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Mitchell’s WWE SummerSlam Results & Report! (8/11/19)

Toronto hosts WWE’s Biggest Party Of The Summer!



WWE SummerSlam 2019

SummerSlam brings the heat to Toronto!

So much is happening in perhaps the biggest SummerSlam ever! But will Seth Rollins even be able to make it after all Brock Lesnar has done to him?


  • Kickoff Show – WWE Cruiserweight Championship: Drew Gulak VS Oney Lorcan; Gulak wins and retains the WWE Cruiserweight Champion.
  • Kickoff Show – Buddy Murphy VS Apollo Crews; Murphy wins, by disqualification.
  • Kickoff Show – WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships: Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross VS The IIconics; Bliss & Cross win and retain the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships.
  • Raw Women’s Championship Submission Match: Becky Lynch VS Natalya; Lynch wins and retains the Raw Women’s Championship.
  • Goldberg VS Dolph Ziggler; Goldberg wins.
  • WWE United States Championship: AJ Styles w/ The OC VS Ricochet; Styles wins and retains the WWE United States Championship.
  • SmackDown Women’s Championship: Bayley VS Ember Moon; Bayley wins and retains the SmackDown Women’s Champion.
  • Kevin Owens VS Shane McMahon; Owens wins and keeps his job.
  • Charlotte Flair VS Trish Stratus; Flair wins.
  • WWE World Championship: Kofi Kingston VS Randy Orton; Double Count-Out, Kingston retains the WWE World Championship.
  • Finn Balor VS “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt; Wyatt wins.
  • WWE Universal Championship: Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman VS Seth Rollins; Rollins wins and becomes the new WWE Universal Champion.


It’s the SummerSlam Kickoff Show!

Join Jonathon Coachman, Charly Caruso, Beth Phoenix and David Otunga as they recap and predict all the action of tonight!

JBL and Sam Roberts are ringside, too!

The once and former “wrestling god” and Sam are both excited for a certain legend returning, in Goldberg! The Miz wanted at Dolph Ziggler, but given Ziggler’s constant disrespect, Miz took a step back to let a living legend go after the Show-Off. No, it wasn’t Shawn Michaels, it’s GOLDBERG! Is Ziggler next? Or is he going to finally end nostalgia’s influence on the WWE Universe?


Miz joins the panel!

#TorontoIsAwesome, but how awesome was it for Miz to swerve Ziggler like that? Miz always has something up his sleeve. Ziggler was talking a lot of smack, but now he’ll have his chance on this grand stage to back it all up. And whatever is left of Ziggler will have to face Miz tomorrow on Raw! Miz had this idea as far back as Ziggler insulting Goldberg on that Miz TV. Miz wants Ziggler to finally back his words up, if it should be you, make it you! Otherwise, Ziggler isn’t going to win tonight or tomorrow. Ziggler’s bitterness only shows Miz that he’s not motivated enough to work harder and do more than a legend. And if that’s not enough, make the fans beg for more.

Miz hangs around a little longer to talk the WWE World Championship, Kofi Kingston, finally getting to right a wrong against Randy Orton. The Viper doesn’t regret holding Kofi back, and doesn’t regret calling Kofi “stupid.” Beth remembers Kofi going through that, and knows this will only motivate Kofi more. Miz feels that like with Ziggler, everyone needs to take responsibility for their own careers. Orton is at the best he’s ever been, being this motivated and ready. But at the same time, this is the Orton Miz wants to see Kofi finally beat. Otunga even feels Kofi has matured thanks to those years of waiting, and that has only made Kofi more determined. Coach throws things to Sam and JBL, and Sam is just as pumped for this as anyone else. But JBL sees things as just making excuses. Kofi did need this time to mature, because now he’s a global phenomenon! But Orton himself is amazing, so JBL is sure this is going to be a match of modern day icons. Who comes away with this having proven their side right?


Backstage interview with Charlotte Flair.

The Queen is preparing for her showdown with Trish Stratus, but might still be stinging from that literal slap to the face. Charlotte says Trish is revising history to say that women of her era started the (R)Evolution. But no, the legitimate athletes like Charlotte did that. Trish wants that #OneMoreMatch, pining for the glory days. But Trish will bow down to the Queen of ALL Eras! WOO~!


Mick Foley joins the panel!

As one of the targets of The Fiend, what does he feel are Finn Balor’s chances? Well his feel good moment got ruined by Bray Wyatt’s theft of the Mandible Claw that made Mick feel helpless. Mick already made the claw more powerful with Mr. Socko, but the true terror is the nerve hold focusing on nerves under the tongue and under the chin. From the one time The Fiend did that to him, Mick knew he’d mastered it. Mick gives some insight to multiple personas. It keeps the opponent off balance, and more worried about survival than victory. Is Finn going to be worried more about surviving Bray than beating him tonight?


Backstage interview with Kevin Owens.

Even considering his title matches, is tonight really the biggest night in his career? He won’t down play those amazing moments, but tonight is definitely important because he fights to stay in the WWE. Why isn’t Shane McMahon putting up equal ante? Because he IS a McMahon. Shane does what he wants, says what he wants, and has no integrity no matter what. But that doesn’t matter. Kevin gets Shane in the ring. Kevin putting his career on the line was the bait needed to bring Shane into the ring so that Kevin can vent years of frustration and beat the hell out of Shane. The PPV may be called SummerSlam, but this is going to be the Kevin Owens Show. Will Kevin crush Shane so bad he can’t wrestle again? Or is this gamble going to backfire?


The OC find Finn Balor!

Long time no see, Good Brothers. They’re all golden, that’s good. They’ve been running Raw and showing this is their world. And this will continue tonight when the Phenomenal Styles finishes Ricochet once and for all! But hey, Little Brother Balor has The Fiend! Styles has been getting “good luck” wishes, but Finn might need them instead. Now, now, Styles. Luck has nothing to do with this. Finn is ready for the mind games. Yeah, yeah, but look what Bray did to Foley and Angle! So the OC is offering their brother a little bit of help. Shake with a Too Sweet. No? Well he’s got time to change his mind. What will Finn do knowing he has Bray’s darkest dark side coming for him?


