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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (7/29/19)

Raw is only getting wilder as SummerSlam draws closer!



WWE Raw Cover image

Raw is on fire in the summer heat!

So much is happening this close to SummerSlam! Rollins VS Ziggler, a “Samoan Summit”, and the Raw Tag Team Championships on the line in a Triple Threat match!



  • WWE 24/7 Championship Mosh Pit Mixed Tag Match: The Fabulous Truth VS Drake Maverick & Renee Michelle; The Fabulous Truth wins and Truth retains the WWE 24/7 Championship.
  • WWE 24/7 Championship Uhhh Match: Mike Kanellis wins and becomes the new WWE 24/7 Championship.
  • WWE United States Championship #1 Contender Gauntlet Match: Ricochet wins and will challenge AJ Styles for the title at SummerSlam.
  • WWE 24/7 Championship Co-Ed Match: Mike Kanellis VS Maria Kanellis; Maria wins and becomes the new WWE 24/7 Champion.
  • Raw Tag Team Championship Triple Threat: The Revival VS The Usos VS The OC; The OC wins and become the new Raw Tag Team Champions.
  • The Viking Raiders VS Cole Carter & Johnny James; The Viking Raiders win.
  • Becky Lynch VS Alexa Bliss w/ Nikki Cross; Lynch wins, by stoppage.
  • Becky Lynch VS Nikki Cross w/ Alexa Bliss; Lynch wins.
  • Seth Rollins VS Dolph Ziggler; Rollins wins, by disqualification.


To be a champion is to achieve greatness.

For years, the WWE Championship has been that standard, but it was May 20, 2019 that bore a new ear! The 24/7 Championship! A title that is always on the line, anywhere, anytime! Against anyone, too! Even legends have held it! A championship unlike any other, and it opens Raw!


WWE 24/7 Championship Mosh Pit Mixed Tag Match: The Fabulous Truth VS Drake Maverick & Renee Michelle!

By “mosh pit”, they mean Lumberjack. Mr. & Mrs. Rockstar Spud walk out first while superstars like Titus O’Neil, Curt Hawkins and Heath Slater stand around the ring. Then Truth and Carmella make their entrance and Little Rock says, “What’s Up?!” But between having tag partners and potential contenders ringside, will either Truth or Maverick walk away with this era defining championship?

Carmella and Renee want at each other already, but Maverick and Truth keep the peace. Maverick and Truth start, and the bell rings. Maverick rolls Truth up! TWO, and Truth is mad! Truth hip tosses Maverick down hard, then says, “What’s up!?” for the splits and running, pop-locking leg drop! Cover, TWO! Maverick crawls but Truth is on him to whip. Maverick reverses but Truth holds ropes. Truth does a dance and then eggs Maverick on. Maverick falls for it and is sent flying out! The Lumberjacks catch Maverick and carry him around to put back on the apron. Truth yanks Maverick in, then gives him a flapjack! Cover, but Renee breaks it!

Mella goes after her and starts throwing hands! Maverick breaks up the cat fight, but Carmella SLAPS him! Truth kicks low, then hits the gourd buster! Cover, Truth and Carmella win!

Winners: The FABULOUS Truth, R-Truth pinning; Truth retains the WWE 24/7 Championship

But now that this match is over, doesn’t that mean…? The Lumberjacks get to be contenders! And they all rush the champ! They’re all on him, but that doesn’t count as a cover, does it? It does?! The referee counts three!!

Winner: Uhhhh; NEW WWE 24/7 Champion

And the one who comes out of the Rugby scrum is… MIKE KANELLIS!! He has redeemed himself by running away with the gold! Will Maria accept him as a real man now?

Mike scrambles backstage and looks for anywhere to hide. The only option is the WWE Officials office! Everyone rushes the door, but Maria shouts at them. Her baby starts acting up, and the men clear out. She wants him to come out of there right now! Who is it?! It’s Maria, you idiot! How does he know someone isn’t lying? Because she’ll bust down that door and kick him in his vagina!! Oh… He lets her in, and now Mr. and Mrs. Kanellis can talk this out. Is Mike finally going to get his manhood back?


WWE United States Championship #1 Contender Gauntlet Match!

Five stars make this a five-star gauntlet by default! But who will be the star that faces the Phenomenal AJ Styles at Summerslam? First up, it’s the King of Lucha Libre, Rey Mysterio! He knows a little about outlasting competition, but who does he meet first in this summer blockbuster?

Rey Mysterio VS Cesaro!

The Swiss Cyborg is up first! Will either he or Mysterio make it to the end of this grueling match?

The bell rings and Mysterio circles with Cesaro. Cesaro waistlocks, slams and rolls Mysterio to a cover. ONE, but Cesaro rolls for another, ONE! Cesaro tries a third time, TWO! Mysterio fights out of the headlock and ducks down to waistlock. Cesaro standing switches but so does Mysterio. Cesaro can’t elbow out and Mysterio trips him up to a European Clutch, TWO! Mysterio kicks and whips but Cesearo reverses. Mysterio goes up and over and headscissors Cesaro down to a victory roll, TWO! Cesaro narrowly escapes, then CLOBBERS Mysterio with a clothesline! Cesaro drops elbows then covers, ONE! Mysterio crawls but Cesaro stomps him down. Cesaro puts Mysterio in a corner and gives those European Uppercuts! Then he puts on a sleeper to grind Mysterio down.

AJ Styles watches backstage as fans rally up for Mysterio. Mysterio fights up and out, but Cesaro reverses. Cesaro runs into a boot, and Mysterio hops up, to headscissor Cesaro out. But Cesaro lands on his feet! Only for Mysterio to spin and send him into the apron! Cesaro is down but Mysterio positions him to run out, to SLIDE! Sliding splash hits, but it is a little double-edged with that knee bumping the floor. Mysterio still gets Cesaro up and in, and then springboards for a flying headscissor! Cesaro ends up on the ropes, Mysterio dials it up, but Cesaro bails out. Mysterio still wrecks him with a dropkick, and then slides for another headscissors! Cesaro is practically in the front row as Raw goes to break!

Raw returns and now Mysterio is struggling to get back in, but he gets in at 9.5! Cesaro is right on Mysterio with double stomps! And then drags him to a drop zone for an elbow! Cover, TWO! Cesaro keeps on Mysterio with a modified camel clutch. Fans rally for Mysterio as he endures, and Mysterio fights out. Mysterio elbows free but is thrown into buckles. Cesaro puts Mysterio up top and then climbs to join him. Styles still watches as Mysterio fights Cesaro off. Mysterio furiously clubs Cesaro and headbutts him down! Then leaps for a seated senton! But he keeps moving,t o slide and tilt-o-whirl to send Cesaro into buckles! But Cesaro sunset flips, only for Mysterio to roll through and buzzsaw! Cover, TWO!!

Mysterio keeps his cool while catching his breath. Mysterio gives the numbers and fans rally. He whips but Cesaro reverses, only to miss, but then EUROUPPER the springboard crossbody down! Cover, TWO!! Cesaro drags Mysterio into the Gotch, and sits down on Mysterio’s sunset flip. Then BOOTS Mysterio back down! Cover, TWO! Cesaro is shocked and frustrated, but he looms over Mysterio. He gut wrenches Mysterio right up into a crucifix! But Mysterio pops out to huricanrana Cesaro into a post! Mysterio stands on the apron and climbs up. He scrapes Cesaro off before reaching the top, only to get another uppercut! Cesaro drags Mysterio up to a fireman’s carry, and then climbs up with him! But Mysterio fights out!

Little Rock fires up as Mysterio adjusts, but his super steiner is blocked! Cesaro lifts Mysterio but Mysterio fights more! Mysterio headbutts then pops around, SUPER WHEELBARROW BULLDOG! Both men get up, and Cesaro’s on the ropes! 6 1 9!! And to top it off, a Frog Splash! Cover, Mysterio ELIMINATES Cesaro! But now he must face… Sami Zayn!

Rey Mysterio VS Sami Zayn!

And the crafty Critic of the Critics goes right at Mysterio with furious fists! The referee backs Sami off while fans boo. Saim dares Mysterio to stand, and then runs over, but his boot misses! Mysterio rolls Sami up, and ELIMINATES him! Sami got ahead of himself, and now he’s completely out of this match! The referees pull Sami back while Mysterio finally has time to rest. But next, it’s El Idolo!

Rey Mysterio VS Andrade Almas w/ Zelina Vega!

These two have met in instant classics from SmackDown, but now this could be their most pivotal encounter. Can Mysterio get another elimination when Raw returns?

Raw returns, and Almas ties up with Mysterio. Almas powers Mysterio to a corner but lets up to give a sharp shove. He dares Mysterio to bring the fight, and the two circle. They tie up again and Mysterio waistlocks. Almas elbows out hard, then wrenches and clubs the arm. Vega likes what she sees as Almas hammerlocks and grinds Mysterio down. Styles is still watching as Mysterio dragon flags and rebounds, but has to elbow free. Mysterio headlocks but Almas puts him back in a corner, to CHOP! Fans rally for Rey and he dodges a chop to give a CHOP! Mysterio whips but Almas reverses, only for Mysterio to go up and over. Mysterio tilt-o-whirl crossbodies, cover, TWO!

Vega is upset as Mysterio brings Almas up into a headlock. Almas powers out and sends Mysterio into buckles. Then he throws Mysterio down to cover, TWO! Almas whips Mysterio then hits a clothesline. Mysterio flops to the mat and Almas soaks up the heat. Vega tells Almas to keep on Mysterio and he stomps Mysterio around. Almas runs to basement shotgun dropkick Mysterio! Cover, TWO! Almas throws Mysterio out sliding to the mat! Fans boo as Almas heads out to fetch Mysterio. He follows Mysterio to clobber him from behind! Vega fist bumps Almas before he puts Mysterio back in the ring. Almas stands Mysterio to CHOP him! Mysterio CHOPS back! Almas knees low, then shoves, only for Mysterio to kick back!

Mysterio springboards, Almas catches him for a snap suplex counter! Almas pays tribute to Eddie Guerrero with one amigo, then dos amigo, and then a shimmy and shake before the third! Mysterio is down and Almas climbs, to moonsault! Mysterio avoids that, but not the second! Cover, TWO! Vega grows frustrated for Almas, but Almas drags Mysterio back up. Fans rally for Mysterio and Mysterio enziguris back! Almas is on the ropes, Mysterio dials it up, but the 619 is caught into a spinning backbreaker! And then hammerlock, LA SOMBRA! Cover, Almas ELIMINATES Mysterio! And then adds insult to injury with stomps! He rips Mysterio’s mask apart!! But here comes the One and Only!

Ricochet fights Almas off, springboard clothesline takes Almas down! Almas bails out and Ricochet checks on Mysterio. The final round of this gauntlet begins after the break!

Ricochet VS Andrade Almas w/ Zelina Vega!

This is it! One man will face AJ Styles at SummerSlam, but will it be the King of Flight looking for revenge? Or will it be El Idolo fighting for his first championship in the WWE?

Raw returns as these two tie up and go around. Almas puts Ricochet in the corner but he lets up at 4 to give a little slap. Ricochet is mad but Almas backs away to another corner. They go again, and Ricochet waistlocks. Almas elbows but Ricochet ducks to trip him up! Styles still watches as things speed up. Ricochet dodges and Almas rolls, for Ricochet to roll off Almas’ back and headscissors him down! Then dropkick! Almas bails out, Ricochet runs, but Vega tries to trip him up. Almas runs in but gets punches from Ricochet! Ricochet whips Almas to a corner and runs in, but is put on the apron. Ricochet bumps and KICKS Almas away! But Vega anchors his feet! Almas blasts Ricochet off the apron!

