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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (7/1/19)

The Monster and the Machine will battle anywhere and everywhere!



WWE Raw Cover image

Raw ramps up towards Extreme Rules!

Braun Strowman has bested Bobby Lashley in arm-wrestling, in tug-of-war, and even in a Super Showdown! But now they’ll battle all over Dallas if they have to in a Falls Count Anywhere match! Plus, the Viking Raiders VS The New Day for the first time ever! Will the winner rise towards contention in both the Raw and SmackDown Tag Team Divisions?



  • Falls County Anywhere: Braun Strowman VS Bobby Lashley; No Contest.
  • The New Day VS The Viking Raiders; New Day wins, by disqualification.
  • Six Man Tag: The New Day VS Samoa Joe & The Viking Raiders; Joe and the Viking Raiders win.
  • Cesaro VS No Way Jose; No Contest.
  • Lacey Evans w/ Baron Corbin VS Natalya; Evans wins.
  • Best 2 Out of 3 Falls: The Miz VS Elias; Miz wins.
  • Mixed Tag: Seth Rollins & Becky Lynch VS Mr. & Mrs. Kanellis; Rollins & Lynch win.
  • Alexa Bliss w/ Nikki Cross VS Carmella; Carmella wins.
  • Nikki Cross w/ Alexa Bliss VS Carmella; Cross wins.
  • WWE 24/7 Championship: R-Truth VS Drake Maverick; Maverick wins and becomes the new WWE 24/7 Champion.
  • WWE United States Championship: Ricochet VS AJ Styles; Ricochet wins and retains the WWE United States Championship.


Falls County Anywhere: Braun Strowman VS Bobby Lashley!

Raw opens with a colossal rematch! The Monster Among Men won the first time around, but the Rocky Mountain Machine has been wanting payback in the worst way! Can Lashley win when there are no boundaries on where this fight can go? Or will he still #GetTheseHands?

Both behemoths get in the ring and the bell sounds. The two collide with shoulders, then speed up. Strowman rolls, ducks but Lashley SPEARS! Strowman bails out but that doesn’t matter in a Falls Count Anywhere. Lashley goes out and runs, but gets run over! Strowman drops a senton on Lashley! Cover, TWO! Lashley crawls but Strowman is on him with a scoop. Strowman carries Lashley but Lashley slips out to ram Strowman into a post. Then SPEAR him into the timekeeper’s area! Cover, TWO! Lashley keeps his focus as he gets to his feet. Lashley glares as Strowman stands, and he clotheslines Strowman into the front row!

Fans get a true front row seat as Lashley stalks Strowman through the crowds. Lashley clubs Strowman then throws him into a trash barrel! Strowman hits back as he also makes a retreat. Lashley takes a chair and SMACKS Strowman on the back! Then jabs him in the ribs for another SMACK! And another! Cover, TWO! Lashley keeps on Strowman with clubbing forearms but fans chant “You Suck!” Lashley ignores the fans as he throws haymakers on Strowman. Strowman throws Lashley away! Then walks up to boot him down! Strowman gets space and runs in, to BLAST Lashley several rows away! Cover, TWO!

Strowman drags Lashley up as they move towards the stage. He pushes Lashley into railing, then hip tosses him onto the stage! Lashley writhes as Strowman climbs the stairs. Strowman drags Lashley up but Lashley hits him back. Lashley throws hands and Strowman falls to a knee. Lashley drags Strowman up again to SUPLEX Strowman down! Cover, TWO! Fans fire up as Lashley takes aim. But it’s Strowman who SPEARS him through the stage! And it’s utter destruction! Dallas loses its mind as sparks fly and explode! Crew rushes the scene with fire extinguishers, but where are Lashley and Strowman? Both men are down in the smoldering wreckage! “This is Awesome!” but can it continue?! From the call for EMT’s, perhaps not. Will either the Monster or the Machine rise from the ashes to fight again?

No Contest


Raw returns to Lashley and Strowman on stretchers.

Each man is put in an ambulance to be taken in for proper medical evaluations. After breaking the stage and blowing up the generators, will either man make it back to Raw?


The New Day VS The Viking Raiders!

Even after the carnage of Strowman VS Lashley, the show must go on! And so must the War! The Wild Card Rule brings SmackDown’s best in Big E and Xavier Woods over to Raw to face Erik and Ivar! Which world-renowned team wins bigger to head for tag titles?

Raw returns to feel~ the power~ as The New Day make their entrance! Power has been restored enough for their titantron to play, and teams sort out. Big E starts against Erik and Erik throws big knees and forearms! Erik runs but into a big elbow from Big E! Big E grinds Erik into the apron while Woods plays his trombone. Big E hits the splash on the apron! Woods fires Big E up as he covers Erik, ONE! Big E brings Erik up but gets a big forearm! Tag to Ivar and the Raiders go after Big E, feed to the seated senton! Ivar drags Big E up for clubbing forearms and boots. He even drops ax handles to the mat! Ivar drags Big E up for crossface forearms, then tags Erik.