Kickoff Show – WWE Cruiserweight Championship: Drew Gulak VS Oney Lorcan!

Perhaps the hardest hitting match tonight, the Boston Brawler won this opportunity through a spectacular Six Pack Challenge! But will he be able to pry the gold from the grip of the gritty Gulak? Or will he only feel the pain and punishment promised by the Philly Stretcher?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we truly kickoff the action!

Gulak shotgun dropkicks Oney right away! Gulak headlocks and wrenches a wrist, but Oney rolls and trips Gulak to a cover. ONE and Gulak headlock takedowns. Oney headscissors but Gulak pops out, to narrowly avoid a chop! Fans cheer the stand-off as the two circle. Gulak and Oney tie up, and Oney powers Gulak back. Gulak turns things around to a waistlock but Oney slips out to another takedown. Oney turns Gulak over for a facelock but Gulak slips out to a hammerlock. Fans rally as Oney resists, but Gulak still gets him in a recliner cover. TWO, but Gulak wrenches the hammerlock harder. Oney rolls and gets up but Gulak wrenches the shoulder. Oney powers Gulak to the corner, but the ropebreak comes at 4. Oney CHOPS away on Gulak’s chest! Gulak gets to another corner but Oney whips him corner to corner and follows close with a clothesline. Gulak returns the favor! Then he scoop slams Oney, legs into ropes! Cover, TWO! Oney catches his breath while Gulak glares down at him.

We go picture in picture as Gulak twists Oney into a modified abdominal stretch. He gets that recliner cover again, TWO! Gulak has Oney’s leg trapped, then pulls the other in a modified Crab! Oney endures, even as Gulak claws his head! Oney turns and hammers Gulak off him! We return to single picture as Gulak headbutts Oney down. Cover, TWO! Gulak chinlocks Oney down to the mat, but Oney endures again. Fans build to a rally as Oney fights his way up. Oney pries at the hold but Gulak just locks it up tighter. Oney keeps trying, and starts turning it over! He CHOPS Gulak more! Then throws European Uppercuts! Gulak staggers about but Oney whips. Gulak reverses but Oney hits a blockbuster on the run! Cover, TWO! But the Fury of 205 Live fires up. Gulak bails out but Oney follows. Oney CHOPS Gulak against the barriers, and they end up by the announce desks.

Oney CHOPS more, then brings Gulak to the ring. Oney puts Gulak in but Gulak gets him in the GuLOCK! Oney endures, rolls, but Gulak traps an arm! So Oney uses a leg for the ropebreak! Gulak lets go at 4, and Oney gasps for air. Oney drags himself up, and he goes at Gulak for the half nelson! Gulak slips out but Oney also escapes. Gulak fights off the half nelson, but misses with the lariat. Oney dodges, but then they both take each other down with clotheslines! Fans fire up while both men are down. A standnig count begins, and the two stir at 4. Gulak sits up at 5, followed by Oney at 6. They two stand at 7, and now they brawl! Oney SLAPS, Gulak kicks, and they start going wild with hands! Gulak rocks Oney then starts slapping away on his head and back! But Oney hulks up! Only for Gulak to slap him down! Oney keeps fighting, but into another GuLock! But rolls over! TWO!!

Oney keeps on Gulak with that jaw grip! Oney slaps, slaps and SLAPS! Then EuroUppers! Gulak wobbles but gets another! Oney runs, Half ‘n’ Half standing switch, but Oney blasts Gulak with another EuroUpper! Fans fire up with Oney’s fury, but Gulakg ets to the apron. Gulak pulls the skirt in as Oney drags Gulak back. Oney stomps the hand so Gulak finally lets go. But as the ref handles the skirt, Gulak throat punches Oney! Torture rack, Cyclone Crash! Gulak wins!

Winner: Drew Gulak, by pinfall; still WWE Cruiserweight Champion

Gulak survives Oney’s fury with a cheap shot. Will Oney fight his way back to another chance? Or does Gulak move on to new competition?


Jerry Lawler and Booker T tag in for the second hour panel!

Both Hall of Fame Kings join in, but they’re joined by Drake Maverick. He wants to know about the real story: the WWE 24/7 Championship, and how it is affecting Maverick’s life. Has anyone seen R-Truth? Maverick vows to the fans that he will not leave Toronto without getting that title back! He vows to bring that title home to Renee Michelle, and they can finally consummate the marriage! If only Maverick looked in front of the desk, because Truth and Carmella are chilling with the title and some snacks.

Truth and Carmella come out when the coast is clear, and the block is hot! Want some popcorn, King? No, thanks. The Fabulous Truth were even here last night for TakeOver. But wait, here comes Maverick and a referee! They have a FOOD FIGHT! And then Maverick chases Truth, only for Mella to trip him! Off they go! The chase is on, but will it be Maverick’s night before SummerSlam is done?


Backstage interview with Natalya!

The Queen of Harts returns home to Canada, confused that Becky Lynch says she’s both a good girl but also a traitor for training Ronda Rousey. But instead of dragging her name through the mud, Becky is going to be getting dragged around in the Sharpshooter. And then Natty will have that Raw Women’s Championship.


Kickoff Show – Buddy Murphy VS Apollo Crews!

The Aussie Juggernaut isn’t in the best mood or best condition after getting roughed up by a riled up Roman Reigns. Will he still be able to overcome the rising star in this last-minute match?

The bell rings, and Murphy hits Apollo with a knee trigger! Cover, TWO! Apollo survives that sudden attack, but Murphy throws him into buckles. Murphy stomps a Melbourne mudhole and has fans on his side. Murphy walks the mudhole dry tot hen stomp more. He snapmares and kicks Crews quick, covers, TWO! Murphy drives his knee in then kicks again, cover, TWO! Murphy keeps Crews down with a chinlock, but fans rally up. Apollo fights up and powers Murphy to a corner, then arm-drags him off. Things speed up and the two collide with crossbodies! Both men are reeling from the rib damage but fans rally up. Murphy walks into an enziguri then gets haymakers from Apollo. Apollo mule kicks, boots and clotheslines Murphy down! Apollo kips up and fans fire up as he dropkicks Murhpy!

