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Mitchell’s NJPW AXS TV Results: G1 Climax 29, Part 7!

This is it for B Block!



NJPW G1 Climax 29

B Block reaches its conclusion!

The Golden Star represents A Block, but who will represent B Block in the G1 Climax 29 Finals?! Will it be the Death Rider, the Fierce Warrior, the Switchblade, or the leader of Los Ingobernables de Japon?



  • Toru Yano VS Jeff Cobb; Cobb wins.
  • Tomohiro Ishii VS Taichi; Taichi wins.
  • Jon Moxley VS Juice Robinson; Robinson wins.
  • Shingo Takagi VS Hirooki Goto; Takagi wins.
  • Jay White VS Tetsuya Naito; White wins and meets Kota Ibushi in the G1 Climax 29 Finals.


NJPW and AXS set the scene for the other penultimate Climax!

There’s a four-way fight to the finish to see who meets Kota Ibushi in THE G1 Climax Finals! Death Rider Jon Moxley was the front runner early, but has lost to the Switchblade as well as Chaos’ Fierce Warrior and Clown Prince! Now Mox, Goto, White and Naito are equals at 10 points! Moxley must determine his own fate in a non-title rematch against the Flamboyant Juice Robinson! Meanwhile, Goto faces a Muscle Dragon while White and Naito could surely determine the entire block on their own! Who survives the B Block traffic jam to meet the Golden Star?


Toru Yano VS Jeff Cobb!

The phrase “mathematically eliminated” means NOTHING to the jokester and the juggernaut! Who comes away with points of pride on the final night of B Block action?

The bell rings and fans cheer Yano. Cobb wants Yano to take his shirt off, though, so there aren’t any shenanigans. Wait what is that in his pants? The referee checks, and sees a lot of tape rolls. Yano admits he was sneaking them, but Cobb suspects something more. Wait there’s a fourth roll in Yano’s booty! Yano admits to that, to, but he wants Cobb double checked. There’s nothing extra to find! Yano says to check the booty and Cobb turns around, for Yano to roll him up! TWO, but Yano is right on Cobb by tucking Cobb’s arms into his own singlet! Cobb’s singlet is a trap! Yano rolls Cobb up again, TWO! Cobb tries to kip-up but with no arms, it doesn’t work. He gets up and pulls his arms back out, and fans applaud Yano’s ingenuity. However, Yano does apologize to Cobb and offers a handshake. Cobb takes it, but Yano’s death grip barely makes him flinch. Cobb’s grip makes Yano fall to the mat!

Cobb grins as he brings Yano up for a whip. Yano holds the ropes, then dodges to bail out of the ring. Yano goes out past the blue rails towards the fans. Fans cheer him on, so Yano returns ringside. The referee keeps Cobb back but Yano is egging him on. And then Yano goes for the buckle pad! Yano frees “Luke” but Cobb throws Yano back in! Cobb wants to help put “Luke” back on but Yano’s after “Tom”, the other pad! “Tom” is free but Yano kicks him aside as Cobb runs in! Cobb whips Yano but Yano stops himself! Yano dodges but Cobb stops himself before hitting bare buckles. Yano runs in but gets those buckles! And then gets thrown overhead! Cobb says no more shenanigans, time for forearms! He throws many forearms, then runs, but Yano grabs hair. Cobb gives more forearms then whips, but Yano reverses to belly2belly Cobb!

Fans fire up for Yano’s legit wrestling skills, but he takes too long with his #YTR taunt. Cobb runs in but somehow Yano ducks the clothesline! Yano smacks Cobb in the head, then runs, only to run into a lariat! Cobb looms over Yano while doing a #Gachimuchi version of the YTR taunt, then the standing moonsault! Cover, TWO! Yano barely survives and Cobb is a little shocked. Cobb blocks Yano’s low blow uppercut, but Yano dodges the clothesline to shove Cobb at the ref! Cobb stops himself in time, but also turns to stop Yano from another low blow attempt. Yano dodges, and has the ref as a shield! The ref reprimands Yano but Cobb runs at them both. Yano dodges and pushes the referee away, to low blow mule kick! But Cobb catches that, too! And uses it to spin Yano around for a SUPERKICK! Cobb takes Yano on a TOUR OF THE ISLANDS! Cover, Cobb wins!

