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Bobby’s Good, Bad and Ugly Review: SummerSlam 2019 (8/11/19)

Bobby Fernandes presents his Good, Bad, and Ugly review of WWE SummerSlam 2019! What stood out on the card?



WWE SummerSlam 2019 Bray Wyatt Finn Balor The Fiend

Bobby Fernandes presents his Good, Bad, and Ugly review of WWE SummerSlam 2019! What stood out on the card?

SummerSlam 2019 is here, and it is a jam packed, looking at a long 5 hours of Professional Wrestling action.  NXT Takeover was red hot, and as usual has the media buzzing with excitement.  WWE has a lot of wheels turning right now and this show is one of the biggies.  SummerSlam is a long tradition and means a lot to Vince and company.  My quick predictions are that we may see some struggling tonight but I love being wrong when it means we will have a great show!  I am a huge WWE fan personally and want it to shine.  Will we have a Good night?  Or are we going to feel the burn of a disappointing milestone?  Let’s get down to the action!


205 Live Cruiserweight Championship  – Drew Gulak (c) vs. Oney Lorcan

On paper, we have two of the best talents not nearly seen enough.  This was what was expected, very technical and tight.  Both men with strikes and holds on point.  This was a pure wrestling clinic.  The audience can really see how much these guys care.  They really put themselves out there and want everything to be awesome.  Constantly trying to better the other, a true competition, literally slapping the hell out of each other.  Gulak while the Ref was distracted got in a punch to the throat then followed up with a devastating “Cyclone Crash” for the victory.  Gulak retains the 205 Live Cruiserweight Championship!  Good match. 

WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships – Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross (c) vs. The IIconics

Alexa Bliss made an entrance indeed.  This could be a decent match especially for a KickOff Show match.  Cross and Royce looked sharp, and it was be interesting to see what Royce could do solo.  She is much better overall than Kay.  Alexa Bliss looked great as always.  She just is an amazing talent, and never gets old in my opinion.  The IIconics nearly took the titles back on the Goddess but Bliss hit a “twisted bliss” retaining the tag belts, in a well done defense.  Not the best thing ever by far but it gets a passing grade of Good. 

WWE Raw Women’s Championship – Submission Match – Becky Lynch (c) vs. Natalya

Hell of an opening.  The Man brings the noise and Nattie is a Canadian favorite.  Not expecting much here but there is potential.  Although Nattie was in Canada, Lynch got a lot of love from the audience.  As the match went on, Nattie got more and more physical and had some Good content.  It started getting nasty, even at one point Nattie lashing out at the crowd.  Lynch returned the favor after getting into a rare “sharpshooter” across the second turnbuckle.  Lynch started her offensive making it known she won’t back down for anyone.  Nattie though again would not be denied and pulled off a devastating Superplex amongst other damage.  The Man got Nattie in the “Sharpshooter” but was quickly escaped.  After a bunch of reversals and even using each others finishers, Lynch finally locked Natalya in the “disarmer” for the victory!  Lynch Retains!  The match got better as it went and scored 1 for the Good guys! 

Dolph Ziggler vs. Bill Goldberg

This really could be a nightmare if Goldberg is anything like he was versus The Undertaker.  The longer this goes the worse it may be.  It has been enjoyable watching Michaels and Ziggler though, there has been some great stuff there.  Apparently WWE thinks short and sweet was a Good idea also.  After getting rocked by two huge “superkicks” by Ziggler, Goldberg speared the hell out of Ziggler and sealed the deal with a “JackHammer.’’ Due to the short nature and the way it affected the mood, this was actually pretty Good.  The only downside is Ziggler getting jobbed out, but that is the norm.  Ziggler asked for more as Goldberg was heading out, and he obliged him with another “spear” for Good measure.  Ziggler again called for Goldberg to come back out, which he did again with another “spear.”  Enough was enough, and this was enough.    

United States Championship – AJ Styles (c) vs. Ricochet

This is the one we want so bad.  The predicted “Match of the Night” with two of the best there is, period.  Ricochet started off hot but was halted as AJ expertly worked his knee.  It was subdued but still looked Good as these are Masters in the ring.  Ricochet starting going again, hitting all of his high flying assaults with one leg.  He is so Good and with someone like Styles seems even more confident to pull off something special every move.  Styles continued to work the injured leg completely showing everyone that he is the heel vet in this fight.  These guys fought until the end, with nothing left in the tank.  Ricochet having to fight off the other members of “OC” was caught on a last ditch effort off the top, directly into a “Style’s Clash” for the victory, retaining the United States Championship!  AJ needed his boys to help and they took it further after the match beating down Ricochet even more with a “magic killer.”  Good match of course, even with the predictably ending. 

Charlotte Flair vs. Trish Stratus

The past vs present.  Flair and Stratus compete at another level.  This hopefully will showcase their strengths rather than their weaknesses.  Charlotte was using her size and strength advantage to the fullest while Trish was flying around, hitting hip-throws and head-scissors galore.  Charlotte kept taunting, continuously counting out her Hall of Famer Canadian Opponent.  Charlotte is a true heel legend, but Trish had enough and came out swinging, but once again was dominated by Flair.  Trish hit a huge “hurricanrana” off the top but only for 2.  This surprisingly got brutal, as both chopped the hell out of each other multiple times.  They were tired but kept on fighting hard.  This was a Good match.  Charlotte finally got an edge and hit locked in the “figure 8” which proved too much for Trish Stratus.  Charlotte is your Winner!     

