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Tiffany’s Takes: WWE Raw (7/29/19)

Gauntlets, Mosh Pits, Title Changes, Ambulances, and the Big Brawl At The End. It’s a Paul Heyman Raw and Tiffany has takes!



WWE Raw Roman Reigns Luke Gallows

Gauntlets, Mosh Pits, Title Changes, Ambulances, and the Big Brawl At The End. It’s a Paul Heyman Raw and Tiffany has takes!

After last week’s shocking SmackDown, will Seth Rollins make Dolph Ziggler pay for his actions against Shawn Michaels and why does what happened on SmackDown have any bearing on RAW?

Okay, I was going to rant about them featuring the wrong belt in this opener, but I won’t complain about the 24/7  Championship! Maverick deserves all the props for the total lack of shame he’s shown in this feud.

Okay, the thing said Mosh Pit. You say Mosh Pit, I say Lumberjack Match. Also, YAY for Renee Michelle’s first match! This match was goofy AF, BUT we got Renee Michelle vs Carmella for one brief moment and Mike Kanellis somehow got the pin on Truth, which I was not expecting. Also, ugh on Pregzilla!Maria. I don’t get why WWE has ruined this gimmick. You can have a tough, take no prisoners female manager without making the guy she’s managing look like a wimp and Paul Heyman, of all people, should know that.

Why does Seth Rollins give a blue monkey’s ass about Dolph Ziggler superkicking Shawn Michaels? Let Michaels fight his own battles.

Okay, gauntlet match to face AJ Styles. Rumor is that Ricochet is injured, but we’ll see what’s happening when the dust settles. Guess the rumors are wrong. Ricochet is facing AJ Styles at SummerSlam and hopefully getting his US Championship back! All the matches were great, Rey Mysterio showed what he was still capable of when his body allows him.

Seriously, I hate this storyline, making Maria an abusive bitch that skates because she’s pregnant hurts everyone, especially having Mike lay down for her is just sick. A tough woman does not equal abusive! Be better, WWE!

Okay, so the ‘shocking’ footage for Moment of Bliss was Becky Lynch attacking Natalya from behind, because a bunch of men don’t seem to know how to write tough women without making them all bitchy. Seriously, Becky’s going to get booed in Toronto anyway because Nattie’s Canadian, why force it?

Do we really think RAW’s going to have a title change of any kind, other than the 24/7 title, less than two weeks before SummerSlam? I wasn’t, but the OG, OC, OED, whatever they’re called, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson are the NEW RAW Tag Team Champions! I’m guessing that the Usos taking the punishment is due to Jimmy Uso getting a DUI over the weekend.

Hey, AJ, stealing from catering isn’t a good look, but who can pass up a good party?

The Viking Raiders were in acting this week and they squashed the locals again. When do these guys get a title shot?

Is this Alexa Bliss/Nikki Cross storyline going to go somewhere? For all the times Nikki has wrestled Becky because Alexa got ‘hurt’ or ’embarrassed’ you’d think Nikki would’ve wised up by now. Maybe the Red Bull is clouding her brain. Hopefully, SOMETHING will happen by SummerSlam.

Oh, I hope Seth Rollins and Shawn Michaels kick the fuck out of Dolph Ziggler for that. Match was okay, sick of the Universal Champion. Hopefully, Seth wins at Summerslam so we can move on with our lives.

I have no idea what a Samoan Summit is, but I’m on board with Samoa Joe and Roman Reigns having a feud for SummerSlam. Not on board with Roman getting saddled with the decade long failed experiment that is Drew McIntyre, but I could get on board with a Roman/Cedric Alexander alliance. I like that. Well, fuck, this is turning into a full melee. Okay, I like this ending!

Maria is still 24/7 Champ, which sucks for everyone. Seriously, WWE, you wouldn’t do this if the roles were reversed, be better.

That’s it for Tiffany’s Takes! Tune in tomorrow for SmackDown and 205 Live!

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