Fans boo as Vega and Almas soak up the heat. The ring count begins, and Almas CHOPS Ricochet at the barriers. Fans rally for Ricochet but Almas throws him into barriers. Almas gets in the ring, and Ricochet follows. Almas stomps Ricochet into the corner, but backs off at the ref’s count. He CHOPS Ricochet, and Vega laughs. She enjoys watching Almas knee and elbow Ricochet in the corner. Almas whips Ricochet corner to corner but Ricochet boots, somersaults and shotgun dropkicks Almas down! Both men are on the mat but fans rally up. Ricochet stands but Almas follows. They head for each other and Ricochet throws counter punches. Ricochet ducks Almas’ haymaker to hit forearms! Ricochet starts rallying, huricanrana sends him to a corner!

Almas stands, Ricochet runs in to shoulder and slide out. Springboard but Almas gets under. Ricochet comes back, but Almas hip tosses him into buckles! Vega tells Almas to go for the knees, and Almas fires up. Almas runs corner to corner, CIEN SHADOWS! Cover, TWO!! Ricochet still lives and Almas is frustrated. Vega keeps him focused, and he drags Ricochet up. Ricochet slips out of the hammerlock to cradle, TWO! Almas kicks low, then runs, but into the dropkick-flip! Boot feint to elbow! REVERSE-RANA!! Cover, TWO!! Ricochet keeps moving, going up top. Almas trips him up, throws forearms and climbs up to join him. They brawl up top with forearms and elbows, and Ricochet sends Almas down! Ricochet adjusts, for the 630 SENTON!! Cover, Ricochet wins!!

Winner: Ricochet, by pinfall; NEW #1 Contender to the WWE United States Championship

The One and Only gets the win and now has a chance at redemption! Will Ricochet be able to prove once and for all he’s better than Phenomenal?

In-ring interview with Ricochet.

He has punched his ticket to Toronto! When he beat Samoa Joe to become champion, no one believed it. It was surreal even for him. But Ricochet has learned that people believe what they can see. So at SummerSlam, when he wins the title again, everyone will believe in Ricochet! Styles “applauds” backstage, but will Styles be smiling after this rematch?


Mike and Maria Kanellis are still talking backstage.

He’s a champion! He can be respected now! And he did it for them. Did he? Get on his back. What? Get, on, your, back. “Like usual.” Because there’s a referee. Maria, no. Yes. She’s pinning him so that her child can have a champion for a parent. Mike concedes, and he covers with a foot. The ref counts, and Maria wins!

Winner: Maria Kanells, by pinfall; NEW WWE 24/7 Champion

And the first ever pregnant mother champion! She walks the hall to brag. The inaugural champion, Titus O’Neil, can’t do a thing about it. Maria even dares them to pin her at her OBGYN if they want. Is Maria going to carry this title to term?


Raw Presents: A Moment of Bliss!

The Goddess and her best friend/co-host take their seats and take a moment to shout out the new and pregnant WWE 24/7 Champion, Maria Kanellis. Another boundary broken, very inspiring. Nikki Cross agrees. Another inspiring moment was last week’s Raw Reunion! Stone Cold closing the show, Nikki had goosebumps. Everyone was in awe. Stone Cold said it best that they’re all family. They are, aren’t they? But then on SmackDown, Dolph Ziggler betrays the family by superkick-ing HBK! Alexa was appalled, really. He ruined the Raw Reunion mood. But he’s not the only one. Didn’t you see what happened earlier today? Alexa warns that this footage is very disturbing.

The footage she means is from before the show. Superstars were practicing holds, namely the Disarm-Her. Finlay is helping Natalya, and Becky Lynch storms in! She seems upset that her Irish role model is helping the enemy, and she knees Finlay low! Then she grabs Natty in the Disarm-Her! The trainees clear out and Becky is making Natty suffer! Finlay pulls Becky off but Becky says, “See you in Toronto!” Fans still cheer for Becky, though. Are they condoning such terrible behavior? That’s awful! Finlay was just trying to help Natty, and Becky attacks them both! Yes, fans do like that. That is not how the Raw Women’s Champion should be. Becky attacked Natty on A Moment of Bliss. It’s like Becky doesn’t want Natty to make it to SummerSlam.

Alexa says that when she faces Becky, she’ll knock The Man down a few pegs. But Becky talks via titantron! Don’t hurt yourself turn around too quick. But Becky felt she needed to warn her. This is 1v1 tonight. Say what you want now, because you’ll pay for it later. As for Nikki, did she really come from Scotland just to be Alexa’s coffee girl? Where is her Celtic pride? Natty learned there’s nowhere to run, nowhere to hide when you’ve done Becky wrong. The same goes for Alexa. See you later tonight. Alexa and Nikki try to brush it off, but Day One Ish barges in! The Usos ain’t missing Raw for nothin’! Because it’s a Triple Threat tag title match tonight! And the Usos will prove why they’re the best! Welcome to the Uso Penitentiary, up next!


Raw Tag Team Championship Triple Threat: The Revival VS The Usos VS The OC!

Jimmy & Jey are all fired up, but will that be enough to overcome the #TopGuys and the Good Brothers? Will Dash Wilder & Scott Dawson #SayYeah to beating two great tag teams at once? Or will the champions be #TooSweet after tonight?

Raw returns as Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson make their entrance. The Revival follow after, and the introductions are made. The belts are raised, and the teams sort out. We begin this Triple Threat with Scott Dawson and Jimmy Uso, with the OC as the odd men out.

Dawson and Jimmy circle, but they have to be careful of the OC’s corner. Dawson headlocks and throws Jimmy down. Jimmy headscissors back and squeezes tight. Dawson moves around and pops out to get his headlock back. Dash applauds but Jimmy fights his way up. Jimmy pries against the hold and reverses the headlock onto Dawson. Dawson powers out but Jimmy runs him over! Jimmy runs and things speed up, Dawson elbows Jimmy down! Dawson drags Jimmy up and to the open corner to bump off buckles. Dawson CHOPS Jimmy, then taunts him. He stands Jimmy up for haymakers, and then a back suplex! Tag to Dash and Dash slingshots to headbutt! Cover, TWO!

Dash is annoyed but he keeps on Jimmy with a CHOP! Jimmy uppercuts and CHOPS back! And CHOPS Dash to the corner! Tag to Jey, and Jey makes sure Dawson sees the forearm smash on Dash! Snapmare and falling headbutt of his own! Cover, TWO! Jey has Dash for another CHOP, and then puts him in the open corner. But Dash turns it around to bump Jey, and throws a EuroUpper! Dash bumps Jey again and tags in Dawson. The Revival mug Jey with ax handles, and Dawson wraps on another chinlock. Fans rally up and Jey fights his way up. Dawson wrenches tighter but Jey fights back. Dawson kicks low and lifts, but Jey avoids a piledriver with a back drop! Dash tags in, but gets a mule kick!

Jey brings Dash into the Usos corner and tags in Jimmy. Jey feeds Dash to Jimmy’s uppercut! Cover, TWO! Tag back to Jey, and Jey climbs for ax handles on Dash’s arm! Jey has Dash in a mounted armlock, and Dash endures. Dash pulls hair and pulls Jey back to a corner. Dawson tags in and The Revival mug Jey more. Dawson whips and wraps Jey into a sleeper! Jey reaches but is stranded from help. Fans rally up and Jey fights up to snapmare Dawson off. Tag to Dash and Dash clubs Jey down! Dash brings Jey up and to the top rope of the open corner. Dash climbs up to club away but Jey fights back. Jey headbutts Dash down, and hits a crossbody! Cover, TWO! Jey whips Dash back to that corner but Dash reverses. Jey goes up and over, to uppercut Dash down!

Dash stands and dumps Jey out. Gallows CLOBBERS Jey because he can! The Usos are in trouble now as we go to break.

Raw returns and Anderson is in as he has Jey in a chinlock. Fans rally up and Jey fights up, but Anderson wrangles him back down. The Revival have to support the Usos now so that they don’t lose the tag titles for the #TopGuys. Jey fights up again as fans rally, but Anderson clubs him down. Anderson puts Jey in the OC corner for the rocket kick! Cover, TWO! Styles is watching this backstage, too, and he knows how close his Good Brothers were. Anderson tags Gallows and the OC mug Jey in the corner with big haymakers! Gallows hammers Jey down and fans duel. Gallows takes off his elbow pad to drop an elbow on Jey! Cover, TWO! The Revival are relieved but still upset as Gallows wraps on a chinlock.

Jey endures the squeeze again, but fights to his feet. The Revival want him to go their way, but he obviously wants his brother Jimmy. Jey jawbreakers free but Anderson tags in! Anderson whips Jey hard into buckles, then covers, TWO! Anderson drags Jey up for punches, but the Revival ask, “How you feelin’, Uce?” The Machine Gun bumps Jey off buckles and then gets on the armlock. Jey still endures, and fans rally again. Jey fights out but Anderson clubs him again. Anderson back supelxes but Jey lands on his feet to uppercut Anderson down! Hot tags to Jimmy and Dash! Jimmy rallies on the Revival, mule kick and uppercut for Dash! Dash escapes the Samoan Drop, but gets the enziguri! Jimmy kicks and uppercuts Dawson now!

Hip attack for Dawson! Dash puts Jimmy on the apron but gets another kick! Jimmy fights off Gallows then hurries up top! Crossbody but Dash rolls through! Dash scoops Jimmy but Jimmy slips out to shove Dash into Anderson! SAMOAN DROP! Cover, TWO!! Jimmy is exhausted, but he wills himself back up as fans rally. Dash is in the corner, Dawson grabs Jimmy in theirs! Jimmy fights him off, gives Dash the atomic drop! But Dash tagged to Dawson! Electric Chair, Doomsday Bulldog! Cover, but Anderson breaks it! Dash runs in but is thrown back out! Dawson kicks Anderson and suplexes, but goes tumbling with him! YAKUZA KICK from Gallows! Dash runs, gets caught, but uses that for a tornado DDT! But Jey DIVES onto Dash!

Fans fire up as those five are down and out on the outside. Jimmy gets up top now, but Dawson punches him first! Dawson CHOPS Jimmy then throws more hands! Dawson bumps him off the post! Jimmy slumps over and Dawson climbs up to join him. Dawson wants to superplex to the outside?! Jimmy steals that idea, and SUPERPLEXES Dawson onto the group!! All six men go down in a heap but Little Rock is thunderous! “This is Awesome!” but far from over! Jimmy is up first and he drags Dawson’s dead weight into the ring. Jimmy hurries to a corner, climbs up, USO SPLASH! But Dawson avoids it, Gallows tags in! Jimmy hits Gallows, but turns into a SHATTER MACHINE! But Jey crossbodies the Revival out! SPINEBUSTER from Anderson to Jey! MAGIC KILLER!! Cover, The OC win!!

Winner: The OC, Luke Gallows pinning; NEW Raw Tag Team Champions

The Original, the Official, and the ONLY Club that matters! This victory was #TooSweet, and now the OC is golden! But will it stay golden after Styles faces Ricochet in Toronto?


AJ Styles prepares a #TooSweet buffet!

But Kayla Braxton asks him about his coming title defense as well as the OC winning the tag titles. But speaking of, here they come! It’s PARTY TIME!! Spray the champagne! Eat the food! Will the OC enjoy the party while it still lasts?


The Viking Raiders VS Cole Carter and Johnny James!

Erik and Ivar will not stop the warpath they are on until they’ve dominated Raw! They’ve already left many opponents completely devastated, will that continue here tonight?

Erik starts against Johnny, and he DECKS him at the bell! Johnny crawls and Erik dares Carter to tag in with a glare. Carter decides he’s better off living. But Ivar comes outta nowhere with a heel kick! Erik has Johnny in the corner and Ivar stacks Carter in. Shotgun knees sends Carter into Johnny! Then tag to Ivar, and the Warbeard runs in for a DOUBLE Bronco Buster! Ivar tags Erik back in and each man takes an opponent. Ivar helps Erik stack them, powerslam powerbomb combo! Then Johnny gets THOR’S HAMMER! Cover, the Viking Raiders win!

