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King: This Week’s Edition Of The Roman Reigns Murder Mystery

Chris King is on the case for the ongoing investigation on who’s trying to kill Roman Reigns, with this week’s latest developments.



Chris King is on the case for the ongoing investigation on who’s trying to kill Roman Reigns, with this week’s latest developments.

Last week The Big Dog beat a name out of WWE’s “Best Kept Secret” Buddy Murphy, who gave up the monstrous Rowan who was caught on camera leaving the scene of the crime on July 30th during the backstage accident. Tuesday night Daniel Bryan accused Murphy of being a liar, while also claiming that he and his insurance policy had nothing to do with it. Bryan utilized his wizardry of words to slam the WWE Universe for their ignorance and naiveté. “Somebody tells a lie, it gets spread on social media, and all of a sudden, it becomes the truth!”

Roman Reigns faced Buddy Murphy in a hell of a hard-hitting match later in the show, The Big Dog was victorious but Murphy proved why he sure as hell belongs on the main roster! This week Bryan and Rowan storm through the locker room forcing Murphy to stay this time once more, and Rowan tossed him over a table followed by pinning him against a wall. Murphy still refused to state their innocence, so Rowan dumped him into the trash can!

Later in the show, Roman was on the hunt for the two “suspected” assailants Bryan and Rowan. The episode ended with Bryan and Rowan demanding an apology from The Big Dog as he did Samoa Joe, Bryan assured Roman that they knew the suspect’s identity and we would find out next week.

My Top 5 Picks For The Mystery Assailant

Samoa Joe: Joe and Roman have such a bitter rivalry, and just because Joe came to his aid after a hit-and-run attempt doesn’t mean that his beef with The Big Dog is over yet. This could ultimately turn out to be a methodical ruse, to take down his nemesis by hiring an assailant to take him out.

Seth Rollins: Before you debunk this idea, here me out. During The Beastslayer’s road to WrestleMania to challenge for the Universal Championship, Roman triumphantly returned from his leukemia flare up and immediately stole Rollins’s thunder. I know that right now that Rollins is portraying a sympathetic babyface currently, I still wouldn’t put it past The Architect for designing a masterplan to take out his former Shield-mate.

The Fiend: At SummerSlam, the WWE Universe witnessed the debut of Bray Wyatt’s alter-ego The Fiend, who decimated Finn Balor in short fashion. To say Bray and Roman have a rough past would be an understatement, who could forget Bray shocking the world when he viciously attacked him costing him the 2015 Money in the Bank briefcase. While Finn is rumored to be taken a few months off from WWE and that’s likely the reason why The Fiend targeted him, perhaps Bray is sicking The Fiend to get revenge on his former opponents.

Daniel Bryan: At WrestleMania 35, Bryan lost his WWE Championship to Kofi Kingston, while Roman, on the other hand, defeated Drew McIntyre at the Show of Shows. Following Bryan’s loss, he and the monstrous Rowan became SmackDown Tag Team Champions, while Roman was stealing all the spotlight as the newest member of the Blue brand. Maybe the self-proclaimed Planet’s hero decided enough is enough and constructed a heinous attack on Roman himself.

Luke Harper: While this is not who I think it will be, I’ve been seeing this scenario all over social media. In April it was announced that Harper asked for his release from his WWE contract, instead the powers to be froze his contract and adding six months for injury remaining until 2020. Prior to Harper’s injury, Rowan and Harper had revamped characters in a tag team dubbed “The Bludgeon Brothers.” Once Harper was sidelined with his injury, Rowan was MIA until his recent pairing with Bryan. It is a real possibility that Rowan was observing the damage caused on July 30th by his former Bludgeon Brother, it definitely would be better than one of the toughest and versatile wrestlers sitting on the couch at home.

Now give me your educated guess on who is trying to murder Roman Reigns in the comments below!

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