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Mitchell’s NXT TakeOver: Toronto Results & Report! (8/10/19)

WWE begins its weekend with a takeover!



NXT TakeOver Toronto 2019

NXT takes over Toronto!

To settle the score between Johnny Wrestling and Adam Cole BAYBAY, they will put each other through Three Stages of Hell! Will things be settled in the standard wrestling match and Street Fight? Or will William Regal’s mystery third fall be revealed?!



  • NXT Tag Team Championships: The Street Profits VS The Undisputed Era; The Street Profits win and retain the NXT Tag Team Championships.
  • Io Shirai VS Candice LeRae; Shirai wins.
  • NXT North American Championship Triple Threat: Velveteen Dream VS Roderick Strong VS Pete Dunne; Dream wins and retains the NXT North American Championship.
  • NXT Women’s Championship: Shayna Baszler VS Mia Yim; Baszler wins and retains the NXT Women’s Championship.
  • NXT Championship Three Stages of Hell, standard match: Adam Cole VS Johnny Gargano; Cole wins the first fall, by disqualification.
  • NXT Championship Three Stages of Hell, Street Fight: Adam Cole VS Johnny Gargano; Gargano wins the second fall.
  • NXT Championship Three Stages of Hell, Asylum Steel Cage: Adam Cole VS Johnny Gargano; Cole wins the final fall, and retains the NXT Championship.


It’s the TakeOver Kickoff Show!

Join Charly Caruso, Sam Roberts and Pat McAfee as they recap and predict all the action tonight in Toronto!


NXT Media talks with The Undisputed Era.

Cole VS Gargano III is just another chance for Cole to put his stamp on the title, and prove Gargano is just a lesser Adam Cole. At the end of tonight, the Undisputed WILL stand atop the mountain as THE champions, #DrapedInGold 2019! Cole is Undisputed, Unrelenting, and Unstoppable. But will Gargano find a way to shock Cole’s system by the end of their 2 out of 3 Falls rematch?


NXT Media catches up with Johnny Gargano.

“2016, DIY VS The Revival, 2 out of 3 Falls, 2016 Match of the Year!” Gargano won in Toronto, in such a match, and he’ll use tonight’s match to beat the hell out of Cole! William Regal may have a surprise third fall, but it won’t be needed. Tonight, Gargano cements his legacy, goes to war and goes through hell to once again become THE NXT Champion!Will it happen? Or is Cole’s prophecy truly Undisputed?


NXT GM William Regal speaks.

“Adam Cole and Johnny Gargano are hell bent on annihilating each other”. And if they need to go to the third fall, he could explain his plans, but Regal wants us to see it. It will be… a steel cage with barbed wire and an arsenal of weapons?! What kind of carnage will be unleashed should this third and final fall be needed!?


Toronto, the takeover begins… NOW!

Evil Genius settles a grudge with a former friend. Champions fight to fend off a prophecy. And only ONE man will survive Three Stages of Hell to come out with the gold. Toronto, tonight will either be Undisputed, or Unsainted!!


NXT Tag Team Championships: The Street Profits VS The Undisputed Era!

Toronto knows something about tag team classics, and we might be in store for another! Can Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins deny the prophecy right off the bat? Or will Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish bring it one step closer to reality?

The Profits rep the Raptors as the introductions are made. The belts are raised and the teams sort out, and we begin with Dawkins and O’Reilly. They circle and fans duel already. Dawkins and O’Reilly tie up, break, tie up again, and Kyle kicks. Dawkins powers Kyle to a corner and shouts, “You think I’m a joke?!” Dawkins then calms down to pat Kyle on the head. Kyle SLAPS Dawkins and that angers him! The ref pulls Dawkins off Kyle and the two go again. Dawkins catches a kick then dumps Kyle down with a slam! Dawkins floats all over O’Reilly, then slams him again. Kyle scrambles and reaches, but slips down to trip Dawkins up. Dawkins shoves him away to run him over. Kyle kicks back then brings Dawkins over to tag in Fish.

Fish throws hands then whips, but Dawkins hurdles him to run him over! Dawkins tags Ford and whips Fish for Ford to dropkick him! Ford mocks the Undisputed hand signs, then snapmares Fish to a cover. ONE, but Ford just barks at Fish. Tag to Dawkins and the Profits work on Fish’s arm with a wrench and ax handles. Dawkins wrenches Fish then trades forearms. Ford tags in and gives another ax handle to the arm. Ford wrenches but Fish throws more forearms. Ford ROCKS Fish with a right but Fish comes back with knees and body shots. Fish kicks a leg out then throws Ford out. Tag to Kyle and Ford gets in to throw hands. Kyle gets Ford from behind then throws more knees. Fans duel as Ford takes shots in the corner.

Kyle whips Ford but Ford reverses. Ford stays away from Kyle as he goes up and over, and then the two trade kicks only to evade them. Kyle avoids the standing moonsault but not the arm-drag! Fish runs into an arm-drag, then Kyle gets a dropkick! Fans fire up with Ford as he tags Dawkins in. The Profits make Kyle a bridge, for a leap frog attack! Fish runs in again but he gets a double flapjack! Kyle hotshots Dawkins but Ford goes over to the apron. Kyle dodges and Fish sweeps the legs! Ford goes down hard and now Kyle goes after Dawkins. Dawkins throws big foraerms then whips. Kyle holds ropes and leads Dawkins on a chase. Tag to Fish but Dawkins uppercuts Kyle! Dawkins scoops Fish for a hotshot, then cyclone clotheslines Kyle in the corner. Fish elbows Dawkins down! Fish mugs Dawkins in the Undisputed corner, then runs in for a big knee.

Kyle tags in and Fish holds Dawkins for Kyle’s forearm smash. Kyle kicks and strikes and sweeps Dawkins down! Toronto cheers the Canadian as he covers, TWO! Kyle keeps on Dawkins with big elbows and knees from all sides. Kyle runs to slide a knee in, and Dawkins is gasping for air. Fans return to dueling as Fish tags in. Kyle keeps Dawkins down for Fish’s senton atomico! Cover, TWO! Fish brings Dawkins up and around for a snap suplex and cover, TWO! Fish drags Dawkins back over but Dawkins fights back. But Fish gives him a Samoan Drop for it! Tag to Kyle and Fish has a leg. Kyle stomps Dawkins then grounds ‘n’ pounds from all sides! Fans fire up with Kyle’s aggression while he taunts Ford. Kyle facelocks and grinds Dawkins down but fans rally up. Dawkins fights to his feet and towards his corner. Kyle throws big forearms but Dawkins gives them back! Dawkins gets the edge but Kyle kicks him down!

