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Andrew’s Impact Wrestling Ratings & Analysis 8/2/2019

We’ve got some build for Unbreakable, even though it’s going on at the same time of this episode. So odd timing aside, let’s see where the stories take us for Impact Wrestling!



We’ve got some build for Unbreakable, even though it’s going on at the same time of this episode. So odd timing aside, let’s see where the stories take us for Impact Wrestling!

Seriously Impact, no more Friday night specials unless you change Impact back to Thursday or something. Something, something, spiting your nose to save your face, something something.

I’m still watching anyway, so if I’m sticking around…other people should too.

Stick around for the show. I’m not mad and neither is Josh Alexander. We ain’t even mad.


  • X Division Number 1 Conteder: Aiden Prince vs Wentz vs Rohit Raju vs Chuck Mambo vs Cody Deaner vs Petey Williams: Prince wins via 450 Splash – *** 1/4
  • Havok vs John E. Bravo: Havok wins via Chokeslam – N/A
  • Stone Rockwell vs Ace Austin: Ace wins via The Fold – *
  • Moose vs Fallah Bahh: Bahh wins via BAHHnzai Drop – N/A
  • Madman Fulton vs Tessa Blanchard: Fulton wins via DQ – **
  • Flashback Match: Motor City Machine Guns vs Generation Me: Guns retain via Skull and Bones – **** 
  • Impact Tag Team Championship Match: The Rascalz vs The North (c): The North retain via Tandem Inverted Mat Slam – ****



Aiden Prince vs Wentz vs Rohit Raju vs Chuck Mambo vs Cody Deaner vs Petey Williams – Well my initial take from this match was that Chuck Mambo proves that Wakka from Final Fantasy 10 has realistic hair. Too bad Mambo looked kinda bad. The match was a spotfest as expected. Deaner pulled an Atsushi Kotoge and gave Petey Williams the Canadian flag to use as a cape, for a tandem dive. Afterwards, Deaner wanted to do the Mega Powers handshake, but Raju breaks it up. So everyone’s role in the match was fine, the match wasn’t bad on a whole, and Prince winning was a little surprising. So that’s always fun.

Havok vs John E. Bravo – This match was born out of Bravo trying to protect Taya by seducing the Kaiju Queen. But yeah…that didn’t seem to work well last week. Bravo gets down on a knee to kiss her hand, she knees him in the face. We all knew this was a joke match. Only variable was if Havok would take a shine to Bravo. Nope. Bravo died.

Then after the match Su Yung pops on the screen, singing…talking…rambling in distorted Japanese or something? Soo she’s kind of talking now. I don’t know.

Now we’re back to Melissa live at the Unbreakable event, and it’s kind of a mess. And Gentleman Jervis is on the Twitch stream…oh for Christ’s sake. Now I’m not sure if I want to see Unbreakable…stupid, stupid, stupid.

Stone Rockwell vs Ace Austin – Rockwell is a bad comedy wrestler, so we get a bad match. Rockwell is bad comedy similar to Jervis.

After the match Eddie Edwards jumps Ace, most likely giving him a receipt for flirting with his wife last week. At least matches between Eddie and Ace could be good.

So Moose attacks Rockwell, trying to make his point about deserving a title shot. Goes back to beating on Rockwell and Fallah Bahh comes out to stop Moose.

Moose vs Fallah Bahh – Moose gets cocky, demands a match to begin and misses a big move into the corner. Bahh gets the momentum, a few moves and then a BAHHnzai Drop for the pinfall. This will obviously not go over well with Moose, but he can play the “not dressed” excuse to continue the angle.

Madman Fulton vs Tessa Blanchard – So Fulton dominated the match, but Tessa had a few spurts of offense. Callihan gives him a chair and says “kill her”, so Tommy Dreamer comes out with a kendo stick for the save. He hits Fulton before Fulton used the chair, so Tessa technically loses. But Tommy gets rocked, Tessa catches the kendo stick off a bounce and they light up the big man together. So Tessa stands tall, Fulton doesn’t look weak or eat a loss. All makes logical sense.

Impactplus Flashback Moment: Motor City Machine Guns vs Generation Me, TNA Tag Team Championship Match, Bound for Glory, October 10,2010

I don’t always rate the flashback moment since it’s not always a full match. But they actually showed the entire thing this time. The Guns and The Bucks had great chemistry. Gotta love the story of the Bucks getting desperate, to the point of trying to injure the Guns for an easier match. Just a damn good match. Makes me miss old TNA a bit.

