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Mitchell’s ROH Results & Report! (8/17/19)

So much gold is on the line in one episode!



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ROH Wrestling Television, Episode 413

Shinobi Shadow Squad want the Six Man Titles and Karissa Rivera wants the WOH World Title. Will they all make their dreams come true?



  • From Manhattan Mayhem – Rush VS TK O’Ryan; Rush wins.
  • From Mass Hysteria – Silas Young VS PJ Black; Young wins.
  • WOH World Championship: Kelly Klein VS Karissa Rivera; Klein wins and retains the WOH World Championship.
  • From State of the Art – Defy or Deny Fatal 4 Way: Matt Taven VS Flip Gordon VS PCO VS Mark Haskins; Taven wins and denies all three of title shots.
  • ROH World Six Man Tag Team Championships: Villain Enterprises VS Shinobi Shadow Squad; Villain Enterprises wins and retains the ROH World Six Man Tag Team Championships.


LifeBlood is looking strong!

They and their new ally, PJ Black, managed to down Villain Enterprises at full force, more or less. Hot Sauce chased off Flip Gordon, and the OG’s, Scurll, Brody and PCO were not able to withstand the 4v3. Is this the first step to restoring honor to Ring of Honor?


ROH throws to Ian Riccaboni and Quinn McKay.

They are both excited for this special “double main event” episode that gives us even more of the Manhattan Mayhem! Quinn is especially excited to see if Karissa Rivera can shock the world and defeat The Pretty Badass, Kelly Klein, for the Women of Honor World Championship, in only Rivera’s second ROH TV match! Speaking of the WOH World Champion…


Kelly Klein speaks.

“Right before I became the first-ever two-time WOH World Champion, I told six women if they wanted an opportunity, all they had to do was ask.” One of those six was Karissa Rivera. But Rivera wasn’t going to take this match as a favor, she wanted to earn it. And she proved herself by beating inaugural champion, Sumie Sakai. Kelly likes the initiative, because she knows now that Rivera is worthy of being in WOH. But she might not be ready for the title just yet. Kelly looks forward to seeing for herself. What goes down in one of tonight’s two title matches?


Rush VS TK O’Ryan!

El Toro Blanco (The White Bull) takes on El Descarado Caballo Salvaje (The Sassy Wild Horse) in a special singles showdown! Will Rush keep rising through the ranks?

The full match is on Honor Club, but ROH TV skips to TK trolling as he listens to fans boo and jeer. Rush gets to a corner and TK whips him. Rush reverses and then splashes hard in the corner, only to run into a SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO! TK keeps his cool, then drags Rush up. TK fisherman’s the leg, for a DDT! Cover, TWO! Rush survives and fires himself up! TK clubs away on Rush, then taunts him. Rush SPITS on TK! TK SLAPS Rush, but Rush dares him to give it harder. TK CHOPS, but Rush just stands up. Rush wipes off the sweat and tells TK to keep trying. TK CHOPS, but still Rush doesn’t flinch. Rush does a quick physical on TK to see if he’s still got the grapefruits needed. TK takes Rush by the beard, but Rush blocks the chop! Rush DECKS TK, then fires up as he gets TK with a rebound German Suplex!

Rush’s basement shotgun knee sends TK out, but Rush just follows after! Rush rams TK into the security guard sitting in the corner! Then he rams TK into barriers across the way! Fans are thunderous for Rush as he gives TK more barriers! Rush grabs TK again, and gets the grand slam! All four corners! Rush grabs a chair, sits it up, and stands on it to pose. Manhattan joins in with Tranquilo while TK runs away into the ring. Fans chant for Rush as he goes back to the apron. Rush wants them to be silent, as he slingshots in, and lands on his feet. To mule kick TK in the head! Fans cheer and Rush soaks it up, but TK is furious. TK gets up and runs at Rush, only to get tossed overhead! Fans know Rush wants it, and Rush runs in for Bull’s Horns! Push-up cover, Rush wins!

Winner: Rush, by pinfall

The White Bull wants to rule ROH, but nothing happens until he says it does. Is he growing closer and closer to the day he ways he wants the ROH World Championship?


The 2019 Top Prospect Tournament is almost here!