Tag to Fish and Fish swings on Ford. Ford gets clear, Dawkins back drops Fish! Tag to Ford! Ford rallies with fire on Fish! Fish reverses a whip, but Ford hurdles him to come back with a leaping lariat! Kyle runs in but gets a SUPERKICK! Fish has Ford in a suplex but Ford slips out to give it back! Ford handsprings to a standing moonsault! Cover, TWO! Fish staggers up but Ford dodges for a SPINEBUSTER! Fans fire up again as Ford decides to reference the People’s Champion! Ford runs side to side, but Kyle disrupts that! Ford dumps Fish out onto Kyle! Then Ford gets that Penalty Kick on Kyle! Ford goes back to Fish, ROCK BOTTOM! Cover, TWO!! Borrowing the Great One’s move is not enough, Ford drags Fish over. Kyle gets in and boots Dawkins! Ford rocks Kyle but Fish chop blocks Ford!

Fish tags Kyle, and now reDRagon has Ford, draping butterfly DDT to boosted wheelbarrow suplex! Cover, TWO! Kyle is furious as Ford survives! “This is Awesome!” and it’s just the beginning of the night! Kyle puts Ford up top and wrenches the foot! Ford fights but Fish tags in. Fish throws body shots and then gets in to adjust Ford’s position. Fish climbs but Ford resists the superplex. Ford throws hands, but Fish gives them back. Ford SLAPS Fish down off the top! But Kyle anchors Ford long enough for Fish to sweep the legs! Fish climbs up and Kyle tags back in. Fish has Ford way up, SUPER EXPLODER! Kyle leaps with SUPER KNEE DROP! Achilles Heel Hook!! Ford flails and endures, crawls and reaches, but Kyle just wriggles and wrenches that leg! Fish drops a headbutt outta nowhere! And Kyle just puts the pressure on more! But Dawkins returns and barrels through Fish to slam him onto Kyle!! Fans are giving a standing ovation!

All four men stir and regroup. Ford crawls but Kyle gets a leg. Fans rally up as Ford glares. Ford kicks free, hot tag to Dawkins! Dawkins shoves Kyle into Fish, then hits Fish with the cyclone! Bulldog! Kyle knees low and Ax, but Dawkins gives him the Smash! Kyle rebounds, but into a T-Bone Suplex! Fans fire up as Dawkins does! Dawkins runs, but into a knee! Ford tags in as Kyle gets Dawkins in a guillotine. Ford gives Kyle a BLOCKBUSTER! Cover, but Fish breaks it! All four men are down again and Toronto is still at that fever pitch! The teams regroup again and slowly stand on wobbly legs. The Undisputed Era punch, but the Profits return it. Undisputed, Profits, repeat! The brawls get fast and furious! Ford rocks Fish, Kyle rocks Ford, Dawkins gets caught, but Ford hits Fish! Kyle knees Dawkins, and now it’s just him and Ford again!

Ford throws hands but Kyle gives a discus elbow. Kyle whips but Ford reverses and sends him into Fish! SUPERKICK sends Kyle out, and Ford FLIES! He wipes them both out! Ford puts Kyle in as Dawkins gets Fish. Dawkins SPEARS Kyle! Then SPEARS Fish! Ford climbs, WORLD STAR FROG SPLASH! Cover, The Profits win!!

Winners: The Street Profits, by pinfall; still NXT Tag Team Champions

The Prophecy is already denied for the night! Will the Undisputed Era be able to come back around before the year is over?


Io Shirai VS Candice LeRae!

The Evil Genius had such bright dreams coming into NXT. But after dealing with the Queen of Spades, that light faded. Now she is dark and ruthless, and wants to start her way back by getting rid of someone who she sees as only in her way. Will Shirai’s new outlook be what she needs to get where she wants to be? Or will Mrs. Wrestling shed some light on Genius of the Sky?

Candie goes right at Shirai before the bell! The referee tries to keep the peace, then the bell finally rings. Shirai bails out but Candice slides and wrecks her with a dropkick! She puts Shirao back in but Shirai hits her with a forearm. Shirai leaps out but Candice denies the sunset flip bomb! So Shirai just trips her up! Shirai brings Candice over to suplex onto the announce desk!! Toronto is shocked at Shirai’s viciousness! Candice flops off the table as Shirai goes to the ring. The ring count begins but Candice crawls over very slowly. The count hits 5, but Candice keeps trying. Candice stands at 8 and hurries in at 9.5! But Shirai dropkicks Candice right down, then rains rights. Fans boo Shirai’s lack of mercy, but Shirai doesn’t care what fans think.

Shirai whips Candice and hits a flapjack! Then she goes sideways for another dropkick! She sits on Candice for a cover, TWO! Fans duel as Shirai pulls Candice back in a chinlock. Shirai digs a knee into Candice’s back but Candice fights her way up. Candice powers Shirai into buckles then again. She snampares Shirai out, then tilt-o-whirls for headscissors. But Shirai handsprings through! Shirai dropkicks Candice again! Shirai stomps Candice into a modified camel clutch. The chinbar twists Candice’s head around, but Candice fights her way up. Candice pops free but Shirai kicks and Alabama lifts. Shirai has Candice’s head, for a running Air Raid Crash! Cover, TWO! Candice survives but Shirai keeps her cool. Shirai stomps Candice then drags her up into underhooks. Candice drops down to block the lift, then back drops Shirai up and over!

Shirai runs in at the corner but Candice puts her on the apron. Shirai hits back and hotshots Candice down. Shirai climbs and aims, missile dropkick misses as Candice dodges! Candice gets up as fans rally. Candice throws forearms and CHOPS on Shirai! She backs Shirai down to a corner and fires off! The ref counts and Candice lets up at 4. Candice runs in for a back elbow, then she suplexes Shirai to a brain buster! Cover, TWO! Candice keeps her cool and brings Shirai back up. Shirai shoves then scoops Candice, but Candice tilt-o-whirls into the Iron Octopus! Candice twists Shirai around, and uses her free leg to knee Shirai in the head! But Shirai powers through to a ropebreak! Candice lets go of Shirai and gets space. Candice runs in but is put on the ropes! Shirai dials it up, Tiger Feint CAUGHT! Into a hanging neckbreaker! Candice covers, TWO!

