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Mitchell’s AEW All Out Results & Report! (8/31/19)

All Elite returns to where it all began!



AEW All Out

Chicago is Elite!

All In was the birth of a movement, and now All Out will be the homecoming! Who will be crowned THE inaugural AEW World Champion?



  • The Buy-In – Women’s Casino Battle Royal: Nyla Rose wins and qualifies for the AEW Women’s Championship match.
  • The Buy-In – Private Party VS Angelico & Jack Evans; Private Party wins.
  • Six Man Tag: SoCal Uncensored VS Jungle Boy, Luchasaurus & Marko Stunt; SCU wins.
  • Kenny Omega VS PAC; PAC wins.
  • Cracker Barrel Clash Triple Threat: Joey Janela VS Jimmy Havoc VS Darby Allin; Havoc wins.
  • Best Friends VS The Dark Order; The Dark Order wins and earns the first-round bye in the AEW World Tag Team Championship tournament.
  • Riho VS Hikaru Shida; Riho wins and qualifies for the AEW Women’s Championship match.
  • Cody VS Shawn Spears; Cody wins.
  • AAA Tag Team Championships Ecalera de la Muerte: The Lucha Brothers VS The Young Bucks; The Lucha Brothers win and retain the AAA Tag Team Championships.
  • AEW World Championship: Chris Jericho VS Hangman Adam Page; Jericho wins and becomes the inaugural AEW World Champion.


It’s the All Out Buy-In!


The Buy-In – Women’s Casino Battle Royal!

For those who remember AEW Double or Nothing, this is the match where groups of wrestlers are sent out in groups, except for the one who drew the Joker card. The suits will go first and the Joker will be the last to enter this over-the-top-rope match. The winner gets a part of the AEW Women’s Championship match on AEW TV!

We start with the Clubs: Chalandra Royale; Leva Bates; Priscilla Kelly; Faby Apache; and Nyla Rose! Fans are fired up as this match begins!

Nyla stands alone as the biggest and strongest already. Librarian Leva gets the others to realize that, and they make an alliance. Ready, set, go! They swarm Nyla but she pushes them all away! Nyla decks Priscilla, Faby and Royale before throwing Leva over the top rope! Then decks her! But Leva uses her feet to avoid elimination! And then the other three dropkick Nyla down! Librarian Peter Avalon helps Leva by giving her books to stand on so she won’t touch the floor! Leva is safe while the other four brawl in the ring. Priscilla dodges Faby then hits an STO! Royale fights Nyla but Nyla clubs her down. Faby and Priscilla keeps going while Nyla ELIMINATES Royale! Then Nyla ELIMINATES Faby! Priscilla leaps into Nyla’s arms, and she ELIMINATES her with a toss!

Fans fire up for Nyla as she holds the ring. Leva has returned to the ring with a good book, to SMACK Nyla with it! Paperback isn’t enough. BOP! Nyla ELIMINATES Leva and is standing all alone! But Peter Avalon runs in, only to be tossed right out! He wasn’t eliminated since he was never in the match but still impressive for the Native Beast. Nyla watches the countdown with us as the Diamonds arrive. Penelope Ford. Mackenzie, Sadie Gibbs, Big Swole and Britt Baker are here! Nyla sees Ford leap in and gets a missile dropkick! Ford then handsprings to back elbow Nyla in a corner. The other Diamonds take their time. Big Swole gives Ford a forearm! But Shazza McKenzie gets Swole with a stunner! Baker boots McKenzie but McKenzie comes back with kicks and a knee. Gibbs brawls with Nyla as McKenzie throws Baker over. Baker stays on the apron and grabs the teeth! Baker’s mandible claw drags McKenzie out and ELIMINATES her!

Big Swole and Gibbs gang up on Nyla and Baker joins in. But Nyla gets Baker and Gibbs with a DOUBLE choke slam! Swole returns to try her hand with fast hands and a headbutt! It staggers them both, but Swole runs to wheelbarrow facebuster! Fans fire up for Swole but Nyla lifts her up to throw her to the apron. Swole fights as best she can and hotshots Nyla. But Nyla urenages and ELIMINATES Swole! Nyla walks into Ford’s kicks but catches the handspring for a German Suplex! The countdown returns as Nyla hauls Ford up top onto the top rope to then dump and ELIMINATE her!

Now the Spades are in! Ivelisse, Brandi Rhodes, Awesome Kong and Tenille Dashwood are here, but Baker only cares about Bea Priestley! Baker tackles Priestley down to brawl on the ramp! This by no means eliminates either of them, this is just the grudge from Fight for the Fallen! Kong and Brandi leave them be as they go to the ring. Ivelisse and Dashwood work together on Gibbs, then fight each other. Priestley and Baker brawl their way to the ring while Ivelisse hits a big huricanrana! Dashwood knees low and reels Ivelisse to butterfly suplex her onto Gibbs! They both get a Taste of Tenille! Brandi and Kong are in, and Kong runs Dashwood over! Brains and brawn work together as Ivelisse returns. Ivelisse just bounces off of Kong while Brandi grabs Gibbs.

Gibbs dropkicks Kong into Brandi! Dashwood, Ivelisse and Gibbs work on Kong while Nyla has Brandi all alone. Brandi tries but can’t fight Nyla off, and Nyla throws her around. Brandi kicks low but her whip is blocked. Nyla whips Brandi but Brandi rolls off Nyla’s back. Brandi hits a STUNNER! Fans cheer for that while Kong fights her way out of the corner. Dashwood ends up on the apron and Ivelisse is a weapon used to ELIMINATE Dashwood! Then Kong’s backhand ELIMINATES Ivelisse! Brandi high-fives, but now the Hearts are on their way. Teal Piper, Nicole Savoy, ODB and the legendary JAZZ take their time but Allie tackles Brandi! Gibbs keeps on Kong while Allie CHOPS away on Brandi! Savoy helps against Kong but Kong is just annoyed by that clubbing forearm. Savoy asks “What’s good?” She gets a BONK! Kong whips Savoy and Savoy DIVES on the rest of the women outside!

Savoy gets ODB in the ring, then Baker. Brandi fights back on Allie but ODB powers up with her flask! Only for Piper to poke her in the eyes! Piper puts on a sleeper, but Kong drags Piper off. Nyla has Savoy, and the two titans stare down. Nyla throws and ELIMINATES Savoy, Kong throws and ELIMINATES Piper! And now the two fight each other! But Jazz interjects?! And ODB joins in. These legends and icons of women’s wrestling are making the fans lose their minds! And the fight is on! Priestley joins in as Kong is the main target. The Joker finally appears as ODB and others ELIMINATE Awesome Kong!! Nyla ELIMINATES Jazz! But wait, the Joker is MERCEDES MARTINEZ!! The fans are loving this! Mean Ms. Martinez walks down as Allie ELIMINATES Brandi!

Martinez hits the ring and gives Allie a SPINEBUSTER! Baker runs into an Exploder! Gibbs tries, but she gets a German Suplex! Priestley tries and kicks Martinez, but Martinez fights the suplex off. Martinez runs, escapes the scoop, and rolls Priestley for the CURB STOMP! Nyla scoops Martinez but Martinez fights out for a saido suplex! Chicago is thunderous for Martinez. Allie comes back to throw forearms, then fireman’s carries, running Death Valley! Allie unleashes her anger as she drags Martinez up for forearms. Baker and Gibbs fight while Allie runs corner to corner,. Martinez blocks the monkey flip and has Allie up top. Allie fights to hold on, and decks Priestley. Nyla bumps and ELIMINATES Allie! Gibbs springboards and clotheslines Nyla down! Then she dropkicks Baker and kips up to handspring headscissor Martinez around! But Priestley just kicks and clubs Gibbs. Priestley runs but into a fireman’s carry, to a gorilla press! Priestly throws Gibbs over, and stops Gibbs from skinning the cat to ELIMINATE her!

Our final four are Priestley, Nyla, Baker and Martinez. Baker survives and slingblades Martinez! Priestley gives Baker a full nelson DDT, then runs at Nyla. Huricanrana partially blocked to a BOMB! Baker mule kicks and Martinez knees Nyla down! Baker drags Nyla up and Martinez helps to lift her. Priestley screws Martinez and Baker over, but that just saves Nyla. Martinez clubs Priestley then blocks Baker, but Priestley enziguris and Baker SUPERKICK Martinez off! They ELIMINATE Martinez! Nyla recovers, and we have our final three.

Fans cheer as the three circle. Nyla is of course 1v2, and Priestley ROUNDHOUSES! Baker SUPERKICKS, Priestley KNEES! They both throw Nyla over, but she holds on! Nyla avoids elimination, and then uses an Eddy Gordo cartwheel kick to hit back! Nyla runs and squashes Baker in a corner. She sends Priestley into Baker and squashes them both! Nyla hoists Baker up but Priestley looks to help out. Baker couldn’t help but go after Priestley with a DESTROYER! Baker drags Priestley’s dead weight, but focuses on the moving Nyla. Baker lifts Nyla but Nyla fights back. Baker clubs Nyla and uses the corner for the suplex! All three women are down but Chicago is loving this!