Winners: The Viking Raiders, Erik pinning

The raid continues on! Will the OC be the next to have a #VikingExperience now that they’re the champions?


The Street Profits watch Raw backstage.

Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins are loving what they’ve been seeing. Those vikings are still raiding, Ricochet is headed to SummerSlam, and the OC are Raw Tag Team Champions. And to top it all of, Maria won the WWE 24/7 Championship off her husband! Why? Because she’s untouchable while pregnant! Yeah she is. Wait what? Dawkins, do you recall how Maria said Mike might not be the father. Is he the baby daddy? Has he been “knitty gritty” with Maria? Don’t spread rumors, fam. Well if you did, she’s got him by 18 years. Not funny! But then Seth Rollins comes by! The Profits high five the Architect. But he can’t have any of that “happiness” in a cup, he’s got to fight the Show-Off on HBK’s behalf. The locker room has Rollins’ back, and is sure Rollins will #BurnIt-

Whoa whoa whoa! Rollins likes the Profits, but that’s his thing. Right, sorry. But if they are going to do it, put some real fire behindit! Rollins IS going to #BURNITDOWN! Will the Beastslayer avenge Shawn Michaels on the way to facing The Beast?


Becky Lynch VS Alexa Bliss w/ Nikki Cross!

The Man told The Goddess she’d have to pay for her trash talk, and here it is! But will Becky be the one to pay for punking out the Queen of Harts during training?

The bell rings and fans still cheer Becky. Alexa covers her ears to block it out. Becky dares Alexa to take a shot, but Alexa refuses to take the bait. But then she tries, and Becky is ready! Becky waistlocks and throws Alexa around. Becky then floats to a facelock, but Alexa slips out. Alexa can’t get away as Becky gets it back on. Becky snap suplexes Alexa down, and then drags her away from the ropes. Alexa flops on the mat, but scrambles to escape the Disarm-Her! Becky makes it a La Magistrol, TWO! Alexa throws Becky into ropes and stands on her! The ref counts and Alexa backs off, for Nikki to get a cheap shot in! Alexa then dropkicks Becky down and Becky hits the floor! Alexa waits as the ring count climbs.

Fansr ally but Alexa is on Becky at the apron. Alexa brings her in, but Becky fires back! Becky throws big knees, then runs to forearm Alexa down! Fans fire up with Becky but Nikki is upset. Becky hops up but Alexa yanks her down! Cover, TWO! Alexa chokes Becky on the ropes then stomps a mudhole in the corner. Fans still cheer Becky and it annoys Alexa. Becky fights back and rolls Alexa up, TWO! Alexa clotheslines Becky back down, then wraps her up in a seated Abdominal Stretch. Alexa clamps a claw onto the ribs and even bites Becky’s hand! Becky fights out as fans rally up, whips Alea, but Alexa tilt-o-whirls, only to get in the Disarm-Her! Alexa rolls Becky, TWO, DIVINE RIGHT! Then she drops knees for Insult2Injury! Cover, TWO!

Alexa tries again fast, ONE! Alexa grounds ‘n’ pounds Becky then covers a third time, TWO! Nikki keeps Alexa focused while fans rally up for Becky. Alexa tries more knees but misses! Becky dropkicks Alexa down! Becky whip but Alexa reverses to send Becky out. Alexa follows but gets kicks! Alexa fights off the exploder to clobber Becky down! She kicks Becky while she’s down, too. Nikki keeps cheering Alexa, but Becky boots back! Becky dodges in the corner to lariat! Becky rallies but misses one kick, to hit the second try. She scoops Alexa, for the Becksploder! Alexa holds her leg and the ref rushes in to check on her. She clutches her ankle while Nikki comforts her.

The medics hurry over and help Alexa out of the ring. The referee tells the announcer, and this match must be called off.

Winner: Becky Lynch, by stoppage

The Raw Women’s Champion gets her win, but not the way she wanted. Will The Man get a win against Natalya like this?

Wait, Nikki Cross talks back to Becky. Nikki blames Becky for what happened, and wants to finish this fight on Alexa’s behalf! Becky looks just as ready to fight, but we’ll see if this goes down after the break!


Becky Lynch VS Nikki Cross!

It seems this Celtic confrontation IS happening! Alexa sits ringside, her bad ankle propped up on a chair. Will Nikki avenge the fallen Goddess? Or will The Man rack up two wins in one night?

The bell rings, and Nikki rants at Becky. Then she shoves Becky! And again! Becky keeps her cool, but then counter punches Nikki and bumps her off buckles! Becky whips Nikki corner to corner and hits a Straight Firearm! She fires off punches and kicks and snapmares Nikki, to then run over with a shoulder! Nikki scrambles to a corner but elbows Becky back. Nikki boots Becky down then climbs up. Becky hurries over but gets the crossbody! Cover, TWO! Nikki is still furious as she drags Becky up and clubs her down. Nikki puts Becky in a corner to headbutt and snapmare. Fans still rally for Becky as Nikki puts her in a straitjacket stretch. Alexa fights back the tears as she watches her friend fight for her.

Becky endures then fights up and arm-drags out. But Nikki counters the scoop to a slam! Cover but Becky slips out, and elbows Nikki back. Becky dodges to jump kick Nikki down! Becky tosses Nikki out but Nikki hotshots her back! Nikki climbs again, but Becky trips her up! Nikki falls to the mat, and then Becky boots her into buckles! Becksploder denied, so the Man Handle Slam will have to do! Cover, Becky wins again!

Winner: Becky Lynch, by pinfall

Two matches in a row and two victories, too! But then Alexa is “all better”! She attacks Becky with stomps in the corner, and Nikki joins in. But then it’s… Natalya to the rescue?! She runs Alexa and Nikki off, to put on the SHARPSHOOTER! Natty gives Becky some payback, and doesn’t let go until she’s satisfied! Natty leaves Becky behind with just a taste of what’s to come in Toronto! Who wins when the Queen of Harts has home field advantage?


Backstage interview with Natalya.

The pursuit of a title ruins many a friendship, is their friendship forever damaged/ It’s not about friends, it’s about being professional. And after Natty beats Becky, Becky won’t want to shake her hand. Natty wouldn’t shake Becky’s hand, anyway. In fact, Natty wants their match to be a Submission Match! The superior Sharpshooter VS the inferior Disarm-Her. But Becky probably doesn’t have the guts, so Natty isn’t actually issuing said challenge. Will Becky still accept Natty’s challenge anyway?


Maria Kanellis takes photos as the new WWE 24/7 Champion.

And again, the first-ever pregnant champ. Get her good side to make her baby bump look nice. Anyone wanna try her? No? Okay, no more pics. Send the good ones. But then Braun Strowman walks in? Is he seriously crowding a pregnant woman? Her estrogen is super high right now. Not that a man would understand. Men understand making babies, but not caring for the baby. Monster Among Men, show her how strong you are. Strowman growls while Maria walks away. Will someone #GetTheseHands before the night is over?


Seth Rollins VS Dolph Ziggler!

The Architect became an honorary member of the Kliq/Degeneration X during Raw Reunion, and as such, felt compelled to confront the Show-Off for what he did to HBK. Will Rollins avenge the Miz TV brawl Ziggler had with Miz and Shawn Michaels? Or will Ziggler prove when it comes to being seen as the best, #ItShouldHaveBeenMe?

Ziggler mocks HBK as he comes out with the music, the jacket, and the pose! “Oh what happened?” Aw, did everyone just lose their smile? Everyone should be thanking Ziggler! Ziggler made sure the “embarrassments” won’t want to come back. HBK, Goldberg, none of them will take the young stars’ spots! And now, Rollins gets to face the real main event, the real headliner, and the real Showstealer! Ziggler’s parody of HBK continues, up until the bell rings and Rollins clobbers him! Rollins watches Ziggler get up, and clotheslines him out! Then he follows around the way to throw Ziggler into barriers! Rollins drags Ziggler around and bumps him off the apron, then more barriers! Ziggler is practically in the front row!

Rollins puts Ziggler back in the ring to rain down rights! Ziggler scrambles away but Rollins follows. Ziggler mule kicks and haymakers, but Rollins blocks the barrier shot to dump Ziggler into the front row again! Rollins punches Ziggler down then tosses him in the ring. Rollins drags Ziggler up and snapmares him to swiftly kick him in the back! Then he runs to drop the knee! Ziggler bails out to the apron, but Rollins follows again. Ziggler kicks the rope to get Rollins low! Then satellite DDT to the apron! Rollins is down and out while we go to break!

Raw returns again and Rollins ducks to CHOP and punch Ziggler back! Punch, CHOP, repeat, then a whip. Ziggler reverses but Rollins reverses back to DECK him with that rolling elbow! Rollins powers Ziggler to a corner to fire off furiously! The ref backs Rollins off, but Rollins just runs to Slingblade Ziggler down! Cover, TWO! Rollins is still furious but he keeps focus as he brings Ziggler up. Ziggler elbows back and uses the ropes for the pin! TWO, but Ziggler jumps for the satellite. Rollins blocks it and powers Ziggler to the Falcon Arrow! Cover, TWO! Rollins dares Ziggler to stand again, and Ziggler flounders to a corner. Rollins runs in, but Ziggler puts him on the apron. But Rollisn punches back!

Ziggler gets under the springboard to then throw Rollins into the post! And a second time! ZIGZAG! Cover, TWO!! Ziggler is shocked and fans rally for Rollins. Ziggler says he’s going to end, it, and he “tunes up the band.” Another parody of HBK as Rollins stands. But Rollins SUPERKICKS Ziggler first! Then another! Rollins stomps for “Burn It Down!” But it’s BROCK LESNAR!? The Beast wants to rub in that he’s the Universal Champion again! But why now?! Rollins is ready for a fight, but Ziggler anchors him! Lesnar steam rolls Rollins!!

Winner: Seth Rollins, by disqualification

Lesnar starts up #SuplexCity as he throws Rollins around! Lesnar follows Rollins out of the ring to throw him into barriers! And then more barriers! Rollins flounders but Lesnar German Suplexes him again! Fans boo and jeer while Rollins twitches on the ground. Lesnar looms over Rollins, then drags him up again. Fireman’s carry, and F5 into the post!! Rollins writhes in pain while Lesnar smiles. Lesnar puts Rollins in the ring and grabs a chair! Heyman holds the Universal Championship belt up proudly as Lesnar hops up into the ring. Lesnar has the chair, to SMACK Rollins on the back! Lesnar then takes a seat while he watches Rollins crawl to ropes. Then Lesnar stands back up, to grab Rollins, fireman’s carry, and F5 him on the chair!! Lesnar looms over Rollins, picks him up again, and gives him another F5 onto the chair!!

Now the reigning, defending, undisputed Universal Champion holds his own title over his head, while Rollins coughs off blood. But Lesnar isn’t done destroying him!? Even Heyman says no, but Lesnar still gives Rollins a third F5 onto the chair!! Lesnar finally listens to his Advocate, and the pair leave Rollins down in the ring. Medics bring Rollins to a stretcher while Lesnar holds up the belt. Is there even going to be a rematch of Beast and Beastslayer now?


Raw returns as Rollins is wheeled to the back.

Becky Lynch and Roman Reigns are there. Both are concerned for what happened, but then the Usos and the OC are fighting! Roman goes to reinforce his cousins, but then Samoa Joe attacks the Big Dog from behind! Joe takes advantage to get shots on his enemy, but now referees and security rush over! Joe and the OC back off to leave the #Bloodline down and out. Cameras catch up to the ambulance, and Rollins is lifted up in. The ambulance takes off, but wait! Brock Lesnar is in its way!? Lesnar goes to the back and opens it up! He drags Rollins out by the stretcher and lets it roll into trunks! Lesnar dumps Rollins over and stomps the battered ribs! And then F5’s him on the stretcher! Rollins is gasping for air while Lesnar leaves him behind. Is the Beast finally done tormenting Rollins? Will Rollins even make it to Toronto?


