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Mitchell’s NJPW AXS TV Results: G1 Climax 29, Part 5!

The G1 enters Night 13!



NJPW G1 Climax 29

The A Block continues the action!

And the Rainmaker is STILL undefeated! But now, the Cold Skull has another chance to take him down! Will SANADA be the one to end Kazuchika Okada’s streak?


Coverage of the G1 Climax 29 will be as broadcast by AXS TV.

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  • Bad Luck Fale VS KENTA; Fale wins.
  • Lance Archer VS Zack Sabre Jr; Sabre wins.
  • EVIL VS Will Ospreay; EVIL wins.
  • Hiroshi Tanahashi VS Kota Ibushi; Ibushi wins.
  • Kazuchika Okada VS SANADA; SANADA wins.


NJPW and AXS TV set the scene for another round!

The Rainmaker is STILL unbeaten, even after facing the Killer Elite, Lance Archer. And now he is TRULY the last undefeated man in the G1 Climax as B Block’s Jon Moxley was bamboozled and beaten by the Clown Prince himself, Toru Yano! Kazuchika Okada faces a man he’s never lost to yet in SANADA! Sanada has no chance of making it to the Finals, but perhaps he can use this moment to spoil Okada’s momentum! Will Sanada still check off a future title match by beating Okada once and for all?

Meanwhile, there is a three-way tie for second place between the Ace, the Golden Star and Mr. Takeover! Tanahashi takes on Ibushi in a showdown of role model and follower! Will the Once in a Century Talent’s comeback be halted by the rise of a new ace? And what of Kenta’s run as he looks to stay afloat this close to the end?


Bad Luck Fale w/ Jado & Chase Owens VS KENTA!

Ask and we receive! The Rogue General is the next challenge for #FangRevive in the G1! Kenta wants to stay alive in the round robin, but will the big bad Tongan end all of that here?

The minute Kenta and Fale are face to face, Kenta SLAPS Fale! The bell rings and Fale hoists Kenta up with both hands! Kenta fights out and runs, but his boot only staggers Fale. Kenta tries another, but still nothing. He tries a third time, has to duck Fale’s counter attack, only to get a SMACK from Jado’s kendo stick! Fans boo but the referee just missed that, somehow. Fale grinds Kenta into the mat then drops a heavy elbow! Fale gets mad at fans booing but he just drops more elbows on Kenta. Kenta rolls to ropes but Fale just uses that to stand on him. The referee backs Fale off fast, having seen this before. Fale just comes back to stand on Kenta anyway! Fale lets up at the ref’s count, but Kenta slumps out to get jabs from Jado!

Fale fetches Kenta and stomps him out. Then he rams Kenta into the railing by commentary! Fale goes to the apron and a ring count begins. The count is already past 5 of 20 before Kenta gets to the apron. Kenta is in at 10 of 20 and fans cheer, but Fale drags Kenta up for big clubbing forearms. Fale chokes Kenta into ropes but the ref counts again. Fale lets up at 4, but then he drags Kenta for a cocky cover. TWO, and Fale is upset with the ref. Fale goes back to Kenta but Kenta fires slapping palm strikes! Fale just SLAPS Kenta once and Kenta’s down! Kenta is dazed but Fale scoops him up. Kenta fights out and staggers back. He boots Fale from the corner, then climbs up. Fale staggers into Kenta’s tornado hotshot! Fale staggers away, Kenta climbs and leaps for a flying lariat! It takes Fale down!

Fans cheer as Kenta hurries to the corner. Fale runs in but Kenta dodges! Kenta dropkicks the legs, then whips. Fale reverses but Kenta dropkicks the legs again. Kenta sees Jado and DECKS him! Kenta goes back to Fale for a DDT! Cover, TWO! Kenta keeps his cool and heads to a corner. Fans fire up with him as he springboards for a missile dropkick! Fale only falls into a corner, so Kenta BOOTS him! Kenta runs corner to corner for a helluva boot, then again for the basement dropkick! Fans fire up with Kenta as he climbs up again. Kenta aims, leaps, double stomps! Cover, TWO! Fale survives Kenta’s coup de grace, but Kenta isn’t done there. Kenta slashes the throat and drags Fale up. Kenta tries the fireman’s carry but that’s too much Tongan!

Kenta fires strikes and runs, but into a LARIAT! Fale catches his breath then covers, TWO! Fale grows frustrated but he prepares to finish this. Kenta crawls, but Fale grabs him. Fale pops Kenta up, but Kenta counters to a Triangle Hold! Chase Owens leaves commentary as Kenta wants #GameOver! Jado slips in as Chase distracts the ref! But Kenta stops the kendo, only for Fale to roll him up! Fale wins!!

Winner: Bad Luck Fale, by pinfall; earns 2 points

The Crown Jewel plays dumb as to what happened, but he’s the reason Fale finally gets on the board. Did Bullet Club just kill Kenta’s chances in G1?


Lance Archer VS Zack Sabre Jr!

For the first time, it is Suzuki-Gun’s Killer Elite VS Suzuki-Gun’s Submission Master! But being in the same faction won’t stop either man from doing what they love to do, and that includes Archer decking Young Lions just for fun! But just because #EverybodyDies, does that mean Archer will #JustTapOut?

The bell rings and Archer rushes in, but ZSJ gets clear. ZSJ taunts Archer, and Archer thrusts a big boot, but ZSJ gets clear of that, too. ZSJ keeps egging Archer on, but Archer almost corners him. Archer’s like a bull and ZSJ’s the matador. They circle and tie up, and Archer throws ZSJ into a corner! ZSJ gets out of the corner, but his uppercut is countered to a full nelson! ZSJ slips out but Archer headlocks to wrench to hammerlock, back to headlock! Archer wrenches again to a wristlock. ZSJ rolls but Archer blocks with strength to wrangle ZSJ to the mat. ZSJ slips out and rolls and bridges to spin and reverse the armlock! He spins all around but that sweep doesn’t work on such a tall and powerful opponent. The two fight with arms and legs, and ZSJ manages to get Archer down, only for Archer to kip up and wring ZSJ out!

Fans cheer as ZSJ is shocked by Archer’s agility! Archer taunts ZSJ now, but ZSJ gives it back in shoulder and chest bumps. Archer laughs until ZSJ throws European Uppercuts. They don’t do anything, but Archer’s CHOP floors ZSJ! Archer soaks up the cheers as ZSJ slowly gets up. ZSJ fires off more EuroUppers, then runs, but Archer runs him over! Archer drags ZSJ up and scoops for a one armed slam! Archer stomps ZSJ then grinds a boot into him. The ref counts and Archer lets up, to then drag ZSJ in for a standing toehold. ZSJ works his way up and out but Archer kicks and punches him down. Archer drags ZSJ up for another scoop and slam to a drop zone. Archer tells ZSJ fans to “Shut up!” then jumps up! But his spinning splash misses as ZSJ rolls away!

ZSJ runs back in to wheelbarrow and gets the leg! Archer can’t stay up as ZSJ has the kneebar! ZSJ heel hooks but Archer ropebreaks! ZSJ lets go but comes back to kick at the leg. Archer swats ZSJ down but ZSJ comes back and hops on for a sleeper hold, with body scissors! Archer starts fading but then revives to toss ZSJ off! Archer stomps ZSJ then clubs him hard on the back. He drags ZSJ up to toss him out hard! ZSJ crawls as Archer watches from the apron. But ZSJ sees him and runs away. ZSJ gets in the ring and goes at Archer, but Archer catches him with both hands! Archer lifts ZSJ up but ZSJ counters to an Iron Octopus through the ropes! The ref counts but ZSJ lets go at 4. To come back for the leg! The ref counts the draping kneebar, but ZSJ lets go.

ZSJ throws more EuroUppers, then runs, but Archer goes perpendicular, only for ZSJ to see it coming! He catches the Derailer pounce into a guillotine and body scissors! Archer gets up fast and rams ZSJ into buckles! Archer is free, but he misses in the corner. ZSJ runs in but gets tossed down with an urenage! Archer drags ZSJ up and over to the corner. Archer climbs and goes Old School! And the extension, but ZSJ trips him up! ZSJ climbs up and wants the arm but Archer knocks him away. ZSJ climbs back up for another guillotine! The ref reprimands him, but Archer stands and pushes ZSJ off. Archer boots ZSJ, then LEAPS for a crossbody! Cover, TWO! Fans cheer as ZSJ survives that massive splash!

Archer drags ZSJ up again, choke grips and lifts, but ZSJ headscissors for a Triangle! ZSJ drags Archer down but Archer deadlifts. But ZSJ shifts to a take on Rings of Saturn! Archer reaches with his legs for a ropebreak! ZSJ lets go to kick Archer in the chest! Fans fire up as ZSJ runs, but the PK is caught! Archer pops ZSJ up for a scooping powerbomb! High stack cover, TWO! ZSJ escapes the stack, and dodges the claw! He waistlocks and climbs for another Iron Octopus! But Archer powers out, only for ZSJ to sunset flip! Archer grabs down with his claw, but it gets caught into an armbar! But Archer deadlifts again! ZSJ lets go, arm Pele! Then to the other side! ZSJ runs, but into the BLACK HOLE! Cover, TWO! Somehow, ZSJ survives!

Archer grabs ZSJ but ZSJ avoids the claw! But not that powerful right hand! Then the CHOKE SLAM! Cover, but Archer lets up!? Archer hoists ZSJ up because he wants to end this! Inverted crucifix, but ZSJ slips out to a sleeper and body scissors! Then shift to a crucifix pin! ZSJ WINS!

Winner: Zack Sabre Jr, by pinfall; earns 2 points

The Submission Master makes Archer regret not finishing him when he had him! Will ZSJ and the Killer Elite still be able to coexist within Suzuki-Gun?


EVIL VS Will Ospreay!

The King of Darkness is a dark horse to say the least in this round robin. But he must win in order to stay alive! Will Los Ingobernables de Japon take care of business, starting with Evil?

The bell rings and Ospreay hears the fans cheering him on. He fires up as he circles with Evil. They approach and Evil kicks low to headlock. Ospreay spins out to wrench, wristlock and wrench again. Evil endures and goes after the eyes! Evil whips Ospreay but Ospreay ducks and doges to headscissor Evil out of the ring! Then he keeps moving, only to fake Evil out and handspring superhero land! Fans cheer as Ospreay swaggers about. Evil takes his time returning, wanting to see what’s under the ring first. Red Shoes reprimands Evil already as he finds one chair. Evil struggles getting the chair in, since it went and opened on its own, so he tosses it over the top in frustration. Ospreay takes the chair, simply to taunt Evil with it’s clanging. Ospreay fakes throwing the chair, to hand it to Red Shoes. Evil slips in fast, but Ospreay is ready with kicks!

Ospreay whips Evil but Evil reverses. Ospreay holds ropes and boots Evil back. Ospreay bumps Evil, Evil comes back, they each dodge and counter, but Evil double CHOPS Ospready down! Ospreay dodges the senton, only for his standing shooting star to get knees! Evil runs and runs Ospreay over with a big shoulder! Fans are fired up as Evil watches Ospreay get up. Evil clotheslines Ospreay out hard, then goes out to fetch him. Well, him and a few more chairs. Evil stomps the bad shoulder before setting a chair around Ospreay’s head! Red Shoes reprimands Evil but Evil pushes Red Shoes aside, to swing that chair shot home run! Fans cheer as Evil “watches” it go out of the stadium. Evil then takes a seat as he watches Ospreay rise. Evil brings Ospreay back to the ring and fans cheer as he stalks Ospreay to a corner.