Baker goes back to Priestley and throws furious forearms over and over! But Priestley V-triggers! Baker whips but Priestley goes up top. Baker trips her up but Priestley headbutts back. Baker DECKS and ELIMINATES Priestley! Baker and Nyla are the last two left, and Priestley helps Nyla yank Baker out!!

Winner: Nyla Rose; qualifies for the AEW Women’s Championship match on the AEW TV premiere

The first one in and the last one out, the Native Beast will be one of the two women who could be THE inaugural champion!


The Buy-In – Private Party VS Angelico & Jack Evans!

Marq Quen & Isiah Kassidy are always ready to party, but can they win big against the South African Stud and the braggadocios Dragonslayer?

The teams sort out and Angelico starts against Kassidy. Fans fire up for “Private Party! *clap clap clapclapclap*” as Kassidy circles with Angelico. They tie up and Angelico gets the arm-wrench. He traps one arm and goes after the other, but Kassidy rolls, rolls and handsprings to reverse. Angelico spins out to bring Kassidy to the mat for a cover, TWO! Kassidy kips up but Angelico waistlocks. Kassidy counters with a shoulder breaker but Angelico rolls to a drop toehold and floats to a headlock. Fans cheer these technical exchanges as Angelico spins back to a hammerlock. ANgelico snapmares but Kassidy handsprings through. Kassidy runs, rolls and springboards to wheelbarrow and arm-drag Angelico down! Then calf kicks him down! Kassidy dusts his shoes off and does the Bernie lean!

Kassidy blows kisses to Evans but Evans tags in and shows off his agility. Quen tags in and shows some of his hops. Things speed up and Quen no-hand-ranas but Evans flips through! Evans wheelbarrow arm-drags but Quen handsprings! The sunglasses get kicked out of the ring! Quen Eddy Gordos and whips, but Evans dodges only to get a dropkick! Quen handstands to show off, and fans are loving it. Quen drags Evans over to tag in Kassidy. Kassidy throws forearms on Evans and fans chant “SHOTS! SHOTS!” Bernie Lean SHOTS! Kassidy brings Evans back over to tag Quen. Private Party double whip Evans but Evans blocks to boot! Evans dodges Kassidy and roundhouses Quen to then mule kick Kassidy! Corkscrew kick takes Quen down! Cover, TWO!

Evans brings Quen over and tags Angelico. They mug Quen then whip Quen for Angelico to elbow Quen down! Cover, TWO! Angelico keeps on Quen with a whip into the corner. Tag to Evans and Evans climbs. Angelico lifts Quen for the double stomp back suplex combo! Jackknife cover, TWO! Evans hears the time limit hit the halfway mark and he whips Quen. Quen reverses but Evans tilt-o-whirls to an armlock takedown! Quen gets the ropebreak and Evans lets up on the kimura. Evans brings Quen around to ram knees in. Quen drops to the ropes but Evans stays on him with stomps. Fans rally but Evan says the party is over. Evans dares Quen to get up, and then runs in, only to get a forearm. Quen bumps Evans off buckles, and everyone sees what’s going on. Angelico can’t stop the springbord, hot tag to Kassidy! Kassidy springboard missile dropkicks Evans down!

Kassidy runs in but is tossed out, so he just huricanranas Angelico! Evans swings into the enziguri! Kassidy ASAIS onto Angelico! And lounges, even. Fans fire up as Kassidy returns to the ring, to inside-out MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO! Kassidy tags Quen and Private Party have Evans. They whip, atomic drop to enziguri to sweep to Camel Clutch leap frog stomps! Fans fire up again as Quen runs at Angelico, Angelico dumps Qune out then sends Kassidey at him. Quen heps Kassidy rebound to tornado DDT Angelico down! Quen has Evans but Evans sabats! Kassidy tags in and Quen reverses the whip to pump handle, throwback stunner to mule kick! And then assisted sliced bread! Kassidy slingshots uot onto Angelico! Quen is up top, SHOOTING STAR! But he bounces off of Evans and goes to get Kassidy. Kassidy is the legal man and covers, TWO!! Evans survives because of the mix-up!

Fans rally up behind Private Party as they coordinate. Kassidy goes up top again, but Angelico wipes out Quen and Evans hits a Spider German! Phoenix Splash misses, but Angelico anchors Kassidy for the RYDER KICK! Eddy Gordo enziguri, handspring Chancery PENALTY KICK! The ref reprimands them but they hit the assisted 450! Cover, TWO!? Kassidy survives?! Five minutes remain, tag to Angelico. Angelico drags Kassidy to the center, then he and Evans go up top. Quen gets back at Angelico and Kassidy gets Evans. Fans rally as Private Party fight with Evans and Angelico. They each fight for control, Quen PELES Angelico! Kassidy rolls over Evans, Quen gives Evans a SUPER POISON-RANA! Another POison-RANA! DD-JUICE! Cover, Private Party wins!!

Winners: Private Party, Kassidy pinning

A huge win over a talented tag team just establishes Private Party that much more! Will they take this momentum to defeat The Young Bucks in the AEW Tag Team Tournament’s opening round?

But Evans attacks after the match! He and Angelico are sore losers to say the least! They put Quen in the standing figure four, Navaro Death Roll!! Evans stomps Quen to finish! Fans call them “Party Poopers!” but will this cost Private Party their place in the tag team tournament?


All Elite says “Come and Get It.”

The Hangman wants to be champion. The Best Bout Machine wants to get even better. And two pairs of brothers will go all out in one of their best rivalries. A score will be settled between American Nightmare and Perfect 10. The Death Rider may not have made it to this point, but a Man Gravity Forgot will make sure we never forget his name. The stakes are the highest they’ve ever been for every single wrestler in the arena tonight. Y2J wants a thank you, and Hangman thanks him for giving him the best fight he’s ever had to lead to the best moment in his life. Who is ready to go All Out in Chicago?


To sing the national anthem, Chicago’s own Culture Center choir!


Six Man Tag: SoCal Uncensored VS Jungle Boy, Luchasaurus & Marko Stunt!

Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky love opening with their usual introduction. “Chicago! This is the worst town I’ve ever been to!” But does anyone remember a year ago? Someone made a bet that AEW couldn’t get a full house. Well AEW took that bet and were All In! And now, new year, new deck, new dealer, and there are three aces here to tell you that AEW is now All Out. On that letters, please say Kaz’s favorite three letters to make his day. Let’s all go all out for a loud and proud… “S C U!” With all that out of the way, it is time to face a boy, another boy, and their dinosaur! The ground rumbles as Luchasaurus leads the way for the “Jurassic Express!” Will this debuting trio be successful against one of the most successful trios today?

Fans are fired up already as Jungle Boy starts against Kaz. The bell rings and the two circle, tie up and Kaz gets a headlock. Jungle Boy powers out but Kaz gest a headlock takeover. JB headscissors but Kaz pops out. Kaz headlocks but JB gets him down. They both roll and handspring, and Kaz waistlocks. Kaz rolls JB up, TWO, jackknife cover! TWO as JB bridges up and spins Kaz to a backslide! TWO and Kaz goes Oklahoma roll, TWO to JB’s cover! TWO and JB schol boys, TWO! Kaz trips JB to a cover, TWO! They each dodge kicks, and fans cheer a they stare down. JB and Kaz back off to then get face to face. Kaz mule kicks then clotheslines JB down! Tag to Daniels, and The Addiction double whip JB. Atomic drop to bulldog on the knee! Standing STO, and fans cheer as Daniels brings JB to the open corner. Fans duel as Daniels CHOPS JB.

Daniels whips but JB dodges and huricanranas! JB goes corner to corner but Daniels dodges. JB boots back then chops to springboard arm-drag and dropkick Daniels down! JB tags in Luchasaurus! Luchasaurus and JB both kick Daniels down! Cover, ONE, but Luchasaurus drags Daniels back up. Luchasaurus throws big knees and then suplexes Daniels right up to a toss! Luchasaurus then tags in Marko! Marko runs and uses Luchasaurus for a boost to huricanrana Daniels and dropkick him down! Shining Wizard! And then some flossing. Kaz and Scorpio run in but Scorpio gets a huricanrana! JB and Marko double whip Kaz way out of the ring! And then JB holds the ropes for Marko to DIVE! Marko takes out Daniels, JB wipes out Scorpio and Kaz! Then SCU is set up for Luchasaurus to FLY! He bowls everyone over!

Fans are thunderous for “A E Dub!” as Luchasaurus puts Daniels in. Marko climbs up onto Luchasaurus’ shoulders for a BIG crossbody! Cover, TWO! Mark tags JB and JB fires off strikes. Cover, ONE, but JB keeps his cool. JB headlocks but Daniels fights back. Daniels puts the headlock on and Scorpio tags in. They misdirect JB but JB was ready anyway! Scorpio fights out and tags to Kaz, they get JB in the air with the leg lariat! Daniels blasts Luchasaurus and Marko then Kaz drags JB over to the SCU corner. Tag to Scorpio and they mug JB. JB CHOPS and forearms back, then whips Scorpio. Scorpio gives him the dumdum stomps! Tag to Daniels, and Daniels drags JB up for a big clothesline! Daniels does a very awkward flossing and that upsets Marko.

