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NXT UK Coverage


Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (8/21/19)

Ten days until Cardiff!

The Ring General wants a face-to-face!

Time is running out before Walter and Tyler Bate meet in Cardiff and fight for the WWE United Kingdom Championship, but the champion wants to meet now! What will he say and what will he do to the Big Strong Boy before their bout?



  • Imperium VS The Hunt; Imperium wins.
  • Kay Lee Ray VS Shax; KLR wins.
  • Mark Andrews w/ Flash Morgan Webster VS James Drake w/ Zack Gibson; Andrews wins, he and Webster are now in the NXT UK Tag Team Championship match at NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff.


Imperium VS The Hunt!

Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner will represent their faction in taking on Wild Boar and Primate while trying to make the NXT UK Tag Team Division sacred. Will they succeed and make the Ring General proud?

The teams sort out and Primate starts against Aichner. Fans are on Primate’s side as he stands against the Italian Tank. The two circle and tie up, and both men are equal in strength. They break and bark at each other, but then tie up again. Aichner goes after the arm but Primate powers out. They collide but neither budges. Primate roars and Aichner runs, and they collide again, but still neither budges. Aichner and Primate egg each other on, they both run, but Aichner throws a knee low! Fans boo but Aichner keeps on Primate with a mounted armlock. He slaps Primate around but Primate just gets mad. Primate powers up and fans rally as he BITES Aichner’s ear! Tag to Wild Boar, and Aichner is freed. Barthel tags in and Aichner reverses the whip for Barthel to arm-drag Boar down. Barthel wrenches Boar around but Boar endures, even as Barthel steps on his face.

Fans rally and Boar fights up, but Barthel wrenches the wrist. Boar slips through and arm-drags Barthel, but Barthel keeps wrist control! Barthel wrenches and clubs Boar down, then keeps him down with a chinbar. Fans rally again and Boar fights his way up again. Boar fights back with hands, and has Barthel in a corner! The ref backs Boar off, and Barthel throat chops Boar down hard! Boar staggers away but Barthel is on him with stomps and fists. The ref counts and Barthel lets up at 4, only to come back with headbutts! Barthel stops at 4 again, but the fans start trolling “Walter’s B*tches!” Barthel drags Boar up and bumps Boar into the corner. Tag to Aichner, and Imperium stomps away on Boar. Aichner lets up at 4, but argues with the ref. Aichner drags Boar up for a scoop and gives him standing backbreakers! Cover, TWO! Aichner grows frustrated but he kicks at Boar.

Fans rally and Primate is waiting to get back in. Tag to Barthel, and Imperium whips Boar into a SIPNEBUSTER and Penalty Kick! Aichner boots Primate for good measure while Barthel covers, TWO! Boar survives and Primate is furious, but Barthel puts Boar in a chinlock. Fans rally again as Boar endures a chin in his forehead. Barthel pulls back but Boar refuses to give in. Boar fights his way up and arm-drags free. Primate ducks the sucker punch, hot tags to Aichner and Primate! Primate runs Aichner over! Then he whips Aichner only for Aichner to kick back. But aichner runs into an overhead suplex! Cover, TWO!

Barthel runs in but Primate sends him flying with a back drop! Primate hits Aichner with a corner clothesline, then tags Boar! The Hunt has Aichner but he shoves them into each other! Primate runs but Barthel dumps him out! Aichner rolls Boar, TWO! Boar trips Aichner then drops the senton! Barthel slips in as fans fire up, and Boar tosses Barthel right out! Boar has Aichner, corner to corner CANNONBALL! Fans want “One More Time!” and Boar obliges! But Barthel saves Aichner and Boar gets post! Barthel has Boar upside down, Imperium meets at the corner with dropkicks! Aichner tags in and gives Primate an apron SPINEBUSTER! Barthel wrecks Primate with a dropkick! Imperium goes after Boar, European Uppercut Powerbomb! Cover, Imperium wins!

Winner: Imperium, Fabian Aichner pinning

The future is the past, and those in the present must either follow or fall! Imperium wants to dominate NXT UK, are they inevitable?

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Assistant GM Sid Scala has a huge announcement!

He is pleased to announce another match has been made for NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff! After the verbal confrontation last week, Noam Dar and Travis Banks will be having a match against each other! The Kiwi Buzzsaw finally gets to be part of TakeOver. And given the growing animosity, Scala is excited to see what happens on August 31st. Will Banks be able to humble the Scottish Supernova? Or will Dar’s ego turn it up way past 11?