Evil clubs Ospreay on the bad shoulder, then elbows the neck. He drags Ospreay up and turns him for a neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Evil keeps on Ospreay with a chinlock, digging a knee in Ospreay’s back. Ospreay endures and fans build to a rally. Ospreay fights his way up and out, and then CHOPS Evil hard! Evil elbows Ospreay back, then drags him in for a suplex. Ospreay resists but Evil tries again, only for Ospreay to counter with a stunner! Both men are down and Red Shoes checks on them. Ospreay’s okay to continue as he sits up. Evil follows and even stands first. But Ospreay throws hands, knees and a jawbreaker first! Ospreay kicks Evil then whips, but Evil reverses. Ospreay dodges again for BIG flying forearms! Evil gets to a corner, but Ospreay runs in, only to be put on the apron.

Ospreay hits Evil back then springboards in, Pip Pip Cheerio flying forearm! Cover, TWO! Evil survives but Ospreay keeps his cool. Fans rally up as Ospreay takes aim. Robinson Special avoided, and Evil catches the kick to give to Red Shoes, to mule kick Ospreay! Then snap suplex into buckles! Cover, TWO! Evil keeps his cool as he reels Ospreay in. Ospreay resists the German Suplex and elbows back, but Evil shoves him. Evil blocks the boot, ducks the enziguri, but misses his clothesline. Ospreay comes back to uppercut, then sweep the legs. Ospreay runs but Evil follows to get that clothesline! Fans cheer as Evil has the Aerial Assassin down.

Evil drags Ospreay back up to haul him to the top rope. Evil climbs up to join Ospreay but Ospreay resists. Ospreay pries free of the facelock to forearm Evil off the corner. Evil gets back up but Ospreay leaps, only for Evil to get under! Evil uses Red Shoes as a shield, then kicks to suplex Ospreay onto Red Shoes! Red Shoes panics and doesn’t stay a support for Magic Killer! Ospreay slips out, but Evil kicks low. Evil runs but Ospreay ducks, handsprings, enzugiri! Evil rolls out and Ospreay fires up. Ospreay runs, handsprings, GREAT SASUKE SPECIAL! That takes Evil down but Ospreay himself needs time to recover. Ospreay fires up and the fans fire up with him. Ospreay puts Evil back in, then climbs up top. He aims at Evil, but Evil rolls away. So Ospreay decides to go Coast2Coast instead! Cover, TWO!!

Fans fire up again as Ospreay fires up, too. Ospreay drags Evil up and reels him in. Underhooks but Evil fights out. Evil forearms, roaring elbows, and runs, into the dropkick-flip and enziguri! Ospreay runs but Evil goes to the corner to come back with a lariat! Both men are down, but fans rally up. Evil and Ospreay stir, with Evil up first. Ospreay follows and the two throw forearms from the mat. Evil hits Ospreay and eggs Ospreay on. Ospreay hits back, then they stand. Evil hits Ospreay and Ospreay grits his teeth to come back again. Another from Evil, another from Ospreay and the pace quickens! Evil rocks Ospreay and then goes to fireman’s carry. Ospreay elbows and kicks out, but Evil still powers him up! Ospreay slips out, inverted suplex, but Evil escapes! DARKNESS FALLS! Cover, TWO!! Fans cheer as Ospreay survives!

Evil slashes the throat and spins Ospreay around. But Ospreay spins through to sit-out powerbomb!! Cover, TWO!! Evil shocks Ospreay! Ospreay has the fans with him as he HOOK KICKS! Then from the corner, elbow pad off… HIDDEN- Miss! Evil counters and CHOPS, half ‘n’ half but Ospreay gets out to ROUNDHOUSE! Ospreay runs but into Evil’s clothesline! Ospreay stays up but Evil headbutts him down! Evil prepares his own, waits for Ospreay to get back up, SPANISH FLY counters the lariat! Cover, TWO!? Ospreay doesn’t stay down, OSCUTTER!! Cover, TWO?!? Evil survives again?! The fans are thunderous as Ospreay is stunned!

We reach the halfway point of this 30 minute time limit match, and Ospreay is determined to try again. He slashes the throat, drags Evil up, and underhooks the arms. Ospreay gets Evil up, but Evil wriggles free. Everything denied, Ospreay waistlocks but Evil standing switches to German Suplex! But Ospreay lands on his feet! ROBINSON SPECIAL! Ospreay vows to end this as he drags Evil to a corner. Ospreay springboards from the very top, but Evil catches the Oscutter!! Into a Half ‘n’ Half! And another! Ospreay is dazed, but Evil is fired up! Evil runs, LARIAT! Cover, TWO!! Ospreay survives but Evil vows to end him! He hauls Ospreay up, spins him around, EVERYTHING IS EVIL!! Cover, Evil wins!!

Winner: EVIL, by pinfall; earns 2 points

Evil keeps his hopes alive, but will he only have to fight even harder to be a finalist?


Hiroshi Tanahashi VS Kota Ibushi!

It is a rematch of epic proportions! The Ace and the Golden Star met in the finals of the 28th G1 Climax, and it would be the Ace that won it all! But now, Ibushi has a second chance, can he even things with the man he calls a “wrestling god”?

The bell rings fans are thunderous already for these fan favorites! Ibushi and Tanahashi circle a couple times, then tie up. Ibushi waistlocks but Tanahashi standing switches. Ibushi also switches, but then Tanahashi, and repeat. Tanahashi ends up behind Ibushi again but Ibushi counters to a wrench. Tanahashi counters that wrench with a wrench and then a headlock. Ibushi endures but cannot power out as Tanahashi squeezes tight. Ibushi slips out the back and trips Tanahashi, to get a headlock of his own. Tanahashi powers up but can’t power out as Ibushi grinds him down. Tanahashi fights back then powers out, but Ibushi counters the hip toss only for Tanahashi to counter the hip toss, but then Ibushi blocks the next hip toss. So Tanahashi shifts to an arm-drag! But Ibushi headscissor counters! Tanahashi pops out but Ibushi dropkicks him down! Fans cheer as the Golden Star stands tall over the Ace!

Ibushi goes to pick Tanahashi up but Tanahashi trips him to get the leg! Tanahashi wrenches on the toehold but Ibushi endures. Ibushi tries to counter but Tanahashi drops elbows on the leg! Tanahashi shifts for more leverage, but Ibushi endures. Ibushi reaches for ropes but Tanahashi figure fours the legs for a butterfly deathlock! Fans rally both ways as Tanahashi puts more pressure on the knees. Ibushi endures while keeping his shoulders off the mat. Ibushi drags his way backwards, and gets the ropebreak! Tanahashi lets him go, but stomps Ibushi’s legs. Ibushi eggs Tanahashi on so Tanahashi drags him up, only for Ibushi to fire off forearms! Tanahashi kicks the leg out, then grabs it. Ibushi forearms to stop the screw, but Tanahashi fires off forearms and uppercuts! Tanahashi runs, into a kick!

Both men are down, checking their legs. Fans rally up and Ibushi stands first. He brings Tanahashi up, ducks the palm strike to fire off! Roundhouse decks Tanahashi! Standing moonsault! Cover, TWO! Ibushi keeps his cool as he stands again. Tanahashi slowly sits up but Ibushi waistlocks and lifts him. Tanahashi elbows out, blocks the kick to knee the elbow. Ibushi tries again but gets a dropkick to the other leg! Tanahashi runs but he has to catch another kick, so he gives it a Dragon Screw! Ibushi is down and fans rally up again. Tanahashi drags Ibushi by his leg, grounded dragon screw! And then Tanahashi gets both legs, for the Cloverleaf! Ibushi resists the turn, but Tanahashi still gets him over! Ibushi endures and crawls for ropes again, only for Tanahashi to drag him away!

Tanahashi sits down deep! Ibushi continues to endure, and Tanahashi’s grip loosens. Ibushi crawls and gets the ropebreak! Tanahashi lets him go, but stomps those bad legs more. Tanahashi has Ibushi on the apron and drags him up. Ibushi fights back with forearms, but Tanahashi gets his leg through the ropes, for another Dragon Screw! Ibushi falls to the floor, clutching that leg. Fans rally up as Tanahashi goes to the corner. Tanahashi climbs, but Ibushi scrambles to meet him! Springboard Steiner! Cover, TWO! Tanahashi survives Ibushi’s surprise, but Ibushi keeps his focus. Ibushi scoops Tanahashi and aims for a corner, but Tanahashi slips out. Tanahashi aims for the legs, only to get Ibushi’s double stomps!

Fans rally as both men slowly stir. Ibushi is up first and brings Tanahashi back into the scoop. LONG DART! Tanahashi hits buckles face first, but both men are down as Ibushi catches his breath. Ibushi goes after Tanahashi on the apron for a familiar deadlift. SUPER GERMAN SUPLEX! Cover, TWO!! Tanahashi still lives, and Ibushi starts to grow frustrated. Fans rally up as Ibushi stands. Ibushi brings Tanahashi up, powerbomb lift but Tanahashi slips out to SLAP! But Ibushi just gets mad. Ibushi CHOPS then fires off on Tanahashi! But Tanahashi doesn’t back down! They start throwing big SLAPPING palm strikes. Tanahashi swats Ibushi, then Ibushi just fires off one after the other! Tanahashi doesn’t flinch, and now both men are throwing slapping haymakers! Tanahashi rocks Ibushi, only to throw more! But Ibushi spins around with a LARIAT!

Both men are down but fans refuse to give up on either. The rally returns, and Ibushi is up to his feet. He drags Tanahashi up, wants the bomb, LAST RIDE! Cover, TWO!! Tanahashi will not die! Ibushi is too tired to be frustrated, but he has enough left to be determined. Fans duel and rally as Ibushi vows to break the wrestling god! Wristlocks, but Tanahashi catches Kamigoye into Twist ‘n’ Shout! And then a second! And then Ibushi counters the third, but only for a moment! Tanahashi hits a third Twist ‘n’ Shout! The hat trick is complete, but Tanahashi runs, to SLINGBLADE! Cover, TWO!! Ibushi survives but Tanahashi fires up! Tanahashi climbs, Ibushi stands, Ace’s High crossbody! And that leads to Tanahashi going back up… for High Fly FLOP!! Ibushi moves out of the way just in time!

Tanahashi clutches his knee from the impact, but Ibushi feeds off the energy in the crowd. Ibushi aims like the King of Strong Style, “YAO!” BOMAYE! Cover, TWO!! Tanahashi survives the borrowed power of the other NJPW Wrestling God! Ibushi hears the halfway mark announcement, but he has his own move. But Tanahashi flips down to victory roll! TWO, ROUNDHOUSE! Tanahashi stays on his feet! Only to get a second ROUNDHOUSE! Now Tanahashi is down, and now Ibushi has the wrists, and now, KAMIGOYE!! Cover, Ibushi wins!!

Winner: Kota Ibushi, by pinfall; earns 2 points

The Golden Star has beaten the Once in a Century Talent!! Ibushi trumps The Ace with both respect and determination. Tanahashi returns that respect, but will even his encouragement be enough for Ibushi to return to the G1 finals?


Kazuchika Okada VS SANADA!

The Rainmaker is THE IWGP Heavyweight Champion that is undefeated in this year’s G1, that is on a streak reaching back to last year’s G1, and has never lost to Cold Skull in the six times they’ve met. But this could be lucky number seven for Sanada. Will Sanada end the streak and punch his ticket to a title match even without the G1 tournament’s grand prize?

