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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Live Results & Report! (7/2/19)

Will Kofimania have a response for Samoa Joe?



SmackDown cover image

Is SmackDown losing to Raw?

With both the WWE World Championship and SmackDown Women’s Championship being sought after by Raw superstars, will the Blue Brand lose its top two belts? Or can Kofi Kingston and Bayley gain some ground before Extreme Rules?



  • Big E w/ Xavier Woods VS Daniel Bryan w/ Rowan; Bryan wins.
  • Bayley VS Nikki Cross; Bayley wins.
  • Apollo Crews VS Andrade Almas w/ Zelina Vega; Almas wins.
  • Ember Moon VS Mandy Rose w/ Sonya Deville; Moon wins.
  • Heavy Machinery VS Kevin Owens & Dolph Ziggler; Heavy Machinery wins and joins the SmackDown Tag Team Championship match at Extreme Rules.


SmackDown reviews the truly explosive incident on last night’s Raw.

In a Falls Count Anywhere match, Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley battled all around the ring, but went crashing through the stage LED’s and into the generators! Injuries are rather severe for The Monster Among Men, but the Rocky Mountain Machine will be able to speak later tonight.


SmackDown is the Kevin Owens Show!

And yes, just the Kevin Owens Show after he literally walked out on Sami Zayn in an 8 Man Tag match last week. But Kevin doesn’t let that bother him any as he sits in the middle arm chair. He welcomes San Antonio to his show! His guests tonight will team up in two weeks at Extreme Rules against a team no one ever saw coming. Yes, he means The Big Dog, Roman Reigns, and legendary The Undertaker! But his guests are Drew McIntyre and the Best in the WORLD, Shane McMahon! Shane and the Scottish Terminator head to the ring, surprisingly smiling even after being called out by the Deadman last night. They join Kevin in the ring, and McIntyre insists Kevin sit to the side.

Shane says the introduction wasn’t good enough, so he has Greg Hamilton “do it right.” The BEST in the WOOOOOOOOOOOORLD gets what he wants, and the interview can begin. Kevin takes a moment to review the footage from last night. The lights, the lightning and the bell, and how Taker vowed to collect the souls of Shane and McIntyre, and ensuring they will NEVER Rest In Peace. “Oooh~, spooky~!” So Shane isn’t afraid of The Undertaker? No, he’s not. But fans still chant for Taker as Shane says he’s on a hot streak. Shane beat Miz, he beat Roman, and he’ll do it again with the Taker added on top. And to let us all in on a secret, Shane’s making it a No Holds Barred Tag match.

McIntyre says Taker and Roman stepping in the ring with The Best in the World and The Most Dangerous in the World, we know what they’re capable in a normal match. But now that there’s nothing holding them back, “this will be a vicious, physical assault like nobody has ever seen before.” Shane says McIntyre is scary. Kevin agrees. But before moving forward, Kevin wants to point something specific out. The titantron gets the part Kevin means: Shane and McIntyre getting out if the ring when Taker arrived, and even all the way to the crowd. Now that all looks just a little bit like Shane’s just a little bit afraid. But Kevin knows the truth. Shane isn’t afraid, it’s just that when Taker’s entrance starts, you just can’t help but end up in the fourth row! Right?

Shane asks what Kevin is doing. Kevin is just trying to help us understand the situation. Shane says Kevin should just be a good little host and read his cards as agreed upon. Okay, okay, sorry. “Shane, you single-handedly beat Roman Reigns at Super Showdown, without anyone’s help. Knowing that Roman fears you and drew, will he fare any better with the Undertaker?” Actually no a better question is about Shane’s in-ring return where he lost to Taker at Wrestlemania. McIntyre says this is over. But it was on the card. McIntyre gets in Kevin’s face but here comes Dolph Ziggler? This is not how it’s going to go. You’re right, it’s NOT going to be Ziggler complaining! It should’ve been Ziggler? Well it was for like a minute, and it never will be again, so GET OVER IT!