Daniels feeds JB to Kaz’s boots then tags him in. The Addiction whip JB to then double hip toss to a neckbreaker bomb! Cover, TWO! Daniels hits Luchasaurus and that upsets him. SCU hits JB with back elbows and a sweep for Kaz’s swinging dropkick! Cover, TWO! Daniels is back in and puts JB in a chinbar and half nelson. Fans rally up but JB and he fights up. JB fights out of the hold but Daniels just clubs him back down. Daniels suplexes but JB slips out to then hit a discus lariat! Both men are down but Chicago fires up. Both men crawl, hot tags to Kaz and Luchasaurus! Luchasaurus boots Kaz, kicks Daniels and kicks Scorpio. Luchasaurus just rallies with strikes, and then tosses Scorpio! Roundhouse for Kaz, buzzsaw for Scorpio! Luchasaurus scoops Daniels but Kaz saves him. They both kick Luchasaurus but he handsprings and goes Matrix! Tail Whip gets Daniels, roundhouse for Scorpio, JURASSIC CHOKE SLAM and STANDING MOONSAULT for Kaz! Cover, TWO!

Fans are fired up for Luchasaurus and his one-dinosaur wrecking job. Luchasaurus tags Marko in but the entire team has Kaz. JB tosses Marko to Luchasaurs onto Kaz and then spin start DDT onto Kaz as JB DIVES onto Scoprio! Cover but Daniels breaks it! Luchasaurus grabs Daniels, and then Kaz! Scorpio gets a boot, but The Addiction get free. Daniels shoves JB away and Kaz is safe. Scorpio attacks, Celebrity Rehab! Marko gets tossed, JB gets the guillotine leg drop! Kaz slingshots to huricanrana Luchasaurus INTO JB and Marko! Scorpio builds speed to FLY and take out Luchasaurus himself! SCU puts JB in and coordinate, but then Scorpio adds Marko to the stack. Daniels jumps, BEST MELTZER EVER double shot! Cover, SCU wins!

Winners: SoCal Uncensored, Daniels pinning

A big start to the night, and SCU wins big! But they do make sure little Marko and Jungle Boy aren’t too badly hurt. Will SCU dominate AEW as a triple unit?


Kenny Omega VS PAC!

The Best Bout Machine wanted to take on the Death Rider after all the back and forth between them, but circumstances kept it from happening tonight. However, the Man Gravity Forgot wanted his opportunity back into AEW, and this just happened to fall into his lap. Who wins this incredible dream match that came out of nowhere?

The bell rings and fans are already fired up for this first-time-ever! But PAC goes to the apron to do things on his time. He returns, and circles with Omega, and fans are strongly behind Omega. PAC doesn’t care. If anything, he encourages the cheers. They tie up and are deadlocked in the center. Omega headlocks but PAC powers out, only to be run over. But he kips right up! Omega likes that, and then runs. But PAC drops down, so Omega walks on him. PAC keeps his cool as he and Omega approach. They tie up again and Omega gets the wristlock. Omega shifts to a hammerlock but PAC goes up to snapmare out! PAC trips Omega and then returns to walking all over. Fans are divided but PAC embraces the noise all the same.

Omega gets up and shoves PAC, so PAC SLAPS Omega. And then kicks Omega low. Fans taunt PAC with a reminder that he was King of the Cruiserweights. PAC tunes it out as he follows after Omega. PAC whips but Omega ducks and redirects to then trip PAC up! Omega keeps moving to hit the Kotaru Krus- NO HE DON’T! PAC handsprings through the bulldog! PAC runs and things speed up again as PAC gets caught with a monkey flip! Omega kneels and fans start the Terminator drums. Omega feels it and gets moving, only for PAC to get in and follow with a huricanrana! Omega is on the outside and PAC runs, but Omega gets in. PAC dodges but is put WAY out. He lands on his feet! Omega slingshots but PAC kicks him down! PAC took Omega out of the air!

PAC grins as he whips Omega, but Omega reverses to send PAC into railing! Omega bumps PAC off the chairs and then drags him around to whip into other railing! PAC boots back, then runs, only to get a pop-up! But PAC slips out to ram Omega into railing, and flapjacks him off the apron! Omega writhes from that impact to his face, and PAC hears the fans call him a bastard. PAC soaks it up as he whips Omega into railing! The referee tells PAC to get this in the ring already, but PAC just throws Omega into more railing! Fans almost spill their drinks from that one. PAC grinds his boot into Omega’s face, but lets up when the ref says to. PAC puts Omega in the ring finally, and then climbs up top. Omega stands and PAC leaps for a missile dropkick! A strong one, at that! But PAC just stands to soak up the heat.

PAC looms over Omega as he crawls. Omega slowly sits up and throws body shots. PAC kicks and boots back, then whips Omega corner to corner. Omega hits hard and falls to his knees. PAC forces him to a cover, TWO! PAC keeps on Omega with a chinlock but fans rally up. Omega works his way up and fights back with elbows. Omega CHOPS, then CHOPS again. Omega runs, boots PAC, but PAC blocks the suplex. PAC elbows Omega’s head then runs, but Omega clotheslines PAC right at the ropes! PAC crashes out and Omega takes time to breathe. Omega hears the Terminator drums and runs, but has to dropkick PAC back down first. Now Omega FLIES to wipe PAC and himself out at the railing! Fans are cheering for “A E Dub! A E Dub!”

Omega is up first and he walks it off. He shakes his head, that’s not enough for him. He puts PAC in and fans fire up again. Omega climbs up, leaps, missile dropkick to the back of PAC’s head! AOI SHODOU! Cover, TWO!! Omega keeps his focus, he still has more to try. He drags PAC back up, full nelsons, but PAC gets a ropebreak. Omega clubs away on PAC’s back, tries the full nelson again but PAC again gets Omega in the eye. But Omega still fireman’s carry, “You Can’t Escape!” But PAC slips out and shoves Omega away. Omega puts PAC on the apron, but PAC slingshots in, into the fireman’s carry! NOW You Can’t Escape! MOONSAULT FLOPS! PAC moonsaults to a tornado DDT! Cover, TWO!! Omega survives and PAC grows frustrated.

Fans duel as Omega crawls to a corner. But he ends up in a drop zone! PAC goes to his old ways as he climbs up top. But Omega drags himself out of the ring. PAC won’t be denied, he changes position to MOONSAULT! They wipe out into the barriers!! Chicago loses its mind over that crash ‘n’ burn! The referee checks on both men, and both men are clutching legs. Both men still stand, and the fans cheer their determination. PAC puts Omega in and slowly follows after. PAC again climbs, but Omega flounders over. PAC 450 splashes down on him! Cover, TWO!! Omega survives and PAC is speechless. PAC toys with Omega, and wants to see what makes Omega “Best in the World.” Omega slowly stands, but PAC forearms him. Omega stays up and comes back with a CHOP! PAC forearms again, so Omega forearms back! They brawl like this, fans divided down the middle.

Omega starts getting the edge with CHOPS and forearms! He doesn’t let up, he just hits from all sides! But then PAC fires back his own! PAC taunts Omega, to get a BOOT! Omega grits his teeth as he powerbomb lifts to a BUCKLE BOMB! Then he whips PAC for a SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! PAC lives but fans are firing up! Omega grins as he locks ‘n’ loads. He takes aim at PAC, BANG! Omega runs, but PAC uses the ref as a shield! PAC shoves the ref then springboards, into a dropkick! Omega drags PAC for a spinning Ushigoroshi! Then Omega runs to V-TRIGGER! Electric Chair lift is next, but PAC fights back! So Omega changes it up to CROYT’S WRATH! Cover, TWO!! PAC still lives and fans are loving it!

Omega drags PAC up again, underhooks, but PAC blocks. PAC back drops out of the Tiger Driver, but neither man gets up that fast. Fans rally with the drums again, and Omega runs in. PAC dodges, slingshots in for a BIG cutter! Then PAC German Suplexes, but Omega lands on his feet! He runs in to get a rebound German! PAC deadlifts to a German! Bridging, TWO!! Omega barely survives but that still frustrates PAC. Fans rally up as PAC and Omega slowly rise. PAC goes to Omega in the corner as time ticks away. PAC hoists Omega up top and then climbs to join him. Omega trips PAC up to send him into buckles! Then Omega drags PAC up, full nelson, SNAP DRAGON SUPLEX! Omega aims, runs in, V-TRIGGER! Cover, TWO!! Omega keeps his cool, because there’s still more he can do.

Omega drags PAC up and aims again, but PAC tanks the Trigger! Then back kicks, front kicks and enziguris, but that misses! Omega runs into PAC’s boot! Then SUPERKICK! PAC runs, into a V-TRIGGER! Omega grins as he holds PAC up. Omega runs, but PAC dodges, they both dodge, V-TRIGGER AGAIN! Omega hops up, but PAC slips out to give Omega the Poison-Rana. Omega slipped out, so PAC gives forearms. Omega gives them back, and then adds CHOPS! Point-Blank V-Trigger! Omega brings PAC up again, and wants the Electric Chair. Omega tucks PAC in but PAC slips out to a standing Rings of Saturn! Aka the Brutalizer Stretch! Omega starts to fade and they end up on the mat! Omega is OUT!? PAC WINS!!

