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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (7/3/19)

It’s a #PrettyStrong main event!



NXT cover image

The NXT North American Championship race continues!

Roderick Strong wants to bring more gold to the Undisputed Era, but he’ll have to get past Tyler Breeze if he wants at Velveteen Dream’s title! Plus, the NXT Breakout Tournament continues!



  • Mia Yim VS Aliyah w/ Vanessa Borne; Yim wins.
  • KUSHIDA VS Jeff Parker; KUSHIDA wins.
  • NXT Breakout Tournament Opening Round: Isaiah “Swerve” Scott VS Cameron Grimes; Grimes wins and advances to the next round.
  • Bianca Belair VS Zuniga; Belair wins.
  • Roderick Strong VS Tyler Breeze; Strong wins.


Mia Yim VS Aliyah w/ Vanessa Borne!

The Head Baddie in Charge shared her life story, but the #BorneBougie duo belittled her for it. Can Mia knock the “highers” off their high horse?

The bell rings and fans are strongly behind Mia. Mia and Aliyah circle but Aliyah side steps Mia and mocks her style. They go again and Mia waistlocks to a throw! Mia facelocks but Aliyah slips out to rear mount. Aliyah pulls hair and shouts “You don’t deserve anything!” She lets up at 4 as she throws Mia down. Aliyah floats all over Mia then clubs away. Aliyah pie faces, but things speed up and Mia runs Aliyah over. Mia pie faces Aliyah now, then scares her with a step! Aliya tries to crawl away but Mia drags her back in. Mia easily ducks the enziguri to let Aliyah fall on the mat. Mia then dropkicks Aliyah to a corner! Vanessa saves Aliyah from the cannonball! Aliyah drags Mia into the corner to swing her into the post! Aliyah gets in and covers, TWO!

Vanessa coaches Aliyah to keep going and Aliyah throws boots into Mia’s face. Mia blocks one to push Aliyah, but Aliyah comes back to grab hair for a takedown! Cover, TWO! Aliyah drags Mia around to kick sharp in the back. Aliyah runs for a knee drop and handsprings through. Fans boo but Aliyah soaks up the heat as she runs in at Mia. Mia boots her away then goes up to get her in the Tarantula! Mia lets up at 4 to whip Aliyah corner to corner. Aliyah slides to a stop to enziguri back! Cover, TWO! Aliyah grows frustrated but she keeps on Mia and her hair. Aliyah thrashes Mia around in a chinlock but fans rally up. But Aliyah pulls Mia back against her knees! Mia endures and pries free, but Aliyah kicks her down. Aliyah runs but misses the knee drop this time!

Mia drop toeholds Aliyah into buckles, then hits a short-range cannonball! Vanessa shouts at Aliyah to get up, and Aliyah does, only for Mia to fire off on her! Mia kicks then overhead suplexes Aliyah! Aliyah rolls out of the ring and regroups with Vanessa. Mia builds speed to DIVE! Mia takes out both #BorneBougie! And then she puts Aliyah in, and catches the crossbody to a Fall Away Slam! Mia hits Protect Ya Neck! High stack, Mia wins!

Winner: Mia Yim, by pinfall

And the HBIC rolls on! Mia makes sure Vanessa gets the message, too, by throwing her into steel steps! Will Borne and Aliyah leave her alone now? Or will The Vision take things into her own hands?

Mia even goes to the commentary table to do what Shayna does and send a message. Shayna has something Mia wants, and Mia isn’t going away until she gets it. The Queen of Spades’ days are numbered. Mia isn’t just coming for the title, she’s coming to whoop dat ass! What will Shayna’s response be to this declaration of war?


Backstage interview with NXT General Manager, William Regal.

After seeing what Io Shirai did to Candice LeRae after the NXT Women’s Championship Cage Match, what is Candice’s condition? And what consequences will there be for Shirai? Shirai did dreadful things to Candice, so it is a week to week thing for her. As for Shirai, the Forgotten Sons barge in before Regal can speak on that. They’re upset over the Street Profits making matches and all that. The superstars can’t make title matches, that’s Regal’s job! So maybe Regal should do his job and give them the opportunity they deserve.

Well, as Regal sees it, they were given that opportunity, and failed because they got themselves disqualified. So they’re at the back of the line. Back of the line, huh? Well Regal will regret that. “We won’t forget this.” The Forgotten Sons storm out, but what will they do to force his hand? Cathy Kelly now asks Regal if he does have another team in mind to challenge the Street Profits. Regal was just talking to the Profits, and they suggested a wonderful idea: Oney Lorcan & Danny Bruch. We will see that match, next week! Will Lorcan & Burch finally punch their golden ticket and become NXT Tag Team Champions? Or will Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins continue to bring the swag?


NXT checks in with the Adam Cole BAYBAY Championship Celebration Tour.

As we saw last week, Cole returned from the Download Festival, to go to Gargano’s. Cole walked into the diner to meet Johnny Gargano’s parents. He is here to pick up the pizzas. Mr. and Mrs. Gargano clearly know who Cole is. Cole says they’re going to make a lot of people happy with these. And while they’re out of the room, Cole pins a picture of himself to their wall, right next to Johnny. And on it, Cole wrote in red, “To Gargano’s, A champion you can be proud of!” The pizzas are presented and Cole lets them keep the change. It was a pleasure to meet you. And by the way, love the Wall of Fame. That’s when Frank Gargano notices what Cole pinned to it. Frank pulls Cole’s picture off and throws it away.

Cole visits a Cleveland indie wrestling gym. He knows everyone here loves and respects Gargano. And what’s not to love? Hard work, sacrifice, success. Gargano gave them a peptalk about working hard and succeeding like him. But Cole is here to say Gargano is “full of crap.” But hear him out. Facts are facts: Gargano got lucky. Anyone gets lucky once. Cole watched back to the TakeOver build and Gargano’s visit here. Cole felt such pity for each of them. Mostly because Gargano let each of them touch the title, giving them all false hope that they’d make it their own one day. That’s just mean. Just look at yourselves! Like, does anyone think any of them can ever be NXT Champion? Yes, they do! Don’t kid yourself. But there’s pizza. Have a slice, go home and give up.

The manager tells Cole to leave. Cole does, but gives some last advice. Get out of the school, out of this city, and find a new hero to look up to. Where else is Cole headed on his championship celebration tour? Whose dream will he trample and spit on next?


KUSHIDA VS Jeff Parker!

The Time Splitter welcomes all comers to challenge him! But after defeating The Finest of NXT and the submission specialist of 205 Live, will Kushida keep the roll going?

The bell rings and Kushida circles with Parker. They feel it out and Kushida gets a leg. Kushida twists the ankle then turns Parker over for a facelock. Parker rolls but Kushida keeps on him. They roll again and again, and then Kushida floats all over Parker. Kushida drives elbows in then pulls back with a chinlock. Parker turns but is stuck in the lock. Kushida shifts to a headlock but Parker powers out. Kushida handsprings and back elbows Parker down! Then drop toeholds to an armlock. Kushida hammerlocks that arm with his leg to grab the other. He digs elbows into Parker’s ribs, then steps through to hammerlock the other arm. Kushida falls back for a hammerlock snap!

Fans cheer as Kushida goes for the Hoverboard! Parker scrambles and gets a ropebreak! Kushida holds on but Parker forearms! Parker runs but into a hip toss! Cartwheel to basement dropkick, then Kushida kicks out the arm! Fastball special! Hoverboard kimura, aka the Sakuraba! Parker taps, Kushida wins!

Winner: Kushida, by submission

The Time Splitter makes quick work of Parker with a tribute to his mentor, Kazushi Sakuraba. Will Kushida find himself competing for gold in the near future?


Backstage interview with Tyler Breeze.

What does Prince Pretty say to how newer NXT superstars claim the current state of the brand is because of them, such as Roderick Strong, his opponent tonight? Well, Breeze is thinking about the Undisputed Era. And that whenever any of those guys talk, they all say the same thing: power, titles, and credit for the brand’s popularity. Breeze thinks he needs to give everyone a refresher course that this was #NXBreeze long before Undisputed Era ever came around.


Killian Dain speaks to NXT.

“I want you to know who and what I am. I want you to know why I’m doing the things I do.” Dain had nothing. Everything he had was taken from him. And now he will take anything and everything he wants for his own! The Beast of Belfast is on his way back, who will be first to face his wrath?