Impact Tag Team Championship Match: The Rascalz vs The North (c) – So I was impressed this match got as much time as it did. Admittedly, early transitions were a little clunky, but because of the length, it didn’t hurt the match too much. Rascalz showed a lot of spirit being out sized and out muscled, and technically won the match. Meteora and Spiral Tap combination would’ve given them the win, if Page didn’t pull out the referee. Dez dives out on Page, and then the referee gets up and starts asking both men “which one of you pulled me out”. What kind of moron question is that? Both Rascalz were in the ring when he got pulled out. So the world’s dumbest sentence ever said by a referee aside, this was a damn good match.

LAX jumps The North in the back, to soften the champs up even further for their match next week.

Overall Score: 6.5/10

This was a combination of what people expect from WWE and Impact. Lots of throw away matches to further a story, but using just generally lame characters or people not built up well enough to care. Moose playing whiny and entitled fits into his more recent character, but it’s not really coming off natural.

Long and short, this episode was saved by the Flashback Moment and the main event. Tessa’s build match wasn’t bad, but since Unbreakable was happening concurrently, finding out Sami Callihan won the match definitely hurts how the angle feels at immediate reaction.

Also I find it really awkward that you would run ImpactPlus Specials against IMPACT!. Viewers never got above 4,000 tonight, and part of that could be that the company was splitting people’s attention against themselves.

But hey, it wasn’t a bad episode of Impact. Just more story based, and I can’t say any of the current storylines are super interesting at the moment.

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Andrew’s Impact Wrestling Results & Match Ratings: 2.23.21

Impact starts clearing up title challengers for the impending Sacrifice! New-well sorta new title and champion crowned tonight! Tune in to IMPACT!



Now we’ve got some fun wrinkles that started last week; so let’s see what we get here! FinJuice are playful but not outright aggressive toward The Good Brothers, but the Brothers don’t appreciate the jabs. Eddie Edwards keeps trying to get his hands on Bad Luck Brian and Susan is making Deonna Purrazzo’s life…interesting? Sure let’s go with interesting.

Aside from that we also have a six man X Division tag that will pit the winning trio against one another next week! So a lot of working out number one contenders and shifting around power dynamics.

Before we start with the Deaner family table feud, let’s see how adorable Tenille and Kaleb are being!


  • Tables Match: Deaner  vs Jake Something: Jake wins via Blackhole Slam through Table – ** ½
  • Trey Miguel, Willie Mack & Josh Alexander vs Ace Austin, Black Taurus & Chris Bey: Bey wins via Art of Finesse -*** ¼
  • XXXL vs The Good Brothers: Good Brothers win via Magic Killer – **
  • Eddie Edwards vs Brian Myers Hernandez: Edwards via Super Boston Knee Party – * ½
  • Kimber Lee & Susan w/Deonna Purrazzo vs Jordynne Grace & Jazz: Jordynne wins via Grace Driver – *
  • TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Moose vs Jake Something: Moose wins via Lights Out – *** – TITLE REACTIVATION!!



Tables Match: Deaner  vs Jake Something

Deaner came out fast with forearms and strikes that had Jake reeling early on. There was an early difficult table since the legs wouldn’t stay folded and caused a bit of early awkward stalling strikes to get to the next spot. Deaner hits an early Drop Toe Hold causing Jake’s face to bounce off the table, but not break it.

There was quite a few moments of teasing Back Body Drops, Powerbombs and Avalanche high spots. Deaner manages to slide out of Jake’s arms, which drives him down on the steps, some back and forth on the ramp where Deaner hits a Low Blow and Jake walks down the ramp to recover. After a small moment of deciding what to do, Deaner charges, Jake catches him into a Blackhole Slam through a table, and wins the match!

Jake’s win is short lived since Moose appears in the ring and hits Lights Out on Jake through a table in the corner. He demands his title match because he won’t allow the show to continue until he gets what he wants.

Scott D’Amore comes out, solid back and forth promo which pisses off Scott to the point of agreeing to a World title match. Scott reinstates the TNA World Heavyweight Title as an official match, and gives Moose the main event against Jake Something.

Trey Miguel, Willie Mack & Josh Alexander vs Ace Austin, Black Taurus & Chris Bey

This was exactly what we expect, but with a small twist. The winning trio gets rewarded with a triple threat next week for number one contendership. Trey tried to show off his aggression mixed with speed, which is just too much and too corny. I mean he’s been trying to show himself in a different light, but he’s still a dork.

Ace Austin however took an interesting leap because he noticed that Bey was in position to win the match for the team, and he played ball. He allowed Bey to tag in, even did a tandem corner John Woo Dropkick/Enzuigiri with Bey, allowing Bey to set up for Art of Finesse on Willie Mack. So Ace really just took the path of least resistance, which is completely in his character, but it was just amusing to watch him gel so well with Bey in the teamwork aspect.