Shirai gets to a corner but Candice is on her. Candice puts Shirai up top and CHOPS her. Candice climbs up to join Shirai but Shirai dropkicks Candice out! Shirai runs to 619 Candice in the back of the head! Candice is dazed but Shirai isn’t done with her. Shirai drags Candice up, suplexes her, but Candice slips into the ring to shove Shirai down. Candice DIVES for a Tornado DDT!! Candice puts Shirai in then climbs up again, dumdum stomps! Cover, TWO!! Shirai survives and Candice can’t believe it! Candice drags Shirai up but Shirai pulls hair! Candice swings but into a CROSSFACE! Shirai pulls back on that bad neck, but Candice rolls it to a cover, TWO! BOOT from Shirai to Candice! Shirai runs, but into a forearm! Candice runs, but into a forearm smash! Shirai baits Candice into a German Suplex! But Candice sits up, and side steps Shirai to give her a German back!

Fans fire up as Candice springboards, but into a waistlock! And another German! Bridge, TWO!! Shirai is too tired to be shocked, but Toronto rallies up. Fans duel as Shirai hits a METEORA in the corner! Then she steps on Candice as she climbs up. But Candice is up to climb, SUPER GERMAN but Shirai lands on her feet!! But then Candice baits her into buckles! Candice climbs but Shirai yanks her down! Shirai fireman’s carries, pops up, REVERSE RANA from Candice! Cover, TWO!? Shirai flounders but Candice puts her on the top rope. Candice climbs up as fans cheer for “NXT! NXT!” LeRae’s Wild Ride!! Cover, TWO?! Shirai survives again and fans know “This is Awesome!” The referee checks on both women but they’re okay to continue.

Candice sits up first and heads back up. Shirai SHORYUKENS her first! Shirai climbs up and has Candice, SUPER SPANISH FLY!! Cover, TWO!?! Candice is as superhuman as her husband, Johnny Wrestling! And Shirai can’t believe it! “Mamma Mia!” Shirai slaps Candice, but Candice slaps back! Cradle, TWO! Backslide, but Shirai slips through, underhooks, to TIGER BACKBREAKER! Shirai puts Candice in the drop zone, jumps up, and ASAI MOONSAULTS! Cover, TWO!?!? Shirai is losing her mind, but so are the fans! Shirai fires off furious hands on Candice, then rolls her into a butterfly Koji Klutch! She traps Candice’s arms and now she starts fading! Candice is OUT, Shirai wins!!

Winner: Io Shirai, by submission

And the Evil Genius has won! She shows what she is capable of when she burns all the bridges, but will Shirai blaze a path to the NXT Women’s Championship?


“Bro, bro, bro, bro, bro!”

Matt Riddle is here?! And he’s not having any of this! “This is TakeOver: Toronto!” He knows Killian Dain is here somewhere, so he wants Dain’s “hairy ass” to get out here and fight like a bro! Off come the sandals! Riddle looks all over, and spots Big Damo coming in from the crowd! The fight begins again! Riddle backs Dain down but Dain knees back. Riddle just keeps firing off, but Dain backs him down. Dain has Riddle against the apron for a BOOT! He still clubs Riddle down, and out come referees. Riddle fights back and gets Dain down. Toronto wants to “Let Them Fight!” but Dain stomps Riddle’s bare feet before making a retreat. But Riddle runs him down on the stage! Riddle throws more hands, but Dain grabs his ears and eyes! Dain has Riddle reeling, but Riddle still gets him with a Bro Trigger! And another! Riddle’s Final Flash has Dain down, and Riddle goes to ground ‘n’ pound!

Fans boo as security rushes out to stop this. Riddle fights them off! Roundhouses and knee triggers and Bro To Sleeps for all! But the DIVIDE steamrolls Riddle! Dain wants to rip Riddle apart but the security drags him away. Dain kicks and punches them all away, but Riddle hops on for a sleeper! So Dain just takes him into the LED walls! Riddle holds on but not after the second. He just hops on again, but Dain heads for the edge of the stage! Dain brings Riddle and a security guard with him off onto a bunch of tables!! Toronto loses their minds over the pure insanity! And Dain just laughs as he gets up from the wreckage. What will it take for this battle between Bro and Beast to come to an end?


NXT North American Championship Triple Threat: Velveteen Dream VS Roderick Strong VS Pete Dunne!

The Undisputed Era’s prophecy already hit a speed bump against the Street Profits, but the Savior of the Backbreaker could get them back on track. However, now that the Bruiserweight has invaded from NXT UK to NXT USA, will history be the longest reigning United Kingdom Champion? Or can Dream survive sharing the spotlight with two opponents?

A dance team celebrates the Toronto Raptors being the 2019 NBA Champions with a quick tribute to the Mountie. And then of course, here comes the North American Champion himself! After Dream comes Strong, which of course leaves Dunne for last. The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we begin this test for the champion!

Dream poses and the fans cheer. He mocks Dunne’s pose, but Strong wants them paying attention to him. Dream hushes Strong, but Strong decks him! Strong fights off Dunne then clotheslines Dream out. Dunne and Strong brawl, and Strong CHOPS Dunne down! Dunne throws hands back then powers out of a headlock. Things speed up, and Dunne lariats Strong down! Dunne has Strong’s arm and twists it around while Dream flounders in. Strong gets clear of the stomp but Dream clotheslines Strong out. Dream poses but Dunne shoulder bumps him. The straps come OFF, but Strong drags Dunne out! Strong rams Dunne into the apron but gets hands from Dream. Dream runs into the corner to rain down rights. Strong shoves him away at 5, but runs into an elbow. Dream hops up for flying ax handles! Dream trips Strong and wants the legs, but Strong scrambles away to ropes.

