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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (7/10/19)

It’s a truly massive Six Man Tag main event!



NXT UK Coverage

The NXT UK food chain might get turned upside-down!

When Gallus looked to make The Hunt into the hunted, a big bad Bomber stepped up to help them fight back! Will Dave Mastiff, Wild Boar and Primate show The Coffey Brothers and Wolfgang who the real alpha males in NXT UK are?



  • Ilja Dragunov VS Ashton Smith; Dragunov wins.
  • Candy Floss VS Toni Storm; Storm wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Dave Mastiff & The Hunt VS Gallus; Gallus wins.


Imperium begins a reign of terror.

While they had nothing to do with the NXT UK Tag Team Championship match, Walter, Alexander Wolfe, Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner attacked Moustache Mountain! They brutalized and battered Tyler Bate while all Trent Seven could do was watch while cuffed to the corner. After the damage was done, referees freed Seven, and Seven carried Bate to the back. Is this the end or just the beginning of a war in NXT UK?


Ilja Dragunov VS Ashton Smith!

Unbesiegbar returns! And the Moscow Madman looks to continue his NXT UK undefeated streak, even against the return of the “WOOP!”

The bell rings and Ilja dares Smith to bring the fight. They tie up and go around, and Smith gets the headlock. Ilja works against the hold as fans rally up. Ilja elbows and powers free, but Smith bumps shoulders with him. Neither man moves, and Ilja continues to egg Smith on. Smith forearms Ilja, but Ilja just grins. Ilja throws hands and a CHOP before running. Smith follows and runs Ilja over! Ilja is right up and they speed up, Ilja crossbodies to a cover! TWO and Smith knees low. Smith clubs Ilja but Ilja wants more! Ilja slips through to CHOP and senton Smith! Fans fire up with Ilja as he grins at Smith.

Ilja wrenches the arm and kicks low to club Smith on the back. Smith blocks the roundhouse to trip Ilja and stomp away on the leg. Smith drags Ilja around by that leg and drops an elbow. Ilja counters with a chinbar but Smith wrenches on the toehold. Fans rally up as Ilja works on another counter. He settles on clubbing Smith on the back, but Smith wrenches back again. Smith drops another elbow on the leg, then twists the foot. Ilja kicks at Smith but Smith holds on. Ilja boots Smith away but Smith just goes for the leg again. But Ilja says “NIET!” and Gotch grabs Smith for a POWERBOMB!

Smith stands and Ilja rallies with forearms! Ilja ducks, fakes Smith out, and wrings him to the mat. Then he gives Smith a BIG knee to the head! Fans love the intensity as Ilja drags Smith up for a fireman’s carry. Smith slips out and mule kicks Ilja back! Smith yanks Ilja up, Fisherman Buster! Cover, ONE!? Ilja is up so fast but Smith hurries to keep on him. Smith clubs and stomps as fans “WOOP!” for him. Ilja shoves Smith away to enziguri! Smith staggers but reverses the whip. Ilja tiger feints through the ropes, Contanstine Special! Fans fire up with Ilja again as he aims at Smith. UN-BE-SIEG-BAR, the Torpedo Moscow! Cover, Dragunov wins!

Winner: Ilja Dragunov, by pinfall

The rabid Russian continues to roll through NXT UK! But when and where will he run across the WWE United Kingdom Champion?


Backstage interview with Xia Brookside.

The plucky underdog was so close to becoming a #1 Contender to the NXT UK Women’s Championship, but her troubles with Jinny and Jazzy take priority. Xia has overcome bullies before, so now it’s just the Spoiled Princess hiding behind the Alpha Female. But Jinny will have to face Xia 1v1 next week, and that is when Xia will prove the Fashionista is actually a coward. Will Xia get even with Jinny when Jazzy Gabert will be lurking ringside?


The Nina Samuels Show is on the road.

