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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (8/14/19)

Can the Wrestling Genius solve #UNBESIEGBAR?



NXT UK Coverage

Two weeks until Cardiff!

With NXT UK’s next TakeOver on the horizon, the Modfather fights for his and Mark Andrews’ chance to be in the tag title match! Plus, the undefeated Ilja Draguno collides with Kassius Ohno!



  • Flash Morgan Webster w/ Mark Andrews VS Mark Coffey w/ Wolfgang; Webster wins.
  • Travis Banks VS Kenny Williams; Banks wins.
  • Isla Dawn VS Nina Samuels; Samuels wins.
  • Kassius Ohno VS Ilja Dragunov; Ohno wins.


Flash Morgan Webster w/ Mark Andrews VS Mark Coffey w/ Wolfgang!

The NXT UK Tag Team Champions are willing to take on Gallus, because the Scottish tag team has earned their spot. But in order for The Modfather and #MAndrews to have a spot in their hometown TakeOver, they’ll have to earn it, too! Can Flash take the first step for his team? Or will the Welshmen be left out in the cold, so to speak?

The bell rings and fans sing for FMW already. He and Mark circle and tie up. Mark hip tosses FMW down but FMW is up fast. They circle again, and FMW waistlocks. Mark runs to ropes and bucks him off, but FMW comes back to crucifix. Mark blocks with size and strength, but FMW sunset flips him instead! ONE, and Mark blocks the takedown. Mark lifts FMW but FMW slips out to hop out. Mark ends up outside and jams his leg. Wolfgang asks for time, but FMW slingshots. Mark gets in but FMW lands on his feet. Andrews keeps Wolfie back, but Mark comes up behind to clobber FMW down! The ref keeps the peace as Mark taunts Andrews. Mark throws FMW into the ring and heads at him in a corner. FMW kicks back but Mark forearms and whips him hard! Mark drags FMW up to back suplex! Cover, TWO!

Fans rally but Mark is on FMW with a half nelson and chinbar. FMW endures as fans sing again. FMW fights up but Mark clubs him. Mark wants the full nelson but FMW slips down and out. But Mark counters the wheelbarrow back into the full nelson, and slams FMW down! Cover, TWO! Mark goes back to the half nelson and chinbar, but the fans still sing for FMW. FMW powers up and fights out again. Mark shoves but FMW comes back with kicks to the bad leg! Mark forearms then shoves, and FMW tumbles out to the floor. Andrews checks on FMW but Mark comes out. Andrews has to back off as Mark puts FMW back in. But as Mark tells Andrews to get back, FMW DIVES out onto Mark! FMW puts Mark in, springboard moonsault! Cover, TWO!

Mark dodges the knee, but FMW escapes the choke slam. Mark knees then enziguris FMW in the ribs! CHOKE SLAM! Cover, TWO!! Fans are fired up for FMW as he gets to a corner. Mark trash talks Andrews before going over. FMW is on the apron as he fights Mark off with a knee trigger! Mark drops and FMW climbs, but Wolfgang distracts! Fans boo but this gives Mark time to get up and get clear of the Swanton! Andrews CANNONBALLS Wolfgang! Mark clobbers Andrews! Mark goes back to FMW but gets caught in a cradle, FMW WINS!

Winner: Flash Morgan Webster, by pinfall

Gallus got caught off guard! The Modfather checks off Mark, can Andrews do the same to Wolfgang and secure a spot on the Cardiff card?


Backstage interview with Toni Storm.

The NXT UK Women’s Champion responds to Kay Lee Ray saying she knows all. Oh Radzy! Cardiff is coming, it’ll be a big party, you got your best suit? Toni’s too excited to worry about KLR. KLR says all sorts of things. KLR… At TakeOver, Toni promises to be ready. An unusually down mood for the Lightning from Down Under, will she be able to get right to get past facing her former friend?


NXT UK shares footage from the break.

The Irish Ace, Jordan Devlin, was ready to speak when Rhea Ripley and Piper Niven end up brawling just down the hall! The Mosh Pit Kid and Scottish Viper are NOT done with each other, but referees and security staff do what they have to in order to keep the peace. Piper and Rhea leave it be for now, but when will these two tear into each other next?


Travis Banks VS Kenny Williams!

The Kiwi Buzzsaw and the Lucky Yin both want to be on the Cardiff card, and perhaps both want to be the opponent in Noam Dar’s “guaranteed” match. But how will they fare against each other with the clock counting down towards TakeOver?