Strong shoves Dream away but Dunne is back. Strong sees he’s surrounded, and gets a SLAP from Dunne! And a forearm from Dunne! Strong flounders up, Dunne feeds him to Dream’s dropkick! Dream and Dunne seem to agree Strong is the problem. Dream wrenches Strong’s arm into the hammerlock, and Dunne stomps it for him! Dream bumps Strong off buckles,t hen feed shim to Dunne’s back drop! Strong is out, but Dream swivels those hips at Dunne. Dream waves hi, but then he and Dunne tie up. Dream arm-drags but Dunne headscissors. Dream pops out then wrenches into the sidewinder, but Dunne powers out and gets him an armbar takedown! Dream makes it a cover, TWO! Fireman’s carry but Dunne escapes. Dunne pump-handles, but Dream escapes a Bitter End! Only for Strong to split his wishbone!

Dunne chases Strong but gets wrecked with a dropkick! Strong back suplexes Dream onto the apron! And then back suplexes Dunne onto the barriers! And then he throws him on Dream! Fans fire up as Strong stands tall! Strong drags Dunne up and CHOPS him against apron! Strong puts Dunne in the ring for a cover, TWO! He stomps Dunne then brings Dunne up for a BIG back suplex! Cover, TWO! Strong has Dunne in a modified Bow ‘n’ Arrow, but Dunne endures. Strong hooks Dunne’s mouth, but Dunne pushes him away. Strong dropkicks Dunne right down! Then clotheslines Dream back out! Cover, TWO! Strong drags Dunne up again, rams his shoulder in then CHOPS! Dunne hits a forearm, and now it’s a scrappy brawl! Strong knees low, then scoops for a backbreaker! Cover, TWO!

Dream flies in with an ax handle on Strong! Dream rallies with haymakers, but Strong reverses the whip. Dream kicks and clotheslines Strong, then Russian Leg Sweeps! Cover, TWO! Dream drags Strong up to give Strong a backbreaker! Dream goes to a corner, climbs up, and leaps for a short elbow drop. Then he goes for the legs, and gets a Sharpshooter! The Hitman would be proud! Strong endures but Dunne climbs up! Dunne missile dropkicks Dream down! Dream falls out of the ring, but Dunne slingshots out. Dream dodges and rocks Dunne, but then Strong wrecks Dream with a dropkick! Dunne climbs to moonsault them both down! All three men are down, but the fans are fired up!

Dunne puts Strong in and Strong flounders to a corner. Dunne whips but Strong reverses. Dunne goes up and over to enziguri! Dream runs in but only gets Strong! Dunne German Suplexes Dream, then throws Strong on Dream! Cover on Dream, TWO! Fans rally up again as Dunne grabs an arm from each man. He stomps them both down back and forth! But they both kick him back! Now Dream and Strong work together on Dunne, but then start throwing hands with each other! Dunne shrugs and goes after them both! It’s a furious triangle of punches! Strong rocks Dunne, Dream boots Strong, Strong booots and enziguris Dream, but Dunne enziguris Strong! Dunne stands up, then stomps both men’s hands! Buzzsaw into Strong! Dream SUPERKICKS Dunne, then fireman’s carry, Dream Valley! But Olympic Slam from Strong to Dream, X-Plex from Dunne to Strong! All three men are down again, but the fans are still fired up, because “This is Awesome!” all over again.

Dream climbs to the top rope, but Dunne hurries over. Dunne forearms Dream down then drags him back up top. Dream resists, throws a big haymaker, then adjusts. But Dunne gets his fingers! Strong goes after Dunne with clubbing forearms. Dunne still goes after Dream but Strong climbs up to SUPER OLYMPIC SLAM Dunne! Dunne ends up SUPER ARM-DRAGGING Dream! All three men are down for the third time but fans still cheer. Strong is up first, followed by Dream and Dunne. Fans rally and Dream flounders to the far side. Strong goes over and throws big hands. Dream flops out but Dunne gets Strong in a Triangle Hold! Strong deadlifts to a backbreaker! Strong drags Dunne up again, underhook, but Dunne makes it a Triangle again!

Strong drags Dunne to a corner but there are no ropebreaks in a Triple Threat! Dream is up across the way, COAST2COAST PURPLE RAIN MAKER!! Dunne is down and Strong is free, but Dream didn’t have the best landing, either. Fans hope these three “Fight Forever!” but this does need to end. Strong KNEES Dream! Then KNEES Dunne! Strong goes side to side to forearm smash both men in a row! then the other way! Then back! Strong gives Dream the face slam, then underhooks Dune to powerbomb him ON Dream! But he won’t cover, he goes for a DOUBLE STRONG HOLD! Strong is his strongest tonight as both men endure the hold! Dream and Dunne work their way out and Strong can’t hold them both. Strong grabs Dream again but Dream kicks him away. Strong goes for Dunne but Dunne gets those fingers! SUPERKICK sends Strong into Dunne!

Dream gets both men in the fireman’s carry, but can’t hold them. Dunne has Dream’s fingers, and then whips Dream into Strong’s knee! Dunne takes a hand each, double SNAP! Pump-handle, BITTER END! But Dream distracts the ref! Now the ref counts, but Dream intercepts the hand! Dunne is seething as he stomps the arm! Dunne has Dream’s legs, and he puts on a Figure Four deathlock, into a surfboard STOMP! Dream is out and Dunne glares at his old foe, Strong. Strong dodges the kick to forearm away on Dunne! Strong fireman’s carries but Dunne slips out, pump-handle, but Strong slips out. Strong Germans but Dunne lands to buzzsaw! Dunne runs but into a roll, and Boston Crab! Into the Strong Hold! But Dream tosses Strong out! Dream has Dunne, fireman’s carry, Dream Valley! Strong throws Dream out! END OF HEARTACHE! Cover, but Dream Purple Rain Makers outta nowhere!! Cover, Dream wins!!

Winner: Velveteen Dream, by pinfall; still NXT North American Champion

Dream snatches victory away from Strong, and this Undisputed Prophecy is anything but! Is it going to be more of an Undisputed Jinx?!


NXT Women’s Championship: Shayna Baszler VS Mia Yim!

The Head Baddie ain’t nothing to mess with! She systematically took out the Horsewomen so that #ShaynaTwoTime will have to relearn how to stand on her own two feet. Will the Queen of Spades finally be dethroned? Or is the dream come true coming to an end in Toronto?