Raw returns to the Samoan Summit.

Well, we can’t be sure if this will even happen after what just happened. Samoa Joe makes his entrance after having taken advantage of Roman Reigns being distracted by concern for both his cousins and his Shield brother. Joe “regrets” to inform us that the Summit has been cancelled due to “catastrophic failure” of peace talks! Joe doesn’t want to talk anyway, he wants to fight! He dares Roman to appear so they can finish this! The music plays, and Roman does appear! The Big Dog storms down to the ring, and he brawls with Joe! Roman backs Joe down with big uppercuts! Joe bails out but Roman keeps on him with big hands! Roman bumps Joe off the apron, then brings him around to throw into barriers!

The hands keep flying, then Roman headbutts Joe. Joe headbutts back, but Roman headbutts again! Roman whips but Joe reverses to send Roman into steel steps! Referees rush out but Roman is up! He TOSSES the steps at Joe’s head!! Roman rains down rights but Drew McIntyre attacks now! McIntyre whips but Roman reverses to send McIntyre over the barriers! Roman rocks McIntyre with an uppercut, and pursues into the crowd! McIntyre hits back and drags Roman around. Roman counter punches and uppercuts McIntyre back to ringside! Roman hops over but Joe boots him! Joe and McIntyre work together on Roman in the ring!

But here comes Cedric Alexander! He springboard clotheslines Joe down! McIntyre tosses Alexander but Alexander boots and NEURALIZERS back! McIntyre bails out but Alexander runs, only for Joe to LARIAT him down! Joe pushes Alexander out for McIntyre to toss up the ramp. Joe goes back to Roman and tosses him out. McIntyre has Alexander on stage to CHOP! McIntyre suplexes Alexander into the LED wall! Joe has Roman at the announce desk while McIntyre tosses Alexander away. McIntyre and Joe work together, but the USOS save Roman! The OC go after the Usos! It’s chaos on stage! The brawl is all over the place, but Alexander is on top of the stage!? And he LEAPS ONTO EVERYONE!! Little Rock loses its mind but Alexander keeps on McIntyre!

Alexander clubs McIntyre down the ramp while the other six men regroup. McIntyre puts Alexander in the ring, aims from the corner, but gets a dropkick! Alexander hurries up top, but the OC trip him up! Gallows drags Alexander out, but here comes Roman with SUPERMAN PUNCH! And then one for Gallows! One for McIntyre! Alexander FLIES out onto McIntyre while Joe gets SUPERKICKS! And an “OOAH~!” SPEAR!! Alexander and the Bloodline stand tall in Little Rock!! Is this just the beginning of a new war on Raw?



My Thoughts:

Wow, a pretty wild Raw! The WWE 24/7 Championship was again a great highlight, but it seems we’re making the transition from Drake Maverick and R-Truth to Mike Kanellis. Which sadly turns into Maria emasculating him and taking the title. But at the same time, it’s a genius move from her. Though her mentioning her Thursday appointment, I wonder if a female superstar like Carmella will take advantage. But a confusing part was that Strowman shows up as part of Maria’s photo shoot promo. Is the Monster Among Men going to do something to Mike that forces Maria to give up the title? Strowman would make a formidable 24/7 Champion, that’s for sure.

That United States Championship Contender Gauntlet match was great, but I would’ve loved if it got even more time since Sami was the chump elimination. Mysterio did great lasting as long as he did, but Almas being the one to eliminate him brings their feud back to life. As such, it’s great that Ricochet wins to give us a rematch with Styles because that match is going to be great. The OC winning in the Triple Threat Tag was a great surprise, and now the OC is golden! I hope we get to see them VS golden New Day before someone drops a title. Of course, tonight’s insane brawl to end the show might set up some stories for such matches, like OC VS Usos again. With everything that went down, I really hope we’re getting an 8 Man Tag, Alexander, Roman and Usos VS McIntyre, Joe and OC. Then things split off for SummerSlam matches.

Alexa Bliss did a hell of a job selling bad ankle. For those few moments, I thought it was real. But then I was relieved to see Nikki wanting to go after Becky, because that meant it was a work. Becky gets points for winning two matches, but I was glad to see Natty attack. Natty said she wants a Submission Match but claims Becky isn’t “man” enough to take it. I’m really hoping Becky will want that, because I want that and I’m sure fans will appreciate such a match between Natty and Becky. I also like that Becky also subtly made her beef with Finlay and Nikki about “Celtic pride.” That could easily give us her next story with Nikki, regardless of her retaining at SummerSlam.

Ziggler stealing HBK’s entrance was actually genius. It takes the best part of his previous return gimmick of hating on our entrance-based hype to use for this new shtick. The match with Rollins was great, but wow, that surprise appearance from Lesnar. I can’t be sure whose idea this all ways, but Lesnar’s beat down of Rollins quickly went from good Heel heat to hoping Rollins really isn’t hurt because otherwise it’ll be all Lesnar’s fault. Mostly at that point with the F5 onto stretcher, but the extra F5-onto-standing-chair spots weren’t much better. I don’t know if Rollins is being replaced for SummerSlam now, but I’m hoping not since I have no idea who else there is to face Lesnar. This can feed Rollins being the underdog, though it will be hard to believe how he wins now.

My Score: 8.4/10

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Mitchell’s NJPW Castle Attack Results & Report! (2/27/21)

Let the Castle Attack BEGIN!



NJPW Castle Attack

NJPW’s huge Osaka weekend event begins!

NJPW returns to Osaka for a Castle Attack! Will the Rainmaker still be atop the mountain? Or will Darkness Fall when Everything is Evil?


  • Six Man Tag: Satoshi Kojima, Hiroyoshi Tenzan & Hiroshi Tanahashi VS The United Empire; The United Empire wins.
  • YOSHI-HASHI VS Tonga Loa w/ Jado; Loa wins.
  • Hirooki Goto VS Tama Tonga w/ Jado; Goto wins.
  • KOPW 2021 YTR Style Texas Strap Match: Toru Yano VS Chase Owens; Yano wins and retains the KOPW 2021 trophy.
  • Tomohiro Ishii VS Jay White w/ Gedo; White wins.
  • Kazuchika Okada VS EVIL w/ Dick Togo; Okada wins.


Six Man Tag: Satoshi Kojima, Hiroyoshi Tenzan & Hiroshi Tanahashi VS The United Empire!

The King of Cozy Style, Ikari no Mogyuu, and the Ace are all targets of Will Ospreay, Jeff Cobb & Great-O-Khan, and the Dominator is going after Tanahashi’s NEVER Openweight Championship on day two! But will the Once in a Century Talent and his iconic compatriots be able to stand up against the United Empire in this opening round?

As usual, the United Empire stands firm, even as their opponents make their entrance. Tanahashi shoves off the muscles and fans cheer. Tanahashi and Khan dare each other to step up, and so that’s who starts! Fans cheer and the bell rings, and fans rally up already as Khan and Tanahashi circle. Ospreay sneaks in with Cobb, but Kojima and Tenzan are ready to counter! The ref tells them all to back off, and Khan has the Empire stand down. But that’s a fake out! They attack Tanahashi’s team, and throw Tenzan and Kojima out! The Empire mugs Tanahashi, double whips him corner to corner, then send Ospreay in, only for Tanahashi to toss Ospreay out!

Cobb and Khan mug Tanahashi, whip him to ropes, but Tanahashi ducks the double clothesline to send Khan into Cobb! Tanahashi kicks Khan low then whips him to a corner, but Khan reverses. Khan runs in but into an elbow! Tanahashi hops up to crossbody! Fans fire up and Tanahashi air guitars before he tags in Kojima. Kojima DECKS Ospreay, and fires off the machine gun CHOPS on Khan! The ref is busy keeping Ospreay out so Kojima gets plenty of extra CHOPS in! Kojima whips Khan corner to corner, hits a forearm smash, and then throws Khan down. Kojima climbs, Cobb intercepts with forearms! Ospreay hits Tenzan and Tanahashi while Cobb TOSSES Kojima down!

Khan clamps on with the head-arm triangle! Cobb and Ospreay throw Tenzan and Tanahashi around ringside but Kojima gets a ropebreak! Khan lets go, drags Kojima over, tags in Ospreay, and the Empire mugs Kojima. Ospreay CHOPS Kojima then BOOTS him! Ospreay scoops and slams Kojima to then run and drop a leaping knee! Cover, TWO! Ospreay bumps Kojima off buckles, tags in Cobb, and Cobb headbutts Kojima in the back. Cobb CLUBS Kojima, stays between him and his team, and then scoops Kojima. Ospreay talks trash while Cobb taunts Kojima’s team. Cobb throws knees into Kojima, then RAMS Kojima into the Emipre’s corner.

Khan tags in, stomps Kojima, but Kojima hits back! Khan ROCKS Kojima, and hits the Mongolian Chop! Khan taunts Tenzan with how Tenzan can’t use this move anymore, and then Mongolian Chops again! Kojimma stands up and he ROCKS Khan with forearms! And a ROLLING ELBOW! COZY CUTTER! Both men are down but fans fire up! Hot tag to Tanahashi! Tanahashi runs to rally on Khan, then he hits Cobb an Ospreay for good measure! Tanahashi blocks Khan’s boot to bring him out for a DRAGON SCREW! Ospreay runs in, but he gets a DRAGON SCREW! Tanahashi catches Cobb in the ropes, DRAPING DRAGON SCREW!

Fans fire up with Tanahashi and he goes after Khan’s legs. Tanahashi ties the legs up but Khan clamps his claw onto Tanahashi’s face! Khan gets up, Tanahashi breaks free, but Khan ROCKS Tanahashi with a forearm! Tanahashi gives the forearm back and now it’s a brawl of forearms back and forth! Fans rally up as they pick up speed, Tanahashi fires off a strike fest but Khan Mongolian Chops! Tanahashi ROCKS Khan with a palm strike, then runs, but into Khan’s sleeper hold! Khan uses the claw, then shifts to INVERTED EXPLODER! Both men are down and fans rally up again. Khan tags in Cobb and Cobb drags Tanahashi up.

Cobb fires off forearms and headbutts, then whips Tanahashi to a corner. Cobb runs in but Tanahashi dodges! Tanahashi waistlocks, Cobb resists the lift, and pries free! But Tanahashi half nelson spins Cobb to TWIST ‘N’ SHOUT! Hot tag to Tenzan! Tenzan rallies on Cobb, DECKS Ospreay, and fans fire up. Tenzan wants to Mongolian Chop but he remembers he can’t! So he kicks Cobb low and gives him a headbutt! Tenzan has Cobb in the corner, and throws more kicks and haymakers. Tenzan whips corner to corner then runs in to clothesline Cobb! Fans fire up as Tenzan calls his shot, and he hits the suplex! Cover, TWO!

Tenzan calls in Kojima and Tanahashi, and the three go after Cobb together. They double whip Cobb corner to corner, then Kojima runs in to back elbow! Tanahashi hits a splash! They double whip into Tenzan’s windmill kick! Cover, TWO! Tenzan keeps on Cobb and gets the ANACONDA VICE! Tanahashi and Kojima go after the rest of the Empire but Ospreay BOOTS Kojima and CLUBS Tanahashi! Cobb powers up but Tenzan holds tight. Cobb elbows free but Tenzan headbutts! Cobb ROCKS Tenzan with an uppercut, then tags in Ospreay! Ospreay slingshots in for a ROLLING ELBOW! Cover, TWO! Ospreay drags Tenzan up, reels him in, and underhooks, but Tenzan resists!

