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Mitchell’s NJPW AXS TV Results: G1 Climax 29, Part 5!

The G1 enters Night 13!



NJPW G1 Climax 29

The A Block continues the action!

And the Rainmaker is STILL undefeated! But now, the Cold Skull has another chance to take him down! Will SANADA be the one to end Kazuchika Okada’s streak?


Coverage of the G1 Climax 29 will be as broadcast by AXS TV.

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  • Bad Luck Fale VS KENTA; Fale wins.
  • Lance Archer VS Zack Sabre Jr; Sabre wins.
  • EVIL VS Will Ospreay; EVIL wins.
  • Hiroshi Tanahashi VS Kota Ibushi; Ibushi wins.
  • Kazuchika Okada VS SANADA; SANADA wins.


NJPW and AXS TV set the scene for another round!

The Rainmaker is STILL unbeaten, even after facing the Killer Elite, Lance Archer. And now he is TRULY the last undefeated man in the G1 Climax as B Block’s Jon Moxley was bamboozled and beaten by the Clown Prince himself, Toru Yano! Kazuchika Okada faces a man he’s never lost to yet in SANADA! Sanada has no chance of making it to the Finals, but perhaps he can use this moment to spoil Okada’s momentum! Will Sanada still check off a future title match by beating Okada once and for all?

Meanwhile, there is a three-way tie for second place between the Ace, the Golden Star and Mr. Takeover! Tanahashi takes on Ibushi in a showdown of role model and follower! Will the Once in a Century Talent’s comeback be halted by the rise of a new ace? And what of Kenta’s run as he looks to stay afloat this close to the end?


Bad Luck Fale w/ Jado & Chase Owens VS KENTA!

Ask and we receive! The Rogue General is the next challenge for #FangRevive in the G1! Kenta wants to stay alive in the round robin, but will the big bad Tongan end all of that here?

The minute Kenta and Fale are face to face, Kenta SLAPS Fale! The bell rings and Fale hoists Kenta up with both hands! Kenta fights out and runs, but his boot only staggers Fale. Kenta tries another, but still nothing. He tries a third time, has to duck Fale’s counter attack, only to get a SMACK from Jado’s kendo stick! Fans boo but the referee just missed that, somehow. Fale grinds Kenta into the mat then drops a heavy elbow! Fale gets mad at fans booing but he just drops more elbows on Kenta. Kenta rolls to ropes but Fale just uses that to stand on him. The referee backs Fale off fast, having seen this before. Fale just comes back to stand on Kenta anyway! Fale lets up at the ref’s count, but Kenta slumps out to get jabs from Jado!

Fale fetches Kenta and stomps him out. Then he rams Kenta into the railing by commentary! Fale goes to the apron and a ring count begins. The count is already past 5 of 20 before Kenta gets to the apron. Kenta is in at 10 of 20 and fans cheer, but Fale drags Kenta up for big clubbing forearms. Fale chokes Kenta into ropes but the ref counts again. Fale lets up at 4, but then he drags Kenta for a cocky cover. TWO, and Fale is upset with the ref. Fale goes back to Kenta but Kenta fires slapping palm strikes! Fale just SLAPS Kenta once and Kenta’s down! Kenta is dazed but Fale scoops him up. Kenta fights out and staggers back. He boots Fale from the corner, then climbs up. Fale staggers into Kenta’s tornado hotshot! Fale staggers away, Kenta climbs and leaps for a flying lariat! It takes Fale down!

Fans cheer as Kenta hurries to the corner. Fale runs in but Kenta dodges! Kenta dropkicks the legs, then whips. Fale reverses but Kenta dropkicks the legs again. Kenta sees Jado and DECKS him! Kenta goes back to Fale for a DDT! Cover, TWO! Kenta keeps his cool and heads to a corner. Fans fire up with him as he springboards for a missile dropkick! Fale only falls into a corner, so Kenta BOOTS him! Kenta runs corner to corner for a helluva boot, then again for the basement dropkick! Fans fire up with Kenta as he climbs up again. Kenta aims, leaps, double stomps! Cover, TWO! Fale survives Kenta’s coup de grace, but Kenta isn’t done there. Kenta slashes the throat and drags Fale up. Kenta tries the fireman’s carry but that’s too much Tongan!

Kenta fires strikes and runs, but into a LARIAT! Fale catches his breath then covers, TWO! Fale grows frustrated but he prepares to finish this. Kenta crawls, but Fale grabs him. Fale pops Kenta up, but Kenta counters to a Triangle Hold! Chase Owens leaves commentary as Kenta wants #GameOver! Jado slips in as Chase distracts the ref! But Kenta stops the kendo, only for Fale to roll him up! Fale wins!!

Winner: Bad Luck Fale, by pinfall; earns 2 points

The Crown Jewel plays dumb as to what happened, but he’s the reason Fale finally gets on the board. Did Bullet Club just kill Kenta’s chances in G1?


Lance Archer VS Zack Sabre Jr!

For the first time, it is Suzuki-Gun’s Killer Elite VS Suzuki-Gun’s Submission Master! But being in the same faction won’t stop either man from doing what they love to do, and that includes Archer decking Young Lions just for fun! But just because #EverybodyDies, does that mean Archer will #JustTapOut?

The bell rings and Archer rushes in, but ZSJ gets clear. ZSJ taunts Archer, and Archer thrusts a big boot, but ZSJ gets clear of that, too. ZSJ keeps egging Archer on, but Archer almost corners him. Archer’s like a bull and ZSJ’s the matador. They circle and tie up, and Archer throws ZSJ into a corner! ZSJ gets out of the corner, but his uppercut is countered to a full nelson! ZSJ slips out but Archer headlocks to wrench to hammerlock, back to headlock! Archer wrenches again to a wristlock. ZSJ rolls but Archer blocks with strength to wrangle ZSJ to the mat. ZSJ slips out and rolls and bridges to spin and reverse the armlock! He spins all around but that sweep doesn’t work on such a tall and powerful opponent. The two fight with arms and legs, and ZSJ manages to get Archer down, only for Archer to kip up and wring ZSJ out!

Fans cheer as ZSJ is shocked by Archer’s agility! Archer taunts ZSJ now, but ZSJ gives it back in shoulder and chest bumps. Archer laughs until ZSJ throws European Uppercuts. They don’t do anything, but Archer’s CHOP floors ZSJ! Archer soaks up the cheers as ZSJ slowly gets up. ZSJ fires off more EuroUppers, then runs, but Archer runs him over! Archer drags ZSJ up and scoops for a one armed slam! Archer stomps ZSJ then grinds a boot into him. The ref counts and Archer lets up, to then drag ZSJ in for a standing toehold. ZSJ works his way up and out but Archer kicks and punches him down. Archer drags ZSJ up for another scoop and slam to a drop zone. Archer tells ZSJ fans to “Shut up!” then jumps up! But his spinning splash misses as ZSJ rolls away!

ZSJ runs back in to wheelbarrow and gets the leg! Archer can’t stay up as ZSJ has the kneebar! ZSJ heel hooks but Archer ropebreaks! ZSJ lets go but comes back to kick at the leg. Archer swats ZSJ down but ZSJ comes back and hops on for a sleeper hold, with body scissors! Archer starts fading but then revives to toss ZSJ off! Archer stomps ZSJ then clubs him hard on the back. He drags ZSJ up to toss him out hard! ZSJ crawls as Archer watches from the apron. But ZSJ sees him and runs away. ZSJ gets in the ring and goes at Archer, but Archer catches him with both hands! Archer lifts ZSJ up but ZSJ counters to an Iron Octopus through the ropes! The ref counts but ZSJ lets go at 4. To come back for the leg! The ref counts the draping kneebar, but ZSJ lets go.

ZSJ throws more EuroUppers, then runs, but Archer goes perpendicular, only for ZSJ to see it coming! He catches the Derailer pounce into a guillotine and body scissors! Archer gets up fast and rams ZSJ into buckles! Archer is free, but he misses in the corner. ZSJ runs in but gets tossed down with an urenage! Archer drags ZSJ up and over to the corner. Archer climbs and goes Old School! And the extension, but ZSJ trips him up! ZSJ climbs up and wants the arm but Archer knocks him away. ZSJ climbs back up for another guillotine! The ref reprimands him, but Archer stands and pushes ZSJ off. Archer boots ZSJ, then LEAPS for a crossbody! Cover, TWO! Fans cheer as ZSJ survives that massive splash!

Archer drags ZSJ up again, choke grips and lifts, but ZSJ headscissors for a Triangle! ZSJ drags Archer down but Archer deadlifts. But ZSJ shifts to a take on Rings of Saturn! Archer reaches with his legs for a ropebreak! ZSJ lets go to kick Archer in the chest! Fans fire up as ZSJ runs, but the PK is caught! Archer pops ZSJ up for a scooping powerbomb! High stack cover, TWO! ZSJ escapes the stack, and dodges the claw! He waistlocks and climbs for another Iron Octopus! But Archer powers out, only for ZSJ to sunset flip! Archer grabs down with his claw, but it gets caught into an armbar! But Archer deadlifts again! ZSJ lets go, arm Pele! Then to the other side! ZSJ runs, but into the BLACK HOLE! Cover, TWO! Somehow, ZSJ survives!

Archer grabs ZSJ but ZSJ avoids the claw! But not that powerful right hand! Then the CHOKE SLAM! Cover, but Archer lets up!? Archer hoists ZSJ up because he wants to end this! Inverted crucifix, but ZSJ slips out to a sleeper and body scissors! Then shift to a crucifix pin! ZSJ WINS!

Winner: Zack Sabre Jr, by pinfall; earns 2 points

The Submission Master makes Archer regret not finishing him when he had him! Will ZSJ and the Killer Elite still be able to coexist within Suzuki-Gun?


EVIL VS Will Ospreay!

The King of Darkness is a dark horse to say the least in this round robin. But he must win in order to stay alive! Will Los Ingobernables de Japon take care of business, starting with Evil?

The bell rings and Ospreay hears the fans cheering him on. He fires up as he circles with Evil. They approach and Evil kicks low to headlock. Ospreay spins out to wrench, wristlock and wrench again. Evil endures and goes after the eyes! Evil whips Ospreay but Ospreay ducks and doges to headscissor Evil out of the ring! Then he keeps moving, only to fake Evil out and handspring superhero land! Fans cheer as Ospreay swaggers about. Evil takes his time returning, wanting to see what’s under the ring first. Red Shoes reprimands Evil already as he finds one chair. Evil struggles getting the chair in, since it went and opened on its own, so he tosses it over the top in frustration. Ospreay takes the chair, simply to taunt Evil with it’s clanging. Ospreay fakes throwing the chair, to hand it to Red Shoes. Evil slips in fast, but Ospreay is ready with kicks!

Ospreay whips Evil but Evil reverses. Ospreay holds ropes and boots Evil back. Ospreay bumps Evil, Evil comes back, they each dodge and counter, but Evil double CHOPS Ospready down! Ospreay dodges the senton, only for his standing shooting star to get knees! Evil runs and runs Ospreay over with a big shoulder! Fans are fired up as Evil watches Ospreay get up. Evil clotheslines Ospreay out hard, then goes out to fetch him. Well, him and a few more chairs. Evil stomps the bad shoulder before setting a chair around Ospreay’s head! Red Shoes reprimands Evil but Evil pushes Red Shoes aside, to swing that chair shot home run! Fans cheer as Evil “watches” it go out of the stadium. Evil then takes a seat as he watches Ospreay rise. Evil brings Ospreay back to the ring and fans cheer as he stalks Ospreay to a corner.

Evil clubs Ospreay on the bad shoulder, then elbows the neck. He drags Ospreay up and turns him for a neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Evil keeps on Ospreay with a chinlock, digging a knee in Ospreay’s back. Ospreay endures and fans build to a rally. Ospreay fights his way up and out, and then CHOPS Evil hard! Evil elbows Ospreay back, then drags him in for a suplex. Ospreay resists but Evil tries again, only for Ospreay to counter with a stunner! Both men are down and Red Shoes checks on them. Ospreay’s okay to continue as he sits up. Evil follows and even stands first. But Ospreay throws hands, knees and a jawbreaker first! Ospreay kicks Evil then whips, but Evil reverses. Ospreay dodges again for BIG flying forearms! Evil gets to a corner, but Ospreay runs in, only to be put on the apron.

Ospreay hits Evil back then springboards in, Pip Pip Cheerio flying forearm! Cover, TWO! Evil survives but Ospreay keeps his cool. Fans rally up as Ospreay takes aim. Robinson Special avoided, and Evil catches the kick to give to Red Shoes, to mule kick Ospreay! Then snap suplex into buckles! Cover, TWO! Evil keeps his cool as he reels Ospreay in. Ospreay resists the German Suplex and elbows back, but Evil shoves him. Evil blocks the boot, ducks the enziguri, but misses his clothesline. Ospreay comes back to uppercut, then sweep the legs. Ospreay runs but Evil follows to get that clothesline! Fans cheer as Evil has the Aerial Assassin down.

Evil drags Ospreay back up to haul him to the top rope. Evil climbs up to join Ospreay but Ospreay resists. Ospreay pries free of the facelock to forearm Evil off the corner. Evil gets back up but Ospreay leaps, only for Evil to get under! Evil uses Red Shoes as a shield, then kicks to suplex Ospreay onto Red Shoes! Red Shoes panics and doesn’t stay a support for Magic Killer! Ospreay slips out, but Evil kicks low. Evil runs but Ospreay ducks, handsprings, enzugiri! Evil rolls out and Ospreay fires up. Ospreay runs, handsprings, GREAT SASUKE SPECIAL! That takes Evil down but Ospreay himself needs time to recover. Ospreay fires up and the fans fire up with him. Ospreay puts Evil back in, then climbs up top. He aims at Evil, but Evil rolls away. So Ospreay decides to go Coast2Coast instead! Cover, TWO!!

