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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (7/17/19)

Imperium shall consecrate the mat!



NXT UK Coverage

In NXT UK, the mat is sacred!

Imperium will not allow anyone in the NXT UK locker room to tarnish the prestige of wrestling, and so Walter’s lieutenants Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner, shall dispatch of the unworthy! Plus, the Wrestling Genius, Kassius Ohno, puts Mark Andrews to the test!



  • Imperium VS Tyson T-Bone & Saxon Huxley; Imperium wins.
  • Xia Brookside VS Jinny w/ Jazzy Gabert; Jinny wins.
  • Kassius Ohno VS Mark Andrews; Andrews wins.


Assistant NXT UK General Manager, Sid Scala, has an announcement!

Tonight’s episode of NXT UK will be amazing! Sid gives us the rundown of the matches, and promises Toni Storm will have a message. So much and more as the Download Festival continues!


Imperium VS Tyson T-Bone & Saxon Huxley!

Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner follow the lead of the Ring General, and that was most apparent when they attacked Moustache Mountain and ruined the NXT UK Tag Team Championship match! Will they treat the King of the Gypsies and the Divine Beast the same way they did the Big Strong Boys?

The teams sort out and T-Bone starts with Aichner. They circle with the bell and tie up. Aichner waistlocks and slams T-Bone, to then slap him around. T-Bone gets away, and Aichner eggs him on. They tie up again and Aichner shoves to then run T-Bone over. Aichner taunts and slaps T-Bone as fans call him and Barthel, “Walter’s b*tches!” T-Bone haymakers Aichner away! T-Bone whips and clotheslines Aichner, then whips him again. But Aichner catches the Thesz Press for a powerslam! Aichner lets T-Bone get to Huxley, and now “Tarzan Jesus!” gets to go with Aichner. Aichner headlocks and Barthel tags in. Another catch to a SPINEBUSTER and Penalty Kick!

Barthel looms over Huxley and brings him up by his beard. Huxley European Uppercuts free but Barthel gives the uppercut back. Barthel whips Huxley corner to corner, and kicks Huxley down as he goes up and over! Huxley staggers but Barthel blasts him with a EuroUpper! Barthel stomps away on Huxley in the corner until the ref backs him off. Barthel comes back for more, then drags Huxley up to throat chop! Aichner tags in and stomps a mudhole into Huxley. Aichner chops then grinds his forearms in. Barthel tags in and Aichner slides out. Barthel sets Huxley up, and Imperium meets at the corner with dropkicks! Huxley crashes down as Imperium strikes a pose.

Barthel drags Huxley back into the ring and fans boo as he snapmares Huxley into a combined keylock and chinlock. Fans rally and Huxley fights his way up. Huxley jawbreakers free! Barthel staggers into EuroUppers from Huxley! Fans rally and Huxley spins Barthel for a clothesline! Both men are down but heading for their own corners. Barthel tags Aichner, and Aichner slithers around to trip T-Bone up! T-Bone is against the steel steps, and Aichner rams his knee in! Huxley throws forearms on Bartehl and Aichner, then whips to lariat Barthel down! Huxley rallies but Aichner clobbers him from behind! Aichner tags Barthel, and Imperium works together, EuroUpper powerbomb! Cover, Imperium wins!

Winners: Imperium, Marcel Barthel pinning

Aichner kicks Huxley out of the ring, and he refuses to have his hand raised. He and Barthel stand together, having successfully representing Imperium. Will their absolute power take over all of NXT UK as the summer heats up?


Backstage interview with Travis Banks.

Radzy wants to know how the Kiwi Buzzsaw feels after just falling short of the WWE United Kingdom Championship. It was Banks’ dream, so it is a bit devastating. But he’s not done here. Banks will hit the reset button and begin again in NXT UK. What will Travis Banks do to rise back up the ranks and get another shot at his dream?


Xia Brookside VS Jinny w/ Jazzy Gabert!

The young second-generation superstar looks to finally shut up the snob as she gets the Spoiled Princess 1v1! Of course, Jinny’s new pal, the Alpha Female, is going to be ringside. Can Xia still fly high with both beauty and beast closing in?

