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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (8/13/19)

Does Oney Lorcan make good on a second chance?!



205 Live = Cruiserweight Division

It’s a SummerSlam Rematch!

After Drew Gulak used cheap tactics to cheat Oney Lorcan, he must give the Boston Brawler a fair rematch! Will Gulak keep his grip on the title this time?



  • Akira Tozawa w/ THE Brian Kendrick VS Jack Gallagher; Tozawa wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Humberto Carrillo & Lucha House Party VS Ariya Daivari & The Singh Brothers; Carrillo & Lucha House Party win.
  • WWE Cruiserweight Championship: Drew Gulak VS Oney Lorcan; Gulak wins and retains the WWE Cruiserweight Championship.


The Cruiserweight Champion is STILL Drew Gulak!

After going toe to toe with the double tough Oney Lorcan, even the newer, darker Philly Stretcher was unsure how to deal with the Fury of 205 Live. The only thing he could do was distract the ref and jab Lorcan in the throat! But 205 Live GM Drake Maverick will not let that stand! So to end the WWE’s time in Toronto, we will get a championship rematch! Will Lorcan make good on this golden second chance?


Akira Tozawa w/ THE Brian Kendrick VS Jack Gallagher!

While the Boston Brawler gets his second chance later tonight, both the Stamina Monster and Extraordinary Gentleman are fighting for their own next chance! Will either of these men be in pole position on the race to Clash of Champions?

The bell rings and Gallagher circles with Tozawa as fans chant “AH! AH!” Gallagher offers a handshake, Tozawa takes it, and fans cheer that this is a respectful match. Gallagher headlocks and gets Tozawa down, but Tozawa gets the headscissor. Tozawa keeps Gallagher from popping out, but Gallagher works on an alternate escape. Gallagher bounces and shimmies and slips out, to get Tozawa’s legs! Gallagher ties the legs up for a Queen Angelito, but then shifts to the arm and headlock. He spins around and slips under to trip Tozawa to a toehold. Tozawa endures but Gallagher goes after his arm now. Gallagher twists the wrist and bends the arm, but Tozawa moves up to his feet. Tozawa pushes Gallagher but Gallagher runs him over. Things speed up and Tozawa hurdles to dodge and tilt-o-whirl into the Iron Octopus! Gallagher pops out, spins Tozawa of, but gets a CHOP!

Tozawa CHOPS again, but fakes Gallagher out to the JAB! Gallagher ends up in the corner as fans fire up. Tozawa wrenches Gallagher but Gallagher resists the whip. So Tozawa rocks him with a right! Tozawa backs off, and Gallagher monkey flips him into the post! Kendrick hurries to check on his pal, and a ring count begins. Tozawa sits up at 4, but he is dizzy. There’s a mark on his head as Tozawa staggers. Tozawa flops down! The count keeps climbing, Kendrick shouts for Tozawa to move, and Tozawa is in at 9.5! Cover, TWO! Tozawa might be bleeding now, but Gallagher gives him the space he needs. The referee checks and Gallagher encourages Tozawa to come back. Fans also rally up, but the ref needs to patch Tozawa up first. Gallagher waits in a corner, and fans encourage Tozawa with cheering. Tozawa returns, and the brawl is on!

Gallagher headbutts low and then goes back after arms. Gallagher digs his knee into Tozawa’s back and pulls the arms, but fans rally with “AH! AH!” Tozawa fights up and out but Gallagher knees low, only to run into a huricanrana! Shining Wizard puts Gallagher in a drop zone! Fans fire up again as Tozawa climbs! Tozawa aims, but has to roll through as Gallagher gets clear. Gallagher headbutts again, butterfly lift into a Gory Especial! Tozawa pops out and arm-drags, sending Gallagher out. Tozawa BOOTS Gallagher down, then builds speed to DIVE! The Tozawa Torpedo hits, and Tozawa fires up again! Tozawa puts Gallagher in and climbs back up. He leaps, missile dropkick hits! Cover, TWO! Gallagher toughs it out, but Tozawa also fires up. Blood trickles out, but Tozawa ignores it as he drags Gallagher up.

