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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (7/31/19)

What will KLR have to say about #ToniTime?



NXT UK Coverage

Only a month left before NXT UK takes over Cardiff!

And with just a month left, Johnny Saint and Sid Scala will have a major announcement to open the night! Plus, both NXT UK Women’s Champion, Toni Storm, and #1 contender, Kay Lee Ray, will sit down to share their mindsets heading into their championship match.



  • Gallus VS Pretty Deadly; Gallus wins.
  • Rhea Ripley VS Dani Luna; Ripley wins.
  • Alexander Wolfe VS Jordan Devlin; Wolfe wins.


NXT UK hits Plymouth!

And already in the ring, it is the NXT UK GM and Assistant GM! Sid Scala welcomes the crowd to the show! Fans sing for “Johnny Saint~” and “UK! Woop Woop!” Sid says that just in a few weeks, NXT UK heads to Cardiff to prove once again why this brand is the hottest in all of sports entertainment! At this time, Sid hands things over to the legend, Johnny Saint! Fans cheer as Saint takes up the mic. “On August the 31st, we take over!” The logo is officially shown to the fans and fans are fired up! Sid continues to say that history will-

“First piece of business!” Imperium comes out to interrupt and say that Sid and Saint are NOT in charge anymore. Plymouth boos as Marcel Barthel continues to say that Imperium does not need the GM or Assistant GM any longer. “So step off that mat that is so sacred to us. Or we will make you.” Walter has already flanked Sid and Saint from behind while Alexander Wolfe and Fabian Aichner come in from the sides. Wolfe takes Sid’s mic and fans boo as he hands it to Walter. Walter speaks, saying, “Myself and Imperium have already proved that we are the number one force in NXT UK. And considering I already destroyed anyone in front of me, and all the talk going on about TakeOver, I really want to know who is left?” Who is even left to face the Ring General in Cardiff?

Music plays for TYLER BATE?! As badly as the Big Strong Boy beat him up, Bate is back?! Imperium goes to defend the ramp, but Bate attacks Walter from behind! Bate throws big hands, and then boots each member of Imperium down! Bate fights with Walter more, and referees rush out to stop the rest of Imperium from getting in. Plymouth wants to “Let Them Fight!” but superstars now come out to break this up. Bate and Walter are furious, but Sid shouts for them to stop this. Walter wants a challenger? He’s got one! TakeOver: Cardiff, the WWE United Kingdom Championship match will be Walter VS TYLER BATE! Will the most intimidating champion be able to stop the inaugural champion’s mission of revenge?


Gallus VS Pretty Deadly!

Wolfgang and Mark Coffey continue on in the NXT UK Tag Division in order to make it their kingdom! Will they be leaving Sam Stoker and Lewis Howley more dead than pretty after this match?

The teams sort out and Howley starts, only to get steamrolled by Wolfgang! Wolfgang rolls Howley but Howley goes Matrix to avoid the clothesline. Howley kips up and headlocks, but Wolfgang powers out to knee low. Wolfgang hip tosses Howley hard, then dares him to get up. Fans are on Pretty Deadly’s side as Stoker tags in. Stoker spins and elbows then clotheslines Wolfgang. Wolfgang stays up, then catches Stoker to a flapjack drop! Wolfgang rains down angry rights and even lefts! He drags Stoker to the Gallus corner and tags in Mark. Mark body shots Stoker hard then throws big forearms. Mark wrenches and Russian Leg Sweeps. He drags Stoker up and wrings out his arm to then drop a knee! Mark keeps on Stoker with a half nelson and chinbar.

Fans rally up and Stoker fights his way to his feet. Stoker elbows free but Mark whips him away from Howley. Tag to Wolfgang and Gallus trips Stoker up, to double monkey flip him! Stoker crawls but Wolfgang looms over him with the Gallus crossed-arm pose. Wolfgang whips Stoker into buckles hard then tags in Mark. Mark looms over Stoker now and even taunts him to crawl. Stoker crawls but Mark drags him back over. Stoker boots Mark away, hot tag to Howley! Howley fires up but runs into a full nelson slam! Tag to Wolfgang, and Gallus works together to feed Howley to the enziguri powerslam! Cover, Gallus wins!