Backstage interview with Imperium.

Radzy wants to talk with Walter just ahead of the face-to-face with Tyler Bate, but Aichner and Barthel return from the ring. They dismiss Radzy in their native languages, not having time for him. But then something is going on in the Imperium locker room! Aichner and Barthel are knocked back out, and the cameras go down for a moment! Who was it that just took out Walter’s soldiers?!


Kay Lee Ray VS Shax!

The lethal lass is just days away from her match with Toni Storm for the NXT UK Women’s Championship. To keep her edge sharp, she takes on the debuting damsel of attitude and sophistication. Will this be much of an appetizer for KLR?

The bell rings and KLR stares down with Shax. Fans rally up as the two tie up. KLR powers Shax around and to a corner. The ref counts and KLR lets up to let Shax out. Shax and KLR circle again and fans start another rally. They tie up again, and KLR still has control, but Shax turns it around fast! The ref counts and Shax returns the favor of a clean break, but KLR throws big forearms! KLR wraps Shax’s arm around a rope to pull on it. KLR lets up at 4 and fans chant “We Want Toni!” to troll her. KLR drags Shax around by the arm and then jams it. She spins through and brings Shax down for a cover, TWO! KLR stomps Shax around, but fans rally up. KLR suplexes but Shax blocks. KLR clubs Shax down and fans boo. KLR drags Shax back up but Shax cradle counters! TWO, and KLR clobbers Shax for it! Cover, TWO, and KLR grows frustrated.

KLR bumps Shax on buckles then CHOPS her down! “WOO~” echoes out as KLR whips and redirects Shax. Shax dodges and hits a forearm! And then furious body shots! Shax fires off, runs, dodges, and jumps, into a SUPERKICK! KLR is angry now, and she chicken wings Shax into the GORY BOMB! Cover, KLR wins!

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Winner: Kay Ley Ray, by pinfall

That tune-up was more than KLR expected but she still came out on top. She kicks Shax to the curb, but will she do the same to Toni?

KLR grabs a mic and speaks as fans sing for Toni. “In ten days time, we go at Cardiff. And I’m challenging for the NXT UK Women’s Champion against the lady that likes to claim that it’s always Toni Time.” Fans cheer and chant for Toni, and that is the problem. Toni wants us to think of her as a big star, but KLR knows how truly weak and fragile Toni can be. At TakeOver: Cardiff, KLR takes the one thing that means the most to Toni, and that’s the title. But speaking of, here comes Toni! Yes, typical Toni. The rock ‘n’ roll star of NXT UK is here. But see, Toni, KLR knows why Toni loves to spend so much time away from home. For KLR, she goes home to a fiance and friends and family and her beloved hometown. But when Toni goes home, she has nothing and no one but the #ShinyShiny.

Has Toni ever stopped to think why she has been abandoned time and again? KLR was Toni’s best friend for years! She heard all the sob stories, that it was everyone else’s fault. But did Toni ever think it wasn’t them, it was her? Toni is the reason Toni has no friends. Toni is the reason Toni’s family doesn’t call. Toni is the reason Toni’s boyfriends go looking for other girls! And Toni is the reason Toni was just a little girl when her father realized how worthless his daughter was! Toni has had enough! She SLAPS KLR across the face! KLR retreats but the damage to Toni’s emotions has been done. Will KLR continue to break Toni down until Toni Time is over?


The Bomber and the Iron King prepare to be the Last Man Standing.

Dave Mastiff and Joe Coffey didn’t settle things in their match-up a few weeks ago, and as far as wanting to keep going, Mastiff was all for it! Coffey wasn’t so sure, but he won’t have any choice when these two fight until one man can’t fight anymore. Mastiff and Coffey are pumping weights and throwing their weight around to be at their best. Coffey has put many a men out for 10 though the count never counted. Both men warn the other not to think it’ll be that easy. Will it be Coffey’s Kingdom? Or will he be thrown Into the Void?


NXT UK, get ready for Oliver Carter!

It’s finally time for everyone sees the African culture shine bright in the UK! Is this the beginning on a new legend in the United Kingdom?

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Backstage interview with Jordan Devlin.

Radzy talks with the Irish Ace, and Devlin knows Cardiff is coming. A stacked card. NOT. The Ace isn’t on it! What does he have to do to get respect!? He gets blindsided by Finn Balor at Blackpool, pushes Walter to the limits, but- Kenny Williams says Devlin needs to stop whining. That might be why he’s not on TakeOver. But Williams isn’t on TakeOver, either, so maybe these two should have a match. Then the Lucky Yin will show how he is lucky enough to bet against The Ace. Devlin would talk more, but he just can’t stand Radzy.