Gallagher resists the waistlock and backs Tozawa to a corner. Gallagher elbows then whips but Tozawa reverses. Tozawa fireman’s carries but Gallagher fights with elbows. Tozawa fades, but stands back up! Cyclone toss! Tozawa runs, shotgun basement dropkick! Cover, TWO!! Tozawa grows frustrated, but Gallagher gets to the apron. Tozawa is after him, but Gallagher escapes the suplex. Tozawa kicks, swings, but gets shoved at ropes! Gallagher dropkicks on the rebound! Gallagher drags Tozawa up, spins him around with underhooks, and rams him into buckles! Gallagher throws forearms and climbs up to join Tozawa. Kendrick coaches Tozawa as Tozawa resists the superplex, to SUPER gourd buster Gallagher down! “AH! AH!” TOKYO TOWER SENTON! Cover, Gallagher gets a leg on the rope! But Kendrick’s enthusiastic slapping causes it to come off! Tozawa wins!

Winner: Akira Tozawa, by pinfall

There might be some controversy in this victory! Gallagher knows full well Kendrick isn’t above doing what he has to in order to win. Did Kendrick mean to muddy the result on his friend’s behalf? Or is this an honest mistake from the Man with a Plan?


Oney Lorcan speaks.

“Two nights ago, I brought the fight to Drew Gulak. I should’ve walked out with the Cruiserweight Title.” Gulak took the easy way out with that throat punch. This fight is not over! And it won’t be over until Lorcan puts Gulak down for good, and finally leaves Toronto the champion.


Six Man Tag: Humberto Carrillo & Lucha House Party VS Ariya Daivari & The Singh Brothers!

There may have been differences of opinion on what lucha really means, but after finding Gran Metalik down and out earlier today, it looked like this rematch with Samir, Sunil and the Persian Lion would have to wait. However, Ultimo Ninja was willing to help Lince Dorado and Kalisto out, despite the tension. Additionally, Daivari has been working to plant seeds of dissent between the three amigos, but can he and the Bollywood Boys trample all over the luchadores?

The makeshift trios sort out, and Daivari starts against Carrillo. They circle and tie up, and Daivari kicks to punch away. Daivari has Carrillo in the corner then whips him corner to corner. Carrillo goes up and over and rolls back to show off his agility! Daivari swings but misses, ducks one kick but gets the enziguri! Carrillo runs, springboards and arm-drags Daivari around! And another arm-drag, to the armlock. Daivari endures while fans cheer. Daivari gets up and knees low, to then club away on Carrillo’s back. Tag to Sunil but he gets an arm-drag, too! Carrillo has Sunil in a wristlock, wrenches and brings him over, tag to Kalisto. Kalisto climbs and drops down to kick the arm. Kalisto tags Lince and Lince climbs to actually drop ax handles.

Lince chops away, then whips. Sunil reverses but Lince springboard crossbodies! Cover, ONE, but Lince CHOPS Sunil. Tag to Kalisto, and Lince holds Sunil in place for Kalisto to ram his shoulder in. Kalisto wrenches Sunil and Lince tags in quick. Lince hops in but Carrillo tags in, too. Lince helps Kalisto get up high and “LUCHA! LUCHA!” for a splash on Sunil. Lince plank splashes, and Carrillo corkscrew splashes down on Sunil! But the ref missed that quick tag, Carrillo isn’t considered legal. Kalisto is back in, and Sunil CHOPS back! Sunil CHOPS more, but Kalisto spins him around to CHOP! Kalisto goes up and jumps,but has to kick Samir down. Sunil trips Kalisto up! Kalisto crashes and burns to the mat, then Sunil hits Lince.

Tag to Daivari, and Daivari covers, but the ref didn’t see that, either! Daivari goes back and Sunil brings Kalisto over for a tag the ref does see. Daivari mugs Kalisto then gives him a backbreaker. Cover, TWO! Daivari wraps on a chinlock, and Kalisto endures the squeeze. Fans rally up and Kalisto fights to his feet. Kalisto throws body shots but Daivari clubs, whips and SPINEBUSTERS! Cover, TWO! Daivari drags Kalisto ver and tags in Samir. Samir drops elbows on Kalisto over and over, then swivels the hips. Cover, TWO! Samir wraps on a rear bearhug and Kalisto endures a new squeeze. Kalisto fights up as fans “Lucha! Lucha!” but Samir clubs him down. Tag to Sunil, and the brothers whip Kalisto. Kalisto slides to a stop and he kicks Samir from the mat! Sunil runs over but Kalisto kangaroo kicks him! Kalisto crawls for the lucha corner, but Lince gets yanked down!

