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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (7/9/19)

It’s #AnythingGoes for Daivari and Lorcan!



205 Live = Cruiserweight Division

Tonight’s Cruiserweight grudge match throws out the rule book!

While Drew Gulak and Tony Nese prepare for their Cruiserweight Championship encounter at Extreme Rules, there’s another grudge match going on! Will the Persian Lion or British Brawler be the one still standing when it’s #AnythingGoes?



  • THE Brian Kendrick VS Sunil Singh w/ Samir; Kendrick wins.
  • Jack Gallagher VS Devin Justin; Gallagher wins.
  • Anything Goes: Oney Lorcan VS Ariya Daivari; Lorcan wins.


Oney Lorcan speaks.

“Tonight, anything goes.” If Lorcan wants to use a chair, he can. If Lorcan wants to use a table, he can. And if Lorcan wants to give Daivari more stitches, he can. And will! But Daivari attacks now! The Persian Lion doesn’t want to wait, but that’s fine by Lorcan! Security and Drake Maverick disagree! They pull these two apart and will force them to wait until the main event. Will Lorcan and Daivari do anything and everything possible when there’s nothing holding them back?


THE Brian Kendrick VS Sunil Singh w/ Samir!

The Man with a Plan was talking to WWE reporters before the show when the Bollywood Boys felt the need to “cut” in. The Singh Brothers understand that Kendrick has been around a long long time but hasn’t done that much. But it’s fine, because now he gets a Bollywood Lifetime Achievement Award! Kendrick was furious, and dared them to step up into the ring! Samir and Sunil volunteered each other, but it seems Sunil ended up with this honor. Will the Singhs celebrate at another “Boscar after party”? Or will they learn the lesson of a lifetime?

The bell rings and Sunil wants Kendrick to know this isn’t personal. He wants Kendrick to dance with him! Kendrick doesn’t dance. Fans cheer, “Let’s Go, Kendrick!” but Sunil wants Kendrick to join in the “curry-sel.” Kendrick just decks Sunil with a right! He stomps Sunil then throws forearms! Kendrick whips but Sunil grabs ropes. Sunil shakes the cobwebs out, and now Kendrick dances! Sunil runs but gets tossed with a back drop! Kendrick calf kicks Sunil out and Sunil regroups with Samir. Samir checks on his brother but Kendrick shoves him aside. Sunil then clobbers Kendrick! And whips him into steel steps! Kendrick tumbles over as his knees bang off the edge. “Is that what you want, Brian? All you should do is dance!”

Sunil puts Kendrick in and covers, TWO! Sunil rains down angry rights, then drops elbow after elbow. He dances again and swivels those hips, but Kendrick gets to a corner. Fans rally but Sunil grinds his boot into Kendrick. The ref has Sunil back off, but Sunil drags Kendrick up to CHOP! Sunil rolls camera as Kendrick crawls more, then chokes Kendrick on the ropes. Samir is there to taunt Kendrick as Sunil backs off. Kendrick elbows Sunil away but Samir gets a cheap shot! Sunil knees Kendrick out then throws him back in. Sunil covers, TWO, but he keeps on Kendrick with a chinlock. Kendrick endures as fans boo the Bollywood Boys.

Fans rally up for Kendrick and Kendrick works his way up. Kendrick fights out but Sunil clubs Kendrick down. Sunil scoops Kendrick for a backbreaker, then goes to a corner. He hops up, swivels his hips, and rolls camera, to leap and FLOP! Kendrick gets clear of the elbow drop and drags himself up on the ropes. Sunil runs in but gets counter punches! Fans rally as Kendrick whips Sunil hard into buckles! Sunil staggers back, into another calf kick! Kendrick rallies with clotheslines and a boot! Fans fire up as Kendrick drags Sunil up, but Sunil denies Sliced Bread. Sunil kicks low, swivels the hips, and suplexes, but Kendrick slips out to hit the takedown! Captain’s Hook! Sunil taps fast, Kednrick wins!

Winner: THE Brian Kendrick, by submission

But Samir is right on Kendrick! There won’t be any celebrating for Kendrick, but here comes Akira Tozawa! The Stamina Monster fights off the Bollywood Boys and goes to his friend’s side. Tozawa and Kendrick stand tall now, but will they be the co-stars of the Singh Brothers’ next summer blockbuster?


