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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (8/6/19)

One night, one shot for one man to go to SummerSlam!



205 Live = Cruiserweight Division

Who will be the Cruiserweight Champion’s challenger?!

In order to give Drew Gulak a contender for SummerSlam, a Six-Pack Challenge is put forth! The Premier Athlete, the Boston Brawler, the Stamina Monster, the Gentleman, the Lucha Dragon or the Persian Lion, who will step up to endure the pain and punishment?



  • Lince Dorado w/ Gran Metalik VS Humberto Carrillo; Double Count-Out.
  • WWE Cruiserweight Championship #1 Contender’s Six Pack Challenge: Tony Nese VS Oney Lorcan VS Akira Tozawa VS Jack Gallagher VS Kalisto VS Ariya Daivari; Lorcan wins and will challenge Drew Gulak for the title at SummerSlam.


Drake Maverick feels “vindicated”!

Though he is the General Manager of 205 Live, he got to settle things between himself and Mike Kanellis. However, he hopes that will be the only time he ever has to compete on the show. Maverick was hired to be a GM, and that is what he wants to be. But he does want Mike Kanellis to know that the door will always be open to him here in the Cruiserweight Division. Maverick will not let this issue with Mike result in unfair treatment, same as any other superstar on the 205 Live roster.

And speaking of, Maverick gets things back on track for SummerSlam! Drew Gulak wants a match, but who will it be against? To give a truly exciting hour of action, there will be a first-for-205 Six Pack Challenge! Former champions and rising stars alike are in the mix, who comes out with a ticket to Toronto?


Lince Dorado w/ Gran Metalik VS Humberto Carrillo!

Rather shockingly, the Golden Lynx declared that Ultimo Ninja only talks lucha while the Lucha House Party lives it. Carrillo wants to show Lince just how wrong he is, but is he?

The bell rings and Lince circles with Carrillo. Fans rally with “Lucha! Lucha!” as the two tie up. Carrillo puts Lince in the corner but backs off. He wrenches Lince but Lince handsprings through. Fans cheer and Carrillo smirks as he circles with Lince again. They tie up and Lince gets the takedown from behind. Lince has the arm but Carrillo fights his way up. Lince wrenches and kicks but Carrillo handsprings and cartwheels free. He and Lince circle and go again. Carrillo gets the waistlock but Lince gets the standing switch. Carrillo wrenches to a wristlock, but Lince fights with body shots. Lince wrenches to a hammerlock, but Carrillo elbows free. Carrillo and Lince circle once more, and Carrillo trips Lince. Things speed up and Carrillo shows off his agility, but Lince matches it.

Lince tilt-o-whirls and headscissors! Carrillo gets up to springboard and arm-drag Lince! Carrillo jumps the sweep, Lince ducks the roundhouse, and both men dropkick but those cancel out. They both kip-up and kick, but the both catch those kicks, too! Both men let the other go at the same time, and shake hands to show there is still respect. Lince and Metalik get the fans rallying with “Lucha! Lucha!” Things speed up and Carrillo follows to dodge and springboard again, for a flying forearm! Lince bails out and Carrillo builds speed, but gets a kick! Lince runs in to shove and reel Carrillo in, but Carrillo steps through to stay up. Lince wheelbarrows and arm-drags Carrillo out! The Golden Lynx wrecks Carrillo with a dropkick, then springboards to FLY! The crossbody takes Carrillo down!

Fans rally with more “Lucha! Lucha!” as Lince gets Carrillo up and in. Lince springboards to splash! Cover, ONE! Lince kicks Carrillo in the back then drops the planking splash! Cover, ONE! Lince keeps on Carrillo with a chinlock. Carrillo endures the grind as fans rally up. Lince drives his knee in and pulls back on Carrillo’s arms. Carrillo continues to endure as fans rally. Carrillo fights his way up and tries to turn the hold around, but Lince just spins through to keep it on Carrillo. Lince pushes a foot against Carrillo’s back then kicks him. Carrillo keeps fighting his way up, and bumps free of the hold. Carrillo runs but into a huricanrana, only to sunset flip it! TWO, and Lince dropkicks Carrillo down! Cover, TWO! Lince keeps his cool as Metalik cheers him on. Lince CHOPS Carrillo to a corner and might even have hurt his own hand.

