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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (7/10/19)

Titles and breakouts and grudges, oh my!

The NXT Tag Team Championships are on the line!

After making the save when the Forgotten Sons got out of hand, the One Two Combination of Lorcan & Burch said the Street Profits owed them. Dawkins & Ford are ready to repay them in tonight’s main event! Who walks away with the NXT Tag Team Championships?



  • Damien Priest VS Blanco Loco; Priest wins.
  • NXT Breakout Tournament: Boa VS Jordan Myles; Myles wins and advances to the next round.
  • NXT Tag Team Championships: The Street Profits VS Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch; The Street Profits win and retain the NXT Tag Team Championships.


NXT opens with…?

Wait a minute. Despite new, well, everything, that’s IO SHIRAI! New lights, new titantron, new music and new wardrobe to fit the new attitude of the #EvilGenius! Shirai goes to the ring and shouts back at all the fans who boo and jeer. This Dark Side of the Sky was unlocked when Candice LeRae just tried to help against the Horsewomen, to no avail. Shirai takes up the mic now amid the boos and jeers, and gets annoyed when they start chanting, “Io Sucks! Io Sucks!” After they run out of steam, Shirai tells them, “I don’t need any friends. I don’t need any of you.” Shirai then drops the mic, and takes her leave. A simple message, but it still doesn’t explain everything. Will the Evil Genius explain herself better through her actions?


NXT Media holds a press conference with Velveteen Dream.

The North American Champion addresses the reporters by saying he needs to get something off his chest. He hears the murmurs and will answer everyone he can. First question: “There’s been a lot of speculation going around as to who your next challenger will be,” does Dream have any thoughts? Dream does not approve of that question. Moving on. “Roderick Strong has repeatedly called you out on challenging you for your NXT North American Championship,” what is Dream’s response? Excellent question from #QueenCathy, and Dream would love to answer it, but please relax. Even though Strong got lucky, he is not ready nor deserving to Experience the Dream 1v1. Dream ends the press conference here, but will the question of his contenders be answered?


Damien Priest VS Blanco Loco!

The Archer of Infamy is ready to #LiveForever, and he aims to do that at the expense of New York’s “Crazy White.” After this match, will Blanco Loco pray he never runs across Damien Priest again?

The bell rings and Priest roundhouses Loco right away! Priest grins as Loco crawls to a corner. Priest runs in corner to corner, LEAPING back elbow! Then he drags Loco up to Falcon Arrow TOSS Loco across the ring! Loco crawls up as Priest grins. But Loco throws hands! That only angers Priest! Priest whips and LARIATS Loco down! Priest drags Loco up again, whips him and gives another lariat! But he’s not done, he aims at the floundering Loco, for the spinning roundhouse! Then, the spinning cutter, the Reckoning! Cover, Priest wins!

Winner: Damien Priest, by pinfall

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The Archer hits his target, and barely broke a sweat. Will Priest aim for a title on his quest for immortality?


NXT again hears from Killian Dain.

“It’s only now that the truth is getting revealed. 10, 20, 30, 40 years later, our stories are being heard.” Dain has stories to tell. He has stories of his home being set ablaze with his family still in it. He has stories of gang violence, of armored cars, of soldiers in the streets. “We practically lived in martial law.”

Dain could tell you why he can only hear out of one ear because of the car bomb that blew up on his street. Dain could tell you he’s the only male survivor of his high school graduating class. But the difference between him and everyone else is that he hasn’t forgotten. Dain didn’t repress the stories, he carries them with him. He wears these stories as a badge of honor. “I tell you this because I want you to know who and what I am. I want you to know why I’m doing the things I do.” And he will breathe right in your face. Dain had nothing, and even that was taken from him. Now he will take everything! Who is first for the Beast of Belfast to feast upon?


NXT Breakout Tournament: Boa VS Jordan Myles!

The first round of this incredible inaugural tournament is already halfway over, but there’s still so much to see! Boa is ready to represent his country as he brings his world class jujitsu skills to the ring. His style is for him to know, and for his opponents to find out. Meanwhile, the 13-year veteran is ready to give blood, sweat and tears for this opportunity. Myles is ready to reach and touch victory. But will it be the Austin, Texas action hero or the martial arts champion from China that joins Cameron Grimes and Angel Garza in the second round?

