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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (8/14/19)

The Breakout reaches its finale!

NXT continues in Toronto!

The TakeOver is over, but the party is still rocking! Cameron Grimes and Jordan Myles face off to become the inaugural NXT Breakout Tournament winner!



  • Breezango VS The Forgotten Sons; Breezango wins.
  • NXT Breakout Tournament Finals: Cameron Grimes VS Jordan Myles; Myles wins and has a guaranteed title match for the championship of his choosing.


NXT took over Toronto!

The Profits denied the prophecy, the Evil Genius showed her brutality, and the Bro brawled with the Beast of Belfast! The Experience survived two at once, and the Queen of Spades keeps her throne! But most importantly, two men put each other through hell, and through tables! And in the end, still your Undisputed NXT Champion, ADAM COLE BAYBAY! But with such carnage, what is in store for NXT as the summer sets?


Breezango VS The Forgotten Sons!

Prince Pretty and the Dancing King are reunited! But they’re also “reimagined!” Will this reunion and renewal be what they need to overcome Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake?

The teams sort out, and fans do the Dango as Fandango starts with Cutler. Cutler headlocks and punches, then whips but Fandango reverses. Cutler sunset flips but Dango flails and swivels! Then he punches and drops a leg! Fandango clotheslines Cutler out, then tags Breeze. Breeze leaps to club Cutler down! Blake runs at Breeze but gets a back drop! Breeze goes after Cutler but Cutler tags Blake. Blake sneaks up on Breeze but Fandango throws Culter out. The ref tells Fandango to go back to his corner, and this leaves Breeze open to Jaxson Ryker’s sneak attack! The ref forgot about that Forgotten Son and Blake plays like he did the attack. Blake stomps Breeze then whips him for a backbreaker! Cover, TWO! Fans rally for Breezango but Blake springboard knee drops! Cover, ONE! Blake tags Cutler and they double backbreak Breeze! Cover, TWO!

Cutler drops knees of his own on Breeze, then snap suplexes Breeze. Cover, TWO! Cutler puts on a chinlock and Breeze endures as Toronto rallies up. Breeze fights his way up but Blake tags in. Breeze arm-drags free and fights the Sons off! Enziguri for Cutler! Blake kicks and powerbomb lifts, but Breeze slips out! Ryker trips Dango off the apron! The ref saw that, though! Ryker is EJECTED! The Forgotten Sons all protest but Breeze dumps Cutler out hard! He dodges Blake, hot tag to Dango! Fandango rallies and CHOPS away on Blake! Fandango whips Blake but Blake kicks him away. But Blake runs into a powerslam! And so does Cutler! Fandango has Blake and uses Cutler for the tornado DDT! Fandango is feeling it, and he goes up top. Cutler runs over but gets kicked down. Fandango leaps over Blake but gets a LARIAT!

Blake hauls Fandango to the Forgotten corner, tag to Cutler. Cutler goes to the other corner, SUPER STEINER to DIVING HEADBUTT! Shout out to Harley Race, but Breeze barrels in to break up the cover! All four men are down but the fans are loving this action from “NXT! NXT!” Blake and Breeze return to their corners, but Cutler brings Fandango over. Tag to Blake but Fandango back drops Cutler. Fandango sends Blake out then sends Cutler to join him. Tag to Breeze and Fandango FLIES! He topples both Sons over! Then feeds Blake in for Breeze to be on. Fandango tags in before the catapult, forearm smash to slingshot elbow drop! Cover, Breezango wins!!

Winner: Breezango, Fandango pinning

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Reunited and it feels so good with a victory! Is this just the beginning of a new legacy in the Tag Team Division?


Exclusive backstage interview with Pete Dunne.

The Bruiserweight did not win the NXT North American Championship as Velveteen Dream retains. Was there a moment Dunne thought he had it won? He certainly feels he should’ve come away starting a new reign, and it was Dream’s interference with the ref and his Purple Rain Maker out of nowhere that took it away from him. Dunne “gets it,” Dream did what he had to do to retain. But Dunne will do whatever it takes to take that title from Dream. With a new belt in his sights, will Dunne one day become the longest reigning North American Champion in history?