Look at all the fans waiting to watch her! They were all so enthralled with her performance against Toni Storm, and now the fans are here for her! She had to traipse through the mud, but she’s the true hero of NXT UK, and will endure for her fans. She asks fans who their favorite NXT UK superstar is. One fan says Nina Samuels, but he is also shaking his head… Nina makes sure she has plenty of hay to walk on, but that still doesn’t get all the mud. She takes pictures with fans, but no one wants her autograph. That’s all for now, but what will the second act have in store for the NXT UK Universe?


Candy Floss VS Toni Storm!

The sugary sweet young star has a big opportunity as she goes 1v1 with the Lightning From Down Under! Will Candy be a surprising upset or just a sweet appetizer on Toni’s way towards Kay Lee Ray?

The bell rings and Toni shakes hands with Candy. The fans appreciate the sportsmanship, then sing for Toni. Toni and Candy tie up and Toni wrenches to a wristlock. Candy rolls and hooks herself free to get the wristlock. Toni spins and drop toeholds Candy to a facelock. Fans still sing as the two roll around. Candy works out of the facelock to get her own, but Toni is up fast. Candy wrenches back to the wristlock but Toni works to a headlock and takedown. They go around as Candy tries to headscissor back. Candy gets it on the second try, and holds on tight. Toni moves up and around to pop out. Toni offers another handshake, and Candy takes it. The two circle again as fans duel.

Candy headlocks but Toni powers out and ducks. Candy saw that coming and drops down to join her. Toni hops over Candy but then Candy gets her arm! Toni rolls Candy up, TWO! Candy shrugs and Toni appreciates the little trickery. The two tie up again, and Toni headlocks. Candy tries but can’t get free. Fans sing again as Candy pushes but Toni throws her down again. Toni has the headlock takeover, but Candy works her way up and finally gets free, only to roll Toni up! ONE, but again Toni nods respect to Candy. Toni and Candy tie up again, and Candy wrenches to a wristlock. Toni rolls but Candy holds on. Candy brings Toni down but Toni rolls right up. Toni spins and bridges and handsprings to then ROCK Candy with that right! Cover, TWO!

Candy is reeling but Toni is on her with European Uppercuts. Toni is getting serious, but Candy backslides! TWO but Candy code breaks the arm! Cover, ONE, but Candy is still on Toni. Candy hammerlocks one arm to the mat then wrenches the other! Candy stomps Toni’s arms while fans rally up. Toni gets to ropes but Candy wrenches and whips. Toni holds the ropes as Candy keeps trying, so Candy starts throwing forearms. Candy whips but Toni reverses to roundhouse Candy down! Cover, TWO! Toni drags Candy up and whips her to a corner. Candy stops herself to roll Toni up, TWO! Toni kicks low then reels Candy in, but Candy cradle counters! TWO, but Candy fires off forearms! Candy runs but Toni follows to LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Toni drags Candy up, underhooks the arms, and hits Storm Zero! Cover, Toni wins!

Winner: Toni Storm, by pinfall

Candy Floss proved tougher than expected, but there’s a reason it’s #ToniTime. Toni continues her roll, but then Kay Lee Ray DECKS and stomps Candy Floss on the ramp!? KLR wants Toni to know their time is coming. Toni runs KLR off, but will the lethal lass take the title when the time is right?


NXT UK hears from Ligero.

“Ever since I started here in NXT UK, I’ve always stood out and I’ve always been memorable.” But that doesn’t always equal victory. Ligero’s wins have been few and far between these days. And based on his record, Ligero needs to rediscover and reawaken himself. His mask allows him to do things he can’t without it. “There’s always a way back.” Ligero knows there is hope for change. Can the Light spark a new fire inside to rise up towards the title?


Trent Seven returns!