Fans fire up again as Ospreay fires up, too. Ospreay drags Evil up and reels him in. Underhooks but Evil fights out. Evil forearms, roaring elbows, and runs, into the dropkick-flip and enziguri! Ospreay runs but Evil goes to the corner to come back with a lariat! Both men are down, but fans rally up. Evil and Ospreay stir, with Evil up first. Ospreay follows and the two throw forearms from the mat. Evil hits Ospreay and eggs Ospreay on. Ospreay hits back, then they stand. Evil hits Ospreay and Ospreay grits his teeth to come back again. Another from Evil, another from Ospreay and the pace quickens! Evil rocks Ospreay and then goes to fireman’s carry. Ospreay elbows and kicks out, but Evil still powers him up! Ospreay slips out, inverted suplex, but Evil escapes! DARKNESS FALLS! Cover, TWO!! Fans cheer as Ospreay survives!

Evil slashes the throat and spins Ospreay around. But Ospreay spins through to sit-out powerbomb!! Cover, TWO!! Evil shocks Ospreay! Ospreay has the fans with him as he HOOK KICKS! Then from the corner, elbow pad off… HIDDEN- Miss! Evil counters and CHOPS, half ‘n’ half but Ospreay gets out to ROUNDHOUSE! Ospreay runs but into Evil’s clothesline! Ospreay stays up but Evil headbutts him down! Evil prepares his own, waits for Ospreay to get back up, SPANISH FLY counters the lariat! Cover, TWO!? Ospreay doesn’t stay down, OSCUTTER!! Cover, TWO?!? Evil survives again?! The fans are thunderous as Ospreay is stunned!

We reach the halfway point of this 30 minute time limit match, and Ospreay is determined to try again. He slashes the throat, drags Evil up, and underhooks the arms. Ospreay gets Evil up, but Evil wriggles free. Everything denied, Ospreay waistlocks but Evil standing switches to German Suplex! But Ospreay lands on his feet! ROBINSON SPECIAL! Ospreay vows to end this as he drags Evil to a corner. Ospreay springboards from the very top, but Evil catches the Oscutter!! Into a Half ‘n’ Half! And another! Ospreay is dazed, but Evil is fired up! Evil runs, LARIAT! Cover, TWO!! Ospreay survives but Evil vows to end him! He hauls Ospreay up, spins him around, EVERYTHING IS EVIL!! Cover, Evil wins!!

Winner: EVIL, by pinfall; earns 2 points

Evil keeps his hopes alive, but will he only have to fight even harder to be a finalist?


Hiroshi Tanahashi VS Kota Ibushi!

It is a rematch of epic proportions! The Ace and the Golden Star met in the finals of the 28th G1 Climax, and it would be the Ace that won it all! But now, Ibushi has a second chance, can he even things with the man he calls a “wrestling god”?

The bell rings fans are thunderous already for these fan favorites! Ibushi and Tanahashi circle a couple times, then tie up. Ibushi waistlocks but Tanahashi standing switches. Ibushi also switches, but then Tanahashi, and repeat. Tanahashi ends up behind Ibushi again but Ibushi counters to a wrench. Tanahashi counters that wrench with a wrench and then a headlock. Ibushi endures but cannot power out as Tanahashi squeezes tight. Ibushi slips out the back and trips Tanahashi, to get a headlock of his own. Tanahashi powers up but can’t power out as Ibushi grinds him down. Tanahashi fights back then powers out, but Ibushi counters the hip toss only for Tanahashi to counter the hip toss, but then Ibushi blocks the next hip toss. So Tanahashi shifts to an arm-drag! But Ibushi headscissor counters! Tanahashi pops out but Ibushi dropkicks him down! Fans cheer as the Golden Star stands tall over the Ace!

Ibushi goes to pick Tanahashi up but Tanahashi trips him to get the leg! Tanahashi wrenches on the toehold but Ibushi endures. Ibushi tries to counter but Tanahashi drops elbows on the leg! Tanahashi shifts for more leverage, but Ibushi endures. Ibushi reaches for ropes but Tanahashi figure fours the legs for a butterfly deathlock! Fans rally both ways as Tanahashi puts more pressure on the knees. Ibushi endures while keeping his shoulders off the mat. Ibushi drags his way backwards, and gets the ropebreak! Tanahashi lets him go, but stomps Ibushi’s legs. Ibushi eggs Tanahashi on so Tanahashi drags him up, only for Ibushi to fire off forearms! Tanahashi kicks the leg out, then grabs it. Ibushi forearms to stop the screw, but Tanahashi fires off forearms and uppercuts! Tanahashi runs, into a kick!

Both men are down, checking their legs. Fans rally up and Ibushi stands first. He brings Tanahashi up, ducks the palm strike to fire off! Roundhouse decks Tanahashi! Standing moonsault! Cover, TWO! Ibushi keeps his cool as he stands again. Tanahashi slowly sits up but Ibushi waistlocks and lifts him. Tanahashi elbows out, blocks the kick to knee the elbow. Ibushi tries again but gets a dropkick to the other leg! Tanahashi runs but he has to catch another kick, so he gives it a Dragon Screw! Ibushi is down and fans rally up again. Tanahashi drags Ibushi by his leg, grounded dragon screw! And then Tanahashi gets both legs, for the Cloverleaf! Ibushi resists the turn, but Tanahashi still gets him over! Ibushi endures and crawls for ropes again, only for Tanahashi to drag him away!

Tanahashi sits down deep! Ibushi continues to endure, and Tanahashi’s grip loosens. Ibushi crawls and gets the ropebreak! Tanahashi lets him go, but stomps those bad legs more. Tanahashi has Ibushi on the apron and drags him up. Ibushi fights back with forearms, but Tanahashi gets his leg through the ropes, for another Dragon Screw! Ibushi falls to the floor, clutching that leg. Fans rally up as Tanahashi goes to the corner. Tanahashi climbs, but Ibushi scrambles to meet him! Springboard Steiner! Cover, TWO! Tanahashi survives Ibushi’s surprise, but Ibushi keeps his focus. Ibushi scoops Tanahashi and aims for a corner, but Tanahashi slips out. Tanahashi aims for the legs, only to get Ibushi’s double stomps!

Fans rally as both men slowly stir. Ibushi is up first and brings Tanahashi back into the scoop. LONG DART! Tanahashi hits buckles face first, but both men are down as Ibushi catches his breath. Ibushi goes after Tanahashi on the apron for a familiar deadlift. SUPER GERMAN SUPLEX! Cover, TWO!! Tanahashi still lives, and Ibushi starts to grow frustrated. Fans rally up as Ibushi stands. Ibushi brings Tanahashi up, powerbomb lift but Tanahashi slips out to SLAP! But Ibushi just gets mad. Ibushi CHOPS then fires off on Tanahashi! But Tanahashi doesn’t back down! They start throwing big SLAPPING palm strikes. Tanahashi swats Ibushi, then Ibushi just fires off one after the other! Tanahashi doesn’t flinch, and now both men are throwing slapping haymakers! Tanahashi rocks Ibushi, only to throw more! But Ibushi spins around with a LARIAT!

Both men are down but fans refuse to give up on either. The rally returns, and Ibushi is up to his feet. He drags Tanahashi up, wants the bomb, LAST RIDE! Cover, TWO!! Tanahashi will not die! Ibushi is too tired to be frustrated, but he has enough left to be determined. Fans duel and rally as Ibushi vows to break the wrestling god! Wristlocks, but Tanahashi catches Kamigoye into Twist ‘n’ Shout! And then a second! And then Ibushi counters the third, but only for a moment! Tanahashi hits a third Twist ‘n’ Shout! The hat trick is complete, but Tanahashi runs, to SLINGBLADE! Cover, TWO!! Ibushi survives but Tanahashi fires up! Tanahashi climbs, Ibushi stands, Ace’s High crossbody! And that leads to Tanahashi going back up… for High Fly FLOP!! Ibushi moves out of the way just in time!

Tanahashi clutches his knee from the impact, but Ibushi feeds off the energy in the crowd. Ibushi aims like the King of Strong Style, “YAO!” BOMAYE! Cover, TWO!! Tanahashi survives the borrowed power of the other NJPW Wrestling God! Ibushi hears the halfway mark announcement, but he has his own move. But Tanahashi flips down to victory roll! TWO, ROUNDHOUSE! Tanahashi stays on his feet! Only to get a second ROUNDHOUSE! Now Tanahashi is down, and now Ibushi has the wrists, and now, KAMIGOYE!! Cover, Ibushi wins!!

Winner: Kota Ibushi, by pinfall; earns 2 points

The Golden Star has beaten the Once in a Century Talent!! Ibushi trumps The Ace with both respect and determination. Tanahashi returns that respect, but will even his encouragement be enough for Ibushi to return to the G1 finals?


Kazuchika Okada VS SANADA!

The Rainmaker is THE IWGP Heavyweight Champion that is undefeated in this year’s G1, that is on a streak reaching back to last year’s G1, and has never lost to Cold Skull in the six times they’ve met. But this could be lucky number seven for Sanada. Will Sanada end the streak and punch his ticket to a title match even without the G1 tournament’s grand prize?

The elaborately designed jackets come off and the bell rings. Fans are thunderous again for two more fan favorites. Okada and Sanada take a moment to hear the cheers and chants, and even encourage it. They finally circle and approach. They feel out the grapple, remembering the six times before. Okada gets the waistlock but Sanada the wristlock and switch. Okada wrenches back to wristlock, but Sanada slips through. Sanada wrenches but Okada rolls to get the leg takedown. Okada has the toehold, but Sanada keeps calm. Sanada pries Okada off to an armlock, but Okada works his way up and around. Sanada avoids the cover but Okada facelocks him. They stand and Sanada wrenches but Okada wrenches back. Okada headlocks and grinds Sanada down.

Sanada fights back and powers out, but Okada runs him over! Things speed up, Okada counters the hip toss to a hip toss, but Sanada shoves Okada away. Sanada sweeps the legs to cover, ONE, and roles reverse. The two stand off and fans cheer. Okada backs off to check knee pads and catch his breath. Sanada also backs off to his corner to reset. The two circle and tie up again. Okada pushes Sanada back to the ropes, then as is his way, fakes the chop to pat Sanada’s shoulders. Okada kicks Sanada, snapmares but Sanada handsprings through! Sanada dropkicks but Okada gets clear, only for Sanada to get clear of the senton! Sanada basement dropkicks Okada this time! He looms over Okada now and brings him up for clubbing forearms.

Sanada has Okada in a corner, but whips corner to corner. Okada boots but Sanada blocks, and trips him up. Fans anticipate what’s coming as Sanada ties Okada up! Okada powers out then runs, but into Sanada’s elbow! Cover, ONE! Sanada keeps his cool as he keeps on Okada with a chinlock. Okada endures and works his way back up. Okada fights out but Sanada knees low. Sanada whips but Okada ducks and dodges to back elbow! Fans cheer as Okada evens things up. Okada brings Sanada up now and whips him corner to corner. Okada hits the back elbow, then kicks low to DDT Sanada down! Cover, TWO! Sanada is stinging but he still survives that spiking move. Okada scoops Sanada and slams him, then heads up top. Sanada gets under the leap, but Okada powers Sanada to the top rope, to dropkick him down and out!

Sanada is down in front of commentary as fans cheer and rally. Okada takes his time going out to fetch Sanada, and whips him into the barriers! Then boots him over! Okada drags Sanada up onto the railing, for the draping DDT! Sanada writhes and flails from being spiked again! Okada leaves Sanada behind to get in the ring. Red Shoes sees Sanada is okay to continue, so the ring count begins. Okada rests while the count climbs to 10. Sanada grits his teeth as he sits up and stands. Sanada is up at 14 and in at 15! Fans cheer as Okada goes right at him with a basement dropkick! Okada has a cocky cover but Red Shoes disapproves. Okada smirks when Red Shoes refuses to count, so he just walks around Sanada a moment. He hears the fans rally up for Sanada, so he drags Sanada up. Sanada fights back with body shots, but Okada forearms back.

Sanada swings but misses, Okada hits his uppercut. Okada whips but sees Sanada hold ropes. Okada stops his dropkick, only for Sanada to dropkick his leg out! Both men are down from the damage done in this match, but Sanada stands up first. Sanada throws forearms then whips, but Okada reverses to forearm back. Things speed up and Sanada hurdles to dropkick Okada down! Okada goes out, but Sanada slingshots for the plancha! Fans fire up and Sanada takes a moment to soak it up. Sanada drags Okada up and into the ring, which fans also cheer. Sanada gets in and brings Okada up again. Okada blocks the saido and elbows Sanada off. Sanada kicks but Okada spins him. Okada kicks but Sanada blocks, and trips him up! Raimaker in Paradise! And as fans cheer again, Sanada dropkicks Okada out of Paradise! Cover, TWO!

Sanada keeps his cool as he brings Okada up to a corner. He whips Okada corner to corner, then runs in, but Okada dodges. Okada comes back in but gets an elbow. Sanada moonsaults but Okada gets under, to flapjack Sanada on the return! Both men are down again but fans cheer them on. Okada sits up first but Sanada follows. They stand and Okada boots Sanada. Sanad goes to kick but Okada blocks, so Sanada forearms Okada instead. Okada rebounds but misses the dropkick. He dodges the moonsault but not the basement dropkick! Sanada drags Okada up, BIG back suplex! Cover, TWO! Sanada keeps focus as he works on getting his arms moving. He drags Okada up for a fireman’s carry. Okada slips out but Sanada elbows him away.