Ziggler tells Kevin that we all know Ziggler should be world champion right now! All his loyalty and hard work in the WWE, he deserves it! Ziggler has lived his life, looks the part, while Kevin looks like he should be in a hot dog eating contest. Y’know what, if Kevin was, he’d win! Unlike Ziggler in matches! If Ziggler wants another shot, then so does Kevin! Shane should decide! Who gets after Kofi? Kevin or Ziggler? Neither, because Samoa Joe is next. But if these two want to talk about opportunities and titles, then you two team up to face Heavy Machinery. The winners go on to Extreme Rules to join The Planet’s Tag Team Champions and The New Day in a Triple Threat tag for the titles! Kevin and Ziggler talk trash, but Kevin demands his music play so he can just leave. The music does play and Kevin does leave. Shane has given these two their chance, will they even last to the first bell?


The Planet’s Tag Team Champions just now hear all this.

The SmackDown Tag Team Championship match becoming a Triple Threat shows that Shane has been making unpopular decisions. But as management, they must accept the decision despite the odds changing. Not that Kayla would know how to calculate odds. But that doesn’t matter, because Daniel Bryan and Rowan vow to walk in and walk out of Extreme Rules still the Planet’s Tag Team Champions.


SmackDown returns with a backstage interview of the New Day.

What is their opinion on the title match change? Well a Triple Threat means the new Day doesn’t have to be in the decision to not win. But ya bois are always ready for a fight! That means they will find a way to take back what is theirs, and they will kick in the door! They’ll become sixth time tag team champions! Awwww~ San Antonio~! Feel~ the power~ as they make their entrance!


Big E w/ Xavier Woods VS Daniel Bryan w/ Rowan!

With the SmackDown Tag title match changing, momentum is even more important than before! Which side takes leaps and bounds towards the now Triple Threat Tag at Extreme Rules?

The bell rings and Big E circles with Bryan. The fans rally behind “New! Day Rocks!” but Bryan is annoyed. They tie up and Bryan headlocks to a hammerlock to a waistlock. But Big E just swivels his way free and tosses Bryan overhead! Big E keeps swiveling but Bryan just scowls. Bryan and Big E circle and Big E waistlocks. Bryan elbows out then runs, but Big E doesn’t budge from going shoulder to shoulder. Big E dares Bryan to try again but it’s the same result. Bryan tries a third time, but gets caught into the abdominal stretch! Big E puts some stank on it as he spanks Bryan! Bryan pops free but runs into a headlock. He powers out but Big E runs him over!

Big E runs but Bryan gets clear to go for a hip toss. Big E blocks but Bryan hits low. Bryan gets a leg up but Big E flips him back to then LARIAT Bryan down! Bryan bails out of the ring and we go picture in picture. Big E waits for Bryan in the ring, but Bryan stays away. Big E goes to get Bryan but Rowan stands in his way. Bryan gets in the ring and Big E follows, but Bryan uses a corner as a defense. Big E rushes in but Bryan bails out again. Bryan regroups with Rowan and the ref keeps Big E back. Big E dares Bryan to get back in as the ring count begins. Bryan takes his time but does return. Big E approaches and they tie up with knuckle locks. Bryan kicks low and puts Big E in the corner for punches!

Bryan gets all ten punches then switches to Yes Kicks! The referee reprimands Bryan but he just keeps kicking. Big E blocks the whip to body shot back. Big E climbs up for his own corner punches! Big E puts plenty of saliva on them, too! He gets all ten then whips Bryan to ropes. Bryan kicks back then chop blocks a leg out! Rowan applauds while Big E writhes. Bryan grabs the leg and turns Big E over for a partial Crab, then the full Half Crab! Big E endures and Woods rallies the fans. Big E powers up but Bryan stomps the leg! Bryan circles Big E before bringing him up and into a corner. SmackDown returns to single picture as Bryan wraps the leg around the ropes.