Lince runs into the corner but Carrillo dodges! Carrillo comes back with another springboard, only for Lince to counter the arm-drag by yanking Carrillo down! Lince then steps through for La Magistrol, but Carrillo counters! TWO, and Carrillo SLAPS Lince with that haymaker! Lince deflects the kick to CHOP Carrillo! Lince whips but Carrillo sunset flips again, only for Lince to roll through and dropkick! But Carrillo gets right up to dropkick Lince back! Both men are down and fans fire up. Carrillo and Lince stir as a standing count begins. Both men crawl to corners and stand before 5. Lince runs in but gets an elbow. Carrillo boots Lince, too, then dodges! Lince gets buckles, then Carrillo’s clothesline! Snapmare to basement dropkick! Carrillo reverse somersaults to a splash! Cover, ONE! Carrillo tries again, TWO!

Metalik coaches Lince but Carrillo brings Lince up. Lince jawbreakers back, then handsprings to an Eddy Gordo kick! Lince runs in but the monkey flip is turned around. Carrillo’s chop is blocked by a kick, and then Lince kicks Carrillo in the face. But Carrillo is right back up! Lince shoves Carrillo away, Carrillo rolls through it, but Carrillo runs into Lince’s crossbody! Cover, TWO! Carrillo survives and surprises himself! Lince keeps his cool as he catches his breath and checks his pads. Lince brings Carrillo up to club his back. He scoops but Carrillo slips out. Lince gives him elbow after elbow, then handsprings, but Carrillo catches the Golden Rewind! Lince victory rolls through and yanks Carrillo up onto his shoulder, GUTBUSTER! Metalik cheers Lince as he climbs up high. Carrillo goes to ropes as “Lucha! Lucha!’ echoes out. Guillotine leg drop!

Lince takes some damage from the landing, but he keeps moving as he goes up, for a splash that FLOPS! Carrillo springboards, flying enziguri! Cover, TWO!! Lince still lives and Carrillo can’t believe it! Carrillo grits his teeth with wild eyes as he drags Lince up. Carrillo scoops and slams Lince down, then drags him to a drop zone. Carrillo climbs, but Lince shoves the headstand over! Lince shoulders out then climbs from the other side. The two brawl as they climb the corner! Lince blocks a bump and elbows Carrillo, and CHOPS! And CHOPS, and CHOPS! Then he shifts position, but Carrillo resists the suicide superplex! Carrillo pushes Lince away, and with Lince perilously on the ropes, Carrillo dropkicks him off! Lince crashes and burns to the floor!

Carrillo builds speed as Lince stands, and Carrillo FLIES! Ultimo Ninja’s Sasuke Special wipes both him and Lince out! A ring count begins as both men are down on the ground. The count reaches 5 before Carrillo crawls to the ring. Metalik shouts at Lince as he stands at 7. Carrillo is on the apron but Lince trips him! The count hits 10!!

Double Count-Out

Lince couldn’t win, so he settled for a draw! Metalik is confused by that, and Carrillo is beside himself. But Lince seems to not care. So Carrillo FLIES out onto both him and Metalik! Carrillo and Lucha House Party are down, is this fight for the heart of lucha far from over?


Tony Nese speaks.

“Last month, I walked into Extreme Rules against Drew Gulak and I truly believed I was going to win back the Cruiserweight Championship. But sometimes, life doesn’t go the way you want.” It was that one night, that one match, that one opponent that made him realize that he needs to be more than just the Premier Athlete to lead the Division. Nese promises to be champion again, and this is the perfect opportunity! Winning a Six Pack Challenge, he gets Gulak one more time! The past didn’t go his way, but Nese guarantees that the future will, as the NEW Cruiserweight Champion. “Because honestly, I don’t really know where I stand in this division if I don’t.” He and five other contender will put each other to the test in the main event, up next!


Ariya Daivari walks by Lince Dorado backstage.

The Persian Lion assures the Golden Lynx he means no harm. He just wants to talk. Lince allows it, and Daivari says that everyone else is talking about Carrillo when they should be talking about Lince. Daivari saw the match, Carrillo’s last dive was uncalled for. But maybe Carrillo is just mad that he got outsmarted. Lince could be a breakout star from LHP! Look at Seth Rollins after he ditched the Shield. He skyrocketed to the top of the WWE and was world champion! Lince could be a lot like him, if he ditches the dead weight.