Winner: PAC, by submission

This is shocking! The Best Bout Machine could not withstand the Bastard’s Brutalizer! And PAC just grins at all the booing fans. Is this just the beginning of big things for PAC in AEW?


Cracker Barrel Clash Triple Threat: Joey Janela VS Jimmy Havoc VS Darby Allin!

The Bad Boy, Mr. Suicidal and the Invisible Daredevil all want to win big in AEW in hopes of one day fighting for THE AEW World Championship. Who makes a major case for being next in line through this uniquely sponsored match?

The bell rings and the three men keep eyes on the others. Havoc says no thanks and bails out. He brings chairs out from under the ring! Seems Havoc isn’t happy unless there’s a TABLE! And a staple gun! Janela remembers that . Havoc staples himself?! He’s that crazy! So Allin and Janela attack him. The fans can’t believe the “sick f*ck” would do that. Janela bounces Havoc off steel steps then throws him to a corner. Allin sits Havoc in a chair and Janela holds Havoc in place. Allin fetches some tape! They use that to tape Havoc to the chair! Havoc is defiant even as Janela BOOTS him! But what’ sin the cup? Thumbtacks! That Allin puts in Havoc’s mouth! Janela tapes Havoc’s mouth shut to keep those tacks in there! Then Janela turns on Allin with a SUPERKICK!

Janela puts Allin in but Allin slingshots out, in, then DIVES to wipe Janela out! Allin puts Janela in but Janela dodges. Janela swings but Allin bobs ‘n’ weaves. Allin acrobatically arm-drags Janela down! Then hops on for a flip-over stunner! Allin then climbs up and has a choice. Janela or Havoc? Havoc wants it, so Allin SWANTONS onto Havoc! The tape, the chair and Havoc are broken! Chicago loses their minds again as Allin drags himself to the ring. Janela BOOTS and CHOPS Allin on the apron. But that only wakes Allin up! Allin CHOPS back then kicks Janela down. Allin climbs the corner, but Janela clubs him back. Janela has Allin in the inverted suplex, Emerald Fusion to the apron!! Janela might have broken Allin!

Janela goes looking under the ring and finds a… Tennis racket? Janela doesn’t want that. He wants another TABLE! Fans are loving this as Janela sets the table up. There’s not a lot of extra room, but a snug fit still fits. Janela drags Havoc up for forearms. Havoc takes the tape off to SPIT the tacks at Janela! Then he bops Janela off the post. Havoc goes to chop but Janela sees that coming. But Havoc sees Janela’s dodge coming, so he SLAPS Janela on the back to poke him in the eyes! Havoc’s savvy, and he throws Janela into steep steps! Havoc puts Janela in the ring, and fetches one of those chairs from earlier. And then the staple gun returns, along with paper. Janela BOOTS Havoc but Havoc SHORYUKENS to a Michinoku Driver! Cover, TWO!

Havoc goes back to his paper and staple gun, to paper cut the finger webbing! Then Havoc puts Janela in a chair, to put paper cut more webbing! The staple gun STAPLES Janela in the forehead! Havoc monkey flips Janela in the chair, but Janela lands just fine! Janela smirks and waves to the fans, but he forgets Havoc still has the paper. Paper cut to the mouth! Then ring out, but Janela counters to a suplex, onto the chair! Allin returns but Janela runs over to SUNSET FLIP BOMB through the table!! Chicago loses their minds yet again! Janela goes back to Havoc on the other side as fans chant “Cracker Barrel!” Janela MOONSAULTS but flops on the ramp!! Havoc got clear and Janela crashes hard! Havoc grabs them biscuits and serves them to Janela’s face! But that’s not all, because Havoc wants the barrel itself!

Havoc brings the barrel to ringside and fans chant “We Want Barrels!” That’s a first. Janela low blow uppercuts Havoc! No disqualifications in triple threats, after all. Janela follows Havoc into the ring, roars, runs, and LARIATS Havoc down! But Allin is back, with a skateboard covered in tacks?! Janela sees Allin but Allin shields himself with the sandpaper side. Havoc swings on Allin but gets the tack side! Then Allin climbs up, and leaps with the skateboard! Kickflip attack on Janela’s back! All those tacks! Cover, but Havoc yanks Allin out to throw him into steel steps! And then more steps! Havoc gets that first table set up as fans are in shock. Allin climbs to the apron and COFFIN DROPS through Havoc and the table! Allin throws Havoc into steel steps now! Fans are rallying for Allin but Havoc shoots staples at him. So Allin grabs Havoc to ram into steep steps again, and then brings the steels teps around.

Allin drags Havoc onto the steel steps and clubs away. Allin takes on of the barrels, brings it over to the corner, and climbs up top… Allin backpacks the barrel and LEAPS! Havoc is gone and Allin’s Coffin Drop bashes through barrel onto steel steps!! Is Allin broken now?! Havoc returns to Janela and throws forearms. Havoc climbs up but Janela uppercuts him. Janela drags Havoc out for a top rope draping DDT! Janela is a madman as he climbs up top. Janela leaps for a Macho Elbow! Cover, TWO!! Havoc still lives but Janela keeps his cool. Those tacks are visible in his back but he grabs the other barrel into the ring. Janela puts the barrel on Havoc’s body, then climbs back up. Havoc gets up to SHORYUKEN again! Havoc positions the barrel, has Janela up top, SUPERPLEX AGAINST THE BARREL! Janela’s legs only breaks part of it. Acid Rainmaker through the barrel! Cover, Havoc wins!

Winner: Jimmy Havoc, by pinfall

If this was the first ever Cracker Barrel Clash, is it also the last? That aside, will Havoc use this extreme victory to head for a title shot in the future?


Best Friends VS The Dark Order!

Evil Uno and Stu Grayson have their Creepers with them as they make their way out. They wanted this match ever since sending a message back at Double or Nothing, and now it will be for a very important prize. Can Trent Baretta and Chuckie T survive the Dark Order to get a huge advantage in the coming AEW Tag Team Championship tournament? Or will the Dark Order establish itself here and now?

The teams sort out and fans are on the side of Best Friends as Stu starts with Chuckie. Stu runs at Chuckie but gets forearms! Stu still powers Chuckie to the Dark Order corner. Tag to Evil Uno and they mug Chuckie! The ref counts and fans boo, but Uno and Stu let up. Chuckie fights back on both of them, but Uno and Stu kick him back. The Dark Order whips but Trent tags in. The Best Friends fire off on the Dark Order! Uno and Stu shove, but miss to get clothesline’d out! And then the Best Friends HUG! Stu returns to get a forearm, and Uno returns to get a kick. Best Friends work together to calf kick Uno down! Trent runs in to get a boost for the splash! Cover, TWO! Trent keeps his cool but Uno gets away. Uno tags to Stu and Trent gives him time to get in. Uno gives Stu tips and Stu runs in, only to get a CHOP!

Trent CHOPS Stu as the fans chant “Spooky Perverts!” at the Dark Order. Stu shoves Trent into Uno’s cheap shot. Trent hits Uno away then hits Stu, but Uno drags Trent out. Trent fights Uno off but Stu runs in. Trent shoulders Stu but Uno anchors him! Stu dropkicks Trent to barriers! Stu taunts Chuckie but the ref keeps the peace. Uno puts Trent in and Stu goes to a corner. Uno lifts Trent, Stu springboards, elbow drop sidewalk slam combo! Cover, TWO! Uno hushes the crowd as he CHOPS Trent! Uno grinds his boot into Trent’s chest, then whips him corner to corner hard! Trent falls back and Stu tags in. Stu stomps Trent around but Trent CHOPS back. Stu knees Trent then hangs him out to dry on the ropes! Trent rebounds to hit the mat! Stu kicks Trent out to the apron and tags Uno. Slingshot senton onto the apron from Stu!

Uno and Stu soak up the heat before Uno covers. TWO, but Uno keeps his cool. Chuckie and Chicago rally up but Uno puts Trent in a corner. Tag to Stu and the Dark Order mug Trent more. Stu rams Trent into an open corner then whips corner to corner. Trent tumbles up and back in, to LARIAT Stu down! Both men are down but crawling for their corners. Hot tag to Uno and Uno grabs Trent. Uno drags Trent away and stomps him down. Stu joins in but the ref counts. Stu lets up at 4, then soak up the heat more. Tag to Uno and The Dark Order whips Trent corner to corner. Trent elbows Uno then tosses Stu out! Trent hurries for his corner but Uno drags him away again. Trent dodges but Stu trips Chuckie up! Uno splashes in the corner on Trent! Tag to Stu, and the Dark Order suplex, enziguri brainbuster! Cover, TWO!

