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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (8/28/19)

Will the Street Profits deny the Undisputed Era again?



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Tonight is about epic rematches!

The Street Profits again defend their NXT Tag Team Championships against The Undisputed Era, and Dominik Dijakovic and Keith Lee finally have it out! Who comes out on top of these high caliber encounters?



  • Io Shirai VS Cami Fields; Shirai wins.
  • Dominik Dijakovic VS Keith Lee; Dijakovic wins.
  • NXT Tag Team Championships: The Street Profits VS The Undisputed Era; The Undisputed Era wins and become the new NXT Tag Team Champions.


Io Shirai VS Cami Fields!

The Evil Genius returns to Full Sail to continue running wild. She defeated Mrs. Wrestling, Candice LeRae, at TakeOver: Toronto, but can she continue climbing the ranks in her dark descent?

The bell rings and Shirai dropkicks Fields immediately! Shirai throws big forearms then runs corner to corner for a big back elbow. Fields staggers into Shirai’s underhooks, but she fights back. Fields forearms and runs, but Shirai comes back with her own forearm! Shirai brings Fields into the underhooks again, but Fields’ height helps her back drop Shirai off. But Shirai lands on her feet to SHOTEI Fields to a corner! Then Shirai runs in for the meteora! She steps on Fields to then hop up top, for the #DescentIntoDarkness! The asai moonsault hits, Shirai covers, but she lets up on TWO! Shirai grins and puts Fields into the Harajuku Clutch! Fields taps and Shirai wins!

Winner: Io Shirai, by submission

The Evil Genius doesn’t let go until she’s satisfied. Shirai shows that new edge is sharp and dangerous. What more will she do to prove she is the top of the Women’s Division?

Wait, she’s not done with Fields! Shirai goes under the ring to grab a kendo stick! Shirai smiles an evil smile as she goes towards Fields. But here comes Candice! Candice snatches the kendo stick to swing away at Shirai! Shirai runs away but is furious with Candice. Is there more that must be done to settle things between these former friends turned bitter enemies?


Kushida will return to NXT very soon!

Time belongs to the Time Splitter, so only time will tell when and where the Super Junior takes over NXT.


Dominik Dijakovic VS Keith Lee!

Speaking of time, it is finally time for the Croatian Colossus and the Limitless One to have their rematch! The first time these two did battle, there was no conclusion as both men were counted out. Things kept Dijakovic and Lee from meeting in the ring until now, who stands alone as the top titan of NXT?

Fans are strongly behind Lee as they chant but Dijakovic just uses that as feul. The fans sing “Oh~ Bask in His Glory~!” as the bell rings. Dijakovic doesn’t care about the chants, he and Lee tie up. Dijakovic knees low then elbows Lee in the head. He throws big haymakers, then big kicks, then big clubbing forearms. Lee grimaces but Dijakovic talks trash. Lee throws big body shots but Dijakovic headlocks. Lee powers out and leaps over Dijakovic to then run him over with a shoulder! Fans sing again as Lee has Dijakovic on the ropes. Grizzly Magnum double CHOPS leave Dijakovic stinging. Lee runs, but into Dijakovic’s discus BOOT! Both men are down and reeling from each other’s big move. But Dijakovic is up and stomps Lee! Then rains down clubbing rights!

Lee staggers up but Dijakovic throws big elbows in the corner. The ref reprimands Dijakovic as he CLUBS Lee. Dijakovic reels Lee in, and wants to suplex! But Lee is too big and too strong for that. Dijakovic throws body shots but Lee just powers out to throw big hands and elbows! Dijakovic wobbles and fans fire up. Lee runs corner to corner but Dijakovic puts him on the apron. Lee tries to buckle bump but Dijakovic blocks with his own superhuman strength! The two men glare at each other from the corner, and Lee nods yes. Dijakovic shakes his head no, but Lee still makes the buckle bump happen! Fans cheer as Lee slingshots and crossbodies Dijakovic down! Cover, TWO! Lee just gets running and LARIATS Dijakovic back down! Cover, TWO!! Dijakovic still lives, but Lee keeps his focus. Dijakovic drags himself out to the apron, but Lee follows.