But wait, something else is going on nearby. Walter and Wolfe are furious over what happened to Barthel and Aichner. They want to know what is going on! Where is the order? Who did that to Aichner and Barthel? Find Bate and tell Walter that if he’s man enough, still go the ring. Radzy, go and never show yourself again! Are things going to explode this close to Cardiff?


Mark Andrews w/ Flash Morgan Webster VS James Drake w/ Zack Gibson!

The Welsh Airforce that is the Modfather and the High-Fiving, Stage-Diving Rockstar are halfway to being part of TakeOver: Cardiff and the NXT UK Tag Team Championship match. Flash beat Mark Coffey to check off Gallus, but now #MAndrews needs to beat Mr. Mayhem to check off the champs! Can the underdogs keep it going all the way to a heroic homecoming?

The bell rings and fans taunt Gibson despite Drake being the competitor. Andrews and Drake stare down as they approach. They tie up and they go around hard. Drake powers Andrews to a corner, but he lets up at 4. Drake tells Andrews he’s not going to TakeOver, but Andrews doesn’t care what Drake says. They tie up again and Drake wants the arm as fans sing a new song to taunt him with. Drake wrenches Andrews’ arm, but Andrews hooks a leg to turn things around. Drake wrenches again as fans sing the classic “He’s got his own~ face, on his ass!” Drake lifts Andrews then wrings him out. Mr. Mayhem grinds his knee into Andrews, but Andrews fights his way up. Andrews rolls, handsprings and wrings Drake out!

Drake runs in but into an arm-drag! Drake blocks the next one, but not the third one as Andrews comes around the side. Andrews blocks the hip toss to arm-drag Drake into a ghost pin! TWO and that’s how close Cardiff was to having their own team in the match! Andrews makes sure Drake knows it, too. And fans make sure to sing, “If You Hate Gibson, Stand Up~!” Gibson gives Drake some pointers and Drake returns to tie up with Andrews. Drake punches Andrews in the back then headlocks hard. Drake thrashes Andrews but Andrews fights out. Andrews goes the other way to huricanrana Drake down! Then he sweeps the legs for the standing moonsault! Cover, TWO! Drake winces but Andrews keeps on him. Drake shoves Andrews into buckles!

Andrews is dazed and Drake clubs and stomps away. The Modfather coaches Andrews, Gibson coaches Drake as he lariats Andrews down, but fans keep singing and taunting. Cover, TWO and Andrews flounders away. Fans rally up and Drake stalks Andrews. Andrews hits back but Drake hits hard. Drake puts Andrews in a corner for big haymakers, then dropkicks Andrews down! Cover, TWO! Andrews survives and gets to a corner. The ref makes sure Gibson stays back. Drake drags Andrews up and snap suplexes him down. Cover, TWO! The Grizzled Young Veterans are annoyed, and the fans chant “ASS~ FACE!” at Drake. Andrews hits back with forearms but Drake gives forearms of his own. Drake whips but Andrews holds ropes. Andrews elbows Drake away then goes to a corner. Andrews enziguris Drake then hops up, but Drake trips Andrews up! Andrews tumbles on buckles and Drake scoops him for a backbreaker!

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Fans rally for Andrews as Drake looms over him. Drake drags Maverick up and gives him another backbreaker! Cover, TWO! Drake clamps onto Andrews’ shoulder and then puts him in a seated cobra clutch. Drake says Andrews doesn’t have a chance, but fans still call Drake “Ass Face.” Andrews endures being bent back across Drake’s leg. Fans rally and again sing about Gibson. Gibson just tunes them out as Andrews drops out and arm-drags Drake into buckles! Drake hobbles over and dodges Andrews’ counter attack to get the cobra clutch back on. But Andrews wheelbarrows, Stomp 182! Fans fire up for Andrews as he and Drake slowly rise. Drake is up first but Andrews mule kicks, front kicks and forearms! Andrews slides to PELE! Drake flops out of the ring, and Andrews builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit takes Drake out to the ramp!

