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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (8/21/19)

A jam-packed night as we return to Full Sail!



NXT cover image

NXT enters a new phase!

The Undisputed Era may not be draped in gold yet, but there is still time on the clock! What will be their first move as NXT prepares for a major move of its own?



  • Mansoor VS Damien Priest; Priest wins.
  • Mia Yim VS Vanessa Borne w/ Aliyah; Yim wins.
  • Shane Thorne VS Bronson Reed; Thorne wins.
  • Matt Riddle VS Killian Dain; Dain wins.


The Undisputed Era is here!

Roderick Strong leads the way as he, Kyle O’Reilly, Bobby Fish and Adam Cole BAYBAY walk to the ring. Cole is still the NXT Champion, but clearly he is the only part of the golden prophecy that survived Toronto. “Boys and girls, I did everything that I said I would.” Cole beat Gargano in Toronto and retained HIS NXT Championship! Fans cheer for Cole as he continues. People are saying Cole had the performance of a lifetime, and now it is no longer a question that Cole is the greatest NXT Champion ever! If there was an NXT Mount Rushmore, it wouldn’t have Gargano, Ciampa, Nakamura or even Balor. It would just be Cole four times. Strong can see it now, such a beautiful thing.

But the four of them should be #DrapedInGold. The Undisputed Prophecy has not been fulfilled, and do you know why? They got screwed! Strong and reDRagon got screwed! So to cut to the chase, Velveteen Dream didn’t pin Strong, he pinned Pete Dunne. That means the North American Championship is on borrowed time. As soon as Dream stops ducking Strong, Strong will fulfill his part of the prophecy! Well said, Roddy, well said. And in order to win a tag team match, you pin the legal man! Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, here is exhibit A. Slow motion footage shows Fish was tagging O’Reilly! O’Reilly may not be a lawyer, but he rests his case. Fish says it is clear to anyone with working eyes that they did NOT lose in Toronto! Regal, “you silly prat,” do your job and make this all right!

Cole agrees with all his teammates. What is right is a GOLDEN Undisputed Era! Fish and O’Reilly are the greatest tag team in NXT History, and they will regain those titles. Strong already has his name on that North American title. They are just two steps away from fulfilling this prophecy and completely running NXT, to make it truly undisputed. The four put up the Undisputed hand signs before heading out. But as they reach the ramp, they’re met by Mr. Breakout, Jordan Myles! Cole tells Myles to take a time-out. Fans duel as Myles stares down the Undisputed Era. Is Myles joking right now? He’s not using his Breakout contract on Cole, is he? Because Cole saw Myles before, and says that if Myles makes a mistake of choosing him, Cole will break that smile off Myles’ face.

Maybe Myles should challenge Shayna Baszler. No wait! Use it to go to NXT UK or even 205 Live. Because those guys aren’t Adam Cole Baybay. Myles doesn’t move so maybe he doesn’t understand. There is nothing more damaging and detrimental to a young career than wasting a career shot on Adam Cole. And if Myles still wants to, Cole promises to make his career an undisputed failure. Myles still serves the contract to Cole. And then drops it at his feet. Myles puts up double peace, but will Myles get himself a piece of stopping the Undisputed Prophecy?


NXT Media catches up with Bronson Reed.

After a good experience in the Breakout Tournament, Aussie-zilla is ready to take on more in NXT. He is the leader of Australian Strong Style, and he is NXT’s “resident thicc boy.” Shane Thorne comes by to tell Reed that William Regal is too busy for him, and already gave Reed an opportunity. And Reed blew it. After all Thorne did to get Reed here, Reed wasted them all time. Then how about Thorne give Reed a chance in a match. Reed knows it’s a bad idea to pick a fight with Thorne. But yeah, let’s do it. Will The Worst get the better of Reed? Or will Thorne learn how much Aussie-zilla has changed since they were both Down Under.


Mansoor VS Damien Priest!

The Saudi Swagger returns as Mansoor returns to action! Manny won the historic Super Showdown 50-Man Battle Royal, and is ready to show everyone that was only the beginning. But will he be able to stop the Archer of Infamy’s own rise in the ranks?