Does Daivari think Lince is buying the crap? Kalisto and Gran Metalik aren’t dead weight, they’re Lucha House Party. One for all and all for one. Oh is that so? Is that why Kalisto gets the Six Pack Challenge spot and not Lince? Daivari got his spot because he demands what he deserves. Lince should do the same. Daivari could be the new Cruiserweight Champion coming out of SummerSlam, and his first opponent could be the new Lince Dorado, minus LHP. But Metalik comes by to ask what’s going on. Daivari just tells Lince to think on what he said. Is Daivari planting the seeds of dissent inside Lince’s mind?


WWE Cruiserweight Championship #1 Contender’s Six Pack Challenge: Tony Nese VS Oney Lorcan VS Akira Tozawa VS Jack Gallagher VS Kalisto VS Ariya Daivari!

If the Privileged Persian Lion is to become champion, he first has to become a contender! Will he get past the Premier Athlete, Boston Brawler, Stamina Monster, Extraordinary Gentleman and Lucha Dragon to do it? Or will one of them be the one heading to Toronto to challenge Drew Gulak?

The bell rings, and all six men are wary of the opponents all around them. And Daivari is the only one to bail out. But Tozawa DIVES and takes him out! The Tozawa Torpedo wipes Daivari out! Tozawa puts Daivari in and Daivari stands up, to get Oney’s CHOP! And Gallagher’s CHOP! And Kalisto’s CHOP! And Tony’s CHOP! It’s a chop party! Tozawa gets in and fakes Daivari out, to JAB! Daivari staggers to a corner, and Gallagher runs in. Daivari boots Gallagher, then boots Nese and Oney. Daivari hops up and leaps, but they all get clear, letting Daivari FLOP to the mat. Fans cheer as Gallagher scrapes Daivari out of the ring. Now the five remaining superstars start fighting each other! Oney goes after Kalisto while Nese and Tozawa brawl. Gallagher tries to decide where to go, but Daivari revives and drags him out! Daivari and Gallagher brawl right in front of commentary.

Oney knees Kalisto while Tozawa stomps Nese. Oney whips Kalisto corner to corner but Kalisto puts him on the apron, and enziguris him out! Kalisto builds speed, but Tozawa SUPERKICKS him down! Tozawa goes back to Nese but gets a shotgun dropkick! Nese runs at Kalisto but misses! Kalisto comes back but gets a double stomp! Nese rushes Kalisto but gets a monkey flip! He lands on his feet! Tozawa rushes Nese but gets a STIFF left forearm! Nese hops up and moonsaults but Tozawa gets clear. Tozawa runs at Nese but Nese goes Matrix to dodge! Nese kips up, mule kicks, knee lifts and sweeps! Kalisto elbows Nese to hop up and tornado arm-drag! Kalisto then tilt-o-whirls but Nese blocks and reverses to a suplex! He throws Kalisto at Tozawa and they both wipe out in the corner!

Nese scrapes them both out but Daivari returns. Nese dumps Daivari out but Oney returns to CHOP Nese! Nese CHOPS back, and now we have a new CHOP fight! They go back and forth until Oney goes for European Uppercuts! Oney runs but dodges Nese’s clothesline to FLY onto Kalisto, Daivari and Tozawa! Nese sees them all together, and he runs, to FLY! He wipes out Tozawa, Daivari and Oney while Kalisto gets clear. Gallagher returns with William III! Gallagher climbs up high and just like Mary Poppins, DIVES in! The Chim Chim Cheroo senton wipes them all out! Kalisto is in the ring and sees five targets. He builds speed, to then slingshot instead. But the five catch him, and TOSS him over the announce desk! The Lucha Dragon was almost in the front row!

Referees check on Kalisto but he’s somehow okay to continue. All six men catch their breaths on the outside. Daivari decks Nese and tosses Tozawa into a post. Gallagher whips but Daivari reverses to send him into barriers! Daivari puts Oney in and CHOPS him to a corner. Daivari whips corner to corner but Oney reverses hard. Oney hits one back elbow, then runs corner to corner for a second! HE tries a third but gets a BOOT! Daivari hops up, leaps, but into a EuroUpper! Oney runs to hit the Blockbuster! Cover, but Gallagher returns to break it! Gallagher dragon screws Oney into the Gentleman’s Deathlock! But Tozawa comes in to get Gallagher into the Iron Octopus! But Nese gets Oney in a Last Chancery! It’s a chain of submissions, who would get the win if someone tapped out?! Daivari makes that all moot as he barrels into all four! No more submissions and Daivari soaks up the heat.