Mia has a squad of her own for her entrance, but she’s fighting this fight on her own. The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we begin this battle of badasses!

Mia grins then glares as she circles with Shayna. They tie up and Shayna gets the wristlock. Mia pulls hair and even an ear. Shayna pie faces Mia away, but Mia “apologizes.” Mia and Shayna go again, and Shayna again wants the arm. She hammerlocks but Mia grabs the nose. Shayna trips Mia up but Mia just gets back up. Shayna is thrown off by Mia bending the rules, and now Mia trips her! Mia toys with Shayna, but gets caught into an armbar! Mia resists with the monkey grip, then fish hooks Shayna! Mia rolls but Shayna stays on, so Mia pulls hair! She uses that to roll around again, then get to a ropebreak. Shayna is annoyed as she has to let go. Mia grins again as she arm-drags Shayna around. Mia has Shayna now, and grinds her knee into Shayna’s head.

Shayna gets up and powers out with a whip, but Mia huricanranas Shayna to a corner! Mia runs in to give Shayna a helluva kick! Then a cannonball! Mia watches Shayna roll out of the ring, and DIVES, into a haymaker! Mia crashes and burns while Shayna catches her breath. Shayna drags Mia up and throws her, but Mia throws Shayna into steel steps first! Then wrings her shoulder into them, too! Mia pulls Shayna across the steps, and tucks the arm in! Mia grins again, as she refreshes the cont, to dropkick the steps! Shayna writhes as her arm is jammed, and Mia puts her in the ring. Fans cheer as Mia stalks Shayna in the ring. The ref keeps her back to check on Shayna, but Mia doesn’t care. Mia rushes in but gets tripped up! Shayna buzzsaws back, but still has to back off from her bad arm.

Mia gets to a corner now, but Shayna gives her a big knee! Shayna kicks away on Mia’s arms to even the score. Shayna drags Mia up for a snapmare and another swift kick! Cover, TWO! Shayna goes after Mia’s arm again, stepping on Mia to pull at the wrist. Fans rally as Mia fights Shayna back. Shayna grounds ‘n’ pounds with her one good arm, then keylocks Mia’s arm again. The hair tie comes off, Dream Crusher stomp! Mia now has her own bad arm, but she uses the corner for defense. Shayna still throws hammering shots and snap arm-drags Mia into another keylock. Mia endures and fans rally up. Mia pulls hair again, but Shayna whips Mia at ropes. Shayna gives Mia a kidney shot but that’s her bad arm! Shayna still kicks Mia down, covers, TWO!

Both women shake out the bad arms, but Shayna kicks Mia to the ropes. Shayna wraps Mia’s bad arm around the ropes! She backs off at 4 and works on getting her own bad arm working again. Shayna goes back at Mia in the corner with kicks to the legs. Shayna hammerlocks the bad arm as they stand, and twists the wrist in all directions! Mia screams in pain, but she refuses to quit. Mia claws at Shayna’s back! Mia pulls more hair and throws Shayna down! Then she runs, only for Shayna to clothesline her down! But again, that was Shayna’s own bad arm! Shayna grits her teeth as she covers, TWO! Shayna grows frustrated and wants to go after the bad arm again. Mia still pulls hair, so Shayna shoves her away. Mia rolls Shayna up, TWO!

Mia boots the bad arm then runs, but into a dropkick! Shayna covers, TWO! Between Mia’s toughness and the bad arm, Shayna is growing further upset. Shayna still wants the arm, but Mia gets the ropebreak. The ref counts but Shayna only lets go for a moment. Mia gouges Shayna’s eye! Mia then baits Shayna into a corner, and avoids a kick, to back suplex Shayna down! Both women are down and fans rally up. Shayna and Mia get up but it’s Mia rallying! Mia throws jabs with her good arm, then dodges to redirect Shayna. Shayna follows and runs Mia over! But Mia is up fast to throw more kicks! Mia whips and side steps to overhead suplex! Shayna bails out but Mia fires up! Toronto cheers as she builds speed and DIVES! Direct hit takes out Shayna! Mia gets Shayna in, step-in springboard DDT! Cover, TWO!

Shayna gets to a corner but Mia runs in, only to miss her kick. Shayna hits a knee in the corner! Then runs to Penalty Kick! Cover, TWO! Shayna keeps her cool, and once again goes after the bad arm. Shayna suplexes but Mia slips out. Mia flapjacks Shayna on buckles! Mia goes up and over Shayna to get her in a Tarantula! The ref counts but Mia lets up at 4. Shayna is down but Mia climbs up. Shayna hurries to kick Mia back! Shayna climbs up and clubs away on Mia, and prepares a gut wrench. But the bad arm won’t let her lift! Mia fights Shayna back, climbs up top, and hits a SUPER CODE BLUE!! Cover, TWO!? Shayna survives and Mia cannot believe it! Mia kicks off on Shayna’s bad arm, then runs, but into the KIRAFUDA! But Mia goes after the bad arm! And then headbutts free!

Mia grabs Shayna’s arm, twists it around, and returns the Dream Crusher stomp! Shayna writhes from the karma as she gets a Penalty Kick! Mia wants the armbar, but Shayna resists as hard as she can! Mia scrapes her feet on Shayna’s face! Mia has the arm more, but Shayna pops up and around, KIRAFUDA! Mia flails and endures, going after the bad arm again! Shayna again lets go, but switches to a headscissor hold! Mia flails, taps, Shayna wins!!

Winner: Shayna Baszler, by submission; still NXT Women’s Champion

The Queen of Spades stays on her throne, all on her own! Mia tried so hard to beat Shayna at her own game, but it didn’t work. Will Mia be able to get a second chance? Or is Shayna’s reign of terror going to last until she says it’s done?


NXT Championship Three Stages of Hell, standard match: Adam Cole VS Johnny Gargano!

The epic and heated trilogy of the Panama City Playboy and Johnny Wrestling gets yet another 2 out of 3 Falls style match! But the twist is that things will seemingly escalate to parallel the feud! We start with a simple singles match. Cole has always beaten Gargano in the first fall, can he repeat history to make history? Or is the Undisputed Jinx only going to cost Cole like it has Fish, O’Reilly and Strong?