Lee brings Dijakovic up but Dijakovic throws body shots and CHOPS! Dijakovic backs up, runs in, but into an APRON CHOKE SLAM! Lee won’t leave Dijakovic for dead on the outside, he doesn’t want a count out win. He tells the ref, “Not this time!” Lee drags Dijakovic up and into the ring at 6. Lee gets up on the apron but gets a right hand from Dijakovic. And then another! But Lee just grimaces at Dijakovic. But then Dijakovic ROUNDHOUSES Lee! Lee stays up!? The two men glare again, and the two stand up. Lee swings, misses, and gets a SUPERKICK! Dijakovic FLIES! The biggest Fosbury Flop ever takes out Lee! Fans are loving “NXT! NXT!” for this match. Dijakovic puts Lee back in now, and climbs up to the top rope! Lee stands and Dijakovic leaps, SUPER CANNONBALL is caught?! Lee swings Dijakovic up, but wait! Dijakovic leans back to try a huricanrana counter, but Lee counters that by tossing him away! Dijakovic is back up, to get big hands from Lee!

Dijakovic blocks to a back kick, front kick and back elbow! Dijakovic says “Time to Fly!” and he TOSSES Lee back! Lee is down and Dijakovic climbs up again. Dijakovic MOONSAULTS and hits! Cover, TWO!! Full Sail is thunderous and chanting again as Dijakovic is shocked! Dijakovic climbs again, but Lee staggers over to throw big hands. Dijakovic clubs back but Lee does, too. Lee clubs and climbs, but Dijakovic fights back. Lee elbows away on Dijakovic as he goes to the very top, and he headbutts Dijakovic. Lee has Dijakovic for a SUPER SIZED SPANISH FLY!!! Cover, TWO!?! Full Sail explodes with this amazing action! Fans rally up and Lee gets back up. Lee drags Dijakovic to a drop zone and heads to a corner. Fans hope they “Fight Forever!” as Lee climbs. Dijakovic hurries after to anchor Lee. Then he clubs the leg, climbs up behind him, but Lee elbows Dijakovic down! Lee adjusts, is on the very top again, but Dijakovic SUPERKICKS the legs out! Then Dijakovic has Lee in the torture rack, FEAST YOUR EYES!! Cover, Dijakovic wins!!

Winner: Dominik Dijakovic, by pinfall

Truly the biggest win in the career of the Croatian Colossus! Even Dijakovic is surprised, but he did survive everything Lee threw at him. Will Dijakovic soon feast his eyes on a championship in NXT? How much more must Lee do to go from Limitless to Infinite?


NXT looks back on Johnny Gargano’s career.

Growing up, Johnny Wrestling always wanted this life. He got that nickname because wrestling is his life. Gargano will never quit to put on the show he knows he can put on.

From the humble beginnings of joining Tommaso Ciampa as Team DIY, winning the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, winning the NXT Tag Team Championships, becoming enemies with Ciampa, it was a long road for Gargano to realize he truly is “Johnny Freakin’ Wrestling.” He became NXT North American Champion, and then finally, in the toughest match of his career to that point, he became THE NXT Champion. He became #JohnnyTripleCrown! Gargano lives the dream, and will always have NXT in his heart. But after losing the NXT Championship and losing his last chance at it, where does Johnny Wrestling go from here?


Shane Thorne sneaks up on commentary.

The Worst doesn’t care about Gargano, he’s the past, he’s done. Focus on the future, which is him, Shane Thorne! What about Thorne’s win streak and great strikes? Gargano is nothing to Thorne, but will Gargano do something about Thorne’s disrespect?


NXT shares footage from after last week’s episode.

Mia Yim wanted NXT General Manager, William Regal, to do something about Shayna Baszler and her Horsewomen attacking her. But Regal says that Mia Yim failed to get the title, and frankly deserved some payback for the attacks she did to them. Mia couldn’t counter that, but she was still very heated.


Shayna Baszler and her Horsewomen are here!

The Queen of Spades has Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir by her side as she heads to the ring. But before she can say anything, RHEA RIPLEY appears?! The inaugural NXT UK Women’s Champion appears on NXT USA for the first time ever! The Horsewomen are furious but Full Sail is losing their minds at this amazing moment! Shayna holds her team back as Rhea enters the ring, fans chanting her name. Shayna goes to talk but Rhea snatches the mic! “I know what you’re gonna say. You’re gonna say that you’ve beaten everyone here. But you haven’t beaten me, B*TCH!” The mic is dropped and the gauntlet is thrown down! Is the Mosh Pit Kid going to be the first woman to have both Women’s Championships on her record?