Ospreay gives Kowata kicks and a SUPERKICK! Ospreay runs but into a back drop! Fans fire up with Tenzan and Tenzan dares Ospreay to stand. Tenzan remembers again he can’t Mongolian Chop, but Ospreay dares him to! Ospreay SLAPS Tenzan, and then Khan CLOBBERS Tenzan! Khan and Ospreay SUPERKICK BOOT COMBO! Cover, but Tanahashi breaks it! Khan BOOTS Tanahashi, clamps on the claw, and hits the ELIMINATOR SLAM! Kojima fires off on Khan and runs, but into a TOUR OF THE ISLANDS! The United Empire feed Tenzan to the OSCUTTER! Cover, the Empire wins!

Winners: The United Empire, by pinfall

United they stand victorious! Khan gets a mic and he wants everyone in Osaka to understand! They are THE United Empire!! Will this momentum bode well for Khan coming for the NEVER Openweight Championship? Or will the Ace be able to trump the Dominator’s iron hand?


YOSHI-HASHI VS Tonga Loa w/ Jado!

Before going 2v2 with the Guerrillas of Destiny for the IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championships, the Head Hunter will take on the Silverback alone! Will Loa make sure Hashi can’t #GetBackUp for tomorrow’s tag title match?

The bell rings and Hashi circles with Loa. Fans rally up and they tie up. Hashi manages to push Loa back a bit, but Loa pushes Hashi to the ropes. The ref calls for a break, Hashi turns things around, and Hashi drags Loa down to an ARMBAR! Loa holds off the extension, moves around, but Hashi stays clamped on. Hashi clubs at the clasped hands but Loa holds tight. Loa pries at Hashi’s own grip, but Hashi adjusts to get the other hand isolated! Loa gets the ropebreak with a leg and Jado protests, so Hashi lets go fast. Hashi clubs Loa’s arm but Loa shoves him away. Hashi comes back with a kick, Loa throws body shots but Hashi clubs and stomps him.

Hashi wrenches Loa to a wristlock, but Loa throws a forearm, only for Hashi to make it a takedown! Hashi wants the double wristlock but Loa moves around. Hashi has a short arm scissor instead! Loa endures, moves around, but Hashi stomps the arm! Hashi stomps Loa more, Loa throws body shots but Hashi clubs him. Hashi wrenches the arm, clubs it, then wrenches again to club it again. Loa pulls Hashi’s hair but Hashi elbows Loa’s elbow. Hashi wrenches again but Loa LARIATS him down! Fans cheer the exchange but then Loa stomps Hashi over and over! Loa drags Hashi up, whips him to a corner then runs in to clothesline!

Loa whips Hashi out then back in to clothesline again! Jado cheers while Hashi falls to his knees. Loa gets the bad arm moving, drags Hashi back up, and fans rally. Hashi throws body shots, wrenches, but Loa throws a haymaker and back hand! Hashi clubs the arm, Loa throws a forearm, but Hashi wrenches to an elbow breaker! Hashi runs, but the ref is busy checking on Loa and Jado trips Hashi! Loa hurries to get Hashi up for a suplex! Uno amigo, and then a wrench to a back suplex! Cover, TWO! Fans cheer but Loa grows annoyed. Loa drags Hashi up as fans rally again. Loa throws a forearm but Hashi gives it back. Loa headbutts Hashi and Hashi is down in the corner!

Loa stomps away on Hashi, but the ref reprimands. Loa lets off, Jado taunts Hashi, and Loa whips Hashi corner to corner. Loa runs in but into a dropkick to the legs! Fans cheer as Hashi evens things back up! Hashi and Loa slowly rise, Hashi throws forearms, body shots and a CHOP! Hashi whips, Loa reverses but Hashi dodges to hit the HEADHUNTER! Hashi fires up and fans rally for him. Hashi runs corner to corner, to CHOP Loa! Hashi whips, CHOPS, but Loa just grins! Loa wags his finger at Hashi, then throws a forearm! Hashi stays up and he forearms back! Loa doesn’t budge, and he ROCKS Hashi!

Hashi stays on his feet and Loa dares him to “give me your best shot! Don’t do this to me! You came to fight me, so fight me!” Loa wants Hashi to #GetBackUp and show him what he’s got! Hashi gets up and throws forearms and CHOPS! Mule kick, and a neckbreaker! Fans fire up with Hashi and he hurries to a corner! Hashi climbs up and fans rally harder now! Loa stands and hits Hashi with a forearm first! Loa climbs up, clubs away on Hashi’s back, but Hashi resists the superplex. Hashi throws bodys shots, clubs Loa, and sunset flips, to get the RUNNING POWERBOMB!! Cover, TWO! Hashi has the BUTTERFLY LOCK! Loa powers up but Hashi throws knees into him!

Hashi grinds Loa down but Loa powers up again! Loa fireman’s carries Hashi, but Hashi slips off to CHOP! Loa laughs, kicks, knees and ENZIGURIS! Hashi falls over but Loa tells him, “I’m gonna kill you! Don’t you die on me yet!” Hashi gets up, Loa runs, but into an elbow! Hashi runs, but into a SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Hashi still lives and fans fire up again! Loa likes this! “There’s that fighting spirit! I love it!” Loa drags Hashi up and vows it’s over now. Loa scoops but Hashi slips out to waistlock. Loa rams Hashi into a corner and fires off elbows! Loa runs in but Hashi dodges! SUPERKICK, but Loa just wants more! SUPERKICK, SUPERKICK and SUPERKICK!

Loa shoves Hashi and Hashi fires off another SUPERKICK! Loa still isn’t done, he wants more!! Hashi SUPERKICKS, and Loa finally wobbles! BACKSTABBER! Hashi drags Loa to a drop zone and goes up top! Fans fire up, Hashi SWANTON BOMBS! Cover, TWO!?! Loa still lives but Hashi keeps on him! Hashi gator rolls Loa into the BUTTERFLY LOCK! Loa grits his teeth and powers up again! Hashi slips an arm around to get the double wristlock! KIMURA-FLY! Loa still endures, slips his head under, but Jado gets in! Hashi is ready, and he kicks then mule kicks Jado first! Hashi sends Loa into Jado! Roll up, TWO!!

Loa swings but into a full nelson, DRAGON SUPLEX! Hashi fires up and the fans are with him, for the BASEMENT METEORA! Hashi isn’t done there, he drags Loa back up! Hashi gets Loa up, full nelsons again, but then shifts to a pump handle! Wait, Tama Tonga shows up! The distraction saves Loa, and he scoops Hashi for APE SHIT!! Cover, Loa wins!!

Winner: Tonga Loa, by pinfall

Well it was strange that Tama wasn’t here to start, and now we see he was an ace in the hole! And now they’re all beating Hashi up, 3v1! The ref reprimands but they’re not stopping! GoD drags Hashi up, but here comes Goto! Goto CLOBBERS Loa then fires off on Tama! After all, their match was up next, anyway! Tama whips Goto away but Goto comes back to block the hip toss and hit a hip toss! Fans cheer as Goto lariats Loa out of the ring, and the ref rings the bell on the next match!

Hirooki Goto VS Tama Tonga w/ Jado!

The Good Bad Guy rolls the Fierce Warrior up right away! With tights! TWO!! Goto swings, Tama gets under and Tama dropkicks Goto out! Tama hurries out after Goto, and he whips Goto into railing! Tama checks on Loa and sees he’s okay. Tama drags Goto back up, POSTS him, then goes in the ring as the ref wants. Goto stirs, the ring count begins, but Tama goes back out. The ref is busy with Tama and Jado SMACKS Goto with the kendo stick! Tama goes out to fetch Goto now, puts him back in, and clamps on with a chinbar. Tama clubs away on Goto’s chest, then paces about. Goto sits up, Tama drags him back up and snap suplexes! Cover, ONE!! Tama is annoyed but fans rally up.

Tama sits Goto up to claw his face! The ref reprimands, Tama stops, and fans rally up for Goto. Tama paces as Goto eggs him on. Tama CLUBS Goto, and Goto eggs him on more! Tama throws haymakers, but Goto gets power from it! Goto eggs Tama on, Tama headbutts, but that does more damage to Tama! Tama whips Goto, runs in but the splash misses! Goto hits a BIG suplex! Goto fires off on Tama in the corner, whips him corner to corner, and runs in to MURAMASA! Then, BULLDOG! Cover, TWO! Goto drags Tama up, fireman’s carries, but Tama fights free. Tama swings but into a hook! Tama fights free of that, gets Goto in a dragon sleeper, but Goto turns that around!

Tama slips through to suplex, but Goto resists! Goto suplexes, but Tama slips into the dragon sleeper, TONGAN TWIST! Cover, TWO! Tama is furious but fans rally up! Tama watches Goto, hears the voices in his head like he’s The Viper, and Goto rises. Goto turns around, but he denies the Gun Stun! Goto swings, but into Tama’s spin and leap, SATELLITE DDT! Both men are down but Tama is growling. Tama gets up, goes to a corner and climbs up. FROG SPLASH FLOPS as Goto moves! BLINDSIDE SLIDING LARIAT! Both men are down again and fans rally up. Goto crawls to ropes while Tama sits up. Goto staggers over and powers up!

But Loa returns to scoop Goto! Jado is distracting the ref! Goto slips out of the scoop, and HEADBUTTS Loa down! Goto DECKS Jado but turns around into GUN- NO! Goto blocks again, shoves Tama and follows. Tama stops to swing on Goto but Goto dodges, and comes back to swing. Tama ducks, redirects, dodges, hurdles, but Goto dodges the boot to swing! Tama ducks to GUN- NO!! Goto drags Tama back up, fireman’s carry, dragon sleeper, toss out, G T R!! Cover, GOTO WINS!!

Winner: Hirooki Goto, by pinfall

What a wild exchange to end this one! But now, Chaos is even with the Guerrillas, and the tiebreaker will be THE IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championship match! Will Goto and Hashi end GoD’s reign and be double champions? Or will it be Tama & Loa who #TurnItAllAround?


KOPW 2021 YTR Style Texas Strap Match: Toru Yano VS Chase Owens!

Mr. KOPW 2020 now defends his provisional 2021 KOPW trophy, and is going to put his twist on the Crown Jewel’s stipulation choice! But will that be enough for Yano to continue on through the year? Or will Bullet Club manage to add another accolade to the treasury?

The introductions are made, and Yano’s seems to get even longer with the more he does and has… But after all that, and some disinfectant spray, the trophy is to be presented, which comes as a surprise to Yano. The trophy is set aside, the strap is brought in, and Yano waits outside while Chase is strapped in first. Perhaps Yano doesn’t trust Chase. The strap is also taped down so there is no removal of it during the match. Chase tosses Yano the other end, and Yano is hesitant to strap in. Yano takes the cuff, puts it on, and the ref tapes it on. Then Chase tries to reel Yano in! Yano knew this would happen! The bell rings, and it’s a tug-o-war!

Yano gets enough slack that he can LASH Chase! And again! And again! Chase bails out but Yano reels him in! Chase tries to get away with what slack there is but Yano keeps reeling him in! Chase wants a time-out? And a handshake? Yano kicks him and SMACKS him instead! And another SMACK! Another SMACK! Yano uses the strap to choke Chase! That’s legal in a strap match but Chase grabs at ropes. Yano kicks Chase, whips him, but Chase grabs ropes to get out again! Yano decides to undo a buckle pad! Now we have a bare corner! Chase resists being reeled in, and he goes to undo a buckle pad!

Yano won’t let him, and Yano chases Chase around! Chase uses that to get the strap going through the corner, and he YANKS Yano into the post! Chase takes a moment to catch his breath before he stomps Yano. Chase goes into the ring to undo the corner trap, and he uses the slack to SMACK Yano now! And SMACKS him again! And again! Chase drags Yano up, puts him in, and stomps him down. Chase sits Yano up, rips Yano’s shirt off, and now has bare skin to go after! SMACK! There’s instantly a red mark on Yano’s back! Chase drops fists, chokes Yano with the strap, then lets off to go to a corner. Chase again copies Yano and undoes this buckle pad! The neutral corners are bare!