The bell rings Jinny dares Xia to make a move. Xia wants Jinny to show her something, but Jinny says, “I already beat you.” Jinny even says she doesn’t need Jazzy here. But then Xia rolls Jinny up! TWO, and Xia dropkicks Jinny back down! Cover, TWO! Xia keeps on Jinny with a headlock and thrashes about. Jinny pries her way out to a wristlock. Jinny headlocks Xia now, but Xia pops out to trip Jinny. Xia walks all over Jinny then runs to crossbody! Cover, TWO! Xia is on Jinny again but Jinny DECKS her with that right! Xia crawls to a corner and Jinny runs in, but misses! Jinny is down against the buckles, and Xia runs in to hit a meteora! Xia hoists Jinny up fast, then has her in the Tree of Woe.

Xia runs again but misses her baseball slide as Jinny sits up. Jazzy creeps closer and distracts Xia. Jinny drags Xia up by her hair! Xia hotshots Jinny, but then Jazzy trips Xia up! Jazzy puts Xia in for Jinny to stomp away. The ref counts but Jinny lets up to then rain down rights. Xia gets her guard up but Jinny covers, TWO! Jinny stomps Xia in the head! Cover, TWO! Fans rally for Xia while the ref checks on her. Jinny stomps Xia out again, but Xia kicks back from the mat. Jinny drags Xia up but Xia fires off forearms! Only to get rocked again! Jinny whips but Xia reverses, but Jinny trips her up into the grounded surfboard! Jinny pulls back hard on Xia as fans rally up. Xia endures, gets an arm free, and reaches forward. Xia crawls and gets the ropebreak!

Jinny lets up to hammer away with hands. The ref counts and Jinny backs off. Jinny drags Xia up to whip to a corner. Fans still rally and Xia boots Jinny down! Xia hops up to huricanrana Jinny away! Then she kicks low, whips Jinny, but Jinny goes up only to get a snapmare. They bump shoulders and Jinny fall into the ref. Xia runs and Jazzy trips her again! Jinny rolls Xia, Jinny wins?!

Winner: Jinny, by pinfall

Xia was so close to escaping, but Jinny and Jazzy worked together to get the win. But is Jinny going to become the NXT UK Women’s Champion like that?


NXT UK Media interviews Imperium.

But they’re not really in the mood to talk. Barthel says that British Strong Style has fallen one by one. First was Pete Dunne. Then Tyler Bate. Trent Seven is the only one left. Alexander Wolfe says they’ve already done what they said they’d do: destroy British Strong Style. If Seven’s the only one left, and if he really wants to fight the most dominant man in NXT UK, Seven needs to be careful what he wishes for. Because Walter accepts the challenge! And if Seven shows up, Walter will do what he did to the little boy Bate: break his back! Now get out! Imperium forces the cameras to leave, but will the force Trent Seven to retire?


NXT UK hears from Kenny Williams.

“So I’ve had a pretty weird week, Noam.” Kenny washed the taste of mud out of his mouth, then talked to NXT UK GM Johnny Saint to give them a match next week. He also talked with the trainers, to make sure they’re on stand-by when Kenny snaps Dar’s “wing” off. Kenny will prove you don’t need to cheat to be lucky. But will Dar still take his chances as NXT UK’s number one chancer?


NXT UK shows footage from after last week’s episode.

While Gallus beat Bomber Dave Mastiff and The Hunt, there was still plenty of barking after the bell. Gallus talked about putting Mastiff and the wild animals on leashes, and again saying that NXT UK is their kingdom.

But then Gallus checked in with the trainers, because Mark Coffey wasn’t feeling too good. Joe Coffey didn’t think the doctors needed to take a look, just tape the ribs and keep going, “because that’s what Gallus does.” NXT UK Media came over to ask about this, wanting to know how they felt about Mastiff still standing. “Well it appears wild animals can be tamed.” They muzzled Wild Boar and Primate, but Mastiff needs to be broken in. Joe warns Mastiff he’ll be put on the leash like a good little dog, and make him sit and heel. Joe wants Mastiff 1v1, “top boy against top boy!” When and where will we see the alphas of their respective packs throw down?


The NXT UK Women’s Champion, Toni Storm, is here!