Stu grows frustrated then shouts at Trent. “I want him to die!” Uno tags in to calm Stu down. Uno runs corner to corner but misses! Trent gives Uno a tornado DDT! Fans rally for Best Friends and Trent shoves Uno away. Tag to Stu, but tag to Chuckie! The Kentucky Gentleman runs corner to corner on each of teh Dark Order, then gives Uno some Sliced Bread! Stu gets a pop-up powerbomb, cover, TWO! Chuckie CHOPS Stu then whips, but Stu dodges, only to be tossed out at Uno! Chuckie FLIES to take the Dark Order out! Then he runs up the ramp in a victory lap. Chuckie returns to put Stu back in, but Uno anchors him. Stu stomps Chuckie and then the Dark Order work together to whip Chuckie corner to corner. Chuckie dodges Uno but gets Stu’s kick.Trent tags in and Chuckie dodges Stu for Trent to hit a back elbow. Trent feeds Stu to Chuckie to feed to the German Suplex!

Trent tags Chuckie and Chuckie hits Uno down. Stu gets the long dart cutter! Cover, TWO! Tag to Trent, and Best Friends keep on Stu. They whip but Stu crisscross handsprings and PELES them both! Chuckie falls out and Trent is still in. Tag to Uno, and Stu runs at Trent. Trent puts him on the apron but Stu feeds Trent to the BOOT! Stu hits a springboard tornillo to take out Chuckie! CANNONBALL from Uno onto Trent! Cover, TWO!! Uno calls Stu over and tags him in. The Dark Order have Chuckie int he corner, knee to overhead suplex sends Trent onto Chuckie! Then CANNONBALL 450 simultaneous! Cover on Trent, TWO!? Trent still lives! And the Dark Order can’t believe it! But Chicago still has faith in Best Friends! Uno tags back in and he hauls Trent up in an chicken wing. Chuckie shoves Stu and Trent rolls Uno up, TWO!

Uno kicks Trent but Chuckie tags in. Trent waistlocks and feeds Uno to Chuckie’s knee! Sexy shotgun knee for Uno! Sole Food Half ‘n’ Half for Stu! Best Friends have Uno again, but Trent’s not strong enough to lift Uno. Chuckie hits Uno but Stu tags in. Stu handsprings into the Awful Waffle! Trent covers, but Uno drags him out! Uno throws Trent into railing, and the Creepers attack Chuckie behind the ref’s back! Uno puts Trent in and Stu tags him in. Uno dusts his hands off and brings Trent up. Stu climbs up, they hit FATALITY!! Cover, The Dark Order wins!

Winners: The Dark Order, Evil Uno pinning; gain the first round bye in the tag team tournament

And they add damage on as they throw Chuckie into railing! The Dark Order are already a menacing team, especially with their Creepers always around. Are they now shoe-ins for the AEW Tag Team Championships?

The Creepers drag Trent away, and the lights go out. But when they come back on, it’s Orange Cassidy! Is the Sloth going to be the hero AEW deserves? He DIVES onto the Creepers, with no hands! And then he shows off by kipping up without hands! And the Best Friends add him to the hug! Do Trent and Chuckie have reinforcements against the Dark Order?


Riho VS Hikaru Shida!

Nyla Rose awaits one of these two stars of Stardom in October for the AEW Women’s Championship match! Who wins to prove themselves worthy of a golden opportunity?

The bell rings and the fans fire up for this joshi showdown. Riho and Hikaru tie up but Hikaru shoves Riho down. Riho comes back and waistlocks but Hikaru standing switches to a takedown. Riho spins out but Hikaru reverses to whip. Hikaru runs RIho over but then things speed up. Riho tries to arm-drag but she’s not strong enough. Hikaru arm-drags but Riho handsprings through. Riho runs but into a backbreaker! Cover, TWO as Riho sips out! Riho dropkicks Hikaru down and fans fire up. Hikaru goes to a corner but Riho is on her. Hikaru blocks the whip so Riho hits hard. Hikaru reveres the whip to run in with a big knee! Hikaru puts Riho on the apron and clubs her. Hikaru runs to knee lift Riho back into the ring!

Fans cheer but Hikaru leaves some fans hanging for those high-fives. Hikaru drags Riho up and scoops for another backbreaker. Cover, TWO! Hikaru keeps her cool as she knees Riho in the sides. Fans rally up as Riho fires back. Riho forearms Hikaru back but Hikaru kicks and scoops for another backbreaker. Cover, TWO! Hikaru grabs the legs for a deep Boston Crab! Fans rally and duel as Riho endures. Hikaru changes to a Half Crab and pulls back harder! But Riho crawls and gets the ropebreak! Hikaru lets up but comes back to drag Riho up. Hikaru lifts Riho into a Canadian torture rack! Riho endures as Hikaru jumps to add pressure. Hikaru puts Riho in the corner, runs corner to corner, and knees Riho in the back! Riho falls to the mat and Hikaru covers, TWO!! Riho just barely bridges up enough, but Hikaru grins as she enjoys this.

Hikaru drags Riho up and fireman’s carries. Riho fights out and gets to ropes. Hikaru runs in but Riho dodges to tilt-o-whirl Hikaru down! Fans fire up as Riho and Hikaru get up. Hikaru runs in but is dumped out hard! Riho climbs up top, but Hikaru stops her with clubbing hands. Hikaru has Riho but Riho resists! Riho fights Hikaru off and Hikaru falls to the apron. Riho adjusts to double stomp Hikaru on the apron! Hikaru writhes in the ring and Riho hurries back up. Riho climbs again, leaps, crossbody cover! TWO but barely! Riho drags Hikaru back up, but Hikaru blocks the Northern Lights. Riho and Hikaru brawl with forearms! Hikaru DECKS Riho, then runs, but Riho drop toeholds Hikaru onto the rope! Shout out to the King of Lucha, but Hikaru blocks the number! Hikaru yanks Riho in for a stretch muffler! Riho holds on but not for long! Hikaru has the leg, Riho whips around to sunset flip! TWO!!

Riho runs, tilt-o-whirl and a whip, Riho wheelbarrows to double stomps! Riho keeps moving, but gets a BIG knee from Hikaru! Both women are down and a standing count begins. Both women stir and stand at 8. Hikaru goes over to Riho and brings her out for a suplex. Riho fights it off, but Hikaru powers it through! The suplex hits hard and fans fire up! Hikaru knees but it’s blocked! She boots Riho down, then runs, shining wizard gets through Riho’s guard! Cover, TWO!! Riho still lives, but Hikaru keeps her cool. Hikaru hears the fans rallying and dueling. Hikaru drags Riho up and suplexes again, but Riho slips out to roll up! TWO, but Riho tries a cradle, TWO! Hikaru has Riho in a deadlift! Hikaru puts Riho on the ropes to then enziguri her down!

Hikaru climbs and drags Riho up by her arm. She gets Riho to the ropes, DEADLIFT SUPERPLEX! Fasn love it as Hikaru covers, TWO!? Riho still lives?! Hikaru drags Riho up and runs, but Riho anchors a leg. Hikaru clubs Riho off her, then drags her up for another Canadian rack. Riho counters to a Northern Lights! But Riho can’t bridge, so she heads for a corner. Riho is up top but Hikaru clubs her back. They brawl as Hikaru climbs, and Riho sends Hikaru down! TREE OF WOE STOMPS! Riho goes corner to corner, METEORA! Cover, TWO!?! Hikaru shocks Riho and fans are starting to get upset with the ref. Riho climbs up and leaps again, but Hikaru dodges the stomps. Riho comes back, Meteora to the back! Then she runs, but into a judo throw! And fireman’s carry, flipping backbreaker!! Cover, TWO!?! Riho survives and fans are fired up again!

Hikaru vows to end this. She suplexes, but Riho victory rolls through, TWO! Riho rolls Hikaru but Hikaru rolls through, only to miss her wizard! Riho and Hikaru run, tilt-o-whirl big swing to a roll up! RIHO WINS!

Winner: Riho, by pinfall; qualifies for the AEW Women’s Championship match

The Wrestling Idol wins?! She pulls off another shocker, but Nyla Rose walks out to see her future opponent. Nyla licks her lips like a predator finding prey. The Native Beast looks forward to getting revenge on Riho from their previous encounter, but will it also bring her the title? Or will Riho just make it 3 for 3 in upset victories?


Cody VS Shawn Spears!

It’s the age old story in professional wrestling: two friends who came up together in the business end up bitter enemies. The American Nightmare was the victim of the Chairshot Heard Around the World when the Perfect 10 came out of nowhere at Fyter Fest. Perhaps Cody overstepped talking about him like he was just a “good hand,” or perhaps Spears has been driven to this by bitter jealousy. Either way, this issue gets put to bed tonight. Will it be founder or “chairman” of AEW that survives?

Spears goes to the ring still holding the chair that he used to smash Cody in the head roughly two months ago. And in his corner, it’s Tully Blanchard! Tully has coached Spears since this match was announced, will his guidance be what helps Spears destroy Cody? But in Cody’s corner, it is Brandi “7 of 9” Rhodes, as well as crewmen DDP and MJF. Which means the American Nightmare… is CAPTAIN Rennels! Is this the final frontier for one of these two men?

The referee tells Cody he can only have one corner person to match Tully. And surprisingly, it’s MJF! Will Cody’s head of security and apparent best friend be ready to counter a living legend?