Murphy rebounds, but slips out of the slam into an arm-drag. Murphy boots Apollo back, then hops up, into Apollo’s Samoan Drop! Standing moonsault, TWO! Apollo keeps his cool and says he’s gonna raise the roof. Apollo waits for Murphy to stand, and he trophy lifts Murphy! Murphy slips out, shoves, but runs into an elbow. Apollo hops up, but gets an enziguri to the back! Murphy tucks Apollo in for SUPERKICK and POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO! Apollo survives and fans cheer as the two stir. Murphy gets up first, though, and fans rally. Murphy drags Apollo up but Apollo throws haymakers> Murphy gives them back, then a strike fest! Stop the foot but miss the knee to get a BOOT! Apollo runs into another knee trigger! Murphy pump-handles but Apollo victory rolls! TWO, and Apollo tosses Murphy out! Apollo slingshots, mule kicks, but his moonsault misses! Murphy sends him into steel steps! Then runs to FLY! Air Aussie takes Apollo down! Toronto cheers as Murphy puts Apollo back in. But Rowan attacks!?

Winner: Buddy Murphy, by disqualification

Big Red won’t let Murphy just claim who attacked Roman Reigns! He throws Murphy all around ringside, into barriers over and over! Murphy slowly stands, and Rowan runs him over with the flying body check! Rowan drags Murphy’s body around, to powerbomb him into a post!! “Keep my name out of your mouth!!” Daniel Bryan simply watches as Rowan leaves Murphy down in a writhing heap. Is this only confirmation that they were the ones going after Roman?


Ladies and Gentlemen: Elias.

Toronto is actually glad to have The Drifter here! And he asks them, “Who Wants to Walk With Elias?!” Toronto does! Elias has been here all week, singing autographs and doing private performances. Toronto is special. He wrote a song, so please silence phones, hold applauds and… Well fans anticipate the third part, “shut your mouths!” The fans cheer instead. Elias begins playing, “You know how I know I’m in Toronto? You people think you’re the center of the universe. You know how I know I’m in Toronto? Because I’ve been here a week, and I want ot leave here in a hearse.” You know how you know you’re n Toronto? These are the people who don’t give up. You know how you know you’re in Toronto? The only thing Elias doesn’t see is a Stanley Cup. You know how you know you’re in Toronto? Elias ain’t got nothing good to say. You know how you know you’re in Toronto? He wants to join Kawhi in LA.

“You think you know me?” And thrash drums means… EDGE!! Toronto’s Rated R Superstar is here!! And he joins Elias in the ring to a standing ovation. And he SPEARS Elias! That’ll shut him up. Will Elias think twice before running his mouth in Canada?


Kickoff Show – WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships: Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross VS The IIconics!

The Goddess and Loony Lass only just won these titles in a Fatal 4 Way on Raw, but now they’ll prove they’re worthy of the belts by taking on the former champions 2v2! Will #BlissCross go to infinity and beyond? Or will the future be IIconic again?

Peyton Royce and Billie Kay have microphones as they head to the ring. “What would SummerSlam be without the longest reigning WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions~?” It wouldn’t be anything. But it’s okay, they’re here. And the Toy Story rejects never pinned them for the titles! So now they’ll take back what is theirs! Because they are still the future, and the future is still #IICONIC! Strike the pose. The teams sort out and we begin with Alexa and Billie.

Alexa and Billie tie up and Billie headlocks. Alexa stomps Billie’s feet to turn the headlock around. Billie powers out then pulls hair, so Alexa trips Billie! Alexa has her Buzz laser pose! Billie ignores the non-existent not-weapon, only to fall for Alexa’s dropkick! Tag to Peyton, and Alexa drop toeholds her down! Tag to Nikki, and they double whip Peyton in. Alexa whips Nikki in for the splash, then the bulldog! Nikki Rex climbs up top, leaps and crossbodies Peyton down! Cover, TWO! Nikki waistlocks but Peyton elbows out and rolls Nikki up. TWO, tag to Billie. Nikki runs in but gets a hotshot to heel kick! Billie covers, TWO! Billie rains down rights on Nikki then covers again, TWO! The IIconics are furious as they tag. They double wrench, kick and kick Nikki down. Billie mocks Nikki then Peyton wraps on a thrashing chinbar.

Nikki endures and fans rally up. Nikki fights her way up but Peyton pulls her hair! Tag to Billie, and the IIconics double knee Nikki down. Billie shouts at Alexa before clubbing Nikki down into the chinbar. Fans rally but Billie rakes Nikki’s face! The referee reprimands her, but Billie holds onto Nikki’s arm. Nikki fights up again, but Billie knees low. Billie gut wrenches Nikki down to a cover, TWO! The IIconics are shrill as they tag back in. Peyton kicks Nikki down then pushes her around. Peyton clubs Nikki then kicks her over. Nikki reaches for Alexa but Peyton clubs and stomps away. Nikki gives her a jawbreaker back! Peyton keeps Nikki from Alexa, but Nikki gets free, double facebusters take them both down! Peyton and Nikki crawl, hot tags to Billie and Alexa!

The Goddess rallies on Billie! STO, Insult2Injury! Alexa kicks Peyton back out, then mocks the IIconic pose, only to get a BOOT! Cover, but Nikki saves it! Every Kick Begins with Kay, but this win isn’t IIconic yet. Tag to Peyton, but Alexa reverses the bulldog. Alexa kicks Billie into Nikki’s sleeper! Alexa ducks the heel kick, but Peyton gets her in a Gory Bomb! Cover, TWO!! Alexa survives and Peyton is losing her cool. Fans rally as Peyton throws a tantrum worthy of Alexa herself. Alexa boots but is blocked, DIVINE RIGHT! Alexa goes up top, time to fall with style! But BIllie distracts, only for Nikki to go after her. TWISTED BLISS! Cover, Bliss-Cross wins!

Winners: Alexa & Nikki, Alexa pinning; still WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions

It seems for Alexa and Nikki, they have a friend in each other. Will they keep this reign going through Raw’s advertised match with Asuka and Kairi?


