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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (8/27/19)

Time to avenge the King of the Ropes!



205 Live = Cruiserweight Division

The Persian Lion will face the Lucha Dragon!

To avenge the blindside attack, Kalisto goes after Ariya Daivari, suspect numero uno! But is Daivari even the one who attacked Gran Metalik? Will Kalisto get answers while also getting the win?



  • Kalisto VS Ariya Daivari; Daivari wins.
  • WWE Cruiserweight Championship #1 Contender’s Match: Oney Lorcan VS Humberto Carrillo; Carrillo wins and faces Drew Gulak for the title at Clash of Champions.


The Captain’s Challenge was accepted, fought and won!

Team Gulak VS Team Oney went to war in 5v5 elimination action! Drew Gulak got disqualified over wanting to simply hurt Oney Lorcan, leaving his team without a captain. And with that, Oney Lorcan and Humberto Carrillo survived to win it all for their team! But now that begs the question: Who will be Drew Gulak’s Clash of Champions challenger?


Drake Maverick met with Oney Lorcan and Humberto Carrillo earlier today.

Congratulations are in order for these two being the survivors of the Captains Challenge. But Oney cuts to the chase and asks for another match with Drew Gulak. They’re clearly not through with their fight. But the predicament is, there were two winners in that match, so they both have a victory over Gulak. Does that mean facing Gulak at the same time? Not quite. Maverick needs a major main event, so it is Carrillo VS Lorcan, the winner takes on Gulak at Clash of Champions. Both men like that, and shake hands on this Cruiserweight contender match. Who will be the one to face Gulak for the gold?


Kalisto VS Ariya Daivari!

When Gran Metalik was found down and out in the hallway, fingers pointed right at the Persian Lion given the seeds of dissent he was trying to sow in Lince Dorado’s head. The Lucha Dragon steps up as the de facto leader of the Lucha House Party, but Daivari hasn’t even openly taken credit for what happened to the King of the Ropes. Is Kalisto on the money or way off base in going after Daivari for the attack?

The bell rings and Daivari circles with Kalisto. Kalisto dodges Daivari’s grip, but Daivari mocks the lucha chant. They circle and tie up, and Daivari gets the headlock. Kalisto powers out but Daivari runs him over! Daivari lounges on the ropes but Baton Rouge boos. Kalisto dares Daivari to bring the fight, so Daivari hops off to circle again. Kalisto waistlocks and gets a headlock, and tries a headlock takeover. Daivari blocks that and then powers out. Kalisto dodges and wheelbarrows to then use ropes to sunset flip! Cover, TWO! Kalisto tackles Daivari down! Now Kalisto lounges, and even adds some sassy swiveling. Daivari runs in but gets a kick! Kalisto climbs up and leaps for a tornillo arm-drag! Daivari bails out but Kalisto DIVES and takes Daivari down! Fans fire up and join in the “Lucha! Lucha!”

Kalisto stands Daivari up to kick hard against the barriers! Kalisto puts Daivari back in. Kalisto climbs but Daivari rolls all the way away. So Kalisto just flips, rolls and runs over. But Daivari puts him on the apron, and trips him up! Daivari grins and laughs as Kalisto hits the floor hard. The ring count begins, but Daivari runs to dropkick Kalisto back down and hard! Kalisto hits barriers, and Daivari goes out to loom over the luchador. The ring count begins again so Daivari drags Kalisto up, only to throw into steel steps! Daivari hears the count pass 5 so he brings Kalisto up and into the ring. Daivari still wants to end this in the ring as he covers, TWO! Daivari drags Kalisto up into a thrashing chinlock and uses it to grind Kalisto down. Kalisto endures and fans rally up. Kalisto fights up and out, but runs into Daivari’s lift and hotshot! Then a full nelson spin into the inverted DDT! Cover, TWO! Kalisto lives and Daivari grows frustrated.