The bell rings, but here comes the Scottish Supernova! It seems he just wants to keep an eye on potential opponents by joining commentary. Banks and Williams focus back on each other, and tie up. They go around and Banks headlocks. Williams powers out and things speed up. Banks gets Williams in a backslide, TWO! La Magistrol, TWO! Williams avoids kicks and stomps then goes up and over. He baits Banks in and gets the legs for a Boston Crab, but Banks powers him off. Williams stays on his feet, and fans cheer as we have a stand-off. Banks headlocks Williams but Williams powers out. He goes sideways to elbow Banks down! Cover, TWO! Banks gets to a corner, Williams runs in and hits a forearm smash, but Banks shoves the bulldog away. Banks trips Williams up then runs to shotgun knee! Cover, TWO!

Williams checks his teeth as he gets to a corner. Banks CHOPS Williams as fans start dueling. Banks kicks at Williams’ legs, then CHOPS him again. Williams staggers but Banks is on him with a snapmare and swift kick! Knee drop, cover, TWO! Banks keeps his cool as he keeps on Williams with a facelock. Williams jawbreakers free! Then hurdles and rolls Banks up, TWO! Banks runs but is sent out. Williams runs but Banks gets clear of the dropkick. Banks comes back to DIVE onto Williams! Banks puts Williams in and climbs up, dumdum stomps to the back! Cover, TWO! Williams lives but fans rally up. Banks has Williams up as Dar says neither man is impressive. Williams counters the Kiwi Krusher to a cradle, TWO! CLIMAX headlock driver! Cover, TWO!! Banks survives both ways, but Williams stays on him.

Fans rally up and Williams gives a European Uppercut. Banks kicks the legs out, and again. Williams blocks the next kick to CHOP and BOOT Banks! Williams runs into a SUPERKICK! But comes back with a “time travel” lariat! Banks is on the apron, but he gets a springboard elbow! Williams DIVES and sends Banks into barriers! Then he puts Banks back in before climbing up, flying elbow! Cover, TWO!! Banks still lives but Williams fires up. Fans rally and Williams reels Banks in. Banks blocks the driver and runs, SLICE OF HEAVEN! Then, KIWI KRUSHER! Cover, Banks wins!

Winner: Travis Banks, by pinfall

The Buzzsaw cuts down Williams, and Dar starts to think, and perhaps worry, about the possibility of facing Banks in Cardiff. Will GM Johnny Saint think that is the match-up for TakeOver, too?

Dar taunts Banks on his way out, and Banks goes over to dare Dar to do more than just talk. Dar says there’s plenty of time for that, but “good job!” Will Dar be so jocular if he really does have to face the Buzzsaw again?


Isla Dawn VS Nina Samuels!

The White Witch and the Rose Pink Devil are both hoping to have another go at the NXT UK Women’s Championship. Kay Lee Ray has Cardiff set, but will one of these women punch their ticket for a date there after?

The bell rings and the two circle. They tie up and Nina wrenches to a wristlock. Dawn bridges and spins to reverse the wrench. Nina endures as Dawn wants the shoulder. She spins but Dawn wrangles her to the mat. Nina gets back up and cartwheels to reverse and power Dawn down. Nina drops knees on Dawn’s arm then covers, TWO! Fans rally up but Nina puts Dawn in a straitjacket stretch. Dawn endures being pulled back but she fights her way up. Dawn backs Nina into the buckles and arm-drags her off. Nina cartwheels through but gets a dropkick for it! Dawn waistlocks but Nina bucks her off. Dawn shows her flexibility with a split, then rolls Nina up! TWO, but Dawn is right on Nina.

Nina has a foot on the ropes but Dawn puts her in a corner. Nina throws Dawn into buckles! Nina swings to knee Dawn in the back! Cover, TWO! Nina keeps her composure as she stomps Dawn at the ropes. Nina pulls Dawn against the ropes but lets up, to dropkick Dawn down! Cover, TWO! Nina stomps Dawn then drags Dawn up for a drop toehold. Nina ties up the legs for a deathlock and chinlock. Fans rally as Dawn endures. Dawn grabs at fingers but Nina shifts to a facelock. Dawn and Nina club away, but Nina pushes Dawn into buckles. Nina runs into a boot! And then gets buckles before getting a saido suplex! Dawn fires up and kicks away on Nina’s legs. Dawn adds EuroUppers, then underhooks. Nina fights out to a fireman’s carry. Dawn escapes and knees Nina down! Cover, TWO! Dawn keeps her focus as she drags Nina up.

Nina powers Dawn into buckles, then runs in, only to be put on the apron. Nina ducks the punch to hit a roundhouse! Slingshot splash! Cover, TWO!! Nina is shocked that Dawn survives! Nina drags Dawn back up and fans rally. Dawn ROUNDHOUSES! Half ‘n’ Half to a bridge! TWO, and now Dawn can’t believe it! Fans keep cheering her own, so Dawn grabs Nina again. Nina holds ropes to resist, but Dawn pries at her grip. The ref counts so Dawn lets up at 4. Nina sucker punches Dawn! Fireman’s carry, NINA-GOROSHI! Cover, Nina wins!