Welcome to the North.

The biggest party of the Summer. The struggle, the sacrifice, and this is just the beginning. This will not be easy. Nothing that matters ever is. These once-in-a-lifetime moments are what you need to grab hold onto and never let go. But who will hold onto their titles? Who will hold onto their legacies? And who will show the world who they are?


Raw Women’s Championship Submission Match: Becky Lynch VS Natalya!

The Man and the Queen of Harts used to be good friends. But differences over this title tracing all the way back to Ronda Rousey has caused a rift between them. Now the claws are out and the fire is lit, who makes the other give up in a battle of Disarm-Her and Sharpshooter?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we begin this heated opening match!

Becky and Natty stare down as the fans duel. They circle and Becky SLAPS Natty! Natty SLAPS back! Becky tackles Natty to a corner and fires off furious fists and stomps! Fans fire up with the Lass Kicker, but Natty comes back with big hands! Natty hits the Discus lariat! Becky gets to a corner and pushes Natty away to then send her into buckles. Becky throws uppercuts and a mule kick, then the jump kick! Becky throws Natty with the Becksploder! Fans duel, with Becky having the stronger support. Becky snap suplexes Natty to an armbar! Natty counters with a grip but gets caught into a Triangle Hold! She powers up and short bombs, but Becky holds on! Becky keeps the hold and they roll. There are no ropebreaks in this match, but Natty uses them for leverage!

Natty gets Becky up but Becky slips around to a deathlock! Natty endures, but she grabs Becky’s head. Becky slips out and wants her signature, but they tumble outside! Becky has a guillotine on the apron, but Natty rams her into barriers! Natty then trips Becky up to swing her around into the barriers! Fans fire up with Natty as she looms over Becky. She rams a knee into Becky’s legs! “You like that?!” Natty slaps Becky then stomps her, then puts her in the ring. Natty sweeps the legs and has Toronto on her side now. She fires off furious fists and stomps in the corner, but Becky slaps back! Natty drags Becky up to snap suplex her into ropes! Becky clutches her legs, but Natty is on her with a grounded dragon screw! Natty chokes Becky on the ropes, but there are no disqualifications, either.

Natty clubs Becky down then kicks her in the ribs. Becky still has fans so Natty tells those fans to shut up! Natty throws hands on Becky but Becky throws hands back. Becky even throws knee strikes, and more uppercuts. Becky hobbles, but is put on the apron. Natty shoulders out, misses, but catches Becky’s kick! Natty hotshots the leg, then throws Becky into the post! Natty climbs up to have the ropes help in a Sharpshooter! Becky screams from this elevated modification! Natty pulls but Becky claws at the skirt and post. Becky gets a leg free and escapes, even though she tumbles to the floor. Natty hurries after Becky, then warns the commentary. But it’s Becky who throws Natty into the desk! Becky then throws Natty into the steel steps, arms first! Natty clutches her elbow while Becky rests her leg. Fans duel as Becky drags Natty back in.

Becky climbs the corner, but Natty climbs up to join her! They go all the way up, for a SUPERPLEX! Both women are down, but there are no counts or covers for this match. Natty stirs, slowly followed by Becky. The fans rally back up as Natty stands first. Natty targets the legs but Becky kicks her in the face! Natty kicks back, runs on Becky, but Becky blocks the dropkick! Becky STEALS THE SHARPSHOOTER! Natty endures her family’s own move, and fans are thunderous both ways! Becky sits but Natty crawls for ropes! Natty rolls to send Becky into buckles! Natty is free, and Toronto agrees, “This is Awesome!” Becky boots back then dodges the Discus, only for the jump kick to be countered! Natty STEALS THE DISARM-HER!!

Becky endures her own hold as her arm is pulled way back. Becky rolls and gets to the ropes, but that doesn’t matter with no ropebreaks! Natty pulls but Becky rolls again to get the legs. Natty pushes off the Sharpshooter, to GET the Sharpshooter!! Fans are thunderous all over again as Becky endures. Becky crawls but Natty drags her away! But Becky keeps fighting, to pull herself all the way out to the apron. Natty keeps pulling, but Becky claws at the skirt. Natty drags Becky away, and works to reapply the hold, only to get caught in the Disarm-Her!! Becky has her own hold now, and pulls with all her might! Toronto duels as Natty endures. Natty taps, Becky wins!

Winner: Becky Lynch; still Raw Women’s Champion

This opener turned up the heat, but it was Becky who survived the flames! Will The Man continue her reign as Summer gives way to Fall?


Backstage interview with Trish Stratus!

Toronto’s own Six-Time Women’s Champion put her passion into that slap. How is she feeling about having fans, friends and family in the audience? Nervous, excited, but not at all afraid. Her light shines brightest under the spotlight. The hardest part has been waiting for this match to happen. Charlotte Flair acts like the women of today are that much better than the previous generations. Pioneers seem to be taken for granted these days. Charlotte will see how lucky she is to be in this generation and not Trish’s. Trish will prove to everyone that not even the Queen could walk a mile in the boots of the Queen of Queens.


Goldberg VS Dolph Ziggler!

The Show-Off has shown very little respect for the legends that have “limped out” to the ring. Ziggler wants to put the nostalgia out of its misery, but will he be the one left in the past?

Before Goldberg makes his entrance, Ziggler grabs a mic to speak. “You are looking at the best thing that could happen to this show. You are looking at the best thing that could happen to WWE. You are ALL looking at the best damn thing that has ever happened to pro-wrestling!” We’ve all seen legends come and go, but “ol’ DZ” is still here stealing the show! Ziggler wouldn’t be surprised if Goldberg didn’t show up tonight. He doesn’t really “show up” for matches. And Goldberg Fears Ziggler! Ziggler DARES- Well, Goldberg IS here, and he makes his entrance now. Fans echo his name as he walks the halls, and as he comes through the pyro! Goldberg hits the ring, and we begin!