Fans rally as Big E hits back! He scoops Ivar but Erik boots him down. The Raiders whip E to the corner, and feeds him to shotgun knees! Erik uses Ivar as a weapon, corner hip attack! Cover, TWO! Erik keeps on Big E with a seated armbar but fans rally up. Big E powers up and fights out, but Erik knees low. Erik shoves but runs into a belly2belly! Fans fire up as both men crawl for their corners, but Erik anchors Big E.  But Samoa Joe attacks Woods!!

Winners: The New Day, by disqualification

But Kofi is there for the rescue! Kofi and Joe brawl back and forth but Kofi gets an edge! But then Ivar attacks Kofi!? The Raiders work with Joe to beat down The New Day! Referees work to separate this fight, but can they restore order over the break?


Six Man Tag: The New Day VS Samoa Joe & The Viking Raiders!

Raw returns as the battle lines are drawn! Will adding the WWE Champion and his Samoan Submission Extreme Rules challenger change the outcome?

Kofi starts with Ivar as Dallas is rabidly behind the New Day. Kofi fires off kicks and rocks Ivar with a heel! He hits a corner splash then whips Ivar corner to corner. Ivar reverses but Kofi dodges and springboards for a missile dropkick! Cover, TWO! Kofi tags Woods then kicks Ivar. Woods adds the sliding lariat, then Kofi rebounds for a splash. Woods climbs and hits a flying elbow drop! Cover, TWO! The War Beard is tougher than that, but Woods CHOPS. Joe steps in but that distracts so Ivar can heel kick Woods down! Joe tags in and stomps away on Woods. He makes sure Kofi watches as he throws big forearms. Woods gives forearms back and then fast hands. Joe shoves and runs Woods over with an elbow!

Joe jams Woods with headbutts over and over then tags Ivar back in. Ivar tags Erik and the Raiders feed Woods to a knee, then another knee! Woods goes down as Erik roars. Fans rally up but Erik is on Woods’ arm. Woods endures and fights his way up, to arm-drag Erik off! Woods CHOPS again and again, but Erik shoves him. Erik catches the crossbody and pops Woods up for an exploder! Erik glares at Kofi and Big E before he tags Ivar in. Ivar scoop slams Woods down, then Erik scoop slams Ivar on Woods! Tag to Joe and Joe drops a senton! Cover, TWO! Joe clubs Woods down then sucker punches Big E! Woods fights back with hands but Joe CHOPS him off his feet! Tag to Erik as Woods crawls to the open corner.

Erik is on Woods with forearms, then tags Joe back in. Joe throws headbutts then whips corner to corner. Woods boots back, hops up, and missile dropkicks Joe down! Fans fire up as both men crawl, hot tags to Ivar and Kofi! Kofi springboards and rallies on the Raiders! Kofi chops away on Ivar then dropkicks him to a corner. He runs in but misses the splash. He evades Ivar then climbs to crossbody! But Ivar catches him! Ivar pops Kofi up but Kofi slips out to kick back. Ivar uppercuts back! Tag to Erik but Kofi dodges to leaping lariat! Fans fire up as Kofi gives the NEW~ DAY~ Boom Drop! Kofi hits Joe but Erik hits Kofi! Joe tags in, but Kofi knocks Joe away.

Kofi climbs but gets Ace Ten Mao from Erik! Big E throws Erik overhead! And dodges Ivar! The Raiders regroup as Big E runs, but into a knee! Woods hits Ivar back out, then he builds speed, but only wrecks Erik. Ivar runs in to DIVE out onto Woods!! Kofi returns, Trouble in Paradise for Ivar! COQUINA CLUTCH!! Joe has Kofi caught! Kofi gasps and flails, but he fades out! Joe and the Raiders win!

Winners: Samoa Joe and The Viking Raiders, Joe by submission

The Destroyer catches Kofi here, but will he get him again when it’s 1v1? Or will not even being put to sleep end the dream come true?


Drake Maverick brings his wife, Renee Michelle, to Raw!

The former WWE 24/7 Champion tricked her into thinking it was their honeymoon getaway. Maverick introduces Michelle to his coworkers. This is just a stop along the way! But he is obsessed! He has a choice: her or the 24/7 title. Maverick obviously chooses her, his wife. They kiss and make up, but then R-Truth is right there! “Don’t mind me at all, dog. I’m a sucker for romance.” Heart hands. Truth sings as he exits, but will Maverick be able to live with the truth that Truth is champion and not him?


Raw finds The Club backstage.