The bell rings and Priest powers Manny to a corner. Priest lets up but still looms over Manny in a corner. Manny shoves Priest but Priest shoves back. Manny boots Priest away then hops up top, only for Priest to yank him down! Manny hits off buckles and hits the mat hard! Priest comes back to BOOT Manny then clobber him down! Priest rams knees into Manny then clobbers him again. Manny gets to ropes but Priest toys with him now. Manny throws body shots but Priest rams his knee in again. Priest whips Manny but Manny stays on the apron. Manny slides in and throws forearms, only to get a BIG RIGHT! Priest laughs as he drags Manny back up. But Manny cradle counters, TWO!! Priest escapes in time, but he gets a dropkick! Manny dodges and runs to boot Priest back! Manny keeps moving, but runs into the choke grip! But he flips out of the slam to enziguri back!

Fans fire up with Manny but Priest comes running in. Manny dumps Priest out, then runs to FLY! Direct hit takes Priest down! But Priest is up fast, only for Manny to shove him into the ring. Manny slingshots, neckbreaker! Fans fire up as Manny drags Preist out, tornado but no DDT, discus lariat instead! Priest drags Manny up, crucifix lift, crucifix TOSS! Priest draws the bow and aims, to drag Manny up for the twisting facebuster, the Reckoning!

Winner: Damien Priest, by pinfall

The Archer continues to win, but will he #LiveForever? Only time will tell.


NXT is on the move!

The hit developmental brand is so big, it’s moving to cable television! USA Network will now have a two hour NXT every week starting September 18th! Be ready for a #MoreButBetter version of an already amazing product!


Mia Yim VS Vanessa Borne w/ Aliyah!

The Head Baddie in Charge came so close to taking the NXT Women’s Championship from the Queen of Spades, but couldn’t account the submission skills in Shayna Baszler’s legs were on par with her arms. For now, Mia just soldiers on because it’s never too late to try again. Will she shut up familiar foes in the Vision and her bougie bestie along the way?

The bell rings and Vanessa rushes Mia, just to put her on her guard. The two circle, and Vanessa kicks Mia low to put on a headlock. Mia endures the grind and reverses to her own headlock. Vanessa powers out but Mia runs her over. Things speed up and Mia throat chops Vanessa! But then Aliyah trips Mia up! Vanessa fireman’s carries to a Samoan Drop right away! Cover, TWO! #BorneBougie are both upset but Vanessa rams Mia into buckles. Vanessa stomps away but lets up at the ref’s count. Vanessa goes after Mia at the ropes and holds her upside down for a hanging Boston Crab! And then she spanks a “LOWER” sticker onto Mia’s lower half! Vanessa stomps Mia back into the ring while the “highers” soak up the heat. Vanessa pie faces Mia around, saying she’s “pathetic” and a loser.

Mia jabs back, so Vanessa SLAPS Mia! Mia gets mad now, and trips Vanessa up for some ground ‘n’ pound! Mia kicks and punches and CHOPS Vanessa in a corner. Rapid fire, even! Mia kicks Vanessa’s legs more, then CHOPS away again! Mia tosses Vansesa by her hair, then runs in for a CANNONBALL! Protect Ya Neck! Cover, Mia wins!

Winner: Mia Yim, by pinfall

The HBIC may not be the champ but she’s not going to be called a loser by snobs. Will the Blasian Baddie get one more shot against Bully Baszler?

Speaking of, here comes Shayna. The Submission Magician hears the fans duel as she tells Mia, “You are badass.” Mia fought Shayna and took her to places no other woman did. And Shayna saw it in Mia’s eyes. Mia has had to go some dark places to get out of the situations she’s been in. But Mia and Shayna don’t need to be enemies. They can be allies. Mia expects a sneak attack, and sees the Horsewomen coming. Shayna says it’s a cold business, but it’s nice and warm under her “dragon’s wing.” What does Mia say to this offer? Fans are divided, but Mia… says no with a punch to Jessamyn! Marina attacks and so does Shayna! They throw and stomp and kick Mia around, but referees hurry out to stop this. Shayna still gets shots in, but the beat down is done. Will Mia be able to win this fight alone when Shayna has her cohorts back?


A long-awaited rematch finally happens next week!