But Kalisto springboards in for a crossbody! Kalisto bounces off to dropkick Nese! Kalisto handsprings and enziguris Daivari! SPIKE-RANA! Cover, but Oney breaks it! Oney gives Kalisto a BIG EuroUpper! Nese returns but has to fight off the Half ‘n’ Half. Nese runs but Oney slides him off, only to get a SUPERKICK! Oney clutches his jaw as Nese picks him up in the Alabama. Nese tucks Oney in for the PREMIER BUSTER! Cover, but Tozawa gets Nese in headscissors! But Nese blocks with his strength, to BOMB him on Oney! Cover, but Gallagher breaks it! Gallagher looms over Nese before firing off furious forearms! Nese shoves and DECKS Gallagher, but Gallagher returns with a Lunat- er, Gentleman’s HEADBUTT! He falls on the cover, TWO!! Nese survives and Gallagher is stunned.

Gallagher drags Nese up and onto the top rope. Gallagher clubs Nese as he climbs up. Nese elbows Gallagher off, but Oney hurries over to club Nese! Oney climbs up and wants the half nelson! Nese resists and elbows Oney off, too! Oney gets hung up on the way down, but Kalisto rocks Nese now! Kalisto climbs, punches Nese into the Tree of Woe, but Gallagher joins in. Gallagher goes over Nese to get at Kalisto, but Kalisto resists. Nese sits up and adds on! Spider German SUPERPLEX! Gallagher and Kalisto writhe, but Tozawa returns to use Gallagher as a step stool! And he CANNONBALLS Nese! But Daivari climbs up and aims, LION SPLASH on Tozawa! Cover, TWO!! Tozawa survives and Daivari is beside himself! All six men are down somewhere around the ring, and Detroit is loving this!

The referee goes around checking on each man, but they’re all still in this. Oney rises, glaring daggers at Daivari. Daivari gives that glare back, and the two start trading CHOPS! Oney then Daivari then back again! Daivari even eggs Oney on! Oney CHOPS, CHOPS and CHOPS! Half nelson but Daivari slips through to the LION’S LARIAT! But Oney crawls away so Daivari grabs Kalisto. SALIDA DEL SOL for Daivari! TOKYO TOWER SENTON for Kalisto! GENTLEMAN’S HEADBUTT for Tozawa! Nese has Gallagher for a buckle German! Then the knee pad comes down, Nese goes side to side, PREMIER KNEE! But Oney gives Nese the HALF ‘N’ HALF!! Cover, Oney wins!!

Winner: Oney Lorcan, by pinfall; NEW #1 Contender to the Cruiserweight Championship

The #StarDestroyer has fought so hard for the big fight, and he’s finally getting it! Is SummerSlam going to be golden for the Boston Brawler? Or will he only get pain and punishment from the cruel Cruiserweight Champion?

Speaking of, Drew Gulak appears! The Philly Stretcher marches right to the ring, not looking away from his new challenger. Gulak holds up the belt, but Oney holds up a finger for number one. Is Oney going to be THE number one in the Division after SummerSlam?



My Thoughts:

Wow, what a great episode right here! Maverick’s preview style promo does make it seem we could still see Mike Kanellis back, even though he and Maria are becoming integral to the 24/7 title. Either way, it’s good to keep options open for 205 Live and the Kanellis Family.

Then we got two really great matches with plenty of advancement in the Lince Dorado story. The double count-out was actually a great choice so that while Carrillo almost won, it keeps him and Lince even for a rematch. And Daivari’s talk with him backstage, it does definitely make everyone wonder what Lince chooses to do about his state in the Division. For once, the lack of tag titles works out because this brings into question the egos of the Lucha House Party members. Kalisto has always been used as the singles title guy, but when that’s all there is, it could be seen as unfair and Lince might want his turn. LHP splitting up to give us matches between the members would be an interesting thing to carry all three men into the rest of the year.

And of course, that Six Pack Challenge was amazing! So much story being referenced, especially between Daivari and Lorcan. Obviously Daivari as the one true Heel in that match was not going to win, and so it was great to open with him just eating everything from the others. Nese’s own promo seems to make it that he might be on his way up and out to follow Ali, Alexander and Buddy Murphy. If so, Nese should go to SmackDown, he seems like a great choice for Intercontinental Championship contender while Nakamura still has it. And wow, how great is it for Oney Lorcan to get this opportunity? Gulak still seems really strong as champion, so he is likely to retain. It is still a question if the Cruiserweight Championship is kickoff or main show material, but how great would it be for him and Lorcan to just tear it up for a solid 15 minutes or more?

My Score: 8.4/10

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