Anderson and Gallows are talking that “it’s not on us,” but AJ Styles walks in. Styles admits the Good Brothers were on fire, but they still lost. Well have you been in the ring with the Viking Raiders? They’re legit, and just beat The New Day! But Anderson has an idea: Styles didn’t dominate, either. What is that supposed to mean? Well Styles almost lost in his first match back. Well it was his first match back! That’s a pretty big little lie, huh? Styles always gives 100%, and Ricochet still almost got him. So don’t get on them for not winning, bruh. But Styles did win, so he’ll be getting a US Championship match. The Brothers have a bet: Anderson doesn’t think Styles wins. And he even puts his hot Asian wife on the line! Wat.

But Styles tells them Ricochet is one of the best, up-and-coming superstars. But that bet? Styles doesn’t need the hot Asian wife. Gallows does and hopes the bet is still on. Will Styles be able to prove Ricochet has nothing on him?


Cesaro VS No Way Jose!

The Swiss Cyborg doesn’t look in the mood for the Fighting Fiesta’s conga line, but R-Truth is! He’s bringing up the rear as the Cat in the Hat! And he does that to mock Maverick and Michelle as they enjoy front row seats! Truth even invites Michelle to be part of the fun! Maverick wants the title, but Michelle stares him down. Maverick sits back down and lets Truth move on. But the rest of the Raw roster doesn’t! They chase Truth around the ring and back to the back!

Cesaro attacks Jose from behind! He knocks Jose out of the ring, then gut wrench suplexes Jose to the floor! Cesaro shows no mercy as he gives Jose a Neutralizer to the floor! Cesaro leaves Jose behind, will he leave more superstars down and out on his rise to the top?

No Contest


Backstage interview with The Street Profits!

The NXT Tag Team Champions, Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford, make their Raw debuts! “Charlie, Charlie, Charlie, what such a great introduction, Charlie!” But it’s missing something. Some flavor! Yes, flavor! Get that flavor, Ford. Ford says FINALLY! No, Ford, no. Well the NXT Tag Team Champions are here for a special reason. They’re bringing the swag back to Raw. These titles don’t stop them from having smoke. We want the smoke~! But will they get it while they’re here?


Backstage interview with The Miz.

The Hollywood A-Lister comments that superstars put their bodies on the line is a risk they all take. He wishes both Strowman and Lashley speedy recoveries. But speaking of injuries, Miz was beating Elias before Shane McMahon attacked. The “Best in the World” and the Drifter made sure Miz could not fight back and then finished the match. Is Miz 100% for tonight’s rematch? It’s not about how Miz feels but what Miz needs to do. Miz fed Shane’s ego for his own benefit, but he’s created a monster! Shane has Elias, Drew McIntyre and The Revival protecting him. But Miz promises Shane will need a replacement for Elias after tonight. And Shane needs to watch out, because the Undertaker might be here tonight.


Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre return to Raw!

And of course, Mike Rome has to give the “proper introduction” for the “BEST in the WOOOOOOOOOOOORLD~!” But fans prefer to say, “You Suck!” Shane wants fans to know that he has been keeping tabs on the well-being of both Strowman and Lashley after their incident. He doesn’t just come out here to grace us with his presence. But Shane also addresses last week, the “perfect set-up” to end Roman Reigns. Roman was shaking in his boots facing these two, because he had no chance of winning. Shane entertains himself with the footage from last week, in which he and McIntyre brutalized Roman in their 2v1 Handicap match. McIntyre says the footage speaks for itself, that is what’s going to happen at Extreme Rules. Roman only delayed the inevitable.

But Shane wants to address the person Roman “begged” to help him, in the Undertaker. Taker and Shane have gone to battle and will again. Shane looks forward to it. Taker surprised them and Shane gives him that. But there won’t be any surprises at Extreme Rules when Shane and McIntyre put them in the ground. Taker is the greatest legend in all of the WWE, having gone through generation after generation striking fear into the hearts of every man he’s ever faced. But McIntyre is no ordinary man. “I am a hybrid of every generation, and I am not afraid of the Undertaker.” McIntyre doesn’t give a damn about the Undertaker!

Now there’s a rumor that Taker is here, and McIntyre is dressed to fight. Fans chant for “Undertaker!” as McIntyre dares the Deadman to show himself so that he and Shane can tell him they are going to exterminate his legacy! Thunder claps and lights start to flicker. Everyone looks around, and the lights go down! Lightning strikes the ring! McIntyre is furious and throws his jacket off. Then the bell tolls, and the moon rises. Everyone watches the stage as the music plays. The smoke rises high, but McIntyre and Shane don’t take it seriously. Until he steps out from behind the curtain!! Shane keeps McIntyre back as Taker heads down the ramp. As Taker draws closer, Shane and McIntyre get out of the ring. They go over the barriers to get far away from Taker, but McIntyre still glares at the Phenom.