Winner: Jeff Cobb, by pinfall

The Hawaiian Juggernaut finishes his G1 debut with a win because he took Yano seriously. Will Cobb only get stronger from here?


Tomohiro Ishii VS Taichi!

The Stone Pitbull and the World’s Sliest Wrestler meet again in hopes of finishing the G1 strong. Will Taichi not only end with a win but with a win over the current NEVER Openweight Champion? Or will Ishii deny Taichi two birds with one stone?

The bell rings and Taichi goes right at Ishii with an ax bomber! Then a saido suplex! Cover, TWO!! Ishii survives this shockingly aggressive opening, but Taichi isn’t letting up. Taichi tries to lift Ishii, and does, but Ishii fights out of the bomb. Taichi boots Ishii down and fans rally. Ishii blocks a new saido and clubs Taichi off. Taichi boots Ishii again and Ishii is down in a corner. Fans rally for Ishii as Taichi kicks at him. The referee backs Taichi off and Ishii slowly sits up. Taichi comes back to stomp Ishii and grind a foot into him. The referee again reprimands Taichi but Taichi drags Ishii up. Ishii flops down but drags himself up. Taichi has Ishii but Ishii headbutts, so Taichi kicks him down! Taichi whips Ishii to a corner but Ishii comes back with a shoulder! Taichi staggers back but returns with a shoulder of his own, and runs Ishii over!

Fans rally and duel now as Taichi looms over Ishii. Taichi kicks at Ishii, toying with him. Ishii sits up but Taichi stomps him back down. Taichi continues to toy with Ishii before he snapmares and swiftly kicks Ishii in the back! And again! Ishii sits up and those kicks just start to anger him. Ishii grits his teeth as he stands, only to get kicks to his leg! Taichi runs, but into a powerslam! Both men are down but fans rally up. Taichi and Ishii crawl to opposite ends, and Ishii runs in corner to corner. Ishii misses and gets an enziguri! Ishii drops down but Taichi won’t let up. The buzzsaw is blocked, Ishii ROCKS Taichi with a forearm then throws him with a German Suplex! Taichi crashes down and both men are again crawling to opposite ends.

Ishii fires up and runs in, but Taichi boots. Taichi kicks but Ishii eggs him on. Ishii chops, Taichi kicks, repeat! Neither man backs down, they only pick up speed! Taichi gets an edge and has Ishii hobbling. He whips Ishii but Ishii reverses to hit a BIG corner clothesline! Ishii drags Taichi up and hoists him to the top rope. Ishii climbs up to join Taichi, and fans fire up as Taichi resists. But Ishii still gets Taichi up for a stalling SUPERPLEX! Cover, TWO!! Taichi survives but Ishii is just fired up more. Ishii waits for Taichi to stand, and Taichi slowly rises. Ishii runs, but the lariat is blocked. Ishii dodges ax bomber to hit a back suplex of his own! But Taichi stands right up! Only to get an ax bomber from Ishii! Ishii drags Taichi back up and runs, Sliding Lariat! Cover, TWO!!

Ishii won’t stop, he drags Taichi back up. Suplex, but Taichi slips out to boot. Taichi throws Ishii into buckles then enziguris him in the back! Both men are down again but fans still rally and duel. Taichi sits up first while Ishii writhes. Taichi stands up first, but Ishii follows. Ishii blocks a clothesline with a clothesline, but Taichi dodges the enziguri! Taichi hits the buzzsaw! Taichi catches his breath before preparing his arm. Ishii stands and gets another ax bomber! Cover, TWO!! Ishii still lives but Taichi wants to end this. Taichi powerbomb lifts but Ishii back drops out! Ishii runs into a roundhouse, ax bomber to the back! Another enziguri! And now Taichi has Ishii, LAST RIDE! Cover, TWO!? Ishii survives and the fans are thunderous!