“GOLD~BERG!” echoes out in Toronto as the two circle. Ziggler and Goldberg get face to face, but Ziggler backs up, to SUPERKICK Goldberg down! Cover, ONE! Ziggler wants Goldberg to get up, he does, SUPERKICK again! Cover, ONE! Ziggler is still fired up, but he gets a SPEAR! Goldberg says that was one. He looms over Ziggler as Ziggler flounders and writhes. Goldberg brings Ziggler up and brings him in, for the suplex… and JACKHAMMER! Cover, Goldberg wins!

Winner: Goldberg, by pinfall

And that’s all the icon needed to teach Ziggler a lesson! Will Ziggler think twice before running his mouth again?

Guess not, because Ziggler trash talks Goldberg, saying Goldberg doesn’t have the guts to actually fight him. Goldberg marches back to the ring as Ziggler flounders back to a corner. Fans cheer Goldberg on as he gets back in the ring. Ziggler drags himself up, but Goldberg is ready. Ziggler heads over, and gets another SPEAR! Is Ziggler done trying to prove a point?

Nevermind, Ziggler’s talking again. “Anybody can get lucky twice!” Ziggler knows Goldberg doesn’t have the balls, and never did. It’s why he was a joke in this business and Ziggler’s the best! “I will never be defeated! I will never stay down! I’m the best thing going today-” Goldberg returns! Ziggler’s mouth may not stay down, but Goldberg swats the mic away and has to haul him to his feet. Goldberg pats Ziggler on the back, to then SPEAR him again! Is the third time the charm for shutting Ziggler up?


The New Day check on Kofi Kingston.

Kofi reps the Raptors, as Big E frames it as Viper VS “Oh So Black Mamba!” The Raptors have a good luck charm for Kofi, and it’s the man who “wants all the dip on his chip.” It’s DRAKE! Wait, no, that’s Drake Maverick. Well, close enough, right? Maverick is ready for some sick rhymes. But also where is Truth? That was clearly a lie. No one is appeased, this is a waste of time, Maverick has more important things to do. But he’s keeping the unicorn and the chains. Well that’s fine. But in seriousness, this is a decade in the making! Kofi will show Orton he failed to hold Kofi back! Kofi proves beyond a shadow of a doubt NOTHING holds him down! The New Day is FIRED UP! But will the Viper put the flames out with just one RKO?


WWE United States Championship: AJ Styles w/ The OC VS Ricochet!

The Phenomenal One wanted the Machine Gun and Doc Gallows to get their edge back, but they helped him get his back, too. It all started with slaps, then escalated to ambushes and sneak attacks! But now, Styles and Ricochet go one more time, can the One and Only regain the title?

Wait, in the foreign correspondent tables, the British table… “Shania Dwayne” and “D’Wayne Gretski” look familiar… And Drake Maverick comes looking for Truth! By the time he reaches the British table, Dwayne and D’Wayne are gone!

Back to the match at hand, introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we begin this battle of WWE (DC) Titans!

Styles throws hands but Ricochet counter punches and CHOPS. Ricochet whips and CHOPS, then does it the other direction. Styles uses the ropes as defense, and then he tries a sucker kick. Ricochet blocks to swing Styles into a punch! Ricochet runs out and fakes Styles out! He dodges Anderson, hops over Gallows and huricanranas Styles! Ricochet puts Styles in the ring then takes aim, but Styles gets all the way to the other corner. Ricochet runs in but misses, still landing on his feet on the second rope. But Styles chop blocks and topples Ricochet up! Ricochet gets caught up, too, so Styles stomps a mudhole into that knee. Styles backs off at the ref’s count and Ricochet frees himself. Ricochet hobbles but Styles sweeps the leg!

Fans duel as Styles pushes Ricochet around. Styles stomps the bad leg again, then brings Ricochet up. Ricochet hits back with forearms, but Styles just kicks the bad leg out! Ricochet clutches the leg and writhes but Styles grins. Styles grabs the bad leg and jams the knee into the mat! Fans still duel as Styles drops elbows on the leg. Styles puts the leg in a toehold but Ricochet fights back. They stand and Styles ducks the enziguri the smash the knee again. Ricochet grits his teeth in pain as he crawls away. Styles looms over Ricochet while the OC mock Ricochet’s pain. Styles kicks the bad leg and Ricochet goes to the apron. But Styles grabs the leg to wrap it in the ropes! Styles lets up at 4 but is still grinning as he goes after Ricochet again. Styles hooks the leg but Ricochet fights back with forearms. Ricochet misses the enziguri again but comes back with the heel kick!

Both men are down but fans rally up. The OC coach Styles as Ricochet uses the ropes to stand. Ricochet counter punches Styles, then backs him down to whip. Styles reverses but Ricochet breaks free to manage a headscissor! Ricochet hobbles in but is put on the apron. Ricochet bumps Styles off buckles then kicks him away! Ricochet manages a springboard on ONE leg, to hit the flying lariat! Cover, TWO! Ricochet grows frustrated, but he refocuses and brings Styles up. Ricochet wants a fireman’s carry but Styles fights out. Styles swings, Ricochet spins him and hits a jumping neckbreaker! One-leg standing Shooting Star! Cover, TWO! Styles is still in this and Ricochet’s bad leg is slowing him down. Ricochet still gets up and drags Styles to his feet.

Fans rally as Ricochet knees Styles to a drop zone. Ricochet climbs but Styles is back up. Styles goes at Ricochet but Ricochet sunset flips! TWO, and Styles kicks the bad leg out! Ricochet hobbles up but Styles kicks him out! Fans duel hard as ever with the OC lurking. Styles wrecks Ricochet with the dropkick! The OC applaud while Styles takes his time getting Ricochet up. Styles puts Ricochet in and drags Ricochet up. He wants the Clash, but Ricochet slips out. Ricochet elbows back, but runs into the USHIGOROSHI! Cover, TWO!! The OC grow annoyed with Ricochet but Styles is most frustrated. Styles goes back to Ricochet and drags him up. He wants the Clash again but Ricochet rams him into a corner! Ricochet rolls away to the far corner, but Styles runs in, only to be put on the apron. Styles slingshots back in but gets hands from Ricochet.