Sanada whips Okada but Okada reverses. Sanada tumbles out and jumps up, but Okada is there to catch him! Into the Alabama, for the Air Raid neckbreaker! Okada drags Sanada up again for a scoop and slam. Then he goes up top, and fans know what he’s after. Okada leaps, the Macho Elbow hits hard! And now, Rainmaker Pose! Okada stalks Sanada, drags him up and reels him out, but Sanada dodges to Shiranui into Skull End! Okada fights out with big haymakers, then climbs the corner for the gut wrench! TOMBSTONE! Rainmaker Pose 2! Okada drags Sanada up again, wristlock ripcord, but Sanada ducks! Suplex and hanging MAGIC KILLER! Both men are down from all the damage, and the fans are thunderously dueling!

Okada and Sanada stir, and Okada hurries after Sanada. He brings Sanada around, and throws a forearm. Sanada grits his teeth as he gives it back. Okada shakes out some cobwebs before throwing another. Sanada has to shake his own cobwebs before giving it back. Okada hits again, but Sanada still returns. They go back and forth and start picking up speed. Sanada staggers and Okada brings him around for another. Okada eggs Sanada on with a flurry of words! Sanada gives that forearm back, but just uses his icy stare to egg Okada on. Sanada hits Okada again, but Okada dares him to keep trying. The brawl continues back and forth, fast and furious! EuroUpper from Okada only fires Sanada up! Sanada gives a EuroUpper of his own and it staggers Okada!

Okada comes back with another EuroUpper, but Sanada gives him an even stronger one! Okada won’t fall, but Red Shoes is concerned. Sanada wants another, so he brings Okada back up, for that third EuroUpper! But Okada spins Sanada around for the dropkick! Okada whips, and hits another dropkick! He keeps going, wristlock ripcord, but Sanada dodges again! Sanada Shiranuis, but into the Tombstone position! But Sanada flails and gets out to the dragon sleeper! Sanada has Okada in Skull End phase 1, then waits until Okada fades, for a TIGER SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO!! Sanada was so close and yet so far! But he vows to end it all now! Sanada fireman’s carries Okada to the TKO! Cover, TWO!? Okada barely survives, but this only encourages Sanada to MOONSAULT!

Okada dodges and Sanada lands on his feet! Sanada staggers but comes running back in. Okada boots him, then runs out, only for Sanada to dodge and moonsault again! He catches Okada into the dragon sleeper! Drop down, but Okada rolls through to point-blank Rainmaker! But Okada knows that’s not good enough for this seventh time around! He brings Sanada up for another point-blank Rainmaker! And then another Rainmaker Pose, for the wristlock and STOLEN RAINMAKER!! Sanada counters the lariat with a lariat! And now, dragon sleeper, SWINGING Skull End! Body scissors, too! Okada flails and reaches but they’re in the middle of the ring! Sanada holds on tight as Okada tries to roll around. The time is closing in, but Okada pops out of the sleeper!

Okada reaches but Sanada reels him back in! Okada fights off the arms and scrambles with his legs! Sanada holds on desperately, and ditches the scissors for the sleeper! Then he drops back down, further from the ropes! Okada is stuck back in Skull End, but he refuses to give up! Red Shoes asks him if he’s giving up, and Okada starts fading. Okada grabs at Red Shoes to do anything but tap! Okada pops out and bridges back, TWO!! SKULL END AGAIN! The third time, and Okada is running out of time!! Red Shoes asks Okada if he’s still in this, but Okada is fading fast! Okada keeps a spark of life going, but Sanada lets him go, to climb up and MOONSAULT! ONTO KNEES! Okada saves himself at the last second! But this could also be the last seconds of his streak!

Osaka is at a fever pitch for both men as they slowly stir. Okada is dazed as he looks for Sanada. Sanada finds him first, and we have ONE MINUTE left! Dragon sleeper, but arm-drag! Dropkick! Okada roars as he drags Sanada up, wristlock reel- POP UP CUTTER!! Thirty seconds as Sanada MOONSAULTS Okada’s back! But then another to the front! Cover, Sanada wins!!

Winner: SANADA, by pinfall; earns 2 points

With 13 seconds to spare, the Cold Skull finally defeats Okada! Sanada ruins the streak while pinning the IWGP Heavyweight Champion! We will hear from the shocking winner after the break!


NJPW returns as Sanada is given the mic.

Osaka is thunderous as Sanada finds the energy to speak. “I did it. I finally won against my rival.” It’s been a while since Sanada’s closed a show, are the fans okay with that? They cheer in approval, and we get a spotlight! Fans have the lights on their phones as Sanada says, “To tell you the truth… Last year, in this building here in Osaka, I lost to my rival, Okada.” He hated Osaka for that. But that all changes tonight. Osaka is now his number one favorite place in ALL of Japan! Osaka is happy to hear that! “Hey, Osaka. See you next time!”


NJPW Media Backstage Interview

Sanada asks, “There are people watching who couldn’t come to the arena, right?” That thing he did at the end is his gift to the TV audience. And with that, Cold Skull moves on having just gotten the biggest win of this entire tournament. When and where will Sanada get his shot at the championship?



My Thoughts:

WHOA, what a night! Just when I thought it was a shame AXS TV couldn’t get us other big matches, we actually got the biggest one of all. And it was after some really good matches on their own. Bullet Club keeps up the usual antics, and it pays off this time in screwing Kenta out of second place. Kenta will have plenty of things to do after the G1, so him going against Bullet Club would be interesting to see. Suzuki-Gun VS Suzuki-Gun was great, and it was great for ZSJ to get the surprise pinfall off Archer instead of a submission, the expected finish from the Submission Master. And then going into Night 15, Evil wins to keep his chances alive before facing Okada. Ospreay’s story is clearly that he’s still not quite at that level yet, even with two more rounds to go, but he could still finish strong to give himself hope.

The final two matches were the truly incredible action of tonight. Tanahashi VS Ibushi this year was on par, if not better than their G1 Climax finals match from last year. And it means so much for Ibushi to win here tonight, he is certainly going to reach the top of NJPW within the next year. He might even win G1 Climax 30 next year if things keep going this way. And it keeps Ibushi alive in a clear 2nd place behind Okada before they face off on Night 17, the final round. But of course, the biggest thing yet, Sanada finally gets on the board against Okada! For Sanada, it doesn’t even matter what happens with Okada and the G1 Finals, he has a match in his back pocket, and their eighth match will surely be even more amazing than this one.

As for Okada, he can still be a champion that wins the tournament, but I feel like that would only negate the importance of Sanada’s win here. If anything, Okada loses to B Block’s finalist, who could still very well be Jon Moxley. And that way, we still have a possible Champion VS Champion match at Wrestle Kingdom 14. The real question might, and perhaps should, become: Will it be Okada or Sanada with the title by then? There’s always intrigue on Mr. G1 Climax making it to the end of the year with the contract, since it can be defended like a title, but perhaps the pressure should be put on the IWGP Heavyweight Champion to make it to meeting Mox. Either way, there’s a lot of great potential going on here, and that’s always good for wrestling.

My Score: 9.5/10

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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (5/29/23)

Monday Night of Champions!



Who runs the Women’s Tag Division?

Night of Champions has come and gone, but Monday Night Raw has one more title match! Who will be the NEW WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions?


  • Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match Qualifier: Ricochet VS The Miz; Ricochet wins and advances to MITB.
  • Indus Sher w/ Jinder Mahal VS ???; Indus Sher wins.
  • Imperium VS The Alpha Academy w/ Maxxine Dupri; Imperium wins.
  • Vacated WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships: Raquel Rodriguez & Shotzi Blackheart VS Sonya Deville & Chelsea Green VS Bayley & Iyo Sky VS Ronda Rousey & Shayna Baszler; win and are the new WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions.
  • Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match Qualifier: Shinsuke Nakamura VS Bronson Reed; wins and advances to MITB.
  • Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match Qualifier: ???
  • Seth Rollins & AJ Styles VS The Judgment Day; win(s).


Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!

Fans fire up as Seth Freakin’ Rollins walks down from the top of the stands! They sing his song as he struts with the new World Heavyweight Championship belt around his waist and makes it to ringside. Then Rollins takes a victory lap before getting in the ring, for streamers and pyro! He revels in the moment as fans still sing, “WHOA~ OHH~ OHHH~!” Rollins then gets the mic, fans sing some more, and he says, “ALBANY, NEW YORK! Welcome to Monday! Night! ROLLINS! I am a Visionary. I am a Revolutionary! I am… SETH! FREAKIN! ROLLINS!” Fans chant “You Deserve It!” and Rollins takes a moment to enjoy that.

Rollins says he is the World Heavyweight Champion, and the fans cheer. Rollins says it has been a long, long road to get here. Lots of lows, lots of highs. But standing here tonight, it just feels right, doesn’t it? HE doesn’t wanna talk too much about the past, he wants to focus on the future. “Because finally, Monday Night Raw has a champion that wants to be here, a champion that is going to be here, and most importantly, a champion that is ready for a fight!” Fans love the sound of that! They chant “Thank You, Seth!” and sing his song, but Rollins says yeah, he’s ready! He wants to fight! He wants ALL the fights!

Because it doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, if you step to Rollins, the result will always be the same: Rollins, every Monday night, standing in this ring with the World Heavyweight title around his waist and the world singing his song! “OH~ OHH~ OHHH~!” But wait! AJ Styles is here? The Phenomenal One is a SmackDown superstar, but he’s here on Raw to step into the ring with the man he lost to at Night of Champions. Rollins looks at him over the brim of his sunglasses, but Styles gets a mic. Styles knows he’s supposed to be on SmackDown, but he couldn’t resist coming here to Raw… to say, “Congratulations.”

Fans cheer and Styles tells Rollins he gave it everything he had, left it all in the ring. It was like Rollins knew what he was gonna do before he did it. And the fans, they say Rollins “deserves it.” Styles says he doesn’t think Rollins deserves anything. Fans boo, but Styles says Rollins earned being World Heavyweight Champion. Rollins smiles and fans sing again, “WHOA~ OH~ OHH~!” Rollins tells Styles that he’s not too good at these things, but after the beating he gave Styles at NOC, Styles earned this: a handshake. Fans cheer as Styles accepts! There’s respect here, but then the Judgment Day comes out!

Finn Balor pretends to be sick as he has a mic of his own. He asks if this is making the others just as sick. Whatever this is makes Finn wanna PUKE! Damian Priest agrees, he’s queasy. Let’s get to something more positive. What’s that thing Rhea Ripley says? “The Judgment Day, we run Monday Night Raw!” The four get in the ring, and Priest says Rhea’s right. But after watching The Bloodline implode on Saturday, without a shadow of a doubt, the Judgment Day runs the entire WWE! And let’s not forget, Finn & Priest beat the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions, something not even Roman Reigns could do!

And to Seth, from the champion to just another champion, Rollins shouldn’t get too comfortable with his new title. Because chances are, someone from Judgment Day will take it from him. Yeah, could be big Damian! Aw, thanks, Finn! He feels the same about you! Aw shucks, thanks, mate. Rhea says it could even be her Dom-Dom. Fans boo that and Rollins looks to Styles. They laugh at that! Dom asks why, what’s so funny? He beat Styles! Fans chant “YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK!” at Dom, but Finn has everyone calm down. Finn says we saw Styles and Rollins beat each other half to death at Night of Champions. And-

Dom cuts in to say that the Judgment Day will finish the job! Fans boo but Styles asks if Rollins heard that. That almost sounds like a challenge. Rhea says it IS a challenge! Then they ACCEPT! Rollins says that’s right! Any two from Judgment Day VS Rollins & Styles in the main event of his show, Monday Night Rollins! Who will step to this phenomenal dream team? And will they only get stomped into the mat?


Adam Pearce is on the phone.

He discusses with someone. We’re all on the same page, because Rollins, Styles and the Judgment Day want this match. And yes, he understands it flies in the face of the new brand split of Raw and SmackDown, but… Yes, sir. No, Pearce thinks this match is incredible and happens tonight. Oh, hold on, they’re right here. Pearce sees Styles and Rollins talking and steps in. He knows they all want the match, so he’s working on it. Rollins says c’mon, it’s his first night as champion. Don’t embarrass him! Make the match! Styles says Rollins doesn’t speak for him. Oh, is Styles afraid of Dom? Does Rollins really think that? No, but maybe Styles is afraid of Rhea.

Pearce has them calm down and says he’s trying to get this approved. Does everyone have their gear? Styles is a pro, of course he does! Make it official! Then get Rollins to change his pants. Oh, good point. The superstars head out, Pearce is sure you know who heard all that. Then it IS official! The main event is going to be phenomenal, but who will Judgment Day send at Styles and the champ?


Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match Qualifier: Ricochet VS The Miz!

The King of Flight is ready to take his career to new heights, and we all know the Money in the Bank briefcase can do that. Just as The Hollywood A-Lister. Will Miz look to launch into a new sequel from his previous MITB runs? Or will the One and Only be the one going to London?

Raw returns as Miz makes his entrance. The bell rings, Miz rushes in but Ricochet gets around to a headlock. Miz powers out, Ricochet rolls over the drop down and ducks the lariat to handspring, but into a full nelson! Ricochet arm-drags free, things speed up again and a kitchen sink knee hits Ricochet down! Miz then runs, but Ricochet ducks the boot to kip up, spin and PELE! Miz bails out, Ricochet builds speed! Miz moves but Ricochet tumbles up and out to the apron. Ricochet avoids the sweep, PENALTY KICKS Miz, then goes up the corner to MOONSAULT! Fans fire up for the direct hit at ringside!