NXT has an exclusive sit-down interview with Pete Dunne.

“Just look at what I’ve done by the age of 25.” The second-ever and longest-reigning WWE United Kingdom Champion. The rules that apply to others don’t apply to the Bruiserweight. He goes wherever he wants, whenever he wants. And that includes being here in NXT. He isn’t done with NXT UK, but he has his eyes on a prize and won’t stop until he’s taken it. Everyone saw how close Dunne was to winning until Velveteen Dream stopped the count. But if Dunne has to fight his way up to the front of the line, he’s fine with that. He’ll break fingers, he’ll break spirits, and he’ll take that title. Will the Bruiserweight make more history by being the first man to have the UK and North American Championships on his resume?


NXT Tag Team Championships: The Street Profits VS The Undisputed Era!

Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins were the first to deny the Undisputed Prophecy at TakeOver: Toronto, but the year isn’t over yet. Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish get one more try after citing the officiating error made in that defeat. Will reDRagon rise again to take that next step towards a truly golden Era? Or will they once again fall to the #CurseofGreatness?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and fans are divided as this TakeOver rematch begins!

The teams sort out and Fish starts against Ford. Ford whips at Fish with his jacket to keep him back a moment. The two circle and feel out the grapple. Fish tests the waters with kicks but Ford stays clear. Fans chant “We~ Want the Smoke! We Want the Smoke” for Ford but Fish gets Ford’s leg. Fish powers Ford around and then has the wristlock. Ford rolls and handsprings and wrenches back, but Fish drop toeholds. Fish floats to a chinlock, but Ford fights his way up. Fans duel as Ford powers out, but Fish gets him again with knees! Tag to O’Reilly and reDRagon mugs Ford. O’Reilly wraps on a headlock and holds on as Ford tries to power out. Kyle grinds Ford down but Ford fights up and out. Kyle gets a leg and trips Ford to a takedown and another headlock.

Ford moves around and stands back up. Ford fights out and tags Dawkins. Dawkins runs Kyle over then slams him hard! Dawkins rolls Kyle around and gets the waistlock again. Kyle stands but Dawkins keeps him from Fish. Kyle elbows out but his foot is caught. He still tags to Fish, but Fish runs into a takedown slam! Dawkins powers Fish to a cover, ONE, but tag to Ford. Dawkins whips Fish and Ford dropkicks Fish down! Kyle returns to get a double flapjack! The Profits combine for a back suplex splash on both reDRagon! cover on Fish, TWO! Kyle gets out but Ford has Fish in an armlock! Fish fights his way up and throws body shots. He backs Ford to a corner and forearms free. Fish whips Ford corner to corner but Ford reverses. Ford runs in but is put on the apron, but kicks back! Ford also kicks Kyle down! Ford slingshots to crossbody, TWO!

Fish runs into Ford’s arm-drag, and Ford has the armlock again. Fans rally as Fish fights back up. Fish whips free but Ford dodges. Dawkins saw that cheap shot attempt and protests, but that just allows Kyle to get away with the cheap shot the second time! Fish runs Ford over with an elbow, then drags Ford over. Tag to Kyle, and Kyle kicks away in the corner. Kyle throws forearms and knees, but backs off at the ref’s count. Tag to Fish and reDRagon mugs Ford. Fans rally up again as Fish kicks away. Fish puts Ford’s leg on the rope but Ford fights back. Tag to Kyle and he dragon screws Ford’s leg! Kyle grabs Ford for a shin breaker! Then he clubs the leg to sweep the legs! Kyle wrenches the leg into a toehold, and then a full STF! Ford fights back so Kyle smashes the knee in the mat!

Tag to Fish and Fish drags Ford up. Fans rally as Fish throws forearms and kicks. Fish snapmares Ford at the ropes to then put a leg on the ropes. Fish springboards and drops on the leg! Tag to Kyle and Kyle does the same, only to get rolled up! Kyle rolls through but Ford throws big hands! Kyle trips Ford into a heel hook! Tag to Fish and Fish slingshot sentons onto Ford! Cover, TWO! Fish keeps on Ford’s leg, then drags Ford up. Ford throws hands but Fish hits back. They brawl with big haymakers, but Fish spins Ford for a forearm and kicks. Fish back suplexes but Ford lands on his feet! Ford hops over Fish to hot tag Dawkins! Dawkins rallies on reDRagon, busting through their kicks to hit double clotheslines! Dawkins tosses Fish with an exploder! He just tosses Kyle old school! Corkscrew splashes for all! Fish misses his punch, and gets bodied into Kyle! Dawkins SPEARS Fish! Cover, TWO!!