But the usually jovial Man from Moustache Mountain is in no mood. He goes right to the ring, grabs himself a mic, and though fans sing in support, he admits he doesn’t usually do this alone. Everyone knows he usually has at least one other person with him. “But we need to, I need to accept that Pete has his hands full elsewhere, and we can’t be expecting to just call on him as a whim.” And after what the Imperium did to Tyler Bate, Bate is injured and in the hospital. “But I’m here!” Seven has been here since the very start of NXT UK! “Because this was built on British Strong Style!” Fans cheer in agreement! “We built this. We built this to what it is today!”

And now, Walter and his Imperium “claiming that the mat is sacred.” Well it’s everyone’s mat! Fans chant, “Out Mat! Our Mat!” in support. But apparently that’s a ploy for Imperium to mold the rules to suit their needs. Like when they cuffed Seven to a post and made him watch as they beat down his best friend from pillar to post and put him in the hospital. Seven vows to cut the head of the snake. That means Seven is coming for Walter! Because this will be for Pete and for Tyler! And it will be for the Trent Seven Army! “This will be for us!” It doesn’t matter where, when or even about the title! “This will be for US!” Is Seven waging a one-man war against Imperium?! Will he succeed? Will he survive!?


NXT UK hears from Mark Andrews.

“I’ve been watching wrestling I was a little kid. Like every little kid, I had my favorites.” And it’s so great to see many of his favorites in NXT UK. But it seems one of those “heroes” to say Andrews doesn’t deserve to be here. Kassius will see Andrews deserves to be here when Andrews goes through him. The challenge has been accepted and the match has been made for next week! Will the Wrestling Genius regret riling up the Welsh rockstar?


Six Man Tag: Dave Mastiff & The Hunt VS Gallus!

When Mark Coffey and Wolfgang blindsided the Wild Boar and Primate, they were rattling the cage. When Mark and Wolfie beat them in a match to then beat them down with help from big brother Joe, they were poking the bear. But now that the Bomber joins the beasts, will they teach Gallus where they are on the food chain? Or is the Hunt simply going to become the hunted?

The tension is high and the ref keeps the peace, but the second the bell rings, all six men brawl! Mastiff has Joe Coffey while Boar has Mark. Wolfgang and Primate slug it out in one corner, but then Mark and Wolfgang gets clothesline’d out! Mastiff runs Joe over and Gallus regroups outside the ring! Fans fire up as Mastiff and The Hunt are chomping at the bit. Gallus sorts out, and we finally have Mark Coffey starting with the Wild Boar.

Mark rushes Boar but Boar ducks and clips Mark. They brawl again and Boar clubs Mark down. Tag to Primate and the Hunt work together for the human weapon senton! Primate covers, ONE! Mark flounders to a corner but Primate is on him with a kick and a whip and a corner clothesline! Primate drags Mark out but Mark fights back. Mark shoves and CHOPS Primate down! Tag to Wolfgang and Wolfgang stomps and clubs away on Primate. Wolfgang has Primate in the corner and argues with the ref before clubbing away on Primate. He grinds his foot in then whips Primate hard in the other corner. Wolfgang drags Primate to Gallus’ corner and tags in Joe Coffey. Joe fires off on Primate with body shots and haymakers.

Joe wrenches Primate into a half straitjacket. Fans rally as Primate endures and fights up. Primate uses his free arm, but Joe reels him in for shoulder rams. Joe whips Primate into the corner and tags in brother Mark. Mark throws forearms then facelocks, but Primate slips through to forearm back. Primate boots from the corner then clotheslines Mark down! Hot tag to Wild Boar! Boar barrels through to trip Mark, then drops the senton! Boar tackles Mark in the corner, then drags him up for forearms. Mark blocks and grabs Boar but Boar breaks free. Mark gives forearms and hits the choke slam! Tag to Wolfgang to cover, TWO! Wolfgang drags Boar up and snapmares for a running senton! Cover, TWO!