Ricochet drags Miz up and puts him in the ring. Ricochet goes up the corner, but Miz gets under the leap! Miz runs in to RANA! Miz surprises us with that, and then he BOOTS Ricochet down! Miz talks trash, and he looks up to the briefcase. Fans taunt Miz’s “TINY BALLS!” but he goes out after Ricochet. Miz SMACKS Ricochet off the desk, and again, then pushes him over the desk. Fans boo as Miz shouts, “MASSIVE!” Miz drags Ricochet up, brings him back to ringside and puts him in the ring. Miz then climbs up, leaps and AX HANDLES Ricochet down! Cover, TWO! Miz hurries to clamp onto Ricochet with a chinlock as Raw goes to break.

Raw returns as Miz is stuck in the ropes! Ricochet ROCKS him, then jumps in, but Miz avoids the stomps! Miz ROCKS Ricochet, springboards and CROSSBODIES! Cover, TWO! Ricochet survives and Miz can’t believe it! “I springboarded and everything!” Miz is mad at the fans laughing at him, but Miz KICKS Ricochet in the chest! And again! And again! And again! Miz soaks up the heat, takes aim from a corner, but Ricochet blocks the buzzsaw! Ricochet KICKS and KNEES and runs, to CLOBBER Miz! Fans fire up, Ricochet feels it, and he runs in at the corner to RAM into Miz and go to the apron!

Ricochet bumps Miz off buckles then ROUNDHOUSES him away! Ricochet springboards, but into a full nelson! Ricochet RAMS Miz into a corner, but then Miz RAMS Ricochet into the other corner! Miz runs in, into an elbow! Ricochet goes up, Miz trips him up! DRAPING CODE BREAKER, to a BASEMENT DDT! Cover, TWO!! Ricochet survives and Miz is shocked! Miz scowls and looks to the briefcase, but fans rally up for Ricochet. Miz shouts MASSIVE! Full nelson, but Ricochet victory rolls! TWO, Miz has it, TWO! Ricochet HEEL KICKS! And then cravat, for an ASAI DDT!

Fans fire up again as Ricochet goes to a corner! Ricochet climbs up, aims, and SHOOTING STAR PRESS!! Cover, Ricochet wins!

Winner: Ricochet, by pinfall (advances to MITB)

Add it to the highlight reel, Ricochet beats the two-time Mr. MITB to go to London! Will Ricochet win the golden ticket across the pond?


Trish Stratus is here!

Albany is torn seeing the WWE Hall of Famer after she cheated Becky Lynch at Night of Champions! But what does she have to say about that victory? We’ll hear, after the break.

Raw returns and Trish has a mic. She makes sure we all see “Thank You Trish” on her back, and she thanks some fans for saying it. You know what it means to her to hear it? NOTHING! She doesn’t care what the fans say. And she hates to say, “I told you so,” but she TOLD US SO! She said she was gonna go to Night of Champions and beat Becky. And what’d she do? She beat Becky! Just like that. But you shouldn’t be surprised, this is GOAT Things! This is what you do when you’re the greatest of all time! This is what you do when you’re number one! This is what you do when you’re “It.”

And now, Becky can crawl back to that dark hole and go do “stuff.” The stuff that everyone goes through. Well, not everyone. Not when you’re thriving like Trish. But it’ll give a chance for the real superstars to reach the Big Time. Like the one who had Trish’s back. Not that Trish needed the help, but because this superstar wanted to help. “A superstar with more attituded, aggression and ruthlessness than I’ve seen in a long, long time. Someone that reminds me of me. Ladies and gentlemen, please stand on your feet, get your hands ready to applaud, let me introduce you to… Zoey Stark!”

Fans boo instead as The Hunter makes her way out, wearing a “Thank You, Trish” T-shirt. Trish applauds as Zoey joins her in the ring. They hug it out while fans boo more. Zoey gets a mic now and says, “See, I came into this business, to the WWE, to be the best and to make a statement. And who better to learn by than the OG herself? And yeah, look, I could’ve taken the long, hard, difficult road, just like what Becky Lynch did. Or I could be smart! And be led by Trish Stratus! Trish is so giving, so humble, so kind. So now that I have the floor, I would just like to say one thing. Thank you, Trish.”

Fans boo more but Trish smiles. Trish says “You’re welcome.” Oh, what’s that on Trish’s face? Where? Up here? Other side. A little lower. Oh on her chin. That would be something courtesy of Becky Lynch. If Becky ever shows herself again, for messing with this perfect face, guess what Trish will do? Trish will have her new friend Zoey show you what’s up. But then here comes Becky! The Man is still wearing her Kill Bill jumpsuit and she says Zoey is gonna show her what’s up? No, Becky’s gonna ruin Zoey’s life. And Trish, you’re still in your gear, Becky’s still in hers… “Why don’t we restart that match and finish it one on one right here, right now?”

Fans love the sound of that, but Zoey rushes out! Becky DECKS her! And THROWS her into the barriers! Trish says okay, bring it! Becky gets closer to the ring and fans are fired up. Becky steps up to the apron, steps into the ring, and runs in! Becky dodges Trish, CLOBBERS her, BOOTS Zoey from the apron, then trips Trish to rain down fists! But Zoey attacks Becky from behind! And SLIDING KNEES her down! Fans boo but Zoey throws off the jacket so she and Trish can stomp away on Becky! Trish CHOKES Becky, then lets off so Zoey can bring her up. But Becky hits back! Zoey kicks Becky low, and reels her in for Z360!!

Fans boo as Zoey and Trish aren’t done, they get Becky back up! Trish kisses the ring, to DECK Becky with it!! Fans boo as the Hall of Famer needed her new protégé and a HOF ring to take down The Man! Then they put Becky in a corner and force her to wear a Thank You Trish shirt! Zoey says it looks great on her. Will Becky be able to recover and get some big time revenge?


Indus Sher w/ Jinder Mahal VS Javier Bernal & ???

Veer & Sanga have already been dominating and demolishing opponents since being drafted to Raw, and they want more. Will their thirst for combat be quenched here tonight?

The teams sort out, and Veer just CLOBBERS Javi and his teammate! Sanga then BLASTS the teammate off the apron! Veer drags Javi up to RAM him into the corner, and the bell finally rings. Veer runs to SPLASH Javi, and Javi staggers around. Veer shoves Javi down, stalks him, and stomps him down! Javi flounders to the apron, Veer tags Sanga, and Veer drags Javi up onto the ropes for Sanga to BOOT down! Sanga drags Javi up, THROWS him tot he corner, and he dares the partner to tag in. The partner does, but then Sanga blocks his haymaker to a FALCON ARROW! Sanga SPLASHES Javi for good measure!

Sanga then choke grips Javi to CHOKE SLAM him onto his teammate! Tag back to Veer, and they drag the tag partner up. SIDEWALK SLAM LEG DROP COMBO! Cover, Indus Sher wins!

Winners: Indus Sher, by pinfall

Like true tigers, Veer & Sanga tore into their prey and feasted on the meat! Will they soon be tasting a tag title opportunity?


Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn are backstage.

Speaking of the tag team champions, these two are still Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions and are in a great mood. They’re headed to gorilla, what will they have to say about finally being done with The Bloodline?


Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn head to the ring!

Albany fires up as the Prizefighter & Great Liberator make their way out. Fans sing along with Sami’s song while he and Kevin get mics. Sami is fired up now! Fans chant for “SAMI! SAMI! SAMI!” and he says that obviously, he an d Kevin are feeling pretty good tonight. “Because at Night of Champions, we won!” And not just successfully defending the titles, no. Sami means they won! They did exactly what they set out to do, they watched the Bloodline crumble, and it was the worst night of Roman’s life! Roman deserves everything he got!

This is all Sami has to say about Roman: Roman may be the greatest of all time; Roman may hold the title(s) for another 1000 days; Roman may main event another FIVE WrestleManias; Roman could even be put in the Hall of Fame tomorrow! But it doesn’t matter because for the rest of his life, when he looks at Kevin & Sami, he will know in his heart that THEY won! Wait! IMPERIUM is here! Ludwig Kaiser has the mic to say, “Ladies and gentlemen… Impressive victory, impressive victory indeed. But was it the most impressive victory of the night? It most certainly was not more impressive than the man who extended his record-setting Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship reign…!”

Imperium walks to the ring as Ludwig introduces Der Ring General, GUNTHER! Kevin asks why they’re here. Why? Because last week, Kevin & Sami said their name, the group walked out, it made sense. But this isn’t how things work! Do they think this is the Wild West? They can just hit their music and come on out? NO! That does not make sense! You gotta wait to be called out! What the hell is this!? They broke the rules! The unwritten rules! Sami tires to calm Kevin down but he keeps shouting at Imperium. Fans cheer for “K O! K O!” but Sami has him chill. Sami says Kevin is right, though, there is an unwritten rule and they had no business coming out here.

For that matter, Imperium ahs a match with American Alpha Academy or whatever? Imperium shouldn’t want a match with them, because last time, Kevin, Sami & Riddle embarrassed them. Yep! So… Y’know… Ludwig says if they wanna talk about embarrassments, RIDDLE is the embarrassment! Take a look at Kevin & Sami themselves! Them holding those titles is an embarrassment! Fans boo but Ludwig says they are not worthy of standing on this mat, of holding those championships, or of representing Monday Night Raw. Kevin says what he wonders is… We always hear from Slenderman over here.

And sometimes, “the one with the ears” (Gunther) talks. But we never hear from the bald one ! He’s always really quiet. What’s his opinion on all this? Yeah, we never hear from baldie! We should hear from baldie! Fans chant “BALDIE! BALDIE!” and Ludwig says how DARE they besmirch them!! No one disrespects- “SHOOOOOOOOOOOOSH!” Fans cheer as Chad Gable perhaps sets a world record with that one. “Shoosh, please!” Gable says it is time Imperium gets taught a free lesson, courtesy of the new and improved Academy! Gable, Otis, and the newest member of the Academy in Maxxine Dupri!

And if it is alright with Kevin & Sami, those lessons are gonna be handed out right now! Yeah, sure, but uh, can you do that thing again? Do the thing! What? What thing? The thing you say that makes Kevin laugh cuz you say it funny! That one! Oh, okay. He’s gonna say it, he’s gonna say it! “A THANK YEW~!” You’re welcome! Will Gable & Otis show Imperium what respect is really all about?

Imperium VS The Alpha Academy w/ Maxxine Dupri!

Raw returns and Kevin & Sami join commentary to watch this one. The teams sort out and Ludwig starts with Gable. They circle, tie up, and are in a deadlock. Ludwig headlocks, Gable powers out but Ludwig runs him over. Ludwig “kicks rocks’ at Gable, runs, but Gable gest around to waistlock, headlock and takeover. Ludwig headscissors, Gable kips fere, but now Ludwig headlocks for the takeover. Gable headscissors, Ludwig kips free, Gable trips him to a cover. ONE, Ludwig goes for the trip but Gable avoids it to waistlock and gator roll to a cover, TWO! Ludwig gets free but fans applaud the exchange.

Gable and Ludwig go again, Gable wrenches but Ludwig claws Gable’s face! Ludwig lets off in the corner to throw hands. Ludwig then UPPERCUTS, UPPERCUTS, but Gable blocks hip toss to give a hip toss! Giovanni Vinci runs in but Gable goes up to “A THANK YEW~” headscissor! Gable headlocks Ludwig, gets Vinci, too, and DOUBLE THROWS them both! Gable runs in at the corner to MONKEY FLIP Ludwig! “A THANK YEW~!” Kevin says you’re welcome! Maxxine cheers her team, but wait! Sarah Logan has appeared!? Why is she here? Well, it’s probably because The Viking Raiders lost to Alpha Academy…

Logan rushes Maxxine, Maxxine dodges, and then Maxxine KICKS Logan! She can kick?! But wait, Logan didn’t fall over… Logan turns around and glares at Maxxine. Maxxine runs away all the way tot he back! Ludwig CLOBBERS Gable! Ludwig stomps Gable around, drags him up and POSTS him! Tag to Vinci, they put Gable in the ropes, and they meet at the corner, DOUBLE DROPKICKS! Imperium stands tall while fans boo, but Gable crawls. Vinci hurries after him to keep him from Otis. Vinci bumps Gable off buckles but fans chant ‘BALDIE! BALDIE!” Vinci CHOPS Gable and stalks him along ropes.

Vinci scoops and SLAMS Gable into ropes! Tag to Ludwig, Imperium drags him up and Ludwig UPPERCUTS Gable! Then runs in, but into a BOOT! Gable elbows Vinci, but Ludwig keeps him from Otis! Gable reels Ludwig in, SAYANAGI! Gable crawls, Ludwig drags him away, but Gable BOOTS Ludwig out! Vinci gets back in but Gable TOSSES him! Gable crawls again, Sami & Kevin cheer him on, HOT TAG TO OTIS!! The tree trunk rallies on Imperium! Vinci dodges, runs, but into Otis’ arms! POWERSLAM! Fans fire up, Otis runs in to SPLASH Ludwig at the corner! Ludwig falls, and fans fire up!

Otis sees that, and he tears the shirt off! Otis hits the CATERPILLAR ELBOW! Cover, but Vinci breaks it! Vinci brings Otis up but Otis TOSSES him out! Tag to Gable and the Academy gets Ludwig up. Gable waistlocks, Otis builds speed, but Vinci holds ropes to dump him out! Gable still gets the O’Conner Roll, TWO as Ludwig gets it! TWO, but tag to Vinci! Vinci SPINEBUSTERS Gable! PENALTY KICK from Ludwig! And then they set up quick, IMPERIAAL BOMB!! Cover, Imperium wins!