Cody DIVES right onto Spears! Then DECKS Tully! Cody throws Spears into the crowd and the ref keeps Tully back. Spears drags Cody into the crowd but Cody fights him back! They brawl and fans get front row seats though they’re in the back. Cody rocks Spears and throws him around. Cody hops up on the railing to soak up the cheers! Cody pursues Spears with big hands as fans are rabidly behind their captain! Cody brings Spears around to throw more hands, and then Cody gets high-fives from the kids. They return to ringside and Cody stares at Tully. Cody puts Spears in as fans cheer “F him up, Cody, F him up!” The bell finally rings and this is official as Spears throws Cody back out. Cody drags Spears out to join him, and gets him with the powerslam!

Spears cowers to the ramp but Cody stalks him up the way. Tully lurks closer, but MJF comes around to keep him back. Spears goes at Cody but Cody kicks him back. Tully sneaks closer and grabs Cody! Tully helps Spears get a lowest low blow! The problem is, the ref didn’t see it because he was keeping MJF back. Spears puts Cody in and drags him up to CHOP. Spears CHOPS Cody in the corner now, then headbutts him down. Cody flounders against ropes but Spears is on him. Spears climbs up as fans call him a “SIX! SIX!” Spears clubs Cody down then comes back around. Spears CHOPS Cody again, but fans troll and duel. Cody CHOPS Spears back! Then throws haymakers! Spears kicks low to then CHOP Cody again.

Spears climbs up and has Cody, but Cody uppercuts free. Cody climbs up, SUPER STEINER! Fans cheer as Cody fires himself up. Cody runs but into Spears’ right hand! Spears drags Cody around and suplexes Cody against the ropes, to make it a Tree of Woe! Spears BOOTS Cody out of the tree! Cody flops to the floor while Spears grins and winks at MJF. Spears throws Cody into the timekeeper’s table, then suplexes him into the post! MJF complains that the ref isn’t doing his job. Spears gets int he ring and drags Cody up. Spears reels Cody in for a big lariat, then chokes him! Cody rakes eyes in return, but Spears rains down lefts! Cody keeps trying for the eyes but Spears just stomps him down. Spears taunts MJF and Tully lurks close. The ref tells Tully to back off, but Spears tells the ref to focus on him and Cody. Spears CHOPS Cody and Cody slumps out of the ring.

Spears takes someone’s water bottle to SPIT in Cody’s face! Then he brings Cody around to put him back in. Spears bobs ‘n’ weaves but Cody drops down to uppercut! Spears goes to a corner and Cody runs in, but Cody gets nothing but post! Spears goes out to the apron and drags Cody out, draping DDT to the apron! Spears suffers some damage of his own, and MJF is growing frustrated that he’s only a liability. Tully helps Spears get going and Spears covers Cody, TWO! Spears grows frustrated and he goes after Cody’s weight belt. MJF protests as Spears looks the belt over. Spears SPITS on it, but the ref warns Spears not to use that belt. Spears tells the ref to shut up, but the ref shoves him back! Spears listens and throws the belt away. But Tully gives Spears his belt! And Spears LASHES Cody on the back with it! The referee notices that after the fact, and Spears taunts MJF. Spears lashes Cody again, but Cody springs right up in angry!

Cody glares at Spears, and Spears realizes he’s just awoken a lion! Spears lashes, Cody BOOTS Spears down! Then forearms and stomps him in the corner! Fans fire up with Cody as he snapmares Spears to run, springboard cutter! Cody kicks, Alabama lifts and Alabama SLAMS Spears down! Cody glares down at Spears and then tells Tully he’s watching him. Cody grabs Spears’ legs and a “WOO~!” echoes out. Figure Four Leglock is on, but Spears turns it right over! Cody suffers the hold now, and Tully ends up on the same side as MJF. MJF backs Tully off as Cody claws his way. But Tully gets away with helping Spears get leverage! Cody still gets a ropebreak and Spears has to let him go.

Cody gets on the apron, and MJF makes sure he’s okay. MJF glares at Spears but has to let him through. Spears stumbles to where Cody is at the ramp. Spears brings Cody up in a fireman’s carry, for a rolling DEATH VALLEY to the ramp! This proves double-edged as both men are down, and the ref checks on them. Chicago is stunned that Spears would go so far. Spears drags Cody but between his bad back and Cody’s dead weight, he gives up on that. Spears just goes to the ring for himself and gets in the ring. Cody barely stirs as the referee checks on him again. Tully wants a ring count, and the referee has no choice. Cody crawls over as MJF helps out. The referee warns MJF and MJF backs off. The count is past 5 as MJF coaches Cody to not quit. Cody gets up at 8, and runs in at 9! Spears is frustrated but Tully calms him down.

Fans rally up for Cody but Spears stands first. Spears takes the knee pad down, and runs over, only for Cody to slip around and hit CROSS RHODES! Cover but Tully distracts! MJF protests then dares Tully to throw down. Tully tapes his wrists, but then bugs out. To get back in and take the jacket off! MJF throws his shirt off, but Tully throws his jacket at MJF. MJF throws his scarf at Tully, and they start choking each other! Spears BOOTS MJF right out of the ring! Tully then goes at MJF for himself with stomps! But here comes ARN ANDERSON!? Arn marches down, and he’s on Cody’s side with that SPINEBUSTER to Spears!! Tully is in shock that a fellow Four Horseman would do that! Arn disappears and Tully chases after, leaving this to just Cody, Spears, and MJF.

Cody drags Spears up but Spears rams him into the apron! They both get in slowly, and fans rally up. But Spears looks under the ring grabs a chair! But Cody kicks him on the way in, then clothesline to complete shot! Cody sees the chair and takes it for his own. The referee tells Cody not to, but Cody still aims at Spears. Spears dares Cody to, but then Cody drops the chair. Cody jabs away and BIONIC ELBOWS! Then Beautiful Disaster through the chair! CROSS RHODES! Cover, Cody wins!

Winner: Cody, by pinfall

MJF seems rather shocked by that! But then he picks up the chair…? To toss it aside and hug his best friend. MJF raises Cody’s hand in victory and gets the fans into it. Cody has settled things with Spears, but what is next for the American Nightmare?


AAA Tag Team Championships Ecalera de la Muerte: The Lucha Brothers VS The Young Bucks!

The Stairway to Death is the ultimate escalation of the rivalry that has defined tag team wrestling in 2019. Will Pentagon and Fenix retain the tag titles in their match of choice? Or will Matt and Nick Jackson get those belts back as they head for the AEW Tag Team Championships this Fall?

Introductions are made and the belts are already hanging in the balance as this epic rematch begins!

Fans chant “Cero Miedo!” for Pentagon and Fenix, but there are plenty of fans chanting for the Bucks. Matt and Nick take off their deer masks while Pentagon and Fenix take off their mask covers. The Lucha Bros get in the Bucks’ faces with “CERO MIEDO!” But in return, the Bucks say “Cero Huevos.” Lucha Bros again say Cero Miedo, so the Bucks just SPIT on them! Everyoen goes to superkick but they all dodge! The brawling begins, but the Bucks run into mule kicks. Fenix throws Matt out and then Nick decks Pentagon. Nick dodges Fenix but Matt comes back to scoop! They want it already!? Pentagon anchors Nick and smacks him off teh aprno. Fenix kicks Matt to the corner and says “ANIMO!” But he runs into boots! Pentagon enziguris Matt, Fenix hits a running bomb! Then the Lucha Bros ask “Wassap?!” with a leg drop!

Matt rolls away in pain and regroups with Nick. Fans rally up and the Lucha Bros take off with Cero Miedo, into a LADDER! The Bucks wreck Pentagon and Fenix with a ladder then go inside to keep on the LUcha Bros. Double alley-oop dropkick! Fenix stays in so Matt drags him up and puts it out. Powerbomb lift, buckle bomb enziguri combo! Matt catapults Fenix into another enziguri! Nick springboards to stomp Fenix on Matt’s knees! The Bucks climb a ladder and flex together, only to get SUPERKICKS! Pentagon hops up and leaps off the ladder to wipe the Bucks out. Fenix dares to draw some bad luck as he slingshots and LEAPS over the ladder! Fenix bowls everyone over and fans are fired up!

The Bucks regroup as Fenix and Pentagon bring a ladder into the ring. Pentagon kicks away on Nick then CHOPS him against the apron! Pentagon has Fenix set up the ladder they have, but the Bucks hurry after. The Bucks stop the Lucha Bros from climbing and start clubbing away. They whip, but the Lucha Bros dodg to climb! The Bucks yank them back down and more brawling ensues. Fenix CHOPS Matt, but Nick is on the other way, they both “Lucha Libre~!” to the ladder! The older brothers yank them off and start brawling up top. They stagger each other, but the younger brothers both hit rolling cutters! Fenix and Nick trade CHOPS! Nick boots then handsprings to bring Fenix out to the apron. Nick and Fenix both BOOT each other! Matt and Pentagon both run to SPEAR the other brothers through tables!