The elaborately designed jackets come off and the bell rings. Fans are thunderous again for two more fan favorites. Okada and Sanada take a moment to hear the cheers and chants, and even encourage it. They finally circle and approach. They feel out the grapple, remembering the six times before. Okada gets the waistlock but Sanada the wristlock and switch. Okada wrenches back to wristlock, but Sanada slips through. Sanada wrenches but Okada rolls to get the leg takedown. Okada has the toehold, but Sanada keeps calm. Sanada pries Okada off to an armlock, but Okada works his way up and around. Sanada avoids the cover but Okada facelocks him. They stand and Sanada wrenches but Okada wrenches back. Okada headlocks and grinds Sanada down.

Sanada fights back and powers out, but Okada runs him over! Things speed up, Okada counters the hip toss to a hip toss, but Sanada shoves Okada away. Sanada sweeps the legs to cover, ONE, and roles reverse. The two stand off and fans cheer. Okada backs off to check knee pads and catch his breath. Sanada also backs off to his corner to reset. The two circle and tie up again. Okada pushes Sanada back to the ropes, then as is his way, fakes the chop to pat Sanada’s shoulders. Okada kicks Sanada, snapmares but Sanada handsprings through! Sanada dropkicks but Okada gets clear, only for Sanada to get clear of the senton! Sanada basement dropkicks Okada this time! He looms over Okada now and brings him up for clubbing forearms.

Sanada has Okada in a corner, but whips corner to corner. Okada boots but Sanada blocks, and trips him up. Fans anticipate what’s coming as Sanada ties Okada up! Okada powers out then runs, but into Sanada’s elbow! Cover, ONE! Sanada keeps his cool as he keeps on Okada with a chinlock. Okada endures and works his way back up. Okada fights out but Sanada knees low. Sanada whips but Okada ducks and dodges to back elbow! Fans cheer as Okada evens things up. Okada brings Sanada up now and whips him corner to corner. Okada hits the back elbow, then kicks low to DDT Sanada down! Cover, TWO! Sanada is stinging but he still survives that spiking move. Okada scoops Sanada and slams him, then heads up top. Sanada gets under the leap, but Okada powers Sanada to the top rope, to dropkick him down and out!

Sanada is down in front of commentary as fans cheer and rally. Okada takes his time going out to fetch Sanada, and whips him into the barriers! Then boots him over! Okada drags Sanada up onto the railing, for the draping DDT! Sanada writhes and flails from being spiked again! Okada leaves Sanada behind to get in the ring. Red Shoes sees Sanada is okay to continue, so the ring count begins. Okada rests while the count climbs to 10. Sanada grits his teeth as he sits up and stands. Sanada is up at 14 and in at 15! Fans cheer as Okada goes right at him with a basement dropkick! Okada has a cocky cover but Red Shoes disapproves. Okada smirks when Red Shoes refuses to count, so he just walks around Sanada a moment. He hears the fans rally up for Sanada, so he drags Sanada up. Sanada fights back with body shots, but Okada forearms back.

Sanada swings but misses, Okada hits his uppercut. Okada whips but sees Sanada hold ropes. Okada stops his dropkick, only for Sanada to dropkick his leg out! Both men are down from the damage done in this match, but Sanada stands up first. Sanada throws forearms then whips, but Okada reverses to forearm back. Things speed up and Sanada hurdles to dropkick Okada down! Okada goes out, but Sanada slingshots for the plancha! Fans fire up and Sanada takes a moment to soak it up. Sanada drags Okada up and into the ring, which fans also cheer. Sanada gets in and brings Okada up again. Okada blocks the saido and elbows Sanada off. Sanada kicks but Okada spins him. Okada kicks but Sanada blocks, and trips him up! Raimaker in Paradise! And as fans cheer again, Sanada dropkicks Okada out of Paradise! Cover, TWO!

Sanada keeps his cool as he brings Okada up to a corner. He whips Okada corner to corner, then runs in, but Okada dodges. Okada comes back in but gets an elbow. Sanada moonsaults but Okada gets under, to flapjack Sanada on the return! Both men are down again but fans cheer them on. Okada sits up first but Sanada follows. They stand and Okada boots Sanada. Sanad goes to kick but Okada blocks, so Sanada forearms Okada instead. Okada rebounds but misses the dropkick. He dodges the moonsault but not the basement dropkick! Sanada drags Okada up, BIG back suplex! Cover, TWO! Sanada keeps focus as he works on getting his arms moving. He drags Okada up for a fireman’s carry. Okada slips out but Sanada elbows him away.

Sanada whips Okada but Okada reverses. Sanada tumbles out and jumps up, but Okada is there to catch him! Into the Alabama, for the Air Raid neckbreaker! Okada drags Sanada up again for a scoop and slam. Then he goes up top, and fans know what he’s after. Okada leaps, the Macho Elbow hits hard! And now, Rainmaker Pose! Okada stalks Sanada, drags him up and reels him out, but Sanada dodges to Shiranui into Skull End! Okada fights out with big haymakers, then climbs the corner for the gut wrench! TOMBSTONE! Rainmaker Pose 2! Okada drags Sanada up again, wristlock ripcord, but Sanada ducks! Suplex and hanging MAGIC KILLER! Both men are down from all the damage, and the fans are thunderously dueling!

Okada and Sanada stir, and Okada hurries after Sanada. He brings Sanada around, and throws a forearm. Sanada grits his teeth as he gives it back. Okada shakes out some cobwebs before throwing another. Sanada has to shake his own cobwebs before giving it back. Okada hits again, but Sanada still returns. They go back and forth and start picking up speed. Sanada staggers and Okada brings him around for another. Okada eggs Sanada on with a flurry of words! Sanada gives that forearm back, but just uses his icy stare to egg Okada on. Sanada hits Okada again, but Okada dares him to keep trying. The brawl continues back and forth, fast and furious! EuroUpper from Okada only fires Sanada up! Sanada gives a EuroUpper of his own and it staggers Okada!

Okada comes back with another EuroUpper, but Sanada gives him an even stronger one! Okada won’t fall, but Red Shoes is concerned. Sanada wants another, so he brings Okada back up, for that third EuroUpper! But Okada spins Sanada around for the dropkick! Okada whips, and hits another dropkick! He keeps going, wristlock ripcord, but Sanada dodges again! Sanada Shiranuis, but into the Tombstone position! But Sanada flails and gets out to the dragon sleeper! Sanada has Okada in Skull End phase 1, then waits until Okada fades, for a TIGER SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO!! Sanada was so close and yet so far! But he vows to end it all now! Sanada fireman’s carries Okada to the TKO! Cover, TWO!? Okada barely survives, but this only encourages Sanada to MOONSAULT!

Okada dodges and Sanada lands on his feet! Sanada staggers but comes running back in. Okada boots him, then runs out, only for Sanada to dodge and moonsault again! He catches Okada into the dragon sleeper! Drop down, but Okada rolls through to point-blank Rainmaker! But Okada knows that’s not good enough for this seventh time around! He brings Sanada up for another point-blank Rainmaker! And then another Rainmaker Pose, for the wristlock and STOLEN RAINMAKER!! Sanada counters the lariat with a lariat! And now, dragon sleeper, SWINGING Skull End! Body scissors, too! Okada flails and reaches but they’re in the middle of the ring! Sanada holds on tight as Okada tries to roll around. The time is closing in, but Okada pops out of the sleeper!

Okada reaches but Sanada reels him back in! Okada fights off the arms and scrambles with his legs! Sanada holds on desperately, and ditches the scissors for the sleeper! Then he drops back down, further from the ropes! Okada is stuck back in Skull End, but he refuses to give up! Red Shoes asks him if he’s giving up, and Okada starts fading. Okada grabs at Red Shoes to do anything but tap! Okada pops out and bridges back, TWO!! SKULL END AGAIN! The third time, and Okada is running out of time!! Red Shoes asks Okada if he’s still in this, but Okada is fading fast! Okada keeps a spark of life going, but Sanada lets him go, to climb up and MOONSAULT! ONTO KNEES! Okada saves himself at the last second! But this could also be the last seconds of his streak!

Osaka is at a fever pitch for both men as they slowly stir. Okada is dazed as he looks for Sanada. Sanada finds him first, and we have ONE MINUTE left! Dragon sleeper, but arm-drag! Dropkick! Okada roars as he drags Sanada up, wristlock reel- POP UP CUTTER!! Thirty seconds as Sanada MOONSAULTS Okada’s back! But then another to the front! Cover, Sanada wins!!

Winner: SANADA, by pinfall; earns 2 points

With 13 seconds to spare, the Cold Skull finally defeats Okada! Sanada ruins the streak while pinning the IWGP Heavyweight Champion! We will hear from the shocking winner after the break!


NJPW returns as Sanada is given the mic.

Osaka is thunderous as Sanada finds the energy to speak. “I did it. I finally won against my rival.” It’s been a while since Sanada’s closed a show, are the fans okay with that? They cheer in approval, and we get a spotlight! Fans have the lights on their phones as Sanada says, “To tell you the truth… Last year, in this building here in Osaka, I lost to my rival, Okada.” He hated Osaka for that. But that all changes tonight. Osaka is now his number one favorite place in ALL of Japan! Osaka is happy to hear that! “Hey, Osaka. See you next time!”


NJPW Media Backstage Interview

Sanada asks, “There are people watching who couldn’t come to the arena, right?” That thing he did at the end is his gift to the TV audience. And with that, Cold Skull moves on having just gotten the biggest win of this entire tournament. When and where will Sanada get his shot at the championship?



My Thoughts:

WHOA, what a night! Just when I thought it was a shame AXS TV couldn’t get us other big matches, we actually got the biggest one of all. And it was after some really good matches on their own. Bullet Club keeps up the usual antics, and it pays off this time in screwing Kenta out of second place. Kenta will have plenty of things to do after the G1, so him going against Bullet Club would be interesting to see. Suzuki-Gun VS Suzuki-Gun was great, and it was great for ZSJ to get the surprise pinfall off Archer instead of a submission, the expected finish from the Submission Master. And then going into Night 15, Evil wins to keep his chances alive before facing Okada. Ospreay’s story is clearly that he’s still not quite at that level yet, even with two more rounds to go, but he could still finish strong to give himself hope.

The final two matches were the truly incredible action of tonight. Tanahashi VS Ibushi this year was on par, if not better than their G1 Climax finals match from last year. And it means so much for Ibushi to win here tonight, he is certainly going to reach the top of NJPW within the next year. He might even win G1 Climax 30 next year if things keep going this way. And it keeps Ibushi alive in a clear 2nd place behind Okada before they face off on Night 17, the final round. But of course, the biggest thing yet, Sanada finally gets on the board against Okada! For Sanada, it doesn’t even matter what happens with Okada and the G1 Finals, he has a match in his back pocket, and their eighth match will surely be even more amazing than this one.

As for Okada, he can still be a champion that wins the tournament, but I feel like that would only negate the importance of Sanada’s win here. If anything, Okada loses to B Block’s finalist, who could still very well be Jon Moxley. And that way, we still have a possible Champion VS Champion match at Wrestle Kingdom 14. The real question might, and perhaps should, become: Will it be Okada or Sanada with the title by then? There’s always intrigue on Mr. G1 Climax making it to the end of the year with the contract, since it can be defended like a title, but perhaps the pressure should be put on the IWGP Heavyweight Champion to make it to meeting Mox. Either way, there’s a lot of great potential going on here, and that’s always good for wrestling.