Winners: Imperium, by pinfall

Kevin says they’re never gonna hear the end of it. Vinci & Ludwig win out for the glory of Imperium, but will they be in line for a shot at the tag titles?


Backstage interview with Raquel Rodriguez & Shotzi Blackheart.

Cathy Kelley is at gorilla with the newly reunited Ballsy & Badass, and says since this is so recent, do they feel like they have built up the chemistry to get the tag titles in tonight’s Fatal 4? Yes- But then Damage CTRL interrupts. Bayley asks, “Are you kidding me? You guys aren’t even a real team.” No offense to Shotzi, but Raquel would’ve gone with the first person to raise their hand begging to be a partner. They ain’t DMG CTRL. And speaking of, this win is dedicated to Dakota Kai. So just stay out of their way, or they’ll end up like Raquel’s old partner, Liv Morgan. Bayley mocks the shoulder injury and then laughs.

Raquel says that is interesting. Because Shotzi & Raquel were real enough to win on SmackDown last week. And since Bayley first started DMG CTRL, isn’t she the only one who hasn’t held gold? And if she’s wondering why, just look in the mirror. Ballsy & Badass go out to the ring first, but who will return to the back with the titles on their waists?


Candice LeRae speaks.

“You might be thinking, ‘What’s with the fairy wings?’ Well, I believe fairytales are real. And how could I not? I’m living one. So my wings, they represent the magic that this fairytale has brought to my life. Candice LeRae is proof that when you believe, anything is possible.”


Vacated WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships: Raquel Rodriguez & Shotzi Blackheart VS Sonya Deville & Chelsea Green VS Bayley & Iyo Sky VS Ronda Rousey & Shayna Baszler!

Raw returns and the Complaint Department make their entrance. Then DMG CTRL make theirs, leaving the Baddest Women on the Planet for last. The introductions are made, the belts are displayed, and we see who isn’t afraid to fight the odds!

The teams sort out, and in this Fatal 4 Way, only two teams are legal at one time. Raquel steps up, and she starts against The Hot Mess. But Chelsea turns around to see it’s Raquel and quickly tags out to Bayley. Bayley says fine, watch how it’s done. Bayley gets run over by Raquel! So she gets up to tag out to Iyo. Then she sucker punches Raquel! Sky runs in, but Raquel blocks the rana! Raquel whips, Sky handsprings through, and then comes back to wheelbarrow, but Raquel throws her up and over! Sky lands on her feet, DROPKICKS Raquel to the DMG CTRL corner, then fires off forearms!

Tag to Bayley, she stomps Raquel, and Sky pulls hair! Bayley says they’re the champs, but Raquel blocks the whip! Raquel sends Bayley into the corner, Bayley goes up but gets caught! Bayley slips off, waistlocks, but Raquel fights to switch and SLAM her! Bayley crawls, Raquel keeps her from the corner, but Bayley elbows free! And she tags out to Chelsea! Chelsea doesn’t want to but she has no choice! Bayley runs at Raquel but into a scoop and SLAM! Raquel then brings Chelsea in with a TOSS! Chelsea runs away but Ronda & Shayna leave her hanging. Raquel then brings Chelsea around to RAM into Shayna!

Fans fire up as Raquel BOOTS Sonya, DECKS Sky, and then tags Shotzi. Fans fire up as Shotzi runs and Raquel holds the ropes open, Shotzi DIVES onto Bayley, Sonya & Chelsea! The Ballsy & Badass are standing tall, and even daring Ronda to try something, while Raw goes to break.


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Mitchell’s NXT Battleground Results & Report! (5/28/23)

Will Bron break… HIM?



NXT Battleground

Who is truly the top dog of NXT?

Lowell, Massachusetts becomes a Battleground as hometown hero, Carmelo Hayes, defends his NXT Championship in a rematch against Bron Breakker!


  • NXT North American Championship Triple Threat: Wes Lee VS Tyler Bate VS Joe Gacy w/ Ava Raine; Wes wins and retains the title.
  • NXT Heritage Cup Championship: Noam Dar w/ ??? VS Dragon Lee w/ Nathan Frazer; Dar wins and retains the cup.
  • Last Man Standing: DIJAK VS Ilja Dragunov; Dragunov wins.
  • NXT Tag Team Championships: Gallus VS The Creed Brothers w/ Ivy Nile; Gallus wins and retains the titles.
  • NXT Women’s Championship Tournament Finals: Lyra Valkyria VS Tiffany Stratton; Tiffany wins and is the new NXT Women’s Champion.
  • NXT Championship: Carmelo Hayes w/ Trick Williams VS Bron Breakker; Melo wins and retains the title.


It’s the NXT Battleground Kickoff Show!

Join Megan Morant, Matt Camp & Sam Roberts in discussing, analyzing and predicting all the action here tonight!


Noam Dar talks with Oro Mensah backstage.

Will Oro be Dar’s cornerman now? He got Oro a first class ticket out here to Lowell, and that 5 star hotel. Oro does like the hotel room with the jacuzzi. Dar says they can live that high life together, if Oro is Dar’s second to defend the Heritage Cup in its first match on American soil! Oro says he’ll think about it. What? But the match is tonight! There’s no time to think! Dar cradles the cup, is the Scottish Supernova gonna lose his baby?


WWE returns to Lowell!

The People’s Champion, the Degeneration X, and more, “this town has always embraced the new generation.” NXT is that new generation, is still that new generation, and yet, walking into Lowell isn’t always easy for the champions. Beneath the shadow of Bean Town is the precipice of another milestone. Who will be left standing? Who will stand tall as champions? And who will make history all their own? This is NXT Battleground!


NXT North American Championship Triple Threat: Wes Lee VS Tyler Bate VS Joe Gacy w/ Ava Raine!

The Cardiac Kid has had quite the must-see title reign, but his fighting-champion ways may have gotten him stuck between a rock and a hard place. The Big Strong Boi was his friend, but he couldn’t be upfront about wanting this match. The Schism’s sinister leader is a snake in the grass, but at least he was honest about his greed. Will one of them take this title away from the #WesSide? Or will the champion win that historic title defense record?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see which way history moves!

The bell rings and Gacy rushes Wes! Wes rolls Gacy, Bate rolls Wes, but Gacy rolls Bate! TWO! The three stand off and fans cheer. The three reset, circle, and Gacy grins as he points to Bate and WEs. But Bate and Wes rush him! Gacy dodges, and Wes gets mad at Bate. Gacy tries to turn Wes against Bate again, but Batge throws hands on Gacy! Wes throws Gacy out, but then Wes shoves Bate. The “friends” circle, feel things out, but Gacy returns to egg this on. Bate and Wes change their minds and go out after Gacy! They pinball him with haymakers and forearms! Wes puts Gacy in, Bate pushes past but Wes drags Bate out.

But then Bate drags Wes out! Now Bate shoves Wes, so Wes shoves back. They throw hands! Fans fire up, but Gacy DIVES! Direct hit at the ramp and Gacy stands tall! Gacy puts Bate in and BOOTS Wes! Gacy goes into the ring but Bate CHOPS! Bate whips, Gacy reverses but Bate leaps, into Gacy’s arms! NORTHERN LIGHTS BOMB! Cover, Wes breaks it! Gacy ROCKS Wes and Wes flops to the apron. Gacy goes back to Bate but Bate slips under and waistlocks. Gacy pries the hold but Bate lifts him! Gacy fights with elbows, switches, but Bate goes to ropes. Wes FLYING SUNSET FLIPS and that sends Bate flying via a GERMAN SUPLEX!

Wes covers Gacy, TWO, and fans fire up as Wes stands tall. Wes throws hands and elbows on Bate and Gacy, then SUPERKICKS Bate! Wes fires off strikes on Gacy, has him down and DOUBLE STOMPS him! Wes then RANAS Bate! Cover, TWO!! Bate escapes and that’s also good for Gacy. Wes is annoyed, but he sees Gacy in a corner. Wes brings Bate up but Bate swings. Wes bobs ‘n’ weaves, throws hands and a BOOT! Bate boots back, Wes blocks, but Bate KNEES him away! Bate goes up, FLYING UPPERCUT! Bate runs at Gacy, into an elbow! But then Gacy runs into an EXPLODER!

Bate kips up, fans fire up, and Wes runs in. Bate catches Wes, to EXPLODER! Bate kips up again, to SHOOTING STAR Wes! Cover, Bate moves and Gacy drops an elbow on Wes! Bate fireman’s carries, Gacy slips off. Bate dodges Gacy, Bop up but Gacy ducks, so Bate KICKS Gacy! And then BANG! Fireman’s carry and AIRPLANE SPIN! Fans fire up as Bate goes around and around, but then he blocks Wes’ kick! Bate trips Wes, and we get a AIRPLANE SPIN GIANT SWING COMBO! He is truly a Big Strong Boi! Bate stops at 5 to SLAM Gacy onto Wes! Bate then runs to REBOUNDER on Gacy! Cover on Gacy, Wes SMACKS Bate!

Fans fire up while all three men are down! Fans rally for Wes and he brings Bate up. Bate throws body shots but Wes throws forearms. Bate UPPERCUTS, but Wes stays up to ROCK Bate! Bate UPPERCUTS again, fans rally and duel between him and Wes, but Wes fires off a strike fest! ROLLING ELBOW, then a whip! Bate reverses, BACK DRO POWERBOMB as Gacy joins in! Gacy deadlifts Wes to BOMB Bate! Fans fire up for that show of strength, but Bate KNEES Gacy back! Bate goes up, FLYING- NO, Gacy catches Bate to a dragon sleeper! Wes runs in, but into a clinch! URENAGE REVERSE DDT COMBO!

Gacy clamps onto Wes with the RINGS OF SATURN!! Wes endures as Gacy pulls back! But Bate is up, and he BOOTS Gacy! But Gacy just grins!? Gacy tortures Wes while grinning at Bate. Bate says okay then, and he fires off fists on Gacy! Gacy lets Wes go, Bate keeps on hammering and fans fire up again! Bate backs off from Gacy and goes to a corner. Bate runs in again, SHOOTING FLOP, and Gacy has the RINGS OF SATURN on Bate! Gacy thrashes Bate around but Bate endures! Wes DOUBLE STOMPS Gacy and Gacy lets go! All three men are down, Ava looks worried for Gacy, but “This is Awesome!” for the fans!

Gacy goes to ropes, Bate goes to the opposite side. Wes rises up, he ROCKS Gacy! And MULE KICKS Bate! And ROCKS Gacy again! And ELBOWS Bate! Haymaker for Gacy, but Bate UPPERCUTS Wes! Gacy ROCKS Wes! Both Bate and Gacy run, but Wes moves and the REBOUNDER collides with the UPSIDE-DOWN!! Wes has his choice, he decides to handspring DOUBLE PELE!! Cover on Gacy, TWO!! Cover on Bate, TWO!! Wes is beside himself but the fans are loving “NXT! NXT!” for making this the opener. All three men stir, Gacy goes for a corner, and Bate goes for the opposite, leaving Wes in the middle.

Fans chant, “We Want Tables!” but Wes runs in to UPPERCUT Gacy! Wes runs corner to corner to UPPERCUT Bate! Wes runs but Bate reels him in. Wes ELBOWS and ROCKS Bate, then GAMANGIRIS! Bate sits down, Wes runs at Gacy, but Gacy dodges! To then DECK Wes! Gacy runs but Wes reels him in! SLEEPER! Wes is a backpack and Gacy starts to fade! Gacy reaches out, not that ropebreaks would change much. Fans rally, Gacy picks Wes back up, and he CANNONBALLS! Gacy drags Wes from the corner, covers, but Bate TORNILLOS! And then underhooks, TYLER DRIVER 97!! Cover, METEORA from Wes!! Cover, Gacy TOSSES Wes!

Gacy has Wes on the apron but Wes GAMANGIRIS! Gacy staggers away, Wes puts Bate on the apron. Gacy runs in but BLASTS Bate! Wes comes back, ENZIGURI! Wes puts Gacy up top, ROCKS him, then goes corner to corner, but Gacy leans and Wes FLIES out onto Bate!! Fans are thunderous, Wes gets in and runs at Gacy, but into an URENAGE!! Gacy roars, runs, handsprings, but into a CARDIAC KICK!!! Cover, WES WINS!!

Winner: Wes Lee, by pinfall (still NXT North American Champion)

Another incredible win for Wes Lee, and now both title and record are his! Will nothing stop the Cardiac Kid from making history?


NXT Heritage Cup Championship: Noam Dar w/ ??? VS Dragon Lee w/ Nathan Frazer!

Forged in NXT UK to celebrate the lineage of European wrestling, this will be a test of strategy, ability and determination! Six rounds, three minutes at a time, and first to two falls wins, aside from a disqualification or knockout. Will the Scottish Supernova keep his historically long reign going? Or will the Wonder Boy be the one that finally dethrones him?

Dragon Lee has the British Rocket by his side, but last we saw, Oro Mensah left Dar hanging. Does Dar have a cornerman? Doesn’t look like it. The introductions are made, the cup is displayed, and we see if Dar will be delighted or dismayed!