Winner: Nina Samuels, by pinfall

The Rose Pink Devil downs the White Witch, but she still has a way to go before becoming a contender. Will Nina be the leading lady she’s always wanted to be after Cardiff?


NXT UK GM Johnny Saint and Assistant GM Sid Scala speak.

After the events of last week, both Sid and Saint feel Joe Coffey and Dave Mastiff need another match to settle things. And that match happens at TakeOver: Cardiff! But to ensure it has a definitive finish, it will be LAST MAN STANDING! Will the Iron King or the Bomber of Black Country be the one to survive this human demolition derby?


NXT UK shares footage from Walter’s training.

In Essen, Germany, the wXw Wrestling Academy is the home of the Ring General’s intense preparation for his WWE United Kingdom Championship match. But he also makes sure the training is just as intense for the next generation of European wrestlers. Walter makes sure they all understand the proper form for everything, from stretching to taking bumps to entering the ring. He asks his line-up of trainees what they’re doing this for. To goof off and have fun? If so, go to England. This is a professional wrestling school. None of you belong here if you’re going to mess around.

Walter has one trainee give European Uppercuts. But they’re not good enough so he CHOPS them down! Then the next trainee, he reminds Walter of someone. Is he Tyler Bate? Is he the Big Strong Boy? Walter gives the trainee EuroUppers and slaps and CHOPS! He stands on the young man and has him say, “My name is Tyler Bate!” See that, Tyler? If the real Tyler Bate is man enough, meet Walter face-to-face on NXT UK! What will happen when Bate confronts the Austrian Anomaly just weeks before TakeOver?


Kassius Ohno VS Ilja Dragunov!

The Wrestling Genius believes he’s already perfected his true British wrestling style, despite being American. And now he wants to test the Moscow Madman’s style against his own. Will the Knockout Artist be the one to down #UNBESIEGBAR in NXT UK?

The bell rings and fans cheer for Ilja as he dares Ohno to bring the fight. The two circle and Ohno stays away from Ilja for a moment. They tie up, and Ilja backs Ohno up. Ohno lets off but Ilja grins as he comes back. Ohno ties up with Ilja, but again ends up on the ropes. He turns things into a cobra clutch, but Ilja pries his way out. Fans rally up and Ilja gets a waistlock to a headlock to a cravat! Ohno endures as Ilja cranks. Ohno works on the escape, and has a leg. Ilja breaks free of that but Ohno arm-drags out. Things speed up and Ohno catches Ilja! But Ilja flails so hard he topples Ohno over! Cover, TWO, and Ilja gets the cravat again! Ohno knees out hard, then CHOPS Ilja just as hard. But Ilja just wants more! Ohno goes for a leg but Ilja uses that to step over and knee Ohno back! Then Ilja drops a senton! Fans fire up as the cravat returns!

Ohno powers his way up to a corner, and the ref counts. Ilja lets off to run back in, but he gets a knee from Ohno. Ohno tosses Ilja out to the apron, then pulls him into the ropes! And then into a post! The ref reprimands Ohno but he just pulls on Ilja’s arm more! Ohno has Ilja against the crossbars before he BOOTS Ilja down! Ohno keeps on that arm between the ropes, despite what the ref says. Ohno arm-drags Ilja from the ropes and now has the cording hold. Ilja endures the knee in his face and fights up, but Ohno keeps him down. Ilja stands and fights at the hold, but Ohno kicks his legs out. Ohno has the standing keylock, but fans rally for Ilja. Ilja gets to ropes and shoves Ohno off. Ilja elbows Ohno away then boots him! Ohno staggers, Ilja runs, but Ohno sends him INTO ropes! Ilja is dazed but Ohno drags him in. The ref stops Ohno for only a moment before Ohno drops a leg! Cover, TWO!

Fans cheer but Ilja is in trouble as Ohno kicks him to ropes. Ilja glares up at Ohno but Ohno is on the arm with a knuckle lock. Ilja tries to fight Ohno off, clubbing away on Ohno’s chest. Ilja gets free and runs, but his Tiger Feint gets a BOOT! Ohno drags Ilja up, locks the arm, and then spins through for a falling armbreaker! Cover, TWO! Ohno has the wrist still, but fans rally up. Ilja endures but Ohno brings him up for a wristlock and sleeper. Fans rally and Ilja pries out. He turns around but Ohno reels him in for a facelock. Ohno passes the hammerlock to himself, but Ilja resists the suplex. Ilja powers out of the hold, but Ohno DECKS him with a right! Then clubs away on Ilja’s back! Ohno hammerlocks again, but Ilja pops out to SUPLEX Ohno! Both men are down but the fans are fired up!