My Score: 9.5/10

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Andrew’s IMPACT Wrestling Results & Match Ratings: 9.29.2022

Bound for Glory is 8 days away, but Victory Road just happened. What kind of show do we get with some fallout and penultimate hype?



Victory Road just happened, but Bound for Glory is like 8 nights away? You know I forgot that it was such a quick turn around. That makes tonight weird, since there’s some fallout, but then there’s gonna be a lot of table setting for Bound for Glory.

This episode could be awful. The last week or so haven’t exactly set the world afire, so I’m curious if the highlight really is just gonna be the Monster’s Ball with Masha and Allie Katch.

*insert joke about possibly gagging and balls and Swinger’s Dungeon*


  • Bullet Club (Ace Austin & Chris Bey w/Juice Robinson) vs Trey Miguel & Laredo Kid: Bullet Club win via Finesse & Fold – **
  • IMPACT Digital Media Championship: Brian Myers (c) vs Crazzy Steve: Myers retains via Roster Cut – ** 1/2
  • Delirious vs Black Taurus: Black Taurus wins via Destination Hellhole – ** 1/4
  • PCO & Vincent vs Rich Swann & Heath: Rich wins via Phoenix Splash – ** 1/4
  • Pick Your Poison: Monster’s Ball Match: Masha Slamovich vs Allie Katch: Masha wins via Russian Death Device – *** 1/2


Bullet Club (Ace Austin & Chris Bey w/Juice Robinson) vs Trey Miguel & Laredo Kid

I don’t think I could care less about this match if I tried. Trey and Laredo are worthless. Laredo has eaten so many terrible losses and Trey is just bad. If the BC Juniors don’t win…I will really question the booking.

My biggest takeaway early is the commentary tries to put over Trey “turning heads”. No he doesn’t, he is legitimately hard to watch and everything that Will Ospreay did wrong in his early career; is basically Trey, but with less personality. Oh did you expect play by play? They isolate Laredo, decent tandem attacks, when Trey comes in it’s bad offense typical Cruiser garbage with laughable facials and body language.

Just typical crap with Trey. Were there some cool high spots? Sure. Do I care? NOPE.

IMPACT Digital Media Championship: Brian Myers (c) vs Crazzy Steve

Steve starts with some of his quirky mat wrestling, Arm Wringers into Drop Toe Holds and face biting. It shocked Myers early, but he takes a small shortcut and starts trying to slow down the psycho from Decay. Steve bounces off the ropes and Myers does his sliding trip move before commercial.

Back from commercial, Snapmare from Steve and the neck twister into some corner offense of Hip Attacks and Sentons for 2. Myers dodges King Kill 33, lands a few pot shots, Implant DDT for 2. Into the corner, face bite, Upside Down, after the rope break Myers grabs the referee to block Steve. Eye Poke, Roster Cut, AND STILL…

Simple, but entertaining. Plus it continues Myers’ arrogant, full of himself for absolutely no reason persona. Oh and he offers up an Open Challenge for Bound for Glory. Maybe Bobby Fish? Someone new? Could be interesting. 

Delirious vs Black Taurus

Delirious is between gibberish and Stone Cold early on while they’re just trading shots. Delirious twists the Nose Ring…in the mask…and Taurus sells it momentarily before stomping the foot and decking him. This is just a weird match. I mean we all know Delirious is weird, but he’s not all comedy; and Taurus is supposed to be legit-ish.

Admittedly, with the exception of Victory Road, it has been years since I’ve watched a Delirious match. So the level of ridiculousness has hit Toru Yano levels, especially after the 10 count Leg Drops. Taurus powders, comes back in, Shoulder Tackle, Blackhole Backbreaker into a Samoan Drop. As soon as Taurus looks in charge, Delirious throws together a combo, eats a Headbutt and then Destination Hellhole.

Sheesh okay after 2 interview segments we get to Honor No More’s victory celebration segment. Just a lot of talking and inaction, so this just goes to feed that weird feeling I had coming into the show because of the timing. Eddie does the usual thing where hates on PCO and accuses him of being the weak link, which is a smart story angle since the fans tend to like PCO’s gimmick and this makes him more sympathetic to casual observers. 

Oh good Taven is talking nowWait did I just say that? DAMN YOU IMPACT! Made me like Matt Taven. Maria stirs the pot a little saying that Eddie is a better wrestler than Josh and Moose…by the implications. 

Thank God, Josh Alexander finally breaks up the segment with…more talking. Okay never mind. Jesus since the end of the Delirious match it was like 15 minutes before Josh finally charged the ring and threw down a bit with Honor No More. Rich Swann and Heath make a bit of the babyface save for Josh, but the numbers are still on Honor No More’s side. Oh MCMG come down in a tracksuit and dress clothes! Someone wasn’t ready to be doing a run in.

PCO & Vincent vs Rich Swann & Heath

Well isn’t that convenient that four of the men in the donnybrook were supposed to be in a match anyway.

Rich uses his quickness to try and stay ahead of PCO, but PCO cuts him off in the corner into the Corner Hung Codebreaker, then the leaned against the ropes Leg Drop thing. Vincent throws together a T-Bone Suplex into a Flatliner and keeps the vibes flowing on Rich Swann.

PCO clears out Heath, but PCO’s hand gets stuck in the ropes. Vincent eats a flip kick and the Phoenix Splash while PCO and Heath are brawling on the outside after the rope issue with PCO.

Pick Your Poison: Monster’s Ball Match: Masha Slamovich vs Allie Katch

Haymakers and Headbutts start things off as they both hit the ropes and lay out one another with dual clotheslines. Trash can lid duel, Masha gets first contact, but Allie blocks and returns 3 shots. German Suplex from Masha into whipping her with a chain, some choking and then general pulling with the chain in Katch’s mouth or around her eyes. Katch claws at Masha’s eyes to try and get some space.

Headbutts and Biting from Masha as Allie tries to power out of a Bow and Arrow. More chain choking…I’m not sure if this is a wrestling match or BDSM prep at the moment. Ahh Masha needs more Cowbell but Allie cuts her off with a trash can lid. Allie tries a Piledriver through a door, but Masha turns it into an Air Raid Crash into the opposite corner.

Commercial break, and Allie is getting choked again. Spots get a little redundant, slams, chokes, and blood. OHHH – it’s a “Use the Door” chant. I thought it was – nah – I won’t say what I thought it was. Chairshot from Masha misses, but a Snap Suplex from Masha onto the chair gets some usefulness. Straight Right to the gut and an Axe Kick allows Masha to hit the Death Valley Driver onto the propped up chair. Masha goes back to biting after it was only 2. Allie cuts off Masha going to the top, Superplex onto the trash can lid, into a Death Valley Driver through the door – but Masha kicks out.

Allie tries a Piledriver on the apron a few times, but Masha blocks. Masha tries for the Release German to the floor but Allie holds on. Dazed strikes, bites and then a Russian Leg Sweep through the table lays both out for a short time. Masha grabs a black bag, it’s gotta be tacks for Monster’s Ball. Masha eats a few tacks for good show, picks up Allie but Allie fights. Piledriver into the tacks from Allie, only 2. Allie opens a trash can, and empties a bunch of cut up soda cans. Hits Masha with the can, Masha fires, Spinning Heel Kick and then Russian Death Device into the pile of tacks and cans.

Overall Score: 6.25/10

The main event was pretty good, maybe even a little better than I gave it credit for; I’m just sick of seeing some crazy hardcore match so often from Impact. It feels like its weekly, and that’s too damn much. Trey is terrible, and that’s a hill I’m willing to die on. He sells poorly, he doesn’t tell a story with his wrestling and he looks like an idiot pretending to be something he isn’t; and that’s talented.

Myers is fine with his classic delusional heel style, Delirious gave a bit of a rub to Taurus so I’m guessing he’s probably next up in the X Division. But a straight 15 minutes of interviews and talking is just too damn much especially when the surrounding wrestling isn’t very good or hearty enough to help people tolerate talking time.

I do however love Joe Hendry. So…yeah. There’s always some quirky gimmicks that just resonate well with me, and this is gorgeous.

All in all, decent enough; though next week could be a real banger of a Go Home.

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (9/28/22)

There’s gold in Philly!



AEW Dynamite 2021

Will things get extreme for Dynamite in Philadelphia?

AEW visits the City of Brotherly Love for anything but! Will Jon Moxley get some payback on NJPW’s Juice Robinson in their world title eliminator match? Will Maxwell Jacob Friedman make his move?


  • Bryan Danielson VS Matthew Menard w/ Angelo Parker; Bryan wins.
  • AEW World Title Eliminator: Jon Moxley VS Juice Robinson; Moxley wins and denies Juice a title match.
  • Interim AEW Women’s World Championship Lumberjack Match: Toni Storm VS Serena Deeb; Storm wins and retains the title.
  • Ricky Starks VS Eli Isom; Starks wins.
  • ROH World Championship: Chris Jericho VS Bandido; Jericho wins and retains the title.


The Jericho Appreciation Society heads to the ring!

Philly is fired up to sing Judas for Le Champion as he leads the way out for Tay Melo, Sammy Guevara, Anna Jay “A S,” “Daddy Magic” Matthew Menard, “Cool Hand” Angelo Parker, and a less than enthused Daniel Garcia. And no, it has nothing to do with them all wearing matching purple satin suits. The JAS goes to the ring where there is a purple carpet, purple balloons, golden number 8 balloons to acknowledge this is #OCHO for Jericho, and wow! Luigi Primo is there spinning pizza dough! Seems he catered this event for the JAS. Fans cheer but Parker gets the mic to say, “AEW Galaxy… APPRECIATE US!”

Parker says if there’s one thing we all know about Philly, it’s that Philly is the city of LOSERS! Fans boo that but Parker knows they’re not used to championship celebrations. But don’t worry, the JAS is here to give them that gift! Everyone, stand up and join in celebrating THE OCHOOOO~! Fans are a bit torn, but Menard says “What a celebration we have for you tonight! Daddy Magic put the call in to the pizza guy, Luigi Primo,” who is still spinning dough. Luigi, Daddy Magic loves a bit o’ the pizza. What kind of pizza did Luigi make for them tonight? He made the best pizza! From NEW YORK CITY!

That’s right! Philly thought they were getting a taste? “I DON’T THINK SO! No pizza for you! No pizza for you! No pizza for anybody!” Anna says NONE of the fans get pizza. Fans chant, “We Want Pizza!” Anna tells them to shut up! They don’t shut up. “I’LL CHOKE YOU OUT!” They don’t care! Anna says they do get the greatest ROH World Champion of all time, #THEOCHO, Chris Jericho~! Fans are again torn. Jericho takes the mic now and says, “You guys want pizza?” “YES!” “You can’t have any. What you can have is the most important ROH champion in history, THE OCHO, Chris Jericho!

“Everyone knows I’m the most honorable man in AEW, and now it’s official. I’m also the most viewed ROH champion. In just one week, more people have seen me win this belt than all other ROH champions put together, cuz no one knows about ROH! But you’re about to! Because I’m gonna change the way ROH is remembered. This is the era of the Ring of Jericho. And I’m gonna start tonight,” as the others dig into the pizza, “by having my first title defense against one of the greatest pro-wrestlers today, former ROH Champion, BANDIDO.” Fans cheer for that!

Jericho knows Bandido “never got the rematch for this championship that he deserves, I’m gonna give it to him tonight. Trust me, the man is gonna blow your mind. But trust me once again, he is a pro-wrestler, and like I always say, sports entertainers beat pro-wrestlers every single time.” Fans boo but the JAS applaud. And speaking of sports entertainer, it’s the ROH Pure Champion, Danny Garcia! Fans cheer for Garcia and Jericho knows they’ve had some miscommunications and some issues, but Jericho wants Garcia to know that Garcia is an amazing champion, an amazing sports entertainer, and he bought a gift just for Garcia.