The bell rings and fans rally behind Myles. Myles is happy to hear it, and he offers a handshake to Boa. Boa bows instead so Myles returns it. Myles and Boa circle and tie up, and go around the ring. Boa has Myles on the ropes but lets up, to swing a roundhouse! Myles gets under it, and is surprised at such aggression. He and Boa circle again, and Boa gets the headlock. Boa gets Myles down with a headlock takeover, but Myles works against it to get the headscissors. Boa pops out and gets another takeover! Fans rally as Myles works up to another headscissors. Boa pops out again but Myles blocks the takeover this time. Myles gets the armlock and pulls back.

Boa powers up to a standing switch but Myles holds on to double wristlock. Myles wrenches but Boa wrenches back. Boa uses his leverage but Myles uses the ropes to handspring and arm-drag Boa down! He arm-drags Boa more, then things speed up. Myles manages to hurdle the taller Boa and dodges the boot to handspring and dropkick! Fans fire up as Myles dribbles and shoots a three! But then Boa comes back! Myles gets Boa with a takedown and turns him to get the wristlock back. Myles wrenches the arm around to grind Boa down. Boa endures and works his way up. Myles wrangles him back down, grinning all the way. Boa still resists and works to his feet. Myles wrenches but Boa kicks the legs.

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Boa whips then back drops, but Myles sunset flips. Boa rolls through to Penalty Kick, but Myles ducks it to roll Boa up! TWO, and Boa roundhouses Myles down! Fans cheer for that, and Boa looms over Myles. Boa toys with Myles now, then drags him up to give muay thai knees. He has Myles in a corner and hangs him up on the ropes, but Myles fights back with elbows. Boa kicks Myles in the back, then ax kicks him down! Myles is stinging as Boa covers, ONE! Boa drags Myles up and has an arm triangle to throw in more knees. Myles fights free but Boa is on him in the corner with even more knees! The ref backs Boa off, but Boa comes back with more kicks!

Boa runs in, but Myles blocks the kick! Myles grabs the leg but Boa blocks and steps through. Boa BOOTS Myles down, then runs side to side. Myles gets up but Boa gets him with a butterfly suplex! Cover, TWO! Myles still lives, but Boa shows no mercy. Boa has a rear bearhug to another arm triangle. Fans rally up as Myles endures. Myles works his way up and reaches for ropes. Boa drags Myles away and wrangles him back down. Myles refuses to stop there, and fights his way back up. Fans rally again, but Boa brings Myles down for an armbar! Myles makes it a cover, TWO! Boa buzzsaws Myles down!

Myles crawls to ropes and Boa waits for him to stand. Boa kicks Myles again, but still wants Myles to sit up. Myles eggs Boa back, and blocks the kick! Myles CHOPS the chest then CHOPS the leg! Boa is in the corner and now Myles fires off kicks on him! The ref backs Myles off and fans fire up, but Boa shoves Myles down. Myles speeds up to forearm Boa over and over! Myles ducks one kick to sweep the legs! Basement dropkick drops Boa! Boa flounders to a corner and Myles kips right up! Myles runs corner to corner, cyclone clothesline, the Destructo Disk! Boa is down and Myles climbs up top, fora three-point 450! The Midnight Star! Cover, Myles wins!

Winner: Jordan Myles, by pinfall; advances to the second round

Myles’ smile never stops! The real-life anime hero takes the next step towards his future, will his future be golden?


NXT Media catches up with Shayna Baszler.

The Queen of Spades is still NXT Women’s Champion after defeating Io Shirai both at TakeOver: XXV and in their steel cage match a few weeks ago. However, she’s heard what Head Baddie in Charge, Mia Yim, said last week. Shayna isn’t surprised people are talking about her, she has the biggest target. And Mia has a nice story, but it’s also the most common story in fight sports. “If I didn’t find this sport, I’d be in jail!” It’s going to take more than a story to impress Shayna. Plus, when you’re in the ring with her, you’ll always #TapNaporSnap. What will the HBIC have to do to get Shayna’s attention?


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NXT hears from Keith Lee.