Eight ROH hopefuls are preparing for this huge opportunity! Despite saying he’s the Number One Seed, Brian Johnson is really more third or fourth given how this bracket looks. Johnson takes on Austin Gunn in the first round while the other three matches are: Dante Caballero VS Joe Keys; The Hatian Sensation VS Ken Dixon; and Makita VS Dak Draper. Who makes it out of the opening round? Who makes it all the way to the finals? And who becomes Mr. Top Prospect 2019?


Silas Young VS PJ Black!

Find the full match in the Mass Hysteria event on Honor Club, because ROH jumps into the middle of this match between Last Real Man and Darewolf.

Silas has PJ down and drives his knee in. Silas covers, TWO, but Silas is on PJ with a chinlock. PJ endures as Lowell rallies up. PJ fights to his feet and arm-drags free. Silas runs back in but PJ dodges, hops up and hits a flying elbow! PJ climbs fast to hit an ax handle! Then he climbs again for a crossbody! But he bounces off the cover. Silas gets up and spun around into a backslide, TWO! Silas swings, misses, and gets PJ’s springboard back kick. WOLFSAULT! Cover, TWO!! Silas survives the top rope springboard moonsault, but PJ whips Silas into a corner. Silas boots PJ back, then hops up, but PJ gets him with a SUPER SPANISH FLY! Cover, TWO!! Silas still lives but PJ keeps his cool. PJ heads to the apron again, and springboards! Silas gets clear and PJ rolls through. Silas is in the corner but he dodges PJ. PJ hops up and jumps back for a back elbow. PJ hops up but Silas trips him up! The Darewolf is crotch’d, and then Silas drags him out into a full nelson. Spinning knee, then fireman’s carry, MISERY! Cover, Silas wins!

Winner: Silas Young, by pinfall

Silas wins, and says that “whether you like it or not, there isn’t another technical wrestler in the world who can touch the Last Real Man.” Will that remain true through 2019?


Silas answers a call backstage.

“I understood you the first time. You keep going on and on about it, it’s not really necessary.” As Silas gets heated, someone hands him a pack o’ smokes. The Goods says some teachers like apples. But he figured this teacher would like these instead. Silas shrugs and accepts the gift. Is this strange mentor-student relationship growing stronger?


WOH World Championship: Kelly Klein VS Karissa Rivera!

The Gatekeeper gave six Women of Honor a title shot pass to use when they felt it was time, and for the Cherokee Warrior, it is time. In just her second televised match ever, will Rivera shock the world? Or will the Pretty Badass check her off the mysterious list of six?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we begin the first main event of the night!

Rivera and Kelly approach as Kelly puts her mouth guard in. They keep the Code of Honor to show this is all in good sport. They tie up, and fans rally already as the two are fairly even in strength. They separate and smile as they circle again. They tie up and Rivera gets a wristlock, but Kelly reverses to arm-drag Rivera away. Rivera comes back and gets a waistlock, then a slam. She has a facelock on Kelly but Kelly slips out to get a hammerlock. Karissa rolls to her own wristlock, but Kelly rolls through. Only for Rivera to get a hammerlock of her own! Fans cheer as Kelly reverses to a headscissors and Karissa pops out! Kelly gets a waistlock and slam of her own, but looms over her instead. Kelly runs but into a clothesline. Kelly stays up to come back with an elbow! Rivera reels Kelly in to forearm her in the back! Now Rivera runs but Kelly follows to spin her around, falling facebuster!

Fans cheer as Kelly catches her breath. Fans rally up as Rivera gets to a corner. Kelly walks over and stands Rivera up to whip her out then into the corner. Then again! Rivera clutches her back but Kelly whips again, and Rivera falls to her knees. The champion lets her opponent have a breather while we go to break.

ROH returns and Kelly scoops Rivera, and holds her, for a BIG slam! Kelly tosses the armband off but Rivera gets back up. Kelly scoop slams Rivera again, and fans want “One More Time!” Kelly obliges, for a backbreaker! Kelly looms over Rivera as she slowly rises. Kelly suplexes but Rivera blocks. Rivera tries and Kelly blocks back. They battle over suplex control, and River gives up to kick and whip. Rivera runs in but Kelly dodges. Kelly runs in to give a forearm, an elbow and a clothesline! Kelly snap suplexes Rivera down! Fans cheer as Kelly looms over her. Kelly goes for a cover, TWO! Rivera grits her teeth as she gets back up. Rivera throws hands but Kelly scoops her again. Kelly grins as she hits a Fall Away Slam! Fans are loving the power game from the Gatekeeper!