Both men hear the fans dueling again as they stir. Taichi is up and rips off the pants! He powers up and aims at Ishii. Ishii dodges but runs into an Alabama lift, only to fight out of Black Mephisto! Ishii lifts Taichi but Taichi slips out. Taichi’s kick is blocked by a clothesline! Ishii backs up to run in, but into a boot! He comes around from the left, but Taichi tanks the lariat! To ROCK Ishii with that right! Taichi tries another ax bomber, Ishii doesn’t budge! Ishii headbutts Taichi down! Ishii fires up as fans are thunderous again! Taichi slowly stands, Ishii runs, HUGE LARIAT! Cover, TWO!?! Taichi shocks Ishii now! But Ishii roars again as fans hit a fever pitch. Ishii suplexes, but Taichi fights out. Ishii spins Taichi around for another try but Taichi slips out to hook kick, then mule kick! ROUNDHOUSE! SAIDO!

Ishii staggers to his feet, ENZIGURI from Taichi! But he’s up again?! Taichi gives Ishii another saido! Cover, TWO!?! Is Ishii made of stone or steel?! Taichi still has one thing left to try. He aims from a corner, but Ishii blocks the superkick to give an enziguri! Taichi shakes it off, SUPERKICK! Alabama, BLACK MEPHISTO!! Cover, Taichi wins!!

Winner: Taichi, by pinfall

Miho Abe is so proud of him! Taichi not only gets one last win in the G1, but he just pinned the NEVER Openweight Champion, without cheating once! Can this Taichi be the one that shines brightest of all?


Jon Moxley VS Juice Robinson!

The first time these two met, it was for the IWGP United States Championship, and the Flamboyant One would lose the gold to the Death Rider. This is a non-title rematch, but perhaps Juice can be just like Taichi and secure a future title match with one more win in the G1. Or will Mox cross Juice off the list while keeping his G1 hopes alive?

The bell rings and fans are dueling already. Moxley and Juice circle and feel it out. Moxley wants Juice’s bad leg and Juice knows it. Juice stays out of Moxley’s grip but Moxley offers him a free shot. Juice takes it with a left forearm, but Moxley comes back with his right. They go back and forth already, but Moxley headbutts first. Moxley whips but Juice reverses to then hit a corner clothesline. But Moxely gets forehead to forehead with him! The brawling of forearms continues and picks up speed. Juice headbutts now, and whips, but Moxley reverses to hit his own clothesline. And Juice also gets forehead to forehead! Juice knees lows then suplexes, but Moxley fights that off. Moxley suplexes but Juice slips out, only for his leg to jam!

Moxley has Juice in the corner and grinds his forearms in, to then kick the bad leg! Moxley puts the leg on the ropes to attack more, running corner to corner to dropkick the knee! Juice hobbles away but Moxley stalks him to a new corner. Moxley puts the leg on the ropes to drop a knee on the knee! Juice rolls and writhes while fans cheer Moxley’s aggression. Moxley drops an elbow on Juice’s knee and wrenches on the leg. Juice endures the toehold as Moxley cranks and grinds. Juice headbutts but Moxley rams a knee into the leg. Moxley stalks Juice to kick the leg out! Moxley hooks the leg for a snapping deathlock! And another! Juice endures but Moxley gets up, winds it up, and flips the dirty birds before hitting a third! Juice gets the ropes and Moxley finally lets him go.

Moxley waits for Juice to stand, and Juice CHOPS back! Moxley CHOPS Juice, then kicks him down. Fans rally as Moxley grabs the leg to stomp Juice’s stomach. Moxley drops an elbow then covers, ONE! But Moxley has the legs for a Figure Four! Juice endures as fans rally up. Moxley and Juice sit up in the hold and start throwing SLAPS! Juice works to turn the hold over, and gets it! Moxley endures the hold now, but gets a ropebreak. The referee helps them come apart, and the two men stand. Juice elbows then fireman’s carries, but Moxley dodges Juice Box into a Cloverleaf! Juice is enduring all over again, but just misses the ropebreak by a fingertip! Moxley leans on the hold but Juice powers up! Juice turns it over and BITES Moxley’s ear! Moxely staggers off, and Juice reveals he took the earring! And he throws it to the crowd!

