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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Live Results & Report! (8/6/19)

What goes down this close to SummerSlam?



SmackDown cover image

It’s the SmackDown before SummerSlam!

And just days before the biggest party of the Summer, The Kevin Owens Show has the Best Guest in the World, Shane McMahon! Will Kevin and Shane be able to keep the peace days before finally settling the score?



  • Rey Mysterio VS Dolph Ziggler; No Contest.
  • Dolph Ziggler VS Mustafa Ali; Ziggler wins.
  • Challenger VS Challenger: Natalya VS Ember Moon; Double Count-Out.
  • Aleister Black VS Sami Zayn; Black wins.
  • The New Day VS The Planet’s Tag Team Champions; The New Day wins, by disqualification.


Charlotte Flair opens SmackDown!

The Queen of All Eras, as Charlotte calls herself, prepares for a showdown with Trish Stratus in Toronto but is here in Detroit to speak.

“Every time the Queen steps foot in this ring, you all are witnessing greatness!” Now most people dream of greatness, strive for it and desire it, but sadly, not everyone has the genetics, the talent or the discipline to achieve it. So most people quit, lie or move on to something else. “Just like my opponent at SummerSlam, Trish Stratus!” A WWE Hall of Fame Seven-Time Women’s Champion, and when the industry started to change, she opted for a family and a minivan. At the height of the (R)Evolution, Trish just wants to come back for #OneMoreMatch? No, she sees Charlotte’s greatness and it eats her alive knowing she’s not as great as Charlotte. This generation is superior to the previous, but Trish wants to defy that. Trish wants one more match in front of her family in Canada. But that dream won’t come true, because Charlotte will shatter it.

But please, take a look at the highlights of Charlotte’s career. Wait, the highlight video that comes up is for Trish! Charlotte is very upset as we watch Trish win those seven Women’s Championships, and confronting Charlotte with, “To be the Woman, you’ve got to beat the Woman.” Charlotte shakes her head, but here comes Trish in person! Charlotte didn’t like that, huh? The Queen gets what she wants, huh? Charlotte remembers seeing Trish’s minivan in the parking lot now. Cute comeback. Trish joins Charlotte in the ring, and the reason for that swerve was to remind Charlotte of why she’s even here and having these “amazing, history-making opportunities.”

Yes, Trish has been dreaming of one more match. And it does eat at Trish, because Charlotte embodies what Trish fought for. Maybe this is to prove something to her kids, or her fans, but it’s mostly to prove it to herself. To quote the late, great Harley Race, “There is no greater feeling than in the world than to be under these bright lights.” Trish needs that again! Charlotte may be the Queen, but she’s still not Trish. Well then welcome to a nightmare, Trish. Because Charlotte vows to make Trish #BowDowntotheQueen! WOO~! Trish SLAPS Charlotte! Charlotte contains her fury while Trish smirks at her. Then Charlotte grins and takes her leave. Will the Queen still be smiling after she and Trish have it out in Toronto?


Rey Mysterio VS Dolph Ziggler!

The salty Show-Off put his foot in his mouth a couple times and will now have to pay for his trash talk by taking on Goldberg at SummerSlam! But before facing one legend, he takes on a legend of lucha libre! Will Ziggler get a call from the 619 before flying to the 416?

And Ziggler mocks the Goldberg entrance! Is he going to mock legend after legend until he’s finally shut up on Sunday?

Ziggler attacks Mysterio before he gets in the ring! He goes after the mask and shirt, too! Then he SUPERKICKS Mysterio down! The referee shouts for back-up and out come extra refs and security. Ziggler paces as fans boo and jeer. Ziggler just busts through the referees to bring Mysterio up for a second SUPERKICK! Then he storms over to the timekeeper to take a mic.

“Oh, another legend goes down, courtesy of DZ!” All these legends can keep crawling, but the same thing happens every time. Nostalgia isn’t enough, and Goldberg wants a fight because Ziggler’s next. Well Ziggler will do what he does best and then end the legend of Goldberg! He’s not next, because this will be Goldberg’s LAST! But to defend the honor of Mysterio and Goldberg, it is Mustafa Ali! The Beacon of Light gets in, blocks the superkick to hit a windmill kick! Then he DIVES out onto Ziggler! And now Ali will take Ziggler on instead! SmackDown goes picture in picture as things sort out!

