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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (8/28/19)

TakeOver: Cardiff is 3 days away!



NXT UK Coverage

No sleep ’til Cardiff!

NXT UK prepares to take over Cardiff, but there’s business to be dealt with first! Will the Lucky-Yin that he’s got more luck than the Luck of the Irish Ace?



  • Ilja Dragunov VS Tyson T-Bone; Dragunov wins.
  • Joseph Conners VS Oliver Carter; Conners wins.
  • Kenny Williams VS Jordan Devlin; Devlin wins.


Ilja Dragunov VS Tyson T-Bone!

#UNBESIEGBAR lost his first match in NXT UK last week to the Wrestling Genius, Kassius Ohno! Can the Moscow Madman get back on track and defeat the Lord of the Gypsies?

The bell rings and Ilja ties up with T-Bone. They are rather even in strength, but Ilja manages to push T-Bone towards a corner. T-Bone turns it around and backs off. They tie up again, and again Ilja powers T-Bone back. T-Bone headlocks and holds on as Ilja tries to get out. Fans rally up for Ilja as he fights and powers out of the headlock. T-Bone runs him over but Ilja is right back up. Things speed up and Ilja leaps, to be caught! But he fights so much, Ilja topples T-Bone over to a cover. TWO, and both men are up fast. Ilja baits T-Bone in for a step-through to knee smash! Ilja drops a back senton! Fans fire up with Ilja as he cravats T-Bone. T-Bone powers Ilja to a corner, and backs off again, only to get a swift JAB! Ilja is rocked and T-Bone covers, TWO!

T-Bone keeps on Ilja with a grounded armlock. Ilja endures and fans rally up again. T-Bone clubs away on Ilja’s ribs, but Ilja just gets angry. Ilja glares up at T-Bone and fights his way up. Ilja throws hands and hops up for a headscissors! But T-Bone is up to crossbody Ilja down! T-Bone hauls Ilja up into a Half ‘n’ Half suplex! Cover, TWO! Ilja still lives and T-Bone grows frustrated. Fans rally up as Ilja gets up. T-Bone clamps on a claw, then wraps Ilja up in the cobra clutch. Fans rally again as Ilja endures. Ilja fights his way up again, and pries free. T-Bone spins Ilja out but Ilja boots back! Ilja grabs an arm and wrenches it into a CHOP! Ilja wrings T-Bone out and fires himself up. T-Bone stands and Ilja runs corner to corner for a big corner clothesline!

Ilja keeps moving, T-Bone ducks one clothesline but not the other! Ilja uses the ropes for his 6-1-Line! The Tiger Feint Lariat takes T-Bone down! Cover, TWO! T-Bone still lives but Ilja is only more determined. T-Bone slowly stands and Ilja waistlocks for a German Suplex! Ilja fires up more and fans join in as he aims. Ilja runs in but into another right! T-Bone catches his breath while Ilja crawls. T-Bone runs in but misses and gets only post! Ilja climbs up, takes aim, and leaps for a HUGE senton! But that’s not all, because Ilja fires up and aims from the corner. The fans chant along, “UN! BE! SIEG! BAR!” Torpedo Moscow! Cover, Ilja wins!

Winner: Ilja Dragunov, by pinfall

And with that, Ilja Dragunov rebounds from his first NXT UK defeat! Will the Moscow Madman be able to settle the score with Kassius Ohno in the near future?


NXT UK looks back to what led to Storm VS Kay Lee Ray.

The Lightning from Down Under took a long road to the top of the NXT UK Women’s Division, but #ToniTime would rise. But then, an old friend would appear on the roster. But the lethal lass was smart enough to pick her moment. She didn’t want to be forgotten behind all the other names. But she also wanted Toni to remember that their friendship fell apart because of Toni. Toni doesn’t understand what happened, but she does know now that KLR isn’t who Kay Lee Ray was. KLR called her shot, and TakeOver: Cardiff is approaching. KLR guarantees she knows Toni better than anyone, and that is why they aren’t friends anymore. Will Toni also be the reason Toni is no longer champion after Cardiff?


NXT UK hears from Jack Gallagher.