NXT recaps the Breakout Tournament!

Of the incredibly stacked locker room at the WWE Performance Center, the top eight were chosen to compete in this inaugural and innovative tournament. Joaquin Wilde, Boa, Dexter Lumis, Bronson Reed, Angel Garza and Isaiah “Swerve” Scott were all ambitious hopefuls, but they all fell in the first two rounds. And the two who made it to the end are Jordan “Smiles for” Myles, and #CountryConfident, Cameron Grimes. The winner between these two men will have a shot at an NXT title of their choosing. There is only one more win for both men, and this final showdown goes down TONIGHT! Who leaves Toronto as #MrBreakout?


Exclusive interview with The Undisputed Era’s reDRagon.

Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish are NOT happy, and do not want to deal with Cathy Kelly right now, they’re looking for William Regal. They’re upset that the prophecy already failed, but they don’t need CATHY telling them. And where in the rule book is it said you can pin the illegal man and win? Because that’s what happened! And once again, the Undisputed Era has been screwed by incompetence!! They storm off looking for the GM, but the footage does show Fish tagged in. Do they have grounds for one more shot before 2019 is over?


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NXT takes a closer look at the Evil Genius, Io Shirai.

Brought down in frustrating fashion over and over, her once sky-high optimism has crashed down. And her first target to take this all out on wasn’t even Shayna Baszler, who was the antagonist, but Candice LeRae! And it would succeed at TakeOver: Toronto! “No human is worthy to stand beside Io Shirai!” Will Shirai’s #DescentIntoDarkness bring her to heights never achieved before?


Exclusive interview with Shayna Baszler.

The Queen of Spades survived Mia Yim, and is in no mood to talk. Is there any other woman who pushed her as far as Mia did? Shayna’s only response: “And still.” As close as the Head Baddie in Charge came, is this Shayna’s way of saying she’s at the back of the line? Who will step up to Shayna next?


NXT announces a major grudge match for next week!

After that shocking brawl that brought Killian Dain and Matt Riddle (oh and a security guard) crashing through tables just off the stage, William Regal has decided this fight needs to be settled! So when NXT returns to Full Sail, Beast and Bro will meet in the ring! Will this match end in the ring? Or will they both come crashing down through yet another thing around the arena?


NXT Breakout Tournament Finals: Cameron Grimes VS Jordan Myles!

Finally, after weeks of competition, the field of eight has come down to two! Will it be #CountryConfident or the real-life action anime character that takes the golden opportunity for their own?

The two are raring to go but the referee has them wait. The bell rings and the two tie up fast and furious! They go around the ropes and the ref calls for a break. Grimes backs up but Myles wants a headlock, only to get caught in Grimes’ waistlock. Myles pries his way out to a wristlock, but Grimes endures as Myles wrenches him around. Grimes gets the waistlock back, then hooks the face! He uses that to bring Myles into a chinlock, but fans rally up. Myles powers up and fights back to power out. Grimes runs him over with a headlock, but things speed up. Myles hurdles, leaps and dropkicks the legs out! Cover, ONE, but Myles has the leg. Myles kicks it and Grimes gets to ropes, but Myles keeps kicking. Myles dragon screws the leg, covers, TWO!

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Grimes hobbles back to ropes but Myles keeps kicking the leg. Grimes falls from the kick and ends up outside. He dodges Myles’ slingshot and ROCKS Myles with that super forearm! Grimes drags Myles up and into the ring, wanting to win this great opportunity the right way. He stomps a mudhole into Myles but fans are dueling. Myles gets up but Grimes CHOPS him back down. Myles goes for a leg but Grimes pries him off to ram right into buckles! The referee checks on the dazed Myles but Grimes drags him to a cover, TWO! Grimes rains down rights and covers again, ONE! Grimes rakes the face and fish hooks the mouth, but he lets up to grab the arm. Fans rally as Myles reaches for ropes. Grimes brings him away but Myles throws hands. Grimes whips and clobbers Myles with the clothesline! Cover, TWO!