Dolph Ziggler VS Mustafa Ali!

Ali is fuming but so is Ziggler. Ziggler gets up while Ali speaks to the crowd and Ziggler about the disrespect Ziggler has been showing. Ali speaks more to officially challenge Ziggler to this match! The referee gets back in and Ziggler reluctantly accepts this revised match. Ziggler rushes Ali but gets rolled up! TWO, and Ziggler knees low! Ziggler bumps Ali off buckles then brags about it. He whips Ali corner to corner but Ali reverses. Ali runs in but is put on the apron. He hits Ziggler away but Ziggler trips up his slingshot! Ali crashes and burns hard to the ground!

Ziggler catches his breath, frustrated as he is, and goes out to fetch Ali. Ziggler drags Ali up and brings him over to bump off steel steps! Then he throws Ali back into the ring and covers, TWO! Ziggler keeps his focus as he taunts Ali at the ropes. He slaps Ali around and drags him up. Ali fights back with body shots but Ziggler kicks low. Ziggler whips and pops Ali up to drop Ali down! Ziggler roars at the fans before going back to Ali with a chinlock. He even rakes his eyes in Ali’s face! The ref reprimands Ziggler and makes sure the hold isn’t a choke. Ali fights his way up and out of the hold, but Ziggler haymakers him down! SmackDown returns to single picture as Ziggler whips again. Ali turns the flapjack into a dropkick!

Ali counter punches Ziggler and CHOPS! He bumps Ziggler off buckles and stomps, then whips corner to corner, Ziggler reverses but Ali slides to a stop. Ali dodges and roundhouses Ziggler back! Then slingshot somersault facebuster! Cover, TWO! Ziggler crawls to ropes but Ali follows after. Ali pulls him up but Ziggler elbows him away! Then clotheslines him down! Ziggler then goes to a corner to tune up the band! He isn’t done mocking HBK, it seems. Ali stands, Ziggler moves in but misses! Ali rolls him up, TWO!! Ziggler headbutts Ali, then SUPERKICKS! Cover, Ziggler wins!

Winner: Dolph Ziggler, by pinfall

The Show-Off still backs up everything with actions! But will he be able to survive Goldberg’s wrath at SummerSlam?


SmackDown returns to a sit-down interview with Roman Reigns.

Before getting started, Kayla does thank him for taking the time for this interview. How is he keeping it together after two attempts on his life? He’s been through so much this year, but he’s always known what’s going on. He’s always known who is after him. But not this time. He doesn’t know who this is or why they’re doing it. Then how is it affecting his life? The WWE offers personal security, but he’s always done things his way. It’s one thing to fight in the ring, it’s another to go after him with a car. He only worries about his family. Than given all the discussion, who does Roman think is after him? Roman only knows it isn’t Samoa Joe after all. And so now, Roman does apologize to Joe for dragging his name through the mud.

But to the one who is out there after him, Roman wants to know why, and he will get answers before tonight is over. Will the culprit, or culprits, be revealed?


SmackDown returns with a tribute to Harley Race.


Challenger VS Challenger: Natalya VS Ember Moon!

A unique match as the #1 Contender for the Raw Women’s Championship takes on the #1 Contender for the SmackDown Women’s Champion! The Queen of Harts has sharpened her claws for going after The Man in a Submission Match, while the War Goddess looks to Eclipse Bayley! Where will the momentum lie on the way to SummerSlam?

The bell rings and these two tie up fast and furious! Natty wrenches but Ember handsprings to wring Natty back. The two circle and go again. Natty throws Ember to a corner then is on her with furious fists! She backs off long enough to bring Ember out and whip. Ember handsprings through the back drop to SUPERKICK Natty down! Ember runs to hit a sliding complete shot! Then she climbs up, but Natty hurries to the apron. Ember kicks her down and off the apron, but misses the lariat. But she hits a shotgun dropkick to blast Natty into barriers! Ember fires up but Natty shoves her into the LED apron! Discus lariat wipes Ember out! And then Natty puts on the Sharpshooter on the outside! The ring count climbs, and hits 10!