Kelly scoops Rivera but Rivera slips out to BOOT Kelly down! Rivera wants Kelly to get up now, and Kelly does. Kelly runs into a double ax handle! Then another! Rivera has Kelly on the ropes and whips her across the way for a dropkick! Fans cheer the upstart as she keeps on Kelly in a corner. Rivera whips Kelly corner to corner and then runs in, but gets an elbow for it. Kelly runs out but into a SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Rivera can’t believe she was so close yet so far from a win. She drags Kelly up for furious forearms! Rivera fires up, but Kelly gets her in a fireman’s carry, K-POWER! Cover, Kelly wins!

Winner: Kelly Klein, by pinfall; still WOH World Champion

The Gatekeeper gave the Cherokee Warrior her shot, and survived it. Who are the other five women Kelly promised a golden opportunity?

Well Sumie Sakai comes out to check on Rivera. Rivera won Sumie’s respect in their match, and Kelly takes a mic to speak. “Looks like you’ve got somebody in your corner.” No one may have told her, but Rivera isn’t ready. But if she keeps doing what she’s doing, she’ll not only have the endorsement of a legend like Sumie, she’ll have another shot in the future. Rivera proved she’s ready to be in the WOH Division. Kelly shakes hands and hugs Rivera, but the lights go out!? Because The Allure want to make their presence known. Specifically, it’s the Beautiful People, Angelina Love and Velvet Sky. Mandy Leon is conspicuous by her absence as Sky and Love get in the ring. Sky has the mic as she mocks the “moment” they just interrupted. “Too bad! This needs to be said and you will listen.”

The Allure knows, the fans know, Kelly and friends know, that this is all just crap! Fans boo and jeer but the Beautiful People soak up the heat. It should’ve been Angelina Love in the match, not even whoever Rivera is. Kelly, c’mon. After Angelina pinned her at Best in the World, after kicking her ugly face in, Kelly should’ve been treating Angelina as the #1 contender. Angelina takes the mic as fans continue to boo and jeer. “For years now, Matt Taven talked about there’s a conspiracy in ROH.” He had a point! But now the conspiracy is against the Allure. Kelly assures them there is no conspiracy, just the truth. In WOH, they don’t want “b*tches like you.” Strong words from a strong champion! Will Kelly get through the rest of her six pack before the Allure gets their shot?


ROH hears from Kelly, Karissa and Sumie.

“Tonight, ROH, you saw Karissa Rivera put up one hell of a fight.” Kelly doesn’t blame her, because that’s how much this title means to every woman in this division. That is how much the division itself means to them. But women like The Allure don’t deserve to be in this division. Women like Kelly, Karissa and Sumie will show The Allure what WOH is all about. Will this incredible trio kick Allure’s ass all the way out of ROH?


ROH has another huge weekend coming up!

First, ROH Saturday Night hits Center Stage Theater in Atlanta on August 24th with a huge Champions VS All-Stars match! Matt Taven joins forces with ROH World TV Champion, Shane Taylor, and the ROH World Tag Team Champions, The Briscoes, in an 8-Man Tag against Jay Lethal, Jeff Cobb, Kenny King and Rush! Which team can work together better to win big in Georgia?

Then on Sunday, August 25th, it is #HonorForAll! Taven is in another Defy or Deny Fatal 4 Way against Lethal, Cobb and King! Can Taven cross off another three contenders from his list? Or will one of them win and become his next contender?


Defy or Deny Fatal 4 Way: Matt Taven VS Flip Gordon VS PCO VS Mark Haskins!

ROH continues to travel through time to give us the four-way from Portland when the ROH World Champion took on pre-Mercenary Captain of Flip Army, the inhuman Canadian of Villain Enterprises, and LifeBlood’s Mr. Overkill! If Taven wins, none of his opponents can have a title shot while Taven is still champion. But if anyone else wins, they are the next contender to the title!

Haskins grabs a mic to say that he wants not just the world title, but his part in being the World Six Man titles. Being medically cleared or not, he wants gold! Haskins was fired up, and Portland joined in with the bell!