Juice glares at Moxley, as if to say they’re even now. Moxley runs and the two collide with clotheslines! And again! Juice dodges the third time to flapjack Moxley, then lariat him back down! Moxley gets to a corner but Juice is on him with hammering hands! Red Shoes gets Juice to let off, but he comes back with a BIG corner clothesline! Fans cheer as Juice goes corner to corner, CANNONBALL! But Juice doesn’t cover, he heads up top! Moxley stands as Juice reaches the top rope. Juice leaps for a big crossbody, but Moxley rolls through! Moxley wants the Figure Four again but Juice shoves him off. Moxley ends up outside, and Juice goes to follow, but he gets a chop block on the apron! Moxley tells cameramen to move as he goes around the corner. Moxley finds a TABLE under the ring! Juice slingshots to take Moxley down first!

Juice clutches his knee, but he eyes the table Moxley brought out. Juice brings Moxley up and whips him to the railing! Then he goes back to that table. Red Shoes reprimands Juice not to do anything with it, so Juice puts it back under the ring. Big thumbs up and cheers, but Moxley yanks Juice into the railing! Moxley gets in the ring to refresh the count, and then puts Juice in, to sling that bad leg into the post! And again! Moxley looks to Figure Four on the post, but thinks better of it. He swings the leg into the post a third time for good measure, though. Moxley goes back under the ring to bring out a chair! He brings that around, but Juice moves in time! Moxley SMACKS post and loses the chair. He grabs Juice’s legs, but Juice uses that to yank Mox into the post!

Juice stands up on the apron, for another CANNONBALL! Juice grabs the chair Moxley found, and sets it by commentary. Juice keeps clean as he puts Moxley in. Fans rally up as Juice climbs up. Juice leaps, BIG crossbody hits! But he bounces off and has to crawl back for a cover, TWO! Juice grits his teeth and clutches his knee, but he pumps up. Moxley throws a forearm, but Juice jabs. Moxley throws haymakers of his own, and fans start chanting “MOX!” It’s “JUICE!” against “MOX!” with every punch thrown! Juice gets the edge and staggers Mox, but Mox kicks the bad leg. Juice still comes back with a left lariat, but Moxley just tanks it! Moxley spins for a forearm, but Juice just powers up! Only to swing into another lariat! Moxley has the fans fired up as he drags Juice back up. Underhook, lift, but Juice fights it off.

Juice full nelsons, but Moxley breaks free. Juice has the chicken wings and spins Moxley around, but Moxley slips out to trip Juice to a heel hook! Moxley twists the leg as hard as he can but Juice refuses to quit! Fans rally and Juice drags himself over, but Moxley lets up to drag him away. Moxley hooks the leg in another deathlock, but he just hammers away on Juice’s head first! Then the crossface, for the STF!! Juice is turning red but fans are rallying as hard as ever! Juice is fading and Red Shoes checks on him. Red Shoes raises the hand, it drops once. Twice. But Juice comes to life on the third time! Moxley thinks he’s won, but Juice’s hand is gripping Red Shoes’ leg! Moxley argues with Red Shoes, but Red Shoes saw Juice survive. Moxley vows to end this, running Regal Knee! And then, suplex, X-PLEX!

Moxley wants Red Shoes to call Juice out now, but Red Shoes refuses. So Moxley flips Red Shoes off, too. Moxley goes looking for things, and brings in more chairs! Red Shoes hurries to get them out, but Moxley is throwing more things, like buckets and a camera and of course a table! Moxley gets in but Red Shoes warns him. Juice comes to life and rolls Moxley up! TWO!! Moxley ducks a Left Hand of God but not the RIGHT hand! Juice wants to finish it, but Moxley BITES him again!! Juice hits a right AND a left! And then another left! Chicken wings, PULP FRICTION! Cover, Juice wins!!

Winner: Juice Robinson, by pinfall

Revenge is sweet for Juice in the G1! He ruins Moxley’s run and has a way back to the IWGP United States Championship! What will the third time around for these two be like?!


Shingo Takagi VS Hirooki Goto!