Lince runs at Samir but Carrillo tags in. Carrillo rallies and whips Sunil. He hits a big clothesline then snapmares for a basement dropkick! Carrillo fires up, somersaults back tot he moonsautl! Cover, but Daivari breaks it! Daivari stomps away but Kalisto is on him with SALIDA DEL SOL! The BOllywood Boys SUPERKICK Kalisto! Lince leaps in, he and Carrillo SUPERKICK the Singhs! Then they decide to run together, DOUBLE FLY! They wipe out the Bollywood Boys! The fans are fired up for the aerial assault! But Daivari distracts Lince, and says he’s done with the match! Fans boo as Daivari quits, but Carrillo climbs to missile dropkick Sunil! Carrillo brings Sunil over to a drop zone, climbs up again, and Lince tags in?! Twisting splash from Carrillo, SHOOTING STAR from Lince! Lince barely waited for Carrillo to move, but they still win!

Winners: Humberto Carrillo & Lucha House Party, Lince pinning

Carrillo has to smirk and shrug, since it all worked out in the end. Kalisto is still trying to keep them united in lucha, but easier said than done. Will we find out who attacked Gran Metalik? Will Lince learn to respect Carrillo’s lucha lifestyle?


Drew Gulak speaks.

“Change is inevitable. When I ascended, I asked for a worthy challenge to step up, or step aside. Instead, I’m haunted by my past.” The ghosts of Tony Nese, Isaiah Scott and Oney Lorcan stepped up as if nothing has changed. But Gualk is THE Cruiserweight Champion, and his 205 Live is a battlefield. All is fair in war, so if you aren’t willing to make the same sacrifices as him, he will rip you apart piece by piece. The only constant is change, but Gulak is the law. Will Gulak prevent one change by keeping the title?


205 Live hears from Tony Nese.

“Last week, I lost my opportunity to go to SummerSlam.” After reflecting, the Premier Athlete comes to the conclusion that he must start from scratch. But he will retain the lessons learned, because the greatest teachings are from our past. Nese will do whatever he can and whatever he must to once again be Cruiserweight Champion. But who will he be heading for after this major rematch main event?


WWE Cruiserweight Championship: Drew Gulak VS Oney Lorcan!

While the Philly Stretcher justifies his underhanded tactics, he’ll have to try harder than a punch to the throat to keep the Fury of 205 Live down for good. Will the Boston Brawler punch his way to the gold? Or will Gulak go 2-0 in Toronto?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we begin this SummerSlam sequel!

The moment the bell rings, both men go at each other with fists! Lorcan staggers Gulak and has him in the corner, but Gulak comes out fast. Lorcan keeps throwing big hands then bumps Gulak off buckles. He stomps and CHOPS Gulak, then grinds him against buckles. Gulak gets out of the ring and Lorcan dares him to bring the fight! Fans fire up with Lorcan, but Gulak takes a moment to focus. Gulak approaches but gets back as Lorcan rushes at him. Gulak paces as he plans how to handle this. He gets up and Lorcan lets him in. The two circle and fans rally up. Gulak rushes in but into a Half ‘n’ Half! Gulak lands on his head and hurries out! But Lorcan won’t let up, he clibms and LEAPS! The cannonball takes Gulak down! Toronto loves the intensity as Lorcan puts Gulak in. Cover, TWO!

Lorcan drags Gulak up from the corner to put him on the top rope backwards. Lorcan climbs up, wants another half nelson, but Gulak resists for dear life. Gulak elbows back and sends Lorcan tumbling down to the ground! Now Lorcan crawls on the outside, and the ref goes to check on him. Gulak stands and sees where Lorcan went. Gulak goes out to fetch Lorcan, brings him up by his beard, and RAMS him into the commentary desk! That throat is part of the impact! Gulak lifts Lorcan to snake eyes him off the apron edge! Gulak leaves Lorcan back to mock the number one finger Lorcan usually gives. Lorcan refuses to let this end the match, but he’s not in good shape. Gulak wants Lorcan to either be counted out or get back in. The count starts and Lorcan sits up at 3. Lorcan is gasping for air but trying to make it back up. The count passes 5, but Lorcan stansd at 8 to get in at 9.5!

Gulak stomps away on Lorcan! And CHOPS him hard in the corner! Gulak whips Lorcan corner to corner to then clothesline and snap suplex! Cover, TWO! Lorcan refuses to lose yet, but Gulak is on him with a neck wrench. Gulak chinbars but also rakes Lorcan’s face. Fans rally up for Lorcan and Lorcan fights his way back up. Lorcan knees low but gets caught. Gulak puts Lorcan’s leg on the rope to club and CHOP him. Gulak grabs Lorcan for a draping neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Lorcan gasps and gets in the corner, but Gulak grins sadistically as he goes to the apron. Gulak stands on Lorcan’s head! The ref counts and Gulak lets up. Gulak cravats Lorcan into the apron, then slams him on the edge! Cover, TWO!