Double Count-Out

Again, Natalya sacrifices a win for damaging an opponent. Bayley runs out to pry Natty off! Natty takes her anger out on Bayley with a shove! Natty storms off and Bayley is confused by this change in a former friend. Bayley checks on her challenger, but Ember doesn’t trust her after last week’s sneaky Bayley2Belly. Trust aside, how will Bayley and Ember handle their match on Sunday?


SmackDown returns to the Kevin Owens Show!

And the host is already in the ring. He admits this isn’t a normal edition, and just cuts to the chase. He tells Shane McMahon to just get out here and get this over with. Shane O’Mac takes his time making Kevin wait. Shane loves being dramatic, but we have things to do than wait for his “sorry ass”! The music hits and Shane appears, shuffling and dancing like always. He goes to the ring and joins Kevin in the ring, and of course gets his “BEST in the WOOOOOOOOOR-” No, Kevin cuts off “the crap”! It has been said enough, but now we get to business. Kevin’s career is on the line, but everyone wonders why Shane’s career isn’t on the line? The answer is simple: Shane’s last name. As a McMahon, Shane can do and say whatever he wants.

But ever since then, Kevin has heard many people out. Right here, right now, Kevin appeals to Shane’s pride and that “giant, disgusting ego”. Since the McMahons talk about what’s best for business and the fans, Shane should put his in-ring career on the line! If Shane wins, Kevin’s gone. But if Kevin wins, we all get what we want: Shane stops wrestling! Fans cheer “YES! YES!” Shane will ponder that for a second. It’s a no. Shane’s ego is out of control? Kevin’s ego got him here in the first place! Kevin was the one talking about quitting. And as a reminder, there’s no shame in losing to the best.

But when Kevin does lose, Shane lays this out for him: he could do it the old fashioned way, a pin; he could put on “one of the most devastating submissions” in his Triangle and make Kevin tap; or Kevin ends up outside the ring for more than the count of ten; or perhaps, this could continue and Shane pushes Kevin to the point of snapping, which he does, and Kevin gets himself disqualified. The bottom-line is that Kevin will be done and Shane will be rid of him. So the whole point of what Shane just said is he won’t do it? How surprising. Shane’s smart, but after all the risky things Shane has done in his career, he’s no longer got any balls. Shane says he has balls, but he sees Kevin needs a preview. Kevin is ready and is clearing the ring for him! But here comes Elias! Kevin fights him and Shane, then throws Elias out! Only for Shane to clobber him!

Shane goes out but Kevin is after him with hands! Then he throws Shane over the desk! Kevin clears the desk off and Detroit is fired up! But Elias returns to attack Kevin! Kevin gives Elias a STUNNER! Kevin roars but Shane sweeps his legs! And then rains down right hands! And lefts! And stomps and kicks! But now Shane sees the table and decides to tip it over onto Kevin! And then punches Kevin as he crawls out! Shane grabs a chain and presses it against Kevin’s face! And then he backs up, to run in and basement dropkick the chair into Kevin’s face! “You are done! You are over!” Shane slaps Kevin over and over but referees hurry out to pull him off. Shane claims Kevin is the one who went too far, and now he’ll pay for it. Does Kevin stand a chance of fighting back in Toronto?


Sami Zayn is on SmackDown!

The Critic of the Critics claims he is going to “help” Aleister Black by accepting the open challenge and beating him so badly, the mystique will finally die. Sami now picks up a mic to say, “You know… Last week I came and I offered Aleister Black a gift!” Sami is providing a service at SummerSlam by exposing and freeing Aleister of his hype “that he knows he can’t live up to!” But what is Aleister’s response? Silence! Instead of manning up, Aleister is locked in that dark room. That is his safe space. As long as Aleister stays dark and mysterious, “parasites” known as fans will think he’s cool. But in reality, Mr. Pick a Fight with Me doesn’t want this fight, because he knows Sami will win! And that terrifies him.