“Ladies and fellow gentlemen,” the pro-wrestling polymath has a problem: who is better at British wrestling? American Kassius Ohno or British gentleman, Jack Gallagher? It should’ve been simple, but Ohno complicated things. There was a ropebreak, but Ohno hid it. So who is the better British wrestler? Ohno and Gallagher will face off again to prove their point!


Joseph Conners VS Oliver Carter!

The Righteous Killer wants to break all the “shiny new toys,” and he gets the honor of facing the newest toy of all. But will Conners end up the prey of the debuting “Predator Slayer”?

The bell rings and Carter circles with Conners. They tie up and Carter powers Conners to a corner. Conners pushes out and throws big clubbing forearms! Conners has Carter on the ropes as he hammers away, but Carter hits back with big body shots! Carter whips and back drops Conners! Carter springboards but Conners gets clear. Carter lands on his feet, sees Conners coming and tosses him out of the ring. Conners throws a fit but Carter just grins. Conners keeps approaching the apron but backing off. Carter goes out to get Conners, but Conners baits him into the ring. Carter catches the boot to hit a BIG European Uppercut! Carter whips and dropkicks Conners down! Fans fire up for Carter as he throws big shots on Conners in the corner. The ref counts and Carter backs off, only for Conners to throw him down by his hair!

Conners hammers away with fists then stomps Carter around. Conners drags Carter around and clubs away on his face and chest! The ref reprimands Conners but Conners throws Carter down again. Conners drags Carter up and throws him into the corner for a clothesline. Conners reels Carter out for a BIG lariat! Cover, TWO! Conners clamps onto Carter and hammerlocks one arm tot hen pull on the other. Conners has a modified crossface but fans rally up for Carter. Carter powers things to a cover, TWO! Carter throws those big hands but Conners knees low. Conners suplexes to a gourd buster! Snap Chancery! Carter writhes but Conners covers, TWO! Conners shots, “You ain’t taking my spot!” Conners stomps Carter then drags him back up. Conners whips and headbutts Carter in the stomach! Cover, TWO!

Conners grows frustrated but he drags Carter to the apron. Fans still rally but Conners slams Carter on the apron edge. And again! Conners clubs Carter back into the ring then follows. Conners pulls on Carter’s hair again but the ref reprimands him. Carter fights back with those big body shots! Carter rocks Conners, then boots Conners away. Carter is on the apron, Conners runs in but gets an enziguri! Carter hurries up top, leaps, Meteora! Carter rallies with lariats, whips Conners but Conners reverses. But Carter stops himself to belly2belly Conners overhead! Carter kips up, runs but misses the shining wizard to come back with a mule kick! Cover, TWO! Conners is still tough, but Carter keeps moving. Conners reels him in for a forearm to the back and a back suplex lift. But Carter lands on his feet! Conners dodges the shining wizard and rolls Carter up, TWO! Carter sweeps the legs then moonsaults, but FLOPS! Conners lifts Carter, DON’T LOOK DOWN! Cover, Conners wins!!

Winner: Joseph Conners, by pinfall

The debut was shockingly ruined! But at the same time, this might be the win that sparks Conners back to life! Will Conners break through by breaking more “shiny new toys”? Or will Carter recover from this stumble off the starting line?


NXT UK shares an interview from after Monday Night Raw.

The Swiss Cyborg, Cesaro, says he’ll be heading not only to China on a WWE tour. He will be paying a visit to Cardiff, Wales. He’s heard about NXT UK, and wants to see first-hand what it’s all about. Who knows? Maybe Cesaro will even get a “hands on” approach. Is there something big coming to this brand on the rise?


NXT UK General Manager, Johnny Saint, Tweets a big match announcement!

Given the recent fighting between Rhea Ripley and Piper Niven both in and out of the ring, the GM has no choice but to give these two the rematch they clearly want. Next week, it will be round two! But who wins this big match in the wake of TakeOver: Cardiff?


Kenny Williams VS Jordan Devlin!

The Irish Ace feels snubbed not being on TakeOver: Cardiff’s card, but the Lucky-Yin says don’t complain about it, do something about it! Will Williams’ luck run out against the vicious Devlin? Or will Williams win big betting against the Ace?