205 Live presents part 1 of their closer look at Humberto Carrillo.

Ultimo Ninja is one of the fastest rising starts in the Cruiserweight Division. This third generation wrestler had fun growing up watching wrestling with his family and friends. Sunday mornings would be about watching Mexican wrestling in their grandfather’s house, and are some of his happiest memories. Moving from Mexico to the United States has been hard. In Monterrey, he had his family around, but now in the US, it’s just himself. His grandfather and father gave him the support he needs, and continue to tell him this is what it’s all for. Carrillo is here living the dream, but how far can he take it? Wait for part 2 next week!


Jack Gallagher VS Devin Justin!

The Extraordinary Gentleman continues to build his way back up in hopes of contending for the Cruiserweight Championship. His two rivals, Drew Gulak and Tony Nese, meet at Extreme Rules for the title, but will Gallagher be in position to meet them on the other side?

The bell rings and Gallagher circles with Devin. Being a gentleman, Gallagher offers a handshake. Devin takes it, and there is no trap behind it. Gallagher and Devin tie up and Gallagher wrenches Devin to a wristlock. He has Devin on the ground and turns him over, then back the other way. Gallagher wrenches the wrist and pulls back on the fingers. He drags Devin up to a headlock but Devin powers out. Gallagher runs Devin over, then speeds things up. Gallagher catches Devin for a fireman’s carry hotshot! Then he wrings Devin out to step through and hammerlock the arm. Gallagher grabs the other arm and leans on it for a recliner cover. ONE as Devin slips out, but Gallagher rocks him with a European Uppercut!

Gallagher gut wrenches but Devin slips out. Devin waistlocks but Gallagher bucks him off to boot him down! Gallagher ties Devin up in the ropes like a pretzel! Fans cheer as Gallagher runs and dropkicks Devin hard! Gallagher keeps on Devin with a suplex and holds him up to show his uncanny strength! Then he drops Devin down! Gallagher aims at Devin from the corner, but wait! Mike Kanellis shows up from the crowd!? Mike starts disrupting things by throwing trash around! “You want to ruin my show, Drake?! I’m going to ruin your show!” Speaking of Drake Maverick, he and security hurry out to stop Mike.

Fans taunt Mike with “Who’s Your Daddy?” over the shocking revelation from last night’s Raw. Mike walks back out through the crowd and security keeps him moving. Devin rolls Gallagher up! TWO, and Gallagher is mad now! Extraordinary Headbutt on the run! Gallagher covers, Gallagher wins!

Winner: Jack Gallagher, by pinfall

Not even Mike’s tantrum is enough to throw off the Extraordinary Gentleman. But will Mike have to pay for his emotional outbursts? As for Gallagher, is he going to climb back up the Cruiserweight ranks as the summer heats up?


Drake Maverick finds Mike Kanellis backstage.

He needs to speak to Mike not as boss and employee, but man to man. Maverick knows Mike is frustrated with Maverick for not doing his job here on 205 Live, and he apologizes for that. Maverick admits he’s been trying to do too much, with being both a GM and pursuing the WWE 24/7 Championship. He’s neglected the Cruiserweight Division and his own wife, but he knows Mike has his own frustrations right now. But Mike can’t just take that out on other people! Please understand Maverick’s position as 205 Live GM.

Oh that’s so great. Suddenly Maverick understands Mike. But he doesn’t! Maverick is the reason Mike’s life is in ruins. And now it is only fair that Mike ruins things for Maverick. But as GM, Maverick can’t have Mike doing this. Mike is now fined. Wow, really!? A fine on a man with a second child on the way?! Because Mike brought this upon himself. Mike says Maverick can do whatever he has to do. Because Mike is going to compete in Maverick’s ring, on Maverick’s show, and he’ll just see how much Maverick will do after he sees what Mike has planned. What does Mike have planned to ruin Maverick’s show?


Anything Goes: Oney Lorcan VS Ariya Daivari!

It’s as simple as the name suggests! The British Brawler and Persian Lion will do anything and everything they can to settle the score! Who wins? And who survives?!

They don’t even wait for the bell, or for both of them to be in the ring! The second Daivari is on stage, Lorcan leaves the ring to rush him! They brawl on the ramp and Lorcan knees low. Lorcan puts Daivari in the ring hard then follows after. The bell finally rings and this is official as Lorcan LARIATS Daivari down! Lorcan whips Daivari out of the ring, and fans fire up with the Fury of 205 Live! Lorcan goes back out to go after Daivari by bumping him hard off steel steps! Fans also like that Lorcan brings out chairs from under the ring! Lorcan puts them into the ring one after the other, and fans chant “We Want Tables!”