Daivari looms over Kalisto again as he soaks up the heat. Daivari drags Kalisto up and shoves him to ropes, to forearm him in the back on the rebound. Daivari does it again, stalking Kalisto as he crawls on the ropes. He wants a third time but Kalisto elbows Daivari away! Kalisto mule kicks then kicks and CHOPS! Kalisto puts some stank on that last one! Kalisto whips but Daivari reverses, only for Kalisto to roll. Daivari mule kicks and clobbers Kalisto! Cover, TWO! Kalisto rolls out to the apron, but Daivari drags Kalisto back in. Daivari wraps a new chinlock on and grinds him to the mat. Kalisto endures and fights against the hold. Kalisto gets up and fans rally up again. Kalisto jawbreakers Daivari away! Kalisto runs, into a SPINEBUSTER! High stack cover, TWO! Daivari grows frustrated with Kalisto, and drags him back into another chinlock.

Kalisto endures as Daivari grinds his knee into Kalisto’s back. Kalisto fights up again, and fights free, only for Daivari to club him down. Daivari drags Kalisto up to whip him at the corner. Kalisto stops himself and kicks back! Kalisto boots Daivari from the mat, then gets up as Daivari staggers away. Daivari runs back into a boot, then Kalisto CHOPS and goes acrobatic for an arm-drag! Kalisto runs in to ram his shoulder into Daivari, then hits a Sipke-rana! Cover, TWO! Kalisto and Daivari are both slowly rising, and the “Lucha! Lucha!” starts up again. Kalisto grabs Daivari but Daivari bails out. Kalisto follows Daivari to the apron and drags him up, but Daivari hotshots him back! Daivari uppercuts Kalisto down, and both are on the apron. Daivari drags Kalisto up, and suplexes, only for Kalisto to fight out and kick back!

Kalisto runs, huricanrana sends them both flying off the apron! Both men hit the ground hard, and a ring count begins. The count climbs to 5 by the time Kalisto crawls over to Daivari. Daivari also gets up, and the two stand at 8. Kalisto gets Daivari in and the count ends at 9. Kalisto climbs and aims, for a 450 splash! Cover, but the hooking is so deep, Daivari’s legs are on the ropes! Kalisto can’t believe his own mistake just cost him! Daivari rolls away but Kalisto calls on the power of the lucha chants. The fans give him that energy, and Daivari stands. Salida- NO! Daivari goes after the mask! Kalisto is too busy fighting that off to avoid the hammerlock lariat!! Cover, Daivari wins!

Winner: Ariya Daivari, by pinfall

The “Persian Twist” wins another one for the Persian Lion! Whether Daivari was the one who beat down Gran Metalik, he beats Kalisto in the ring. Daivari adds insult to injury as he punches and stomps Kalisto down! So here comes Lucha House Party! Metalik runs in but is sent back out. But Lince is right there in Daivari’s face! Daivari tries to reason with the Golden Lynx, but Lince doesn’t back down. Daivari takes his leave, and Lince helps his amigo up. Is there something to Lince not hitting Daivari? Or did he feel that a match would be a better way to shut Daivari up?


Backstage interview with Tony Nese.

The Premier Athlete was on the losing end of the Captains Challenge because he was on Team Gulak. Nese said he’d do anything to get another title match, is he still confident he’ll get back to the top? Nese stands by what he said. He will do everything and anything to win the title back. But maybe Nese needs to change how he goes about it. Just being Premier isn’t enough anymore. What transformation will Tony Nese put himself through in both body and mind in order to be a contender again?


The Singh Brothers speak.

“Since our return to 205 Live, it has been anything but lights, camera and Bollywood Action.” And after some self-reflection, they themselves have been anything but award winning. They’re going to go back, study every bit of footage, and will go inside the Bollywood actor’s studio to come back as the greatest tag team in 205 Live history. What will help Samir & Sunil perfect their craft and bring the performance of a lifetime to the ring?


WWE Cruiserweight Championship #1 Contender’s Match: Oney Lorcan VS Humberto Carrillo!

The main event Maverick made is here! The Boston Brawler and Ultimo Ninja survived the Captains Challenge, but now only one can face Drew Gulak at Clash of Champions!