Winners: Gallus, Wolfgang pinning

A dominate performance from the savage Scotsmen! Is this just another step towards those NXT UK Tag Team Championships?

Wolfgang tosses Howley out of the ring and Mark takes a mic to speak. “Since the start of NXT UK, we’ve said that this is our kingdom.” Fans boo and that upsets Wolfgang but Mark keeps him calm. “A kingdom is built on riches, isn’t it, Wolfie?” “Yes it is, Mark.” “But we do not have riches, do we, Wolfie?” “We do not, Mark.” Gallus sets to make their biggest score yet! Grizzled Young Veterans, you’re marked. Those tag titles are SOON to be Gallus! The mission statement has been set forward, who will soon be recognized as NXT UK’s number one tag team?


Jordan Devlin storms into the NXT UK GM Office.

Sid Scala is already there. What was that out there?! Tyler Bate gets Walter in Cardiff!? What does Devlin have to do to get a rematch around here? He had the most-talked-about match back in Blackpool, went to New York, smashes Walter, what does he need to do?! If he wants his shot, he’ll get it in tonight’s main event! Finally! But it won’t be Walter. Instead, Devlin takes on Imperium’s Alexander Wolfe. Sid wishes Devlin good luck. Devlin is furious, but will he take it out on the German Ax Man?


NXT UK Media catches up with Dave Mastiff.

The Bomber knows Joe Coffey has been talking, but his response is that Joe has a big mouth. If Joe wants a fight, Mastiff’s not that hard to find. Mastiff talked with Johnny Saint, and next week, this will be sorted out man to man. Mastiff promises Joe is going to get “battered.” Will there be more than just some battering when these two tanks collide?


Rhea Ripley VS Dani Luna!

The Mosh Pit Kid is rarely in a good mood, but she’s even meaner than usual after losing to Piper Niven 1v1. Will she look to regain some momentum at the expense of this NXT UK newcomer?

The bell rings and Rhea BOOTS Dani down! Rhea rains down rights and stomps, then stands Dani up to put her in a corner. She rams her shoulder in over and over, but the ref backs her off at 4. Rhea argues with the ref, but Dani dodges her in the corner! Dani hits Rhea back witha leaping knee! Dani fires off with uppercuts and forearms! Rhea shoves her away then flapjacks her down! Rhea is furious now and she rains heavy forearms! The ref reprimands Rhae but Rhea just dribbles Dani’s head on the mat. Rhea stomps Dani then kicks her hard in the face. She clubs away on Dani more, then roars at the ref to back off. Fans actually cheer the ferocious Rhea but Dani fights back! Dani runs, but into Rhea’s dropkick! Rhea toys with Dani and dares her to do something. “You are nothing!” Dani SLAPS, but Rhea ROCKS Dani! Pump handle, RIPTIDE! Cover, Rhea wins!

Winner: Rhea Ripley, by pinfall

The Aussie with Attitude kicks Dani out of the ring before she raises her own hand. Will Rhea rip her way back to the NXT UK Women’s Championship soon enough?


NXT UK takes closer looks at Toni Storm and Kay Lee Ray.

The Lightning from Down Under and the Lethal Lass first met in Liverpool. Toni was nervous to meet such a veteran, but KLR accepted her quite quickly. They traveled all over UK, Europe, and roomed together in Japan. Being there together was like having a big sister that Toni needed at that time.

When KLR was in Blackpool and announced as a new signee, Toni was so happy. She got to be with a great friend again. They both dreamed of such things over the years. But when KLR arrived, she was completely different. KLR admits that things had changed over time, but says Toni should know why it’s like this now. Toni doesn’t, she just knows KLR isn’t the same Kay Lee from before. Their dream come true can’t even be enjoyed now.

And then KLR won the battle royal to earn this shot at the title, and KLR decided to make it for Cardiff. KLR knows Toni better than any other opponent. Toni is always confident, but KLR is different. Knowing Toni for as long as she has, KLR has an advantage no one else has had. KLR is just as confident she’s taking that title from Toni. Will #ToniTime finally come to an end?


NXT UK catches up with Eddie Dennis.