With the Death Rider out of the running, the door might be open for the Fierce Warrior to get back to the G1 Finals! But can he do it against LIJ’s impressive Muscle Dragon?

The bell rings and fans are already fired up for this showdown. Shingo and Goto tie up and Goto pushes Shingo back. Red Shoes calls for the break and Goto honors it. Shingo comes back fast and now he has Goto on the ropes. Shingo also honors the break, only to CHOP Goto back! Goto headlocks Shingo but Shingo powers out. These two collide with shoulders but neither falls! Goto dares Shingo to go, so Shingo does. They collide again and still neither falls. Now they start throwing forearms, but neither man backs down. They are fast and furious already, and Goto gets an edge. Goto runs but Shingo dodges only for Goto to dodge. Goto bumps Shingo with a shoulder but Shingo rebounds to run Goto over! Fans cheer the younger Dragon finally having the veteran down.

Shingo drops elbows on Goto over and over, and a back senton! Cover, ONE, but Shingo has Goto in a rear bearhug. Fans rally and duel as Goto gets up. Goto gets to the ropes but Shingo throws in knees. Shingo whips and follows to knee Goto, then suplexes him high and hard! Goto winces but Shingo covers, ONE. Shingo keeps his cool and goes after Goto for a seated stretch. Shingo rams in elbows to bring Goto down. Goto gets up but Shingo starts toying with him. Shingo eggs Goto on and Goto blocks a kick only to get a forearm. But Goto deflects a boot to lariat Shingo down! Shingo bails out of the ring, and Goto catches his breath. Shingo takes his time returning despite Goto’s goading. Goto backs off and Shingo get sin, only for Goto to be right on him with stomps!

Goto hammers Shingo in the corner, then whips corner to corner. Shingo reverses and runs in, but Goto catches him to put him up top right away! Goto drags Shingo out, draping neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Goto stomps Shingo while fans rally and duel again. Shingo holds the ropes but Goto just stomps him more. Goto clubs Shingo then snapmares for a swift kick! Cover, ONE, but Goto goes at Shingo with a chinlock. Shingo endures as Goto digs his knee into the back and drives an elbow into his face. Goto headscissor holds Shingo down but Shingo endures, even as Goto pushes up to squeeze tighter. Goto hammers Shingo’s chest, but Shingo uses long legs for a ropebreak. Goto lets up only to club and whip Shingo corner to corner. Goto hits a corner clothesline, but Shingo eggs him on, so Goto quickly clotheslines him again!

Fans rally as Goto brings Shingo up. Shingo breaks free but his bad shoulders slow him down. They start throwing forearms and CHOPS nonetheless, and Shingo puts some stank on the chops. Goto comes back with forearms, only to get a two hand CHOP! Shingo runs, Goto follows but Shingo intercepts the clothesline, to then SAIDO! Both men are down but fans rally up again. Shingo gets up first and drags Goto up again. Goto resists the bomb lift and back drops Shingo instead! Goto runs, but into a back elbow. JAB, LEFT LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Shingo keeps his focus as fans are dueling again. The chants for Shingo are pretty louder as he goes to lift Goto in the Gory underhooks. Goto resists, so Shingo spins him around, only for Goto to suplex Shingo! Both men are down again but head for opposite ends.

Goto runs in at Shingo for the wheel kick! Then gives Shingo his own saido! Cover, TWO! Goto drags Shingo back up and fireman’s carries but Shingo slips out. Goto fights off Shingo’s waistlock, but gets a rabbit lariat. Shingo runs but into a sleeper hold! Goto squeezes Shingo but Shingo backs him into buckles. Goto holds on but Shingo manages to arm-drag Goto off. Only to run back into the hold! Shingo starts fading but pumps himself back up. He backpack sentons Goto! Shingo gasps for air while Goto writhes. Shingo drags Goto up for the Sliding Lariat! Then the underhooks, NOSHIGAMI! Cover, TWO!! Goto still lives but Shingo has the fans on his side. Shingo drags Goto up and pump handles, but Goto resists. Goto elbows out, but gets a lariat! And another!