The bell rings and fans sing for Devlin. Devlin doesn’t really care as he focuses on Williams. They tie up and Devlin gets the arm. Devlin wrenches to a wristlock but Williams rolls and handsprings to reverse it onto Devlin. Devlin gets around for a waistlock then slams Williams down. Devlin floats all over Williams before slapping him on the head! Devlin says Williams is “soft” but fans still sing and duel. Williams is up and circles with Devlin again. They tie up with knuckle locks, and Devlin powers Williams down. Williams drops, kips up and bridges all to power Devlin back. Williams arm-drags Devlin then dodges him to roll him up! TWO, and William waistlocks to a shove and back drop! Devlin gets up fast but is clothesline’d out just as fast! Williams dares Devlin to bring the fight, and Devlin is seething.

The referee counts but Devlin says he doesn’t need this. Devlin walks away, but Williams runs after him! Williams clobbers Devlin down on the stage then punches him down the ramp! Williams throws European Uppercuts as the ring count climbs. Devlin shoves Williams into the apron then the barrier! Devlin refreshes the count at 7 to then stomp away on Williams! The referee backs Devlin off and Devlin goes to the ring to soak up the heat. The ring count begins again as Williams coughs and sputters. Williams rises at 4 and stands at 5, and manages to get in at 6, only for Devlin to be on him with forearms and stomps! Devlin grinds his boot into Williams’ stomach. Williams gets away to a corner but Devlin brings him out to lift for an atomic backbreaker! Williams gets to a corner and shoves Devlin away, but Devlin shoves him to ropes. Devlin forearms Williams hard in the back off the rebound!

Williams crawls and Devlin taunts Williams, “I’m not breaking a sweat.” Devlin shoves and forearms Williams again! But Williams is getting mad now. Devlin tries again but Williams holds ropes to come back with a roll-up! TWO, and Devlin knees Williams hard! Cover, TWO! Devlin grows annoyed and Williams crawls to a corner. Williams throws hands but Devlin clubs him down. Devlin gets Williams up in a torture rack and of course tortures Williams’ ribs and spine! Williams endures then fights free! Devlin just kicks Williams sharp in the back! But Williams gets angry again. Devlin calls Williams a joker, but Williams just stands up to throw forearm and CHOPS! Williams snapmares and kicks Devlin back! Then Williams runs to Penalty Kick from the front! Cover, TWO!

Fans rally behind Williams as Devlin goes to the apron. Williams springboards for the back elbow! Devlin falls to the floor and Williams runs to wreck him with a dropkick! Williams gets Devlin in fast, but Devlin bails out again. But Williams just DIVES out to wipe Devlin out! Williams puts Devlin back in then climbs up again. Devlin just bails out to the apron, but Williams is on him. Devlin rubber-bands ropes into the ribs! Williams falls to his knees and Devlin drags him out to the apron. Devlin takes aim, grabs Williams, but Williams resists. Williams fights Devlin off to leap for another elbow! William wipes Devlin out but puts him back in the ring. Williams leaps for a BIG flying elbow! Cover, TWO!! Devlin survives but Williams has fans rallying behind him.

Williams whips but Devlin reverses. Williams elbows Devlin away, then wheelbarrows, but into a half nelson suplex! Fans chant “You Killed Kenny!” as Devlin stops the trip back to the future. But Williams does still live, and he trades forearms with Devlin. Williams gets an edge, but Devlin hits back. Devlin reels Williams in but gets a forearm, CHOPS, and a boot! Williams yo-yos in the ropes, but into the SPANISH FLY! Cover, TWO!! Williams survives again and Devlin is furious! Fans declare “This is Awesome!” as Devlin drags Williams up top. Devlin CHOPS Williams then climbs. Devlin fireman’s carries but Williams fights back. Williams CHOPS Devlin, then CHOPS again! Williams slingshots up, SUPER STEINER! Devlin flounders and fans fire up, Williams runs for the wheelbarrow facebuster! Cover, but Devlin just pops out! Williams grows frustrated, he realizes he overdid the cover!

