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Andrew’s NEW Prison Break 2019 Ratings & Analysis

NEW makes some waves with the names on the card. Between Moxley and nZo, something is bound to be fun. Right?

NEW makes some waves with the names on the card. Between Moxley and nZo, something is bound to be fun. Right?

Now some of the names on this card are definitely head scratch inducing. David Arquette and Jerry Lawler, nZo, CazXL and Matt Taven fills in for Rey Fenix.

Okay, so enough saying what, and let’s just see how this whole thing played out.


  • Private Party vs Inzanely Rude vs A Boy and His Dinosaur: Private Party win via Frankensteiner/RKO combo – **
  • Tasha Steelz vs Penelope Ford: Ford wins via Lethal Injection – * 1/2
  • Mike Verna vs Wrecking Ball Legursky: Legursky wins via Blackhole Slam – ** 1/4
  • Thrillride vs CazXL: CazXL wins via Jacknife Powerbomb – ***
  • NEW Tag Team Titles: David Arquette & King Brian Anthony vs Jerry Lawler & Keith Youngblood (c): Lawler retains via Fist Drop – *** 1/4
  • nZo vs Brian Pillman Jr: nZo wins via Jaw Done – *** 1/4
  • NEW Championship Match: Darby Allin (c) vs Hale Collins: Allin retains via Coffin Drop – ***
  • ROH World Championship Match: J.T. Dunn vs Matt Taven (c): Taven retains via Frog Splash – ****
  • Jon Moxley vs Pentagon Jr: Moxley wins via Paradigm Shift – ***



Private Party vs Inzanely Rude vs A Boy and His Dinosaur – This was fun for the crowd, since it was a very Indy style match. If you like high spots and pointless maneuvers, you’ll be entertained. But so many moves missed or came off bad, the only team to really look pretty solid was A Boy and His Dinosaur. Jungle Boy wasn’t in much, but all of his stuff connected well, Luchasaurus was fine but none of the other participants in the match worked well taking his moves. So if the typical Indy match is something you enjoy, you’ll be good with this. If you prefer psychology or some semblance of logic instead of just inane moves…skip this.

Tasha Steelz vs Penelope Ford – Penelope is a very hot and cold wrestler. Sometimes I’ve seen matches where she’s awful and others where she’s the best thing about them. This was definitely more on the bad side. Bad selling, bad rope running, awkward spots and a lot of obvious timing issues. The finish was alright cause that was the most chemistry the two seemed to have, but everything leading up to it was rough.

Mike Verna vs Wrecking Ball Legursky – Two power guys, you got what you expected. It was slower paced with lulls that bordered on snail paced boredom. As far as wrestling matches go, it was a very basic style match, and there was nothing overly bad or good, it was just boring. So slightly below average is where this falls.

Thrillride w/Ron Zombie & Jared Silberkleit vs CazXL – We got a cringe worthy promo prior to this match. Thrillride looks like he raided Juice Robinson and The Ultimate Warrior’s closet, while looking like The Crimson Chin with Jim Cornette’s cadence. What in the green hell am I watching? Now wait…when did Big Cass turn into Kevin Nash? Back Elbow, Flipper Punch, Hair Flip, Sidewalk Slam and he finishes the match with a Jacknife Powerbomb. Well damn. Honestly though, it was a decent match with a lot of interference from Thrillride’s side that played into the story of the match. A little over booked, but not bad. Plus Kevin Nash in 2019 is still pretty over…

NEW Tag Team Titles: David Arquette & King Brian Anthony vs Jerry Lawler & Keith Youngblood – Started off fast with 10 Count Punches in the corners and then Youngblood did 99% of the work. Ref bump happens, the Duke of Danger comes out to attack the champions, but we get the face save. And it’s…the Man Scout…a grown ass man in Boy Scout attire and shorts that look like they fit when he was a Boy Scout…but no longer. So no that was just…just…well now.Groggy referee thinks Lawler and Arquette are legal because he’s been doing drugs, but a straight right Fist Drop picks up the pinfall.

-Afterwards, Brian Anthony turns on Arquette, but Lawler makes the save to prove he’s got nothing against him. Lawler Stunners Anthony, Arquette hits the Diamond Cutter and we get a nice moment.

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nZo promo is…an nZo promo burying Meltzer and 205Live a bit. Shocker.

nZo vs Brian Pillman Jr – Well the promo was a little misleading since he comes out with no music and very low energy, dressed in black. Looked more like Raven than a jabroni. nZo actually used wrestling moves, he told a story in the ring without running his mouth much. Pillman did more of the showboat stuff when he tapped into the Hollywood Blondes camera reel taunt and even used nZo’s old dance. nZo hits a Razer’s Edge into the ring post, puts Pillman in the Tree of Zo and hits a Three Point Stance Running Forearm. This was actually…an enjoyable match. Zo wins with the Eat DaFeat move, but it was actually really fun. I don’t know how to feel about this whole show. Quote the Zo, nevah Mo.

NEW Championship Match: Darby Allin (c) vs Hale Collins – Okay so this match was NoDQ apparently, and most of it happened before the bell officially rang. It was a hardcore match with a few fun table shattering spots. Collins jumps off the ladder and misses an Elbow Drop through the table. Darby pulls him in, Coffin drop to retain the title. Not bad at all.

ROH World Championship Match: J.T. Dunn vs Matt Taven (c) – Well with Rey Fenix having travel issues, they called on an old NEW champion, Matt Taven, to fill in. Taven was more of the face in this match, which is a little awkward. But the fact that he was a returning face and put up the ROH title, it made sense for him to play babyface. This was probably the best match I’ve seen Taven have during this title reign. Great back and forth from both men, Taven kicked out of Death by Elbows, Dunn kicked out of the Climax, just really well contested. Maybe Taven should play a face more? I don’t know. This whole show so far has been like bizarro land…but…me likey.

Jon Moxley vs Pentagon Jr – This was a disappointing match. At no point was it confirmed if this was a NoDq match or anything, but it was treated like one. They went into the crowd and brawled for nearly a minute in the dark before the house lights got turned on, then it was just hard to see anything since no cameras followed. A few minutes of that, they come back, and then do it again. So at least 5 minutes of this match is nearly impossible to see because of the limits on the camera work. Then we just get a bunch of weapons, a lot of jaw jackin in Spanish and English, but intermittent wrestling moves. So from an entertainment level, it was alright. But not much in regard to actual wrestling.


Overall Score: 7/10

This was an awkward show for me. Entertainment came from unexpected sources, like Cass, Enzo and Matt Taven. Now, this was by no means an epic show when it came to in-ring work, but the whole show was very fun. The stories were easy to sink teeth into for people, like myself, who don’t follow NEW closely.

We had a nice build on the card, some of the things I don’t like, the crowd very obviously did. So even if the opener was rough and filled with many green wrestlers, the crowd had fun. The main event was disappointing to me, especially following the surprisingly great Taven and Dunn match, but the crowd was raucous.

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Something for everyone, and that’s always nice for a card.


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