For now, Lorcan puts Daivari in the ring and runs into the corner for a big back elbow! Lorcan runs corner to corner for another! Then he glares as he picks up a chair and sits it in front of Daivari. But Daivari throws Lorcan out of the ring, and folds up that chair. Daivari tosses it aside, he won’t resort to those yet. He goes out and bumps Lorcan off the announce desk first. Daivari then goes looking under the ring and brings out a trash can. He tosses the chain inside aside, but Lorcan mule kicks him before he can use the can! Lorcan snap suplexes Daivari to the floor! The referee goes out to keep an eye on them as Lorcan whips Daivari. Daivari reverses and sends Lorcan into barriers!

Daivari staggers about before putting Lorcan back in the ring. He looks under the ring, and brings out a ladder! Fans do like seeing that as Daivari puts the ladder in the ring. Daivari finds that chain again, and wraps it around Lorcan’s face! The chain digs into Lorcan’s face, and Daivari lets go when he has Lorcan in a corner. Daivari stands the ladder up in a corner, then drags Lorcan up. He CHOPS Lorcan, then whips him corner to corner. Lorcan reverses but Daivari stops from running into the chair. Daivari kicks Lorcan but Lorcan still whips him into the ladder! Daivari and ladder fall over and fans fire up for Lorcan. Lorcan drags the ladder around to prop up against ropes.

Lorcan grimaces as he goes back to Daivari. He drags Daivari up and lines up his shot, but Daivari resists the suplex. Daivari fights back with body shots and CHOPS Lorcan to sit on the ladder. Daivari whips Lorcan but Lorcan reverses to hip toss Daivari on that ladder! Cover, TWO! Daivari writhes but he survives taking steel ladder twice already. Fans rally up for Lorcan as he grits his teeth. Lorcan grabs a chair again and sits it up. Lorcan signals for his signature suplex, and drags Daivari over. Half nelson but Daivari resists for dear life! Daivari full nelsons into an inverted DDT! Cover, TWO! Daivari is frustrated but he has Lorcan down. Daivari grabs that chain again and uses it to grind Lorcan’s face again. He whips Lorcan like that into buckles!

Daivari drags Lorcan up again, that chain around his face, for another buckle bump! Daivari trash talks the fans but they boo and jeer. Again Daivari throws Lorcan with the chain into buckles! Cover, TWO! Lorcan toughs it out but Daivari goes to the chair. Daivari keeps Lorcan down with haymakers before moving the ladder to a corner again. Daivari bumps Lorcan’s face off the chair, then laces him through for a modified camel clutch. Lorcan endures being bent back against steel, even as Daivari rakes his face! Fans rally up for “Oney! Oney!” as Daivari lets Lorcan out of the chair. Daivari soaks up the heat as fans boo, and then drags Lorcan back up. Daivari sits Lorcan down in the chair to throw hands.

Lorcan can barely cover up as Daivari SLAPS and punches away. Daivari runs, but into a drop toehold! Daivari hits steel chair! Both men are down and fans rally up again. Lorcan grits his teeth as he rises. Daivari crawls and Lorcan is right at him. Lorcan throws a big European Uppercut, then another. Daivari flounders but Lorcan keeps on him with EuroUppers. Lorcan whips but Daivari reverses, only to get a blockbuster! Daivari flounders away but Lorcan runs back in for another EuroUpper! Daivari ends up outside and Lorcan fires up! The Fury runs, the Fury FLIES! Direct hit takes out Daivari and the fans fire up! Lorcan drags Daivari back in, and fans still want tables. Lorcan hears them, and brings out a table! He brings that table into the ring, but Daivari SUPERKICKS him down!

Daivari drags himself to a corner to rest for a moment before going out to the apron. Daivari aims at Lorcan and leaps, into the trash can! Lorcan tossed the can at Daivari midair! Daivari crashes and burns, and now Lorcan looms over him. Lorcan drags Daivari up to throw into steel steps! And he SMACKS Daivari with the trash can lid. Then Lorcan throws a chair on Daivari! Lorcan scoops out chair after chair to bury Daivari under them! Lorcan stands one up again, then brings a few more over and sets them up with that chair. He kicks Daivari then SMACKS him with the trash can lid before bringing more chairs over. Lorcan has six chairs lined up nice and close, and signals for his suplex. But Daivari kicks and SMACKS Lorcan back! Daivari SMACKS Lorcan more, then climbs up the steel steps.