Dawkins drags Fish up and to a fireman’s carry. Fish slips to a sleeper hold! Dawkins throws Fish off, but Kyle tags in. Dawkins German Suplexes Fish upside-down, but Kyle chop blocks Dawkins! Chasing the Dragon!! Cover, TWO!! Dawkins survives, but Kyle has the heel hook! Fish intercepts Ford but Ford just barrels him onto Kyle and Dawkins! Fans cheer as all four men are down! Full Sail is divided again as the two teams regroup. All four men slowly rise, and they stand across from each other. Ford punches Fish, Kyle hits Ford. Dawkins hits Kyle, then he hits Fish. Kyle boots Dawkins, Ford kicks but is blocked! Kyle hands Ford’s leg to Fish to kick out the other leg, and then Fish dragon screws Ford down! Dawkins hits Kyle down but Fish scoops. Dawkins slips out to SPINEBUSTER Fish! But Kyle hits Ax, only for Dawkins to SMASH!

Kyle rebounds, but Dawkins catches his boot! Dawkins lifts, but Kyle reverses the suplex into a Triangle Hold! Kyle drags Dawkins down but Dawkins endures and deadlift BUCKLE BOMBS! Tag to Ford, Dawkins his the corkscrew splash, urenage from Ford to Kyle! Dawkins climbs, and hits a Frog Splash! Ford covers but Fish saves Kyle! The Undisputed Era regroups but Ford FLIES! Ford takes them both out! Ford sends them both in, and then Dawkins SPEARS Kyle! Fish knees Dawkins down, and Kyle leaves Ford to FLOP! TOTAL ANNIHILATION!! Cover, the Undisputed Era wins!!

Winners: The Undisputed Era, Kyle O’Reilly pinning; NEW NXT Tag Team Champions

The first-ever three-time NXT Tag Team Champions at that! Kyle himself has had that belt all three times, and the prophecy is one step closer to being reality! With just the North American Championship left, will 2019 end being truly Undisputed?



My Thoughts:

A spectacular episode for NXT! Opening right away with action is classic NXT and the way to go, I hope this doesn’t change too much once NXT truly goes live on USA Network in a couple weeks. For those who didn’t know, Cami Fields usually wrestles under the name “Holidead.” I don’t know if this means the Twisted Sisterz, Holidead and Thunder Rosa, are on their way to the WWE to join the Women’s Tag Team Division, but that would be pretty good in my opinion. At the same time, I’m surprised they didn’t go to AEW. Shirai winning, wanting to hurt Fields and then Candice saving the day all work to keep their story going towards NXT TakeOver: WarGames or even beyond.

We got a nice tribute video for Johnny Gargano, but I don’t want Shane Thorne to redirect off the Breakout tournament guys to be Gargano’s good-bye feud. Thorne VS Gargano would not work for either guy, Gargano doesn’t need to be beating Thorne on the way out and Thorne isn’t going to win to tarnish Gargano’s exit. Gargano should go out with that amazing TakeOver: Toronto match and surprise us by being on SmackDown’s Fox premiere. Then holy crap, RHEA RIPLEY in NXT USA!? And as a Face?! Though I suppose Shayna Baszler is the Heel anyone can be Face against without changing their personality. Their match is going to be amazing!

Speaking of amazing, Lee VS Dijakovic II was TakeOver worthy! Title worthy! Match of the week worthy! Those two raised the bar on what was already a high standard from their previous match, and I hope we get more of this. And regardless of who wins out in the end, both men need title programs past WarGames, it just makes sense. Pete Dunne’s interview promo was good, keeps him looking good as the North American Championship is still without a new contender. Strong of course wants it, so Strong VS Dunne needs to pop up on the way to WarGames. We got another incredible tag team title match, and to take the next step towards a #WinnersTakeAll WarGames, the Era now has those titles, too! Next week is Adam Cole VS Jordan Myles, the NXT Championship match promised by the Breakout contract. Again, I don’t see Myles winning the match and getting the title, the Undisputed Era will do what they have to in order to keep the top title and the prophecy going.

My Score: 8.5/10

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