NXT Breakout Tournament Opening Round: Isaiah “Swerve” Scott VS Cameron Grimes!

Angel Garza was the first Breakout star to advance in this inaugural tournament. He and Joaquin Wilde set a high bar, can Swerve and Grimes match it? And who overcomes the other to move on to the next round?

The bell rings and the two tie up right away. Grimes gets Swerve down with a waistlock while fans duel. Swerve gets up and pries at the hold to then hook Grimes to a takedown. Grimes finds his way up and slips out to an armlock. Swerve moves around but Grimes wrenches. Grimes brings Swerve to the mat but Swerve spins to knuckle lock and kip-up. Swerve drags Grimes down to a wristlock then armlock. Grimes powers up and out but Swerve arm-drags Grimes down, back to the armlock! Fans cheer this technical exchange, but Grimes gets up to whip Swerve away. Swerve reverses and jumps over but Grimes reels him in for a forearm to the back! Grimes clobbers Swerve to a corner, then whips him corner to corner.

Grimes runs in but Swerve goes up and over to roll and Capoeira to headscissors! Swerve adds a sharp dropkick on top! Grimes staggers to a corner and fans rally up for Swerve. Swerve throws BIG haymakers in the corner then rolls Grimes. Swerve hops up and hits a falling uppercut to the back! Cover, ONE! Swerve keeps on Grimes with an armlock and grinds in his forearm. Grimes endures and works his way up. Swerve keeps him from ropes but Grimes keeps going. Grimes throws Swerve down by his hair, then rams his knee into ribs! Grimes is on Swerve at the ropes and yanks him into them! Cover, ONE! Grimes drives a knee in and grinds an elbow in. Swerve reaches for ropes but Grimes stands on his face! The ref reprimands Grimes but fans cheer his aggression.

Grimes puts on a chinbar but Swerve endures. Fans rally up as Swerve fights his way up. Swerve goes around but Grimes whips him for a BIG lariat! Grimes covers, TWO! Grimes keeps on that arm, digging his knee in and pulling back. Fans echo the grunts and growls of Grimes while Swerve endures again. Fans rally up and Swerve works up again. Grimes clubs Swerve on the back and keeps on that arm. Grimes chinbars Swerve but Swerve refuses to quit. Swerve fights up once again and throws haymakers! Swerve runs but into a boot. Grimes hops up but gets a leaping steiner! Fans fire up as Swerve gets his arms working. Swerve boots Grimes then clotheslines him. Swerve starts rallying and whips, but Grimes reverses! Grimes sends Swerve tumbling out but Swerve lands on his feet!

Grimes thinks Swerve crashed and burned, so he is shocked to see Swerve standing! He goes out to rush Swerve but Swerve gets in. Swerve sees Grimes slide in, and catches him with a swinging splash! Grimes falls back out, Swerve gives him an apron boot! Swerve puts Grimes in then slingshots and somersaults for a leaping complete shot! Cover, TWO! Grimes survives and Swerve is shocked. Fans rally up again, and Swerve takes aim at Grimes. Swerve runs in but is put on the apron. Swerve haymakers Grimes hard then climbs up. He leaps but Grimes gets under. Grimes backslides Swerve to a deadlift powerbomb! Cover, TWO!! Swerve survives and shocks Grimes!

Swerve crawls to ropes and Grimes is on him. Grimes reels Swerve but Swerve arm-drags! Grimes come back with a Superman Forearm! But Swerve hits back with a stiff elbow! Grimes grabs Swerve’s tights but Swerve frees himself to then kick out the legs. Calf kick kicks Grimes out, Swerve FLIES! Swerve takes Grimes down and fans fire up! Swerve puts Grimes in but Grimes roundhouses! Grimes walks into a knee! Swerve runs, dodges, SPANISH FLY! Grimes drags Swerve up again to whip and DOUBLE STOMP! Cover, Grimes wins!

Winner: Cameron Grimes, by pinfall; advances to the second round

Gritty Grimes shows he has good reason to be #CountryConfident. Will Grimes make it all the way to the end? Who does he meet along the way?


Bianca Belair VS Zuniga!

The EST returns to NXT! She may have fallen off of a truly Un-De-Fea-Ted streak, but can she still rise up to be the greatest in the NXT Women’s Division?

Bianca doesn’t respect Zuniga and pie faces her over and over. Zuniga gives it back! Zuniga wants Bianca to hit her, so Bianca does! That forearm decks Zuniga down! It was so strong, Bianca’s own earring comes off! Bianca takes off the other and now it’s serious! She drags Zuniga up to club away fast and furious, but mostly furious! The ref counts and Bianca lets up to throw Zuniga to a corner. Then Bianca throws her across the way! Zuniga stands only for Bianca to tackle her into the corner! Bianca grinds in until 4, then drags Zuniga out for a trophy lift! And some squats! Bianca grins as she drops Zuniga on her face. Fans are thunderous for the EST as she does her spin.

Bianca runs back in but into a boot. Zuniga climbs and leaps for headscissors, but Bianca blocks to a POWERBOMB! Cover, but Bianca deadlifts for a second! Cover, but another deadlift, and the alley oop into buckles! Zuniga staggers into the torture rack, Kiss of Death! Cover, Bianca wins!

Winner: Bianca Belair, by pinfall

Add angriest to the list, because Bianca ain’t playing around. Will Bianca make the biggest comeback from her recent cold streak?


NXT shares Matt Riddle’s workout.

The Bro doesn’t just wrestle, he does Mixed Martial Arts. Muay thai, jujitsu, judo. Riddle has always loved fighting and wrestling. His whole family always said, “Matt, you’re too pretty. You’re gonna get beat up. You’re not made for this.” But Riddle won national titles, fought in UFC, and is now here in NXT. He intimidates a lot of guys because he just keeps training and getting better. Riddle is ready to take over, when and where will he get another chance at some NXT gold?


Roderick Strong VS Tyler Breeze!

The Velveteen Dream holds gold that the Undisputed Era wants. With Adam Cole as THE NXT Champion and reDRagon seeking the tag titles, that leaves the Savior of the Backbreaker to take that North American Championship from him. However, the #OG, Original Gorgeous, wants another shot. Who takes the other out of the running to head for The Experience?

The bell rings and fans chant, “Breeze is Gorgeous!” Breeze and Strong approach and tie up. They go around and Strong gets a leg to a takedown. Breeze denies a cover but Strong is on his back. Strong has the arm and turns Breeze, but Breeze spins to wrench. Strong rolls and trips Breeze to get the legs. Breeze resists the turn and throws Strong away. Breeze trips Strong now to get a headlock but Strong slips out to a facelock. Strong grins as he hammerlocks Breeze on the mat. Breeze fights his way up and grabs for a leg. Strong shifts to a headlock first, and fans rally as Breeze pops out. Breeze has the arms but Strong denies Unprettier. Things speed up, Breeze spins Strong around for a neckbreaker! Breeze puts Strong in a corner and stomps away.

The ref reprimands Breeze but Breeze doesn’t want to be touched. Strong touches Breeze with a boot! Strong drags Breeze up to CHOP him! Then he clubs Breeze, only to run into a dropkick! Strong goes to the bottom rope to bait Breeze in and throw Breeze out. Breeze staggers up and Strong runs, but Breeze dodges the wrecking ball dropkick. Breeze decks Strong with a strong right! He clubs Strong hard on the back then bumps him off the apron. Strong goes to the steps but Breeze follows to shove him down. Strong yanks Breeze off to throw him onto the steps! Breeze crumples to the floor while Strong catches his breath. Strong comes back to Breeze to back suplex him onto the railing!

Strong puts Breeze in the ring and stomps away on the back. Breeze writhes as Strong taunts him. Strong drags Breeze up and throws big forearms. Strong taunts the “pretty boy” as he stomps him to a corner. The ref reprimands Strong and Strong backs off. Strong comes back to hoist Breeze up, but Breeze fights back. Breeze throws hands and backs Strong down. Breeze whips but Strong reverses to dropkick Breeze! Cover, TWO! Strong grows frustrated but he keeps on Breeze with a surfboard. He gets the arms and pulls Breeze into a chinlock variation. Strong even digs his own head into the back of Breeze’s neck. But fans rally and Breeze fights out, to then throw elbows! Breeze is free but Strong comes back to power Breeze into buckles.