Shingo runs, but Goto follows to clothesline back! Shingo stays on his feet! Goto runs, but into a point-blank Pumping Bomber against the ropes! Shingo runs but Goto comes back and they both clothesline! Goto hits another clothesline outta nowhere! Then drags Shingo up, fireman’s carry, USHIGOROSHI! Cover, TWO!! Shingo survives but Goto grits his teeth! Goto drags Shingo up and kicks away on the chest. Then he brings Shingo up for an even bigger kick! Cover, TWO! Goto keeps going, dragon sleeper, but Shingo fights back. Shingo forearms then headbutts! It staggers both men, but Shingo runs into another fireman’s carry! Shigno slips out, pump handles, MADE! IN! JAPAN! Cover, TWO!?! Goto survives and the fans are back at that fever pitch!

Shingo runs in corner to corner for a BIG clothesline, then runs for PUMPING BOMBER! Cover, TWO!! Goto survives again and Shingo is starting to wonder what he has to do. But Shingo fires up, pump handles and torture racks, but Goto slips out! Goto has the dragon sleeper, but Shingo slips around to suplex! Goto resists and suplexes but Shingo fights out. Goto breaks free only to get a JAB! Shingo throws elbows from both sides over and over! Then Shingo swings, into Goto’s headbutt! Goto grits his teeth, brings Shingo around, Inverse GTR! Goto brings Shingo up and powers up, only to get another PUMPING BOMBER! Both men are down and fans reach that level beyond fever pitch! Shingo rises first and runs, only for Goto to dodge. Both men come back, only for PUMPING BOMBER to win out!! Cover, TWO!?!

Shingo is at a loss for words! He drags Goto up and pump handles again. Torture rack, LAST OF THE DRAGONS! Cover, Shingo wins!!

Winner: Shingo Takagi, by pinfall

The Last of the Dragons falls, and so does another contender! Goto won’t return to the G1 Climax Finals now, and Shingo has one of the biggest wins in his NJPW career! But now, the main event MUST have a winner!!


Jay White VS Tetsuya Naito!

The Switchblade wants to revive the Cutthroat Era. The IWGP Intercontinental Champion wants to realize his dual reign destiny. What movement takes that next step forward?

As always, Naito takes his time with his elaborate entrance attire. White himself knows how to play mind games so he isn’t annoyed by Naito’s. Naito finishes preparing and the bell rings. Fans are on Naito’s side not just because they hate the Switchblade. White plays his usual games and bails out of the ring. But just as White wasn’t bothered by Naito’s games, Naito isn’t bothered by White’s. White returns slowly and Naito gives him space. But then White just bails out again, and fans boo. Naito runs over, but he fakes White out to Tranquilo~! White runs back in but now Naito bails out to give White a taste of his own trolling. White applauds that, and lets Naito have his space. Naito rolls in but just rolls right back out. Now White gets annoyed and gives chase. Gedo comes by but Naito dodges and shoves him into White! Naito hits White then whips White into railing!

Naito comes by and mocks White’s pain before stomping him. Naito throws White into the apron then elbows him back. White staggers to railing but Naito bumps him off the apron again. Naito elbows White again and White staggers back into railing. Naito just keeps clubbing White before putting him back in the ring. Fans cheer that the action is finally in the ring. Naito stomps White then grinds him into the ropes. He whips but White holds ropes to bail out. Naito kicks him between the ropes, then rakes eyes. Red Shoes reprimands Naito but Naito kicks and forearms White into the corner. White wants a timeout but Naito whips him corner to corner. Naito runs in, but misses the kick to get a CHOP! And another! White grinds his forearms into Naito’s face before a third CHOP!

White throws knees and runs, but into Naito’s atomic drop! Then Naito gets White with the jump kick, but White throws Naito down on the apron by his hair! No combinacio cabron there as Naito slumps to the floor. White whips Naito into railing HARD! White drags Naito up to whip him the other way! White leaves Naito behind to mock the LIJ poses. Fans boo but White smirks as he fetches Naito into the ring. White watches Naito crawl while mocking Tranquilo. White hits a back elbow in the corner, then a DDT! Cover, TWO! Fans rally for Naito while White grows frustrated. White drags Naito back out to ram him into railing! Then the apron edge! Then the railing again! And then the apron! White continues to mock LIJ while Naito writhes.