Bryan fires off more kicks but the ref backs him off. Big E falls down, Bryan basement dropkicks the bad leg! Fans rally for Big E as Bryan toys with him. Big E gets mad off the slaps and starts throwing hands! Big E whips corner to corner but Bryan goes up and over, Bryan keeps moving, dodges but runs into an overhead suplex! And then another! Big E grabs Bryan again but Bryan headbutts back! Bryan kicks out the bad leg! He gives Big E more Yes Kicks! Or perhaps No Kicks given the fans’ chants. Big E ducks the buzzsaw for that belly2belly! Then the BIG SPLASH! Cover, TWO!! Bryan survives and rolls to the apron.

Big E rallies the fans again and builds speed, to DIVE but miss Bryan! Big E crashes and burns and now Bryan builds speed, to run into Big E’s forearm! But then Rowan attacks while the ref isn’t looking! Woods goes after Rowan but gets rocked! KNEE PLUS! Cover, Bryan wins!

Winner: Daniel Bryan, by pinfall

The SmackDown Tag Team Champions outsmart the New Day, but this was just 1v1! Now that their title match is 2v2v2, will they manage to hold onto the titles?


Backstage interview with R-Truth!

Truth is no longer the 24/7 Champion, but he doesn’t want to review the footage from last night. After all, Drake Maverick attacked from behind with his entire luggage to take the title. And now Drake takes the title, and his wife, on the honeymoon! Truth remembers when he went on his honeymoon. Wait, when was that? Well they wanted to go but couldn’t, and there was rain. But in the end, they never did go. But what’s better than two on a honeymoon? Three! Hornswoggle and his wife are still somewhere in San Antonio! So Mr. 7/11 Television Champion, “I want my baby back!” Truth is on the hunt but will he find Maverick and Michelle before they leave the states?


Alexa Bliss gets an idea.

Nikki Cross will host tonight’s Moment of Bliss. What? No, Nikki’s never done this! It’s fine. Nikki is on a roll! She can totally do this. But Nikki- No no, Alexa has faith in Nikki. Gotta kick her out of the nest. But Alexa’s sure Nikki will fly high. Nikki finds the courage. Will this go well, considering the SmackDown Women’s Champion is their guest?


SmackDown returns with A Moment of Bliss.

The Loony Lass gets an introduction as she walks out to be the one-night-only host. She is her usual excited self but she does bring it down to begin the show. She picks up Alexa’s sparkly mic to greet San Antonio and takes a moment to thank someone she admires most: “I love you, Alexa Bliss.” Aww… But now, welcome to the special edition of Moment of Bliss. Many know and can hear, she’s from Glasgow, and she has an accent. She will talk a little slower for the sake of being understood.

For tonight, the guest is none other than Bayley! Bayley makes her entrance, and Nikki is a bit grumpy given what’s been happening between her, Alexa and Bayley. Bayley takes her seat and picks up the mic. Nikki thanks Bayley for being here tonight and Bayley thanks Nikki for having her. Bayley is surprised Alexa let Nikki have the spotlight. Nikki wants Bayley to understand Alexa is a lot more generous than most give her credit for. And Bayley gets they’re friends, but Nikki doesn’t have to do Alexa’s bidding. Bidding? No, Nikki’s not doing that. She is simply hosting Alexa’s show for her, and to ask the tough questions.

So to start, Nikki asks Bayley why she’s calling Alexa a liar. Well… It’s because… Duh, she is! But that’s not the Alexa Nikki knows. After everything they’ve been through, it is unfair for people to drag Alexa’s name through the dirt! It stops now! Well it’s not fair to Nikki, who beat Bayley, and then beat Carmella, to not have a title match. Surely everyone wants to know: Why is it Bayley VS Alexa and not Bayley VS Nikki? Nikki isn’t sure what to do with that. But Nikki does wonder why they can’t just face each other again right now! Well if that’s a challenge, then Bayley accepts. Nikki fires up and heads for the ring! Will Nikki earn herself a title match this time?


Bayley VS Nikki Cross!