Strong walks into a boot, then misses the splash! Breeze jawbreakers back! Strong blocks the boot but gets a forearm! Breeze dumps Strong out and Strong hits railing. Strong hurries in but gets an enziguri! Breeze sees Strong stagger about and goes to the apron. Breeze leaps for a flying forearm! Fans fire up with Breeze as he stalks a crawling Strong. Breeze puts Strong in and Strong flounders to a corner. Breeze runs in for another forearm smash. He reels Strong into a knee, then gives him a sideways backstabber! Cover, TWO! Breeze keeps his cool while clutching his back. Fans rally up as Strong and Breeze stand. Breeze facelocks and suplexes, but Strong slips out. Strong shoves Breeze but gets a boot in the corner.

Breeze hops up and denies the yank, only to get an enziguri! Strong CHOPS Breeze then climbs up to join him. Breeze fights back and the two brawl up top. Fans duel but Breeze gets the edge, only to get another enziguri! Strong is up fast, SUPERPLEX! Cover, TWO!! Breeze still lives and Strong grits his teeth. Strong staggers up and grabs at Breeze’s legs. Breeze resists and kicks Strong again and again. Strong still holds on so Breeze gets the ropes. Strong yanks him off the ropes but gets BOOTS! Breeze crawls to the apron while Strong staggers over. Breeze enziguris Strong now, then slingshots, but into Strong’s fireman’s carry. But Breeze fights out and shoves to SUPER MODEL KICK Strong down! Cover, TWO!! Strong still lives and Breeze is beside himself.

Fans cheer for both men as Breeze and Strong slowly stand. Breeze waits for Strong, and grabs the arms. He turns Strong but Strong pushes Breeze into buckles. Strong forearms but Breeze returns it. They brawl back and forth on wobbly legs, enziguri outta nowhere from Breeze! Breeze is up first and goes to the corner. He climbs up top but here come Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish! The ref stops O’Reilly but Breeze SUPER MODEL KICKS Fish! Breeze dumps Strong out to join them, but runs into an enziguri! Strong drags Breeze up, End of Heartache!! Cover, Strong wins!

Winner: Roderick Strong, by pinfall

An Undisputed Assist gives Strong the victory! But one way or another, a win is a win, which means Strong rises up. Is Strong going to be the next one to challenge Velveteen Dream for his title? Or is there still time in the race to the North American Championship?



My Thoughts:

A jam-packed episode of NXT tonight! No time wasted getting to Mia VS Aliyah, which was better than expected, in that Mia didn’t squash Aliyah. Mia still wins, and clean, and even gets to give some to Vanessa Borne. Mia’s calling her shot, which is great to see out of her. She can definitely be the Face with attitude needed to take the fight to Shayna on the road to TakeOver: Toronto. The only thing is, who can she get as back-up when we all know the Horsewomen will get involved? Will we see new women show up on NXT TV? Will Regal finally ban those two from ringside at penalty of Shayna losing the belt by default?

I’m starting to think this is another repercussion of Vince screwing up the Women’s Tag Division. If #LegitHuggable was still going, they and the Horsewomen could be in a program to keep Jessamyn and Marina too busy to help Shayna all the time. And at this point in time, what better combo than the HBIC, Legit Boss and a toughened up Bayley? Meanwhile, we didn’t get much on Candice or Shirai but there’s still plenty of time for #EvilGenius Io to appear, and Candice needs to “heal” anyway. Bianca beat Zuniga down so bad, Bianca almost went Face by default. Seeing Bianca become the fiercest woman in NXT could be a spark for her to finally make her true rise to the title, since Bianca as she was apparently wasn’t enough.

This week’s Breakout match was pretty great. Not quite what Garza VS Wilde was but still really solid. Swerve and Grimes were very even and I almost thought Swerve was going to get it, but Grimes turns it around. The first round is only half over but I just have this feeling that we could be seeing Garza and Grimes in the finals. Next week’s NXT Tag Championship match is going to be great, too, as Lorcan & Burch have always been solid. But with it not being a special, and Forgotten Sons very upset, I expect shenanigans. Honestly, another Fatal 4 Way Tag would be amazing for Toronto, but perhaps in something like Elimination, where the last team standing is truly the winner.

Part two of Cole’s “tour” was pretty great. We should’ve all expected something like what he did for the Gargano’s family diner, but him talking down to the Cleveland indie scene was a nice touch. All of this has to mean that, for whatever reason, we’re getting a third match of Cole VS Gargano somewhere between now and TakeOver: Toronto. That wouldn’t be so bad, but I feel like with so many more Faces right now, Cole should retain. We get a good Riddle promo, he’s obviously next on the list. Kushida has a good showing, and I like that he changed his hold’s name to honor his mentor. Kushida should also be next up for the North American Champion once it goes to a Heel.

And speaking of, Strong VS Breeze was incredible, even with the interference. It isn’t a given, but Dream VS Strong looks like a front runner for the title match, and a good one. Then Dream can be another of the Faces to face Cole, or he could move up to the main roster. I’d prefer the former, because I still can’t be sure even in a Heyman and Bischoff form of the main roster that Dream would be used right. After all, Vince is still in the mix.

My Score: 8.6/10

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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (7/16/19)

It’s getting hot in the Cruiserweight Division!



205 Live = Cruiserweight Division

And STILL Cruiserweight Champion…

Drew Gulak and Tony Nese gave it there all at Extreme Rules, but it is the Philly Stretcher that won as the hometown hero! What is next for this cruel and calculating Cruiserweight Champion on the road to Summerslam?



  • Akira Tozawa w/ THE Brian Kendrick VS Samir Singh w/ Sunil; Tozawa wins.
  • Mike Kanellis VS Jackson James; Kanellis wins.
  • Jack Gallagher VS Chad Gable; Gable wins.


The Cruiserweight Champion speaks.

“For months, Tony Nese was looked at as the pinnacle of this division, and everyone else was fine with that. How sad.” The Premier Athlete lacked the killer instinct to truly lead. And even after becoming champion, Nese dared to doubt Drew Gulak. But now Gulak has erased all doubt, and his grip on the title is growing tighter by the day. Who will dare to step up next when they know what kind of pain and punishment to expect in Gulak’s 205 Live?


Akira Tozawa w/ THE Brian Kendrick VS Samir Singh w/ Sunil!

The Bollywood Boys tried to mock the Man with a Plan, and he looked to make them pay for it in the ring. But then when the Singh Brothers were beating him down 2v1, the Stamina Monster came to his friend’s rescue! Now Tozawa will take on the other Singh to see if they can sweep. Will Bollywood be celebrating or commiserating after their run-in with these former Cruiserweight Champions?

The bell rings and the two circle. Samir knees low and clubs Tozawa down to then stomp him in the corner. The ref counts and Samir backs off to swivel those hips. But Tozawa CHOPS away! He fakes Samir out to JAB! Samir crawls to a corner but Tozawa stomps him down. Fans “AH! AH!” but Samir yanks Tozawa into buckles. Samir stomps a mudhole into Tozawa, then swivels his hips again. Samir grinds his feet in while Sunil trash talks. The ref counts so Samir lets up to drag Tozawa up and whip. Tozawa hits buckles hard and falls to the mat. Samir covers, TWO! Samir keeps on Tozawa with a chinlock but Kendrick and the fans rally up. Tozawa fights up and out, but Samir clubs him bakc. Samir runs but into the kick!

Tozawa swings, slides under and then fireman’s carries. Samir fights with elbows, but Tozawa still tosses him! And then adds the shotgun dropkick! Samir bails out and regroups with Sunil, but Tozawa runs over. Sunil blocks his path so Tozawa adjusts to CANNONBALL onto Saimr! They crash into the barriers, but Tozawa is up to “AAH!” with the fans! Tozawa puts Samir in the ring and in a drop zone. He climbs up top but Sunil lurks. Kendrick shouts at Sunil and Tozawa hops down. Tozawa dodges Samir and rolls him up, Tozawa wins!

Winner: Akira Tozawa, by pinfall

But Sunil goes after Kendrick! Then Samir and Sunil work together to stomp a Bollywood mudhole into Tozawa. Samir rains down rights and Sunil has the Boscar. Roll film and… Kendrick stops the attack! Kendrick throws Sunil out and Tozawa kicks Samir down! The Bollywood Boys are on the retreat again, but they forgot their trophy! Tozawa grabs it, and holds it up high. Now it’s Tozawa’s Boscar, for Best Performance Against a Singh Brother! Will he and Kendrick rack up more wins and more accolades as the summer heats up?