The bell rings, round one begins, and fans rally as the two circle. They feel things out, give testing kicks, and Dragon’s hits harder. They tie up, Dar waistlocks and drags Dragon down but Dragon slips to a facelock. Dar gets up, facelocks back but Dragon trips Dar. Dar pulls at the mask but Dragon has the leg. Dar gets an arm, they stand, and then Dar wrangles Dragon. Dar JAMS the arm, pushes on it, messes with the mask, but Dragon fights up. Dragon rolls, Dar fights the takedown to wrangle Dragon again. Fans rally for Dragon but Dar SMACKS the hand! Dar drops a knee on the arm, then brings Dragon around.

Dar wrenches to an ELBOW BREAKER, but Dragon grabs at Dar’s face. Dar ELBOW BREAKERS again, but Dragon rolls, wrenches and WRINGS Dar’s arm! Dragon twists the wrist and bends the fingers but Dar moves around. Dar rolls, trips Dragon, steps through for a standing deathlock, then gets the other leg. Dar wants an Indian Deathlock but Dragon shoves him away. Dar hits a headlock takeover but Dragon headscissors. We’re under a minute, Dar bridges, but Dragon pushes him back down. Dragon puts on the squeeze but Dar headstands and pops free. Dar headlocks, Dragon fights up and powers out.

Dar jumps over, stops himself, but Dragon avoids the leg sweep! Dragon sunset flips, Dar gets free, both men avoid kicks but Dar almost gets hit! We’re at 15 seconds, Dar gets up to shove Dragon. But Dragon blocks the slap to DECK Dar! Dar bails out, Dragon builds speed to WRECK Dar off the apron! And that’s the round!

Dar: 0; Dragon: 0

Fans cheer a great opener, and wait! Oro Mensah does head out here? He wants to be on Dar’s side, though Dar says it was three minutes too late. In that case, fan him! The break is over, round two begins. Dragon gets around Dar but Dar fights the lift. Dar throws elbows, but Dragon CLUBS him! Dragon RAMS Dar into a corner, runs in to clothesline, then snapmare and ELBOW! Dar gets up into another ELBOW! Dragon scoops but Dar slips off and shoves. Things speed up as Dragon ducks n’ dodges ‘n’ RANAS! Dar flounders, Dragon runs in to JUMP KICK! Leg sweep! COMBINACION CABRON!

Fans fire up and Dragon stares at Dar. Dar eggs Dragon on, but Dragon rains down forearms! The ref counts, Dragon lets off to run corner to corner, HYDRAULIC DROPKICK! Cover, TWO! Dar is still in this and he victory rolls Dragon! TWO, Dragon dodges a boot but not the BACK ELBOW! Dar rolls with a deep bridge, Dar scores!

Dar: 1; Dragon: 0

Fans boo but Supernova 11 has the all-important first point. Frazer helps Dragon get ready, here comes round three! Dar eggs Dragon on, then bails out. Dar leads Dragon on a cat ‘n’ mouse in and out of the ring, but Dragon ducks the buzzsaw! Dragon tackles Dar, rains down fists, but Dar shifts to an omoplata! Dar CLUBS Dragon, but Dragon rolls to KICK Dar! Dragon is free and he goes to a corner. Dar runs in but into an ELBOW! Dragon goes up, but Dar trips him up! Dar then covers, TWO! Dragon is still in this but Dar drags him up. Dar goes up the corner, he CLUBS away on Dragon, but the ref counts.

Dar shoves Dragon away and shouts, “I’m the best at this!” Fans boo as Dar flexes, then Dar drags Dragon back up. Dar throws knees, but Dragon rolls Dar up! TWO, and Dragon V-TRIGGERS Dar! Dar drops to his knees, Dragon SUPERKICKS! Dar goes to a corner, fans fire up as Dragon runs, but Dar bails out to the apron. Dragon still runs in, FLYING RANA to the floor! Fans are thunderous and we’re at the last minute of round three! Dragon gets in the ring, he builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit at the ramp, this is what Dragon wanted at the end of the first round! Dragon puts Dar in and then KNEES Dar down! Cover, TWO!!

We’re at 30 seconds now as Dragon thinks on how to get on the board. Dar crawls, Dragon storms up behind him, and Dragon gives toying kicks. Dragon stomps Dar, but we’re at 10 seconds. Dar gets away but Dragon fires off more hands! The round is over, Dar gets a cheap shot!!

Dar: 1; Dragon: 0

Fans boo but Dar claims he had no idea the round ended! Frazer has to drag Dragon over to the corner, that was almost a knockout in itself! Dar defends his innocence, but he’s got a huge advantage going into round four. The ref sounds the bell, Dragon drags himself up, Dar runs in! Dar only gets buckles, but then he dodges Dragon to run and BOOT! Dar snapmares Dragon, runs in and SLIDING LARIATS! Cover, TWO!! Dragon is still in this but Dar soaks up the heat. Dar aims from a corner, demands Dragon get up, but Dragon flounders. Dar gets annoyed, he drags Dragon up but Dragon cradles! TWO!!

dragon was playing possum but Dar ROUNDHOUSES! Pop-up, ARMBAR! Dragon clasps hands, Dar kicks at the arms, and he has the ARMBAR! Dragon flails, scrambles, reaches out, but Dar drags him from ropes! ARMBAR, but Dragon stacks Dar! TWO, and Dar lets Dragon go! Dragon SUPERKICKS! And then trips, ties up the legs, TEXAS CLOVERLEAF!! Dar endures, scrambles, reaches out, Oro leans on the ropes to help with the ROPEBRAEK! Frazer gets in Oro’s face and fans fire up! Oro apologizes, but then RAMS Frazer into steel steps! Dragon is distracted, Dar rolls him up, TWO!!

Dar runs in, Dragon dodges and returns, tilt-o-whirl REVERSE DDT! Cover, Dragon scores!!

Dar: 1; Dragon: 1

We’re going into the next round all tied up! Oro drags Dar to the corner now, but then Frazer goes after Oro! Fans are thunderous, Frazer SUPERKICKS Oro! The ref reprimands but Frazer FLIES out onto Oro! The cornermen scrap up the ramp and refs rush in to stop this! Seems like both men lose their seconds! This is just Dar and Dragon now, and here’s round five! They both run in, DOUBLE LARIAT! They both fire forearms, Dragon gets the edge and BOOTS! Bar blocks the knee to DRAGON SCREW, and ANKLE LOCK! Dragon rolls to send Dar to the apron! Dragon runs in again, FLYING- POWERBOMB to the floor!! Fans lose their minds as Dar puts Dragon in!

Dar ELBOWS Dragon down, covers, TWO!?!? Dragon survives and no one can believe it! Fans rally up for Dragon but Dar stands. Dar eggs Dragon on, and then KICKS him! And KICKS him! And BOOTS him! Dar slaps Dragon around, but then Dragon blocks the kick! Dar ELBOWS Daron, STEP PUNCH, but then SNAP GERMAN from Dragon! V-TRIGGER! Dragon reels Dar in, fans fire up, LAST RIDE!! Cover, TWO!! Dar survives and Dragon can’t believe it! We’re at one minute, and JAKARA JACKSON is here? The ref has her stay out, but LASH LEGEND is here! She SMACKS Dragon with a water bucket!!

NOVA ROLLA!!! Cover, Dar wins!!!

Winner: Noam Dar, by pinfall (still NXT Heritage Cup Champion)

With 41 seconds left in the fifth round, Supernova 11 gets a huge assist from two people who were hatin’ on him just last week! Why did Lash & Jakara help Dar? Will anyone ever take the cup from Dar now?


Last Man Standing: DIJAK VS Ilja Dragunov!

#HardJustice and #UNBESIEGBAR are like an unstoppable force and an unbreakable object. But will Dijak prove there is no such thing as invincible? Or will Dragunov prove Dijak has no authority here in NXT?

The bell rings and the two rush in! The hands start flying and fans fire up! Dijak powers Dragunov to a corner, and just windmills big forearms to the chest! Dijak CLUBS Dragunov, puts him in another corner and ROCKS him! But Dragunov CHOPS, and CHOPS, and CHOPS! Dijak CLOBBERS Dragunov! Fans fire up more as Dijak hoists Dragunov up to a torture rack! Dragunov fights free, knees low, then waistlocks. Dragunov lifts but Dijak fights free. Dijak switches, shoves but Dragunov CONSTANTINE- NO, Dijak BOOTS Dragunov to the floor! Dragunov sputters, but Dijak goes out to stomp him!

Dijak pulls the steel steps apart, but puts the top half in the ring. Dijak then puts Dragunov in the ring, but Dragunov KNEES him back out! Dragunov CLUBS Dijak, CLUBS him again, and CLUBS him again! Dijak ROCKS Dragunov but Dragunov PELES! Dragunov SMAKCS Dijak off the desk, then JUMP KICKS him down! Fans fire up with The Czar and he grabs the base steps! Fans fire up as Dragunov brings those closer, runs and jumps off them, but into a BOOT! Dijak then hauls Dragunov up, suplexes, and SLAMS him on the steps! Fans are going nuts as Dragunov flops to the floor. The count starts and Dijak paces.

Fans chant “We Want Tables!” while the count reaches 5 of 10. Dijak looks under the ring, and he brings out a TABLE! Dijak stands this table up, but Dragunov runs in to BLAST through the table!! Fans love “NXT! NXT!” for this one while both men are down in the wreckage. Dijak is against the barriers, Dragunov has a cut on his chin, and the count begins. We reach 5 of 10 before Dijak stirs. Dijak crawls to the ring, Dragunov sits up. They both stand at 8, and they lean against the apron. Dijak drags himself into the ring but Dragunov returns. Dragunov throws hands, but Dijak choke grips! Dragunov ENZIGURIS free!

Fans rally as Dragunov waistlocks. Dragunov drags Dijak up in a waistlock but Dijak fights the lift. Dijak grabs ropes, Dragunov keeps trying, but Dijak bucks Dragunov off, and he falls on the steel steps! Dragunov writhes and Dijak drags him back up! Dijak aims at the steps, for HIGH- NO, Dragunov DDTS Dijak on the steps!! Double-edged since Dragunov has to hit the edge of the steps, but the fans are thunderous! The count begins, Dragunov stirs at 3 and rises at 5. Dijak stirs, is dazed, but Dragunov drags Dijak up. Dragunov puts Dijak in a corner, and scrapes his boot off Dijak’s face again and again!

Dijak sputters, Dragunov goes back to the steel steps. Dragunov picks those up, and runs in to RAM Dijak!! Fans lose their minds, but Dragunov then wedges the steps against Dijak. Dragunov flounders his way to the adjacent corner, and then he climbs up! Fans fire up, anticipating what’s coming! Dragunov blows a kiss before going FULL METAL COAST2COAST!! Fans lose their minds again while both men are down again! The standing count starts on both men, and Dragunov already rises at 4! Dijak stirs at 7, grabs at ropes, and drags himself up at 9! But Dragunov pushes the steps aside to CHOP Dijak!

And CHOP! And CHOP! And CHOP CHOP CHOP CHOP CHOP! Dijak CHOPS back, SJUEPRKICKS, but Dragunov CHOPS again! And again and again and again and again! Dragunov roars, winds up, and BACKHANDS!! Both men fall, but Dragunov just throws more CHOPS from the mat! Dragunov spins, FALLING BACKHAND!! Fans are thunderous as both men are down. “This is Awesome!” as the count reaches 5 of 10. Dragunov rises first, he stalks Dijak, and he waistlocks to drag Dijak up. GERMAN SUPLEX!! Dijak almost lands on his head! But Dijak rises!? Even Dragunov is surprised! But Dragunov also likes this!

Fans fire up, Dijak choke grips, but Dragunov SLAPS and SLAPS and SLAPS! Dijak shoves Dragunov to the apron, but Dragunov throws more chops. Dijak APRON CHOKE SLAMS Dragunov!! Fans are shocked as Dragunov flops to the floor! The count begins again, Dijak rises at 6 and Dragunov manages to stand at 9! Dijak and Dragunov stare down, both gritting their teeth. Dijak drags Dragunov into the ring, torture racks, FEAST YOUR EYES!!! Dragunov staggers all the way to a corner, but the corner helps him stand! He might be out on his feet! Dijak is furious, he roars and storms out of the ring.

Dijak goes around the way from the outside, and he looks under the ring. Fans fire up as Dijak brings out a kendo stick! Dijak brings the stick into the ring, he aims at Dragunov in the corner, and he says that if Dragunov likes pain, he’ll love this. SMACK to the ribs! Dragunov’s legs wobble and shake but fans want that “ONE MORE TIME!” Dijak asks if Dragunov feels alive. Another SMACK to the ribs!! Dragunov says, “NOT EVEN CLOSE!!” Dijak CHOKES Dragunov with the stick, saying Dragunov is making him do this. A third SMACK to the ribs!! Dragunov sputters, but he doesn’t fall over yet.

Dijak shows Dragunov the blood on the kendo stick. Dijak tells Dragunov to stay down. “Don’t you make me do this.” A fourth and a fifth SMACK to the ribs!! The stick is breaking, so Dijak just finishes it with his own knee! Dijak throws the stick away, goes to the outside and he brings out a chair! Dijak brings the chair in now, and he digs it into Dragunov’s neck! Dijak says Dragunov’s forced his hand. But Dragunov throws hands on Dijak! Dijak JAMS Dragunov with the chair, then SMACKS him on the back!! Dragunov writhes, Dijak goes to the far side and winds up, but TORPEDO MOSCOW hits!!!

Fans are thunderous as Dragunov staggers all around a sputtering Dijak! Dragunov winds up, FALLING FOREARM!! Dijak still reaches for a chair but that’s about all he can do. Dragunov gets the steel steps! Dragunov stands them up the tall way, then stands on the steps. SUPER FALLING FOREARM onto the chair!!! Both men are down and the count begins! We’re at 5 and only Dragunov stirs. Dragunov rises, he stands at 9! Dijak is DOWN, Dragunov wins!!