Andrews puts Drake back in then runs corner to corner, but Drake dodges and catches the moonsault! But Andrews turns that into a tornado DDT! Cover, TWO!! Drake survives, and Andrews is speechless. Andrews catches his breath while Drake crawls away. Drake tosses Andrews out, but Andrews hits back from the apron. Andrews climbs, leaps, but Drake gets under. Andrews rolls, wheelbarrows to a bulldog! Drake is in a drop zone, Andrews hurries up top! But Gibson comes around! The Modfather backs Gibson off, but Andrews doesn’t see Drake running in! Grit Your Teeth Dropkick! Cover, TWO!! Andrews still lives, as does the dream! Drake rains down angry lefts, then covers, TWO! Drake keeps going, ground ‘n’ pound from all sides, then cover, TWO! Andrews will not die!

Fans fire up and taunt Drake more. Drake grows angry with Andrews, and says Andrews is not going to TakeOver. But Andrews fires off with haymakers and CHOPS! Drake shoves him away, enziguri! Andrews wobbles, but Drake scoops, only to get a POISON RANA!! Cover, TWO!! Gibson is relieved but things aren’t looking good. Wait, Gallus attacks! Gibson is not happy with them “helping”, but Wolfie is about to take a bite out of Gibson! Drake suplexes but gets Stun-Dog Millionaire! Andrews rolls Drake, Andrews wins!!

Winner: Mark Andrews, by pinfall; Andrews and Webster join the NXT UK Tag Team Championship match

What a shock! Gibson was right to be mad at Gallus, this just distracted everyone! The Welshmen are going to TakeOver, can they make the biggest impact in Cardiff?!


Trent Seven is here?!

The Man from Moustache Mountain returns despite how badly he got beat up by Walter! Was he the one who took out Aichner and Barthel? Fans sing for Trent as Walter storms out. Wolfe follows, but here comes Bate with a chair! The Big Strong Boy SMACKS Wolfe down! Walter finds himself alone with Moustache Mountain, and gets rocked by Seven! And SMACKED By Bate! Walter ducks in time and Bate hits post. But Seven clobbers Walter, then Bate SMACKS Walter after all! They put Walter in the ring and fans are thunderous!

Seven keeps Wolfe out of things while Bate takes aim. Bate swings but Walter manages to kick the chair away from the mat! Walter gets up to CHOP Bate, then whip him. Bate returns with the rebound lariat! And then he underhooks Walter, for a TYLER DRIVER ’97!! The Big Strong Boy might be the strongest man in NXT UK! Bate eyes the WWE United Kingdom Championship, and picks it up. Fans sing for Bate as he holds the belt over the fallen Austrian Anomaly. Will this be how TakeOver: Cardiff closes?!

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My Thoughts:

What a great episode! NXT UK is almost to their next TakeOver, and it’s looking great! We learn about Dar VS Banks becoming official, which will be a good match. We’re getting Williams VS Devlin for the go-home next week, that sounds like a lot of fun, too. Here’s why NXT UK should consider a midcard belt. It really is a shame you can’t have a talent as good as Devlin on the card, or any number of others who could be competing for the midcard title. We also got a great video for the Last Man Standing match of Mastiff VS Coffey, it was very creative with its editing. That match could be a show stealer just on what we got from their singles match. And a new star is showing up already on the go-home, I’m interested in seeing what Oliver Carter has to offer in an already stacked, no title midcard.

It was a good move for KLR to have more than just a squash on Shax. A Heel needs some struggle in the “tune-up” as a semblance of comeuppance. But then wow, that was a vicious promo. It had hints of why Devlin had issue with Travis Banks building into Blackpool, and then it turned a corner to go with my sentiment from Raw that female feuds seem to go to personal places that seem just a little too much. But Toni was able to sell being upset very well, and this ensures the match will be intense. We get a great match from Andrews VS Drake, and it actually works in the match’s favor to have Gallus go after Flash Morgan Webster. We get our Triple Threat for the tag title, which will be amazing, and I’m really hoping WWE lets Cardiff just lose their minds over their team winning the titles.

And the story of the night, Imperium and Moustache Mountain, such good stuff. Imperium wins to stay strong in the Tag Division, but it was great for them to be attacked by at least Tyler Bate to put Walter on edge. Seven’s return was a nice surprise, and now Bate has someone to watch his back when Imperium will surely back Walter. Bate standing tall now works for the story, but this might mean Bate loses in Cardiff. As great as the original champion becoming the new champion would be, I don’t see it happening quite yet. Walter still hasn’t had that long of a reign with that many defenses, so it’d put his reign up a big higher if he beat Bate, thereby sweeping British Strong Style in the same year.

My Score: 8.5/10


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