pick Kendrick up. But Kendrick sends Samir into Sunil to take the Boscar shot! Kendrick then hits SLICED BREAD! Tag to Tozawa and Tozawa climbs, SUPER SENTON! Cover, Tozawa and Kendrick win!

Winners: Akira Tozawa & THE Brian Kendrick, Tozawa pinning

Cut, that’s a wrap! The Bollywood Boys lose in a game of sneaky tactics! Will there be a sequel to this fast and furious tag match? Or is this a one and done franchise?


205 Live shares the third and final part of the closer look at Humberto Carrillo.

“My favorite moment in WWE has been when I debuted in 205 Live,” with a chance at then Cruiserweight Champion, Buddy Murphy. Back in January, Ultimo Ninja took the Cruiserweight Juggernaut to his limit, but it just wasn’t enough to #stoptheunstoppable. But such a match was the spark Carrillo needed to motivate him. This Cruiserweight Division is incredible and diverse with both high flyers, fast strikers and gritty grapplers. So naturally, if Carrillo were to choose a dream opponent, it would be current Cruiserweight Champion, Drew Gulak. He wants to get that title, but he also wants to prove himself against such a great opponent. Surely fans support Carrillo’s dream.

Winning that title would mean so much to his family. His family truly lives lucha libre, but none of them have had a WWE title, and they would be so proud for him to be the first. Will Carrillo make a dream come true for both him and his family? The world will have to keep their eyes on this meteoric rise to find out!


Backstage interview with Lucha House Party.

Lince Dorado does squats while Gran Metalik and Kalisto give him light chops. All three members have been pillars of 205 Live since its start, so what does it mean for the Golden Lynx to be in a singles match tonight? “Everyone in 205 Live, they lucha.” Lucha is fight and heart. For example, last week against Raul Mendoza and Humberto Carrillo, LHP lost but they all tore the house down! That is lucha. Carrillo is one of the best already, but Lince wonders. Kalisto gives credit where credit is due. Yeah, but they’re LHP! Carrillo VS Lince hasn’t happened yet. That would be #LuchaLit! But the difference is, LHP wears the lucha life. Carrillo and Mendoza just talk it. Slight disagreement aside, can Lince show the power of lucha here tonight?


Lince Dorado VS Ariya Daivari!

It’s a Golden Lynx VS a Persian Lion! Will Daivari be able to keep up with Lince after that brutal #AnythingGoes match with Oney Lorcan? Or will the power of lucha conquer all?

The bell rings and Lince circles with Daivari. They tie up and Daivari wrenches the arm to a wristlock. He has Lince on the mat and mocks the Lucha chants, but Lince handsprings through as fans echo it genuinely. Lince wristlocks Daivari back, but Daivari slips back to headlock and throw. Lince headscissors but Daivari pops out. Roles reverse as Lince headlock takeovers but Daivari headscissors. Lince pops out, Daivari sweeps, cover, ONE! Roles reverse again, cover, ONE! Lince tilt-o-whirls but Daivari powers out. Lince redirects Daivari but Daivari just barely avoids the Golden Rewind! Daivari bails out but Lince keeps his eyes on him while the “Lucha! Lucha!” chant echoes out. Daivari doesn’t care about this anymore, so he heads up the ramp.

But Lince chases him down and clobbers him! Lince brings Daivari to the ramp but Daivari throws him at the apron! Lince hops up to moonsault back and take Daivari down! Fans fire up with Lince as he brings Daivari up. Lince puts Daivari in the springboards, big splash! Cover, TWO! Daivari gets to the corner and asks for a time-out. Lince doesn’t know what to make of that, and fans boo Daivari being a wimp. Daivari offers a handshake, but Lince sees that sucker punch coming! Lince CHOPS then huricanranas Daivari down, then dropkicks him, too! Cover, TWO! Lince simply handsprings to a corner, but Daivari shoves him down! Lince crashes and burns as fans boo Daivari. Daivari fetches Lince while mocking the lucha chants.

Daivari drags Lince up and into the ring, then stalks him across the way. He wraps Lince up in a chinlock and pulls him back. Lince endures and fans rally up. Lince fights out of the hold, but Daivari pulls the mask! Daivari full nelsons then spins Lince to the inverted DDT! Cover, TWO! Daivari grows frustrated but keeps on Lince with buckle bumps. Daivari hoists Lince up and CHOPS him up top. Then he crosses the arms, but Lince holds off with his legs! Lince clubs away on Daivari’s face! Lince lets up to hop up and leap for a crossbody! Cover, TWO! Lince and Daivari go to corners, and Daivari runs in. Lince boots him away, then runs, only for Daivari to reel him into a DDT! Cover, TWO! Daivari grows frustrated with Lince’s resilience. Daivari drags Lince to a drop zone then stomps him down.