Taker takes up a mic as fans cheer. “Roman Reigns never asked me for my help. That’s not who he is. But if you need answers to the ‘why,’ let me explain to you who I am.” Taker tells Shane that he is and has always been the Reaper of Wayward Souls. And he’s here to collect on theirs. Shane had a little of Taker’s respect for awhile. Their Hell in a Cell match at Wrestlemania, Shane gave it his all. He lived to tell the tale. But then like most mortals, Shane fell victim to his own greed and ego! “You may be the Best in This World, but where I’m sending you two, you’ll be nothing more than another couple of lost souls suffering the torment and torture of the acrid stench of death.” That will be for all eternity! They will NEVER Rest… In… Peace…!

Taker slashes the throat and the bell tolls again. Shane and McIntyre have heard the Deadman’s Ultimatum, but will they learn to fear his presence?


Lacey Evans does her make-up.

Baron Corbin is there, too, and says making the Mixed Tag #WinnersTakeAll match into an Extreme Rules match only benefits them, the challengers. They’re not afraid to cross lines, and Seth Rollins will put himself through anything to win. Rollins took such ungodly punishment to take the title from Lesnar. But why risk it all for his latest fling? “Is she worth it?”

And speaking of Becky Lynch, she’s fought her entire life to make dreams into reality. She beat the Baddest Woman to become the Double Champ. The Man is more than just a persona, it’s almost a moment. Bless her heart. But she’s putting her fate in Rollins? Lacey’s seen The Man’s Man’s wondering eyes. Rollins will see that when Lacey beats Natalya, he should never have put his trust, nor his fate, in Becky’s hands. Will the Sassy Southern Belle put her money where her mouth is against the Queen of Harts?


Lacey Evans w/ Baron Corbin VS Natalya!

“Dallas’ Favorite Son” joins his Lady at ringside to watch this “warm up” up close and personal. Will Natty make a fool of them both this close to Extreme Rules?

The bell rings, they tie up and go around the ring. Natty has Lacey on the ropes, but Lacey shoves her back. So Natty shoves Lacey out! Natty pursues but gets a big clothesline! Lacey drags Natty into the ring and covers, TWO! Lacey bumps Natty off buckles over and over while The Man and Rollins watch backstage. The ref reprimands Lacey but she lets up on Natty to come back with a mudhole stomp. Corbin likes what he sees as Lacey hits the swinging bronco buster! Cover, TWO! Lacey drags Natty to the ropes to elbow her between them over and over. Lacey lets up at four to then kick and sweep the legs! Then Lacey slingshot elbow drops on Natty! Cover, ONE! Lacey keeps on Natty with a seated cobra clutch.

Fans rally for Natty while Corbin coaches Lacey. Natty fights out with an arm-drag! But Lacey knees back and brings Natty around for a neckbreaker. Roll to a cover, ONE! Lacey is furious as she drags Natty to a drop zone. Lacey climbs but Natty yanks her off! Natty puts Lacey in the corner to club away! The referee pulls Natty off and Corbin gets on the apron to complain. This distracts Natty but Natty still blocks the roll-up! TWO, and Natty spins to DISCUS Lacey down! Natty SLAPS Lacey then whips, but Lacey reverses. Lacey runs but misses, and Natty springboard sits her down! Natty walks all over Lacey but Corbin trips her up! Fans boo as he gets away with it, but Natty turns around into the Woman’s Right! Cover, Lacey wins!

Winner: Lacey Evans, by pinfall

#ManSquared watches but they’re not surprised nor impressed. Corbin helps Lacey win here, but will they be able to pull the same trick when there’s nothing stopping the champs from beating them down?


Ricochet talks with Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins backstage.

But Charly Caruso comes by for an interview. The WWE United States Champion has had quite a wild week. He won the title, then got to be in the Raw main event. Granted, he lost to AJ Styles, who says Ricochet may not be on par with him. That’s fine for him to think, but that was a big honor for Ricochet. Whether Styles gave 100% or not, Ricochet knows the next time could go his way. So he wouldn’t make any mistakes? But the Good Brothers come by to take over the interview. Anderson says the only mistake last week as AJ not putting Ricochet down in three minutes or less. Styles just didn’t want to embarrass him. The real Styles had Ricochet beat from the get-go.

Oh is that what they think? Well Ricochet is confident that if they’re having a rematch, he’ll get Styles. Wow, the new kid’s got a set. But now it’s time for the new kid to be put in his place. Well if they want a match, Ricochet will defend the title. Oh no, not with them. But maybe someone else. Who do the Good Brothers mean? And will Ricochet really be better than Phenomenal the second time around?


Raw returns as Styles meets up with The Club.

They tell him everything Ricochet said, but they also add some things. Like Ricochet saying he could beat Styles in his sleep. And how he’s willing to defend the title against Styles. Styles wants a talk with Ricochet, but the Good Brothers can’t believe him. THE AJ Styles, having a talk? The former WWE Champion of 371 days, talking to some kid? He talked about their edge dulling, but where’s his? The NJPW Styles would just accept the challenge and then slap Ricochet across the face! Where’s THAT AJ Styles?