Fans chant, “You’re a Wrestler!” but Garcia accepts the Gift of Jericho. It’s… a purple bucket hat! Jericho puts it on him! YES! That is the look of the Best Technical Sports Entertainer of All Time! Garcia doesn’t look happy, though. Garcia takes the hat off and fans cheer! Garcia throws it down and fans cheer more! And then Garcia DECKS Luigi! Fans boo that a bit but Garcia gets a mic. “This is enough. Chris, this is enough. This isn’t me. This is never what I envisioned myself doing when I wanted to get into this business. And I tolerated it for a little bit, but I think I’ve finally had enough.” Fans cheer that!

Garcia says he wants to tell Jericho something he’s been meaning to get off his chest for a long time now: “Chris… I think it’s time for me to-” Jericho cuts Garcia off by pushing the mic down. Jericho then tells Garcia to really think about what he’s about to say. “This is a crossroads for you. Make the right decision, you can be bigger than your wildest dreams in this business. Make the wrong decision, and I’m gonna have to take you out.” Jericho is going to ask Garcia just this once and Garcia needs to answer properly: “Are you a sports entertainer? Or are you a pro-wrestler?” Fans cheer for the one they wanna hear!

Garcia stares Jericho down and then brings the mic up. But then BRYAN DANIELSON makes his way out here! William Regal sees Bryan out to the stage, but the American Dragon is all alone as he approaches the ring. Bryan picks up the bucket hat to look at it. “Chris, it seems to me like you’re trying to tell Daniel Garcia what you think he should be. Garcia, listen. I have an infinite amount of respect for you. You’re a grown man. You can do whatever you want. If you wanna stay with the Jericho Appreciation Society, you can stay with them. If you wanna come to the Blackpool Combat Club,” which fans cheer loudly, “you can come with us.”

If Garcia wants to train with the JAS, or if he wants to train with the BCC. If Garcia wants to team with the JAS or if he wants to team with the BCC- Jericho tells Bryan to shut his mouth! Fans boo but Jericho says he is sick of Bryan trying to poach his guy! Garcia belongs to Jericho! Garcia does what Jericho tells him to do! Except Garcia gets in Jericho’s face! Garcia tells Jericho they’re getting one thing straight right now: Garcia does NOT belong to Jericho, and he does NOT have to do what he tells Garcia.

But let’s not get too serious now. This is supposed to be entertaining, right? So if Jericho wants sports entertainment, what if Garcia grabbed some of this pizza and he threw it on the ground. Would that be entertaining? “YES!” Garcia throws the pizza out of the ring! What if Garcia woke up Luigi Primo and started tossing dough with him? Would that be entertaining? “YES!” Justin Roberts, what if you and Garcia were a tag team? That’d be entertaining, right? Fans are more torn on that one. Garcia asks if the fans think it’d be entertaining if Garcia was in a tag team with Bryan Danielson. “YES!! YES!! YES!!”

Garcia asks Jericho if he wants to know what Garcia thinks would be really entertaining. If he and Bryan teamed up against Jericho’s little brother, Sammy Guevara and Chris Jericho! Fans cheer for that one! Menard says he is sick of Garcia’s crap! For one year, when he had NOTHING and NOBODY, Menard & Parker had his back! And now Garcia wants to spit in their face and turn his back on them for “this piece of crap right here?” Menard oughta punch Bryan in the face and knock him out right now! Bryan says, “Right now? Wait, do you wanna punch me right now? Right here, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania?” Fans want it!

Well then, Bryan has good news! He was told that he can come out here and have a match with anyone who wants to fight him! And Menard said he wanted to fight, so why don’t we do the “Entertainer,” Daddy Magic VS “The Heart of Professional Wrestling,” Bryan Danielson! And right here, right now!! Menard is fired up, the rest of the JAS holds him back, but will the American Dragon be the one doing the slaying tonight?

Bryan Danielson VS Matthew Menard w/ Angelo Parker!

Menard shoves Bryan and the bell rings! Fans fire up as Menard talks trash on Bryan. Menard shoves Bryan again, and again, but then Bryan EuroUppers! And EuroUppers! And EuroUppers! Menard kicks low, bumps Bryan off buckles and RAMS his shoulder in! Menard RAMS again and again, then climbs up to rain down fists! The ref counts, Menard lets off at 4, and he RAMS into Bryan some more! Parker applauds but then Bryan turns things around. Bryan CHOPS Menard, KICKS him, then KICKS and KICKS! Fans rally, Bryan wrenches and goes after the arm but Menard powers out. Bryan runs Menard over, then arm-drags him around!

Bryan has the armlock and he bends the fingers! Bryan top wristlocks to then isolate the arm, to STOMP it! Menard clutches the elbow but stands up into more EuroUppers. Bryan has Menard in a corner but Menard kicks low. Menard bumps Bryan off buckles, fires off forearms, then CHOPS! Bryan snarls but Menard CHOPS again. And again! Bryan EuroUppers Menard back! And again! Bryan whips Menard corner to corner but Menard reverses. Bryan BOOTS Menard, goes up, but Menard SHOVES Bryan down! Bryan tumbles to the floor and fans boo. Menard goes out to fetch Bryan and whips him hard into railing!

AEW goes picture in picture as Menard storms up on Bryan. Menard whips Bryan into more railing, then he brings Bryan around to whip into more railing! Menard refreshes the ring count and Parker taunts Bryan. Bryan crawls while Menard soaks up the heat. Menard watches Bryan as he gets in the ring, and he stomps Bryan at the ropes. Menard digs his knee in, lets off as the ref counts, and Menard soaks up more heat while Parker talks trash. The ref tells Parker to back away and Menard drags Bryan up for a BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Another cover, ONE! Menard clamps on with a chinlock and he grinds Bryan down.

Bryan endures, fights up, and fans rally as Bryan throws body shots. Bryan is free, he EuroUppers Menard again then whips. Menard reverses and CLOBBERS Bryan with an elbow! Menard soaks up more heat while Bryan gets to ropes. Menard stomps Bryan, rains down punches, but lets off as the ref counts the ropebreak. Menard drags Bryan up, ROCKS him in a corner, then CHOPS him. Bryan goes to another corner but Menard keeps after him with another CHOP! Dynamite returns to single picture as Menard whips corner to corner. Bryan reverses but Menard comes back to LARIAT!

Both men are down but Menard drags Bryan up for a short arm LARIAT! And then another! Cover, TWO! Menard is frustrated and fans rally for Bryan. Bryan grits his teeth, Menard gives him kicks to the chest, and a CHOP! Bryan snarls and stands up. Menard CHOPS again, but Bryan just powers up! Menard CHOPS again but Bryan just eggs him on! Menard CHOPS, Bryan CHOPS! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! Bryan fires off CHOPS and KICKS in the corner! Bryan whips but Menard reverses, only for Bryan to go up and over! Bryan keeps moving, ducks ‘n’ dodges to LEAPING LARIAT! Fans fire up while Menard flounders to a corner!

Bryan runs in corner to corner to DROPKICK! Bryan keeps going, another DROPKICK! And Bryan still keeps going, and he hits a third DROPKICK! Fans fire up but Parker is worried as Bryan watches Menard sit up. Bryan KICKS! And KICKS! And KICKS! Fans chant “YES!” with every one, but Parker saves Menard from the Buzzsaw! Fans boo, the ref reprimands, but Bryan WRECKS Menard with a dropkick! Bryan takes aim, but Parker saves Menard from the flying knee! Menard RAMS Bryan into railing, and then he hoists Bryan up to POST him in the groin! The ref reprimands again, Menard distracts him so that Parker can DDT Bryan to the floor!

Fans boo but Parker puts Bryan in and Menard hoists him up, POWERBOMB! High stack, TWO!! Bryan survives the screw job, and here comes Claudio! Claudio chases Parker, Parker loses his jacket and a shoe as he flees! Parker flounders through the ring then back out, only for Claudio to CLOBBER him with a EuroUpper! Claudio then gut wrenches Parker to carry him away up the ramp! Fans fire up as things are truly 1v1 now! Menard realizes what happened to Parker, he turns around and swings but Bryan dodges! BUSAIKU KNEE! And then the omoplata, LEBELL LOCK! Menard taps, Bryan wins!

Winner: Bryan Danielson, by submission

Blackpool Combat Club watches out for each other, and Bryan gets a win! Will this help Bryan climb up towards a title match? Will the BCC soon have Daniel Garcia and the ROH Pure title on their side?


AEW takes a closer look at Moxley VS Juice.

Tony Schiavone notes that Jon Moxley, having won the Grand Slam Tournament of Champions, is now a THREE-TIME AEW World Champion, the most in history. And his interim championship reign made this year “The Summer of Moxley.” Can anyone dethrone him? Schiavone doesn’t think so. But the Bullet Club’s Booster asks, “What happened last time Jon Moxley was in the ring with Rock Hard Juice Robinson?” He of course means NJPW Capital Collision’s IWGP United States Championship Fatal 4 Way that Juice won to become the then champion. “I’ve hated this guy for ten YEARS!”

If Juice can beat Moxley in Philly, then he has a chance in Washington D.C. to face Moxley for the AEW World Championship. If Juice can do it once, can he do it again? Or will Moxley cross him off the list?


MJF is- Wait, Wheeler Yuta is here!

The Decoder storms out after watching the recap package of his encounter with MJF, and now he gets the mic! “M J F! MJF, we have a real serious problem, man. And it’s not what you think. It’s not that you’ve got this whole new army of lackeys, I could’ve seen that one coming from a few miles away. No, man, it’s not that you just tried to cheap shot me with the Dynamite Diamond Ring, because I’ve been hit a lot harder by a lot better men. Max, it’s the fact that you had the audacity to put your hands on Tony Schiavone, a man who has done more for AEW than you ever will! And Maxwell, Maxwell, I think actions should have consequences.

“And what better punishment than for you to walk down here and fight me in MY city!” Philly cheers, but Yuta then tells them sorry, don’t get too excited. We all know that Max just likes to run and hide. He liked to hide behind The Inner Circle, behind The Pinnacle, and now he’s hiding behind The Firm. He likes to hide behind that fake tan, his suits, and this very microphone. Because Max knows that once the bell rings, he can’t hang with Yuta! “So Max, if you wanna address these wonderful people in Philly, I’ll go ahead and do it for ya.

“Alright, uh, what do we got here? Charisma of drying paint, pet rock, I don’t think the Phillies have made the playoffs in like 11 years. He probably doesn’t even know that. I don’t know. But yeah, alright, what else? Can we skip to the part where we fight? Where you come down here and you take the ass kicking you deserve?!” Yuta’s fired up and here comes MJF! MJF has his music cut, and he’s wearing a Mets jersey, of course. Everyone give it up for the hometown boy, Yuta! “Philly: the place where you live if you can’t afford to live in New York!” Fans boo as MJF smiles.

But speaking of embarrassing, hi, Schiavone! How’s that body holding up after last week, “ya fat old pr*ck?” But MJF knows Schiavone won’t do anything because he’s “a lowdown coward, just like everybody in this Podunk arena! Except for you, Wheeler, I’ll give you credit, you’re not coward. We practically grew up in this sport together. I have been wrestling you up and down North America when we were on the independent circuit just trying to make a name for ourselves. And I’m not afraid to admit, you’re one of the best wrestlers in the world.