Back from injury, the Croatian Colossus returns to action to settle things with the Limitless One! “The reality is, the Universe has seen nothing yet.” Two hyper-athletes with a connection through their careers, you don’t see men this big and strong show such agility. Dijakovic is bitter and unsatisfied, but Lee has a pretty titanic chip on his shoulder, too. A count-out draw was not what anyone wanted, and things out of their control delayed this battle. It isn’t about wins or losses, but shattering through glass ceilings, reaching new heights and creating legacies. Will we feast our eyes on a triumphant return for Dominik Dijakovic? Or will we all bask in Keith Lee’s glory once again?


Shane Thorne VS Bronson Reed!

Still jaded over not being given his own opportunity, The Worst wants to show he’s better than the Breakout Tournament losers. He checked off Joaquin Wilde, but can he stop a determined Aussie-zilla?

The bell rings and either way, fans chant “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! OI OI OI!” Reed and Thorne circle, and Thorne quickly kicks Reed’s leg. Thorne circles and kicks Reed more, but Reed chases him to a corner. The ref backs Reed off but Thorne gets a quick kick on Reed’s leg. Thorne gets out and taunts Reed, then slowly gets back in the ring. Fans cheer Reed on and Reed blocks a kick to waistlock and slam Thorne to the mat. Reed sits on Thorne and that is enough to crush him! Reed drags Thorne up for an armlock, but Thorne pulls at the beard. Thorne puts Reed in the corner and kicks away on the leg! Thorne grinds his boot in Reed’s face but backs off at 4. Thorne has the arm but Reed whips out. Things speed up as Thorne jumps over Reed, but on the second time he gets caught for a SPINEBUSTER!

Thorne flounders to a corner, Reed gives Thorne a face wash! Reed drags Thorne up and trophy lifts, but Thorne slips out to chop block! Thorne clubs and kicks Reed to a corner but the ref counts. Thorne backs off and Reed gets up, but Thorne comes back for more strikes. The ref counts again and Thorne lets up at 4. Thorne scowls as he rakes Reed’s face! He really is The Worst as he swiftly KICKS Reed in the back. Thorne grins now as he trash talks Reed. Reed CHOPS Thorne from the mat! Then again! Thorne dropkicks Reed away, then runs corner to corner for a calf kick! Reed sits down and Thorne CANNONBALLS! “That’s how it’s done!” Cover, TWO!

Perhaps Thorne took too long bragging but he won’t let that bother him. Thorne tries a back suplex but Reed fights back. Thorne runs but into a powerslam! Reed and Thorne go to opposite ends, and Reed rallies with forearms and elbows! Samoan Drop! Thorne gets to a corner and Reed runs in, but Thorne boots him first. Thorne runs into Reed’s full body check! Then Reed drops a massive senton! Reed hits a big corner splash, then another. Thorne flops out of the ring but Reed won’t let that stop him. Reed goes out to the ramp, puts Thorne in, then climbs up top!? Fans fire up at the thought but Thorne trips Reed up! KNEE TRIGGER! Cover, Thorne wins!!

Winner: Shane Thorne, by pinfall

Thorne grins as he checks off another Breakout star! Will Thorne continue to bust through the rest of the bracket?


The Velveteen Dream is here!

The Experience is again wheeled out on his sofa by the #Dreamettes. The North American Champion has the fans chanting his name as always, and shows off the new merchandise. “The Dream’s T-Shirt, $30. The Dream’s shades, $10.” The Dream retaining his title in Toronto by pinning NXT UK’s Pete Dunne, priceless! One man, two, an entire locker room, Dream always ends up on top. Dream likes it best when he’s on top. That’s where the spotlight is. So as far as Strong goes, the spotlight is now on him. If he wants that 1v1, give Dream an experience he’s never seen before. But don’t take too long, because before you know it, #DreamOver. Dream rolls out in style, but will he have another dream match with Strong as NXT enters this new phase?


Championship matches have been made!

In two weeks, Jordan Myles will have his Breakout contract match with Adam Cole BAYBAY! Will Cole back up all his talk of breaking the real-life anime hero’s smile and ruining his career? Or will that smile be from ear to ear as Myles shuts Cole up?

But that’s not all, because next week, we get an NXT Tag Team Championship match! O’Reilly & Fish get one more shot at the titles against The Street Profits! Will reDRagon right a wrong? Or will Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins still have the gold around their waists to match the gold around their necks?