But speak of the Dutch Devil, and he shall appear! “Oh but Sami, this match is not happening at SummerSlam. No, this match happens now!” The Embodiment of the End rises from the fog to make SmackDown and Sami #FadetoBlack!

Aleister Black VS Sami Zayn!

The bell rings on this surprise match, and Sami wants to reason with Aleister. But then he kicks low and gets a headlock! Aleister powers out and bumps shoulders to then roundhouse Sami down! Sami is on the apron, and Aleister runs over! But he fakes Sami out to springboard and sit back down! SmackDown goes picture in picture as Aleister waits patiently yet aggressively.

Sami approaches and Aleister is ready. Sami plays cat ‘n’ mouse but gets caught with haymakers! Aleister kicks Sami around the corner and into barriers! And then against them! Sami flounders and Aleister puts him in the ring. Sami kicks back and has Aleister on the ropes, literally. The ref backs Sami off and Aleister gets to a corner. Sami comes over to throw haymakers, and CHOPS! Sami keeps on Aleister and whips, but Aleister rolls off Sami’s back to roundhouse him down again! Aleister drags Sami up but is powered to a corner. The ref counts and Sami lets up only to throw more hands. The ref counts more and has to back Sami off. Sami comes back and drags Aleister up for a tornado, but Aleister powers out. Roundhouse is blocked but Aleister adds a hook kick! Aleister waistlocks but Sami bucks him off to then run him over!

SmackDown returns to single picture as Sami rains down rights on Aleister! The ref counts and Sami lets off. Sami stalks Aleister to the corner and throws more hands. He CHOPS Aleister but Aleister comes back with forearms. Sami punches and knees low, then grinds into Aleister. Sami slaps then whips Aleister to clothesline him down! Cover, TWO! Sami tries again, TWO! Aleister gets to ropes but Sami is on him again. Sami lets up at the ref’s count, but fans chant “Sami Sucks!” Aleister hits Sami back with haymakers and kicks, then runs, but into a scoop and backbreaker! Cover, TWO! Sami grows frustrated but he keeps on Aleister with punches right to the head. Sami wraps on a chinlock and traps an arm, but Aleister endures. Aleister frees his arm but Sami knees and punches back.

Sami whips but Aleister kicks him back! Aleister counter punches, but Sami shoves. Aleister uses that to rally with elbows! Aleister fires off a strike fest, sweep and sliding knee! Then a kip-up! Detroit fires up as Aleister hits the quebrada! Aleister aims at Sami corner to corner, knee-trigger! Sami is down, and Aleister picks him up with a foot. Aleister spins, BLACK MASS! Cover, Aleister wins!

Winner: Aleister Black, by pinfall

Aleister wanted a fight, and he won the fight! Will the Embodiment of the End move on looking for a fight over gold?


Backstage interview with Shelton Benjamin.

Does he see himself ever becoming WWE 24/7 Champion. He speaks! “Well…” Not much of an answer, but will his actions speak louder than words?


SmackDown presents: Firefly Fun House!

Huskus gorges himself on sweets! Bray Wyatt comes by and says that his SummerSlam opponent, Finn Balor, is very brave. And Bray loves that! But just like Huskus covers up insecurity with sugar, sadly, Finn’s courage is empty. He invited the Fiend to his door, willingly! YOWIE WOWIE! Bray has a good laugh before saying that it’s hurt for so long now. It’s finally time for Finn to hurt. The Fiend is coming. #LetMeIn. The Fiend has already taken down legends like Mick Foley and Kurt Angle, but will he end Finn’s legend before it even begins?


Chad Gable finishes a workout.

But Elias doesn’t appreciate him being so close to his guitar. Chad apologizes, but Elias has to apologize for thinking Chad was a kid. But you’ve got to be this tall to step to a star like Elias. Got that, kid? Elias leaves, but will Gable get back at him next time they meet?


Kofi Kingston responds to everything Randy Orton has said.