SmackDown returns with the bell and Nikki runs right at Bayley. Bayley dropkicks and covers, ONE! Bayley snap suplexes Nikki to a cover, ONE! Nikki can’t get away at first as Bayley rains down rights, but finds her way out. Nikki talks to herself that this is for Alexa, she has to calm down and fight. She gets in the ring and gives Bayley a headbutt! She whips but Bayley reverses, and elbows Nikki down! Cover, ONE! Nikki grimaces as she gets to a corner but Bayley whips Nikki corner to corner hard! Nikki hits buckles then the mat but Bayley stays on her with elbows. Bayley puts on an armlock but fans duel between the two. Nikki fires up as Bayley has the chicken wings, and Nikki jawbreakers free!

Bayley comes back with a knee and Nikki gets to a corner. Bayley stomps away then whips corner to corner again. She hits a big back elbow, but Nikki comes back with the thrashing sleeper hold! Bayley throws Nikki off, but Nikki throws Bayley out of the ring! Nikki swings to wreck her with a dropkick! Nikki puts Bayley back in then climbs up high. Crossbody! Cover, TWO! Nikki fires up and starts rallying with big forearms! She whips Bayley to a corner then hits a corner splash! Then a bulldog! Nikki is furious and fans are fired up with her! But Bayley slips out of the Purge to a backslide! TWO and Nikki throat chops! Nikki hops up but Bayley comes in. Nikki boots her away, but Bayley denies the Tornado DDT! Bayley2Belly! Cover, Bayley wins!

Winner: Bayley, by pinfall

Bayley and Nikki break even, but how will The Goddess feel that her “friend” isn’t on the list for contention?


SmackDown hears from Mustafa Ali.

“The chase is real, man. Everybody out here chasing that WWE Championship because they know it’s going to bring them money, power, fame, all that.” But Ali doesn’t want that. He chases the title because he wants to bring change! Change to minds that believe lies. Lies about how where they’re from, what they look like and what their names are defines them. That all of it equates to all they’ll ever be. No.

Ali will change all of that when he becomes WWE Champion. He repeats: when HE becomes WWE Champion! The announcer will say a name “that sounds just like yours,” that’ll change minds. When billboards and posters have his face front and center, a face that “looks just like yours,” that’ll change minds. And when the stories, the trials and tribulations, and those stories sound “just like your story”, that’ll change minds. Let the chase continue. Let the lies be expose. And most of all, let the change begin. When and where will Ali bring the change to the WWE?


SmackDown returns to the WWE Championship Face-to-Face!

Kofi Kingston arrives first, tossing pancakes to the people! Then his challenger, Samoa Joe, follows. Joe has this new chance at the WWE Championship because of one sneak attack a week ago on Raw, and then a Six Man Tag victory on last night’s Raw. Each man has a mic as they stand in the ring together. Kayla feels the tension and Joe lets her know they’ll discuss some very sensitive subjects. He suggests she take her leave. Kayla moves aside and Joe talks to Kofi now. “Do you see what that was, Kofi? That was an act of generosity, of benevolence.” It’s something Kofi knows very well. He always seems to be on the receiving end of that when the New Day gets a singles title opportunity. His boys, Woods and E, are always willing to give that chance to Kofi because Kofi is their guy.

But as Joe sees it, “game recognizes game” and a hustler sees a hustler. Joe prefers to hustle with fear but Kofi hustles with charisma. Kofi pretends to be everyone’s friends, everyone is always talking him up. But Joe knows Kofi is using the people. Kofi is no better than Joe. In fact, maybe in a few years, Woods is Kofi’s hype man and Big E is the butler. Kofi isn’t sure how many times he has to say it, but he’ll say it so Joe understands: Wrestlemania, Kofi beat Daniel Bryan for the title, by himself. Kofi beat Ziggler in a cage by himself, he beat Kevin at Money in the Bank by himself, and he’ll beat JOe at Extreme Rules by himself. But what has Joe done by himself lately? Besides losing the US Championship to Ricochet.