XXXL vs The Good Brothers

Well we see XXXL put up a little bit of a fight.  Gallows got to show off his power by tossing around both members of XXXL. Acey stood his ground a bit better than Larry, but this was really never a question. Larry got a small flurry of offense when he had the size advantage over Karl, but a Magic Killer, a 1,2,3 – then we got a little bit of a TOOO SWEEEET.

Eddie Edwards vs Brian Myers Hernandez

Brian is playing the injury card, even has his lawyer come out over tron to dictate a loophole in the contract. Striker has a great line when the lawyer calls Hernandez their “homie” and he says he wants to punch the guy. Striker has been great, I’ve severely missed his commentary.

Hernandez gets an early advantage, Myers tries to pepper in a few shots even though he’s “too injured” and Eddie is on a quick backfoot. Eddie starts to throw a few strikes together; Hernandez catches him, tries a Border Toss but Eddie slips it, gets to the middle turnbuckle and Super Boston Knee Party.

This does a good job at keeping the Brian Myers story rolling, but the predictability was a bit much. I am happy to see Hernandez used actively though.

Kimber Lee & Susan w/Deonna Purrazzo vs Jordynne Grace & Jazz

This match was sloppy, so it was rough to watch. Yes, some of the sloppiness was gimmicked since Susan seems to be getting more depth in her character as she’s trying moves she sees used by other wrestlers and her own clever ways to escape.

However, much like I said last week, two heel teams don’t really work, so Grace and Jazz were a little obvious in winning the match. It was sloppy, but got where it had to. ODB came out to neutralize Deonna, which got them both thrown out. Susan eats the pin, Kim looks dejected and ODB is laid out in the back after the match.

Was it Deonna? Is it another Knockout? Possibly a returning one with a grudge?

TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Moose vs Jake Something

Scott D’Amore decided to bring it back as an active title. So this will be the first official TNA championship since 2017! A reactivation match if you will!

Jake attacks Moose mid spotlight, and it’s a cool shot as we go to the final commercial break.

In an attempt to bring some of the damage to parity Jake gets the early spots, flinging Moose into the barricades, running him ragged and then coming into the ring for an official start. Jake clubs down into Moose, as Moose has to finally catch his breath with a well-timed Headbutt.

Great slobber knocker big boy match. Jake hits a big Michinoku Driver and Pop-up Powerbomb, but Moose kicks out. Moose does the corner Okada Dropkick and even pulls out the Game Changer from his bag of things we haven’t seen in a year or so. Jake takes the lumps and keeps getting up, but when Moose connects with the Lights Out spear, Jake stays down.

Moose is now OFFICIALLY TNA World Heavyweight Champion!


Overall Score: 7.5/10

So we get an official announcement that Sacrifice is the March app event, we the true World title reactivated, clear number one contenders for Fire & Flava’s Knockouts Tags, amusing jabs at dumb matches to help the inevitable Zack Ryder versus Curt Hawkins match come to fruition and Scott D’Amore’s entrance music slaps.

This really did move quickly in a great way, the show told a story by itself since Jake started and ended the show for logical reasons. It’s just really fun and Scott doesn’t feel like too much just yet. Yes he’s involved in a good portion of segments, but if anything he’s more of a plot device to keep the angle rolling instead of taking the attention for himself. I guess my only complaint is that Kiera Hogan was on BTI and not the official episode of Impact.

ANYWAY THOUGH! Moose is officially a World Heavyweight Champion, now he needs to be double champion. Moose is the hype, he is the brand, he is the reason to be watching Impact right now!

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Andrew’s Impact Wrestling Results & Match Ratings: 2.16.2021

No Surrender gave us a weird open door retirement with Tommy Dreamer after Moose ended the show the way he did. We also saw Josh Alexander become number 1 contender for the X Division title, and FinJuice are on their way to Impact!



No Surrender gave us a weird open door retirement with Tommy Dreamer after Moose ended the show the way he did. We also saw Josh Alexander become number 1 contender for the X Division title, and FinJuice are on their way to Impact!

Lots of wheels are in motion to get us to Rebellion (and whatever other ImpactPlus specials are between then and now), so let’s just dive into the show and check it out!


  • X Division Championship: Josh Alexander vs TJP (c): TJP retains via Mamba Splash – *** ¾
  • Daivari vs Willie Mack vs Suicide vs Trey Miguel: Trey wins via Meteora – ** ½
  • Hernandez w/Brian Myers vs Matt Cardona: Cardona wins via Radio Silence – ** ¼
  • Reno Scum vs FinJuice: FinJuice wins via Power & Glory – **
  • Tenille Dashwood w/Kaleb vs Nevaeh: Tenille wins via Spotlight Kick – ** ¼
  • Old School Rules: Moose vs Tommy Dreamer:  Moose wins via Lights Out – ***



X Division Championship: Josh Alexander vs TJP (c)

We get a hell of a back and forth wrestling match with this one. Kicking off the show in fourth gear, and this was great. Josh tried to keep things grounded, where TJP applied his mastery of many different styles to keep Josh guessing.