Gargano represents Wolverine, a Canadian superhero with a healing factor second to Gargano himself! The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we begin just the beginning of this feud’s finale!

Cole and Gargano stare down as fans are already thunderous with dueling. The two finally circle and tie up, and Gargano gets the arm. Gargano wrenches but Cole rolls and rolls to reverse. Gargano rolls back to drop toehold and float to a facelock. Cover, ONE, and the two men back off. The two circle again and tie up. Cole headlocks and brings Gargano to a knee. Gargano powers out but Cole runs him over! Cole brushes off his shoulder but things speed up. Cole waistlocks but Gargano standing switches. Cole bucks Gargano off but Gargano rolls back to trip Cole up! Gargano wants his submission but has to dodge the Last Shot! Cole goes around to try and steal the submission, but has to dodge Gargano stealing his move!

Gargano ducks the mule kick to roll Cole. Cole pops out and both men show superkick to hold each other off. Fans love the stand-off and keep the duel going. Gargano and Cole tie up again and Gargano pushes Cole to a corner. Cole turns it around but then Gargano turns it back. Gargano lets off and Cole kicks a leg out. But Gargano gets clear, knowing what’s coming. Cole still tries his Panama City Sunrise, but Gargano gets under. Gargano kicks back, hops up, but Cole won’t let him steal that. Gargano and Cole fake each other out but Gargano still gets a huricanrana and clothesline! He wrecks Cole with a dropkick, too! Gargano drags Cole into the ring but the fans are dueling strong as ever. Cole goes out the other side, and fakes Gargano out again. Gargano still shoves him away and goes to the apron to kick and leap. Cole gets clear but falls for the bait, and kicks the steel steps! Gargano gives Cole a shinbreaker on the apron!

Gargano drags Cole up and into the ring, then drags his leg out to slam it on the edge! And again! Gargano goes in to grab the leg, and drop knees on the knee. Gargano pulls on the ankle and steps through for a drop toehold. Gargano rolls into a Trailer Hitch! Cole gets a ropebreak, but Gargano lets go. Gargano stalks Cole to the apron and stands on the bad leg. Gargano lets up at 4, to stomp the leg! Gargano wraps the leg on the rope to push on it, but lets up at 4. Cole is on the apron again and fights Gargano back. Gargano enziguris Cole, then slingshots, but into a forearm! Cole shoulders in, but Gargano blocks! Gargano wants to shout-out Ciampa but Cole slips out to drag Gargano out. Cole wheelbarrow suplexes Gargano into the apron! Cole has now evened things with Gargano as he hobbles away. Cole puts Gargano back in and brings him up for a neckbreaker! Gargano writhes and rolls but Cole gets him with knees in the back!

Cole walks off his bad leg but Gargano throws hands from the mat. Fans still duel as Cole brings Gargano up again, for another neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Cole is right on Gargano with a headscissor hold! Gargano endures, then bridges back for a cover, TWO! Cole keeps on the hold and squeezes tight. Gargano refuses to fade out, and fans rally up. Gargano pries the hold off by going after the bad leg! Gargano gets an Ankle Lock! Cole rolls and throws Gargano into buckles! Cole hobbles to a corner and hops up, but Gargano gets clear again. Cole jams his own leg, and turns into Gargano’s overhead suplex! Cole hits buckles again, but both men are down. Fans rally up again and Cole heads for Gargano. Cole throws a forearm but Gargano gives it back. They go back and forth, but Cole ducks one, only to get clotheslines from Gargano.

Gargano kicks out the bad leg! Then running CHOPS in the corner! Gargano whips Cole into buckles then rolls him, Listo Kick! Cole crawls to a corner, and puts Gargano on the apron. Gargano slingshots, but the spear is caught! Suplex but Gargano fights out. Gargano hooks Cole, Aoi Shoudou! Cover, TWO! Gargano keeps his cool while Cole goes to a corner. Gargano throws haymakers and CHOPS, then climbs up to rain down lefts! He gets 5 but Cole slips out. Gargano avoids the mule kick to double stomp Cole’s leg! Cole writhes in pain, but Gargano gets the leg for a Figure Four! “WOO~” echoes out as Cole endures the leg lock! Gargano puts as much pressure as he can on Cole, but Cole avoids the cover. Cole drags himself and Gargano over, for the ropebreak! Gargano lets go at 4, but the damage is done. Cole crawls but Gargano is on him. Cole fights Gargano off, and elbows hard out of the ankle lock.

Cole fireman’s carries Gargano but Gargano fights him off. Gargano’s enziguri misses, Cole wheelbarrow Germans Gargano! Bridging cover, TWO! Cole keeps his cool as he gets his leg working. Fans rally up again and Cole goes after Gargano. Cole clubs away on Gargano’s back, then suplexes, but Gargano silps out to waistlock. Cole misses his enziguri but Gargano misses the kick. Cole BOOTS, dodges then enziguris! Gargano kicks, but walks into a mule kick! Cole hops up, leaps, but the Panama City Sunrise is blocked to a SUNSET BUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Cole survives and Gargano is too tired to be shocked. Fans cheer “NXT! NXT!” as Cole crawls and Gargano follows. Gargano has Cole in the corner for a chop followed by a clothesline!

Gargano puts Cole up top and climbs to join him. Cole bumps Gargano off the buckles, but Gargano resists the Super Sunrise. Cole still sunset flips, but his leg jams! Gargano turns and leaps, but into a Code Breaker! Cole fireman’s, Michinoku Driver! Cover, TWO! Fans rally again as both men slowly sit up. “This is Awesome!” but has barely just begun! Cole and Gargano brawl on the mat, and slowly stand. They clothesline then forearm. Cole blocks a kick but Gargano blocks Cole’s. Cole swings, Gargano dodges, double clotheslines take both men down! Gargano gets up first but Cole follows as fans rally. Cole runs in but is sent out. Gargano builds speed and DIVES into a PELE! Cole drags Gargano out in another wheelbarrow, but Gargano victory rolls Cole into barriers! Gargano puts Cole in, SLINGSHOT DDT! Cover, TWO!