205 Live presents part 2 of their closer look at Humberto Carrillo.

The young luchador is already in his second year of signing with the WWE, and his first year alone has been a dream come true. He told his parents that he would be here one day, it is truly a childhood dream come true. There has been a lot of change in his first year. His first goal is to keep the lucha libre tradition to represent both him, his family and where he comes from. And now, his goal is to be WWE Cruiserweight Champion. Will the rise of Ultimo Ninja happen within his second year as a WWE superstar?


Mike Kanellis VS Jackson James!

Things have been rough for the Kanellis Family. The Opportunist of Love has not gotten the opportunities he’s wanted, and it’s a blame game as to why. Then he finds Mrs. Maria Kanellis is pregnant, but she doesn’t even think Mike is man enough to be the father. And while Drake Maverick acknowledges his lack of focus, Mike still says what happens next is on the GM’s head. Just what is next for the Kanellis Family drama?

Maria watches backstage as Mike hits the ring. The bell rings and Mike BOOTS Jackson right off his feet! Jackson flounders to a corner but Mike CHOPS away on him! Mike lets up just long enough, to then CHOP away again. He drags Jackson out to whip and SPINEBUSTER! Maria does start to smile as she sees Mike manhandle Jackson to another corner. Jackson flops down and Mike grits his teeth as he runs in to clothesline! Mike rolls Jackson and fires himself up more. He drags Jackson up just to LARIAT him back down. But he’s not done there, he gives Jackson another LARIAT! Jackson’s torso is almost as red as his tights, as Mike hits the Power of Love! Cover, Mike wins!

Winner: Mike Kanellis, by pinfall

Finally a win for Mr. Kanellis, but he’s not done! This is what he warned Maverick about as he throws Jackson out. He grabs a mic and says, “Did you think that is what I was going to get fined over?!” That wasn’t it at all! Mike dares Maverick to fine him in person! Maverick does come out and lets Mike vent. No, it won’t be that easy. Mike is done going into offices. What Mike has to say he says in front of everyone! Two months, his contract expired and he could’ve gone anywhere! But Mike decided to stay for two reasons: to prove to Maria that he’s good as he says he is by becoming Cruiserweight Champion; and to kick Maverick’s ass!

Well Maverick apologizes for Mike’s bad mood, but maybe Mike should look in the mirror. The reason Mike isn’t anywhere in the Cruiserewight Division is because of himself. Mike isn’t more deserving than any of the day one guys! And then he didn’t last long on Raw! Speaking of Raw and not lasting long, Mike saw what happened with Renee Michelle. Oh yes, stoop to lows. Maverick is not a competitor in the Cruiserweight Division, he is their GM. Oh wow, yeah, Mike totally forgot that! Maverick is the same GM that keeps chasing the 24/7 Championship! The same GM that embarrasses the brand walking around in his underwear! Mike isn’t the joke, Maverick is.

Maverick never said Mike was a joke! Maverick brought Mike here because he has the potential to be one of the best! Mike will not let Maverick patronize him! Maverick wants to be the bigger man, but he’s not. Maverick’s barely half a man. Height insults. Mike tells Maverick to go home, talk to his wife, beg her for forgiveness, and prove to her that he’s a man. But wait, he’s not! Because a real man wouldn’t back down from a fight, or let someone talk down to him like Mike is to Maverick. Is Maverick getting mad? He looks mad! You mad? No, Maverick’s not mad. Because a real man gets mad. A real man wouldn’t let Mike say that their wife is a filth- THAT’S IT! Maverick fires off hands on Mike, then ducks the clothesline to dropkick Mike out!

Maverick dares Mike to come back and get what’s coming to him! But Mike just grins, because he may have just caught Maverick in his trap. Will Maverick still be 205 Live GM after hitting one of his superstars?


Jack Gallagher VS Chad Gable!

The last time the Extraordinary Gentleman and the American Olympian tangled on 205 Live, it ended in a disappointing and even controversial count-out. Gable got the win, but not even he was satisfied. So now Gallagher and Gable go 1v1 in this rematch of redemption! Who will gain a proper victory in Worcester?

The bell rings and Gallagher offers a handshake. Gable takes it to prove this match will be respectful. They tie up and Gable waistlocks. Gable spins and trips Gallagher to float into the facelock. Gallagher rolls and escapes to wrench the wrist. Gable spins and waistlocks to spin Gallagher to a snapmare and chinlock. Fans like the technical exchange. Gallagher works his way out the back with the handstand. Gable nods respect to that, and they go again. Gable wristlocks but Gallagher rolls and handsprings to cartwheel and wrench. But now Gable rolls, bridges, spins and headlock takeovers. Gallagher headscissors but Gable pops out. Roles reverse but Gallagher jackknifes, TWO as Gable bridges out. Gable lifts Gallagher but Gallagher slips out to arm-drag! The two stand off, and fans cheer the exchange again.

Gable offers the handshake, and Gallagher accepts, but Gable uses it to drag Gallagher into a waistlock and slam! Gable shifts up to a headlock, but Gallagher powers up. Fans rally and Gallagher gets his own headlock. Gable powers out but Gallagher runs him over. Gallagher runs but Gable speeds up, only to run into a fireman’s carry and hotshot! Gallagher sunset flips, TWO, but he goes at Gable’s arm. Gable endures the armlock and powers his way up. Gable whips but Gallagher reverses, only for Gable to dodge and arm-drag back. La Magistrol, TWO! Another arm-drag and now Gable has Gallagher in the armlock. Gallagher endures as Gable pulls on the keylock. They stand and Gallagher reverses to a takedown and short-arm-scissors.

Gable rolls back to make it a cover, TWO, and Gallagher still has the arm scissor. Gable rolls again, TWO, and the arm scissor is still on. Fans rally as Gable works on a solution to the hold. Gable rolls again to deadlift Gallagher for an Electric Chair drop! Gable drags Gallagher up for European Uppercuts, and Gallagher is rocked! Cover, TWO! Gable grows frustrated and goes after a leg with a standing toehold. Gallagher endures the toe ‘n’ ankle twist while avoiding a cover. Gallagher kicks free but Gable whips him hard to a corner! Cover, TWO! Gable keeps his cool as he drags Gallagher back up. He whips Gallagher again but Gallagher goes up, under, but runs into the overhead belly2belly! Cover, TWO!

Gable drags Gallagher around to drop a twisting toehold! He yanks the leg and Gallagher clutches his hamstring. Gable circles like a shark then dragon screws the leg! Gallagher clutches the knee but Gable steps through for another toehold. It is a cover, too, TWO! Gable keeps on the toehold and Gallagher has to keep sitting up. Gallagher endures then kicks with his free leg. But Gable gets the bad leg for another toehold! Then Gable twists to turn Gallagher, but Gallagher fights free. Gallagher walks into a EuroUpper, and another. Gable throws another but into a backslide! TWO, and a BIG dropkick from Gallagher decks Gable! Gallagher counter punches Gable back then whips. Gable reverses but Gallagher ducks to deck him with a right!

Gallagher suplexes Gable and holds him up there with his extraordinary strength! And drops him after roughly 15 counts! Cover, TWO! Gallagher grows frustrated with Gable’s toughness, but he gets himself back up. Gable follows, dodges and waistlocks to roll, Chaos Theory denied to the Double Wristlock! The Kimura Lock is on but Gable moves to relieve pressure. Gable powers to a cover, TWO and he’s freed. Gallagher staggers away but Gable runs in, only to get an elbow. Gallagher hops up, leaps for a missile dropkick! Gable staggers but runs over, only for Gallagher to dump him out. Gallagher runs to blast Gable off the apron, then slides. Gable gets under, only to get thrown into barriers! The Gentleman is getting gritty now!

Gallagher goes into the ring and the ring count begins. Gallagher runs to DIVE! But Gable deflects it! And then throws Gallagher with a German Suplex! Deja vu to their first match a month ago! Gable and Gallagher crawl up as the count begins. Gable stands at 4 but won’t leave Gallagher behind this time. He puts Gallagher in at 7 and hops in at 8, but gets caught in a cradle! TWO, and Gable blocks the punch to full nelson. Gallagher breaks free and wants the wristlock. Gable  slips out, Tiger Driver 97! TWO, to the ANKLE LOCK! Gable shouts out the Olympic Gold Medalist as Gallagher endures! Gallagher reaches but is dragged away! Grapevine!! Gallagher unlocks the legs to hammer away on Gable’s head! Gable lets go and Gallagher is free. Worcester cheers both men’s grit as Gallagher and Gable stand.