Ricochet runs into boots, and Styles bumps him off buckles. Styles runs in, but Ricochet boots him away. The somersault is stalled by the bad knee, but he still dodges and enziguris! Cover, TWO! Fans rally back up and Ricochet gets to his feet. Ricochet drags Styles up and wants a suplex, but Styles resists. Ricochet throws forearms and tries again, but the bad knee stops that. Styles rolls Ricochet to a Calf Crusher! Styles pulls back hard and deep, but Ricochet reaches back to bounce Styles off the mat. And into an ANACONDA VICE! Styles punches but Ricochet wrenches! Styles fish hooks and Ricochet lets go! Ricochet rolls away but now Styles has to check on his arm. Styles throws a punch but misses. Ricochet boots and Northern Lights! Float over to a dead lift twisting suplex! Cover, TWO!! Styles survives and Ricochet is beside himself!

Fans rally and Ricochet drags Styles into a drop zone. Ricochet wills himself to a corner, but he has to fight off the OC! Moonsault wipes out big Doc Gallows! Ricochet returns to the corner, but Styles is up to trip him up! Ricochet gets crotch’d and now Styles turns Ricochet around. Ricochet fights back and Styles falls! Ricochet stands, but has to mule kick Anderson away. Styles revives as Ricochet stands, to counter the Phoenix Splash INTO STYLES CLASH!! Cover, Styles wins!

Winner: AJ Styles, by pinfall; still WWE United States Champion

The OC helps Styles out time and again, and he stands tall with the title! The Club is still golden, but will they be able to continue helping each other out? And what of Finn Balor later tonight?

But the OC isn’t done with Ricochet! Gallows drags him up and with Anderson, MAGIC KILLER! Is this the last time these three beat down Ricochet just because? Or will things only get more Too Sweet?


The Street Profits are having fun.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we are gathered here today” for the 32nd SummerSlam. It has been LIT! GOLD~BERG~! But in Jurassic Park, #WeTheNorth! And how about Alexa and “mah girl” Nikki retaining their tag titles? Is that so? Real talk, Nikki, @ your boy on the ‘Gram. He’s shooting his shot. But wait. It’s… RIC FLAIR~! What up, boys? Stylin’, Profilin’, Nature Boy is ready to get down! WOO~~! What more goes down during the biggest party of the summer?


SmackDown Women’s Championship: Bayley VS Ember Moon!

The Hugger was given the right to choose her opponent, and she chose the War Goddess! However, these two have turned a friendly rivalry into a game of one-upping the other. Will Bayley come to regret choosing Ember for her contender? Or will she deny an Eclipse in Toronto?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we begin this match to prove who is worthy!

Bayley and Ember circle and tie up. Bayley headlocks and takeovers but Ember gets up. Bayley just throws Ember again, and again. Ember headscissors but Bayley pops out. Bayley blocks an arm-drag to get a fireman’s takedown. But Ember sweeps the legs! Ember forearms and kicks but Bayley jumps the sweep. Bayley headlocks again, but Ember fights back. Ember powers out but Bayley whips and clothesliens Ember in the corner. Bayley runs but Ember follows to back elbow! Ember runs but Bayley follows to knee! Bayley runs but Ember follows to handspring forearm! Ember runs and springboards for a crossbody, TWO! Ember grins as she has Bayley down. She kicks Bayley in the back and then brings her up for knees to the stomach.

Ember runs again to shotgun dropkick Bayley to ropes! Ember splashes down for a cover, TWO! Fans duel as Ember knees Bayley in the back. Ember turns Bayley around and clubs away before putting on the Bow ‘n’ Arrow. Bayley endures and works on the hold. Fans rally and Bayley fights her way up. Ember powers Bayley to a facelock but Bayley fights with body shots. Ember knees low then whips, but Bayley reverses. Bayley has Ember on the apron, but Ember denies the hotshot! Ember gets in and runs, springboard but she flops! Bayley knees Ember on the run! Then a clothesline folds her up! Cover, TWO! Ember escapes the stacked cover, but Bayley keeps her cool. Fans rally up as Bayley brings Ember around. Bayley suplexes Ember onto the rope and clubs away! Then she drags Ember in for a hanging suplex! Cover, TWO!

Bayley keeps her cool as she brings Ember to a corner. Ember fights back but still gets buckles. Bayley stomps away, and fans sing for her as she throws body shots. Ember kicks Bayley away, then puts Bayley on the apron. Ember SUPERKICKS Bayley then ROCKS her with a right! Ember runs, but Bayley blocks the dive! Bayley sees the floor below, but Ember fights for life. Ember is free, but Bayley yanks her into the ropes! Bayley hotshots Ember in the corner! Ember flops into the ring, but Bayley hauls her up top. Bayley puts Ember in a Tree of Woe, and goes corner to corner for a springboard elbow! Cover, TWO! Ember still lives, but Bayley keeps her focus. Bayley drags Ember around, hooks the legs, and has an Inverted Crab! She has a hard time holding both legs, but she still leans hard on Ember’s back! Ember clubs an ankle and Bayley hobbles away. Then Ember reaches up to headscissor Bayley into ropes! Bayley gets up and elbows Ember down! Ember dodges the elbow drop to SUPERKICK again!

Both women are down but Bayley rolls away to be safe from the cover. A ring count begins, but Ember runs, only to dive into Bayley’s forearm! Bayley gets a new count and heads up top. Ember rises to club that bad ankle again! Ember climbs up and has Bayley for a SUPER STEINER! Then underhhooks and Canadian rack, twisting code breaker! Cover, TWO!! Ember’s new move wasn’t enough to end Bayley, and she’s growing frustrated. Ember refocuses and drags Bayley up. Bayley elbows back, and fights off the German Suplex. Ember fights off the belly2belly, but runs into boots. Bayley hops up again, but Ember yanks her off into a POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO!! Bayley still lives and Ember is moving from frustrated to furious.

Bayley grabs Ember’s leg but Ember kicks Bayley off! Ember goes to a corner and climbs up top, because she wants to end this. Bayley hurries over and grabs Ember, SUPER BAYLEY2BELLY!! Cover, Bayley wins!!