Cole bails out, Gargano goes to the apron, SUPERKICK! Gargano puts Cole in again, slingshots, into a SUPERKICK! SUPERKICK again, then suplex to LAST SHOT 1.0! Cover, TWO!! This first fall is already an epic in itself! Cole is fuming as he drags Gargano up. Cole bumps Gargano off buckles then throws big haymakers and stomps. The ref counts but drags Cole off. Cole sees Gargano is dazed, so Cole gets something from the outside. He takes a chair! Cole ditches his own idea of wanting a normal match as he puts the chair in the ring. The ref takes the chair first, but that’s all a distraction so Cole can LOW BLOW kick! Cover, TWO!?! Gargano must have adamantium nuts! Cole is seething, so he goes back to the chair.

Cole sits the chair up and takes a seat to gloat. He trash talks Gargano as he writhes, then folds up the chair to take aim. But then he ditches the chair when the ref argues with him. Cole turns around into a SUPEKICK! Gargano sees that chair, and takes it for his own? Gargano SMACKS Cole!!

Winner: Adam Cole, by disqualification; leads 1-0

Gargano doesn’t care about this first fall, because he knows there’s the next two! And the next one is his personal choice, at that!

NXT Championship Three Stages of Hell, Street Fight: Adam Cole VS Johnny Gargano!

Gargano still has the chair, of course, and just shrugs. Because now he SMACKS away on Cole! Chair shot after chair shot after chair shot, and now Gargano returns some of that gloating. The second fall officially begins, so Gargano gets to continue where he left off!

Cole runs but Gargano throws the chair at him! Then DIVES to send Cole into barriers! Cole wants to run into the crowd, but Gargano follows after. Gargano punches Cole around as cameras do their best to keep up. Gargano has a collector’s cup, and SMASHES it on Cole’s head! Gargano drags Cole around by a headlock, to then throw into barriers! Gargano bounces Cole’s head off the barrier again and again and again! Fans are fired up as Gargano hops up to leap with ax handles! Cole goes down again and Gargano takes selfies with fans. Gargano drags Cole around more, and more of the fans get front row seats of the brawl! Cole fights back and throws forearms. Gargano staggers away, but comes back with a SUPERKICK! Gargano drags Cole back to his feet, then sits him down in a spare arm chair. Gargano wheels Cole into the production table!

Cole gets up and fights back, and now they’re back to ringside. Gargano leaps and breaks the timekeeper’s area with Cole! Toronto loses its mind all over again! Gargano isn’t done there, “Mamma Mia!”, we go to the announce desks! Gargano clears one off and brings Cole over. He puts Cole on the table and climbs up to join him. Gargano underhooks, but Cole resists and fights out. Cole rakes Gargano’s eyes! Cole has Gargano now, also wanting underhooks. But Gargano back drops Cole onto the Spanish announce desk! It explodes apart as Cole crashes down! Fans lose their minds all over again! Gargano goes to Cole and brings him out of the wreckage. Fans echo “Mamma Mia!” as Gargano drags Cole into the ring.

Gargano considers his options, and thinks of something better. He goes under the ring to bring out a TABLE! Fans love where this is going as Gargano puts the table in. But wait, if one is good, then two must be better! Because here’s a second table! “Johnny Tables” has Toronto’s approval, but Gargano does bring in extra chairs just in case. But Cole get a shining wizard outta nowhere! He sets up a chair, USHIGOROSHI ON THE CHAIR! Cover, TWO!! Gargano survives but his dark ego almost got him. Cole grabs a chair and wedges it in a corner. Cole brings Gargano over but Gargano denies the chair shot. Gargano fights Cole back and scoops, but Cole denies the long dart to mule kick the leg out! Cole hops up but Gargano enziguris! Gargano has Cole on his shoulder, LONG DART INTO CHAIR! And then, GargaNO Escape!! Cole taps, Gargano ties it up!!

Winner: Johnny Gargano, by submission; ties the set 1-1

Aw hell. Actually, that’s what’s up next, isn’t it? Descending out of the shadows, having been born of the darkest places in Mr. Regal’s mind, is a new member of the steel cage family! And fans can’t help but think, “E C Dub! E C Dub!” But what do we call the brutal baby born of brutality?

NXT Championship Three Stages of Hell, Asylum Steel Cage!

And as if the items attached to the walls and barbed wire on the top of this cage aren’t scary enough, there is NO escape victory in this match! Gargano and Cole MUST settle things inside the structure! Who survives the sadism of this truly final fall?!

The bell rings, and Cole wants a weapon! Gargano stops him from getting the kendo stick, and they start brawling again! Gargano gets the edge but Cole comes back again! Cole BOOTS then SUPERKICKS Gargano but Gargano comes back with a DISCUS! Gargano grabs himself that kendo stick, but turns into a SUPERKICK! Cole gets the other kendo stick, but he gets a SUPERKICK! Then they trade SMACKS! AND SUPERKICKS!! Fans are thunderous again for “NXT! NXT!” Gargano grabs himself a chair and then another, and “This is Awesome!” as Gargano sets the chairs side-by-side. Gargano staggers over to Cole and stomps him around before eyeing the ladder.

Gargano climbs but Cole stops him with clubbing forearms. Gargano kicks Cole away then uses the ladder for help in a flying huricanrana! REVERSE-RANA! Cole sits in those chairs, and Gargano calls upon DIY for the SUPERKICK! Cover, TWO! Cole survives but Gargano keeps his cool. Gargano looks around to see what else this special cage has. Fans hope they “Fight Forever!” but this has to end one way or another. Gargano uses one of those tables he put in and sets it up in a corner. Gargano goes around to make sure it’s in the right spot. Cole JABS him then SMACKS him with a chair! Cole eyes something up top and climbs. He brings down a third chair, but Gargano yanks him down. The chair is still hanging on the wall, so Cole throws Gargano into it! Gargano writhes and Cole has the kendo stick. Cole uses the kendo stick to bring Gargano in for a backstabber! Cover, TWO!! Gargano continues to show that superhuman toughness, but Cole continues with his super villain scheming.