Gulak keeps his focus as he puts the chinlock on. Lorcan endures and fans rally back up. Lorcan works his way back up, and fights back with big body shots! Gulak backs off but he gets haymakers. Gulak boots Lorcan away, then leaps for a clothesline! Cover, TWO! Gulak gets up and drags Lorcan around into a mounted sleeper hold. Fans rally for Lorcan as he endures this new squeeze. Gulak rolls Lorcan around in the hold, but Lorcan still holds out. Lorcan powers up off the energy, and elbows free of Gulak’s grip. Lorcan throws European Uppercuts, but Gulak headbutts low. Gulak whips but Lorcan dodges and ducks to blast Gulak! Cover, TWO! Running Blockbuster! Cover, TWO! Lorcan just keeps moving, LARIAT! Cover, TWO!! But Lorcan just builds the energy up as Gulak goes to a corner.

Lorcan runs corner to corner, for a back elbow! Then again, for a second back elbow! Lorcan goes for the hat trick, but Gulak gets clear! Gulak scoops and slams Lorcan into ropes! Cover, TWO! Lorcan escapes, and Gulak looks to be thinking on what he has to do to end this. Gulak drags Lorcan up, torture racks, but Lorcan fights out to half nelson! Gulak elbows out, but Lorcan runs, only to get Gulak’s LARIAT! Cover, TWO!! Lorcan survives and Gulak is stunned. Fans cheer Lorcan on but Gulak is already on him. Gulak lifts Lorcan to the top rope, then climbs up to join him. Gulak is on the very top as he rains down rights. Lorcan pops out and trips Gulak up! Gulak is crotch’d on the top bar, and Lorcan climbs up behind him. Fans fire up as Lorcan wants to end this!

Lorcan has the half nelson, and brings Gulak up, SUPER HALF ‘N’ HALF! But Gulak ends up so far away! Lorcan has to crawl to the cover, ROPEBREAK! Gulak survives and Lorcan is at a loss for words. Gulak slumps out of the ring but Lorcan grits his teeth. Fans give him the fire he needs, and Lorcan pursues Gulak. Lorcan whips Gulak into barriers! And into the announce desk! Gulak staggers but Lorcan throws him into steel steps! Lorcan puts Gulak in the ring, but Gulak cradles! TWO, and Lorcan CHOPS Gulak! Lorcan grabs Gulak’s jaw, slap, slap, SLAP! Then spinning backhand CHOP! Cover, TWO!! Gulak pushes Lorcan away but Lorcan just SLAPS him again! Lorcan tees off with slapping palm strikes to the back! Half ‘n’ Half but standing switch, roll up, GULOCK!! Lorcan flails, reaches, but the body scissors are on, too! Lorcan is fading, he is OUT! Gulak wins!!

Winner: Drew Gulak, by submission; still WWE Cruiserweight Champion

Lorcan’s spirit outlasted his body, and the referee had no choice but to call this for the champion. Gulak is laughing despite barely being able to sit up, because he still has the title. Will Lorcan fight his way to a third chance at Clash of Champions? Or is he already out of the running?



My Thoughts:

What an episode! 205 Live still has some of the best wrestling content in the WWE week, and that continues here. I like this hint of a story between Gallagher, Kendrick and Tozawa, and with a solid opener for the night. Kendrick undoing the ropebreak was done in a very clever way so that it can still come off as an accident. I don’t know how this story goes, as Gallagher being Heel didn’t quite work since fans do love his Face hijinks. But while Kendrick is really good as a Heel, I’m not sure how a Heel Tozawa would work when fans also love him for the “AH! AH!” and his fast paced style. The way the story feels, either Gallagher or Kendrick could come out of this Heel again, so it’s definitely an intriguing route.

Metalik being attacked for the Six Man to include Carrillo, clearly it wasn’t Carrillo who attacked Metalik. I wonder if Daivari did it to prove to Lince he doesn’t need Metalik, and by extension Kalisto. Or it’s Lince who did it because something Daivari said got through to him. I would prefer it to be Daivari first, and then maybe as things progress, Lince starts to “see” what Daivari means and goes Heel when he attacks Kalisto on air. And then the SummerSlam rematch for the Cruiserweight Championship as great, as all 205 Live main events have been. Lorcan did great and this was what we were really hoping for out of both men, but it seems it’s still too soon for Lorcan to take over 205. Nese wants to get back to the title, so he might get that next chance while everyone else has a story, and he might be the only one who can get that belt off Gulak, unless someone new is brought in.

My Score: 8.6/10

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