The bell rings and the two shake hands again to show this is in good sportsmanship. They circle and tie up, and Oney powers Carrillo to the corner. Oney backs off and Carrillo circles with him again. They go again and Oney headlocks. Oney grinds Carrillo but Carrillo powers out and hurdles over. Oney wants his Half ‘n’ Half but Carrillo avoids it with an arm-drag! Oney headscissors but Carrillo pops out! Roles reverse as Oney gets the takedown but Carrillo headscissors. Oney also pops out and Carrillo handsprings up. The fans cheer for the stand-off! Oney and Carrillo circle again and tie up. Carrillo gets the takedown and runs, but Oney keeps up with the agility! Carrillo keeps moving to springboard sunset flips! Cover, ONE as Oney sits on Carrillo! ONE as Carrillo sunsets again, ONE as Oney gets out to swing a kick! Carrillo ducks it and sweeps the legs to a cover, ONE! Oney sweeps and covers, ONE! Another stand-off and Baton Rouge cheers again.

Carrillo and Oney catch their breaths as fans build to a duel. Oney and Carrillo tie up and Oney gets the wrist. Oney wrenches but Carrillo endures. Carrillo spins and cartwheels to reverse the hold. He has Oney on his knees with the wristlock, but Oney breaks free to snapmare. Carrillo handsprings through but Oney wants the Half ‘n’ Half! Carrillo standing switches out of it, but Oney switches back. Oney shoves Carrillo but Carrillo dodges, only to get the kitchen sink knee! Cover, ONE, but Oney doesn’t slow down, he bumps Carrillo off buckles hard! Oney stands Carrillo up for a CHOP! Carrillo CHOPS back, but Oney rams his shoulder in. Oney brings Carrillo out to suplex to a gourd buster! Cover, TWO! Oney is right on Carrillo with a waistlock, making it a rear bearhug. Carrillo endures the squeeze as fans build to another rally.

Carrillo gets up and fights free of the hold. Carrillo runs, handsprings, but gets a European Uppercut to the back! Oney drags Carrillo up for a suplex to hang Carrillo out to dry! Then he drags Carrillo to a cover, TWO! Oney goes back to the rear bearhug, then shifts to a body scissors squeeze! Carrillo endures and fans rally up. Carrillo pushes back to a cover, ONE, and Oney keeps the squeeze. Oney squeezes harder, but Carrillo refuses to quit. Carrillo works on the feet but Oney grabs him in a sleeper at the same time! Carrillo fights his way up and works on the feet again. Oney keeps trying on the upper body but Carrillo makes it a cover, ONE! Carrillo tries again, TWO, and Carrillo runs, only to get another knee! Oney kicks Carrillo down then covers, TWO! Oney tries a high stack, TWO! Back to the rear bearhug! Carrillo endures all over again, and fights his way back up. Carrillo elbows Oney off, but Oney clubs him down!

Oney has the half nelson but Carrillo again denies him. Oney clubs Carrillo again then back suplexes. Carrillo lands on his feet and elbows Oney away. Oney comes back to get a boot! Carrillo dodges, clotheslines, snapmares and runs to basement dropkick! Fans fire up with Carrillo as he somersault moonsaults! Cover, TWO! Carrillo whips Oney but Oney reverses. Carrillo springboards to headbutt Oney out! Carrillo keeps moving, to FLY! Direct hit takes Oney down but it was double-edged! Carrillo still gets up and gets Oney in. Carrillo slingshot sunset flips but Oney rolls through for a basement EuroUpper! Carrillo flounders to a corner as the Fury of 205 Live fires up! Oney runs corner to corner but Carrillo boots him down! Carrillo springboard enziguris! Cover, TWO!! Carrillo can’t believe it, but he won’t stop. He handspring arm-drags Oney off the mat! Cover, TWO! Oney still lives and Carrillo is growing frustrated!

Carrillo and Oney slowly rise, but it’s Carrillo up first. He drags Oney to a drop zone and stomps him down. Carrillo climbs high, MOONSAULT gets boots! Oney rises as Carrillo flounders away. Oney fires up again, and fans join in. Oney runs corner to corner, for a big back elbow! And again! Carrillo stops the hat trick, but Oney punches back. Carrillo enzugiris and then springboards, but Oney gets clear to EuroUpper! Carrillo BOOTS, then runs in, only for Oney to put him in. Carrillo jumps away to then SLAP Oney! Missile dropkick sends Oney down! Carrillo FLIES again to again take Oney out! Carrillo got the better of that one this time, and he puts Oney back in. Oney is in the drop zone, and Carrillo goes for an old favorite. But Oney EuroUppers the headstand down!