Winner: Ilja Dragunov

And there is your proof! Dragunov is truly UNBESIEGBAR! He is the Last Man Standing, will he look to fight his way towards a championship now?


NXT checks in on Chase U.

Substitute teacher Duke Hudson says he has put in the results of everyone’s quizzes into the system, and they all did very well. EXCEPT RICKY! Ricky sucks! Aww…. Moving on, the MVP of Chase U and substitute teacher has been time consuming, as well as life draining. So he is bringing in two men to teach the Art of Catch Wrestling: Charlie Dempsey & Drew Gulak. And if anyone needs Duke, he is going to be in the back, working on the Money in the Bank study guides.

Gulak thanks Duke and tells the students that normally, you learn what to do. Today, let’s focus on what not to do when the bell rings. And who better to use as an example than Chase U’s own Thea Hail? Wait, what? Thea losing to Kiana James is used as the main example, and Dempsey says that Thea’s lack of grappling knowledge puts her at a severe disadvantage against every opponent. This is NOT how to become a superstar. But good news, not all students have to fail like Thea. Thea storms out, which gets Duke’s attention.

Gulak says with the right guidance, they can learn to crunch and crack opponents in half. Duke asks what the heck these two are doing, and Dempsey says they’re showing the Chase U students what not to do. Yeah, he knows that was the lesson, but they just made someone leave the classroom crying. Gulak says there’s no crying in WWE. This is  a reality check. No one talks to Thea or any of Duke’s- er, Chase U’s students like that! Next week, Duke has a better lesson prepared for them, in the ring. Get out. Gulak & Dempsey leave, Duke dismisses the class, and wants someone to check on Thea.

But at the same time, looking at the highlight reel, Duke isn’t happy. Will he need to start using some tough love to get Thea’s record up?


Backstage interview with Noam Dar and his team.

They’re all celebrating but McKenzie Mitchell asks for a word. She does congratulate him on retaining, but what is this? This is history! “They” just defended the cup on American soil! The lovely Miss Jackson is holding the cup, Lash and Dar’s “main man” Oro are by his side. There’s levels to this, and THEY are at the top! CHECK PLEASE! Thank you, buh-bye! They head out, but will this Supernova squad still be partying into the summer?


The NXT Great American Bash is back!

July 30th, NXT salutes the stars ‘n’ stripes from Cedar Park, Texas, as their next Premium Live Event! Will everything be bigger in Texas?


NXT Tag Team Championships: Gallus VS The Creed Brothers w/ Ivy Nile!

The Iron King’s return at Stand & Deliver is why Mark Coffey & Wolfgang are still on top, but now that trump card is out in the open. Will Julius & Brutus be the ones back on top now that they know all the pieces in play? Or will nothing stop Gallus from making this their kingdom?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and we see who really runs the tag division!

The teams sort out and Julius starts with Wolfgang. Julius gets a takedown but Wolfgang fights up to UPPERCUT! Tag to Mark, Gallus mugs Julius, then Mark facelocks to wrangle Julius down. Julius fights up to an armlock, they go around, and Julius wrenches to a SAYANAGI, and then another armlock. Mark fights up, Julius puts him in the Creed corner to tag in Brutus. Brutus wrenches and cranks the arm, trips Mark, and fights to a headlock. Mark moves around, Brutus has an arm but Mark turns that around onto him. Mark grinds the shoulder, but Brutus gets free, and Wolfgang tags in.

Julius backs Brutus up and the teams talk trash. The ref keeps the peace, things calm down, but then Wolfie runs in! Julius DECKS him, and Brutus fireman’s carry takeovers! Brutus has Mark’s arm, tags Julius, and the Creeds pinball Mark between knees to the side! Brutus drags Mark up to hit a BIG back suplex! Julius covers, TWO! Julius keeps on Mark with an armlock but Mark fights up. Julius arm-drags Mark, keeps on the armlock, but Mark fights up to ROCK Julius! Mark whips, Julius goes up and over and then runs. Brutus tags in as Julius ducks ‘n ‘dodges! Brutus then goes up, FLYING AX YHANDLES!

Brutus SMASH again and again on Mark, but Wolfgang distracts. Brutus runs Wolfgang off but Mark UPPERCUTS! Brutus just powers through to hit a headlock takeover! Mark keeps his shoulders up, powers Brutus to ropes and Wolfgang tags in as Mark powers out. Brutus returns into a FLAPJACK HOTSHOT! Brutus sputters, Wolfgang CLUBS away on him, then drops knee after knee! Wolfgang CLUBS Brutus again, then clamps on a neck wrench. Brutus endures, fans rally, but Mark tags in. Gallus stomps Brutus down, Mark CLUBS Brutus, cover, TWO! Mark KICKS Brutus in the back!

Mark drags Brutus up to ROCK him with forearms, but Brutus hits back! Mark whips and kitchen sink knees Brutus! Tag to Wolfgang, BASEMENT SENTON! Wolfgang then clamps on with a cobra clutch. Fans rally, Brutus fights up, but Wolfgang tags Mark. Ripcord shoulder, then a FLYING SHOULDER! Cover, TWO, but Mark clamps on with a chinlock. Fans rally as Brutus endures and fights up. Brutus pries the hold but Mark throws him down! Mark grinds Brutus down but Brutus keeps his shoulder up. Fans rally, Brutus fights up, and he powers up to lift Mark, BIG back suplex! Fans fire up while both men writhe!

Mark crawls, tags Wolfgang, and Wolfgang keeps Brutus from Julius with a facelock. Fans rally, Brutus fights up again, but Wolfgang CLUBS him! And then ELBOWS Julius! The ref reprimands and Julius is mad, but then Brutus back drops Wolfgang! Tag to Julius! Julius fires off hands on Wolfgang, then clinches to OVERHEAD Belly2Belly! Fans fire up as Julius kips up, to OVERHEAD Belly2Belly Mark! Wolfgang returns, for another OVERHEAD Belly2Belly! Julius kips up again to hit another OVERHEAD Belly2Belly! And then another kip up for another OVERHEAD Belly2Belly for Wolfgang!

Fans are thunderous, Joe Coffey can’t believe this, Mark gets another OVERHEAD Belly2Belly! Julius kips up, brings down the straps, but Wolfgang ELBOWS him! But Julius still OVERHEAD Belly2Belly suplexes! Mark tags in, but he runs into a seventh BELLY2BELLY! SHOOTING STAR! Brutus tags in to STANDING MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO!! Fans are still fired up for the Creeds, and Brutus brings Mark over. Julius tags back in, he hoists Mark up in an Electric Chair. Brutus climbs, but Mark victory rolls! Cover, TWO! Wolfgang runs in to trip up Brutus! Mark ROCKS Julius, he and Wolfgang DOUBLE URENAGE Julius!

But Brutus is still up top! BRUTUS BALL still hits!! Fans are thunderous as all four men are down! “This is Awesome!” as the teams regroup in corners. The Creeds fire each other up, they egg Gallus on, and Gallus fires up now! And the brawl is on!! Fans are loving it as fists fly! Mark shoves Julius but Julius SPEARS Mark! Wolfgang DEGS Brutus, Julius DECKS Brutus! Mark ROCKS Julius, Julius JUMP KNEES Mark! And then ROLLING SPINEBUSTER! Fans fire up as Julius throws off the elbow pad! Joe hurries in! The ref reprimands, but Ivy trips up Joe! Julius clotheslines Joe out!

Julius gives thumbs up to Ivy, but wait! AVA RAINE POSTS IVY!! She still isn’t done with Ivy! GALLOW’S GATE hits Julius!! GALLUS WINS!!

Winners: Gallus, by pinfall (still NXT Tag Team Champions)

The roots of Schism’s tree reach further than expected, and it helps Mark & Wolfgang survive the Creeds! Will Gallus Boys always be on top?


The hooded attack watches her handiwork.

“I have wreaked havoc on the NXT Women’s Division for months. This Tuesday, I will reveal myself.” Who is this that has been picking apart the roster from the shadows?


NXT Women’s Championship Tournament Finals: Lyra Valkyria VS Tiffany Stratton!

Between injury and the WWE Draft taking Indi Hartwell away, the title was going to be vacated, and a new champion would need to be crowned. The Morrigan fought through Kiana James and Cora Jade while The Center of the Universe made it through Gigi Dolin and Roxanne Perez. Will Lyra ride on the winds of change to reach new heights? Or will Daddy’s Little Rich Girl once again get what she wants?

The introductions are made, the belt is on display, and one way or another, we will have a new champion!

The bell rings and fans rally and duel. Lyra and Tiff circle, stare down, and then tie up. They go around, Tiff puts Lyra on ropes but Lyra turns it around. Tiff puts Lyra in a corner but Lyra pushes back. Tiff pushes, too, they tie up again, and then Lyra headlocks for a takeover. Tiff kicks and moves around, fights up to her feet, and Lyra wrenches. Tiff ROCKS Lyra, wrenches the arm, YANKS away on it, but Lyra rolls, kips up and WRINGS Tiff out! Tiff kicks around, rolls, kips, but Lyra wrangles her with a headlock! Lyra traps an arm, rolls Tiff to a ghost pin, TWO! Tiff gets away to ropes and Lyra smiles.

Fans rally up as the two reset. They circle, they tie up, then Lyra gets a waistlock. Tiff elbows free, snapmares, ghost pins back, but Lyra rolls through! Reverse sunset, TWO! Tiff scrambles away all flustered but Lyra is loving this. The fans love it, too, and the two reset again. They tie up, Tiff knees low, then headlocks. Lyra powers up and out, but Tiff runs her over. Tiff blows a kiss, things speed up, Lyra hurdles but the bad leg gives out! Lyra hurries to a corner, walks it off, and Tiff smirks now. The two approach and Tiff wants a test of strength. They knuckle lock, they go shoulder to shoulder, but Lyra rolls back to put the pressure on!

Tiff turns things around, throws Lyra over, but Lyra then MONKEY FLIPS Tiff away! Tiff staggers up, into a SWINGING ARM-DRAG! Tiff bails out, fans fire up for Lyra, and she watches Tiff go around the outside. Lyra then runs, but she just fakes Tiff out. Tiff scowls and storms into the ring. They tie up again, go around, and Lyra arm-drags Tiff out again! Fans rally again, Tiff is even more upset, and Lyra waits on her. Lyra then builds speed to WRECK- NO, Tiff blocks the dropkick, drags Lyra out and SLAMS her to the apron! Tiff then hoists Lyra up, SHIN BREAKER to the post!

Tiff looms over Lyra, slaps her around, stomps her around, then drags her by the bad leg. Tiff stands Lyra up, gets the leg again, and SHIN BREAKER to the post, AGAIN! Fans cheer and jeer while Tiff goes into the ring to let the count handle this. Tiff then goes back out, stomps Lyra, and pulls at the knee brace! The ref reprimands but now Lyra has no protection on that leg. Tiff tosses the knee brace and puts Lyra in the ring. Tiff lifts Lyra, SHIN BREAKER! Lyra hobbles, but Tiff DRAGON SCREWS her! Tiff drags Lyra up, has the leg again, SHIN BREAKER, and then another DRAGON SCREW!

Tiff smiles as she pushes Lyra to a cover, TWO!! Lyra is hanging tough but Tiff doesn’t let up. Tiff gets the leg, turns Lyra over, and then hooks the leg up. SNAP LOCK! Tiff puts pressure on the leg, stands back up, and SNAP LOCKS again! And then Tiff stands back up, ties both legs together in a deathlock, and fans cheer as she bridges back! MUTA LOCK!! Lyra endures as Tiff pulls on her! Fans rally and duel as Lyra pries the chinlock open! Tiff lets the leglock go, covers, TWO! Tiff stomps Lyra’s leg and Lyra goes to ropes. Tiff gets the leg again, but Lyra SLAPS her! Tiff SLAPS back! They SLAP fight!

Lyra kicks but Tiff ducks, then SMASHES the knee on the mat! Tiff drags Lyra to a cover, TWO! Tiff huffs and puffs but she gets the leg, for a STRETCH MUFFLER! Lyra bridges to relieve pressure and then reaches out, ROPEBREAK! The ref counts, Tiff lets go quickly, but then drags Lyra back. STRETCH MUFFLER! But Lyra kicks at Tiff with her free leg! Tiff lets go, clutches that arm, but she goes after Lyra again. SHIN- SUNSET FLIP! TWO!! Tiff escapes, stomps Lyra, and then steps through. Lyra boots Tiff into buckles! Tiff checks her teeth, Lyra O’Conner Rolls and it’s deep! TWO!!

Lyra ends up in the corner now, clutches her leg, but she says she’s still good to go. Tiff runs in, into an ELBOW! Lyra goes up, MISSILE DROPKICK! But it proves double-edged given the leg damage! Fans rally while both women are down. They stir, Tiff crawls after Lyra and they both stand. Tiff ROCKS Lyra with a forearm, but Lyra UPPERCUTS back! Tiff SLAPS Lyra, but Lyra UPPERCUTS again! Tiff runs in, Lyra dodges to SOBAT! Front kick! HEADBUTT! AX KICK!! Lyra grits her teeth, brings Tiff up again, NORTHERN LIGHTS! Bridge, roll through, and then another NORTHERN LIGHTS! Bridge, roll through, but Tiff kicks the leg!