Gable throat chops and rolling kicks! But Gallagher uses the ropes to rebound, for the Extraordinary Headbutt!! He falls to the cover, TWO!? Gable survives and Gallagher can’t believe it! Both men slowly stir and head for each other. Gallagher grimaces as he SLAPS Gable. Gable SLAPS back and now it’s a brawl! They throw forearms and elbows, then Gallagher fires off body shots and windmill fists! The ref counts and Gallagher stops. Gallagher whips Gable corner to corner, then runs in, but misses his dropkick! Gable catches Gallagher into the Canadian Rack! Dominator DDT! Cover, TWO!! Gallagher still lives and Gable is in shock!

Fans fire up as Gable drags Gallagher to a drop zone. Gable climbs up and moonsaults, to get boots to the gut! Gallagher hits his Extraordinary Dropkick!! Cover, ROPEBREAK!! Gallagher is the one in shock now! Gallagher drags Gable up and hoists him to the top rope. He clubs Gable over and over before climbing up top. Gable fights back with elbows, but Gallagher clubs him more. Gallagher still staggers down, but clubs Gable into the post. Gallagher climbs up again, stands up with Gable, SUPER BACK SUPLEX, becomes Gable’s crossbody! Gable glares, rolls Gallagher, CHAOS THEORY!! Bridging cover, Gable wins!!

Winner: Chad Gable, by pinfall

Gable and Gallagher pushed each other to their limits, but it was Gable who edges out the Gentleman. But to be a good sport back, he offers Gallagher a hand. Gable helps Gallagher up and gives him a nod. The fans love the respect between Gable and Gallagher, will we get more from these two terrific technicians? But with this decisive defeat, what is next for Gallagher in the Cruiserweight Division?



My Thoughts:

A pretty great episode for 205 Live for the Summerslam build. Gulak gives us a great promo as he gets to start fresh with new competition, and we got another good Humberto Carrillo profile video. Again, pretty sure Carrillo is on his way to the title, but he’ll need to have matches to earn it. Tozawa VS Samir with Kendrick and Sunil around was a good match, but as I said last week, we’ll probably just get a tag team build to a tornado and/or No Disqualification tag match blow-off that means nothing because we have no tag titles. But it will still be a great match because Kendrick and Tozawa are great, and the Singh Brothers are also good given the tornado blow-of we just got with Lucha House Party.

I am loving the continuity between Raw and 205 Live as far as this Kanellis-Maverick story is going. Mike gets his win but then the real thing in this is the red hot promo between him and Maverick. They had great points to throw at each other, especially Mike mocking last night’s WWE 24/7 Championship segment. This could easily become the story of Maverick fighting for his job as GM given how he hit Mike. And it’s a way for Maverick to shift from the 24/7 Championship and let Truth feud with someone new. Again, if Maverick loses, I expect it to be Maria taking his place and then she gives Maverick the opportunities he “deserves,” like going against a Face Cruiserweight Champion, maybe as Carrillo’s first feud.

Then the main event of Gable VS Gallagher was incredible, regardless of Worcester dissenters thinking it was boring. Technical wrestling is not boring, Worcester was just tired and/or drunk. And then when they left the technical stuff behind for big hits and throws, the fans woke up and saw this match was actually great. Gable winning was a great choice, because now we’re getting a Gallagher crisis of confidence type thing. Gallagher sold that uncertainty at the end there, so something has to happen where he decides between 205 Live and NXT UK as his place to be in the WWE, and that could be a really good story.

My Score: 8.2/10

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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Live Results & Report! (7/16/19)

The BEST! Town Hall Meeting, in the WOOOOOORLD~!



SmackDown cover image

It’s the SmackDown After Extreme Rules!

And STILL your W, W, E, World, Heavy, Weight, CHAMPION~, Kofi Kingston! But not only that, the New Day have the SmackDown Tag Team Championships back! What is next for this GOLDEN New Day on the way to Toronto?



  • Aleister Black VS Cesaro; Aleister wins.
  • Liv Morgan VS Charlotte Flair; Flair wins.
  • Ember Moon & ??? VS Fire & Desire; Moon & Bayley win.
  • Six Man Tag: The New Day VS Randy Orton, Samoa Joe & Elias; Orton, Joe & Elias win.
  • WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships: The IIconics VS The Kabuki Warriors w/ Paige; The Kabuki Warriors win by count-out, The IIconics retain the titles.
  • Apollo Crews VS Andrade Almas w/ Zelina Vega; wins.
  • Kevin Owens VS Dolph Ziggler; No Contest.


Kevin Owens speaks for the WWE Universe!

The only thing we’ve gotten from this new McMahon policy is MORE SHANE! And no one wants that! Shane tried to silence Kevin but he refused to stop. Shane claiming to be Best in the World is an insult to every superstar in the company. Security chased Kevin off, but Kevin wouldn’t stay gone. He made sure that when Shane least expected it, he got a STUNNER!

But now, Shane has security ready to apprehend Kevin should things get out of hand again. Kevin walks through the door and sees Shane. Shane heard all that yammering, and has an idea: the SmackDown Town Hall. Everyone and anyone can get their complaints out. Shane will hear them all out, but he will not tolerate insubordination. Kevin sees what Shane is up to. But Kevin says he works for the WWE, not Shane. But the WWE is under the McMahon Family. Shane is the boss, and he will not have Kevin spreading lies. So Shane personally tells Kevin he has the night off. Go somewhere else and enjoy yourself. Kevin heads back out the door, but will he listen to Shane’s orders?


The SmackDown Town Hall Meeting begins!

Superstars from The New Day to the Kabuki Warriors and even Buddy Murphy are present on stage while they wait for Shane McMahon to appear. “The BEST, in the WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORLD~” gets his proper introduction, and perhaps his longest yet, before the meeting officially begins.

“As you can see, Kevin Owens-” Fans cut Shane off with boos and chants of “You Suck! You Suck!” But Shane repeats that Kevin has the night off and is barred from the building. And now we have our first ever SmackDown Town Hall. This is for any superstar that is respectful to Shane to air grievances. Who wants to speak first? The various superstars seem hesitant, but one man who doesn’t is ROMAN REIGNS! Bayley and the New Day bark for the Big Dog. Roman says it straight: no one respects Shane. And if Shane wants diplomacy, how about he kiss Roman’s ass? Superstars like Charlotte Flair and Randy Orton are a little surprised. Shane says that was not respectful, so now Roman will be fined.

Shane wants more superstars to speak, and picks Charlotte to speak. Charlotte defends Shane, Roman’s words were uncalled for. But from one wrestling royal family to another, Charlotte thanks Shane for all the opportunities she has been given. It makes Charlotte sick that Kevin would take advantage of Shane! But then LIV MORGAN speaks up! Charlotte, stop being phony. Is there anything real about Charlotte? Oh snap~! Wait who is this child? Does she work here? Oh right, because everyone is borne with a blue tongue. And Charlotte forgot about Liv until Kevin mentioned Liv in a burp. Shane keeps the peace and moves things along. Shane picks out the #BestKeptSecret, Buddy Murphy.

Murphy knows Kevin mentioned him, but he doesn’t need anyone else to fight his battles. Kevin should keep Murphy’s name out of his mouth, or he’ll slap the taste out of Kevin’s mouth. Shane loves this fire, he’ll talk with Murphy later. Shane also picks out Apollo Crews. Apollo steps up and does have something to say. Hopefully this is healthy dialogue, but… “Everybody, including myself, agrees with what Kevin Owens said last week.” Except for Zelina Vega and Andrade Almas. Don’t kiss up to the fans, Apollo. If he wants a “healthy” conversation and an opportunity, prove it in the ring. Almas tells Apollo that tonight, he’ll be pinned in the center of the ring!