Chase tosses the buckle pad at Yano and Yano catches it. Chase dares Yano to use the pad, so Yano swings! Chase dodges and dropkicks Yano into the bare buckles! Chase stomps Yano at the ropes, throws the buckle pad down on him, then digs his foot into Yano’s face while mocking the YTR thumbs. Chase drags Yano up to throw him out, then he follows. Chase drags Yano up and whips him, but Yano reverses to send Chase into barriers! Yano gets something from under the ring! It’s extra tape! Chase CLUBS Yano first, then slips through the railing? He wants to reel Yano into the railing, but Yano resists! So Chase lets go and Yano falls over!

Chase is free to drag Yano up and YANK him into the railing! And then again! Yano falls back down, Chase slips back through and he gets Yano’s spare tape! Chase tapes Yano’s hand into a fist so he can’t open it! Then Chase drags Owens up and puts him in the ring. Chase stomps Owens, and gets the other hand! Chase tapes that one up, too! Yano can’t open either of his hands! Yano tries to resist but Chase claws Yano’s face. Chase finishes his handiwork, and gets some slack on the strap to again SMACK Yano on the back! Chase plays around as he stomps and kicks Yano down, then he mocks the Yano shrug! But Yano uses his fists to trip Chase! Yano still catapults Chase into bare buckles!

Yano runs as far as the strap allows, comes back, but Chase dodges! Yano gets bare buckles again! Fans fire up, and Chase undoes the blue corner buckle pad! That’s three, will Chase go for the fourth? Chase drags Yano up to reel him in for a haymaker! And then again! And again! Chase throws up the Two Sweets, but Yano slips under and uses the strap to flip Chase! Chase gets up to throw a strike fest, then he runs, but into an atomic drop! Yano dodges Chase’s swing, shoves him at the ref, and then LOW BLOWS! Chase couldn’t stop that with wrist tape! And Yano figures what the hell? Untile the last pad! But wait, the tape on his hands makes that tricky.

Yano tears at the tape and frees his fingers! Fans fire up as Yano goes for the last corner, but Chase reels him in! HAMMERLOCK LARIAT! Chase hits the Jewel Heist but he can’t cover from being too tired! Fans fire up, Chase gets up and says BANG, and he drags Yano back up. Chase reels Yano in, Yano shoves him away! So Chase goes out and uses the strap to reel Yano into the bare buckles! Chase drags Yano all the way out now, and whips him into the railing! Chase pulls up padding from the floor ringside!! He wants bare linoleum to come into play now! BANG, and the package, but Yano fights that off to back drop Chase onto the floor!

Yano is mad now, and he gets into the ring! The strap keeps Yano from the final corner pad, but fans rally up! Owens holds railing, Yano goes back out, but Chase gets the ring bell! Chase CLOBBERS Yano with the bell, then he gets in, and HE wants the final corner! But Yano’s dead weight is keeping him from getting close! Chase thought he had a fool proof plan but seems not. Chase goes back out to fetch Yano, and wraps the strap around Chase’s head. Chase drags Yano up and in, then drags him. Yano holds Chase back, reels him in, and Chase is annoyed. JEWEL TRIGGER!

Fans rally for Yano but Chase gets the buckle pad! Yano tries to pull Chase away but Chase’s one hand undoes all but one strap! Chase runs at Yano, but into a pop-up POWERBOMB! And YANO unties the buckle pad!! YANO WINS!!

Winner: Toru Yano (retains the KOPW 2021 trophy)

And that’s how you win YTR style! Will Yano continue to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat like this? Or will someone eventually beat Yano at his own games?


Tomohiro Ishii VS Jay White w/ Gedo!

The other third of the NEVER Openweight Six Man Tag Champions is in action as he looks to settle things with the Switchblade! But will the Stone Pitbull be made to look like a little puppy tonight?

White insists the ref be more concerned about Ishii than him in the check. White throws off the jacket, flexes for the fans, and then has Gedo get in so they can Low Sweet. But Ishii grows impatient and he rushes over! White and Gedo bail out, “cool off,” and White mocks the clapping before giving the Low Sweet. White returns to the ring, bails right bck out, and asks about the bell. White gets in, the bell rings, and then White bails out again. White has a laugh as he goes in and out and in again, only to slide right back out. The ref reprimands, White dares Ishii to go after him, and Ishii goes! White gets far away from Ishii, goes back in the ring but Ishii is ready to follow.

White goes out, Ishii follows again. Gedo creeps up on Ishii, and White attacks! White stomps Ishii, drags him up for knees, then whips. Ishii swings, White dodges and doges and knees low. White whips, Ishii reverses but White bails out! White has a laugh, but Ishii rushes after him again! White gets in, and pretends he pulled a muscle so that Gedo can rake Ishii’s eyes! Gedo RAMS Ishii into railing then gets away before the ref notices. Ishii gets in the ring but White stomps him at the ropes. White stomps Ishii around, drags him up and throws him back out. White goes out but Ishii gets back in and runs, to run White over! Ishii pursues White on the outside, drags him up and whips him into railing!

Gedo protests but Ishii drags White up by his hair. White pushes Ishii but Ishii whips White back into railing! Fans cheer but the ref says to get this in the ring. Ishii glares at Gedo as he creeps over, and Gedo backs off. White goes to the ramp and Ishii wants to chase him down but the ref tells him to stay by the ring. The ref checks on White and tells him to get back to the ring, but White stays where he is on the ramp. Ishii argues with the ref, but he goes back into the ring. White dares Ishii to fight him on the outside but Ishii dares White to get back in. White goes in, Ishii kicks and clubs him! Ishii ROCKS White with a forearm, stomps him down, and then drags him up at the ropes.

White holds the ropes, the ref calls for the break, but White fireman’s carries and HOTSHOTS Ishii to the apron! Gedo cheers while Ishii flops to the floor. White drags Ishii back up to SNAKE EYES him off the railing! The ref checks Ishii and White mockingly asks if Ishii is okay. The ref tells White to stay back, White goes into the ring, and fans rally up for Ishii. White goes back out to drag Ishii up and RAM him into the apron! And RAM him into railing! And RAM him back into the apron! And then back into the railing! Those ribs take serious damage as Ishii goes down in a heap! Gedo mockingly asks what’s wrong, and White drags Ishii up.

White says they have to get into the ring, so he’s putting Ishii in the ring. White asks if Ishii is done, but Ishii refuses to quit! The fans rally so White stomps Ishii over and over! White digs his fingers into Ishii’s face then stomps him again! White stomps Ishii in the ribs and Ishii goes to the ropes. White pushes Ishii around and then gets him into a corner. White RAMS into the bad ribs, the ref wants White to back off but White RAMS Ishii one more time. Gedo cheers but he’s the only one as White puts Ishii in a rear bearhug. Ishii endures the squeeze, so White JAMS a knee into Ishii’s back. White goes back to the rear bearhug, mockingly asking if Ishii has a hard time breathing.

White is squeezing tighter and Ishii shouts in pain! Ishii endures, reaches, and gets the ropebreak! Fans cheer the toughness but White stomps Ishii at the ropes! The ref checks on Ishii again but White drags Ishii back up. White whips Ishii hard into a corner and Gedo wants the ref to call this. White whips, Ishii reverses, and then Ishii runs in but White dodges! Ishii crashes into buckles, and White fireman’s carries him up! Ishii slips off, but White elbows Ishii away, only to run into a POWERSLAM! Both men are down and fans fire up! Ishii growls as he gets up and he stalks White to a corner.

Fans rally as Ishii CHOPS White, and CHOPS again! And CHOPS, and then hooks White’s arms in the ropes so he can CHOP again! White falls over and Ishii hammers away! The ref reprimands, Ishii backs him down with a glare! Ishii comes back but White RAMS a shoulder into the ribs! White goes to suplex but it’s Ishii who brings White up and over! Ishii sits up, fans rally, and Ishii looms over White. Ishii brings White up but White fights off the back suplex. White swings but Ishii spins him around. White switches, Ishii wrenches, but White avoids the back suplex to turn Ishii. Ishii fights out of the neckbreaker but White kicks low to DDT!

Both men are down again and Ishii gets to the corner. White runs in to uppercut Ishii, and fireman’s carry, for a DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! Cover, TWO! Ishii survives and White grows annoyed but fans fire up! White drags Ishii back up, reels him in, but Ishii fights the urenage off and they end up in a corner. White knees Ishii, CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS, but Ishii eggs him on. White CHOPS Ishii again, then puts some stank on the next CHOP! Ishii just turns things around to CHOP White high! The ref reprimands but Ishii shoves him away! Ishii CHOPS White high again! Ishii drags White up, CHOPS high and hard again and again!

The ref comes back, Ishii shoves him, and CHOPS White more! The ref finally gets Ishii to stop those near throat chops, and Ishii drags White up to whip him corner to corner. Ishii runs in to corner clothesline, then whips corner to corner. White reverses, Ishii bounces off buckles, but runs into the COMPLETE SHOT! White drags Ishii up into a DEAD LIFT GERMAN! Gedo is fired up and fans rally up as both men are down. Gedo calls for the Kiwi, and White drags Ishii back up. White reels Ishii in, fisherman hooks but Ishii fights the lift! Ishii rams White into a corner, but White CORNER HALF HATCHES Ishii! Ishii clutches those bad ribs as he flops out of the ring!

The ref checks on Ishii but Ishii refuses to quit. White goes out to fetch Ishii, and he drags Ishii up to RAILING HALF HATCH!! White leaves Ishii for dead as Ishii writhes. Fans rally up but a ring count begins. The count is already 6 of 20 before Ishii sits up. Ishii still hasn’t gotten up and we’re past 10 of 20! It’s 15, Ishii finally starts going towards the ring, and he’s in at 18! White drags Ishii up and is pissed, but he hits BLADEBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Ishii survives and Gedo is furious! White drags Ishii around, reels him in, but Ishii fights the urenage. White knees low but Ishii gets around to headbutt! Ishii runs, but into a BIG urenage!

White drags Ishii up, fisherman and KIWI KRUSHER! Cover, TWO!? Ishii survives and fans fire up! White asks Gedo for ideas, then drags Ishii around. White gets the sleeper hold but Ishii hooks the leg to block the suplex. Ishii throws elbows but White KNEES him low and hard! White drags Ishii back to center, has an arm and a leg, and stomps away on the ribs! Gedo wants the ref to stop this for Ishii, but Ishii doesn’t want this to end like that! White stands Ishii up and keylocks an arm so he can JAM Ishii in the ribs! White puts Ishii in a corner for more hard body shots! Gedo cheers but the ref reprimands. Ishii dares White to bring it, and White throws forearms!

Ishii tanks them because his head is still hard as stone! White throws more forearms but Ishii leans into them! Ishii backs White down like this, so White KNEES the ribs! Ishii ROCKS White back! Ishii drags White up and Gedo starts getting worried. Ishii puts White up top, Gedo swipes at him but the ref reprimands. White claws Ishii’s eyes! But Ishii RISING HEADBUTTS! White holds on to keep from falling! Ishii climbs up, drags White up, and hits a SUPERPLEX! The ribs make that double-edged, but Ishii hurries to high stack cover, TWO!! White survives but is sputtering. Ishii powers up and takes aim. Gedo gets on the apron, but hops off when Ishii glares at him.

White gets Ishii in the sleeper, but Ishii throws him over! Ishii puts the sleeper on now! White fades already but Gedo gets on the apron! Ishii goes after Gedo, pushing the ref aside! Gedo sucker punches Ishii down! White gets Ishii in the SNAP SLEEPER SUPLEX! Fans rally but White drags Ishii back up! Ishii tries to fight the sleeper hold but he’s fading! White leans on the hold, but Ishii gets a second wind! Ishii reaches for ropes, but White gets a leg for a FISHERMAN BACK SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO!! Ishii survives and Gedo is furious again! Fans rally for Ishii as White drags himself over.