Jump to PCO on the ropes and Taven going after him. Taven headlocks PCO, but PCO denies the Climax. Taven dumps PCO out but PCO climbs back up. Haskins runs in but is sent into PCO. PCO rocks Haskins, but then Flip runs in. Taven sends Flip into PCO, but Flip mule kicks Taven. Flip slides out to grab PCO, but Haskins adds his Shining Wizard to the POWERBOMB! Haskins then runs to DIVE onto Flip! Haskins drags Flip up but Taven FLIES! Taven wipes Haskins and Flip out “because IIIII’M Matt Taven!”

Jump again, and PCO scoops Taven. PCO has Taven in position, then he grabs Haskins and Flip, DOUBLE CHOKESLAM TOMBSTONE!! But The Kingdom show up, despite being banned from ringside! Well, not technically, as that rule is only for Taven’s title matches. Defy or Deny matches are contender’s matches, so this is legal. However, Taven gets a chair from Vinnie, that isn’t legal! Taven SMACKS PCO on the back! But PCO doesn’t flinch!! He’s not human!! Fans rally for PCO while TK argues with the ref. Taven wants PCO to calm down, but PCO takes the chair for his own! The ref sees PCO SMACK Taven! That’s a disqualification!! PCO ELIMINATES himself!

Jump to when things sort out, and Flip whips Haskins. Haskins holds ropes to let Flip’s dropkick flop. Haskins jackknife rolls into SHOULDER SOLDIER ROLL! Cover, TWO!! Flip survives but Haskins climbs up top. Haskins gives Flip a double stomp! Taven rolls Haskins, with tights held!! Taven ELIMINATES Haskins! Just one left in Flip Gordon! Flip throws forearms on Taven but Taven returns them. They go back and forth, and fans cheer Flip. Taven tells them to shut up, but he just gets another forearm.

Jump to Flip aiming from the apron. Flip leaps but his headscissors is turned into a POWERBOMB through the timekeeper’s table!! Portland says “This is Awesome!” but it’s not over yet! Taven drags himself up then drags Flip from the wreckage. Taven puts Flip in the ring and then Taven climbs up top. Taven hits the King’s Frog Splash! Cover, TWO!! Flip shocks Taven! And then Flip stares daggers into him. Taven SUPERKICKS then headlocks, for no Climax, but a SLINGBLADE! Flip has Taven down now, and fires himself back up. Flip drags Taven into a reverse headlock, for a drop! Cover, TWO!! Taven survives Flip’s take on the Hurricane, but Flip is right on him with a facelock. Flip suplexes for Falcon Arrow! Cover, TWO!! Taven lives but Flip fireman’s carries. Flip spins Taven but Taven counters to CLIMAX! Cover, Taven wins!!

Winner: Matt Taven, by pinfall; completely denies all three

The ROH World Champion crosses off three contenders off the list for as long as he reigns! See this entire match on Honor Club, but know that Taven succeeded, because HEEEEE’S Matt Taven!


ROH World Six Man Tag Team Championships: Villain Enterprises VS Shinobi Shadow Squad!

After scratching and clawing, Cheeseburger, Ryan Nova and Eli Isom have their match for the titles! Can they take advantage of Marty Scurll, PCO and Brody King being on the rebound from losing to LifeBlood twice? Or is this just the thing Scurll and his henchmen need to get back on track?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised and the fans are thunderous already for this showdown! The teams sort out and PCO starts, only to be bumrushed by Nova and Burger! The referee has no choice but to ring the bell, and PCO shoves Nova and Burger away! Burger runs back in but gets tossed out by PCO. Nova tries next but PCO tosses him out. The fans fire up as PCO dares Eli to try! Eli doesn’t back down, and now he’s the legal man. PCO gives Eli an open shot, and Eli throws forearms. It isn’t enough, so Eli keeps trying. PCO hits back with an uppercut and then whips, but Eli reverses, only to get run over. Fans know “He’s Not Human!” as PCO scoops Eli and slams him right down! Cover, but Burger and Nova save Eli! Burger and Nova go after PCO together, then both run, to both get run over with clotheslines! Burger and Nova bail back out and PCO controls the ring as we go to one last break.

ROH returns once more as PCO goes after Eli in a corner. PCO drags Eli up and scoops, but Eli slips out and hits Scurll! Eli throws forearms on PCO then runs, but Scurll gets Eli back with a kick. Eli hits Scurll down again, but turns around as PCO runs in. Eli dumps PCO out onto Scurll and Brody! Fans fire up behind the Future of Honor as he builds up speed. Eli hops to the corner, ASAI MOONSAULT! Eli bowls Villain Enterprises over! The Shinobi Shadow Squad regroup and get PCO back in the ring. They all cover, TWO!! PCO is NOT HUMAN! And he’s mad! Nova and Eli run into choke grips, and PCO shoves them both to corners! Burger prepares the hand, and PCO dares him to try. SHOTEI! But it does nothing!? Burger tries again, but runs into a CHOKE SLAM!

