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Tiffany’s Takes: WWE 205 Live (7/2/19)

WWE 205 Live follows up with Drake Maverick on honeymoon and Mike Kanellis reeling from Maria’s Raw revelation. Check out what happened in this edition of Tiffany’s Takes!




WWE 205 Live follows up with Drake Maverick on honeymoon and Mike Kanellis reeling from Maria’s Raw revelation. Check out what happened in this edition of Tiffany’s Takes!

With Maverick on his honeymoon, how will the Superstars of 205 behave?

I love the team of Tony Nese, Jack Gallagher, and Oney Lorcan. This main event should be pretty wild.

So, we finally got the final-ish match for Singh Brothers vs Lucha House Party. I’ve been saying for awhile that the Singhs are much better than their gimmick lets them be, never mind the attire that makes them look like cut rate male strippers. I did enjoy LHP seeming to take the Singhs more seriously than they had, that was nice to see. I’m not happy Singhs lost, but I think they really opened some eyes to how good they are and why they need to be out of the shadow of Mahal.

I believe I said last week that while I really want to get behind and like Humberto Carrillo, he doesn’t really draw me in and doesn’t seem to have much of a personality. He’s a great young athlete, but I’m just not feeling him.

So, the Kanellis’ aren’t quite gone from 205 Live. I still think Mike Kanellis could be THE guy in 205 if given the chance. I’m a little puzzled by this whole storyline. If Maria is actually pregnant, I send them my congrats, but this is odd. I do love that Kanellis vs Drake Maverick is ongoing with Maverick being blamed for the rift between Mike and Maria. I wonder if Maria’s announcement has postponed whatever their RAW storyline was going to be.

Teddy Long must’ve been subbing for Maverick this week since we got a six man tag match. I will say that both teams made for some awkward bedfellows. They need to find a way to distinguish Kanellis and Oney Lorcan because I actually thought Ariya Daivari had attacked his own partner. I like the way Drew Gulak sent Tony Nese into everyone. I also loved seeing William III make an appearance. I felt really bad for Mike Kanellis taking the pin…AGAIN, but hopefully, this is the start of my long-time wish to see him turning face.

Overall, this was an okay 205 episode. The lack of Drake Maverick was noticeable and kind of made the main event a little puzzling. It just felt thrown together.

The ongoing Mike and Maria storyline is a little puzzling. I’m totally behind Mike getting a big push and I want him to get a babyface run, I’m just not really into a pregnancy storyline. If Maria really is pregnant, she’ll probably be off TV for the duration, so her still being part of the show, even if she didn’t speak was odd. However, I’m taking a wait and see on this one.

I still can’t get into Drew Gulak as Cruiserweight Champion. He’s got a good heel gimmick and is a great wrestler, but he just doesn’t scream ‘champion’ to me, heel or otherwise, the same with Humberto Carrillo. I want to like Carrillo, but he just doesn’t grab me. Very disappointed that the Singhs lost but they really made a statement on their skills in that tag match with Lucha House Party. Hopefully, this feud isn’t over and we can really see these teams tear it down.

That’s it for Tiffany’s 205 Takes! Tune in tomorrow for NXTs!

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