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King: Recap & Reaction to WWE SmackDown Live 08/06/19

Chris King focuses on the ongoing investigation, of who is behind the attacks on Roman Reigns over the past two weeks. 



Chris King focuses on the ongoing investigation, of who is behind the attacks on Roman Reigns over the past two weeks. 

Chris King focuses on the ongoing investigation, of who is behind the attacks on Roman Reigns over the past two weeks. 

It all began last week at the end of the show when The Big Dog Roman Reigns was about to deliver his SummerSlam challenge likey to Samoa Joe. As Roman was walking towards Kayla Braxton for his backstage interview, the casing and racks and stage equipment crashed down on him. Unscathed but rattled Roman got up and went back to business as the show went off the air.

On last night’s Monday Night Raw, his long-time rival The Samoan Submission Machine Samoa Joe was irate that his name was brought into the investigation. Joe was hell-bent on beating up Roman and even went as far to hold up the broadcast until The Big Dog came out and apologized to him. However as Joe got word of his arrival to the arena, he stormed to meet him in the parking lot. What Joe was not expecting was Roman nearly being involved in a hit-and-run attack, by a car that sped off.

Roman had a sit-down interview but, only apologized to his rival for his name bring brought up and he still had no answers to the whodunnit mystery. At the end of the show, tonight Roman burst into the superstars dressing room and made everyone leave but, recent 205 Live draftee Buddy Murphy who was an eyewitness to the hit-and-run attempt. Murphy was uncooperative so The Big Dog hurled him over a table, then Murphy revealed that he saw Rowan there but no Daniel Bryan.

First-off and foremost is WWE’s Best Kept Secret Murphy actually telling the truth about this? As of right now, Roman isn’t listed on the pay-per-view card this Sunday, will that change over the next few days? Perhaps since Daniel Bryan may be headed to another brand, his loyal follower the monstrous Rowan, decided to find a target all by himself.

Chris’s Highlights of the show:


  • Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon are ready to tear each other apart, and the WWE Universe and I included is ready to sit back with popcorn and watch! For the past month, Owens and The Best in the World has been the strongest weekly segment on SmackDown Live. If Owens loses at SummerSlam he must quit WWE, but one has to wonder what tricks does KO have up his sleeve?


  • Dolph Ziggler mocking Goldberg’s entrance was amazing, it reminded me of last year when The Show-off would impersonate a plethora of superstars and legends. We all know Ziggler’s getting obliterated Sunday, so why not have a little fun with it.


  • Aleister Black VS. Sami Zayn happened tonight instead of Sunday. I was quite disappointed this would have been The Dutch Destroyer’s first SummerSlam appearance, but unless he’s getting another opponent he won’t be at SummerSlam. The two delivered and in my opinion stole the show tonight.


  • Still no SmackDown Tag Team Championship Match for Sunday. I’m sure WWE will throw some tag teams together into the mix, but it’s not doing anything for the tag team titles that should have been prominently booked.


  • It appears that the newest member of 205 Live Chad Gable, could also be wrestling on SmackDown Live and Elias might be his first opponent.


  • Trish Stratus and Charlotte Flair got into a war of words ahead of their dream match at SummerSlam. The entitled Queen dissed the women of the past, and she received a slap across the face for her disrespect.


  • Last but certainly not least, WWE’s production team produced another stellar video package highlighting Kofi Kingston and Randy Orton’s ten-year rivalry. The WWE Champion shared his thoughts on his overwhelming struggle, to make it back to the main-event scene after “kayfabe” Orton held him down.

Chris’s Reaction: 

Tonight’s episode was good with most of the broadcast circling around the whodunnit storyline, and some great high-octane action. I’m still quite disappointed in WWE’s approach to building the pay-per-view, perhaps the company just doesn’t care about making the Go-Home-Show intriguing because they know millions of fans are still going to watch it. I guess it’s the Attitude Era fan in me, that hopes that it was like back in the old days but it’s not.

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