Orton claims credit for Kofimania? No, it happened in spite of guys like Orton. Kofi always took the fight to Orton. It is hard to find a way to stand out in the WWE, but Kofi did just that. Things were clicking, fans were fired up for Kofi, and it was going Kofi’s way. But then things went the other way. Orton’s memorable “STUPID!” and his backstage influence held Kofi back. Kofi fought as hard as he could, but would go home every day wondering why he was good enough to be here, but not to be at the next level. He just kept grinding day after day, and now, after 11 years, Kofi IS at that next level! That long wait made Kofi appreciate every moment.

The Power of Positivity is real for Kofi, and he wants to make it real for everyone else. If Kofi did it, they can do it, too. Orton just wants to hold others down. But beating Orton will be vindication for Kofi’s entire career. And then everyone will see Kofi does belong. Will the dream survive even the most dangerous letters in professional wrestling?


The New Day VS The Planet’s Tag Team Champions!

AWWWW~ Mo-Town~! Feel~ the power~ as we get a non-title rematch of the current and previous SmackDown Tag Team Champions! While Kofi prepares for The Viper in Toronto, will Big E and Xavier Woods stay strong against Rowan and Daniel Bryan?

The bell rings and Bryan goes right at Woods! He bumps Woods off buckles then throws haymakers! He whips Woods but Woods ducks and dodges to headscissor Bryan down! Then he dropkicks Bryan out of the ring! Woods runs and FLIES to take Bryan down! The New Day has control already as SmackDown goes to break!

SmackDown returns again and Bryan wrenches Big E’s arm into a shoulder breaker. And another! And another! Then he whips Big E, but Big E reels Bryan in for a LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Tag to Woods and the New Day combine for the wheelbarrow splash on Bryan! Cover, TWO! Woods brings Bryan up with a wrench to a wristlock, but Bryan rolls and reverses. Bryan brings Woods to the corner and tags in Rowan. Big Red clubs and scoops Woods for a big slam! Rowan glares at Big E before he whips Woods to a corner. Woods goes up and over and enziguris Rowan back! Woods hurries up to rain down rights, but Rowan stops him at 5. Woods mule kicks, CHOPS and gets the rest of those punches! Rowan still shoves him away, runs, and they collide! Woods writhes from the Big Red body check! Cover, TWO!

Rowan keeps on Woods with a neck wrench and knees driving into his back. The ref counts as Rowan pulls hair with the neck wrench, so Rowan lets up. Rowan drags Woods up and headbutts him down. The fans rally for the New Day as Rowan grinds his boot into Woods. Rowan tags Bryan but Woods fights back. Rowan smothers Woods then whips Bryan to dropkick Woods! Rowan adds his corner splash and Bryan covers, TWO! Bryan keeps on Woods with a grounded cravat. Woods endures as they go around, but Bryan drops knees. Bryan wrenches on the cravat more, then drops another knee! Fans rally for the New Day as Bryan stalks Woods. Bryan has the cravat again but Woods fights up and out. Bryan shoves Woods but gets an elbow! Woods hurries but Bryan grabs an arm! Woods and Big E reach, but Woods has to shove and rolling elbow Bryan down first!

Fans rally up as both Woods and Bryan crawl. Hot tag to Rowan, who hits Big E first! Rowan tosses Woods out on the opposite end! Then he whips Woods into steel steps! And then into the timekeeper’s area! The New Day is down while we go to one more break!

SmackDown returns once more, and Woods leaps at Rowan with a missile dropkick! Woods and rowan are down and Detroit is thunderous! Hot tags to Bryan and Big E! Big E gets Bryan for a big overhead suplex! And another! And then the side belly2belly! Big E swivels those hips and runs, for the BIG SPLASH! But he’s not done there. The fans clap along as Big E watches Bryan stand. Big E scoops but Bryan escapes and runs to dropkick the legs out! Bryan starts giving No Kicks! Kick after kick, but Big E ducks the buzzsaw! And rolls Bryan up, TWO! But he gets Bryan right into a Stretch Muffler! Big E lifts Bryan up but Bryan fights out, to the Lebell Lock! Big E reaches, endures, and pries his way free! Big E’s strength helps him turn it into a cover, ONE, into the Triangle Hold! But Big E is too strong for that as he deadlifts and POWERBOMBS Bryan down! Cover, TWO!!