Elias then strums his electric guitar to introduce himself, and take his turn speaking. The “Greatest Acquisition in SmackDown History” is interrupted by the New Day. Big E tells Elias he is the greatest jackass in SmackDown history! Keep it clean, guys, c’mon. But Kofi Kingston will not agree with Kevin, #TheNorthRemembers, but there are some good points he’s made. How long did it take Kofi to be WWE Champion? TOO LONG! Shane says they need to cut Kofi off, but Kofi says no one is getting opportunities! There goes the mic. Fans boo this oppression of free speech but Shane plays dumb. This Town Hall went great for the first time, and thanks for participating. This concludes the meeting. But was anything really settled under this?

Cesaro stays back to speak up. What brings the Swiss Cyborg of Raw over here? Wild Card rule allows Cesaro to challenge Aleister Black to a rematch from Extreme Rules! He hopes Aleister will pick, a fight, with him. And obviously that means tonight. Shane likes the idea, and makes it reality! Cesaro VS Black, who wins in this gritty rematch?

Shane continues to brag that he doesn’t have to rule with an iron fist. But he does get another STUNNER!! Kevin defies the authority again, and mocks Shane’s shuffle. What will be the consequences of such defiance?


Aleister Black VS Cesaro!

Both men wanted a fight and they got one at Extreme Rules. But the fighting is far from over as they do it again here on SmackDown! Will the Embodiment of the End make the Swiss Cyborg #FadetoBlack twice in one week?

The bell rings and Aleister circles with Cesaro. They tie up and Aleister ducks to throw forearms. Cesaro knees back then throws the European Uppercuts. Cesaro whips but Aleister reverses to kick Cesaro back and then down! Alesiter runs but fakes Cesaro out to springboard and sit down. SmackDown goes picture in picture as Aleister stares a hole through Cesaro.

Cesaro catches his breath as he stares back at Aleister. Aleister watches Cesaro consider his options. Cesaro runs in and shoulders Aleister away, but Aleister kicks him back! Aleister is on Cesaro in a corner with those kicks, then kicks him against the ropes. Cesaro forearms back but Aleister keeps on kicking. ALeister has Cesaro in another corner, but Cesaro catches a kick to dump Aleister out! Aleister hits the floor while Cesasro checks his chest. Cesaro goes out to fetch Aleister, putting him in the ring and stalking him to the other side. Cesaro knees Aleister against the ropes then throws more uppercuts. Aleister BOOTS back, but Cesaro keeps on giving EuroUppers! Cesaro suplexes Aleister and covers, TWO!

Cesaro keeps his cool as he wraps Aleister up in a chinlock. Then he adds an arm of Aleister’s for a partial straitjacket. Aleister endures and fights out to give more kicks. Aleister whips but Cesaro reverses, only to run into an elbow. Aleister hops up and hits the meteora! Cesaro is reeling as Aleister grits his teeth. Aleister throws forearms and uppercuts of his own. He whips but Cesaro reverses, to pop-up uppercut! Cover, TWO! Aleister checks his teeth but gets a basement uppercut! Cover, TWO! Aleister even pushed Cesaro’s face as he kicked out. Cesaro wraps back on and has the cobra clutch. Aleister fights his way up but Cesaro knees him over and over. Cesaro wrangles Aleister down and grinds him into the mat.

Aleister fights up again and kicks at Cesaro’s legs. He runs but back into a sleeper hold! SmackDown returns to single picture as Cesaro leans his full weight on Aleister. Fans rally up as Aleister endures again. Aleister fights up and arm-drags out, to bobs ‘n’ weave and counter punch. Cesaro knees low but runs into Aleister’s elbows! Aleister fires off, sweeps and thrusts the knee! He kips up and fans fire up with him! Aleister runs, quebrada! Cover, TWO! Cesaro escapes and Aleister is angry, but not without focus. Aleister waits for Cesaro to stand, but Cesaro gets clear to give back an uppercut! Cesaro throws more uppercuts, runs and BOOTS Aleister down! Cover, TWO! Into a Crossface! Cesaro pulls back but Aleister endures.

Fans rally and Aleister reaches. Aleister rolls Cesaro to a cover, TWO! Cesaro puts Alesiter in a corner but mises and gets post! Aleister runs in to knee trigger Cesaro down! The Cyborg is down, but Aleister picks him up with his foot. Aleister spins, BLACK MASS! Cesaro’s mouth guard goes flying!! Cover, Aleister wins!

Winner: Aleister Black, by pinfall

That’s a 2-0 sweep for the Dutch Destroyer! Will Cesaro want to keep this going? Or is Aleister moving on to even tougher fights?


Dolph Ziggler finds Shane backstage.

The Show-Off knows Shane got got by Kevin, but tonight is about teaching Kevin a lesson. It should be Ziggler. No, Kevin got away. But if Kevin wants to give the people what they want, then he should want this match, too. Make it the main event of the show! Well if that’s the case, Shane will make the match. The Best in the World and Ziggler want to air some grievances on Kevin, but will it go their way?


SmackDown shares exclusive footage from after Extreme Rules.

After losing the SmackDown Tag Team Championships, Daniel Bryan was going crazy. His mission to #SaveTagTeamWrestling failed! He followed his dream, he tried to elevate the “jokers” to a main event status, but he failed! So if Bryan wants to change the world and save everyone, he has to aim higher. Bryan has to go where Bryan has not gone before. He knows now what he must do. But what does this mean for his apparent announcement later tonight?


Liv Morgan VS Charlotte Flair!

The Juvenile Delinquent made her presence known during the SmackDown Town Hall Meeting, and did so by confronting the Queen! Will she pay for her insolence? Or will she make the show #SmackDownLIV with a huge return victory?

The bell rings and Liv circles with Charlotte. They tie up and Charlotte just shoves Liv down. Charlotte doesn’t take Liv serious for a second, but then Liv goes Matrix to dodge her! Liv fires off forearms and then hits a huricanrana! She keeps moving to dropkick Charlotte down! Charlotte scrambles to a corner and Liv waves. Liv and Charlotte stand, and Liv ducks to waistlock. Charlotte elbows out to club Liv to a corner. Charlotte stomps Liv and then pulls her against the ropes. She lets up at the ref’s count of 4 with a “WOO~!” Charlotte drags Liv up to CHOP her! Those Flair CHOPS echo out and then Charlotte back suplexes. Liv slips out to enziguri Charlotte down!

Liv hits a swinging stomp onto Charlotte’s back! She drags Charlotte to a cover, TWO! Charlotte’s tougher than that as a nine-time Women’s Champion. But Liv keeps moving, huricanrana blocked into a powerbomb! Charlotte Figure Fours to the Figure Eight! Liv taps, Charlotte wins!

Winner: Charlotte Flair, by submission

Again, there’s a reason she’s #CharlotteNineTime. The Queen shows the delinquent the gap between them, is it only a matter of time before Charlotte gets her tenth?

As for Liv, sore and sobbing as she is, she grabs a headset. Charlotte is right, Liv isn’t real enough. But she vows to be real when she returns again. What does this mean for the future of SmackDown Liv?


Dolph Ziggler calls Kevin Owens.

He has to get Kevin’s number from a referee, but he dials it up all the same. Will Kevin pick up? Will Kevin take the bait of this main event play?


Ember Moon & ??? VS Fire & Desire!

The Shenom has been bullied by Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville, not that they see it that way. God’s Greatest Creation and the Gladiator Gal want to push Ember around, but will they be able to when Ember has back-up? Though, speaking of, who is her back-up? The mystery partner is… BAYLEY! The SmackDown Women’s Champion is feeling great after beating both Raw’s Goddess and Loony Lass, will she and SmackDown’s War Goddess put out the fire and desire?

The bell rings and Mandy attacks Ember while Sonya goes after Bayley! Sonya throws knee after knee into Bayley while Mandy pushes Ember out. Mandy then returns to their corner to tag in, and Sonya feeds Bayley to a Kiss from a Rose! Then sliding wizard from Sonya! Mandy covers, TWO! Mandy clubs Bayley down then chokes her on the ropes. The ref counts and Mandy lets up because she knows. Mandy wraps Bayley up for a chinlock but Bayley fights out to a saido suplex! Tag to Ember to shotgun dropkick Mandy down! Ember lights Mandy up with those kicks! She has Mandy in a corner and stomps away. Ember whips corner to corner and htis an elbow. She rolls Mandy to climb up, but Sonya runs in. Bayley gives Sonya the Bayley2Belly! ECLIPSE for Mandy! Cover, Moon & Bayley win!