Fans rally with “Lucha! Lucha!” while Daivari climbs up. Daivari mocks The King, but his King’s Elbow meets Lince’s boot! Fans rally for Lince as he crawls to the ropes. Daivari stands, too, and runs into punches from Lince! Lince kicks and counters more, then CHOPS and knees and clubs away! Daivari shoves but Lince CHOPS him down! Daivari bails out but Lince springboards for a HUGE crossbody! Both men go down but Memphis fires up. Lince revives with the “Lucha! Lucha!” and drags Daivari over. Lince puts Daivari in and punches Daivari away. But Daivari keeps him from climbing up top. Lince boots Daivari away, then leaps, into a SUPERKICK! Lince is folded upside down and Daivari covers, TWO!! The Lynx still lives and the Lion can’t believe it!

Daivari grabs the mask and dares Lince to do something. Lince does with big haymakers! Lince whips but Daivari reverses, and catches the Rewind into a “Billion Rial” Dream! But Lince slips out of Daivari’s would-be Cobra Clutch for a victory roll! TWO, and Daivari gives Lince a BIG urenage! Cover, TWO!! And again, the Lynx survives! Both men are down but Memphis fires up! Lince crawls but Daivari drags him up for a fireman’s carry. Daivari runs but Lince slips out and sends him into buckles! Eddy Gordo kick, tilt-o-whirl roll up with jackknife bridge! Lince wins!!

Winner: Lince Dorado, by pinfall

It was a hard fought fight, but the lucha Lynx defeats the privileged Lion! Will this prove to everyone the true heart of lucha?


Mike Kanellis finishes preparations for his match.

And Maria comes by, showing off her WWE 24/7 Championship. Will Mike finally prove he’s a man as well as championship material? Or is Maria going to be the only one who wears a belt in the family?


Drew Gulak speaks.

“At SummerSlam, I’m supposed to defend my Cruiserweight title.” But where is his challenger? Since becoming champion, no one has the resolve to step to him. He’ll be watching the main event very closely. If Mike wins, maybe he’ll be next. But if not, then Gulak is at square one: waiting. Gulak knows SummerSlam is coming, and no matter who it is in the ring with him, they will only get two things: pain and punishment. Who will be the man that meets the menacing Cruiserweight Champion in Toronto?


Unsanctioned Match: Mike Kanellis VS Drake Maverick!

This very well could be the last chance for Mike in the Cruiserweight Division. He has failed to win on his own, he has lost Maria’s faith in him, and he has resorted to insulting the 205 Live GM. Will he pay for everything he has said and done in a match with no rules? Or will he finally prove to Maria, to Maverick and to the world that he is as good as he says?

But as Maverick makes his entrance, Mike attacks from behind! Mike stomps Maverick on the ramp, then throws him into the LED wall of the stage! Maverick writhes, but then Mike rains down rights! The referee reprimands Mike, this match hasn’t even started, but Mike just shouts back. Mike drags Maverick up and shouts, “Is this what you wanted?! This is your fault!” He throws Maverick into the lights along the ramp! Then he drags Maverick up and snags a fan’s Maverick 24:7 sign to smear it in Maverick’s face! Mike still shouts, “Is this what you wanted? You want to make a mockery of the brand?!” Mike STOMPS Maverick on the ramp’s steel lip, then rips the sign up! In a way, this does also trace back to Maverick’s obsession with the 24/7 title.

Mike shows no mercy as he throws Maverick into the LED apron! Mike finally goes into the ring as fans rain down boos and jeers. “He can’t do it! He’s not going to come in! I win!” Mike swears this is now a forfeit and he wins his title opportunity. But Maverick forces himself to stand, and flounders into the ring! Referees advise he not to, but Maverick won’t be punked out like this. Mike grits his teeth as Maverick stands, and Maverick has the bell ring. The referee does as told, and the moment the bell rings, Maverick staggers after Mike, only for Mike to BOOT him down! Mike stomps a mudhole into Maverick in the corner, grinding his foot into him! Mike shouts “This is on you!” He drags Maverick up and says he played by the rules for too long. He tosses Maverick out of the ring hard, and then shouts at the fans as they boo and jeer again.

Maria watches backstage as Mike grinds Maverick’s face into the LED apron! Maverick gets away, clutching his eyes, but Mike throws him into the barriers! Mike drags Maverick up to choke him against the barriers, too! Then Mike brings Maverick around to throw into more barriers! Maverick writhes and screams in pain, but Mike just blows a kiss. Mike drags Maverick up and throws him into barriers more, then wants to know where all that fight went. Mike’s SUPERKICK takes Maverick down! He drags Maverick around by his hair and goes to the announce desk. “This is what I fought for! 205!” He slams Maverick’s face into the logo over and over!