Tiff runs, but Lyra ENZIGURIS!! Tiff flops out of the ring and fans fire up as Lyra slaps her leg. Lyra scowls, builds speed, and she WRECKS Tiff! Then CROSSBODIES her to the floor! Lyra drags Tiff back up, puts her back in, and hurries up the corner! The bad leg does slow her down a bit but Lyra still reaches the top. Lyra aims, for a CROSSBODY! But Tiff rolls through! Tiff powers lyra up, but Lyra CRUCIFIX DRIVERS!! Cover, TWO!!! Tiff survives and fans fire up! Lyra drags Tiff to a drop zone, goes back up the corner, and fans fire up even more! But Tiff trips Lyra up! Lyra ends up in a Tree of Woe!

Tiff runs in, she DROPKICKS Lyra out of the Tree! PRETTIEST MOONSAULT EVER!! Cover, TWO!??! Lyra survives and Tiff can’t believe it! Tiff scowls and she drags Lyra up. Tiff fireman’s carries, but Lyra slips out to waistlock! Tiff kicks the bad leg out! Lyra sits down, Tiff runs, DOUBLE- NO, SUNSET FLIP! TWO!! DOUBLE STOMPS!! Cover, TWO!!! Tiff grows frustrated but the fans stay fired up. Tiff storms up on Lyra, grabs the leg and then rolls to THROW Lyra! Lyra is in a corner, Tiff handsprings in, but into a waistlock! GERMAN SUPLEX! Lyra roars, Tiff stands, but the bad leg gives out!!

Lyra tried the spin back kick but the leg gave up on her! Tiff drags Lyra up, fireman’s carries, ROLLING SENTON! Tiff goes up now, PRETTIEST MOONSAULT- FLOPS!! Lyra fights to her feet, SPINNING HEEL KICK!!! But the bad leg slows her down, she can’t make the cover! Lyra crawls to Tiffany, ROPEBREAK!!! Tiff survives by a literal foot and Lyra cannot believe it! Fans are thunderous for “NXT! NXT!” while Lyra grits her teeth. Lyra drags Tiff into the drop zone, goes up the corner, but Tiff goes up after her! Tiff throws forearms, Lyra CLUBS her back! Lyra digs her elbow into Tiff’s back, then adjusts position.

Lyra balances on one leg, SUPER SUNSET- NO, Tiff holds on! Then she RANAS Lyra away! Tiff hurries to fireman’s carry, ROLLING SENTON again! And then PRETTIEST MOONSAULT EVER!!!! Cover, Tiffany wins!

Winner: Tiffany Stratton, by pinfall (NEW NXT Women’s Champion)

The Center of the Universe finally has the prize she’s been seeking since day one of her career! She may be rich, she may be a brat, but she still earned this one all on her own. Will Tiffany Stratton make this HER era of NXT?


NXT Championship: Carmelo Hayes w/ Trick Williams VS Bron Breakker!

Boston’s hometown hero is none other than HIM! Melo is back in Massachusetts, ready to have a rematch from the main event of Stand & Deliver. But while Melo is still Melo, the Big Bad Booty Nephew has changed. This dog is now #MeanerThanEvil, and he wants to bring scorched earth to Lowell! Will Bron break Melo to become a THREE-TIME NXT Champion? Or will Melo still not miss?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and it’s a sadistic sequel to see who is really leader of the pack!

The fans chant for “MEL~O!” already and the bell rings. The two rush in, Melo dropkicks a leg out! Melo fires off haymakers, Bron shoves him away, but Melo comes back for more! Melo KICKS the leg, Bron shoves him again, but Melo just KICKS the leg out! Bron ELBOWS Melo from a corner, hobbles but runs Melo over! Fans boo, things speed up, Melo kips up to PELE! And then runs in to BOOT Bron out of the ring! Melo builds speed and he FLIES! Direct hit at the ramp, if only barely! Melo then rains down fists on Bron, dusts himself off, and CHOPS Bron against barriers! The fans fire up as Melo CHOPS him again!

Melo brings Bron around but Bron RAMS him into the apron! Bron puts Melo in at 6 of 10, shoulders into him, then storms in. Melo dodges, Bron dodges back, and Bron turns leap into SPINEBUSTER! Fans boo but Bron puts Melo in a corner. Bron RAMS into Melo, and again, and again! The ref counts, Bron keeps going until 4. Melo BOOTS Bron back, runs and rolls off Bron’s back, to then DROPKICK Bron to the corner! Melo runs in to forearm smash! Melo whips, Bron reverses, but Melo goes up, only to get caught! Bron TOSSES Melo away, then mocks the chants, “Let’s Go, Melo. IDIOTS!”

Melo goes to the apron, Bron brings him up, but then Bron blocks the gamangiri to DECK Melo! Bron goes out after Melo, fans boo but Bron kicks Melo into the barriers. And SMACKS him off them! Trick protests but Bron brings Melo around to put in the ring. Bron tells Trick to back off, and he goes to the apron, Melo KICKS Bron, and then HOTSHOT STUNNERS him! And then FADE AWAY LEG DROP! Cover, ONE!! Bron is hanging tough but Melo drags him to the ropes. Melo has the leg on the ropes to springboard STOMP it! Bron writhes, Melo grabs the leg and stomps away on it more!

Melo drags Bron around, steps over, HALF BOSTON CRAB! Fitting since this is #Melochussetts! Fans cheer, Bron endures, and Bron fights up. Trick demonstrates how to stretch Bron, but Bron turns things over! Bron BOOTS Melo away, then hobbles up. Melo runs back in, but Bron dodges! Melo goes up, FLYING ARM-DRAG! Melo runs in, but into a LARIAT! Bron’s good leg still has some explosive power to it! Bron hobbles around, he stalks Melo, and Bron brings Melo up, to OVERHEAD Belly2Belly! Melo writhes and Bron walks off the pain in his legs. “Boston sucks!” Bron then stalks Melo and drags him up.

Bron clinches, to OVERHEAD Belly2Belly again! Melo shakes his head and the fans boo Bron. Bron tells them to shut up, and he stalks Melo to ropes. Bron waistlocks but Melo holds the ropes! Bron gets in between Melo and ropes, for a SPINNING BELLY2BELLY! Cover, TWO!! Bron does push-ups just to mock Melo! Fans chant “YOU SUCK!” at Bron but he doesn’t care. Bron scuffs Melo, says, “This is what Boston looks like?” Melo throws body shots! And a CHOP! Bron KNEES low, whpis, but Melo sunset flips! Bron stays up, drags Melo up, another OVERHEAD Belly2Belly!

Bron stalks Melo to a corner, drags Melo up and pie faces him. Fans still chant “YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK!” but Bron throws body shots on Melo. Bron puts Melo up top, but Melo throws haymakers! Bron ROCKS Melo back, climbs up and brings Melo up, but Melo fights back with body shots! Melo KICKS Bron’s bad leg! Bron staggers back, but returns, for a SUPER STEINER! Cover, TWO!! Melo survives but Bron smirks, he’s starting to have fun with this. Bron drags Melo up, reels him in, short arm LARIAT! Bron taunts the fans as they boo him, and he drags Melo up again. Short arm LARIAT!

Bron says this is as easy as beating up one of the fans. Bron drags Melo back up, scuffs him, but fans chant “You’re Not Him!” Bron short arm- NO, Melo ducks! Melo KICKS the legs, CHOPS Bron, then ROCKS Bron! But Bron gets around to GERMAN SUPLEX! Bron still has power to spare, but also attitude as he mockingly chants, “Let’s Go, Melo.” Bron HIP DROPS Melo, then HIP DROPS again! Melo crawls, but Bron says it’s done! Bron hooks up an arm, Melo resists, and he gets that arm free. HIP- KNEES! Melo gets Bron low, then KANGAROO KICKS him away! Bron staggers up, kicks low, and suplexes!

But Melo turns it into a DDT!! Both men are down and fans are thunderous again! Trick fires up and he coaches Melo! The fans are thunderous as Melo stands up again! Bron shakes out the stars in his head, but Melo dodges the haymaker to give haymakers! Bron hits back, but Melo gives more! Bron ROCKS Melo, Melo ROCKS Bron again and again and fires off body shots! Bfron shoves Melo, Melo spins Bron around, SMASH and SUPERKICK! Melo runs to BOOT! Melo keeps moving, he springboards, FLYING LARIAT! Fans are thunderous again as Melo aims from a corner. Melo runs in, tilt-o-whirl, FACEBUSTER! Cover, ONE?!?!

Bron says “Is that all you got?!” Melo KNEES Bron in the face! Suplex CUTTER! Cover, TWO! Bron is still in this and Melo is starting to wonder what he has to do. Melo drags Bron up, SLAPS him, but Bron DECKS Melo! Fans boo but Melo gets up to throw hands. Bron ROCKS Melo with just one! Melo ROCKS Bron, Bron ROCKS Melo! Melo staggers, comes back and he fires off a flurry! Bron UPPERCUTS Melo! Melo kicks but Bron blocks to choke grip! Trophy lift, but Melo hits a CODE BREAKER out of it!! Melo hurries up the corner, Bron stands, NOTHING- NO, Bron dodges! Bron runs in, but Melo POSTS him!

Melo runs, springboard- SPEAR!!! Cover, TWO!!!! Bron got Melo like he did a few weeks ago, but this time Melo survives! Bron is the one shocked now, and even Trick looks in disbelief! But the fans are electric for Melo! Bron gets mad, he brings down the straps! Bron gut wrenches Melo up to SLAM him down! And then another gut wrench for another SLAM! Bron says he’s gonna end it, and he waits on Melo to rise. Choke grip, trophy lift, but Melo cradle counters! TWO!! Bron escapes, but Melo SUPERKICKS again! Bron sputters but stays up, so Melo SUPERKICKS again! Bron is still up!? SUPERKICK AGAIN!!

Bron is still up so Melo runs, springboard, FADE AWAY DDT!! Melo hurries up top, takes aim, NOTHING BUT NET!!! Cover, MELO WINS!

Winner: Carmelo Hayes, by pinfall (still NXT Champion)

Count it! Melo was in a shootout but he gets the game winner! The hometown crowd cheers their hero, has he dispatched of Bron once and for all? And if so, then who is next to challenge… HIM?

My Thoughts:

Awesome stuff for NXT here. Even though they call these Premium Live Events, this felt about as close to a TakeOver as we’re getting in this era. As such, this also flew by rather quick, and I’m not sure where they really could’ve given more time to anything because all these matches felt just right. The Triple Threat was a great opener, and I really liked Tyler Bate’s new robe and ring gear. And it was great for Wes to retain the title, he has done great work so he definitely deserves to be deemed the winningest North American Champion. There’s still any number of people he can face before ever losing the title.

Great follow-up in the Heritage Cup match, though boy I wish it was Sha Samuels who helped Dar win. But it is great for Oro Mensah, Lash Legend and Jakara Jackson to all have a spot in story and on TV. No idea how this is going to go now, other than Frazer VS Oro given their interaction. Dar can also face just about anyone next, and it feels like maybe they want it to be Frazer, between them both having talk shows, Frazer getting involved on Dragon Lee’s behalf, and the history between Frazer and Dar from NXT UK. Frazer is also great, and also deserving of things, this could be a great summer build for him.

That Last Man Standing match was wild! Never seen someone get a busted open chin the way Dragunov did, but it added something to this. Dragunov winning also made sense, as he’s been a great “giantslayer” before. But I can’t really be sure where he goes next, unless it’s the Heritage Cup with Dar being the Heel champion to Dragunov’s Face challenger. Great tag team championship match, it felt like the black ‘n’ gold era’s tag team wrestling. Though I should’ve known Ava and Ivy weren’t done fighting this out, and that is why The Creeds lose. The Tony D’Angelo arrest story is going to shake out, and maybe the D’Angelo Family gets to face Gallus over the summer, but a two month build to Great American Bash might be too much for this.

Speaking of which, great to see Great American Bash becoming more than just a themed episode on TV. A little surprised they aren’t trying for a little closer to July 4th, which is a Tuesday, but I guess that’s just how scheduling their events goes. And nice surprise promo from Chase U and Not Catch Point. Duke standing up for Thea is a good detail, but I feel like he’s going to get cheated by Gulak & Dempsey. And we might even get a tag match now of Dempsey & Gulak VS Duke and a returning Andre Chase. And good promo from this mysterious attacker, good that we’re finally going to see who this is. I’m hoping Blair Davenport, but for some reason the presentation of the character makes me think it’ll be Stevie Turner, making her streamer gimmick just her façade to fool us.

And awesome stuff from both top titles to close out the show. I wasn’t sure who was going to win in Lyra VS Tiffany, but it did feel too soon for Lyra. They kept her strong by making it about the injured leg, damage done by Cora Jade, and I don’t doubt Cora will take credit for it on Tuesday. Tiffany wins because she really is great in the ring, and is just too good at playing her character because it really gets the Heel heat from me. But HBK is also of the school that the Face is better in the chase, so whoever it is, whether Roxanne Perez, Gigi Dolin or even Lyra rising back up, they’re going to go after Tiffany over the summer.

In Bron VS Melo, I feel like Bron’s logo needs to change colors to go with his Heel side. Instead of the cyan, magenta and yellow, it should be like red, white and black. He was even wearing a white wolf mask with a black hoodie that was all “torn up and bloody,” so there it is: red, white and black. But naturally, Melo was winning here, 2-0 and winning the blowoff in his hometown. Great moment that Melo got to keep, no new challenger showing up at the end to shift attention or anything. That can be on Tuesday when Trick Melo Gang surely celebrates this win. Much like Wes and his title, Melo can move on to just about anyone for a fresh new feud to truly define Melo’s reign.

My Score: 8.9/10

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