However, you made a big mistake when you decided to go toe-to-toe on the mic with Daddy last week. And Daddy had to put you on timeout, didn’t he? Daddy had to spank you some.” MJF tells Philly to shut up while he’s got the mic. MJF finds it interesting that Yuta claims MJF doesn’t care about AEW, yet here Yuta is, taking up a lot of TV time from the biggest draw in AEW! And to make matters worse, Yuta is talking into a mic! Yuta, the… Fans tell MJF to STFU but MJF keeps going. Yuta has about as much charisma as Joe Frazier does present day. By the way, Frazier is dead! And speaking of dead, the Phillies are dead in the water and are never gonna win the World Series ever again!

Yuta’s amused that MJF actually went after the Phillies. MJF says whoops, there’s that local sports team talk. It’s almost like MJF doesn’t give an F! It’s almost like at 26 years of age, MJF doesn’t have to care, because he makes more money than everyone in this bum town! More than the people watching at home! MJF is a multi-millionaire at just 26! Yuta cuts MJF off here. Let’s make one thing very clear: Yuta doesn’t care about MJF’s money; he doesn’t care about MJF’s Mets jersey; Yuta doesn’t care about MJF’s scarf! If MJF doesn’t wanna fight Yuta in the ring, then Yuta will leave MJF in a pool of blood on Broad Street!! Fans cheer for that one!

MJF wants Yuta to cool off but Yuta says MJF may not know this, “but bad things happen in Philadelphia. And tonight is no exception.” Yuta rushes up the ramp but MJF gets his back-up in the Gunn Sons! Fans taunt the “ASS~ BOYS~” of The Firm, but Yuta dares them all to fight! MJF doesn’t do brawls, but if Yuta wants to wrestle, they can do that. If Yuta wants that, if the fans want that, then NO! HAHAHAHA! MJF will see Yuta in the ring next week in “Dumpy D.C.” But until then, remember this: He is… Oh, wait, the fans don’t deserve his catchphrase.

MJF will go to the skybox, watch Moxley be a horrible wrestler, and maybe cash his chip in on the Blackpool Cuckold Club. Until then, sayonara. Austin, you tell the people his catchphrase. MJF leaves as Austin takes the mic. Fans taunt the “ASS~ BOYS~” some more, but Austin says “MJF is better than you… And you know it!” The Scum of the Earth is waiting for the Dynamite Anniversary to fight Yuta, but will he not wait to cash in his chips?


AEW hears from Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt, Satnam Singh, and Darby Allin.

Sonjay “congratulates” Darby Allin on one hell of a win alongside Sting. But it seems Darby still has something to prove. He is sorely mistaken if he thinks he’s gonna do that against Sonjay’s best friend, Jay Lethal. Lethal says Darby will be outclassed. Darby likes to take a lot of pain, but we’ll see how much he likes walking around after Lethal breaks one of his legs with a Figure Four! Darby says everyone wants to be a champion, but how they get there can be oh so different. Darby is going to remind himself of what he is capable of when he takes on Lethal 1v1 with no Sonjay or Satnam ringside.

Lethal says Darby has something to prove, but so does Lethal! Lethal accepts the challenge and wants to beat Darby on his own. No Sonjay, no Satnam, no Sting, who will win between the Lethal and the Relentless?


AEW World Title Eliminator: Jon Moxley VS Juice Robinson!

As we already heard, The Maniac is the most prolific AEW World Champion, but he still owes “Rock Hard” Robinson from Capital Collision. Will Moxley unload on Juice to move on to the next challenger? Or will Juice force Moxley into another showdown in DC?

As Moxley makes it to ringside from his bleacher side entrance, Juice CLOBBERS him! Moxley hits railing, Juice stomps away, the ref reprimands and fans boo. Juice drags Moxley up to whip him hard into railing! Juice tells the ref this ain’t his first match, and he drags Moxley up to HEADBUTT him! Moxley staggers, Juice HEADBUTTS Moxley again, and then follows him around the way. Juice puts Moxley in the ring, the bell rings, and Juice soaks up the heat with Too Sweets. Juice gets in the ring but Moxley clotheslines him up and out! Moxley throws off his shirt and storms out after Juice to whip him into railing now!

Fans fire up and the ring count climbs. Moxley drags Juice up, and snap suplexes Juice to the floor! Moxley refreshes the ring count to drag Juice up, but as MJF said, he’s in the skybox. MJF gives a thumbs down since Moxley’s in control, and Moxley THROWS Juice onto the timekeeper’s table! Juice and the table fall over, the ring count climbs again, and Moxley drags Juice up and into the ring. Juice throws hands but Moxley just gets in his face. Fans fire up, Juice throws another forearm but Moxley ROCKS Juice back! Juice throws another forearm, Moxley throws another, repeat! Fans rally as they go back and forth faster and faster!

Juice JABS and JABS and JABS, then powers up, but Moxley kicks low! Moxley fires off boxing elbows, EuroUppers, then runs, but Juice chokes and BITES Moxley! The ref reprimands, Juice lets off and Moxley goes to a corner. Juice runs in to clothesline! Moxley sits down, Juice calls his shot and he runs corner to corner, CANNON- NO, LARIAT! Moxley drags Juice back up, hooks the arms, but Juice tackles Moxley out of the ring! Moxley gets up to his feet first and goes to the railing. Moxley sits down to rest, but Juice CANNONBALLS! Direct hit and Juice hurries into the ring as AEW goes picture in picture.

The ring count is climbing but Moxley flounders around. The count is 7 of 10, then 8! Moxley slides in at 9! Juice is right on Moxley and he TOSSES Moxley back out! Juice then goes out after Moxley and drags him up to TOSS into the timekeeper’s area! Juice returns the favor, as he tells the ref, and then Juice gets in the ring. Juice goes back out, and Moxley’s busted open! Moxley sputters but Juice grabs him first to POST him! Juice gets in the ring to flex and soak up the heat. Moxley gets up and in but Juice looms over him. Juice sits Moxley up so he can BITE the wound!! Juice lets off as the ref counts, but he tastes Moxley’s blood!

Moxley is mad now, and he storms up to Juice. Juice ROCKS Moxley, Moxley CHOPS Juice! Juice CHOPS Moxley and Moxley falls out of the ring! Juice taunts Moxley as he staggers about. Juice goes out, MJF is talking trash to fans now, and Juice AX HANDLES Moxley down! Juice rains down fists on the bloody forehead and BITES it again! Juice lets off, wipes away Moxley’s blood, and soaks up more heat. Juice drags Moxley up to snap suplex him to the floor! Juice gets in the ring, Moxley drags himself up, but Juice is there to DECK him! Moxley goes back to the floor, and Juice AX HANDLES him down again!

Moxley ends up taking a seat in the chair, and Juice HEADBUTTS away on him! Dynamite returns to single picture, Juice lets off to go to the apron and soak up more heat. Juice CANNONBALLS but Moxley moves! Juice only gets chair!! Even MJF is wincing from that one. Moxley gets back in the ring but Juice crawls over. Fans rally for Moxley as he drags himself up. Moxley builds speed and he DIVES! Direct hit and Juice hits railing! Moxley puts Juice in the ring, Juice goes to a corner. Moxley takes aim, runs in, but Juice BOOTS him! Juice runs in, DOUBLE LARIATS collide! They go again, DOUBLE LARIATS collide even harder!

Juice roars and Moxley snarls, CUTTER OUTTA NOWHERE! Cover, TWO!! Juice survives but Moxley has the ANKLE LOCK! Moxley leans on the hold but Juice endures and moves around. Juice gets the ROPEBREAK before Moxley can step through for the STF! Moxley lets off and has Juice in a corner. Moxley rains down fists, but Juice digs fingers into the eye and forehead wound! Juice then hits a RUNNING POWERBOMB! High stack, TWO!! Juice is frustrated but he goes to the corner. Juice climbs up top, fans rally up, and Moxley stands up. Juice jumps, into a kick! But Juice fights the underhooks to POST Moxley!

Juice then drags Moxley out, chicken wings, PULP FRICTION!! Cover, TWO!!! Moxley survives and Juice can’t believe it! Fans fire up while Juice argues with the ref. Juice calms down, he calls his shot, and he torture racks Moxley! Juice spins around, but Moxley slips out of the Rockslide to hit a REGAL KNEE!! Cover, TWO!?! But Moxley has the knuckle locks for DRAGON STOMPS! Fans fire up and Moxley clamps on an ARMBAR! Juice taps, Moxley wins!!

Winner: Jon Moxley, by pinfall (denies Juice Robinson a title match)

MJF is upset, Juice didn’t do enough damage for his liking. But Moxley denies Juice a DC title match, will MJF decide to change targets? Wait! Here comes Hangman Page! The Cowboy has his golden ticket for Cincinnati, and he goes right into the ring. Fans fire up for this stare down, and the two look ready to square off! But then MJF has a mic in his skybox to say, “Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Ladies, settle down, settle down, settle down. Don’t you realize you’re not fighting each other? You’re not fighting each other, man. What you’re doing is fighting to lose. Cuz once you two morons get to Cincinnati, I just might cash my chip in and become the NEW AEW World Champion!

“Because I am a generational… talent!” But Yuta finds MJF! Fans fire up and MJF is confused. Yuta turns MJF around to fire off haymakers! And then he THRWOS MJF into the couch! Yuta fires off, he drags MJF up and he throws him into the bleachers! Security rushes in but Yuta fights them off! Yuta goes after MJF again and fans fire up, but security drags Yuta away! MJF has been saved for tonight, will MJF definitely reconsider what he’s doing in DC?


Saraya is here!

And just as Justin Roberts made sure to say, “SA-RAY-YA” is All Elite! Fans fire up to see the #Glampire go to the ring and get the mic. “Whew. I’ve got chills right now, you guys. Ahem. I’m baaaack~!” Fans chant, “Welcome Back!” and Saraya asks, “So you missed me? It feels fantastic to be back in the ring, you guys. It’s obviously been a crazy road. I’m damaged, but I’m not broken, at the end of the day.” Fans cheer that! Saraya says it’s great to be back, and it is great to be here in AEW, because she is going to create change in the division. She was the revolution before, and she’ll be the revolution here, because she IS the revolution!

Fans chant, “This is Your House!” and Saraya smiles. “It’s really hard to talk out here, guys, I’m so nervous. It’s been awhile. But AEW is officially my house.” The crew can give her time cues all they want, but she’ll leave when she’s ready. Let’s take up more time with ALL the ladies of AEW! And starting that off is Interim AEW Women’s World Champion, Toni Storm! She leads Athena, Madison Rayne, Skye Blue & Willow Nightingale, and they all go to the ring together to stand with Saraya. Saraya wants the fans to make some noise and they do. “When I said we’re gonna make a change, I promise you, we’re gonna make a change.”

Saraya wants to reintroduce us to these ladies. And she’ll start with the champ, Toni Storm. Fans cheer as Saraya says Toni is finally being utilized to her full potential. She is a fighting champion, the best champion AEW has seen! And Saraya is honored to be in the ring with Toni. But “Well, well, well.” Britt Baker leads Rebel, Jamie Hayter & Penelope Ford out. “Look what we have here, guys. Another shiny new toy. And we’ve seen them come, we’ve certainly seen them go. But until you actually earn some respect around here, all you are is a catchphrase. Unlike myself, Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D.”