Wolfgang drags Boar up and powers him into the Gallus corner. Joe tags in and he mugs Boar in the corner. Joe reels Boar in to tackle him into the open corner. He CHOPS and tackles Boar again, then throws big haymakers. Joe drags Boar up and throws more big lefts and Boar staggers about. Boar hits back as fans rally up, but Joe boxes Boar back. Boar runs into a SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Joe keeps his cool as he drags Boar up and into a bearhug. Boar endures the squeeze and fans rally. Boar fights back with forearms and headbutts, then hits Gallus! But Joe runs Boar over! Tag to Wolfgang and Gallus mugs Boar on the mat. Cover, TWO! Wolfgang tags Mark and whips Boar into the corner. Mark throws big hands of his own then tags Joe.

The Coffey Brothers mug Boar then Joe whips Boar to ropes. Boar holds ropes and elbows back, only to run into a scoop! Joe pops Boar up for a powerslam! Cover, TWO! Joe stays between Boar and his corner as he again says this is Gallus’ Kingdom. Boar gets mad but his wild swings miss. Joe puts Boar back in the bear hug, but fans rally again. Boar endures, and rakes the eyes! Boar headbutts but Joe tosses Boar away. Joe drags Boar up for more haymakers, then takes a cheap shot at Primate. Boar jawbreakers back! Joe tags to Mark, and Mark grabs Boar! He drags Boar away to drop an elbow down. Gallus applauds as Mark throws wrist tape at Mastiff. Boar gets Mark with a saido suplex! Hot tag to Mastiff!

The Bomber starts rallying with big hands on Mark! Mastiff whips and back drops Mark, then runs to crossbody! Wolfgang comes in but gets a belly2belly! Joe gets a right hand, then Mark gets a waistlock for a big German Suplex! Cover, TWO! Mark survives but Mastiff is still on him with a fireman’s carry. Mark slips out but Mastiff bucks him off. Mastiff turns around into an enziguri! Tag to Joe but Mastiff runs Joe over! Mastiff pump handles for a Fall Awayu Slam! Joe gets to a corner but Mastiff drags him to a cover. Wolfgang stomps it out then clubs away on Mastiff. Mark joins in, but they can’t double whip him! Mastiff back drops Wolfgang and fireman’s carries Mark. Mastiff aims at Wolfgang, rolling senton onto the Last King of Scotland!

Fans are thunderous for big bad Dave as he stalks Joe! Joe realizes he’s in trouble as fans declare, “This is Awesome!” Mastiff reels Joe in but Joe breaks out to standing switch. Joe shoves and manages a powerslam on Mastiff! Primate runs in but gets a belly2belly! Boar runs in but is sent into buckles! Joe SPEARS Boar back down! But Mastiff is back and he clubs Joe down. Mark runs in but gets another German! Joe aims All the Best but misses! Mastiff headbutts Joe and the Coffey Brothers are stacked in the corner. Mastiff runs corner to corner, INTO THE VOID! He only gets Mark as Joe escapes! Gallus looks to regroup, but The Hunt DIVES onto them! Down go Joe and Wolfgang, and Boar puts Joe in for Mastiff’s senton!

Tag to Boar, and Primate goes to the other corner. But Wolfgang shoves Mastiff into Boar! Primate hits Joe with his falling headbutt, but he’s not the legal man! Wolfgang throws Primate out, and Mark feeds Boar to Joe, pop-up uppercut! ALL THE BEST! Cover, Gallus wins!

Winners: Gallus, Joe Coffey pinning

As wild as Mastiff and The Hunt were, Gallus was too good as a unified force. They’re sore from the fight, but they’re victorious again. Will Gallus truly make NXT UK their kingdom?



My Thoughts:

A really fun NXT UK right here. We got great progression in this story of British Strong Style and Imperium with that passionate promo from Seven. It would be so great if Seven became the guy to dethrone Walter at Cardiff, or at least come the closest yet. Bate was the first WWE UK Champion, Dunne was the longest and most dominant, so it’d be great if Seven got to join them in the championship club. And even if he doesn’t just yet, if he pushes Walter to the point where Imperium needs to interfere, great for Seven. Not really great for Walter, he needs to still show he can win on his lose, so maybe their match should go to where Walter purposefully DQ’s himself and then Imperium beats Seven down to prompt Dunne and Bate to make the save. Then we get Six Man Tag: BSS VS Imperium.