Brody tags in and he runs into Eli for a corner clothesline! Then into Nova for another! Brody whips Nova corner to corner at Eli, and then sandwiches them in the corner! Brody CHOPS Nova off his feet, then CHOPS Eli off his feet! Tag to Scurll and fans hit that fever pitch! Brody whips Scurll at Burger, but Burger puts Scurll on the apron. Brody runs in and combines with Scurll for an enziguri splash on Burger! Brody waistlocks Burger and Scurll slingshots, Sunset Flip German Suplex sends Burger FLYING! Eli checks on Burger as he slumps out of the ring. Fans get even louder, if that’s possible, as Scurll stalks Eli. Scurll drags Eli in but Eli avoids the suplex. Tag to Nova and Nova fires forearms on Scurll! Scurll grins, and dares Nova for more. Nova gives more, and Scurll falls to a knee.

Scurll gets up but Nova slaps him! So Scurll SLAPS Nova! Nova rocks Scurll, but falls for 52 Fake-Out! Fans are fired up all over again as Scurll calls for it! Scurll gets the fans to that fever pitch before he spins and shouts, “CHICKEN WING!!” But Nova drops down to a victory roll! TWO, and Scurll dodges Nova’s kick to POWERBOMB! Cover, but Eli breaks it! Brody stomps Eli then whips him into a corner. Brody whips Scurll in but Eli boots Scurll. Scurll runs back in to get a SUPERKICK! Eli runs at Brody, to get a SCRAPBUSTER! But as everyone is fired up, Nova rolls Scurll up! TWO, and Brody BOOTS Nova! Scurll catapults Nova into Brody’s forearm! Then Nova falls back against Scurll’s knees, for Brody to SENTON! Scurll covers, Villain Enterprises wins!!

Winners: Villain Enterprises, Marty Scurll pinning; still ROH World Six Man Tag Team Champions

A valiant effort but Shinobi Shadow Squad fail to vanquish Villain Enterprises! Will Scurll and his cohorts take this momentum towards a third match with LifeBlood?



My Thoughts:

Another interesting episode for ROH here. For a third week in a row, we get highlights from Manhattan Mayhem and Mass Hysteria to keep stories fresh in our minds, to a fairly good effect. It definitely seems Silas Young is winning Josh Woods over, and perhaps vice-versa. The blow-off could be any number of things from this point, so I’m really interested in seeing what they do. Rush beating TK O’Ryan and Taven crossing off members of LifeBlood and Villain Enterprises, I would love if Rush is the one to dethrone Grand Slam Taven. With those major events coming next weekend, Rush could easily be the #1 contender by pinning Taven on Saturday, and then by some insane miracle, Taven wins Defy or Deny again, leaving only Rush left to take him on.

We got a pretty good match from Kelly Klein and Karissa Rivera, though some of the pacing to start seemed slow to favor the still very new Rivera. She’s getting the kayfabe support of former champions, so maybe Rivera does become a champion within the next 12 months. The Allure are getting Go Away Heat from everyone, including me. Angelina Love only wins that belt with interference and screw job stuff, which would not go over well. We need a Six Woman Tag of Allure VS Kelly, Karissa and Sumie first before Kelly crosses off Angelina. Then we can focus on the good stuff of who Kelly’s other secretly selected opponents are. Honestly, I’m not even sure if they have five other opponents for her, unless they bring back some women we haven’t seen on ROH TV in some time. I wonder if Mandy reveals she was one, before joining up with Allure.

Then the Six Man Tag match was great! PCO did so much of the work and truly looked inhuman against the Shinobi Shadow Squad. Burger, Nova and Eli were great even in losing, but it was pretty clear they weren’t going to win. This is going to come down to Villain Enterprises VS LifeBlood once more, and perhaps LifeBlood finally gets those belts to restore them to… Well let’s be honest, the Villain Enterprises designs look better than what the previous design was, so maybe LifeBlood introduces us to a much better fourth design for these belts.

My Score: 8.2/10

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