Winners: Ember Moon & Bayley, Moon pinning

And that is the power of a champion and a #Shenom! Will this show Mandy and Sonya what you get for bullying?

Kayla Braxton congratulates the winners, and asks the champ who she wants for Summerslam. Well Bayley is so happy that she’s finally through with Alexa. Now she can do what she really wants: elevate this SmackDown Women’s Division! Bayley wants someone worthy, someone with charisma but she’s also never faced. Someone who would treat the title right if they end up winning. Hmm… That sounds like Ember! Ember says “Hell yeah!” These two look ready to have a Summerslam showdown, but who comes out on top of the Blue Brand?


Backstage interview with Shinsuke Nakamura!

The NEW WWE Intercontinental Champion is congratulated, but he says he is a storm. Now Nakamura is free to rain down his chaos on the entire roster. But as he turns around, the Beacon of Light is there. Mustafa Ali congratulates the champ, but he seems to be the first one who wants at the gold. Can Ali weather the storm that is the King of Strong Style?


Awwwww~ Worcester!

Don’t you dare be sour! Clap for your SIX-TIME champs and WWE Champion, and FEEL~ the POWER~! It’s a golden New Day, yes it is! Pancakes are flying and the belts are shining. Give it up for ya bois! You might as well call Kofi Kingston “Simon Phoenix” because he dismantled the Submission Machine, Samoa Joe. Yes, Kofi is the Demolition Man and the W, W, E, World, Heavy, Weight, CHAMPION~! But wait wait, look! The New Day had a great victory to dethrone the Planet’s Tag Team Champions to become the six-time, W, W, E, World, Tag, Team, CHAMPIONS~! “And look at us now.” African-American Leprechauns holding all the gold! White gold, even. BABYYY~!

Now everyone can guess what Bryan’s announcement is, but before we hear about a 10 minute lecture about recycling, fracking, and the ice cream licking epidemic that is downright nasty, Big E accepts the tag title rematch here and now in Worcester! The Planet’s Tag Team Champions come out and the New Day is ready to fight. But Bryan says nothing, and just leaves with Big Red Rowan. Was the tag title rematch not his announcement? Oh wait here Bryan comes again. Bryan wants to say something, but he can’t bring himself to say it. So again, he leaves. Wait, third time’s the charm. Bryan is clearly working on how to phrase it. Fans cheer “NEW! DAY ROCKS!” and it only angers him. Bryan drops the mic this time, so we’re not getting his announcement. At least not yet.

But now Samoa Joe comes out! Kofi is all smiles as Joe says while Bryan isn’t in the mood for championships, Joe wants one. Kofi’s back-up dancers are passing out title matches like it’s Christmas in July. So take up their example and put that title back on the line here and now! Fans want to see that match again, and Joe wants Kofi to be the man he claims to be. But wait, is that… Elias?! The Drifter tells Joe that “with all due respect”, he had his chance and he lost. If there is anyone primed and ready to take that world title from Kofi, it’s Elias. But then Randy Orton appears!

The Viper didn’t win the Cross Brand Top Ten All Star Battle Royal to go against Lesnar, but Orton says he hasn’t had the world title in some time. So he’s gonna just take it. ANd he’ll do it with the most dangerous three letters in wrestling: R K O. But Elias says no everyone can have the match tonight. But there can be a Six Man Tag to make a point. So it’s a Six Man Tag, playa? A challenge, playa? Champion’s Huddle. The New Day accept this challenge, playa! Orton opts out. Wow…! The Viper doesn’t want to strike? Seems more like the snake is a little limp. That gets Orton to opt back in! Will The New Day pay for that joke? Or will they have the last laugh?


Six Man Tag: The New Day VS Randy Orton, Samoa Joe & Elias!

Holla holla! SmackDown returns as these teams sort out. Kofi starts with Elias at the bell. They tie up and Elias headlocks right away. Kofi powers out but Elias runs him over with a shoulder. Elias runs but Kofi hurdles and elbows Elias down! Cover, TWO! Orton slithers in to distract Kofi and Elias kicks Kofi down. Tag to Joe and Joe mugs Kofi with those swift jabs. Joe drags Kofi up and whips him from open corner to open corner. Kofi hits buckles hard and falls to the mat. Fans rally with the New Day clap, and Kofi double stomps Joe down! Cover, ONE!

Kofi mule kicks and snapmares to then tag Woods. They combine with the speed combo of kick, lariat and rebound splash! Woods hits an elbow, then tags Big E for the Big Splash! Cover, TWO! Big E drags Joe up but Joe headbutts back. Tag to Elias and Elias runs, but into Big E’s abdominal stretch! With spanks! Fans chant along and Big E shoves Elias to elbow him down. Tag to Woods and Woods is the human weapon, wheelbarrow splash! Cover, ONE! Woods puts Elias in a corner with a chop, then whips him. Elias reverses but runs into a boot. Woods somersaults, Honor Roll hits! Cover, TWO!

Elias powers Woods against ropes and Orton yanks Woods down by his hair! The ref misses that as Elias distracts him. Elias goes after Woods with forearms in the open corner. The ref backs Elias off but only for a moment. Elias whips Woods to elbow him down, cover, ONE! Elias mugs Woods with a rain of rights, then throws Woods out of the ring. The New Day is in trouble as SmackDown goes picture in picture.

Elias catches his breath while Woods is down. Tag to Joe and Joe fetches Woods. Joe drags Woods up to put into the ring, then keeps between him and the New Day. He mocks Woods to crawl for a tag, but then stomps Woods down. Joe rains fists and elbows down. Joe drags Woods over and tags in Orton. Orton stomps Woods’ limbs, then his stomach. He drags Woods up to toss back out the ring, then goes out to back suplex Woods on the announce desk! Woods writhes to the floor but Orton looms over him. Orton drags Woods up and in and covers, TWO! Tag to Elias, and SmackDown returns to single picture as he stomps Woods down.

Elias drags Woods back up but fans rally. Elias wraps on a chinlock and thrashes about. Woods endures and reaches for his corner. Woods fights out but Elias knees low. Elias keeps Woods from the corner but Woods clubs away. Elias pulls hair to yank Woods down! Then he hits both Big E and Kofi with cheap shots. Joe BOOTS Big E down on the outside! Elias has Woods on the top rope to CHOP, then climbs up to join him. He stands Woods up, but Woods resists! Woods fights back and sends Elias down. Woods adjusts and leaps for a missile dropkick! Both men are down and fans rally up. Hot tags to Orton and Kofi!

Kofio springboards and rallies! He hits Orton, he hits Joe, then he dropkicks Orton! Kofi leaping lariats Orton down! Fans are fired up with Kofi as he hits the New~ Day~ Boom Drop! Kofi then aims from the corner as fans clap along. Orotn rises but avoids Trouble in Paradise. Kofi avoids the RKO, runs, hops and crossbodies! Cover, but Elias breaks it in time! Big E gives Elias a belly2belly! Joe runs BIg E over but Woods goes after Joe. Joe whips Woods but gets sent out! Woods fires up and FLIES! Direct hit takes out Joe! Woods hurries back and baits Elias into a kick! But Joe yanks Woods down to put on the Coquina Clutch! Woods goes to sleep while Elias KNEES Big E down! Elias returns to Kofi, but gets Trouble in Paradise!

RKO ON KOFI!! Cover, Orton’s team wins!

Winners: Randy Orton, Samoa Joe & Elias, Orton pinning

Most importantly, the Viper took out THE WWE World Champion! Does this put the Apex Predator at the front of the line for Summerslam?


SmackDown returns as Carmella looks for R-Truth.

Wait where is he? The washing machine? Why? Because he’s hiding! But now he’s stuck. Just help him out. Careful now, careful. Okay, the lid is off. How did Kane do this? There ain’t no bathroom in here. Carmella has a better spot, but it’ll involve a costume. Okay, because the 48/7 European 7/11 24/7 I-75 277 Champion ain’t no joke. Yeah, they’ll go to Comic Con. No no he ain’t no con. He did his time. Not that! Just follow her. Right, right. Truth falls out of the washing machine! Man down! It’s okay, just get up. Who will Truth cosplay as he and Mella go to Comic Con?


WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships: The IIconics VS The Kabuki Warriors w/ Paige!