Big E grits his teeth as he hauls Bryan up. Bryan hist low and reaches but Rowan is not there to tag. Big E throws body shots, and whips, but Bryan shoulders and uppercuts back. Tag to Rowan, and Big Red heel kicks Big E down! Cover, TWO!! Rowan dares Big E to stand, and Big E does. Rowan fireman’s carries, but Big E slips out! Woods tags in and kicks Rowan! Big E LARIATS Rowan down! Woods hurries to the top and walks the ropes, LIMIT BREAKER elbow! Cover, but Bryan breaks it just in time! Big E throws Bryan out and runs, to SPEAR Bryan down! Detroit loses their minds but Woods builds speed, to run into steel steps from Rowan!

Winners: The New Day, by disqualification

Rowan wrecks Big E with those steps now! And Bryan stomps away on Woods! Fans boo and jeer, but Rowan hauls Big E up for the Iron Claw SLAM! Rowan feeds Woods to the Knee Plus! Rowan and Bryan leave The New Day wrecked, but will this get them a tag title rematch?


Roman Reigns is wary as he walks the hall.

The Big Dog hits the locker room, and asks everyone but Buddy Murphy to leave. Roman sits with the Best Kept Secret. He wants to know if Buddy did it. Did what? The forklift and girders. Or the car’s hit and run from last week. Roman saw the footage and Buddy was around. So Buddy either did it or knows who did. Buddy says he is not lying, but he does not know who was after him. Roman wants answers, or it won’t go well for Buddy. Buddy doesn’t want trouble. He doesn’t know who it was. But if he did, he still wouldn’t tell Roman “a damn thing.” Roman accepts that answer, with an uppercut!

Roman throws Buddy all around and demands to know who is the one after him! He slams Buddy on the table, and asks if Buddy really won’t tell. Roman grinds Buddy into the wall and wants the name! Buddy says it was Rowan. As in Big Red Rowan?! Buddy didn’t see Bryan, only Rowan. In the ring, Bryan and Rowan hear this confession. Even Bryan looks a little confused. Did the Planet’s Champion know his henchman has gone rogue?



My Thoughts:

A pretty good SmackDown for a go-home. The opening segment with Trish and Charlotte was good, the highlight reel swerve was great to stick it to Charlotte while helping give fans, especially fans who never saw Trish in action, get an idea of just how great this match will be. Then we get a pretty great build for Ziggler tonight, from mocking Goldberg to laying out Mysterio to having a real good match with Ali. But this is all because he’s going to get demolished by Goldberg. I was hoping for more out of Natty VS Ember, but I suppose this just helps build Heel Natty up. That Submission Match of Natty and Becky is definitely going to be a great match, but perhaps that’ll motivate Bayley VS Ember to be even better.

That Kevin Owens Show was pretty good, but obviously it’s just to get Shane points before Kevin beats the snot out of him at SummerSlam. It’s still a shame this isn’t a straight-up I Quit match, but that’s probably so there isn’t a reason for Shane to hurt himself. And it was actually a good move to put Sami VS Aleister on tonight, it was a good match but SummerSlam doesn’t need to have 20 matches. Plus, we can get more and better Sami VS Aleister matches as we move towards SmackDown on Fox. I’m still confused by the “Shelton Benjamin does math in his head” thing, but maybe he actually does get involved in a real WWE 24/7 Championship story. Gable VS Elias seems to be the next thing for them as we go past SummerSlam, that should be an interesting move. Kofi’s response promo was great, and I would think he is guaranteed to win at SummerSlam.

New Day VS Planet’s Tag Champions was a great match, but it seems a lot of this was to set up the story with Roman and the mystery assailant. The DQ finish even ties into it, because it was all initiated by Rowan. And while Roman gives Buddy Murphy a rub by simply pointing him out and going after him, obviously this reveals the one behind it all has been Rowan. I wonder if things will turn for Bryan to have given Rowan orders or being completely shocked by Rowan’s actions. I wouldn’t shove Roman VS Rowan in on SummerSlam, let things build towards Survivor Series so we can get the story beats of this.

My Score: 8.2/10

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