April 29, 2019: Eddie goes to St. Peter’s Hospital to fix his left pectoral. He tore it right off. People will surely put blame on Eddie’s improper training or form, but stylistically, pro-wrestling has changed so much in just the last 5 years. These are the consequences of that change.

The doctor explains the exact damage. Three hours later, Eddie is out of surgery. The surgeon “cobbled” the pec together. Eddie said there was no blame. He retracts that statement. The blame now lies with “every single self-entitled professional wrestling fan that chooses to pass judgment on our art form when they’ve never stepped foot in a ring.” The fans have no idea the risks involved. Eddie says the fans are to blame for how they boo, even though the wrestler never did anything wrong. “It’s the fans’ fault. Fans cause these issues.” Will Eddie ever return to show what the fans have done to him?


Alexander Wolfe VS Jordan Devlin!

Plymouth isn’t sure who they dislike more: the Imperium foot soldier that left his SAnitY behind, or the Irish Ace who always looks down on everyone else. Either way, this is more about Devlin wanting to prove he is worthy of another shot at the Austrian Anomaly and that WWE UK Championship. Can Devlin take out an Imperium pawn to go after Walter?

Fans sing for Devlin as the lesser of two evils. The bell rings and Devlin circles with Wolfe. They tie up and Wolfe powers Devlin abck as the bigger man. Devlin manages to turn things around and put Wolfe in a corner. The two claw at each other until the ref has them break. Devlin and Wolfe grimace at each other as they circle again. They tie up and Wolfe gets Devlin in an armlock, but Devlin slips out and reverses to a hammerlock. Wolfe reaches down and get a leg to trip Devlin. Wolfe then steps through to get an arm, and he wrenches the wrist all around. Devlin endures as Wolfe grinds a knee into his chest. Devlin gets up as fans continue to sing. The Ace rolls, breaks free and SLAPS Wolfe! Devlin grins but Wolfe just grins back. Wolfe chases Devlin but Devlin bails out of the ring! Devlin grins as he trolls Wolfe.

Devlin takes his time returning into the ring, but then slips right back out. He returns again from the other side, and ties up with Wolfe. Wolfe powers Devlin to the corner, the ref counts, but Wolfe gets some cheap shots in. Wolfe throws big hands to stagger Devlin, then elbows the back of Devlin’s neck. The ref reprimands Wolfe for clawing Devlin’s face, but he clubS Devlin down again. Wolfe whips and scoops Devlin, but Devlin fights out! Devlin blocks the kick and stays out of reach, to then elbow Wolfe down! Running meteora! Cover, TWO! Devlin throws big hands and clubs Wolfe to a corner. Fans still cheer for Devlin as he elbows Wolfe in the corner. Wolfe powers his way out but gets a European Uppercut for it.

Wolfe shoves Devlin away but misses his boot, and Devlin grabs him for the urenage. But Wolfe blocks! Wolfe grins and elbows Devlin in the ear, then scoops him again. Devlin fights but still gets the shoulder gutbuster! Fans rally up but Wolfe stomps Devlin down. Wolfe drags Devlin up to stomp the ribs, then elbow the back. Wolfe knees low then stalks Devlin to ropes. Devlin CHOPS back but Wolfe keeps kicking. Wolfe stretches Devlin in a modified abdominal stretch, digging knuckles into the ribs! Devlin endures and fans boo as Wolfe claws the sides and then the face. Devlin fights his way out of the hold and hip tosses Wolfe down! Wolfe goes to a corner and Devlin runs in. Wolfe puts Devlin on the apron, Devlin forearms then slingshots, but the stunner is blocked! Wolfe dragon sleepers and spins Devlin around for a stalling suplex, that he uses to hang Devlin out to dry on the ropes! Cover, TWO!

Fans taunt Wolfe as one of “Walter’s b*tches!” but Wolfe just stomps Devlin down. Wolfe drags Devlin around then drops knees on the ribs. Devlin sits up to fight back, and fans rally for him. Wolfe eggs Devlin on then stomps him down. Wolfe drags Devlin up and whips him to a corner hard! Then he throws heavy EuroUppers on top. Wolfe runs but into a boot! Devlin runs, wheelbarrows and double stomps! Devlin bobs ‘n’ weaves and ROCKS Wolfe! Urenage to standing moonsault! Devlin and Wolfe go to opposite corners and Wolfe runs in. Devlin dodges, slingshot for the cutter! Cover, TWO! Devlin feels he’s close yet still so far from winning. Fans still rally and sing for him as he and Wolfe slowly sit up.