Cole puts a table off to the side before going for more chairs. Cole sets the chairs up nearby as Gargano goes to the corner. Cole has Gargano with haymakers, and then hoists him up top. Cole climbs to join Gargano, but Gargano resists the superplex. Gargano headbutts Cole back, then grabs the fire extinguisher! He sprays Cole! Then brings Cole in, to tornado DDT into the chairs!! Cover, TWO!?! Cole survives, but the referee checks on his head. Fans rally up as Gargano uses a stick to help him stand. Gargano SMACKS Cole again and again, until the stick breaks! Gargano looks and sees something up high. He goes for the sledgehammer! Triple H would be proud, but Cole wants the hammer, too! They fight as they climb, but Gargano jumps to SUNSET BOMB Cole down! Cover, TWO!!

Cole still lives, but Gargano won’t let up. Gargano goes back up, determined to have HHH’s favorite weapon. Gargano gets it free, and fans are loving the possibilities! But Cole SUPERKICKS him down! And SUPERKICKS him from behind! Cole climbs and goes back to the ladder from before! Cole frees the ladder from its spot, but Gargano avoids certain death! But not the PANAMA SUNRISE! Cover, TWO!!! Gargano survives again, and fans again cheer for “NXT! NXT!” Cole gets up and hobbles over to where the ladder fell. Cole sets it up near a corner, then climbs it. Gargano crawls after as Cole turns around. Cole leaps, ANOTHER PANAMA SUNRISE! Cover, TWO!!!! Cole has seen a ghost after Gargano survives once again! Johnny Wolverine crawls but Cole keeps the kendo sticks away from him. Cole uses one to SMACK Gargano, then drags him up.

Cole brings the knee pad down, but Gargano flops over. Cole grabs a chair and sits it up so he can sit Gargano up. Cole vows to end this, and runs, but Gargano moves! The Last Shot hits the chair! Gargano gets Cole in an STF! With the kendo stick!! But Cole bites Gargano’s hand! Gargano lets Cole go and both men are down again. Fans rally back up as Gargano gets the hammer back. Cole grabs the hammer, too, and they tug o’ war. Cole throws hands but Gargano has the hammer to SMASH Cole in the gut! Cole gasps and coughs but Gargano has his table. He brings it around to line up with the ladder, and then brings the second table over. Gargano then brings Cole over to the tables and sets him down. But then Gargano sees something in the corner of the cage, and goes to inspect it. Cole gets away from the tables, so Gargano has to go after him again.

Gargano uses a kendo stick to SMACK Cole again! Gargano climbs up that corner and brings Cole up for headbutts. He tucks Cole in, stands up, and steals the PANAMA SUNRISE! Cover, TWO!?! Cole survives his own move!? Both men are down and the fans still hope they “Fight Forever!” Gargano brings down the back, and it’s all of Regal’s favorites! A pipe, brass knuckles, and… pliers?! Yes, and Gargano climbs to use them, to snip apart the barbed wire! Gargano brings a thread of it down! Cole sees Gargano clutching that wire, and he starts to climb. He doesn’t care that there’s no escape win, he just wants to get away! Cole goes to that strange platform, but Gargano follows! Fans beg, “Please Don’t Die!” but the two brawl on the platform. Gargano headbutts Cole, and then has his wire, to go after Cole’s face! Cole fights him, and the two FALL through the tables below!!! COLE COVERS, COLE WINS!!

Winner: Adam Cole, by pinfall; still NXT Champion

Cole is victorious, but at what cost?! What has really been won going through such hell?!



My Thoughts:

NXT again sets a high, high bar just for the WWE this weekend. Another amazing set of matches, though with really only one flaw to point out. The Women’s Championship had a great story with the bad arms, which was very much like many of Shayna’s title matches. But I also liked that Mia was the Face willing to play dirty to give Shayna back all the karma she gathered up from her time in NXT. However, the pacing in the match started to grind by the end, and honestly, Mia should’ve won. As great as Shayna is, her reign started to fall short with the Horsewomen backing her up. The one time she didn’t have them should’ve meant she lost the match, especially after taking an elevated, aka Avalanche/Super version of Mia’s FINISHER! Have Shayna lose so she can either finally feel the chase again, or be called up to main. A Big 4 Weekend should’ve been the time to change the status quo.

The other women’s match was great, Shirai and Candice really roughed each other up. Obviously Shirai would win, her Heel turn wouldn’t be much if she lost out the gate. But this can lead to a great series/feud between Shirai and Candice as they both now chase the title. It may not take until the next TakeOver, but if Candice can come out of this the winner and even as contender to Shayna, that would be some great full-circle storytelling given Candice and Shayna have history in WWE dating back to the original Mae Young Classic. I also really liked the great surprise brawl of Riddle and Dain, I did not expect that to happen, but it’s good to see TakeOver trying stuff like that. This probably means we won’t get Riddle VS Dain for the “post” TakeOver episode since those are actually done before, but this will definitely heat things up for their feud going into the Fall.

Of course, the story of the night was still the Undisputed Era being in all the men’s title matches. I am really surprised the Undisputed Era’s prophecy for tonight was already killed with the tag team title match. Though, that’s what made it so exciting was that the Street Profits won against reDRagon! This should definitely legitimize Ford and Dawkins in the ring, since they’re already so great on the mic. And then that Triple Threat for the North American title was probably my new favorite Triple Threat. The story, the charisma, the action, this is what makes NXT so great. I really thought Strong had it, but it was so great for Dream to just take it all away with that elbow drop. I really thought Dream wasn’t retaining to then move up to the main title, but maybe he tries that again this time. And maybe Dunne also tries to move up, simply shrugging this loss off to still make history as the first man to have been WWE UK and top NXT Champion in his career.

And then the Three Stages of Hell, my goodness, any single one of these could’ve been the match on its own, but having all three falls for over an hour of action, wow. The standard match, so good, it referenced everything from the previous Cole VS Gargano matches and built upon them. It was genius for Gargano to give Cole that first fall via DQ just to get to the Street Fight. That Street Fight was so brutal, and we all knew Gargano was going to win it regardless of the first. And then, I was really surprised Regal would choose something cage related, because wouldn’t that be visible up in the rafters? Somehow, they hid it, and it was like dark magic watching that thing just come out from the void in the ceiling. I didn’t officially hear it be called an “Asylum” match, but how is that not the Ambrose Asylum like what Ambrose/Moxley and Chris Jericho had? I started to think the Undisputed Era were all losing, but that is what made Cole winning even crazier! Which is quite the feat given the crash through the tables to end it.

My Score: 9.2/10

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