Styles finds Ricochet with the Good Brothers behind his back. Does Ricochet really think he’ll win so easy? That’s not what he said. Well here’s Ricochet’s chance. Because Styles will take that title tonight! Ricochet doesn’t get why Styles is all fired up, but he accepts. Ricochet offers a handshake, Styles SLAPS Ricochet! So Ricochet SLAPS back! Styles grins, “this is gonna be good.”


Ladies and Gentlemen: Elias.

The Drifter gets interrupted right away!

Best 2 Out of 3 Falls: The Miz VS Elias!

The Hollywood A-Lister doesn’t matter how many times he has to fight, he will fight his way back to a sequel with Shane. Will his spin-off series with Elias go better than from SmackDown?

The second Miz hits the ring, he hits Elias! And he throws Elias out! Miz throws Elias into steel steps! Then into the other steel steps! Miz puts Elias in the ring but the ref keeps him back. The ref checks on Elias and Elias says he’s good to go. The bell rings, and Miz rams double knees in! Miz hits the FINALE! Cover, Miz wins the first fall!

Miz – 1; Elias – 0

The Miz is fired up because now he has Elias all to himself. Fans fire up with Miz as he watches Elias get back up. The second fall begins immediately, and Miz runs in again. Elias gets out and runs away, but Miz wrecks him with a dropkick! Miz puts Elias in again, but Elias knees low. Elias runs but into a low dropkick! Elias falls on his face, but Miz is after his legs! Figure Four but Elias cradle counters, TWO! Miz boots Elias to a corner, then runs in, only for Elias to put him on the apron. Elias drags Miz in, DRIFT AWAY! Cover, Elias ties it up!

Miz – 1; Elias – 1

Raw goes to break while these two rest up for the third fall! Who wins now that it’s sudden death?

Raw returns, and both men are back on their feet. Elias runs but Miz counter punches him! Miz throws hands from both sides then kicks the legs. Miz runs but Elias side steps to Electric Chair! Spinning sit-out powerbomb! Cover, TWO! Elias keeps his cool while Miz goes to a corner. Elias runs in and stomps then punches away on Miz. The ref backs Miz off but Elias runs back in for more! Elias whips Miz to run him over with an elbow. He rains down rights on Miz then covers, TWO! Elias grows annoyed with Miz but he wraps on a thrashing hcinlock. Miz gets up fast and goes around to arm-drag, but Elias holds on tight!

Elias cranks back on the chinlock hard but Miz powers up again. Fans rally as Miz pries at the hold. Miz throws body shots but Elias uppercuts. Elias throws more, and Miz staggers about. But Miz counters one for a backslide! TWO, and Miz baits Elias into a corner for an elbow. Elias and Miz CHOP away, but Miz gets the edge! Miz whips but Elias slips around for an inverted swinging neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Elias grows furious as Miz gets to the apron. Elias aims and runs in, but gets post! Miz drags Elias up and in fast, to go for the Figure Four! He has it on! Elias endures the legendary leg lock as Miz bridges back! Elias taps, Miz wins!!

Winner: The Miz, by submission, 2-1

The A-Lister has vanquished Shane’s bard, but when will Miz and the Best in the World get to settle things for themselves?


Exclusive interview with Raw Women’s Champion and WWE Universal Champion, Bekcy and Rollins!

Rollins and Becky both wish Strowman and Lashley speedy recoveries. Charly congratulates each of them on their Stomping Ground wins, but now they have the #WinnersTakeAll Extreme Rules Extreme Rules match. Is that an impulsilve move? Rollins, impulsive/ NO! Becky, you tell them. Pff, tch, pff… No… Pff… Well, hold on. Look at the facts. 1v1 they can beat each one, but now the stakes are raised. They can lose the other’s title for each other. DOn’t lose her title. Well don’t lose his title. Well obviously they’re not going to. But it’s Extreme Rules. Anything can happen. Except these two losing. Don’t make her laugh.

But maybe this isn’t impulse but the plan all along. Becky needs to listen to him more. Or he just got lucky. Damn right he got lucky. Hehehe. But Maria Kanellis is here? And she finds it so desperate that they’re the “First Couple of the WWE,” But they don’t. Yeah because they’re not. They walk around with titles and accolades, like beating the Baddset Woman and the Beast. But Maria pushed an 8 pound baby out of her uterus. That deserves a title in itself, doesn’t it? And Rollins isn’t impressive either, compared to Mr. Kanellis. The only reason Rollins is champ is because Mike hasn’t had his chance yet. The Extreme Rules match isn’t extreme at all. But Maria has one: here, tonight, the Kanellises VS The Man and The Bitch.

So Maria wants a fight, huh? Becky will slap the heads off these dopes here and now. “Y’all done messed up.” Will Rollins & Becky uses Maria & Mike as warm-ups for Corbin and Lacey?