The Lightning from Down Under knows a fight with Kay Lee Ray is coming, but we still have yet to hear the #1 contender name her time and place. Toni hears the fans sing for her while she gets a mic. “For the longest time, I thought that Kay Lee Ray was one of my best friends. When I first moved to the UK, I had nobody. But it was Kay Lee that took me under her wing.” But given what KLR has been up to, “what happened to you?” KLR used to be the first person to help someone, but now she’s the first to attack someone just to get Toni’s attention. KLR doesn’t need to try to get Toni’s attention, she is well aware of their championship match. “I am ready when you are, but I am sick of these mind games.” Speak of the lethal lass, here she comes!

“Aww, the champ wants to hurry things along, does she?” Toni is sick of games? Well everyone knows that KLR has her opportunity. And she’s more prepared for it than her. How about doing it here tonight?! And right now! Toni will fight in her street clothes, but the match isn’t happening after all. Fans tell KLR “You Suck! You Suck!” but KLR says she won’t take the shot tonight. Or next week. KLR will wait for the biggest show of NXT UK’s history. August 31st, NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff!! But until then, KLR will make Toni’s life a living hell. We have our when and where, but what will KLR do just to get under Toni’s skin?


Assistant NXT UK GM, Sid Scala, hears about this.

KLR wants her shot in Cardiff, but what about their matches until then? Choosing Cardiff is big, but KLR and Toni will be in action. There was the first-ever Women’s Battle Royal for NXT UK, so now we’ll have the first-ever Six Woman Tag in NXT UK! KLR, Jinny & Jazzy Gabert VS Toni, Xia and Piper Niven! That’s coming next week, which side wins momentum for their team captains?


Kassius Ohno VS Mark Andrews!

The Wrestling Genius claims he is the best at British wrestling, and denounces “frauds” like the High-Fiving, Stage-Diving #MAndrews. But Andrews says it isn’t about being the best at one style, but being the best period! Can Andrews pass this test with flying colors? Or will he be on the receiving end of a knockout from the Knockout Artist?

The bell rings and Ohno mocks Andrews putting up his dukes. Andrews and Ohno approach and tie up, and Ohno gets Andrews in a full nelson. Fans chant, “Please Don’t Eat Him!” as Ohno cravats Andrews. Ohno snapmares but Andrews rolls through to get to his feet. Andrews and Ohno tie up again, and Ohno steps through to waistlock. Ohno shifts to a cravat again and cranks hard. Andrews endures as fans rally up. Ohno brings Andrews down to the mat, and makes it a cover, TWO! Ohno keeps the cravat but Andrews pushes out to get the facelock. But Ohno powers through to spin back to that cravat. Andrews brings Ohno down as fans rally up.

Andrews slips out back to the facelock, but Ohno powers out. Ohno arm-drags but Andrews cartwheels through! Ohno runs and tries again but Andrews still cartwheels. Andrews dropkicks, then again, but Ohno stays up. Andrews runs and tilt-o-whirls to an arm-drag! Ohno bails out but Andrews dropkicks him back. Andrews runs to DIVE! But Ohno catches him and grinds him into the post! At the same time, Ohno pulls off the crossbar cover, and rams Andrews’ chest into it! Andrews falls back, gasping for air. The referee checks on him, and Andrews refuses to quit. Ohno drags Andrews up and into the ring, then stalks Andrews to a corner. He drops a big leaping leg drop! Cover, TWO! Andrews scrambles away but Ohno is on him with a chinlock.

Fans rally as Ohno traps an arm and clamps onto the shoulders. Andrews pries his way out but Ohno has the chinlock. Andrews stands and gets the ropebreak. Ohno doesn’t care, he cravats Andrews into the ropes! He lets up at the ref’s count, then has Andrews in a corner to CHOP! Andrews goes reeling and Ohno mocks his pain. But Andrews hits back with forearms, but Ohno grinds him into the ropes with his foot. Ohno lets up and stalks Andrews again. Ohno drags Andrews into another cravat and grinds Andrews into the mat. Andrews endures and fans rally up. Andrews works his way up but Ohno has Andrews around. Ohno keeps Andrews from the ropes to then put on a modified cobra twist. Andrews endures the chinbar, but Ohno makes it a backbreaker! Cover, TWO!