Red Shoes reprimands White and there is no ring count. White puts Naito in to cover, but Red Shoes won’t until there’s been sufficient time after those questionable tactics. White puts Naito in a chinlock and drives his knee in. Naito endures and fans rally up. Naito reaches with his legs as White pulls back on the neck. Naito gets to his feet and fights free, only for White to throw him down again. White toys with Naito now, but Naito throws body shots! White CHOPS Naito again, then runs, but Naito kicks. Naito turns but into a forearm! White runs but into the shotgun boot! Both men are down but fans rally up. White and Naito stand and Naito fires off strikes. Naito whips but White reverses. Naito holds the ropes and boots White back, to then huricanrana him down! White ends up on ropes but Naito elbows him down to dropkick him in the back!

Fans rally again as Naito drags White up. Naito whips White corner to corner, COMBINACION CABRON! Naito does the LIJ pose proper now. He shakes out the cobwebs, too, and goes back to White. Naito stands White up, spins him around, backbreaker to neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Naito keeps his cool as he stomps White. Naito cranks White’s neck in a mounted cravat. White fights his way up but Naito snapmares him down for a modified leg-based full nelson. Naito starts slapping White around but that only angers White. White tries to push to a cover but Naito slaps him around more. White reaches and kicks his way over for a ropebreak. Naito holds on until Red Shoes counts, which irritates White more. The two are separated but Naito waistlocks. White fights him off, only for Naito to club him down.

Naito waistlocks but White standing switches only to get an elbow. Naito spins White but White spins out to hit a complete shot! Then deadlift German Suplex! White drags Naito up again, but Naito resists the neckbreaker. White CHOPS Naito again, but Naito resists the urenage. Naito elbows away on White, but White fires off a strike fest, only to get an enziguri! Naito whips, White reverses, Naito leaps, but INTO the urenage! White fires himself up and drags Naito up for a fisherman. But Naito wriggles out of the Kiwi Krusher to hit a DDT! Both men are down and fans rally up again. Naito sits up first but White follows. Naito shakes out more cobwebs before dragging White up. Hammerlock, but White clubs Naito. Naito clubs back, then tries again. White pulls hair to resist Gloria, and then yanks Red Shoes into Naito!

Fans boo because Gedo has brass knuckles! Naito blocks the sucker punch to LOW BLOW Gedo! Naito blocks White’s low blow, spits on White then whips! But White reverses only to get the flying forearms! Naito keeps on White, GLORIA! Cover, TWO!! White lives but Naito says Tranquilo! Naito drags White up and wrenches, only for White to elbow Destino away. Naito hits a rolling heel kick, then tornado DDT with the ropes! Naito drags White up again, wrenches, but White shoves Naito at Red Shoes. Red Shoes gets clear, but White plays dead. White’s new tactic only gets him stomped by Naito. Naito drags White up by his hair, but White hits the SAIDO! White grins as he drags Naito back up. White throws Naito with another saido suplex! But now he fisherman’s, KIWI KRUSHER! Cover, TWO!!

Fans cheer but White is furious. He drags Naito up and slashes the throat. He has Naito in position, but Naito slips out to REVERSE RANA! Naito didn’t get all of it, but he tilt-o-whirls to DESTINO! Cover, TWO!? Naito is shocked that White survives! But fans are rallying, so Naito tires again, but White slips out of Destino for a Sleeper Hold Suplex! White drags Naito around and brings him up, BLADE- NO! DEST- No, no Destino! But Naito escapes Blade Runner again for a full nelson! White fights out, reels Naito in but Naito slips out again to suplex. White slips out, sleeper hold but Naito pops out, tilt-o-whirl, into another SLEEPER SUPLEX! White brings Naito up once again, BRAIN BUSTER! And then BLADE RUNNER!! Cover, White wins!!