White drags Ishii up, reels him in, but Ishii fights free of the suplex! White forearms, throws a strike fest, but Ishii gets around. They both swing and dodge but Ishii POINT-BLANK LARIATS! Both men are down as Ishii clutches his ribs. Ishii fires up to fight through the pain and the fan srally behind him. Ishii runs, but White gets around! Ishii switches and he puts White in a sleeper! Ishii leans on White and now White fades! Ishii spins White but WHITE hits the BRAINBUSTER!! Cover, TWO!?! Ishii survives and White is beside himself! White slashes the throat, drags Ishii up, but no Blade Runner! GERMAN SUPLEX! Ishii and White are down again and both sputter as they sit up.

Gedo rallies for White but Ishii hits his head off the mat to power up! Ishii gets moving, fakes White out, but White still boots Ishii! Ishii ENZIGURIS! Ishii is roaring, Gedo is panicking, and Ishii drags White up to a POWERBOMB!! High stack, TWO?!? White survives but Ishii sits him up. Gedo gets in with the brass knuckles! The ref reprimands, Ishii dares Gedo to use them, but he blocks White’s low blow! Ishii whips White into Gedo then LARIATS White! SLIDING LARIAT!! Cover, TWO?!?! White survives again but Ishii is just firing up more! Ishii drags White up, suplexes him, but White fights that off!

White tries to suplex but Ishii suplexes first. White slips out, dragon sleepre to an inverted suplex and he puts Ishii on his shoulder! White flips Ishii to the blade position but Ishii slipls out! Ishii swings but White turns him around, crosses the arms, but Ishii fights out again, only to run into a SNAP SLEEPER SUPLEX! White hurries to get Ishii up but Ishii POINT-BLANK LARIATS! Ishii suplexes, White fights out but Ishii HEADBUTTS! White still wants a Triple S, but Ishii waistlocks! White switches, Ishii switches, but White blocks and dodges to BLADERUNNER!! Cover, White wins!!

Winner: Jay White, by pinfall

A masterful exchange and it’s the Switchblade that hits the mark! White even needs to check that he won, it was that sudden! He hugs Young Lions in almost mocking celebration! But when the Young Lion pushes him away, he BOOTS them down! But does this victory mean White is done with Ishii and back on his way towards the top?


Kazuchika Okada VS EVIL w/ Dick Togo!

The Rainmaker technically got his singles match with the King of Darkness not too long ago, but it was little more than an excuse to get Okada alone so Bullet Club could beat him up. We’ve seen Bullet Club in action all night, will any of Evil’s allies be able to back him up? Or will Okada prove Everything is NOT Evil?

The bell rings and Okada rushes Evil! Evil dodges, but then Okada dodges to fire off forearms. Evil kicks low, whips Okada to ropes, but Okada reverses and BOOTS Evil down! Evil bails out, fans cheer, and Okada dares Evil to come back. Dick and Evil regroup, Red Shoes keeps Okada back, and Okada waits. Evil slides back in, circles with Okada, and Okada points Dick out to Red Shoes. Dick stays back, Okada and Evil circle, but then Dick swipes at Okada! Evil attacks from behind, whips Okada to ropes, but Okada holds ropes and boots back. Okada scoops and slams Evil, then slingshot sentons!

Fans cheer as Okada takes a moment before he covers. ONE, but Okada drags Evil back up. Okada turns Evil to hit a neckbreaker! Okada drags Evil up and clamps on a chinlock. Evil endures, even as Okada digs his knee in. Evil reaches and gets the ropebreak with a foot! Okada holds until Red Shoes counts 3, and he brings Evil up to elbow him back down. Evil goes to a corner, Okada stomps him down! Dick protests but Okada tells him to shut up. Okada drags Evil up, snapmares him, then runs to basement dropkick! Evil bails out as fans rally up. Dick checks on Evil, Okada goes out and tells Dick to back off. Okada drags Evil up and ROCKS Evil with a forearm!

Okada glares at Dick then chases him off! Dick goes in the ring, Okada follows, Evil CLOBBERS Okada! Evil mockingly applauds and then he scrapes Okada out of the ring. Evil drags Okada up and whips him into railing! Evil scuffs Okada’s face, then drags him up, to RAM into the railing and the timekeeper! Poor Abe-san! Why don’t they ever move him away from ringside? Evil drags out chairs while everyone is busy helping Abe. Evil brings Okada over, CLUBS him down, then gets a chair ready! Evil puts that chair around Okada’s head, and then has the other chair! HOMERUN! Evil goes into the ring and leaves Okada on the floor. Fans rally for “O-KA-DA!” as a ring count begins.

Okada slowly stirs, and finally gets up at 10 of 20. Okada gets in at 13, but Evil is after him. Evil whips Okada into the bare corner! When did Dick take the buckle pad?! Evil drags Okada to a Half Crab! Okada endures as Evil pulls back, using Okada’s own knee pad for leverage. Okada gets the ropebreak, and Evil lets go at 4. Evil paces, drags Okada up, but Okada throws a forearm! Okada throws more forearms, but Evil rakes Okada’s eyes! Evil throws Okada out, and then gets in Red Shoes’ face so Dick can stomp away on Okada! Dick drags Okada up and puts him in for Evil, and Evil covers. Red Shoes knows something fishy is up so he refuses!

Evil is upset with Red Shoes but he drags Okada back up. Evil reels Okada in to snap suplex! Cover, TWO! Another cover, TWO! Another, TWO! Evil is furious with Red Shoes but the count is the count. Evil mocks the fans clapping for “O-KA-DA!” and he drags Okada up. Okada throws a heavy body shot! Okada throws forearms, uppercuts, and then whips. Evil reverses, Okada dodges but Evil kicks him to throw him down! Okada avoids the back senton, and hits a basement EuroUpper! Both men are down, fans rally up, and Okada stands first. Evil follows but Okada rallies with elbows! Okada whips, Evil reverses but Okada elbows him down! Osaka fires up with Okada!

Okada whips Evil corner to corner, runs in and back elbows! Kick and DDT! Cover, TWO! Okada keeps his focus and gets the fans going with clap-clap-clap-stomp. Evil gets up but he fights off the Alabama lift! So Okada RAMS Evil into a corner! Okada puts Evil up top, Evil boots but Okada blocks! Okada clubs the leg then EuroUppers, and he dropkicks Evil off the top! Evil falls to the floor and Dick checks on him. Okada catches his breath in the ring, the ring count starts, and Dick coaches Evil. Okada goes out to fetch Evil, and drags him up. Okada elbows Evil, but then Dick talks trash. Okada chases Dick up the ramp but Evil pursues! Okada kicks and clubs Dick!

Evil runs in but Okada gets him, too! DOUBLE DDT’s to the ramp! Okada and fans rally with clap-clap-clap-stomp! Okada leaves Evil and Dick behind as he goes back down the ramp. But then Okada goes back and figures he should bring Evil back. Okada clubs Evil to make sure he keeps going towards ringside. Okada puts Evil in and fans cheer as he covers, TWO! Evil is still in this but Okada isn’t frustrated. Okada drags Evil up but blocks thje kick! Okada spins, Evil blocks the kick and gives it to Red Shoes so he can mule kick Okada low! Fans rally again, Evil pretends he can’t hear them, and then he runs in to clothesline Okada in the corner! Snap suplex and cover, TWO!

Evil is frustrated again but he gets Okada’s legs! Okada resists as Evil tries to turn him over, and Okada gets the ropebreak! Red Shoes counts, Evil lets go at 4, but Dick is there to get cheap shots in! Dick runs way before Red Shoes sees, and Evil smirks as he scuffs Okada with his boot. Evil talks trash, Okada gets up and fans rally again. Evil slaps Okada around, so Okada gets mad. Okada runs but into a fireman’s carry! Okada fights free, Evil elbows him away and runs, but into a HUGE FLAPJACK! Both men are down again and fans rally up again. Okada stands, Evil goes to a corner, but Okada BOOTS him! Okada Alabama lifts but Evil fights off! Evil pulls hair but Okada ROCKS him!

Okada runs, Evil goes to the corner, but Okada ROCKS him again! Evil reverses the whip, but runs into the Alabama! REVERSE NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Okada goes to a corner, climbs up, but Evil stands, so Okada hits a BIG missile dropkick! Cover, TWO! Okada keeps his cool as he drags Evil back up. Okada gut wrenches but Evil resists. Evil gets the ropes, Red Shoes calls for the break, but Okada clubs Evil first. Okada backs off, runs into the corner, but Evil boots him away! Evil boots Okada again, then dodges. Okada stops from hitting bare buckles, but Evil clotheslines Okada into them! Okada goes down in a heap while Evil smiles. Fans rally up but Evil drags Okada up.

Evil hoists Okada up top, climbs up to join him, and then goes to the very top! Evil drags Okada up, and hits a SUPERPLEX! Evil doesn’t cover, he gets the SHARPSHOOTER! Okada endures as Evil sits back deep! The fans rally, Okada claws for ropes, but Evil adds more torque! Okada refuses to quit and he gets the ropebreak! Red Shoes counts and Evil lets go at 4! Evil catches his breath in a corner while Okada is down. Evil drags Okada back up, reels him into the fireman’s carry, and DARKNESS FALLS! Cover, TWO!! Okada survives and fans fire up! Evil is annoyed again but he vows to end this. Evil slashes the throat, stands Okada up and spins him, but Okada denies Evil.

Okada wants the clip but Evil knees low. Evil whips, Okada reverses and Evil gets bare buckles! MONEY CLIP! Evil endures, claws Okada’s eyes, but Red Shoes reprimands. Evil lets go and then he grabs at Red Shoes! Dick CLUBS Okada with a pipe!! Dick gets in, Red Shoes reprimands, but Evil gets in Red Shoes’ face while Dick fires off haymakers! Dick whips Okada but Okada BOOTS him down! Evil kicks and whips Okada but Okada reverses to dropkick Evil down! Okada gets Evil’s arm for the MONEY CLIP! Evil endures, pries at Okada’s fingers, but Okada leans on the hold. Evil fights up, grabs at Red Shoes, but Red Shoes SWATS Evil’s hand!

Okada gut wrenches Evil to a TOMBSTONE! And back to MONEY CLIP! Evil reaches, turns a bit red, starts to fade but gets a second wind. Evil is up, grabs Red Shoes again, but Okada CLUBS Evil! Okada wrenches the other arm but Evil shoves Okada into Red Shoes! Evil runs but Okada gets around, DISCUS RAINMAKER! Okada shouts to Red Shoes but he’s still down. Okada puts on Money Clip, Dick has the CHOKER!! The Spoiler is trying to spoil this finish! But Okada powers up and RAMS Dick into the bare buckles! Okada is free, and he gut wrenches Dick to hit a TOMBSTONE!! Okada takes the choker now?! To throw it away! That’s our Rainmaker for ya! But Evil LOW BLOWS Okada!!

Evil gets the legs, but Okada LOW BLOWS Evil back!! Turnabout is fair play! Both men are down, as is Red Shoes, and fans rally up! Okada sits up first, and he drags Evil up. Okada gut wrenches again, for a SPINNING TOMBSTONE! Fans fire up with Okada again as he sits Evil up for the MONEY CLIP!! Red Shoes returns, Evil endures, and Okada keeps Evil away from ropes with a back2backbreaker! MONEY CLIP AGAIN! Evil is in the middle of the ring as he starts to fade again! Red Shoes checks on Evil as he’s turning red again! Evil finds a third wind and he reaches, but Okada clamps on tighter! Evil tries one more time and gets a ropebreak!