It wasn’t really until Josh dropped TJP on the apron and then hit his Sliding Crossbody to the outside where the challenger really started putting it together. We get a lot of counter punching, with Josh going to the top, and getting caught. Then TJP eats some knees when he tries the Mamba Splash the first time. It’s just a great back and forth where TJP avoids the Jay Driller, which is finally named Divine Intervention. Josh nearly pulls off the win when he locks in the Ankle Lock with and without the grapevine.

But as soon as he goes for Divine Intervention, TJP flips through, fights out, hits the Detonation Kick, then a Mamba Splash, and TJP retains. Great match.

Daivari vs Willie Mack vs Suicide vs Trey Miguel

A fairly obvious match since there’s no real stipulation on this match. Daivari and Suicide do a good job at making Willie and Trey look good. Willie has a close double pinfall attempt, but Suicide and Daivari kick out. Trey comes out of nowhere to hit the Meteora on Suicide and win the match, but I still personally don’t care.

I give Impact credit trying to build up Trey, hell they even have Sami dress him down after the match, but I just don’t care. Trey can puff his chest all he wants; he looks as legitimate as the baby Snitsky punted all those years ago.

Hernandez w/Brian Myers vs Matt Cardona

This was the typical story building match. Cardona held his own and even had the advantage before the commercial break, but as soon as Myers distracts the referee; it allows Hernandez to hit a low blow and change the tide.

When we come back, Hernandez is dominating Cardona, but as Hernandez misses a lariat, he gets caught with Radio Silence and Cardona pulls off the win.

Not a lot to take from this match, aside from the promo spot afterward added more to Myers and Cardona’s angle. Hernandez side swipes Cardona, then Eddie comes in the for the save, and we inch closer to Myers vs Cardona.

Reno Scum vs FinJuice

FinJuice gets their enhancement match and hot dogs are still sandwiches. I mean…blah blah, we knew who’d win on the big “New Japan talent debut”. Smokin Guns, Rock N Roll Express references and they finish with Power & Glory.

The Good Brothers show up after the match to poke fun, call them boys, make a few good jokes and just shoot the shit as they plug their Bourbon. Juice and Finlay jab back a little, but this is just sowing the seeds.

Tenille Dashwood w/Kaleb vs Nevaeh

Nevaeh doubts her role in the team with Havok since she’s the one that tends to eat the pinfalls. Tenille saw an opportunity, and Nevaeh definitely came out angry. She tends to come down all smiles, but that quickly changed as she started throwing Tenille around. Tenille drops to the outside and we go into a commercial.

When we come back, Kaleb apparently got involved and Tenille was in control. Tenille utilized Kaleb’s presence and verbal abuse as she hung up Nevaeh in the ropes multiple times. Nevaeh gets caught charging; Taste of Tenille and then Spotlight Kick.

Old School Rules: Moose vs Tommy Dreamer

Again, we saw the writing on the wall, but this did have a few interesting beats. Moose and Tommy traded early, but then Moose took over and pulled out more of the toys from the trash can than Tommy. So even though Tommy is the Innovator of Violence, Moose definitely applied many of the situations more to his advantage.

Tommy had a few solid hope spots, when a well-timed Spicoli Driver allowed him to start verbally berating Moose and get in a few shots before Moose STO’d him onto a chair. Moose then introduced a table, but Dreamer tackled him through the table, hit the classic Dreamer stance and went for the Kendo Stick.

Moose stumbled out of the wreckage of the table, and kept calling for Tommy to hit him harder. After absorbing a few shots, Moose ducked the stick, countered with the Uranage and got in the corner to set for Lights Out. Moose cut Dreamer in half, and that was all she wrote.

Ideally I’d be happy with this being Dreamer’s official retirement, but knowing him…he’ll only retire when he’s crippled or dead.


Overall Score: 7/10

Moose ends the show looking fantastic, Trey has momentum but Sami is a convincing Devil’s Advocate, Ace Austin is getting jerked around and FinJuice debuted successfully.

So all in all, it was a solid episode of IMPACT. Plenty of stories were kept in motion, kicked into a new gear, or introduce a possible new chapter. Like Deonna, Kim and Susan have an interesting trajectory. It would be a little odd for a mismatched comedy team to get one over on a powerhouse duo like Jordynne and Jazz; especially since the KO Tag Champs are heels as well. So I’m just looking forward to the shenanigans or Deonna’s eventually eruption on the Karen/Susan that has been plaguing her life the last few weeks.

Fun show, decent action and tangible movement. What more can you ask for?

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