“So strange, to come to the realization that I’ve been here nearly a year.” The Limitless One showed up at TakeOver: Chicago II. He’s faced Freaks, Knockout Artists, and various athletic specimens NXT has to offer. But he’s never, ever been “the chosen one.” He has never been the guy people looked up and said, “We should put this company on his back.” But Lee has always been the one that ends up the guy. He came to NXT to prove he is limitless. He said everyone will #BaskInMyGlory. But things haven’t gone that way. Not to the effect he wanted. But Lee is ready to change it up in Year 2. Lee will reach the peak, Lee will reach the top, and Lee will become even more than limitless. Lee wants to be the one in NXT, he’ll have to become… Infinite!


NXT Media got an incredible announcement from William Regal.

The General Manager was just arriving as he told us what he has planned for next week. We’ve seen all sorts of superstars from all the WWE brands coming to face Kushida. It’s been NXT UK’s Kassius Ohno and 205 Live’s Drew Gulak. Next week, SmackDown’s Apollo Crews comes back to NXT to face the Time Splitter! Will the undefeated Super Junior be able to keep going against an NXT alumni?


And even bigger news!

Adam Cole finishes his BAYBAY Championship Celebration Tour and returns to Full Sail next week! And to celebrate that, he is having an NXT Championship match! Who will William Regal set up to face the Panama City Playboy? Will they catch Cole with his guard down?


NXT Tag Team Championships: The Street Profits VS Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch!

While Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins are hanging out on Raw, and even while the British Brawler racks up bruises on 205 Live, they’re all still black and gold strong! Lorcan and Burch saved the Profits from the savage Forgotten Sons, and this is the champions’ way of returning the favor! Will it finally be 1-2-3 for the One Two Combination? Or will the #CurseofGreatness hold strong to the titles?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and the challengers offer handshakes. The champions take it, and fans cheer the good sportsmanship. Teams sort out and the Profits have their secret handshake before Ford starts with Lorcan at the bell!

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Ford and Lorcan circle and tie up. Lorcan grabs the arm and wrenches to a wristlock. Ford rolls and handsprings through to reverse the wrench. Fans cheer but Lorcan fights his way up. Lorcan powers Ford to ropes but Dawkins tags in. Ford leaps over Lorcan and Dawkins hits Lorcan with a shoulder! Cover, ONE! Dawkins waistlocks and rolls Lorcan, having some fun with it. Dawkins floats to a facelock and both he and Ford are having fun taunting Lorcan. Lorcan fights his way up and wrenches to a wristlock. Tag to Burch and he takes the hand-off. Burch wrenches to a headlock and grinds Dawkins down. Dawkins pries at the hold, and gets his own headlock! Burch powers out but Dawkins hurdles over and again. Ford tags in and Dawkins whips Burch, the Profits double flapjack Burch!

Dawkins’ headbands come off as Lorcan runs in, but Lorcan gets a flapjack that splashes him down on Burch! The Profits shove Lorcan and Burch onto ropes, and then Dawkins lifts them both. Ford runs and leaps for a double leap frog special! The brawlers bail out as Ford tags to Dawkins. Lorcan and Burch regroup and cool off before Burch returns into the ring. Dawkins offers a handshake, and Burch takes it. To kick low! And throw EuroUppers! Burch goes to bump but Dawkins blocks to bump back. Burch boots Dawkins then hops up for a shotgun missile dropkick! And a kip-up! Fans are divided as Burch drags Dawkins over. Tag to Lorcan and the brawlers double Russian leg sweep! Cover, TWO! Lorcan keeps on Dawkins with a CHOP!

Tag to Burch but Dawkins fights back. However, two brawlers is too much, and they club Dawkins down into a double suplex! Burch covers, TWO! Burch keeps his eyes on Dawkins and drags him away from Ford. Fans rally as Burch fires off hands and stomps in the open corner. Burch backs off and drags Dawkins into a crossface! Dawkins endures as Burch cranks back. Dawkins rolls but Burch still holds on! Ford kicks the hold apart! That angers Burch, but fans are on Ford’s side. Burch takes it out on Dawkins with clubbing forearms. He rains down rights and Dawkins can only cover up. Burch backs off to hop up and leap. Dawkins dodges the missile dropkick! Both men are down and fans rally up. Burch and Dawkins crawl to their corners, hot tags to Ford and Lorcan!

