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Impact Coverage

Andrew’s Impact Wrestling Ratings & Analysis 8/9/2019

Tonight we get 3 championship matches and an update on Brian Cage after the beating he took from Elgin!

Tonight we get 3 championship matches and an update on Brian Cage after the beating he took from Elgin!

So they had 2 special events with Unbreakable and Star Struck that had some buzz on the Twitter machine.

As for last week’s Impact, Eddie Edwards ain’t no cuck. So maybe he’ll beat the hell out of Ace Austin tonight.

Oh and Impact finally did it! The Rascalz get the best guest ever!


  • X Division Championship Match: Jake Crist (c) vs Aiden Prince: Crist retains via Super Cutter – *** 1/2
  • Eddie Edwards vs Ace Austin: Ace Austin wins via DQ – ** 1/2
  • Alexia Nicole vs Madison Rayne: Rayne wins via CrossRayne – ** 1/2
  • Knockouts Championship: Taya Valkyrie (c) vs Havok: No Contest – * 1/2
  • Stone Rockwell vs Nate Madsen: Who Cares – N/A
  • Impact World Tag Team Championship Match: The North (c) vs Daga & Ortiz: The North wins via Torture Rack/Spine Buster Combo – *** 1/2




X Division Championship Match: Jake Crist (c) vs Aiden Prince – Very competitive match for the hometown Aiden Prince. A good bit of high flying offense coupled with Jake’s solid striking ability. Nice near fall when Prince finally hit the 450 Splash that he won the scramble with last week, but Crist kicked out. After that, Prince got desperate, Crist caught him very literally with a Cutter, ala Randy Orton and Christian.

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Small vignette in the back with Konnan trying to get Daga and Ortiz on the same page.

Eddie Edwards vs Ace Austin – The match was fine, and we got to see both men do most of their signatures. To extend the story we hear Ace ask Eddie “What would Alisha say” before he hit the Boston Knee Party. So Eddie snapped, pushes down the ref and hammer punches Ace into dust. The referee DQs Eddie and Alisha runs out to stop Eddie, but answer nothing about her involvement with Ace.

Alexia Nicole vs Madison Rayne – So Kiera comes out to commentary, and she’s adorable. Both her and Madison have these delusions of grandeur that they taught the other things and are the superior wrestler. After Rayne gets the win, the gimmick continues where Madison and Kiera argue and don’t get along, until a third person sticks their nose into things. Jordynne Grace makes the save for Taylor Wilde’s student, and well…it’s a storyline.

Knockouts Championship: Taya Valkyrie (c) vs Havok – Well the match worked a little on the obvious side. Havok overpowered Taya through most of the match. John E. Bravo tried to interfere and Taya tried to take a few shortcuts, but Havok was just too much. The Kaiju Queen hits a Chokeslam that knocks out Taya, but before the pinfall can be counted, Su Yung makes her entrance. Undead Bridesmaids and even an Undead Flower Girl accompany the Undead Bride. Su and Havok have a small scuffle, that Su comes out on top of, and they both screech at each other.

Jimmy Jacobs interviews Melissa Santos about Brian Cage and the current situation after the Elgin beat down. Not much was revealed, but there was a heavy implication that Cage may have to vacate the title.

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Stone Rockwell vs Nate Madsen – Two jobbers are in the ring…oh God what’s gonna happen. OOHH – Rhino interrupts and Gores both idiots and calls out Elgin. A bit of jaw jackin then a small pull apart brawl. I mean Rhino vs Elgin should be a damn good match.

ImpactPlus Flashback Moment: Rhino vs Sabu vs Jeff Hardy vs Abyss, Monster’s Ball, TNA Bound for Glory, October 23, 2005

Ohio Versus Everything are just treasures:

Impact World Tag Team Championship Match: The North (c) vs Daga & Ortiz –  Daga proved himself to work well with Ortiz, along with having some chemistry. This was just a really solid tag team match. Since The North has been in the main event scene, every match has been solid at the very least. Page and Alexander may not be overly flashy, but solid technique is solid technique.


Overall Score: 6.5/10

Another very solid show from Impact, and technically 3 title matches. Sure we had a gimmicked ending on one, but it did still advance the story. The Tessa video package kept her feud with Sami hot, and since we know she’s the Reina de Reinas champion, she’ll be a staple on the TV.

Rhino versus Elgin got some build, the Mean Girls frenemy relationship with Kiera and Madison moved along and Ace Austin is just a creep. It’s really hard to be mad at this episode. Even if some of the matches left things to be desired, every storyline got a little bit of attention.


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