Peyton Royce and Billie Kay perhaps shocked the world when they were the ones who came out of Wrestlemania’s historic Fatal 4 Way Women’s Tag Title Match as the winners. However, and for whatever reason, they’ve yet to actually defend those titles in the three months that have passed. But finally, a team has them backed against the wall! Will the Empress of Tomorrow and the Pirate Princess truly becoming #JoshiRoyalty when they have the gold around their waist? Or will Asuka and Kairi Sane find what makes the future IIconic?

SmackDown returns as the introductions are made and the belts are raised. The teams sort out and it will be Kairi and Peyton to start in this long-awaited title match!

Peyton slaps Kairi, and that was a mistake. Kairi CHOPS Peyton, then whips. Peyton reverses but Kair rebounds and tags Asuka. Headsicssors and waistlock to a Code Breaker and Blockbuster! Kairi hits Billie down while Asuka cover,s TWO! Asuka keeps moving but misses the hip attack. Billie tags while Peyton hits her leg lariat! Billie BOOTS, covers, TWO! Kairi and Paige coach Asuka while Billie talks trash. Asuka heel kicks Billie down! Billie bails out and Peyton checks on her. The ring count begins and the IIconics remember Champions’ Advantage. They get up at 7, but then don’t go in! The let the count hit ten!!

Winners: The Kabuki Warriors, by count-out; The IIconics are still WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions

The Kabuki Warriors are furious! They chase the IIconics down and throw them into posts! Then Billie gets barriers! Asuka drags Peyton into the ring and gives her a corner hip attack! ROUNDHOUSE! Kairi is up top, and is roaring as she hits her InSane Elbow! The champions cheated Asuka and Kairi out of a real match, but will there be a rematch to remedy this?


Apollo Crews VS Andrade Almas w/ Zelina Vega!

SmackDown returns as El Idolo and La Muneca are already in the ring. The rising star makes his entrance and shows his physique on the way to the ring. But Almas goes after Apollo as soon as he enters! This is par for the course from the not so tranquilo Idolo. The referee checks on Apollo, and Apollo still wants this match to happen. The ref rings the bell, and Almas runs to knee Apollo in the corner! Almas fires off but Apollo hits back. Apollo misses his enziguri and Almas stomps him out for it. Almas drags Apollo up, boot feint to sharp elbow! Almas then puts Apollo in the corner, goes corner to corner, CIEN SHADOWS! Cover, Apollo turns it around to a crucifix! Apollo wins!!

Winner: Apollo Crews, by pinfall

Their egos get the better of Almas and Vega! Can Apollo turn this into something even greater in the coming weeks?


Kevin Owens VS Dolph Ziggler!

It seems KO took the bait. What trap has Shane set for him in response to the stunner from earlier tonight?

The bell rings and Kevin blocks the superkick! Ziggler escapes the stunner, but then Kevin FLIES out onto him! Kevin wipes Ziggler out and shouts “I told you it’s MY show!” He puts Ziggler in, climbs up again, and leaps for a swanton, onto knees! Ziggler hits the Famouser! Cover, TWO! Ziggler drops a leaping elbow and covers, TWO! Ziggler grows frustrated but tries another elbow. Cover, ONE! Ziggler wraps on a chinlock and then shifts to an armlock then the crossface. Fans rally up and Kevin fights up, but Ziggler rakes his eyes! Ziggler drags Kevin up for a neckbreaker! Cover, TWO!

Ziggler wrangles Kevin back down but fans keep rallying. Kevin fights up again but Ziggler shifts to a chinlock. Ziggler rakes the eyes again, then squeezes tight. But Kevin fights up and out, only for Ziggler to kick the leg. Ziggler whips but Kevin reverses, only to run into buckles. Ziggler hits a corner splash! Then the satellite DDT! Cover, TWO! Ziggler’s fury builds while Kevin rolls to a corner. Ziggler runs in but misses to hit the post! SUPERKICK from Kevin! Kevin climbs again, leaps again, NOW the swanton hits! Cover, TWO!! Ziggler survives and Kevin is growing frustrated. But here comes the stacked deck: Shane leading Drew McIntyre, the B-Team, Elias, The Revival, and many many more! This might as well be a Lumberjack match now!

Kevin sees he’s surrounded, but then gets a ZIGZAG! Cover, TWO!! Kevin survives and Shane is frustrated for Ziggler. The unofficial lumberjacks pace about and Ziggler fires himself up. Ziggler drags Kevin up to throw into a post! Ziggler toys with Kevin, but Kevin SLAPS him! But Ziggler throws hands and stomps! The ref backs Ziggler off, but comes back to throw Kevin into the post again! Shane mocks Kevin’s pain while fans boo and jeer. Ziggler stomps but misses his kick! STUNNER!! Cover, but Shane drags Kevin out! So he gets a STUNNER! Kevin bails out before the horde gets a hold of him! Kevin gives up this battle so he can continue the rebellion!

Kayla Braxton asks Shane about this foiled plan. Shane says Kevin will pay! He forces himself up and walks, coughing for air. What will Shane and his squad do to make sure Kevin and every superstar that stands opposed to him learn their place?



My Thoughts:

Well this was certainly a wild episode of SmackDown. Not as good as it could’ve or should’ve been, but still really wild. Recap at the start aside, that “Town Hall meeting” was a pretty fun idea to open the show. Obviously Shane is becoming a dictator while we get some nice promos and interaction between those truly underutilized superstars. It was actually pretty genius to have Roman Reigns speak out against Shane and then do nothing else for the rest of the night. Roman’s already beaten Shane, so it’s not like he has to do anything more to him. Clearly things are shifting so that Kevin has the biggest spotlight in the story. I just wish there was better scheduling so that the main event actually gets the time it deserves.

But much like Raw last night, SmackDown was able to get the point across. Tonight’s point: Kevin 3:16 says he’ll stunner anyone on Team Shane. I don’t know if stories intertwine with Shane and Ziggler taking on Kevin and Miz as a tag team, but doing that might save room on the Summerslam card. And the build towards then might involve more of Kevin having to duck and dodge stacked decks like those other Heels surrounding him. At least it means Murphy and the Authors of Pain got to do stuff, even if it’s just chasing Kevin like he’s the 24/7 Champion. Speaking of, great little moment for Truth. That fall out of the washing machine was shoot, but he played it off well. I can’t wait to see the 24/7 Championship at a Comic Con.

Aleister Black VS Cesaro Round 2 was as good, if not better, than the Extreme Rules match, and that made it amazing for SmackDown! Aleister’s sweep of Cesaro should lead him to the Intercontinental Championship, but Mustafa Ali makes an appearance to make a point that he wants after Nakamura, too. Either choice will be great, and we’ve got three weeks to see who we’re getting. Maybe a contender’s match of Aleister VS Ali? Meanwhile, Bryan’s “career-altering announcement” was obviously just some hype, but it does bring some intrigue. His line about going where he’s never gone before is interesting, and makes me think it might not be about the SmackDown Tag titles at all.

The Six Man Tag we got instead was pretty great, playa. The Heels win to give us three strong choices for Kofi’s Summerslam opponent, but given Samoa Joe just lost, Elias still doesn’t feel quite ready, and the history of Kofi and Orton in Kofi’s 11 years in the WWE, I think it’s Orton. If Kofi is to prove he is one of the best WWE World Champions, beating Orton would go a long way towards that. The SmackDown Women’s Championship seemed built a little too fast, though. It was great for Bayley to be Ember’s mystery partner, since it was almost too obvious for it to be Carmella. Bayley and Ember put Fire & Desire away pretty easily, but it’s not as fun when a champion just chooses a challenger. Their match will be great, but there should’ve been another week of action to have someone earn the spot.

Kudos to kayfabe Liv Morgan for wanting to “be real” and earn her spot in the locker room. She gave Charlotte a bit of a fight, but Charlotte is Charlotte and she wins very easily. I’m curious to see what Liv will be like when she returns. The women’s tag title scene is still a mess, though. For three months, the IIconics have been the cover girls for how Vince robbed us of #LegitHuggable doing awesome stuff, like going to TakeOvers to take on whatever female teams NXT and NXT UK could come up with, as well as all teams from Raw and SmackDown. But nope, go with the Aussie Mean Girls and pretend those titles aren’t important. And when we finally get a title match somewhere, it’s the Heels being extra cowardly and losing on purpose. Obviously this is to extend things to Summerslam (we hope) but it still stinks in the moment.

My Score: 8.1/10

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