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Andrew’s Impact Wrestling Ratings & Analysis 8/2/2019

We’ve got some build for Unbreakable, even though it’s going on at the same time of this episode. So odd timing aside, let’s see where the stories take us for Impact Wrestling!



We’ve got some build for Unbreakable, even though it’s going on at the same time of this episode. So odd timing aside, let’s see where the stories take us for Impact Wrestling!

Seriously Impact, no more Friday night specials unless you change Impact back to Thursday or something. Something, something, spiting your nose to save your face, something something.

I’m still watching anyway, so if I’m sticking around…other people should too.

Stick around for the show. I’m not mad and neither is Josh Alexander. We ain’t even mad.


  • X Division Number 1 Conteder: Aiden Prince vs Wentz vs Rohit Raju vs Chuck Mambo vs Cody Deaner vs Petey Williams: Prince wins via 450 Splash – *** 1/4
  • Havok vs John E. Bravo: Havok wins via Chokeslam – N/A
  • Stone Rockwell vs Ace Austin: Ace wins via The Fold – *
  • Moose vs Fallah Bahh: Bahh wins via BAHHnzai Drop – N/A
  • Madman Fulton vs Tessa Blanchard: Fulton wins via DQ – **
  • Flashback Match: Motor City Machine Guns vs Generation Me: Guns retain via Skull and Bones – **** 
  • Impact Tag Team Championship Match: The Rascalz vs The North (c): The North retain via Tandem Inverted Mat Slam – ****



Aiden Prince vs Wentz vs Rohit Raju vs Chuck Mambo vs Cody Deaner vs Petey Williams – Well my initial take from this match was that Chuck Mambo proves that Wakka from Final Fantasy 10 has realistic hair. Too bad Mambo looked kinda bad. The match was a spotfest as expected. Deaner pulled an Atsushi Kotoge and gave Petey Williams the Canadian flag to use as a cape, for a tandem dive. Afterwards, Deaner wanted to do the Mega Powers handshake, but Raju breaks it up. So everyone’s role in the match was fine, the match wasn’t bad on a whole, and Prince winning was a little surprising. So that’s always fun.

Havok vs John E. Bravo – This match was born out of Bravo trying to protect Taya by seducing the Kaiju Queen. But yeah…that didn’t seem to work well last week. Bravo gets down on a knee to kiss her hand, she knees him in the face. We all knew this was a joke match. Only variable was if Havok would take a shine to Bravo. Nope. Bravo died.

Then after the match Su Yung pops on the screen, singing…talking…rambling in distorted Japanese or something? Soo she’s kind of talking now. I don’t know.

Now we’re back to Melissa live at the Unbreakable event, and it’s kind of a mess. And Gentleman Jervis is on the Twitch stream…oh for Christ’s sake. Now I’m not sure if I want to see Unbreakable…stupid, stupid, stupid.

Stone Rockwell vs Ace Austin – Rockwell is a bad comedy wrestler, so we get a bad match. Rockwell is bad comedy similar to Jervis.

After the match Eddie Edwards jumps Ace, most likely giving him a receipt for flirting with his wife last week. At least matches between Eddie and Ace could be good.

So Moose attacks Rockwell, trying to make his point about deserving a title shot. Goes back to beating on Rockwell and Fallah Bahh comes out to stop Moose.

Moose vs Fallah Bahh – Moose gets cocky, demands a match to begin and misses a big move into the corner. Bahh gets the momentum, a few moves and then a BAHHnzai Drop for the pinfall. This will obviously not go over well with Moose, but he can play the “not dressed” excuse to continue the angle.

Madman Fulton vs Tessa Blanchard – So Fulton dominated the match, but Tessa had a few spurts of offense. Callihan gives him a chair and says “kill her”, so Tommy Dreamer comes out with a kendo stick for the save. He hits Fulton before Fulton used the chair, so Tessa technically loses. But Tommy gets rocked, Tessa catches the kendo stick off a bounce and they light up the big man together. So Tessa stands tall, Fulton doesn’t look weak or eat a loss. All makes logical sense.

Impactplus Flashback Moment: Motor City Machine Guns vs Generation Me, TNA Tag Team Championship Match, Bound for Glory, October 10,2010

I don’t always rate the flashback moment since it’s not always a full match. But they actually showed the entire thing this time. The Guns and The Bucks had great chemistry. Gotta love the story of the Bucks getting desperate, to the point of trying to injure the Guns for an easier match. Just a damn good match. Makes me miss old TNA a bit.

Impact Tag Team Championship Match: The Rascalz vs The North (c) – So I was impressed this match got as much time as it did. Admittedly, early transitions were a little clunky, but because of the length, it didn’t hurt the match too much. Rascalz showed a lot of spirit being out sized and out muscled, and technically won the match. Meteora and Spiral Tap combination would’ve given them the win, if Page didn’t pull out the referee. Dez dives out on Page, and then the referee gets up and starts asking both men “which one of you pulled me out”. What kind of moron question is that? Both Rascalz were in the ring when he got pulled out. So the world’s dumbest sentence ever said by a referee aside, this was a damn good match.

LAX jumps The North in the back, to soften the champs up even further for their match next week.

Overall Score: 6.5/10

This was a combination of what people expect from WWE and Impact. Lots of throw away matches to further a story, but using just generally lame characters or people not built up well enough to care. Moose playing whiny and entitled fits into his more recent character, but it’s not really coming off natural.

Long and short, this episode was saved by the Flashback Moment and the main event. Tessa’s build match wasn’t bad, but since Unbreakable was happening concurrently, finding out Sami Callihan won the match definitely hurts how the angle feels at immediate reaction.

Also I find it really awkward that you would run ImpactPlus Specials against IMPACT!. Viewers never got above 4,000 tonight, and part of that could be that the company was splitting people’s attention against themselves.

But hey, it wasn’t a bad episode of Impact. Just more story based, and I can’t say any of the current storylines are super interesting at the moment.

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