Williams keeps on Devlin with a headlock, but Devlin denies the driver. Williams clubs away on Deviln, but Devlin lifts Williams. Williams fights that off, but is rammed into buckles! Devlin climbs up, MOONSAULT onto Williams’ back! Cover, TWO!! Williams lives and fans are loving “NXT! NXT!” for this one! Devlin goes to Williams on the ropes, but Williams holds on to resist. Devlin kicks away on Williams’ face! Then kicks the arm away! Ripcord, DEVLINSIDE!! Cover, Devlin wins!

Winner: Jordan Devlin, by pinfall

The Irish Ace proves to Williams just who deserves to be in the main event. Will this also prove to Johnny Saint that Devlin deserves another shot at the WWE United Kingdom Championship?


NXT UK reviews the war of British Strong Style and Imperium.

Though the Austrian Anomaly entered alone, Walter alone was victorious over the Bruiserweight, Pete Dunne, at TakeOver: New York back in April. Then the soldiers would follow their Ring General with the mission of leading us all to a better NXT UK. But British Strong Style would reunite to defend the brand THEY started. But the war would take a twist as Alexander Wolfe would join Imperium’s mission. Tyler Bate would be wrecked with powerbomb after powerbomb, Pete Dunne would be kept away on NXT USA, and Trent Seven would do what he could all alone. It looked as if Imperium had truly taken over. But when it came to find a challenger for Cardiff, the Big Strong Boy would return! Bate as the inaugural champion was man enough to take on the most menacing champion yet. Bate vows to end the disrespect Imperium is showing, but Walter vows to keep the mat sacred. Who is man enough to be THE champion in NXT UK?


The Grizzled Young Veterans are here!

Zack Gibson and James Drake are not in a good mood. “Is this a joke? Is this a rib?!” Johnny Saint actually made the Triple Threat for the tag titles? NO! Last time Gibson checked, they’re the tag team champions, and matches should be 2v2. “How on Earth do you qualify for that by winning singles matches?” How is this suddenly 4v2? But before Gibson can vent any longer, Gallus appears! “The only thing worse is you two diffs, is those two little Welsh wet wipes!” Well speaking off, here comes Andrews and Webster! The Welsh Air Force rushes the ring to ROCK Gibson and Drake! And then Mark Coffey and Wolfgang rush in after Andrews and Webster!

Gibson and Drake drag out Wolfgang and FMW, and things get chaotic. ANDREWS FLIES! The rockstar wipes out the crowd, but then FMW and Wolfgang get in the ring, for Wolfgang to wreck Webster! Coffey and Andrews get in, then Gibson and Drake! The GYV and Gallus brawl back and forth while FMW and Andrews get up from underneath. The brawl is just the beginning, what happens when all three teams get to do what they want and what they have to in order to win?



My Thoughts:

A pretty good episode for a go-home. The matches themselves don’t impact TakeOver: Cardiff but that’s fine, because NXT UK is just keeping the rest of their card active and strong as things roll on. Ilja VS T-Bone was pretty fun, and naturally Ilja wins to rebound. Ilja will probably have a rematch with Ohno one day, but I like that Gallagher VS Ohno is part of the “post” TakeOver: Cardiff episode. Same goes for Rhea VS Piper rematch. Those two matches are going to be great. And Cesaro coming to Cardiff, that’s crazy good for NXT UK. Cesaro has been floundering on the main roster despite always putting on solid matches, but seeing Cesaro have some matches with UK names would be pretty cool. I wonder if he swerves Imperium, who would expect him to join up since he’s European like they are, to then reinforce Moustache Mountain while Pete Dunne is on NXT USA.

Conners VS Carter was a great debut for the newest superstar. Carter may not have won, but Conners really needed this to keep his personal mission alive. Carter will have time to get wins, and it was natural for us to hear about Kofi Kingston encouraging the newest WWE superstar out of Ghana. We got great video packages for the NXT UK Women’s and WWE United Kingdom Championships, and we already know those matches will be great. NXT UK was a bit better about the Prime Target: Cardiff special versus how NXT USA did it for Toronto, but I do feel bad for missing it just before NXT UK aired. And then we got a great main event match with Devlin VS Williams. Devlin wins because he really does need to keep strong if he’s to be a contender. The final segment with the NXT UK Tag Team Triple Threat teams brawling was also great. NXT UK hadn’t closed with chaos before so this was nice to really up the heat for their match.

My Score: 8.4/10

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