Mixed Tag: Seth Rollins & Becky Lynch VS Mr. & Mrs. Kanellis!

We just saw what went down between #ManSquared and the #FirstCouple, but now we’ll see who is the better couple!

Raw returns as each couple makes their entrance. The teams sort out and the men start first. Mike and Rollins tie up and Rollins wrenches to a hammerlock. He shifts to a snapmare and kicks Mike hard in the back! Maria reprimands Mike for going easy. Mike kicks at Rollins but Rollins blocks and trips Mike up. Things speed up and Mike shows he can keep up, until Rollins runs him over! Rollins offers Mike a chance to tag out to his wife, but Mike comes back for more. Mike haymakers and bumps Rollins in a corner. Mike stomps away and CHOPS! He barks in Rollins’ face then whips him corner to corner. Rollins breaks free to forearm Mike back! Rollins whips and pops Mike up for a buckle bomb! SUPERKICK! And he MAKES Mike tag Maria?!

Fans cheer as Maria realizes she has to fan The Man. Becky tags a tag from Rollins to make it official, but Maria runs away! Maria gets on a mic and says Mike was supposed to protect her! Mike said he’d mop the floor with Rollins, but he can barely mop the floors at home. Mike disgusts Maria. But then Becky comes running over, and Maria claims she’s pregnant again! Fans call BS, but Becky wants to take it easy. She won’t hurt the expecting mother. Mike is shocked, because he thinks it’s real, too. How could Maria be pregnant, though!? Well yeah, because Mike ain’t man enough for the job. But that means The Man can go after Mike! Disarm-HIM! Mike taps, Becky and Rollins win!

Winners: Rollins & Lynch, Lynch by submission

#ManSquared has its first win as a couple! But did we just see the last match of the Kanellises as a couple?!

Speaking of, Maria can’t believe Mike is the father of her children! She has waited for him to grow up and take responsibility in his career. But no, he’s just a disappointment. The only man in the ring was Becky. So maybe next time, Maria will just ask Becky to give her a baby. Maria drops the mic and perhaps just dumped Mike. Is this the last night the Kanellises are going to be a couple!?


Paul Heyman is backstage on Raw!

The Advocate introduces himself via Charly’s mic, and reminds us that his client is Mr. Money in the Bank 2019. It’s been a weird night for Rollins, a bad night for Kofi, so maybe it’s the perfect night for Lesnar to cash-in. Maybe, maybe not. But then the Profits come by and are excited! Lesnar? Here tonight? Really? THE Brock! Lesnar!? Look at that beaming bald head, Paul. Aw yeah! Hey, man! Hey, Heyman. You guys finished? Heyman has no time for this. He leaves, because he’s a busy man. Don’t be like, Paulie! Come back! COME BACK! Aw no…! Did you all just see what happened? That’s cray cray. Rock a by baby in the tree top, uh, whatever the rest of that song is. The Profits head out, but will they be back?


Raw presents A Moment of Bliss!

The Goddess wishes a speedy recovery to Strowman and Lashley before going on with the show. She has a very special guest. The Loony Lass beat Bayley to win Alexa a rematch for the SmackDown women’s Championship. Plus, they’re best friends! It’s Nikki Cross! Nikki is so excited to be a guest and not just a co-host, though Nikki is always excited. And they both look back at her accomplishment against Bayley last week. What an achievement for Nikki to beat Bayley! Nikki thanks Alexa, and assures everyone that this wouldn’t be possible without Alexa’s guidance. The Goddess was the first person to take Nikki seriously and welcome her to Raw. For that, Nikki will always be grateful.

Alexa is touched, but this is Nikki’s moment. Until SmackDown’s FABULOUS Carmella appears! Carmella actually agrees, this is Nikki’s moment. Nikki beat Bayley, but why is someone else getting the match? Why is Mella here? She had to ruin the moment? No, the truth is, Alexa is manipulating Nikki. That’s not friendship. It is meant to be mutual. Nikki got Alexa the match so what has Alexa gotten Nikki? Trying to break them up? How sad. Alexa realizes Carmella is just a S I D E K I C K. How cute, you can spell. But how about we go to the ring and Carmella shows Alexa a sidekick, when she kicks Alexa upside the head! Mella wants a match, so Alexa accepts! Will it be Goddess or Fabulous that is victorious tonight?

Alexa Bliss w/ Nikki Cross VS Carmella!

The bell rings and Alexa runs right at Carmella, only to get rolled up! CARMELLA WINS!!

Winner: Carmella, by pinfall

And in record time, the Goddess gets beat! How could this happen with her “best friend” by her side and a title match on the horizon?!


Nikki Cross w/ Alexa Bliss VS Carmella!