Matt Riddle VS Killian Dain!

The Beast of Belfast promised to do anything he had to, to take everything from everyone else. He started by targeting the Original Bro seemingly at random. A crash through the stage floor, then a fall off the stage side, and now we have a match that’s one fall to a finish. Will it finish in the ring? Or will things only escalate further?

When Riddle’s music hits, Riddle comes from the crowd and blindsides Big Damo! Dain is getting a taste of his own medicine! The referee backs Riddle off and Riddle kicks off the sandals into the crowd. The bell rings and the real fight is on!

Riddle kicks away on Dain but Dain clubs Riddle back. Dain throws Riddle out but Riddle’s in fast to throw hands and chops! Riddle backs Dain down but Dain knees those bad ribs. Riddle still swings, then roundhouses Dain out of the ring! Dain stays on his feet, but Riddle comes around the side for a FLYING BRO FIST! Riddle puts Dain in then throws big CHOPS from all sides. Dain throws body shots, then elbows away on Riddle’s head. Dain waistlocks but Riddle standing switches, rip cord but he gets Dain’s shoulder. Dain runs for the DIVIDE crossbody! Riddle is writhing and Dain drags Riddle up. Fans rally for the Bro but Dain has him in the corner for shots to the ribs. The ref counts but Dain does let up at 4. Dain drags Riddle up to whip him hard corner to corner.

Dain drags Riddle out for a big suplex! Cover, TWO! Riddle won’t go down so easily, but Dain seems to enjoy that. Dain fish hooks Riddle into a seated abdominal stretch. Fans rally as Riddle endures the pain in his ribs. Dain pushes as hard as he can, then hammers Riddle down to the mat. Riddle crawls to a corner but still throws hands. Dain kicks the ribs and Riddle rolls away. Dain wraps Riddle’s arm on the ropes to kick away! Dain grinds his feet into Riddle’s ribs! Riddle gasps for air but Dain chokes him. Dain backs off at 4 and fans still rally for Riddle. Riddle throws hands but Dain knees low again. Dain gives Riddle a gutbuster then a rear mount for a mounted abdominal stretch! Riddle endures and fans still rally. Riddle slips around and starts throwing haymakers.

Dain backs off but comes back for another suplex. Riddle fights out and manages to Fisherman Suplex Dain down! Fans are fired up as Riddle and Dain glare at each other. Dain throws a forearm but Riddle returns it. They go back and forth, Riddle fires off fast palm strikes! Riddle boots, then spins Dain around for a PELE! Dain ends up in a corner, Riddle manages a kip up! Riddle goes side to side for a forearm, then another the other way. EXPLODER! Riddle powers through his pain to kick. Dain ducks it then dodges the moonsault, but not the Broton! Penalty Kick hits this time, cover, TWO! Riddle grits his teeth as he drags Dain into a stretch of his own. Riddle throws elbows in over and over, but Dain catches the arm! Dain uses that to roll Riddle around, but Riddle keeps control and starts throwing more hands! The ropebreak forces Riddle off, but now Riddle grins.

Riddle drags Dain but Dain holds ropes. Riddle kicks the arms off the ropes but Dain kicks Riddle off his legs. Dain scoops Riddle but Riddle slips out to a waistlock. Riddle manages a German Suplex!! But not the bridge because of the ribs. Both men are down but fans are fired up. Riddle and Dain slowly stand, and Riddle rip cords, BRO TRIGGER! Dain is rocked, but comes out of nowhere with a shotgun dropkick! Then a CANNONBALL in the corner! Cover, TWO!! Riddle survives and Dain is furious. Dain hammers the ribs, drags Riddle up to a fireman’s carry, wasteland slam to senton, BROMISSION! Dain rolls and fights to his feet, but Riddle just hops on. Riddle throws elbows but Dain throws him! Riddle tries a fireman’s carry, BRO TO SLEEP! POWERBOMB! Flip over, FINAL FLASH!! Cover, TWO!?!