Daivari soaks up the heat before he drags Lorcan up. Fans chant “You Suck! You Suck!” but Daivari has Lorcan up top! Daivari goes to suplex, but Lorcan resists for dear life. Lorcan fights back and then headbutts Daivari. Lorcan has Daivari in a bomb, but now Daivari resists for dear life. Daivari back drops Lorcan onto all those chairs!! The fans are stunned as Lorcan is down in the wreckage of steel. Daivari himself staggers over to drag Lorcan up and into the ring. He stomps Lorcan but isn’t done with him. He goes to the table! Daivari sets it up but stomps Lorcan before also bringing the ladder up. Daivari has the ladder up, sets Lorcan near it, and climbs. He reaches near the top, then leaps, for the Lion Splash! Cover, TWO!! Lorcan still lives!!

Daivari is livid but fans are still on Oney’s side! Daivari goes back to the table and puts it sideways in the corner. He stomps Lorcan more then goes out to get a second table! Fans don’t like Daivari but they do like where he’s going with this. Daivari sets that table up, but the legs break. So Daivari fetches a third table! He’s a little more careful with this table and has it properly set up by the first. Daivari drags Lorcan up and sets him on the tables, to then climb up top on the corner. But Lorcan revives and trips Daivari up! Lorcan climbs up to join Daivari, to SUPERPLEX Daivari and himself through the tables!! Cover, Lorcan wins!!

Winner: Oney Lorcan, by pinfall

It was #AnythingGoes, and both men went to extremes! Lorcan survives and wins, but what shape is he in after all that? Will this match be the catalyst to Lorcan’s rise towards the title?


205 Live takes a look at what led to this coming Cruiserweight Championship match.

Tony Nese and Drew Gulak were among the original class of Cruiserweight superstars from the Cruiserweight Classic and the premiere of 205 Live back on November 29, 2016. They were good friends back then, traveling the world and fighting together in 205 Live. They both wanted to bring change to 205 Live, but at some point, Gulak felt Tony was not able to do that. So Gulak left Tony behind, “because I am superior to him.” But Tony says Gulak’s plan wasn’t about a better 205 Live, but getting himself all the attention. Tony knew Gulak never believed a word he was saying. Gulak says Tony was only ever concerned with his physique.

But then when these two collided in this year’s Cruiserweight Champoinship Contender’s Tournament all the way back in March, we saw who was superior. Gulak felt that the winner of that match was clearly going to win the title at Wrestlemania, and it was Tony. Tony won the title in his hometown, on the biggest stage possible. But Gulak says Tony got lucky for three seconds. “He robbed me of my Wrestlemania moment.” And for the first time since the start of this new Cruiserweight Division, Gulak found himself completely alone. There was no one left to help him, so Gulak refocused and went back to his roots. Gulak brought back his mean streak, and at Stomping Grounds, he let nothing stop him become champion.

Tony says this renewed aggression was out of jealousy and bitterness, but it did allow him to pin Akira Tozawa. “Until he pins the man who was Cruiserweight Champion, he’s not a champion to me.” Gulak vows that Tony will have to beat him unconscious to get this belt back, because he’s not letting go any other way. Who will win to prove they are THE Cruiserweight Champion?



My Thoughts:

A great go-home for 205 Live! What a great thing to open with but Daivari interrupting Lorcan’s promo! They have really built this feud between them rather well, and they had an incredible match in the main event! I don’t understand why it was called an “Anything Goes” match when it was basically No Holds Barred, but there must be some kind of paranoia (from Vince). If they called this match “No Holds Barred” and basically outdid the No Holds Barred Tag Match of Roman & Taker VS Shane & McIntyre in sheer extreme spots, it obviously would look bad on those four big names. They still could have called tonight’s match “No Disqualifications” but I suppose that wouldn’t stop count outs in the grand scheme of wrestling stipulations. Either way, a great match, and Lorcan is red hot.

Interesting to see that the Singh Brothers are the ones moving into a new tag team feud. They lost to the Lucha House Party, but I suppose this is what happens now that they lost. Plus, there aren’t any other united Heels on 205 Live anymore so what else would there be for them? But again, what do we get out of this? We need a prize for these tag teams to actually fight for. Meanwhile, the story of Mike Kanellis and Drake Maverick continues, and it is much better on 205 Live than the cringey things we’re starting to get on Raw. Can’t wait to see what Mike does to disrupt 205 Live. I also like that Humberto Carrillo is getting video promos to help fans understand who he is. This must be the beginning of a true push for the title after Extreme Rules.

And speaking of Extreme Rules, that video package to sum up things between Gulak and Nese was really well done. WWE definitely does great with things like this, and each guy was great in their own parts of the promo. This match feels like it could go either way, and hopefully doesn’t end up on the preshow but it probably will. I still feel it has to be Gulak to make for new match-ups, such as with Lorcan and Carrillo.

My Score: 8.4/10

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