Winner: Bayley, by pinfall; still SmackDown Women’s Champion

The Eclipse was eclipsed out of nowhere! And Bayley earns her win to keep this title! What is next for the Huggable champion as we move into Fall?


Kevin Owens VS Shane McMahon!

The Prizefighter admits this is a risky gamble, but it is the only move he could make to lure the Best in the World into this fight. Can Kevin win to keep his job and shut Shane’s tyranny down? Or is this the last Kevin Owens Show ever?

Naturally the Canadian crowd supports Kevin over Shane. Shane takes a moment to say something. “Ladies and gentlemen, to ensure that this is a fair contest, and this is called right down the line, allow me to please introduce to you the special guest enforcer,” ELIAS! The Drifter returns, and no one is surprised given Shane’s abuses of power over the last few months. Shane has Elias promise to be fair and unbiased, but we all know it’s a farce. The bell finally rings, and Shane bails out. Kevin chases after but Elias is in his way. Shane gets back in and a ring count begins. Kevin leaves Elias behind at 5, but he does keep his eyes on Shane’s henchman. Shane bails out again and taunts Kevin. Kevin chases again, but Elias trips him! Kevin gets pissed but Shane just gets back in the ring again. The count passes 5, Kevin is in at 8. Shane sucker punches Kevin into a corner!

Shane throws hands but Kevin gives it all back! The ref counts and Kevin lets up at 4. To then DECK Shane with a big right! Kevin goes corner to corner, CANNONBALL! Toronto is fired up for the Prizefighter as he clotheslines Shane out! Kevin waits for Elias to check on Shane, and then runs, only for Elias to be a roadblock. Kevin goes out but Shane sucker punches him, and tosses him into barriers! The referee checks on Kevin for a moment, and sees he’s okay to continue. The ref starts a new count, and Kevin crawls at 6. Kevin is in at 7, but Shane throws those jabs and kicks. Shane eggs Kevin on as he kicks away. Shane backs off at 4, but fans say, “Shane You Suck!” Shane throws hands but Kevin gets shots in. Kevin covers up as Shane throws hands, then he throws hands back! Shane knees Kevin low over and over, then clubs away on Kevin. Russian Leg Sweep, cover, ONE!

Shane throws hands but fans let him know “You Can’t Wrestle!” Kevin rocks Shane again, but Shane comes back with more hands. Kevin forearms but Shane throws hammer fists. Shane whips but Kevin reverses, to pop up. Shane slips out to DDT! Cover, TWO! Shane keeps his cool, and jokes around with Elias. Shane wants to be the new Hitman, as he goes for the Sharpshooter! Kevin kicks free of it, then pops Shane for the powerbomb! But Elias argues with the ref!? Kevin argues with Elias but Shane rolls Kevin up! TWO, and Kevin clobbers Shane! Kevin is losing his cool over Shane’s power abuse. Elias throws a chair in!? Elias dares Kevin to do something, and so does Shane. Kevin really wants to, but he knows better than that. Shane SLAPS Kevin, and Kevin really, really wants to! But he won’t. Kevin suckers Elias and Shane in, Shane hits Elias! SUPERKICK!

Kevin hurries up top while Shane is down, SWANTON! But that’s not all, he goes up the other side! FROG SPLASH! Cover, but Elias drags the ref out! The fans boo but an official can’t disqualify an “official.” So Kevin CANNONBALLS onto them both! Kevin is enraged and he goes to Shane in the ring. And he sees the chair…! Kevin picks the chair up, and with no referees around… But Elias drags Kevin out! Kevin fights Elias off, then JAMS and SMACKS him with the chair! And again! And again! Kevin wears that chair out on Elias’ back! Then he whips Elias into the timekeeper’s area! Kevin has the chair, he sees Shane, but the true referee returns! Kevin stops himself, but as the referee puts the chair outside, Kevin LOW BLOWS Shane! Kevin smirks before hitting a STUNNER! Cover, Kevin wins!

Winner: Kevin Owens, by pinfall; keeps his job

And the KO Show stays in the WWE! Shane tries to stack the deck every time, but Kevin knocked this one down like a house of cards! Will Kevin be celebrating come Raw and SmackDown this week? Or will this only open a new can of worms?


Charlotte Flair VS Trish Stratus!

We have had amazing generational match-ups before, like Hogan VS Rock or Rock VS Cena, but now, we have Flair VS Stratus! Will The Queen of Queen City prove she is THE Queen of All Eras? Or is she still not on the level of the #QueenofQueens, the legend that blazed the trail?

The bell rings and Trish stares Charlotte down. Trish and Charlotte both smirk as they approach. Charlotte and Trish circle and tie up. They go around and Toronto sings the Canadian national anthem for Trish. Charlotte shoves Trish then throws her into a corner. Charlotte laughs but Trish comes back with a kick! Trish runs and Thesz Presses! Charlotte gets up but Trish tilt-o-whirl arm-drags, into a springboard huricanrana! But Charltote trips Trish to the Figure Four! Trish slips out to headscissor Charlotte again! Toronto tells Trish, “You Still Got!” Charlotte shakes her head, she doesn’t care what fans think. Charlotte and Trish circle, and Charlotte kicks Trish back. Charlotte brings Trish in to lift, but Trish arm-drags Charlotte out of the ring! Trish wrecks Charlotte with a dropkick, then aims from the apron. Trish leaps for a big Thesz Press and fast hands!

Fans fire up with Trish as she drags Charlotte around the way. They walk up the steps but Charlotte trips Trish up! Trish hits steel then the floor! Charlotte soaks up the heat while the ref checks Trish’s nose. Trish is not bloody, but Charlotte says “That easy!” Charlotte puts Trish in the ring and then brings her back out to throw into barriers! Trish goes down in a heap and Charlotte says she’s having fun. Charlotte puts Trish back in again, then takes her time stalking Trish. Charlotte kicks Trish while she’s down then bounces her off the mat. She bounces Trish again, then pulls her back into a deep chinlock. Trish endures the knee in her back and Charlotte pulling on the arms. Fans rally and Trish gets an arm free, but Charlotte pulls hair! Charlotte uses the hair to throw Trish on the mat again. She drags Trish back up, and throws her with an exploder! Charlotte kips up and fans “WOO~!” but then Charlotte mocks Trish’s pose.