Ford rallies on both brawlers with big lariats! Ford powers Lorcan up for a spinebuster, then dropkicks Burch down! He keeps going, back suplex for Lorcan! Kip-up and moonsault! Cover, TWO! Ford is frustrated but keeps on Lorcan. Tag to Dawkins and Ford whips Lorcan to a corner. He whips Dawkins in for the corkscrew splash. Ford adds his own, then Dawkins helps him for Sliced Bread! Cover, TWO!! Lorcan still lives and Dawkins is shocked! Dawkins drags Lorcan back over and tags Ford. The Profits mug Lorcan, then Ford says, “IT’S TIME!” Ford lifts Lorcan in the Electric Chair while Dawkins climbs. But Lorcan slips out and trips the Profits up! Tag to Burch as Dawkins goes down, shotgun dropkick on Ford! Then a corner clothesline and kick, feed to Lorcan’s Half ‘n’ Half! Burch adds a knee, then covers, TWO!!

Ford survives the onslaught and Burch is shocked. Full Sail fires up for Ford as Burch drags him up. Ford denies the tag but Burch throws him with a German Supelx! Dawkins tags in and clobbers Burch! But Lorcan blasts Dawkins with an uppercut! Ford shotgun dropkicks Lorcan, but Burch headbutts Ford! Dawkin SPEARS Burch, and all four men are down! The fans declare “This is Awesome!” as all four men stir. Dawkins and Burch bail out, leaving Lorcan crawling after Ford. Ford turns around and the two glare at each other. Lorcan CHOPS and CHOPS, then runs, into a mule kick! Ford front kicks then runs, but FLIES out onto Burch! Direct hit, but now Lorcan builds speed to DIVE into Dawkins’ haymaker! Dawkins SPINEBUSTERS Burch, and Ford adds his World Star Frog Splash! Cover from Dawkins, the Profits win!!

Winners: The Street Profits, Dawkins pinning; still NXT Tag Team Champions

Such intensity from both teams! But in the end, the Profits profit! But to “congratulate” them from the stage is the Undisputed Era’s reDRagon. Will Ford & Dawkins continue on with those titles all the way to Toronto? Or will O’Reilly & Fish take the next step towards the Undisputed Takeover of NXT?


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My Thoughts:

A pretty hot episode for NXT this week. If there’s anything to prove how much better things are in NXT than the main roster right now, most specifically in terms of planning, it is Io Shirai’s Heel turn. The broadcast schedule makes this look like it’s been weeks, but in reality it was far less time, and yet they were ready with an entire new Heel entrance for her. Meanwhile, Sarah Logan returns to Raw after a few months yet still has to use the Riott Squad theme. That aside, Io Shirai has also come into this Heel persona so quickly, too. Though, I’m sure Stardom fans will let us know that this is how Shirai was and now she’s just getting to show us that. Either way, I’m really looking forward to where the #EvilGenius goes from here.

I love that Velveteen Dream had a press conference promo. We need more things like this, not even THE NXT Champion has had stuff like this before. Also the mere mention of Roderick Strong obviously points us towards a Dream VS Strong title match somewhere between now and TakeOver: Toronto, if not just in Toronto. Same goes for Shayna having Mia Yim mentioned in her interview promo. Both Dream VS Strong and Baszler VS Yim are going to be solid, but the builds still need some building before I can say if the challengers take the titles. The Killian Dain and Keith Lee promos were really good, and I really want to see where they’re going next. Dain’s was especially dark, referencing real events of Northern Ireland history.

The third Breakout Tournament match was really good, like the first two. Jordan Myles is still as big an anime fan as he was when he was ACH in ROH and NJPW, so it’s great to see him keep that here. It’s also great to see him win, Myles VS Garza next round will be great. Then the main event for the tag titles was great for being under 15 minutes. No offense to Lorcan and Burch, but I knew the Profits would retain. Lorcan is too busy in 205 Live to always be here in NXT so that was part of it. But I do like that the Profits are basically running the gambit of their TakeOver: XXV opponents, which is why reDRagon appeared to applaud. That match will be great, whether before or at TakeOver: Toronto. If anything, we need the Undisputed Era to all be in title matches at Toronto, so that they either win or lose all the belts.

My Score: 8.6/10


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