If Kofi is being honest, he’s sympathetic to Joe. What Kofi wants to know is what happened to the Samoa Joe that took on all comers? But now we have this Joe that creeps around and sneak attacks. We’ve got a Joe hiding like he’s playing a game. Kofi wants to keep it real, though. “Yo ass is too big to be playing hide ‘n’ seek.” Joe chuckles and says this just makes his point. Kofi always has an answer, always ready with something slick. Going back to Mania, Kofi was even thinking ahead. He had his wife and kids wearing the merch to peddle to the mindless idiots who think he actually cares about them. And Joe is right on cue, too. This is where Joe goes after the family, like he did to Styles. But Kofi understands why Joe does that: he’s jealous. It’s Jealous Joe!

Fans echo “Jealous Joe!” And Kofi knows why Joe is jealous. He’d be jealous, too. Because Joe will never have such a great moment at Mania to share with his wife and kids. Joe says it doesn’t matter how much he tells the truth, everyone is all existing in their ignorance. Maybe Joe proves to everyone who Kofi really is. It is a simple offer: shake Joe’s hand. And he will do so in recognition that when Joe has had Kofi locked up and put to sleep, Kofi knows that his opponent is the next WWE Champion. But if Kofi does this, if Kofi puts his ego aside, Joe guarantees the safety of Kofi and all those he holds dear until Extreme Rules night. All Kofi has to do is shake Joe’s hand. Kofi knows Joe isn’t playing around, right? He knows what Joe does, so is Kofi really the man he pretends to be?!

Fans aren’t so sure, but Joe does hold the hand out. “They can all be safe.” Joe will make it even easier. There’s a countdown until Joe starts slapping Kofi all around this ring. Five. Four. Three. Two. But Kofi smirks, and flips Joe off!! Joe is furious, and swings on Kofi, but gets Trouble in Paradise! Kofi doesn’t care what Joe thinks or what Joe does, he holds his title up high. But is Joe’s wrath only going to be unleashed on the road to Extreme Rules?


Backstage interview with Heavy Machinery!

Tucker Knight & Otis Dozovic know they have an opportunity back into that SmackDown Tag Team Championship match, but what do they feel about it being Dolph Ziggler and Kevin Owens? Well Otis shows what’s going on: he pumps it up! Dozer tells Tucky this is a big chance for these two big men. They will face a combined 18-championship team, but those two haven’t won as a match together! Tucker and Otis are a team, and they always scout and respect their opponents. But these two are brothers in arms, unlike Kevin and Ziggler. Those two will implode while the #BlueCollarSolid boys are headed to Extreme Rules! “WE’RE COMIIIIIN~!”


SmackDown hears from Bobby Lashley.

After that incident on Raw, as far as he’s concerned, Strowman got what he deserved. Strowman threw Lashley into an unsafe area. They could’ve been shocked by electricity or worse. And yet Strowman didn’t care. He got the worst of it, as he should have. But when they meet next, Lashley won’t send that ” son of a b*tch” to the hospital, he’ll send him to the morgue! When and where will Monster and Machine battle again?


Apollo Crews VS Andrade Almas w/ Zelina Vega!

This match has been a long time coming. First El Idolo uses Apollo as an appetizer for a match with Finn Balor. Then Vega baits Apollo into an ambush. But now they’ll finally settle things mano a mano! Will Almas be able to stay tranquilo against a riled up Rising Nation?

The bell rings and Apollo fires off on Almas! Almas tries to swing back but Apollo dodges. But Vega trips Apollo up! Almas gets Apollo with fast hands and forearms then rams in his knees. The ref backs Almas off but Almas runs corner to corner, CIEN SHADOWS! Cover, TWO! Almas and Vega are upset but still focused on Apollo. Almas drags Apollo up but Apollo pops Almas up for a fall! Apollo then clotheslines Almas out of the ring! Then hist an asai moonsault to take Almas down! Fans fire up with Apollo as he drags Almas up and into the ring. Cover, ONE! Vega is relieved but Apollo keeps his cool as we go picture in picture.