Interesting that they’re keeping Nina Samuels going with her little video package here, but I suppose the NXT UK Women’s Division needs to keep everyone going or else there will be contender problems like in Raw and SmackDown. Xia has a good promo to set up her match with Jinny, but obviously Jazzy has to interfere. We still haven’t gotten Xia & Isla VS Jinny & Jazzy, so this has to lead to that. It works so well that Toni VS Candy wasn’t just a normal squash, it was competitive to help Candy look good. KLR did a good Heel move to beat down loser Candy. I guess this really is going to build towards TakeOver: Cardiff since we’ve yet to get even an interview promo asking KLR when she wants the match. Guess that’s fine, it allows more build for Faces like Piper Niven and even Xia, should KLR actually win.

Ilja VS Smith was a good match but obviously Ilja was going to win. Andrews VS Ohno coming is good, and I’m thinking this first time goes to Ohno to make this a feud for a few weeks. Ligero had a good promo, and this must mean he’ll get on a quick hot streak, too. If only NXT UK had a midcard title for them all to go for. The Six Man Tag tonight was great, it gave everyone some shine. I was surprised Gallus won, but at the same time, they’ve been falling down the ladder so this keeps them all strong since it was one of those scrambling victories. Gallus essentially survives, but given this is still WWE, I don’t see Gallus even facing Grizzled Young Veterans in a non-title match. That seems like a shame, because it doesn’t seem like GYV is losing the titles for a long time otherwise.

My Score: 8.3/10

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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Results & Report! (3/31/23)

Think of this as the blue carpet.



Smackdown is the opening preview to WrestleMania!

SmackDown sets the stage in Los Angeles, and before WrestleMania Weekend, we get one last face-to-face between Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns!


  • Fatal 4 Way: Raquel Rodriguez VS Natalya VS Sonya Deville VS Shayna Baszler; wins.
  • Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal: ??? wins.
  • Drew McIntyre & Sheamus VS Imperium w/ GUNTHER; win(s).


[Due to the scheduling choices of KFOX14 (El Paso & Las Cruces), coverage of SmackDown will not begin until 9PM Eastern]

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Mitchell’s ROH Supercard of Honor Results & Report! (3/31/23)

Honor shines in LA!



ROH sees what it is to live and die in LA.

In the City of Angels, all of ROH’s champions will defend their thrones! Who will rise and who will fall on this Supercard of Honor?


  • Zero Hour – Konosuke Takeshita VS Willie Mack; wins.
  • Zero Hour – Jeff Cobb VS Tracy Williams; wins.
  • Zero Hour – Stu Grayson w/ Evil Uno VS Slim J w/ Ari Daivari; wins.
  • Zero Hour – Willow Nightingale VS Miranda Alize; wins.
  • Hiroshi Tanahashi VS Daniel Garcia; wins.
  • ROH World Six Man Tag Team Championships: The Embassy w/ Prince Nana VS AR Fox, Metalik & Blake Christian; win(s).
  • AAA Mega Championship: El Hijo del Vikingo VS Komander; wins and
  • ROH Pure Championship: Wheeler Yuta VS Katsuyori Shibata; wins and
  • ROH Women’s World Championship: Athena VS Yuka Sakazaki; wins and
  • ROH World Tag Team Championship Reach for the Sky Ladder Match: The Lucha Brothers VS Top Flight VS The Kingdom VS La Faccion Ingobernable VS Aussie Open; win(s) and are the new ROH World Tag Team Champions.
  • ROH World Television Championship: Samoa Joe VS Mark Briscoe; wins and
  • ROH World Championship: Claudio Castagnoli VS Eddie Kingston; wins and


[Due to scheduling conflicts, coverage will begin later this weekend]

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