“The Fiend” Bray Wyatt vs. Finn Balor

Here we go!  High hopes here as all of us hope for this to save the day!  Balor and Wyatt are what is Good about WWE and we need this here, now.  Holy Shit Bray Wyatt!  Way to make an entrance.  The Fiend is here and we need a lot more of whatever the hell that was.  Crushing a guy like Balor is just incredible, the WWE really has something here.  Balor was done, but reached deep hitting some big offense, putting up a fight, going for the “coup de grace” but got caught in the “mandible claw” losing to this new freak.  Good, very Good!  I need The Fiend to be around for a little while.  Who is next, Demon, Aleister Black?  The possibilities are endless.  Wyatt is a beautiful nightmare!  Great job WWE creative!

WWE Universal Championship – Brock Lesnar(c) vs. Seth Rollins

All we have to look forward to is a beating to Rollins and a quick match, either or both will do.  I don’t think anyone except Rollins and maybe his girl Becky Lynch will mind.  It looked like Lesnar was going to deliver too, killing his opponent until a small opening lead to a “stomp” by Rollins, and continued on the attack on the Beast.  Lesnar then hit a devastating “F5” giving Lesnar time to regroup.  Lesnar ripped Rollins apart getting his fill and some.  Rollins made the most of his opening, using the post multiple times to his advantage on the Champ.  Rollins rallied again with diving at a staggered Lesnar only to be crushed into the post by the larger foe.  Rollins will not quit and again got Brock stunned on the Spanish Announce Table hitting a “frog splash” off the top.  Say whatever you want, these guys are representing WWE strongly.  This is flexing here.  Rollins then hits a “frog splash” in the middle of the ring followed by a “stomp” but only for two!  Rollins had a slight misstep but then took out the Champ with a well placed “cresent kick” and another “stomp”  this time for the 3 count!  Seth Rollins is our New Universal Champion, the Beast Slayer! 


Buddy Murphy vs. Apollo Crews

I am not really sure where this match came from but I’m glad to see it.  Both guys are almost never seen.  Murphy is phenomenal and Crews has proven every time he wrestles that he belongs in a much higher spot than he has achieved.  Both guys are strong, athletic and capable.  There were some very Good things here.  For a kickoff, we have a lot of really solid matches.  It was great to see a clean match until Rowan attacked Buddy Murphy on the outside, due to Murphy ratting him out about the attack on Roman Reigns backstage.  The ending was crap and deserved much better.  This was a Bad twist and took the wind out of the momentum. 

WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship – Bayley(c) vs. Ember Moon

It’s great to see Ember Moon get a shot, she is a fantastic talent.  Bayley is a joy always and could make for a big match here.  This was very physical and stiff.  Bayley looked like a Champion and aggressively pursued Ember Moon.  Ember had some little bouts of offense but spent a lot of time taking punishment.  The match was sloppy, and slow at times.  It was almost like half speed and it showed.  The crowd was getting restless.  Moon woke up the crowd nearly putting Bayley away but only for a 2 count.  Bayley recovered and finally hit a “Bayley to Belly” off the top for the win.  This really was physical but it got boring at times and a few miscues secured it a spot in the Bad column. 

Kevin Owens vs. Shane McMahon – If KO Loses, He Leaves WWE

Kevin Owens got a Canadian Hero’s Welcome and looked ready to fight for this one.  Shane then announced that Elias is going to be a Special Guest Enforcer followed by Shane heeling it up around the ring using Elias to his advantage trying to score a count-out.  Owens took some very hard bumps, getting destroyed by Shane.  Strike for strike, Owens looked sharp while Shane threw a ton of horrible weak strikes and combos.  Owens hit a “popup powerbomb” after a horrible attempt to mock the audience with a half ass “sharpshooter” attempt by Shane.  Elias interfered with the count.  Shane hits Elias accidentally, KO hits a “swanton” and a “frog splash” but Elias pulled the Ref out again.  KO hit a “cannonball” on both the Ref and Elias on the outside.  Left with a chair in the ring, KO got pulled out and fought off Elias again, this time kicking his ass with a steel chair.  KO then got a low blow in on Shane and ended it with a “Stunner” for the win.  The end was hot, the rest was not.  I would score this one a Bad match, even with an on fire ending.  KO wins, hopefully this is over, but from the way things ended, it is far from it unfortunately.    

WWE Championship – Kofi Kingston (c) vs. Randy Orton

Orton is a Professional Wrestling Freak of Nature.  He is a purist.  Kofi Kingston stands for just the opposite.  He is against the grain, smashing through walls in his path.  Walls built by the perfection that is guys like Orton.  The perfect vision of what the sport’s entertainer is.  Again a pure Professional Wrestler prodigy, legacy and legend.  Orton picked the Champ apart as he usually does his many victims.  Kofi started getting things going but again cut short by Orton.  Orton no matter how much Kofi fought back would cut him off again.  Kofi off the top, RKO outta nowhere!  Orton stood over Kofi and stared off at Kofi’s family putting Kofi in a fit of rage and causing a count-out.  This was an absolutely crap ending to a great Championship Match.  Kofi beat Orton all around the ring with a Kendo stick and the crowd as well as most watching are disappointed.  Kofi keeps his title, cheaply like this was a lame ending of Raw.  Bad form.      

UGLY- strongly considered a few times. 


  • Good- 8
  • Bad- 4
  • Ugly- 0

Overall – Good.  It had it’s flaws, some very Bad in fact, but it deep in the numbers where it counts, we had some memorable moments and some interesting stories ahead with some kick ass people guiding the way.  Not Bad in my book. 

Okay show, better Good than Bad and Ugly.  We have some decent stories and intrigue in the weeks to come.  Raw, SmackDown, NXT all continue now with AEW coming up to go toe to toe with HHH’s NXT in what will be someday known as the “Wednesday Night Wars.”  Professional Wrestling is on fire right now, and I am enjoying the heat.  Catch you on the flipside.  Thank you Chairshot fans and staff on another fantastic show and coverage.  #UseYourHead.

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