Raw returns and the Loony Lass looks to avenge Alexa! The bell rings and she rushes Mella with a crossbody! Nikki hammers away then fires up. She hops on for a thrashing sleeper hold but Mella backs her into buckles. Carmella snapmares Nikki off and dropkicks Nikki down. Cover, TWO! Nikki shoves Carmella but Carmella comes back with a tilt-o-whirl that goes around and around for headscissors! Carmella then clotheslines Nikki down but Nikki bails out. Alexa distracts Carmella and Nikki drags Carmella into the apron skirt! Nikki hammers away but lets up at the ref’s count. Fans fire up with the furious best friend as she puts Carmella back in the ring. Nikki covers, TWO! She tries again, TWO!

Alexa cheers Nikki on as Nikki drags Carmella up. Carmella jawbreakers back! Then elbows Nikki away. Nikki keeps running in but gets a boot. Carmella runs Nikki over with lariats, then ducks for an atomic drop! Carmella bumps Nikki off her boot, then moonwalks corner to corner. She runs back in, Fabulous bronco buster! Cover, TWO! Nikki hits back and swings for a dropkick! Nikki climbs and glares at Carmella, but Carmella gets under the jump. Carmella kicks but Nikki blocks, to the Purge! Cover, Nikki wins!

Winner: Nikki Cross, by pinfall

Nikki avenges Alexa! But while Alexa celebrates alongside Nikki now, can Alexa get the win against Bayley when she has to do it on her own?


Raw returns to Nikki and Alexa talking backstage.

But then they encounter Sarah and she asks Nikki how she feels that the WWE Universe wants her to face Bayley for the title instead of Alexa. Alexa answers for her by saying no comment. The Goddess ushers her “friend” away in a huff. Are Alexa’s true colors going to start showing?


Drake Maverick and Renee Michelle head out.

He apologizes for this, but he’ll make their honeymoon amazing. She thanks him and then goes to freshen up. But the horde chasing the WWE 24/7 Championship pass through!? Because Truth is around the corner! He avoided them, but sees Maverick! Maverick says he’s done, he’s just headed to his honeymoon. Does Maverick have any water? No. Truth is thirsty from running all night. But have a good time, Maverick. Maverick attacks using his luggage!? Where’s a ref!? One slides in, Maverick wins!!

Winner: Drake Maverick, by pinfall; NEW WWE 24/7 Champion

He has it back! He says he and Michelle will get to do it 24/7 now! Truth is in shock as Maverick and Michelle head out! Will Truth have to do that to get the title back?


WWE United States Championship: Ricochet VS AJ Styles!

The One and Only goes against the Phenomenal One one more time! And after this challenge was made official through slaps, will this rematch get a little intense? Or will it get very intense?

Raw returns with the bell and Styles circles with Ricochet. They tie up and Ricochet trips Styles up fast. Ricochet runs, rolls, then leaps, but Styles gets him with a back lift. Ricochet wheelbarrows to a roll up, TWO! Styles DECKS Ricochet with a right! Ricochet staggers to a corner but Styles bumps him off buckles. Styles whips Ricochet corner to corner but Ricochet reverses. Ricochet rams his shoulder in then springboards for a flying clothesline! But Ricochet keeps moving, standing shooting star onto knees! Cover, TWO! Styles CHOPS Ricochet then bumps him on buckles. Fans duel already as Styles kicks away on Ricochet.

Styles whips Ricochet corner to corner again but Ricochet boots him away. Ricochet somersaults and shotguns Styles out of the ring! Ricochet builds speed to FLY! He wipes Styles out and gets him into the ring fast. Ricochet aims from the corner before he springboards again. Styles gets under and then boots Ricochet away. Styles forearms Ricochet then springboards, PHENOMENAL FOREARM! Cover, Ricochet has his foot under the ropes! But Styles wins?!

Winner: AJ Styles, by pinfall; NEW WWE United States Champion

The ref missed the ropebreak because of the angle, but a secondary ref comes out to show him the mistake. Fans are divided as the referees talk this out. Raw goes to one more break while the controversy is addressed.

Raw returns and this match has restarted. However, the Good Brothers have appeared at ringside. Styles insists they stay out of this, but the bell rings either way. Styles lets Gallows & Anderson stay because he focuses on Ricochet.

Ricochet and Styles circle, and Ricochet ducks a punch to give punches! He bumps Styles on buckles and stomps to then CHOP Styles against ropes. Ricochet keeps throwing hands and CHOPS as Styles goes around the ring. Styles reverses the whip to rock Ricochet with punches and kicks. Styles runs but into the dropkick-flip and enziguri! Ricochet suplexes to the anarchy neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Styles survives but Ricochet climbs up. Ricochet Phoenix Splash but Styles gets clear! Styles boots but gets caught and then thrown out hard! Ricochet runs to FLY, but Styles gets clear! Only for Ricochet to land on his feet! Styles slingshots out for a forearm! He takes Ricochet down but he has to drag Ricochet in the ring.