Almas bails out but Apollo goes out the side to go after him. Almas leads Apollo around the way but Vega stands in his way. Apollo sees the cheap shot coming to punch Almas back! Apollo puts Almas back in the ring and drags Almas up for a scoop and slam. He then uses the ropes to slingshot out then back in for the senton! Cover, TWO! Apollo keeps on Almas with a trophy lift! But Almas rakes eyes to escape! And clobber Apollo from behind! Apollo falls out of the ring and now Almas goes out to get him. Almas CHOPS Apollo into barriers, then throws big forearms. Apollo hits back but Almas throws him in the ring. Almas follows and stomps Apollo down. He puts Apollo in a corner for furious forearms!

The ref reprimands Almas but Almas runs corner to corner. He misses Cien Shadows! SmackDown returns to single picture as Apollo knees and boots back! Apollo rallies with clotheslines, then a leaping lariat! He kips right up and roars! Almas staggers over into an enziguri! But Almas denies the bomb to boot Apollo back. Almas climbs up but Apollo enziguris Almas down! Apollo trophy lifts again, to then drop Almas down for the standing moonsault! Cover, TWO! Apollo keeps his cool as he reels Almas in. Almas slips out of teh lift and teh boot feint to elbow connects! Apollo is down and rolls out. Vega cheers Almas on as Almas slingshots out! Apollo catches him! And pops him up for an apron snake eyes!

Apollo puts Almas back in but Vega huricanranas Apollo into the announce desk! The ref completely misses that as Almas fetches Apollo in. Hammerlock, LA SOMBRA! Cover, Almas wins!

Winner: Andrade Almas, by pinfall

El Idolo gets a win with big help from La Muneca! But will he really be able to find his way to a title with that kind of win?


Kevin Owens talks with Dolph Ziggler backstage.

They’re obviously not going to work as a team, without a plan. Kevin has a plan, though: Ziggler stays in the corner and looks pretty while Kevin takes care of the work. Ziggler prefers the other way around. Okay to be serious and honest, these two haven’t had the best track record since returning. Maybe Shane has a point. They’re both good on their own but maybe together they can be even better. It’s worth a shot for tag titles, right? What’s the worst that can happen? Ziggler concedes, he’s had worse. They’ll go out there, be professional, and get through it. They shake hands, but will this really work?


SmackDown hears from Aleister Black.

“Last week, there was a knock on my door. And as I made my way towards my door and I opened my door, I found there was no one there.” Aleister applauded that mystery man, because now this is not only a fight on a physical level, but a spiritual plane. At this point, Aleister cares little for the reveal. He only cares that he is revealed. But where? At Extreme Rules! “For if we shall fight in the heavens, we shall fight through the seven layers of hell!” If they were to meet in purgatory, fighting they shall, too. Aleister finds himself invigorated. For if he is man enough to knock on the door, then to reveal himself at Extreme Rules is the person who picks a fight with Aleister.


Ember Moon VS Mandy Rose w/ Sonya Deville!

The War Goddess lost when Desire helped Fire win, but now tables are tuned. Can Sonya find a way to help Mandy win against Ember? Or will they finally be Eclipsed by the Moon?

The bell rings and Ember stares down with Mandy as they circle. But Sonya starts yapping and Ember starts swinging at her! But Mandy gets Ember by hr hair. Ember shoves Mandy away for a roaring elbow! Ember keeps on Mandy at the ropes with hammer fists but the ref backs her off. She whips but Mandy reverses, but then Ember slips through to mule kick. Mandy blocks that to gut wrench toss Ember! Cover, TWO! Mandy rains down rights as Sonya cheers her friend on. Mandy cools off to choke Ember on the rope! She backs off at 4 and Ember scrambles away. Mandy drags Ember up to whip Ember hard into the corner!

Fans cheer for Ember but she gets a Kiss from a Rose! Cover, TWO! Mandy keeps on Ember with the straitjacket stretch. She thrashes Ember around but Ember endures. Ember fights her way up and out but Mandy rocks her with a right! Mandy whips Ember into a corner but Ember goes up for a FLYING Code Breaker! Ember climbs again as Mandy staggers, ECLIPSE! Cover, Ember wins!