Winner: Jay White, by pinfall; advances to the G1 Climax 29 Finals

Gedo brags right in Rocky Romero’s face, because he knew all along The Switchblade would pull it off! White mocks LIJ as he stands over Naito. Will White and Gedo be smiling after facing the Golden Star?


NJPW returns as Jay White takes the mic.

“Hey, Naito! Tranquilo!” Fans boo White as he laughs and says to “get that piece of sh*t out of here!” White notices fans already getting up out of their seats and mockingly asks where they’re going. “Did your hero fail you again?” White said he told us all that this was HIS G1! It still is! White told them all to believe what he says, and to Breath with The Switchblade. And now White is in the FINALS! White talks with Gedo and Gedo lets White have the ring alone. White calls out Ibushi! Fans want to see Ibushi, too, and so Ibushi appears! White wants Ibushi to be in the ring with him. Ibushi obliges, and White promises this is just a chat. The G1 Finals, Golden Star VS Switchblade, 1v1, NO GEDO. That surprises everyone, but White wants to prove he is worthy.

White offers a handshake, and Ibushi takes it. But Ibushi sees the cheap shot coming and almost gets White back! White laughs but Ibushi knows what to expect. But then Gedo gets Ibushi at the apron and White chop blocks the bad ankle! White rains down fists and stomps and dragon screws the leg! Gedo keeps Young Lions from getting in to help, and even throws in a chair! White takes the chairs, and puts one around the ankle! White takes the other chair to SMACK away on the trapped ankle!! Fans boo as hard as ever, but it doesn’t matter because the damage is done! “Ibushi, tomorrow at G1 Finals, you will breathe with the Switchblade!” Has White just ensured his victory?


NJPW Media backstage interview

Jay White grins as he says, “I’ll show you! I’m not just the best. I’m the best because I’m the smartest. Naito, tranquilo, buddy.” Everyone thought they could stop White, but White stopped destiny. As for White’s destiny, that is Ibushi! White has been counting down the days, and he’ll defeat someone even more popular than Naito. IT will be that much more enjoyable! What he did to Ibushi’s leg is just a sample. White doesn’t expect this to last even 10 minutes. He’ll make Ibushi infamous for the biggest embarrassment in G1 history! Is the Cutthroat Era’s return inevitable?



My Thoughts:

A really good two hours from NJPW and AXS again, but a lot harder to avoid spoilers since AXS waited all week for this one. But that aside, it was all still great stuff to set up THE G1 Climax Finals, which AXS will also have next Saturday. Yano VS Cobb was fast and fun, and of course Cobb wins to finish strong. We got some interesting parallels as Taichi and Robinson, and even White in the grand scheme of things, pin a current champion. This sets up a lot of stuff for following events, such as another Ishii VS Taichi for the NEVER Openweight and another Moxley VS Robinson for the United States Championship. Those will be a lot of fun since they’ll surely escalate from the incredible matches we got tonight. Takagi really does get one of the biggest wins of his NJPW career beating Goto, who himself is a multi-time Openweight Champion. This is a great preview of NJPW’s new generation that’s ready to step up in the next few years.

White VS Naito was really good given they each tried mind games, but also knew each other’s moves so well as to escape and counter and escape again like that. I suppose the expectation of Ibushi VS Naito III for the G1 Finals was reason enough to surprise us with White winning. At the same time, I’m reminded of hearing all of White’s booking is a substitute for Kenny Omega’s booking if he was still in NJPW right now and not part of AEW. I could definitely see this story told differently with Omega in there, beating Naito to then get his match with Ibushi while also possibly getting back to Okada. But now that it’s White, it really works to give someone just to hate as Ibushi goes back to back in the finals.

White saying “No Gedo” should’ve been a bad sign right away, and he gets great Heel points, but is this perhaps too much for Ibushi to believably overcome? Granted, WWE did just have Seth Rollins beat Brock Lesnar with wrecked ribs, but usually NJPW isn’t the kind to need a suspension of disbelief. Since this is all delayed by days, I of course know the results by internet spoilers, but I suppose there is still a way to make this match incredible partially because of the bad ankle being a spot of focus.

My Score: 9.3/10

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