Grimes grows frustrated, but he keeps on Myles with another armlock. Myles endures as Grimes grinds the shoulder. Fans rally again, and Myles fights back up. Myles arm-drags free and grabs the leg for another dragon screw! Myles evens things again, and starts jabbing at Grimes. Grimes swings but misses to get more jabs! Myles adds a right cross, then runs to run Grimes over. He handsprings past Grimes to sweep the legs and basement dropkick! Grimes bails out, but Myles hops right to the apron for the Penalty Kick! Grimes is rocked and Myles drags him back into the ring. Myles climbs up high, BIG crossbody! Cover, TWO! Grimes grits it out, and both he and Myles are catching their breath.

Fans rally up again and Myles drags Grimes back to a drop zone. Myles climbs again, but Grimes is up! Myles hops over him to go for the leg, but Grimes backslide counters. Myles slips out and wants a suplex, but Grimes tosses Myles with an X-Plex! Cover, TWO!! Myles survives the Lion Crush, and Grimes is growing further frustrated. Grimes drags Myles up as fans rally. Grimes whips but Myles grabs ropes. Myles dodges and waistlocks but Grimes holds on. Grimes elbows out, but walks into a backbreaker to German Suplex! Bridge and fisherman, TWO! Myles can’t believe it, but he still manages a smile. Grimes stands and Myles is on him, but Grimes pushes away. Grimes gets to the apron but Myles drags him in. The ref backs Myles off because of the ropebreak, but as Myles comes back, Grimes rubber bands the rope into Myles’ eyes!

Myles staggers away and Grimes runs in, but Myles still boots and mule kicks! Myles runs, dodges, SPANISH FLY from Grimes!! Cover, TWO!! Grimes can’t believe Myles survives, and is furious! He rains down forearms from all angles, and fans know “This is Awesome!” Grimes drags Myles up and whips him, but Myles ducks the stomps! The leg jams, but he avoids Myles’ takedown to ROUNDHOUSE him down! Grimes drags Myles up, sends him at the post, but Myles stops himself! No no no~! Kick from the mat, then a suplex, BRAIN BUSTER! But Myles isn’t done there, he goes up top! 450 Splash, the Midnight Star! Cover, Myles wins!!

Winner: Jordan Myles, by pinfall; wins the NXT Breakout Tournament

The Breakout is complete! Myles is going to have smiles for miles for sure! He is primed for a championship match of his choosing! And William Regal appears to congratulate him, and present him with the title contract! Who will Myles target with this golden opportunity?



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My Thoughts:

This was a pretty fun “post” TakeOver episode, but it was still like any other “post” TakeOver episode. And again, for those who don’t quite understand why I put quotes around post, that’s because this was all actually recorded before TakeOver, and the magic of editing puts in the interview and recap footage. All the promos after matches were good, and obviously Dunne wants another match with Dream. There’s quite a bit of time before WarGames III, so maybe they have a match for the title on NXT TV and Dunne wins to make history. I say that because I still want the WarGames match to be Winners Take All of Undisputed Era and four others. In this case, it’d be Street Profits, Dream after wanting the top title, and Dunne as North American Champion in his second WarGames match.

Breezango VS Forgotten Sons was so good, and it’s great to see the “reimagined” Breeze and Fandango are serious competitors, both in tone and in ability. With the situation of NXT possibly being on television in the future, it would work if Breezango moves up in the tag division to be familiar faces to the main-roster-only fans, outside of the Street Profits and their commentary role on Raw. Then the Breakout Tournament Finals, Cameron Grimes (Trevor Lee) VS Jordan Myles (ACH) was great! It was definitely the best match of the tournament, and this shows NXT has high hopes for him. If Dunne wants after Dream, will Myles use his Breakout contract on Adam Cole? It’s the obvious thing anyway, since anyone with such an opportunity would want the top title on the brand. I don’t know if Myles would win against Cole after Cole beats Gargano in Three Stages of Hell, but that would be an amazing match to watch.

My Score: 8.3/10


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