Winner: Ember Moon, by pinfall

Sonya is shocked! She didn’t even have time to attempt anything and now Ember has evened the score! Will Ember be able to get a fair fight with Sonya to truly get back at them?


Backstage interview with Shelton Benjamin.

Who does the Gold Standard see winning the WWE Championship at Extreme Rules? He thinks long and hard on it, but then he just grins. He doesn’t seem to care one way or another. But will he be making some moves to get back towards the title for himself?


Heavy Machinery VS Kevin Owens & Dolph Ziggler!

SmackDown returns to the Planet’s Tag Team Champions and The New Day being ringside to watch this. They all want to know who is joining them in the tag team triple threat at Extreme Rules. Kevin makes his entrance, followed by Ziggler. It is time to see if the Prizefighter and the Show-Off can make it work against Tucker and Otis!

Teams sort out and Ziggler starts against Otis. They circle and Ziggler goes for a leg. Otis keeps him back and tosses him off. Ziggler and Otis circle again and Ziggler gets the leg back. But Otis waistlocks and slams Ziggler down! Bryan notes that this is what can happen when a team finally takes tag team wrestling seriously, unlike the New Day. Ziggler gets up only to get thrown again. Otis brings Ziggler up the second time, but Ziggler elbows free. Ziggler dropkicks Otis to his knees! Ziggler drags Otis up to whip but Otis blocks. Otis whips Ziggler to a corner to squash him! Fans fire up but Kevin saves Ziggler before Otis can pump it up. Bryan again says Otis was too busy pandering to the fans, just like the New Day.

That’s the last straw! The New Day literally jump over their personal announce desk to get at Bryan and Rowan! Bryan scurries away while Rowan gets thrown into barriers! Big E runs at Bryan to get another Knee Plus! But Woods shotgun dropkicks Bryan! Rowan runs Woods over! And then throws the pancakes everywhere! Rowan rips apart the New Day’s desk and then drags Woods over, for the IRON CLAW through the table!! Bryan says that’s what they get for being jokes! SmackDown goes to one last break to sort out all the chaos.

SmackDown returns and the match of Heavy Machinery and Kevin-Ziggler restarts now that both the New Day, the Planet’s Tag Team Champions, and the wreckage they caused are all gone from ringside. Kevin starts against Tucker with the bell.

Tucker and Kevin tie up and Tucker shoves Kevin to a corner. Tucker flexes but Kevin just scowls. Kevin waistlocks to headlocks but Tucker slips around to put the headlock on Kevin. Kevin powers out but Tucker runs him over! Tucker chases Kevin down for a cover, ONE! Tucker drags Kevin up for another headlock, and fans echo Otis’ noises. Kevin powers out but Tucker shows off his agility! He dropkicks Kevin down then covers, TWO! Tucker headlocks Kevin again but Kevin powers him to a corner. Kevin backs off to CHOP and punch! The ref counts and Kevin drags Tucker out at 4 to club away on. Kevin whips but Tucker kicks him back. Tucker runs but Ziggler holds the ropes down to send Tucker out!

Kevin tags Ziggler and Ziggler goes after Tucker at the barrier. Ziggler puts Tucker in and covers, TWO! Ziggler anchors Tucker and Kevin tags in. Kevin stomps Tucker down then drops a standing splash! Cover, TWO! Kevin facelocks Tucker and Ziggler tags in. Ziggler takes the hand-off to a neckbreaker! Then Kevin drops a senton! Ziggler covers, TWO! Ziggler keeps on Tucker with a crossface, and even modifies it with a half straitjacket. Tucker endures and fans rally with Otis. Ziggler shifts to a facelock as Tucker powers his way back up. Tucker reaches for Otis, and he backs Ziggler down a step at a time. But Ziggler manages to bring Tucker back and tags in Kevin.