Styles drags Ricochet up for a BRAIN BUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Ricochet survives and Styles grows frustrated. Styles glares at Ricochet as Ricochet crawls away. Styles drags Ricochet up and wants the Clash, but Ricochet slips out! Ricochet swings but Styles blocks with a kick! Styles torture racks, to the Tower Hacker Bomb! Cover, TWO!! Ricochet survives again and the Good Brothers are questioning Styles’ edge. Ricochet gets to a corner but Styles is on him. Styles puts him on the top rope, but Ricochet fights with forearms. Styles goes down and Ricochet adjusts, to leap for a wheelbarrow takedown to cradle, RICOCHET WINS!!

Winner: Ricochet, by pinfall; still WWE United States Champion

The One and Only manages to get one over on the Phenomenal One! Gallows & Anderson are stunned while Styles is frustrated, but Ricochet offers a respectful handshake. Styles takes it, and the Good Brothers do applaud the good sportsmanship. But then they get in the ring, and Styles keeps the peace. Styles DECKS Ricochet! And stomps him out! Styles tells the Good Brothers to get in here, and they do! They give Ricochet MAGIC KILLER! The Club has reunited as they continue to trash talk and punch Ricochet down. Fans boo as Styles goes to a corner. Styles climbs up as the Good Brothers bring Ricochet over. SUPER STYLES CLASH!!

But they’re not done there! Styles keeps raining down right hands on Ricochet! Then Anderson gets his in. Styles stands on Ricochet with his old pals with him. The Phenomenal One may have failed tonight, but will his third time with Ricochet be #TooSweet?



My Thoughts:

This Raw was the best Raw in months! Especially with how it was clearly with Paul Heyman at the wheel. The most obvious sign was the opening of Falls Count Anywhere turning into LED destruction! The layers of realism here were incredible, and the status of both Strowman and Lashley became a theme throughout the night. But clearly this is so these two can come back for at least the go-home and set up something even wilder for Extreme Rules. Then while we still get a lot of this “no wrestling during commercials” stuff, at least there was some creativity to it thanks to Heyman. Instead of New Day VS Viking Raiders finishing before setting up the Six Man, Samoa Joe interrupts and prompts Kofi to come out.

It works for Joe and Raiders to win here, because Joe needs to keep even with Kofi, and this can all bleed into SmackDown tomorrow. Joe has yet to be a Wild Card for SmackDown so him using one to propel things with a promo would be a good move. There was also a lot of great story progression in the WWE 24/7 Championship, with Renee Michelle making her Raw TV debut and Maverick winning the belt back. But you know now this means the honeymoon is getting crashed after all. Cesaro decimating No Way Jose without it even being a match was an interesting move. Maybe Cesaro gets meaner in order to get towards title contention again. But I’m mixed on Street Profits being here. They got to show how charismatic and hilarious they are, but they’re still NXT Tag Team Champions! This is going to be like the Viking Raiders’ experience, just with more promos.

The Shane, McIntyre and Taker segment was great. Taker’s promo makes it seem that it is out of respect that he helped Roman, but also that he no longer respects Shane. The tag team match at Extreme Rules will be good enough, and it is clearly going to head for Taker VS McIntyre with how McIntyre made Taker the focus instead of Roman. But that’s fine, because w need to circle back to Miz VS Shane. Raw did a good job doing the 2 out of 3 falls this time, making the first two so fast, then the third one feel like a real good stand-alone match. I know the two shows are meant to feel distinct, but if it’s so that crafting matches isn’t so obvious, can’t Raw incorporate the picture-in-picture SmackDown uses? It just ties a hand behind booking’s back.

It even affected the story of Alexa and Nikki! Alexa had to lose so fast to Carmella after their great back and forth in the talk show section just so it wouldn’t bleed over into the break. Nikki VS Carmella was a better match just because of time, but it does seem to build on the story in its own way. SmackDown will definitely address Nikki’s status in the match. Perhaps a Triple Threat is what we need to break Alexa and Nikki up. Meanwhile, the new couple of #ManSquared is still finding itself on camera, but they’re still a younger couple so it’ll take time. Can’t believe we got such fierce drama from the veteran couple of Mike and Maria. Maria burned it up on the mic, this development works so well with their 205 Live story yet doesn’t need it for context to bring the heat.

Also, if the Mixed Tag at Extreme Rules is in Extreme Rules, Corbin should realize this could just devolve into a tornado tag brawl. And if Becky tapping Mike out is any indication, there’s a chance Becky gets some shots in on Corbin before the finish. But this is finally going to end things with Rollins, Lynch, Lacey and Corbin. Then we ended with the best thing possible in Ricochet VS Styles II! They got creative here again with the mandatory break with that ropebreak controversy, and while Ricochet retains, we get a Styles Heel turn that was definitely a well-needed change for him and The Club. The Club together again and Heel will definitely do great things for them and for Raw, things are finally looking up.

My Score: 8.5/10

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