Ohno crawls around to Ilja, but Ilja heads for him. Ohno has the wrist again as the two stand. Ilja works against the wristlock, and even eggs Ohno on. Ilja back spins to CHOP! Then he throws slapping palm strikes! Arm wringer! Ohno flounders, Ilja runs in for a big corner clothesline! Then corner to corner for another! He keeps moving, but Ohno stays standing from the lariat! Ilja tries again, but still not enough! Ilja tries, but Ohno clubs the clothesilne away. Off comes the armband, Ilja ducks, and finally left lariats! Ilja runs, 6-1-LARIATO! Cover, TWO!! Ohno survives but Ilja is determined to end it. Fans rally as he grabs Ohno and brings him around. Ilja wants the Gotch hold! He tries but can’t get Ohno up. Ohno trips Ilja, and STOMPS the bad arm! Ohno stands on the arm, to then STOMP it more! Ohno drags Ilja up, Canadian rack with one arm, twisting slam! Cover, TWO!! Ilja still lives!

Plymouth is thunderous for the Moscow masochist as he and Ohno roll to opposite ends. Fans rally up again as Ohno stands first. Ohno mocks Unbesiegbar, but gets a kick and rolling elbow to enziguri! Ilja waistlocks, but Ohno pries the grip apart. But Ilja brings it back in! GERMAN SUPLEX! Fans love “NXT! NXT!” for giving them this, and Ilja DIVES! The Torpedo Moscow hits outside, but Ilja has to get Ohno back in. Ilja does, then he climbs up top. Ilja aims, missile dropkick! Cover, TWO!! Ohno survives and Ilja is stunned! But he won’t give up, either. Ilja goes back to a corner and goes back up top. But Ohno stops him with a boot to the bad hand, and JAB to the head! Ilja slumps over, and Ohno climbs up. Ohno cravats Ilja now, but Ilja fights him off. Ilja clubs and climbs, but the sunset doesn’t work. Ohno just shrugs it off, but then Ilja gets him up!! POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO!! Ilja is shocked but Plymouth reaches a fever pitch!

Ilja climbs back up again, but Ohno uses the ref as a shield! Ilja hesitates, and Ohno shoves him into the post! Ilja’s arm is already damaged, and Ohno throws him into the post! Then into the ring, for DREAM CRUSHER elbow! Cover, Ohno wins!!

Winner: Kassius Ohno, by pinfall

The Knockout Artist gets that knockout to top off this masterpiece! Ilja has lost for the first time in NXT UK, what does this mean for both him and Ohno as TakeOver draws ever closer?



My Thoughts:

A pretty good episode for NXT UK, but with only some progress towards TakeOver: Cardiff. The only matches that impacted that event were the first two. That was a real good opener to propel the story for the NXT UK Tag Team Championships, and of course Webster finds a way to win against Mark Coffey. The Welshmen need to stay alive towards the title hunt, and I’m pretty sure Andrews finds a way to win against Wolfgang to make the title match a Triple Threat. Cardiff will love having a representative in the match, and a Triple Threat is the perfect match for either contender team to win without hurting the champions. Cardiff would explode if their guys won as the clear cut underdogs, and then there could be a program between them and Grizzled Young Veterans in the time between this and the next UK TakeOver.

Hearing about Coffey VS Mastiff, Last Man Standing, that is going to be amazing. Their previous match was a lot of fun, so now that they can go to this extreme, this could be the opener to fire everyone up. Banks VS Williams was fun, and Dar was pretty good on commentary just belittling both guys. Banks is again the front runner for Dar’s Cardiff opponent, but I wonder if Williams goes Heel over all these losses. Not to join Dar, though, but just to be a worse Heel than even Dar. If not, I’m hoping Banks wins clean against Dar to give Dar some karma. Toni Storm did good in her interview promo, going from excited to almost depressed. Her match with KLR is going to be a show stealer if these two go as hard as they can. The NXT UK Women’s title needs a bit of that Joshi Strong Style they picked up in Japan to really up things. Dawn VS Samuels was definitely filler to keep both fresh in our minds, but I don’t see either coming around even if KLR wins.

That was a rather effective segment from Walter. He comes off like a tyrant, as is his Heel persona. His insult that “goofing off” is what British wrestlers do, and being serious is what European wrestlers do. I doubt anything too serious happens in their face-to-face next week, with Aichner and Barthel busy with a match. Bate can easily get away if Walter tries something, or Bate could even make Walter back off by putting up a fight. But I still don’t see Walter losing the title in Cardiff, not just yet. Then the main event, for not doing anything directly related to Cardiff, was great. Ohno VS Ilja had a lot of great stuff, the arm selling and hard strikes especially. But what a surprise for Ohno to give Ilja his first loss. These two should continue for a feud to at least have a rematch at the “post” TakeOver episode.

My Score: 8.3/10

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