Kevin mugs Tucker then bumps him off buckles. Kevin CHOPS Tucker then mocks Otis. He runs into Tucker but gets a back elbow! Tucker springboards to crossbody! Both men are down and fans rally up. Tucker and Kevin crawl, hot tags to Ziggler and Otis! Otis rallies with big lariats! Then a running headbutt! Ziggler crawls but Otis is on him with a spinning scoop slam! Otis fires up as he drags Ziggler back up for an exploder! Cover, TWO! Ziggler survives but Otis keeps focus. Otis has Ziggler on the apron but Ziggler uppercuts back! SATELLITE DDT! Ziggler flounders and tags Kevin! Kevin runs in, SUPERKICK! Then he runs, but Otis sends him out! Otis denies the Zigzg to squash Ziggler! Otis powers up, Caterpillar elbow!

But Kevin returns, to SUPERKICK again! Stunner denied, and Otis dodges Ziggler to send that SUPERKICK into Kevin! Tucker clotheslines Ziggler out, Otis scoops Kevin, COMPACTOR! Cover, Heavy Machinery wins!

Winners: Heavy Machinery, Otis pinning; added to the SmackDown Tag Team Championship match

Just one mistake costs Kevin and Ziggler dearly! But now the Triple Threat is complete, will Tucker and Otis get blue belts to match their #BlueCollarSolid?

As for Kevin, Ziggler gets him up to confront him, but Kevin gives Ziggler a STUNNER! “This is MY show!” Will Kevin get back on track all on his own?



My Thoughts:

A pretty solid SmackDown! Though, that “no matches during commercials” mandate is starting to eat into it a bit. Most of the matches we got were so fast. Ember VS Mandy was such an example, because they literally didn’t put anything screw from Sonya for sake of time. But they did get clever with it in the main event when that brawl broke out. As good as the “restarted” Heavy Machinery VS Ziggler & Kevin match was, I don’t get why this couldn’t have been Kevin and Sami given what happened a week ago. Sami should want an explanation from his best frenemy and then they could play up them finally going for titles together only for it to fall apart. Granted, Kevin going Face (or at least Tweener) is an interesting move, so we’ll wait and see how it goes.

As for the new Triple Threat for the SmackDown Tag Titles, I feel like this is just upping things to get fans interested in the PPV. These three teams will put on a great match, but Heavy Machinery is more than likely in the match to take the pin from whoever wins, saving a proper 2v2 of New Day VS Planet’s Tag Champs for Summerslam. Meanwhile, we’re getting a more natural build towards a SmackDown Women’s Championship Triple Threat. Alexa letting Nikki host the talk show was likely to set up the situation. I’m surprised Bayley won here, but again that’s probably Alexa’s plan. This would keep Nikki from a contention claim so it’ll only be Alexa VS Bayley. But there’s still the go-home to turn that around.

Aleister Black and Mustafa Ali had great promos tonight. Aleister’s challenger being unnamed means they’re still working out who it could be, and I wonder if it’d be Randy Orton. It would totally work for Aleister to make his entrance first, then get an RKO Outta Nowhere. That way they don’t need to use Extreme Rules for their match, but build on SmackDown towards Summerslam and beyond. Ali wants after the title, so maybe when we head for Summerslam, he’ll rise up. Though that would only be if it’s Samoa Joe. Speaking of, the face-off of Joe and Kofi was great. Joe is taking this from an interesting angle with saying Kofi is two-faced, and Kofi flipping him off was quite the surprise! This has to push their match towards something No Disqualification, as I expected it to be.

Shane making No Holds Barred is classic Heel McMahon, but much like making the Mixed Tag into Extreme Rules for Rollins-Becky VS Corbin-Lacey, what keeps this tag match from becoming tornado? If there are no rules, then Roman and Taker could just fight Shane and McIntyre all around the ring with no worries of tags. If either tag match doesn’t do this, then Vince has truly neutered Extreme Rules the PPV once and for all. At the same time, with Heyman and Bischoff working things now, they have to be able to convince him to do the logical thing and let everyone off the leash. That will make Extreme Rules great again, like we need it to be.

My Score: 8.2/10

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