Full Sail is thunderous as Riddle drags Dain around again. Riddle climbs up, FLOATING BRO onto knees! Dain rams Riddle into a post! Riddle flops to the floor and Dain follows after. Dain has wild eyes as he runs around the corner, only to get steel steps! Riddle pushes the top half of the steps aside to drag Dain onto the base. Riddle can’t lift Dain, Dain back drops Riddle onto his head! Dain puts Riddle on the steps, runs over, BACK SENTON!! Dain crushes Riddle again! The referee counts and Dain drags himself into the ring. To then drop a Vader Bomb off the apron! Dain wants to make Riddle a pancake! Dain puts Riddle in the ring and goes to the corner. He climbs up, for another Vader Bomb! But he won’t stop there, a third Vader Bomb! Big Damo will not stop, he climbs for a FOURTH! Cover, Dain wins!

Winner: Killian Dain, by pinfall

Riddle wheezes and coughs up blood as the Beast of Belfast stands tall. Is Dain finally done destroying the Bro? And if so, who will be his next target?

As Dain leaves, he boasts that he’ll reach the title first and Riddle never will. But Riddle gets up and follows Dain to the back! Somehow, there is still fight in the Bro as he jumps on Dain with another Bromission! They brawl into the shadows of the backstage area, will this fight rage on off-air?



My Thoughts:

Wow, what an incredible episode! And just as the news of NXT on USA breaks. We got a really good promo from the Undisputed Era, and it goes exactly as you’d expect from them. Things are slowly building towards a Winners Take All WarGames match, even though we’re still getting individual title matches in the next few weeks. I can’t be sure if reDRagon wins the tag titles, but we will definitely get another TakeOver worthy match, unless someone in the Era interferes. But even then, that might be how this extends to WarGames III. Same goes for Cole VS Myles in a couple weeks. Myles’ part in the opening segment was great, he didn’t need to talk, just toss the contract down like he was throwing down the gauntlet. The match will be great, but I don’t think Myles wins while also taking the title. Champion’s Advantage might help Cole out in that case, again prompting Winners Take All at WarGames.

One thing I do need to point out about the opening segment is that Adam Cole implies the Breakout contract could’ve gotten Jordan Myles a shot at the Cruiserweight Championship. As of right now, 205 Live does crossovers with NXT, but it shouldn’t be privy to a stipulation of “any NXT championship.” Is this a subtle way of saying 205 Live could be cancelled and the Cruiserweights join NXT? Everyone’s been wondering, and “rumors” born from this line of questioning have been flying around, but nothing has been put out by WWE. Honestly I’m not sure what would be “best for business” but I highly doubt Cole misspoke in his promo.

We got a solid match from Mia and Vanessa, and Shayna’s part after was pretty good. I like the idea that she was trying to recruit Mia just to remove a contender from the Division, and of course Mia refused. Mia likely is going to get another shot on the road to WarGames, but I wonder how they make this last the three months until then. Shane Thorne’s story can definitely go for quite some time since he seems to be going through the Breakout Tournament superstars. His match with Reed tonight was good stuff, and he still the other six left. This is honestly great for all of them, Thorne is a great wrestler despite NXT inexplicably dropping the ball with The Mighty. I suspect Cameron Grimes will be saved for last, with Myles probably not being used if he’s going to be in that WarGames match on Team Not Undisputed Era. Grimes VS Thorne will be a solid match, and I could see Thorne trying to run away only to be stopped by the other Breakout superstars at the ramp.

Dream had a great little promo from his mobile sofa. Again going in line with the Undisputed Era’s prophecy and the potential of a Winners Take All WarGames, Dream sets up a program with Strong for the next phase, but don’t count out Dunne just yet. Dream might face each of them individually as NXT moves to USA. And last but not least, Riddle VS Dain itself was truly TakeOver worthy! It was brilliant for Riddle to sneak attack like Dain did when this all started, and then there were some really good spots. I honestly couldn’t be sure about that steel steps part, though. Was Riddle meant to kayfabe hit his head there or did he narrowly save himself from a shoot injury? Either way, I was also surprised Riddle was booked to get back up like that. Is this leading us to Riddle VS Dain, Last Man Standing? I hope so, that will be even crazier! And then one of these two can move on towards a title. For all I know, with three months to figure this out, it could be Riddle joining Team Not Undisputed Era in WarGames this year.

My Score: 8.5/10

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