Britt isn’t sure Saraya watches AEW, but Britt is the Face of the Women’s Division, and she’s literally put her blood, sweat and tears into this company. In fact, Britt even put her neck on the line for AEW. And unlike Saraya’s, Britt’s neck can handle it. Britt says Saraya made such a big impact, but half of the people in this room can’t even say her name. “Sa-Ray-Ya? Sa-Rye-Ya? Psoriasis?” Saraya tells Britt to stop right there. It is cute that Britt of all people are trying to make fun of Saraya’s name. “Well, doctor, your name rhymes with sh*t.” Hayter and Rebel try to tell Britt that’s not true, but then the fans chant it at her!

Britt tells Toni Storm that she respects her. She doesn’t like her, but Britt does respect her. Britt had such high hopes for Toni when she first got here, but she couldn’t keep herself away from all the problematic people in wrestling. They’re always in Toni’s corner. In fact, last week, they all knew the title was Britt’s, so Toni and her new tag partner, Athena, broke her nose to take her out! And yet again, conspiracy! But that’s not why they’re here tonight. They’re here because Toni has quite the match on her hands tonight. Serena Deeb is one of the most cold-blooded and calculating wrestlers on the planet.

Fans are chanting more for Hayter than Britt, but Britt says Toni is lucky she isn’t facing Hayter! Hayter gets her shot after Deeb. One misstep from Toni against The Professor, and they’ll be hearing the words, “AND NEW…” Britt calls for Serena, and Serena heads out! Britt wants the others to get out, their five minutes of fame are up. But Saraya has the music stop a moment. Saraya admits she hasn’t been around AEW that long, but she does have eyes and ears. She knows Britt’s crew likes to “get up to some funky stuff.” So how about this? Since she talked to Tony Khan–by the way, it’s so great to have a boss that finally listens to her!

But it was decided that they’ll make this match a Lumberjack match! The title is on the line, Toni has back-up just like Deeb does, and Saraya says it’s time to get this show on the road! Will the Wolf sink her teeth into the title to Britt’s delight? Or will it still be #ToniTime in Philly?

Interim AEW Women’s World Championship Lumberjack Match: Toni Storm VS Serena Deeb!

The bell rings, Saraya joins commentary, and fans rally for Toni. Toni and Deeb tie up, Deeb goes after an arm and wrenches to a wristlock. Toni reaches back, headlocks, but Deeb pries free to a hammerlock. Deeb wrangles Toni to the mat but Toni reaches back again. Toni rolls, hammerlocks and then gets Deeb’s other arm! Toni shows she’s got technical prowess as she flips Deeb to a cover, ONE! Toni facelocks but Deeb fights up. Deeb wrenches out, wrenches again, then headlocks. Toni endures the grind, even as Deeb thrashes. Toni powers out, Deeb RAMS shoulders but Toni comes back to run Deeb over!

Deeb bails out, but Madison and Willow put her in! Toni BOOTS Deeb down! Deeb goes to a corner, Toni CHOPS away on her! Deeb turns it around to CHOP back! And MACHINE GUN CHOP! Toni stops it short to fire off forearms! Toni reels Deeb in to hoist her up top! Toni then climbs up behind and stands Deeb up. Fans fire up but Deeb resists. Toni SUPER BACK- CROSSBODY from Deeb! Cover, TWO! Deeb hurries to get Toni up and she throws her out to the other side. Britt, Hayter and Rebel stomp away! But Athena leads the charge and they back everyone off of Storm. Saraya likes seeing this “good trouble” as AEW goes picture in picture.

The ref has the Lumberjacks all stand down, and Storm gets up to get in the ring. Deeb is right on her with EuroUppers! Deeb short arm LARIATS Toni down, covers, TWO! Deeb is frustrated but she stomps away on Storm. Storm kicks back, Deeb kicks her to the ropes and pie faces her around. Britt and Ford talk some trash as Deeb drags Toni up for TWIST ‘N’ SHOUT! Deeb soaks up the heat as she paces around Toni. Deeb stands on Storm’s face to scrape her sole off Storm’s face! Deeb clamps onto Storm to throw down crossface forearms! Deeb then drags Storm up to EuroUpper back down!

Britt cheers Deeb on as she cravats Storm and thrashes her around. Storm endures, Madison and the others rally, and Storm snapmares free! Deeb hurries back but swings into a backslide! TWO!! A close call but Deeb swings again, into a roll-up! TWO! Deeb hurries to clinch but Storm fires forearms! Storm fires more and more and more shots, then ROCKS Deeb! Deeb rebounds as Dynamite returns to single picture, and Storm LARIATS Deeb down! Deeb staggers, Storm whips but Deeb reverses, only for Storm to SHOTGUN! Storm hurries to a corner and climbs up, Deeb stands for the CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO!

Deeb bails out and Athena is there to bring her up. Athena puts Deeb in for Storm, and Storm GERMAN SUPLEXES! Deeb flounders to a corner and fans cheer as Storm says kiss this! But Deeb ducks the hips to victory roll, TWO! Deeb hurries to get a leg, DRAGON- NO, Storm sits on the dragon screw, TWO! Deeb sunset flips, TWO! Deeb has a body scissor for the INVERTED MOTORCYCLE! Deeb sits deep on the hold and Saraya says this is what happens when Britt is out of the equation and the women can have time. Deeb rolls Storm around into a BUTTERFLY STRETCH! Storm endures, pushes to a cover, TWO!!

Deeb lets Storm free, Storm HEADBUTTS her back! And then another GERMAN SUPLEX! Storm drags Deeb up, fans fire up, and Storm runs, only for Hayter to trip her up! Hayter drags Storm out, Skye storms up on Hayter, but Hayter DECKS Skye! Willow shoves Hayter, she and Hayter start brawling! Fans fire up as these two run to the back! The rest of the Lumberjacks put Storm in, Deeb hits a headlock takeover and floats to a GROUND DRAGON SCREW! Omoplata, and the half crab, SERENITY LOCK! Storm endures, claws forward, but Deeb sits down to really wrench the leg! Fans still rally, and Storm reaches out!

Britt holds the ropes back, but the ref reprimands. Athena CLOBBERS Ford and Rebel, then backs Britt down! Storm gets the ROPEBREAK! Deeb lets Britt go, but she drags Storm around to reel her in. Deeb tucks the arms, but Storm back drops free! Fans fire up with Storm as she goes back up top! Britt barks at Storm but Storm CROSSBODIES! Deeb rolls through! HALF CRAB!! And it is deep as Storm endures all over again! Storm grits her teeth, turns over and pushes Deeb down. Storm kicks away and Deeb stumbles into a corner! SWEET HIP MUSIC! Storm drags Deeb up, reels her in, but Deeb jackknife counters! TWO!!

Storm hits STORM ZERO!! Cover, TWO!?!? Deeb survives being spiked and no one can believe it! Deeb and Storm rise up and fans are fire dup. Storm runs in, Deeb dodges to put the legs in the ropes! DRAPING DRAGON SCREW!! Britt coaches Deeb up and Deeb climbs, but Storm stands up to HEADBUTT! Storm climbs up after Deeb, Deeb throws body shots, they brawl up top and Storm gets the edge. SUPER STORM ZERO!?!? Cover, Storm wins!!!

Winner: Toni Storm, by pinfall (still Interim AEW Women’s World Champion)

Saraya loves seeing it! The Lightning From Down Under strikes down Deeb, who will step up to her next?


Backstage interview with The Acclaimed.

Tony Schiavone is with Billy Gunn and the NEW AEW World Tag Team Champions, and Max Caster says, “Yo, listen!” Anthony Bowens says, “Philadelphia, your AEW Tag Team Champions have arrived!” Billy says, “And right when you think that that can’t get any better, next week on Dynamite, it is National Scissoring Day!” Caster says bring your shirts, bring your signs, bring your big scissors, because they’ll do the chant all night long! Y’know why? Because EVERYONE loves The Acclaimed! And there’s more! This Friday night, your #ForeverChamps have an open contract to defend these titles!

And in walks Keith Lee. He applauds them. He wants to congratulate them properly, but as you can see, Swerve is not here this week. He is “exceptionally disgruntled.” Keith has been watching Swerve’s back, and he understands why Swerve is upset. Billy Gunn, you physically got involved and cost the Limitless House their titles. “You boys got carried. Good luck.” Keith heads out but Billy tells him to tell Swerve, “I’ve got two words for him: Scissor me~!” The Acclaimed is having a good time now, but will things turn around in a flash with that open challenge put out?


Backstage interview with the Andrade Family Office.

Or rather, Tony Schiavone is standing in the middle of an argument as The Butcher & The Blade yell at Private Party, and Private Party yells back, with Andrade El Idolo upset at them all. He has them all stop shouting! It’s enough! Listen here: Andrade is your boss, Private Party! Remember that! But Marq Quen says Private Party isn’t mad at Andrade, they’re mad at Butcher & Blade! The shouting starts again but Andrade has them all stop. Jose, you tell them. The Assistant explains that Private Party are the ones upsetting Andrade, Butcher & Blade. They may not like it, but Andrade is still their boss. So either shape up, or ship out!

The others leave, and Schiavone talks with Private Party alone. He usually doesn’t take sides in this, but… Oh, Matt Hardy walks in. Hardy tells Isiah & Marq that he’s sorry they’ve ended up in this situation. But what happened last week in the Golden Ticket Battle Royal felt right! They’re connected! They always have been. Andrade is way worse for them than Big Money Matt ever was. So they should quit, get out of the deal, and Hardy will be waiting. And this time, he promises them both that they’ll do it right. Will Private Party terminate their deal with the AFO to get the #HardyParty started right?


BREAKING NEWS for Rampage!

With that open contract out on the tag titles, it seems the AFO jumped on it with not just one but TWO teams! Private Party AND The Butcher & The Blade are challenging The Acclaimed in a TRIPLE THREAT! Will Caster & Bowens survive the biggest first defense possible?

Plus, after their confrontation during the Lumberjack match, Willow Nightingale and Jamie Hayter will go 1v1! Then, as he fights his way towards Daniel Garcia’s ROH Pure Championship, Lee Moriarty takes on a returning Fuego Del Sol! And after his big win alongside Action Bronson for the Grand Slam, HOOK is back in action! Who will step to the Cold-Hearted, Handsome Devil next?


Ricky Starks VS Eli Isom!

The Absolute avenged his loss at All Out against “Powerhouse” Hobbs, but it took Lights Out to do it! Will Starks start getting that spotlight shining back on him here tonight?

The bell rings, Starks and Isom tie up, and Starks headlocks. Starks grinds the hold, but Isom wrenches free and headlocks back. Starks powers out the back and hammerlocks, but Isom elbows free! Isom run sin and forearm smashes in the corner! Isom whips corner to corner but Starks goes up and over. Things speed up, Starks barrels through Isom’s shoulder tackle to then SPEAR him down! Fans fire up with Starks and he drags Isom up, for ROSHAMBEAUX! Cover, Starks wins!

Winner: Ricky Starks, by pinfall

That was easy work for Starks, and he is absolutely back in the swing of things! Is this the start of a new chapter in the Book of Starks?


AEW looks closer at the drama filled feud of Jungle Boy, Christian Cage & Luchasaurus.

AEW shares footage from after Rampage: Grand Slam. Jack Perry was obviously pissed that after one of the hardest fought matches in his career, and one of the biggest victories in his entire life, Captain Charisma and his personal kaiju attacked. One of JB’s proudest achievements, he gets screwed over again by the two people he used to care about the most in AEW. But they can do whatever they want, he will get them both. Where JB used to hang their AEW World Tag titles on the wall, he will hang both their heads! Will Jungle Boy hunt down the wrestling dinosaur and his new master?