Fans cheer as all four men are wrecked! Pentagon is up and talks some trash in Spanish, but Fenix is still in the wreckage. Pentagon hurries into the ring but Matt pursues. Pentagon puts the ladder in a corner but Matt throws hands on him. Pentagon hits back then sharply kicks the leg! Pentagon hushes the crowd, as he runs to kick the leg again! Matt hobbles, and Pentagon says “CERO! MIEDO!” Pentagon whips but Matt reverses. Pentagon slides out but Nick uses the ladder to LEAP onto Pentagon! But Fenix leaps at Matt, but into a Northern Lights, then another, then another! Matt just keeps the Northern Lights Express going to suplex Fenix onto that ladder! Fans fire up as Nick drags Pentagon in and Fenix rolls out.

Nick hammers away on Pentagon as he rests on a ladder. Nick goes to the corner and Matt lifts the ladder up. Pentagon kicks Matt away, then Fenix SUPER STEINERS Nick onto the ladder! Fans are loving “A E Dub!” for this as the Lucha Bros stand the ladder back up. Fenix CHOPS Nick then goes acrobatic, then to the ladder, to then huricanrana Matt! SUPERKICK for Nick! Pentagon uses ladder and ropes to crossbody Nick down! Fans are fired up as the Lucha Brothers are still standing. Fenix puts the little ladder out and Pentagon brings the big ladder in. They climb but Nick returns to SUPERKICK Pentagon! Matt trophy lifts Fenix off to dump him down, then SPEAR Pentagon under the ladder! Nick adjusts the ladder then goes to the apron to Penalty Kick Pentagon! He slingshots to hit Fenix with the X-factor! Then handspring moonsaults Pentagon!

Matt coordinates and has Nick goes up. Nick springboards for a shortcut, but Fenix tips the ladder. Nick just LEAPS onto Pentagon! Fenix sees that, but also sees he’s alone with the ladder. But Matt comes in to push Fenix over! So Fenix just uses that to LEAP onto Nick! But that leaves Matt alone! Matt adjusts and climbs, but Pentagon hurries in. They brawl up top, Pentagon insults Matt’s mama, and then punches him down, for a SUPER SLINGBLADE! Fans are thunderous as all four men are down. But the teams regroup and get back in. Pentagon stands the ladder up but Nick returns. Pentagon CHOPS Nick, then kicks the leg! Pentagon whips Nick but Nick reverses. Pentagon slides under the ladder, Nick FLIES THROUGH the ladder!! Matt and Fenix fight over the ladder, and fight under the ladder! Fenix jams Matt into the crossbar,s then slingshots in for a DESTROYER!

Chicago gives another ovation as Fenix has the ladder. But Fenix also calls to Pentagon. Fenix pushes the ladder away while Pentagon puts a table in! Fenix sets that table up while Pentagon finds a shorter ladder. The Lucha Brothers coordinate something while fans hope they “Fight Forever!” Fenix brings Matt over to put on the table. Fenix then climbs the ladder, but Matt springs up to go after him! Matt has Fenix, but Pentagon saves his brother. Pentagon trades places with Fenix, SUPER DESTROYER THROUGH THE TABLE!! Chicago loses their minds all over again! Both Matt and Pentagon are wrecked, so it is Nick and Fenix who arrange other things. “This is Awesome!” but far from over. Nick and Fenix have the other’s brother on other tables. Nick and Fenix stare down from across the ring as they know they’re doing the same thing. They each do it, FROG SPLASH THROUGH TABLES!

Chicago chants “Eddie! Eddie!” in honor of Latino Heat’s frog splash. Fenix and Nick leave their brothers behind as they grab a ladder and a table, respectively. Fenix makes a bridge, but Nick fights him back. Fans are told to move back as Nick LEAPS and tornado DDTs Fenix onto table wreckage! Nick then brings two tables together by the ramp. Nick hobbles over but he sees Fenix getting in the ring. Fenix climbs but Nick stops him. Nick has Fenix for a bomb, but Fenix fights back. Fenix pops off to SUPERKICK Nick down! Matt SUPERKICKS Fenix outta nowhere! Somehow Matt is up at all and heading for the ladder. But Pentagon is also somehow on his feet in pursuit. Pentagon drags Matt off but Nick trips Pentagon up for a Sharpshooter! Matt goes up the ladder but Pentagon grabs Matt’s foot. Matt puts the ladder on Pentagon, and then puts on a crossface!

But Fenix goes up the ladder! Nick lets Pentagon go to intercept Fenix. They brawl, and Nick bounces Fenix’s face off the top. Matt has Fenix in the Tombstone and Nick climbs up. Titles or piledriver? SUPERKICK stops Matt so there goes that. But then Pentagon pushes Nick over! Nick CRASHES through the tables on the outside!! But on closer inspection, he also clips ropes, so he doesn’t even hit through both, just the one, and his head may have clipped the other! But Pentagon shows no remorse as he just climbs up top. Matt hurries after Pentagon and they brawl again. They reach for belts but also CHOP and punch each other! Pentagon bounces Matt off the ladder, and then reaches. But Matt UNMASKS Pentagon!! Uncalled for despite no rules. Fenix leaps into Matt’S mule kick! But with one hand, Pentagon shoves the ladder over! Matt crashes and burns onto the very same ladder!

Chicago is again stunned as the Bucks are all but broken. Pentagon rolls away, keeping his face covered. The refs help Pentagon put his mask back on while Fenix goes to finish Matt. Pentagon returns, his mask back on. They have Matt across that ladder bridge, and again, CERO MIEDO, STOMP DRIVER!! Matt and even Pentagon wreck against the ladder’s steel! Fenix is left to drag the ladder up. Pentagon crawls after and supports the ladder as Fenix climbs. The both climb as brothers, and take the belts off the clip! The Lucha Brothers win!!

Winners: The Lucha Brothers; still AAA Tag Team Champions

But wait, who are these two in the president masks? Clinton and JFK look at the Lucha Brothers, and shove them off! These presidential assassins stomp the Lucha Bros out, then go after what’s left of Nick! Powerbomb lift as Clinton goes up top. Blockbuster Powerbomb combo! But just who are these two!? The masks come off, and it’s… L A X!! Santana and Ortiz have arrived in AEW, ready to make Boricuan badassery All Elite! They don’t care about respect, they only care about dominance. Will they do what they want to who they want as the AEW Tag Team Championships draw nearer?


AEW World Championship: Chris Jericho VS Hangman Adam Page!

Finally, there will be someone who stands at the very top of AEW. The legendary Y2J wants a “thank you” for even being in AEW, but the Problem Solver only thanks Jericho for being such a legendary opponent to overcome. Hangman literally rides his horse ’til he can’t no more, but will he be riding out with gold around his waist? Or will the legend of Jericho only grow stronger after going All Out?

The introductions are made, and referee Aubrey Edwards makes sure both men understand the importance of this match. And this needs to be a good, clean fight. “Best of luck to you both.” The world title is raised, and the match to determine the very first begins!

Jericho circles with Hangman as fans fire up. Jericho takes a moment to point out the fans cheering for him. Some even hold up, “Thank You Jericho” signs. Hangman and Jericho tie up, go around, and end up on the ropes. Hangman has Jericho in a corner and the ref counts. Hangman backs off, and circles with Jericho again. Jericho arm-drags but Hangman is right up. Fans duel now as the two circle again. They tie up again and Jericho arm-drags Hangman again. Hangman comes back with haymakers and CHOPS! He whips Jericho and catches the crossbody to a Fall Away Slam! Then he kips up! Hangman clotheslines Jericho out and fans cheer! Hangman goes out to fetch Jericho but Jericho leads him around the way. Hangman still CHOPS Jericho and punches him around the way. Jericho SLAPS Hangman! “you see what happens!?”

But Hangman just gets mad. Hangman chases Jericho into the ring, clotheslines but misses, only to BOOT Hangman down. Cover, ONE! Hangman keeps his cool as he brings Jericho up to CHOP again. Jericho goes to a corner but Hangman whips him corner to corner. Jericho boots back, then hops up to leap for a missile dropkick! Cover, TWO! Jericho smirks as he watches Hangman stand. Jericho goes after the legs, and wants his submission, but Hangman scrambles around for ropes. Hangman spins and tosses Jericho out! Jericho gets up and Hangman DIVES! Hangman rams Jericho into railing! Jericho flops around and Hangman drags him into the ring. Hangman goes to a corner and climbs, to leap for a flying lariat! Cover, TWO!

Hangman keeps his cool as he whips Jericho again. Jericho holds ropes and dumps Hangman to the apron. Jericho triangle dropkicks but misses! Hangman is on the apron, Shooting Star Press into a Code Breaker! Jericho is savvy to Hangman’s style, but both men are down. The ref checks on both men. Jericho is up and in first and leaves Hangman behind. Fans rally up as the ring count begins. Hangman stirs at 5 and sits up at 7. Hangman stands at 8, and in at 9.5! Jericho thought he won, so he angrily blasts Hangman back out with forearms! Jericho grins as he soaks up the heat. The referee checks on Hangman again, but he’s somehow okay. Jericho goes out to throw forearms on Hangman, then throws him into more railing. Jericho bounces Hangman off the apron, then uncovers a railing. Jericho brings Hangman over, to lace Hangman’s arm through the gaps and pulls! And even kicks!