Devlin slaps Wolfe but Wolfe slaps Devlin. They go back and forth and pick up speed as the just SLAP away! Then they turn to fists and forearms! Devlin gets the edge, but Wolfe gives it back with forearm, uppercut and BOOT! Devlin staggers away, but elbows Wolfe back! He runs in but Wolfe swings him around to give another EuroUpper! Wolfe lifts but Devlin slips out to HEADBUTT! Wolfe crumbles but Devlin has the wrist! Fans are thunderous for The Irish Ace as he yanks Wolfe up. But those ribs hold him back! Devlin keeps trying his saido, but he kicks away on Wolfe’s face instead! Then stomps him, too! Fans love the aggression towards Imperium. Devlin hauls Wolfe up but gets a forearm! Wolfe runs in, into the SPANISH FLY! Cover, TWO!! Wolfe lives and Devlin can’t believe it!

But Plymouth does not slow down in their support of Devlin! Devlin hurries over to a corner but Wolfe anchors a foot. Wolfe climbs up but Devlin aims a haymaker. But Wolfe fireman’s carries! Devlin fights free and waistlocks, but Wolfe standing switches. Devlin elbows free, but misses his roundhouse! Wolfe waistlocks to a German Suplex! With bridge! TWO!! Devlin survives but barely! Wolfe goes after Devlin quickly while Plymouth cheers for “NXT! NXT!” Wolfe hauls Devlin up, but Devlin sunset flips through the bomb, TWO!! ROUNDHOUSE! Wolfe is down and Devlin puts him in a drop zone. Fans fire up again as Devlin moonsaults! Wolfe gets clear but Devlin lands on his feet to roll back. Wolfe runs out at Devlin, to BOOT him down! Powerbomb lift, sit-out bomb! Cover, Wolfe wins!

Winner: Alexander Wolfe, by pinfall

The Ax Man chops Devlin down to size! Is this the last Imperium will hear from the Irish Ace?


NXT UK Media catches up with Tyler Bate.

What are his thoughts on everything that’s gone on tonight? “I just got exactly what I came for.” Walter thought he could take liberties with Bate? That he could put Bate on the shelf? The Big Strong Boy does not go down that easy! The Big Strong Boy is coming back for the WWE UK Championship! Bate will embarrass Walter and make him “look novice” in Cardiff.



My Thoughts:

A solid episode for NXT UK as we head for Cardiff. It seems like the only reason Saint and Scala were in the ring was to bring out Imperium, which then gives us the surprise return of Tyler Bate. I was really hoping Trent Seven was going to get his shot at Cardiff, but I suppose it would be hard to believe when Seven got beat up only last episode. At the same time, handing the match to Bate was good to spur tonight’s main event on. Devlin VS Wolfe was great, and it was really great to see fans cheer Devlin against the bigger Heel(s). Imperium is a very strong Heel group, I would love to see some Face turns because of it. And speaking of, Gallus calling out GYV, who is going to turn here? Will NXT UK do what WWE hardly ever does and give us Heels VS Heels?! Either way, I’d love to see this match. We’re also getting Joe Coffey VS Dave Mastiff next week, I almost want to see Mastiff team with GYV against Gallus.

Eddie Dennis’ video was great for his character. He was already Heel being bitter at former friends who left him behind. Now he revives that by being bitter at us fans who aren’t pleased by normal wrestling. I think Eddie will make a superior version to what Sami Zayn is trying to do by criticizing us fans. Eddie’s point is a great point in the wrestling meta of today, where spots are getting crazier just because it’s what fans react to, and the wrestlers are the ones who pay the price. I look forward to how Eddie keeps this concept going. Rhea won an obvious squash match, just to keep herself afloat. I wonder if she’d get a rematch with Piper Niven even as we’re getting what I knew we were getting, Piper & Xia Brookside VS Jinny & Jazzy Gabert. The Toni-KLR promos were good, and helps give context to their past friendship. KLR claiming but not outright stating Toni did something, that has to come out at some point.

My Score: 8.1/10

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