Andrews gets to ropes but Ohno traps him in a corner by simply leaning on him. Ohno lets up to mule kick the ribs. Ohno sits Andrews down, to sit on him! He lets up again to mule kick more. Andrews stands while fans taunt Ohno. Ohno runs back in but gets a boot! Andrews hops up but Ohno shoves him right down! Ohno goes out to fetch Andrews and ROCKS him with a haymaker! The ref counts while Ohno says, “You don’t belong in the ring with me! I’m a wrestling genius!” Then he CHOPS Andrews against the apron! Andrews goes reeling again but Ohno puts him in the ring at 6. Ohno climbs in at 7, then boots. Andrews dodges to enziguri back! Ohno is stuck in the ropes, Andrews enziguris him again! And again!

Ohno flops down and Andrews builds speed to FLY! Huricanrana takes Ohno into steel steps! Fans rally for “NXT! NXT!” as Andrews climbs up. Ohno stands and Andrews leaps for another flying huricanrana! Cover, TWO! Andrews hits the standing moonsault, TWO! Ohno is slow to stand and Andrews clubs away. Andrews drags Ohno up but Ohno shoves him away. Andrews tries again but Ohno throat chops! Ohno runs in at Andrews in the corner, but Andrews elbows back. Andrews runs, slides but gets the elbow to the back! Cover, TWO! Andrews survives and Ohno is shocked! The fans fire up as Andrews drags himself to the far side. Ohno stalks up behind Andrews and yanks him off the ropes.

Ohno electric chair lifts, but Andrews fights with fists! But Ohno still pops Andrews up for the electric chair facebuster! Cover, TWO!! Andrews shocks Ohno! The fans love Andrews’ heart and rally up again. Ohno watches Andrews slowly stand, then CHOPS him against the ropes. But Andrews dares him to do more! So Ohno CHOPS and CHOPS! But Andrews fires up and fires off! He throws wild hands and chops and a mule kick. Andrews front kicks, but his knee is blocked for Ohno to knee him back! Ohno turns Andrews, but Andrews sips out for a REVERSE-RANA! Cover, TWO!! Andrews was so close, but “That was Awesome!”

Fans cheer Andrews on towards the corner. Andrews runs at Ohno, tilt-o-whirl but Ohno blocks the DDT. Ohno suplexes, but gets Stun-Dog Millionaire! Andrews goes up the corner, moonsault is caught! But the DDT htis this time! Cover, TWO!! Ohno survives but Andrews just heads up top again. Andrews aims, Fall to Pieces, into the cravat?! Cravat-plex! CYCLONE BOOT! But Ohno isn’t done with Andrews, he lifts Andrews up, but Andrews victory rolls! Cover, Andrews wins!!

Winner: Mark Andrews, by pinfall

Ohno wanted to use the Rubik’s Cube to stump Andrews, but Andrews solved it in an instant! Andrews outsmarts the Wrestling Genius, but will Ohno just make the next test even harder?



My Thoughts:

A real good episode this week, and we get set-up for NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff! I was right in thinking Toni Storm VS KLR is the match, and the promos to make this announcement were alright. There was still no explanation to why KLR is this way, but there is time left. The Six Woman Tag will be a great match to give us a sample of both Toni VS KLR but also potential match-ups for after Cardiff. At the same time, Piper Niven joining the Faces side might signal she is going to help Xia Brookside against Jinny and Jazzy Gabert in their own tag team match for the “post” TakeOver: Cardiff episode. We’re also getting a lot on the Road to Cardiff, with Kenny Williams VS Noam Dar, Joe Coffey VS Dave Mastiff, and Trent Seven VS WALTER! I hope Walter gets cocky and Seven rolls him up to earn a title match at Cardiff.

The matches we got this week were also pretty good. Imperium stays strong in the NXT UK Tag Team Division with that win over Huxley and T-Bone. But unless the impossible happens in the Grizzled Young Veterans turning Face, I don’t see them and Imperium having a title match. Xia was obviously going to lose when Jazzy stayed ringside. But again, the Six Woman Tag next week should give Xia a new ally. Piper has framed herself as being anti-bully, and siding with Xia against Jazzy and Jinny will be great for the four. Ohno VS Andrews was a great match, another one of those “why is there no midcard title for them?!” level matches. And I was really surprised to see Andrews win! But with a roll-up, so maybe this extends so that he and Ohno have their own “post” TakeOver match which will be even better.

My Score: 8.2/10

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