Jericho rings the bell as if he’s won, an already classic move of Jericho’s since he was recently in NJPW. Jericho bops Hangman with a microphone! He puts Hangman in the ring and then stomps him down. He kicks Hangman while he’s down, then CHOPS. Hangman CHOPS but Jericho kicks and DDTs the arm! Jericho shows off his physique and fans cheer. Hangman sputters but Jericho wraps that bad arm on the middle ropes. The ref counts and Jericho lets go, mocking the count. Jericho stomps Hangman while fans chant “Stupid Idiot!” Jericho lets go of Hangman to soak up the fans referencing his past. Jericho drags Hangman up but Hangman CHOPS back! Hangman fires off haymakers and more CHOPS, then runs, but into Jericho’s kitchen sink knee. Jericho lounges on the corner!

Jericho drops a senton on Hangman, covers, TWO! Jericho grabs the bad arm for a hammerlock, standing over Hangman as he pulls on it. Fans rally up and Hangman fights his way up. Hangman slips out to CHOP and haymaker more. Hangman runs but into a BIG dropkick! Cover, TWO! Jericho double checks but it was two. Jericho kicks Hangman around but fans rally and duel again. Jericho CHOPS, but Hangman CHOPS. It is a CHOP fight now, but Hangman gets the edge. Hangman whips but Jericho kicks him back. Jericho runs but Hangman tosses him to the apron. Jericho just goes to the top rope and leaps for a big crossbody! Roll through to a deadlift! Fall Away Slam number 2! Fans cheer as both men are down.

Hangman kips up! He hoists Jericho into a fireman’s carry, rolling senton hits! Then a sliding lariat! Hangman goes to the corner, and runs out for a shooting star! Cover, TWO! Hangman keeps his cool, and he follows Jericho to the ropes. Hangman whips but Jericho holds ropes to deny that dropkick. Jericho springboards but Hangman joins him for an elevated Russian Leg Sweep! Cover, TWO! Both men are down again but fans build to a rally. Hangman reels Jericho in for a scoop, and then the package, but Jericho rolls through to get the legs! Jericho wants Walls, and gets Walls of Jericho! Hangman endures the iconic submission, but powers his way through to punch Jericho and spin him off again! Hangman is up, rolling elbow gets Jericho in the eye! The referee checks on Jericho as Hangman crawls over.

The fans rally up but the referee keeps Hangman back. Jericho’s eye is still in question, but Hangman waits. Jericho is in fact bleeding just above the eye. Jericho has a crimson mask forming, and he walks around the ring. Hangman grins as he pursues. The referee tells him to get in the ring, but Hangman still stalks behind Jericho. Hangman punches the bleeding eye, then whips Jericho into barriers! Fans get an up close look at that bloody eyebrow as the referee checks on Jericho. Jericho gets into the ring and Hangman follows. Hangman tells the referee that this match should continue. The ref isn’t so sure, but Jericho stands and Hangman decks him! Hangman stomps a mudhole into Jericho in the corner. The ref counts and Hangman lets up at 4. Fans cheer Hangman as Jericho stands. Jericho’s blood is everywhere, but he still sees Hangman coming! Jericho flapjacks Hangman onto the apron!

Jericho goes outside and drags Hangman up for a headbutt. Jericho climbs and brings Hangman up to join him. Hangman resists but Jericho clubs his back. They fight as Jericho tries to plan something. Hangman goes after the bloody cut! And then hist a SUPER SWINGING NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO!! Jericho still lives! But the blood continues to pour, just as the fans continue to cheer. Hangman kicks Jericho around then even knees that bloody eyebrow. Hangman throws off the elbow pads and even boots Jericho more. Jericho staggers up into another rolling elbow! Hangman waits as the ref checks on Jericho. Jericho gets up and Hangman is on him with a suplex. Jericho resists and then reverses, to hang Hangman out on the ropes. Jericho throws haymakers but so does Hangman. Jericho turns Hangman around on the ropes, to then triangle jump, into a SUPERKICK! Slingshot, BUCKSHOT!

Fans fire up as Hangman keeps on the bloody Jericho. Alabama lift, but Jericho sunset flips to the Walls! And he sits deep! Hangman endures again, and is so close to ropes! Fans fire up and Hangman claws his way over, to get the ropebreak! Jericho lets go at 4, but the ref gives him a push. Jericho pushes the ref, but the ref tells him to remember she’s an official! Fans cheer “F him up, Aubrey, F him up!” Jericho runs at Hangman but gets tossed out of the ring! Hangman climbs up again, and MOONSAULTS to take Jericho out! But they hit the ramp! Hangman’s knee hits steel! Hangman hobbles up and puts Jericho back in. Hangman aims again, and slingshots, into a CODE BREAKER! Cover, TWO!! Hangman survives and Jericho’s shocked expression is visible through his blood.

Jericho rains down rights on Hangman out of frustration. Jericho drags Hangman up and throws knees right to Hangman’s face, then haymakers. Jericho runs but into a third rolling elbow! Hangman runs out for another shooting star, onto knees! Jericho waits for Hangman to stand, Code- No! No Cod Breaker this time, Alabama but sunset flip! TWO and Hangman jackknifes into the Alabama! DEADEYE!! Cover, TWO?!? Jericho survives Hangman’s best shot and no one can believe it! Hangman keeps going as he slingshots out. He aims, slingshots in, BUCKSHOT AGAIN! But that’s not all, another lift, but Jericho backslide counters! Hangman slides out, JUDAS EFFECT!! Jericho covers, Jericho wins!!

Winner: Chris Jericho, by pinfall; INAUGURAL AEW World Champion

History is made, and it is by a man who has already made so much history in the world of professional wrestling! The first AEW World Champion is the Best in the World at What He Does, and what Y2J does is make history. But who will come for Jericho’s title now that he has the target on his back?



My Thoughts:

A really good night for AEW’s biggest event to date. The Buy-In was a lot of fun, as before. The AEW Women’s Division is looking really strong, and there are a lot of great stories already aside from the title. Baker VS Priestley, Brandi VS Allie, and there will surely be plenty of others as AEW TV begins. Nyla Rose wins the battle royal, and then we see a great match between Hikaru Shida and Riho to determine the other contender. Riho winning that to give us a revisit of their encounter from not too long ago is pretty smart writing. Riho is without a doubt the underdog, so from a booking standpoint, she might have a chance of winning. But at the same time, there’s always more fun in the chase, at least for us fans. Nyla would make a great monster champion to take that title for AEW TV, going towards AEW’s next PPV, Full Gear, in November.

SoCal Uncensored had a solid match with “Jurassic Express” aka A Boy, A Smaller Boy, and Their Dinosaur. It may be a bit early to say there will one day be AEW Trios Championships, but if any team is to lead AEW to that, it would be SCU. I suppose “Cracker Barrel Clash” doesn’t mean much more than three crazy people going to the extreme in a match, but it would be interesting to see how many more of these we get as AEW continues on. Havoc winning is pretty big for him, and I wonder if there will come a day when AEW get a midcard title. Guys like Havoc, Janela and Allin could easily be in a match just like we got tonight, but with an AEW Cracker Barrel sponsored title on the line. Cody VS Spears was good not on the match so much as all the story and activity going on outside with Tully and MJF and ARN FREAKIN’ ANDERSON! I honestly thought MJF was going to cost Cody, but then Arn helped. I thought MJF was going to swerve Cody, but then he celebrated with him. I’m sure AEW TV will be when things move towards a possible Cody-MJF feud, tonight was about planting seeds.

Private Party VS Evans & Angelico was a great match, and it means a lot for Private Party to be the winners. Their next match being against the Young Bucks as part of both AEW TV and the AEW Tag Team Championship Tournament, this win means a lot for this up-and-coming team. And so does Evans & Angelico going Heel. They’ll be a major force for the tag division if they’re Heels, and can shine bright since Evans was a solid Heel in Lucha Underground. The tag team match of Best Friends VS The Dark Order was also great, and it just makes sense for the Heel team to take this kind of win. It makes a much better story for a Face team to fight their way up through all the rounds of the tournament to get to those titles, and it can lead to a great story of a Best Friends VS Dark Order rematch. The ladder match was almost too much. I was really concerned for Nick after that table spot, and then Matt in the ladder spot. But Lucha Bros win to keep AAA titles with AAA wrestlers (more or less), but then OMG LAX!? A pretty great debut for them, and this definitely has to shake out in that AEW Tag Team tournament.

PAC VS Omega was a really good substitution for Omega VS MOX. Things did get sloppy in the middle, but that does have to do with the adjustment from the planned Moxley match. But I can imagine that just as PAC won tonight, Moxley was meant to win his match with Omega. Hopefully we can still get Omega VS Moxley down the line, but what a big way for PAC to return to AEW. I suppose since AEW is about being different than other wrestling promotions, maybe PAC can be a contender regardless of being Heel or Face. And Jericho VS Hangman, another great match, and definitely one worthy of closing out the night for THE AEW World Championship. It is natural for Jericho to win, he is the established legend to attract those still unsure about AEW, and again, it’ll be about the chase. Jericho will have that belt to brag and boast about on AEW TV as we head for Full Gear. Hangman, PAC and whoever else can fight their way up to being a contender in the four weeks until then for some great matches and natural booking.

My Score: 9.4/10

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