Okada lets go and both men are down again. Fans rally up for Okada again as he has Evil’s wrist. Okada drags Evil up, and reels him in for a LARIAT! Okada drags Evil up again, but Evil LARIATS! Okada swings but into Evil spins him to a HALF ‘N’ HALF! Both men slowly rise, and Evil runs, to LARIAT Okada inside-out! Cover, TWO!?!? Okada survives and Evil can’t believe it! Fans rally up again but Evil rises first. Evil staggers over, slashes his throat and stands Okada up. Evil spins him but Okada denies the STO again! Evil still tries but Okada spins. Evil avoids the discus, but Okada tries to steal Everything! Evil denies that, and tries to steal the Rainmaker lariat!

Okada denies that but he swings into Evil’s clinch! Okada denies the STO again! Okada gut wrenches Evil, for a SIT-OUT TOMBSTONE!! Okada brings Evil up, ripcords, TRUE RAINMAKER!!! Cover, Okada wins!!

Winner: Kazuchika Okada, by pinfall

The tried and true finisher finishes Evil! This won’t be the end of things, but has Evil learned a little of why Okada is still on a whole different level? After catching his breath, Okada gets the mic. He gets fans to clap-clap-clap, clap-clap-clap, clap-clap clap-clap clap-clap-clap. “OSAKA-JOOOOO~! If I can speak frankly, that felt damn good!” Okada apologizes to the fans for “having to put up with more of Bullet Club’s crap tonight.” But by taking care of business, Okada is sure we’re all satisfied. Okada says there’s something still bothering him, though. “Well, I should just put it out there, huh? It’s about time I get back to that IWGP Heavyweight title!”

Okada knows that as a responsible adult, he should follow proper protocol. So that starts with winning the 2021 New Japan Cup! After doing that, he’ll be back where he belongs. But he’s sure they’re all thinking that the double title thing is getting boring. If Okada were to poll Osaka, they’d say that the one who has to save the titles is him! So he’ll win the NJ Cup, take back the IWGP Heavyweight Championship, and make it rain again! Fans like the sound of that! Okada knows while the fans couldn’t chant and shout, he knows they were giving it their all to support the wrestlers, and thanks them for it! The wrestlers will do their best all over again tomorrow for night two! Until then, good night!

The Rainmaker has made it known where he wants to be, but will that only make the road back that much harder? Will Tetsuya Naito make it a bit easier by taking the IWGP Intercontinental Championship back on night two?

My Thoughts:

A very good event for NJPW to begin this weekend, but it also felt like a last-minute go-home for tomorrow’s event, as well as the New Japan Cup. The opening Six Man was good, and the United Empire wins so Khan has some momentum, but it was good math that neither he or Tanahashi were involved in the finish. That way, the NEVER Openweight Championship match could go either way. Tanahashi really only just got that belt, though, so I’m leaning towards him retaining. Ospreay & Cobb will still face Kojima & Tenzan, but that will probably go the Empire’s way like tonight did.

In similar fashion, it was good math for Goto-Hashi and GoD to split the difference. I like that Goto didn’t just win, he won in such a sudden turnaround. But with it being 50-50 here, I’m thinking GoD retain the tag titles and we wait to see if another team moves up to challenge them. Yano VS Chase was a good match, a lot of good antics from Yano, but Yano felt like a natural choice to win here. It might be awhile before someone wins and takes the KOPW 2021 trophy, but it definitely has to be in something really ridiculous.

White VS Ishii was a very good match, maybe a little long, but the slug fest nature of it and Ishii enduring bad ribs made it work. As did another fast exchange finish with White going over. White is definitely going into the NJCUP strong. Okada VS Evil was very similar, a long but storied match that turned out very well. As I said before, Okada trying to focus on the Money Clip works as a way of extending his career, but I also like this new element that when things get difficult, he can always bust out the Rainmaker lariat. Okada declares his NJCUP intentions, but that in itself could signal he doesn’t win it all, and puts someone else over. At this point, I feel like Sanada doesn’t even need to declare to be considered a favorite. Sanada’s already had great matches with Okada, Naito and Ibushi, maybe one more time is the charm for him to join the upper tier.

My Score: 9/10

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Andrew’s NJPW Castle Attack Results & Match Ratings: 2.27.21

Castle Attack is a two day event, with this first one having top tier talent; but no championship stakes. Does that hurt the show? 



Castle Attack is a two day event, with this first one having top tier talent; but no championship stakes. Does that hurt the show?

Kazuchika Okada finally gets his hands on EVIL, Jay White gets his “get right match” against Ishii after the last month of issues, and just generally a lot of feud building. The obvious thread is all of the CHAOS versus Bullet Club going on, but I don’t think any of us are excited for Tanga Loa and YOSHI-HASHI.

We also have The United Empire kicking things off to help give Great O-Khan more momentum going into his match against Hiroshi Tanahashi.

Even if the card seems a little flat, maybe we get surprised?


  • The United Empire (Will Ospreay, Jeff Cobb & Great O-Khan) vs TenCozy (Hiroyoshi Tenzan & Satoshi Kojima) & Hiroshi Tanahashi: Ospreay wins via Oscutter @10:22 – * ½
  • Tanga Loa w/Jado vs YOSHI-HASHI: Loa wins via Ape Shit @12:58 – (-*)
  • Tama Tonga vs Hirooki Goto: Goto wins via GTR @6:39 – ** ¼
  • KOPW 2021 Trophy: YTR Strap Match: Toru Yano (c) vs Chase Owens: Yano retains @12:50 – ** ½
  • Jay White vs Tomohiro Ishii: White wins via Blade Runner @25:42 – ****
  • Kazuchika Okada vs EVIL w/Dick Togo: Okada wins via Rainmaker @28:11 – *** ¼



The United Empire (Will Ospreay, Jeff Cobb & Great O-Khan) vs TenCozy (Hiroyoshi Tenzan & Satoshi Kojima) & Hiroshi Tanahashi

So we saw a lot of dynamics that we’ve grown to expect. Tenzan struggles to not use the Mongolian Chops, O-Khan continues to prove himself a credible enough threat to Tanahashi, but this was a sloppy match. Between an early awkward exchange that made it seem like O-Khan didn’t know how to sell Kojima’s flurry, Ospreay slipped on the rope when he was coming in toward the end; even though he kinda saved it, it was obviously screwed up.

Interactions were clumsy, the match never got exciting and really just did what these kind of matches usually do, but not even as well as most Young Lions.

Tanga Loa w/Jado vs YOSHI-HASHI

Welp, this match was straight garbage. The sad thing about this match was that Loa did a pretty solid job at trying to vocally antagonize HASHI and keep things interesting, but HASHI was in slow motion. HASHI would visibly confirm things too much, his moves were bad, kept trying to rally the crowd but they didn’t respond; so there were a ton of times he waited a beat to see if the crowd would ever come alive, and they never really did.

Tanga Loa was his usual self with better verbal interactions. He kept trying to get HASHI to fight and prove what he had instead of cursing, but HASHI just fell into the waste of space mannerisms he was known for 99% of his career. He should go back to Loose Explosion on his tights, because he is the drizzling shits.

So Tama comes out to distract Hashi allowing for Loa to turn the situation and hit Ape Shit. Bullet Club beatdown ensues, Goto runs out, clears out Loa…and the referee decides to just start the match since Goto and Tama were supposed to wrestle anyway!

Tama Tonga vs Hirooki Goto

A quick start is stifled by the malaise that is known as Castle Attack so far. Tama dumps out Goto, Goto starts reviewing his life choices and why he’s here today, and then spends enough time on the outside to build a bird house before Jado eventually limps over and hits him with a kendo stick shot. Like…why? Goto saw it coming. Stevie Wonder saw it coming. The terrible decisions of YOSHI-HASHI have polluted Goto’s mind as well!

When things get back into the ring, at least Tama and Goto are good wrestlers. Tama hits the Tongan Twist and Veleno, but a missed Stinger Splash and countered Gun Stun gave Goto some space. Tama tried for Gun Stun again, but he got caught, Goto throws him on his shoulders Ushigoroshi style, but drops him into the GTR and lands it! So a surprising GTR gives Goto a victory from the jaws of defeat, and at least the in-ring action was serviceable enough to get the highest rating of the show so far.

I really hope the back half blows my socks off, because this is sad so far.

KOPW 2021 Trophy: YTR Strap Match: Toru Yano (c) vs Chase Owens

Now the gimmick here is instead of touch the 4 corner pads, you have to remove the 4 corner pads. So it seems like the person to remove the last pad, will be the winner.

We get a mostly expected Yano gimmick match. He made small references to his earlier gimmick of being a cheating, violent, always disqualified heel; when he started whipping Chase early and being more aggressive than we usually see. But Chase was clever using the outside to a great advantage. Yano was forced to go after Chase because Chase was going to take the pads off from outside, and then used Yano’s momentum against him by ramming him into posts and barricades.

The last pad was solid comedy where both took turns knocking the other out, too far from the last pad. So we had some goofy “drag the dead body” spots. Chase nearly had things won until Yano came to, pulled him close for Oni Koroshi! Yano makes it to the corner, takes it off and the God of all KOPW continues!

Jay White vs Tomohiro Ishii

Ishii has had White’s number lately, and just added to the broken status of his mental health after the Wrestle Kingdom loss. Within the first minute or so, Jay looked to have tweaked his hamstring, and that added an interesting layer to his early attack. But much like the strategic genius that he is, he lays Ishii over the barricade, and Ishii starts selling a rib injury.

Everything in this match mattered, the leg and ribs came back to play into aspects of the finishing sequence. Ishii was slow transitioning between some of his power moves since he was hampered with the rib injury, and Jay got caught a bit more than usual because his quickness was taken away.

A huge Avalanche Brainbuster after a Jumping Headbutt nearly gave Ishii the win, but a slow cover as he wanted the high stack, kept Jay alive. They fight back and forth, then we get a great counter wrestling sequence to finish the match. Ishii slips suplexes and Blade Runners, Jay slips the Brainbuster and eats a strike. It was up, down, back and forth, just hard to call until Jay finally slips a hold and catches Ishii with Blade Runner for the win!

THANK GOD we got a match worth watching! Great pacing, solid story, this is something to watch.

Kazuchika Okada vs EVIL w/Dick Togo

Ugh, okay so we know what we get with EVIL any more right? Okada tried to eliminate Dick Togo early when he hit Double DDTs on the ramp, but then the trek back to the ring was awkward. Okada bringing EVIL back to the ring, was a microcosm of the match, where it was just very slowly paced, inactive and not a good idea.

Part of the point in this match was for Okada to finally get closure on EVIL beating him during last year’s New Japan Cup; but he wanted to drag out the old aggressive EVIL. EVIL fired up late, and the crowd responded excitedly expecting something good, but it was short lived. Plus, we have Okada being a complete moron. He was shoved into Red Shoes, fights off Dick and lays EVIL out and goes for the stupid Money Clip. He goes for a submission after he was driven into the referee. This is a gap in logic so embarrassing, just so Dick could interfere again with the garrote.

All the garrote did was possibly foreshadow when Okada Tombstoned Dick, and then had a moment where he considered using the weapon. This is either a throw away for Okada to continue to be the Golden Boy, or it’s a hint that darker things are on the horizon for Okada.

Either way, Fire/Thunder Driver lead to the Rainmaker again, and we’re finally at a point where Okada is beating people with the move that started it all! No more Money Clip! It looks bad and it’s just sad.


Overall Score: 4.25/10

At least we got one match really worth watching out of this show. Jay White versus Tomohiro Ishii is truly the only thing to watch from this whole show.

I don’t know how some people didn’t find the YOSHI-HASHI embarrassing, but it completely was. The opener was sloppy to the point of uselessness. Tama and Goto was just flat given how the story was being told. Then we’ve got the gimmicky goofball match being a highlight before the semi-main and main events. I’ve seen more salient card structure and match booking from Dragon Gate during the waning days of ANTIAS.

Tomorrow has to be better because if it’s worse, then I think 2015 TNA would be happy to know they aren’t the bottom of the barrel anymore. This show was so embarrassing I think I’m just gonna end the article with the hockey coach from Letterkenny:


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