ROH World Championship: Chris Jericho VS Bandido!

The Wizard, Le Champion, the Lionheart, is very proud of himself for becoming an EIGHT-TIME World Champion in his career. But because he is (supposedly) the most honorable man in AEW, he is willing to be a fighting champion. Will #THEOCHO barely last seven days? Or will The Most Wanted, one of the greatest luchadors in the world today, still be a former ROH World Champion?

Bobby Cruise makes the introductions, the belt is raised, and we see who is truly the best ROH champion ever!

Fans rally for Bandido at the bell, and Jericho offers the handshake. Bandido takes it to uphold the Code of Honor, and then Jericho turns it into some kind of secret handshake he’s coming up with on the spot. Then he flips Bandido off! Bandido DECKS Jericho for that! Jericho gets up but Bandido throws more hands. Bandido whips, Jericho reverses and then CLOBBERS Bandido! Jericho kicks Bandido around, drags him up and CHOPS him to a corner. Jericho CHOPS Bandido again, CHOPS him against ropes, and fans bring back the chant of “WE WANT PIZZA!” Jericho whips Bandido but Bandido handsprings through!

Jericho avoids the contact and rushes in, but Bandido uses that to throw Jericho up and out! Bandido then builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit and Jericho hits railing! Bandido resets, builds speed and FOSBURY FLOPS! Direct hit on Jericho and fans fire up! Bandido ROCKS Jericho, puts him in the ring, and he high-fives fans as AEW goes picture in picture.

Bandido hurries up the corner and he SKY TWISTERS to take Jericho down! Cover, TWO! Jericho hurries out of the ring and Bandido wonders what’s up. Jericho throws a tantrum, but Bandido goes out after him! They brawl with forearms, Jericho ROCKS Bandido but Bandido fires back! Bandido whips, Jericho reverses and Bandido hits steel steps! Jericho hurries into the ring, soaks up the heat, and fans give thumbs down. So Jericho flips them off! Jericho goes back out after Bandido, puts him in the ring, and he stomps Bandido around. Jericho sits Bandido up to rain down fists! Jericho paces and soaks up more heat before he drags Bandido up.

Jericho puts Bandido in a corner, CHOPS him down, then drags him back up. Jericho CHOPS Bandido in the corner again, but Bandido turns it around to CHOP back! And CHOP! And CHOP! And then CHOP!! Fans fire up with Bandido and he whips corner to corner. Jericho bounces off buckles and Bandido trophy lifts him! Bandido shows he has power on top of speed, and he SLAMS Jericho down! Cover, TWO! Jericho is still in this as Dynamite returns to single picture. Fans rally for Bandido and he fires off forearms on Jericho. Bandido whips, Jericho BOOTS him back, but then Bandido dodges Jericho again.

Jericho ends up on the apron, he hurries up top, and leaps, into a SUPERKICK! Bandido reels Jericho in, suplexes, holds Jericho up with one arm and he counts along with the fans! We go past ten to TWENTY! We’re still going! THIRTY! Then past that to FORTY!! And then the SLAM at SIXTY!! A full minute stall and fans are thunderous! Bandido staggers up and heads for a corner. Bandido climbs up, takes aim and gives us some Latino Heat! FROG SPLASH!! Cover, TWO!! Jericho survives but fans chant for “EDDIE! EDDIE!” Bandido drags Jericho back up, fires off forearms, then runs, but into a FLAPJACK!

Jericho runs to BOOT Bandido down! Jericho huffs and puffs and he drags Bandido up. Jericho puts Bandido in the corner to CHOP! And CHOP! And then whip to clothesline in the other corner! Jericho hoists Bandido up, CHOPS him, then climbs up after him. Bandido throws hands, Jericho and Bandido brawl, and fans still want pizza. Bandido SUPER GOURD BUSTERS Jericho down! Jericho stands, Bandido leaps, but into a CODE BREAKER! Cover, TWO!! Bandido survives and Jericho is frustrated. Bandido goes to the apron and Jericho goes out after him. Jericho drags Bandido up, CLUBS him, and then he reels Bandido in.

Bandido holds the ropes to fight the suplex, but Jericho CLUBS away on him! Jericho keeps trying, Bandido throws more elbows, then he turns around to fire forearms! Jericho JABS Bandido’s already bloody nose! But Bandido RANAS Jericho to the floor!! Fans are thunderous again as both men are down and AEW goes picture in picture!

The ref checks on both men, and somehow they’re both okay to continue. Jericho and Bandido slowly stir, the ring count is climbing, and we’re at 5 of 10 with both men still down. Bandido and Jericho finally start to sit up, the count is 7 of 10, both Bandido and Jericho slide in at 9! Jericho crawls over to Bandido, drags him up by his hair, and CHOPS! Bandido CHOPS back! Jericho CHOPS, so Bandido CHOPS back. They CHOP back and forth, faster and faster, and fans fire up! They CHOP and CHOP and CHOP and then stand to keep the CHOPS flying! Jericho eggs Bandido on, then brings him around, but Bandido CHOPS, and CHOPS, and CHOPS!

Jericho roars, CHOPS, CHOPS and CHOPS, and then CHOPS Bandido off his feet! Jericho leans against the corner while clutching his stinging chest. Jericho drags Bandido up to CHOP again, and again! Bandido CHOPS in return! Dynamite returns to single picture one more time as Bandido CHOPS then SUPERKICKS! Jericho leans against ropes, Bandido snarls and fires off forearms! Bandido whips, Jericho reverses and CLOBBERS Bandido! Bandido goes to the apron, fans rally and Bandido keeps pace with Jericho to turn triangle jump into SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB!! Cover, TWO!! Jericho survives and “This is Awesome!”

Bandido drags Jericho up, whips him to ropes, but Jericho denies the dropkick! LIONSAULT!! Just made it! Cover, TWO!! Bandido survives and Jericho is frustrated. Jericho drags Bandido up, throws some knees, and then he suplexes. Bandido slips out, shoves Jericho and gets around, CRUCIFIX DRIVER! Cover, TWO!! Jericho survives again and Bandido can’t believe it! The ref defends the count so Bandido reels Jericho in. Gut wrench to a torture rack, but Jericho blocks the knee! Jericho trips Bandido to get the WALLS OF JERICHO! Bandido endures and fans rally up! Bandido reaches out, crawls, but Jericho sits deep!

Bandido keeps fighting forward as the fans rally! Bandido gives it one more gasp, and he gets the ROPEBREAK! Fans fire up but Jericho thinks he’s won. Fans boo and the ref points it out to Jericho. Jericho is annoyed but he stomps at Bandido on the apron. The ref reprimands, Jericho lets off to drag Bandido up. Jericho deadlift SUPERPLEXES Bandido in! Jericho then hurries up top, but Bandido GAMANGIRIS first! Jericho sits back, Bandido climbs up after him, and Bandido throws forearms. Bandido stands Jericho up on the very top, for a scoop and SUPER FALL AWAY SLAM!!! Fans are electric as Bandido crawls to the cover, TWO!?!?!?

Philly is stunned! Jericho survives again, proving why he IS #THEOCHO! Fans love “A E DUB!” for this ROH title match, and Bandido fires forearms. Bandido gut wrenches again, torture racks, X KNEE!! Jericho leans on the ropes, Bandido fires up! BANG and run, flip to the BLACKJACK 21 PLEX!!! Bridging cover, TWO!?!?! Jericho survives and then he pokes Bandido in the eye! And he pulls the mask down! Jericho trips Bandido but Bandido drags Jericho into a cradle! TWO!!!! BOOT from Jericho, then a trip! LION TAMER!!! Bandido reaches out blindly but doesn’t know where the ropes are! Bandido taps, Jericho wins!!

Winner: Chris Jericho, by submission (still ROH World Champion)

Where’s the honor in that!? Jericho makes Bobby Cruise get in the ring to make the official announcement, and then he has Bobby hold the mic up for him. Jericho has the music cut to say the Ring of Jericho Era has begun! He is changing what ROH is, desecrate its legacy, destroy its legend, and beat every great champion that has ever held “The Ring of Jericho” title! Jericho will continue with BRYAN DANIELSON! October 12th, in Toronto, Canada, Jericho dares Bryan to fight him for the ROH World Championship! Jericho will destroy every ROH champion, commentator, referee and announcer! What?

LOW BLOW to Bobby Cruise!! AND A JUDAS EFFECT!! Jericho’s reign of terror over ROH begins tonight, but will the American Dragon be able to end it in two weeks?

My Thoughts:

A great Dynamite to keep things going from last week’s awesome Grand Slam events, as well as set up the anniversary and following events. We got a great opening segment from the JAS, and those purple suits honestly looked really good. Poor Luigi Primo, though. I don’t know if the bucket hat is supposed to mean something, but it does work as a disappointing gift for such a big night. Garcia of course pushes forward towards defecting from the JAS, and Bryan joining in was a good touch. Great match from Bryan VS Menard tonight, and Bryan & Garcia VS Jericho & Sammy is going to be awesome, and it will factor in greatly to the tiebreaker of Bryan VS Jericho.

Jericho VS Bandido was an amazing main event, but I had a feeling Jericho would win. Jericho wants to take on every former ROH World Champion but sets up the tiebreaker, I have a feeling he’s doomed his reign to only last until October 12th. At the same time, there could be any number of “sports entertainment” overbooking shenanigans going on that help Jericho retain. Jericho stating his mission, I would love to see him continue on to then face all those former world champions, such as Adam Cole, Kyle O’Reilly and Jay Lethal. Lethal is going to have a great match with Darby, but I feel like Darby is going to win that since it was promised to be truly 1v1.

Great stuff from the rest of the Blackpool Combat Club, such as Yuta confronting MJF and scaring him off to Moxley VS Juice in a great match. I had a feeling Moxley would win so that he can focus on Hangman Page in Cincinnati next. MJF will find a way past Yuta next week, and then he’ll be lurking in Cincinnati, that has to be the cash-in spot. Very good promo from JB to further the story with Christian Cage & Luchasaurus. JB will probably be the one to attack next as retaliation. JB VS Luchasaurus can happen for Full Gear, and Christian’s arm needing time to heal, there’s a chance this story goes all the way to the holidays in December.

Great promo from The Acclaimed and Keith Lee, and a great promo from AFO and Matt Hardy. That Triple Threat for the tag titles is going to be great, but Acclaimed will retain by using the dysfunctional AFO against itself. Then Hardy will support Private Party against Andrade, we can get a great Six Man Tag out of it. Starks of course wins that squash match, that match almost didn’t need to happen here but hey, Starks is still a fan favorite.

And while it was great to hear from Saraya again, something was just a bit awkward about the full women’s segment. Saraya and Britt got at each other pretty well, but did Saraya really need to make a jab at WWE? Especially after the changing of the guard over there and how things have already turned around for the better? Is Tony Khan gonna be petty about the WWE forever? I did appreciate that Saraya is already poised as a supervisor of the women’s division since she got to make the stipulation of the Lumberjack match. And that match was awesome stuff with some good stories set up, such as that match for Hayter VS Willow on Rampage.

Storm retaining makes sense and WOW that second rope piledriver. With Britt worrying about her nose, I am sure Hayter beats Willow and then Hayter really does get the next turn. Storm VS Hayter will be great, and maybe other Heels get to step up. But again, the one thing we need to start seeing is two women’s matches on Dynamite or this is all lip service like WWE gave us years ago with The Authority pinning the bad ratings and ideas on “Constable Corbin.” Quality like this is a great start, but we still need quantity, too.

My Score: 8.8/10

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