Fans boo Mike but he just goes for a spare arm chair. Mike sits Maverick in it, gets some space, and SUPERKICKS Maverick and the chair over! Maverick barely moves as Mike goes to the ring again. Mike is still furious and the fans still boo. But Mike isn’t done with Maverick, as he puts him in the ring. Mike wants Maverick to stand, and Maverick does manage to hobble up to his feet. Only for Mike to ram him into buckles! And again! Maverick still comes back, only to get DECKED by a big right hand! Mike looms over Maverick and tears off the 205 Live T-shirt. Mike wants to torture Maverick, and hauls him up, to then LARIAT down! Then he takes off Maverick’s belt! Fans are thunderously booing as Mike uses that belt to SMACK Maverick’s bare back! Maria watches happily as Mike SMACKS Maverick more!

Mike drags Maverick up for a sleeper hold! Maverick flails and pries at the hold, but after all that’s happened, he fades. But Memphis rallies and Maverick finds new life! Maverick reaches but fades again as Mike leans on him. But then Maverick finds a third gear! Maverick fights up and runs into buckles to scrape Mike off! Mike is gasping now, and Maverick dodges as he runs in! Mike only gets post! Maverick flounders, then baits Mike in to dump him out! Fans are fired up behind Rockstar Spud as he baseball slides, only for Mike to wheelbarrow and THROW Maverick into barriers! The referee checks on Maverick while Mike menacingly grabs those old “wanted posters.” Mike grows furious being reminded of Maverick’s distractions. He puts Maverick in the ring and makes him EAT his printed words. “You made a mockery of me!”

But then seeing his own poster lights a fire in Maverick! Maverick grits his teeth as he takes another buckle to the face. And then another! Maverick is hulking up, brother! Mike punches but Maverick fires off!! Fans are thunderously cheering as Maverick rallies and dropkicks! Maverick stomps a mudhole on Mike now! Then a basement dropkick! Maverick takes his belt back, and Memphis is roaring as he SMACKS Mike back! And again, and again, and again! Mike is running away but Maverick DIVES! He sends Mike onto the announce desk with that tope! Maverick climbs up and Memphis is with him as he gives Mike a DDT to the desk! Maverick slumps off the desk, still taking some damage from the things on the desk. But then Maverick climbs up to the barriers!

Fans cheer as he walks the tightrope, to LEAP! But Mike dodges, and Maverick hits only desk! Maverick may have broken his own arm trying to destroy Mike! Mike crawls and drags Maverick back in. Fans still have faith in Maverick, but Mike drags Maverick up in the dragon sleeper. But then he reconsiders his finisher, and brings Maverick to the corner. Mike hoists Maverick up top and backwards. Mike climbs up and grabs Maverick in a Crucifix! SUPER RAZOR’s- STEINER?! Maverick fights through the pain to fight back! SPIKE DUDLEY BULLDOG! Cover, Maverick wins!!

Winner: Drake Maverick, by pinfall

Maria is even more disappointed than before. Maverick had one arm and a beat up back, but he STILL beat Mike! Now that Mike will NOT get his title shot, what will become of his home life now?



My Thoughts:

This was a really great episode of 205 Live! The tag team match was pretty fun, and it was great to see Kendrick and Tozawa have some real tag team continuity going from finisher to finisher. I’ve been saying this a lot lately, but the Cruiserweight Division needs to do something about not having tag titles. Meanwhile, the Humberto Carrillo package trilogy is over and they were each really good. This must mean Carrillo is coming up on a Cruiserweight Championship match. But at the same time, it seems like Lince Dorado might want to have a lucha libre feud. Such a feud will definitely have amazing matches, and it can work since it doesn’t have to be all tag matches. Lince VS Daivari was a great match tonight, and Lince is the perfect choice to tease Heel since he is probably the best talker of LHP.

Gulak has a good promo, and he is right that whoever his challenger is at SummerSlam, their match is going to be gritty. Maverick VS Kanellis was a really great match, though there was a moment during that sleeper hold stuff I felt they could’ve picked it up a step. A wrestler should really only ever need one “second wind.” But at the same time, Memphis really got behind Maverick with everything from the sleeper spot to the wanted poster firing him up. I’m a bit surprised Maverick won but at the same time, it just made the most sense. Mike was being the insufferable one and Maverick got to be the one to shut him up. I’m honestly really curious where things go from here for the Kanellis Family, there could be a lot of potential here that hopefully Raw can use.

My Score: 8.4/10

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