Carrillo flounders again as Oney crawls over. Oney powers up and drags Carrillo up into the half nelson but Carrillo fights out again. Carrillo SUPERKICKS Oney at the ropes! And then springboards to double stomp Oney down! Carrillo puts Oney back in fast, powerbomb lift! SIT-OUT BOMB! Cover, TWO!? Oney survives and Carrillo is shocked! Both men slowly sit up, and start brawling. Oney only powers up to give more EuroUppers! Carrillo wobbles, but Oney kicks him up. Carrillo blocks, swings but comes back on the second try! Carrillo runs into a stiff dropkick! He flops out of the ring and to the announce desk. Oney builds speed now, and slides, only for Carrillo to dodge. But Oney finally gets his Half ‘n’ Half!! But they’re both outside! Oney gets into the ring at the count of 4, and climbs up top!? Carrillo stands and Oney LEAPS! SUPER CANNONBALL wipes Carrillo out! And Oney roars!

Oney drags Carrillo up and in, then climbs up again! Baton Rouge comes alive as Carrillo stands again. Oney leaps for another cannonball! Cover, TWO!! Carrillo shocks Oney now as he survives! But Oney just calls for one more. Oney drags Carrillo up and then hoists him onto the top rope. Oney climbs up behind Carrillo and wants that half nelson. Carrillo fights Oney away, and turns around, only for Oney to blast him with another EuroUpper! Oney climbs again, but Carrillo resists. Carrillo SUPER Gourd Busters Oney down! And leaps for a twisting splash! Cover, Carrillo wins!!

Winner: Humberto Carrillo, by pinfall; NEW #1 Contender to the WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Ultimo Ninja is headed to Clash of Champions and will face Gulak for the gold! But speaking of, Drew Gulak applauds his former “star pupil.” Look at Carrillo’s journey. From winning the Captains Challenge by besting his cousin, Angel Garza, to defeating Oney Lorcan. Gulak is right: change is the rule. But now Carrillo will face Gulak for the title. Gulak is not the same taecher Carrillo remembers. Come Clash of Champions, Gulak will teach Carrillo a new lesson in pain and punishment. And as long as the title belongs to Gulak, he will continue to remind everyone that if change is the rule, Gulak is the law. Carrillo doesn’t care for all the talk, but will the cruel Cruiserweight Champion crush the dream of the young luchador?



My Thoughts:

A really good episode of 205 Live! Though that Baton Rouge crowd was dead. I appreciate that most of the fans stuck around, but they seemed way too quiet. It wasn’t like anything that amazing happened on SmackDown for them to be tired. Maybe Louisiana just isn’t as good of a wrestling market anymore. Kalisto VS Daivari was solid, and really helped point out the film style 205 Live was going for. They actually got some really good angles for this match, with Kalisto flying off the apron both from getting kicked off and then diving out to hit Daivari. Daivari wins to stay strong in this developing story with Lucha House Party, and I liked that they teased some things with Lince. I almost thought he was going to attack Metalik on the apron right here tonight, but him not doing anything helps add a touch of intrigue to the story. Maybe we wait a little longer so this can stretch towards the other PPV’s.

The Singh Brothers had a decent promo, but I’m not really sure what they can do to change what they’ve been doing. Maybe this was just their way of writing themselves off for a couple weeks to make room for other stories, such as the Daivari VS LHP and even the triangle of Kendrick, Tozawa and Gallagher. The match of Gallagher VS Kendrick is still coming, and that’ll be another good story to fill the weeks. The main event of Lorcan VS Carrillo in a #1 contender’s match was incredible! And that only helped point out how dead the crowd was. But despite being a match way too good for the majority of Baton Rouge, it was a great surprise to see it was Carrillo winning. Carrillo’s story finally comes back around, and this might be the time to pull the trigger. Clash of Champions is stacking itself up with the other big stories, the Cruiserweight Championship would feel big if the title changed hands, regardless of where it is on the show.

My Score: 8.5/10

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