Charlotte toys with Trish then pulls her against ropes. She lets up at 4 to “WOO~!” right at the ref. Charlotte says it’s still too easy, but Trish crawls to a corner. Charlotte drags Trish around, reels her in for a back suplex, but Trish counters with a crossbody! Cover, TWO, and Charlotte DECKS Trish! Charlotte drops a knee on Trish’s head, then takes time to insult the fans. Charlotte toys with Trish, and starts stomping and slapping Trish in a corner. Fans boo but Trish trips Charlotte up! Trish throws hands and puts her in the corner! Trish stomps away, then climbs up to rain down rights! Charlotte pushes Trish to the outside, then BOOTS her down to the floor! A ring count starts, but Trish stirs. Charlotte mocks Trish, holding the ropes open for her. Trish sits up and the count restarts. Charlotte keeps egging Trish on, but Trish is up at 5. The moment she’s in, Charlotte’s on Trish with elbows and knees!

Charlotte stomps Trish down hard! Charlotte steps on Trish as she heads up top. Moonsault FLOPS! Trish steps in for a tornado complete shot! Fans fire up as Charlotte and Trish rise. Charlotte is on Trish but Trish shoves her away. Trish SLAPS Charlotte, but Charlotte kicks out a leg. Charlotte whips Trish but Trish reverses to CHOP! Tirsh gives Charlotte some Flair medicine, then puts some stank on it! But Charlotte boots again! Charlotte hops up, but Trish goes for Stratusphere. Only for Charlotte to block! Trish sits up and the two start trading slapping rights! Trish sits up, but Charlotte blocks again, only to still get Stratusphere! Cover, TWO!! Charlotte survives, but Trish keeps her cool. Trish drags herself to ropes and fans rally. She takes aim, but Charlotte ducks the Chick Kick! Trish bucks Charlotte off only to get another BOOT! Cover, TWO!! Charlotte is shocked that Trish survives.

Charlotte drags Trish around and goes after the leg. She spins through, but gets caught in a cradle! TWO, and Trish victory rolls, to STEAL the Figure Four! Charlotte endures her own hold, but then Trish bridges to steal FIGURE EIGHT!! Charlotte endures her other signature hold, but Trish can’t hold the bridge. Charlotte reaches and gets the ropebreak! Trish lets Charlotte go but the damage has been done. Trish runs in, but Charlotte kicks her leg out. Charlotte stands as fans say “This is Awesome!” Charlotte runs in but Trish dodges! Trish has the headlock, runs at the ropes, STRATUSFACTION! Cover, TWO!!! Charlotte survives and Trish is furious. Trish and Charlotte glare as the fans again cheer.

The two start slapping and chopping back and forth! They stand and CHOP, and CHOP, and Trish gets an edge! Charlotte runs into the jackknife bridge, TWO! Charlotte’s boot misses, CHICK KICK HITS! Cover, TWO!?! Trish isn’t sure what she has to do to end this. But she waits for Charlotte to stand, but the BOOT hits first! Charlotte has the legs, Figure Four! Trish endures, but Charlotte bridges to HER Figure Eight! Trish can’t last any longer, Trish taps! Charlotte wins!!

Winner: Charlotte Flair, by submission

Charlotte doesn’t need someone to pass a torch to her, she takes it for her own! The Queen of All Eras ascends to a new throne, but will she now be seeking a 10th title reign?

Fans show their love and respect by chanting “Thank You Trish!” Trish gets up and strikes her famous pose once more! Is this truly the last time we see Trish in the ring?


Seth Rollins prepares for his match.

And to check on him, it’s BRET HART! The Hitman himself encourages Rollins, and Rollins appreciates that. Will Rollins be able to slay the beast again when his ribs are so wrecked?


WWE World Championship: Kofi Kingston VS Randy Orton!

AWWWWWW~ Toronto~! This rivalry comes full circle from roughly 10 years ago. Back then, The Viper was just The Legend Killer, and he thought the not-Jamaican superstar was “stupid” for thinking he could compete at a world title level. But now, nothing is going to hold #Kofimania back! However, will he still be stopped by the three most dangerous letters in pro-wrestling today?

The introductions are made while Kofi and Orton jaw at each other, the belt is raised, and we begin this long-time-coming match-up!

Orton and Kofi circle, and Orton mockingly offers a pancake. Kofi slaps the flapjack away, getting serious now. Orton shoves, Kofi shoves, and they tie up. Orton puts Kofi in a corner but Kofi turns it around. Orton turns it back on Kofi but Kofi headlocks. The two get chippy and the ref manages to back them off. Orton throws the pancake at Kofi as fans duel, “Kofi’s Stupid!” “Randy Sucks!” Kofi and Orton tie up again, and Orton backs Kofi into a corner again. Orton throws EuroUppers and headbutts and Kofi staggers away. Orton whips Kofi corner to corner but Kofi comes back with a clothesline! Kofi is fired up as he goes to Orton with headbutts of his own. Kofi CHOPS Orton, and then whips Orton corner to corner. Orton reverses but Kofi goes up and leaps with ax handles!

Kofi mule kicks and punches Orton in a corner, but the ref counts. Orton thumbs Kofi in the eye! The ref reprimands Orton but he doesn’t care. Orton stalks Kofi and whips him corner to corner. Kofi boots Orton back, then hops up again, only for Orton to shove him out to the barriers! Kofi crashes and burns but Orton slowly follows him. Orton drags Kofi up and yanks on the arm. He bounces Kofi off the announce desks as fans duel again. Orton refreshes the ring count, before dropping Kofi on the desk with a back suplex! Orton smirks as he looms over “stupid” Kofi. The ring count climbs and Orton puts Kofi back in the ring. Cover, TWO! Orton stomps away on Kofi’s limbs, a move he’s learned in the last 10 years. Orton pulls Kofi against the ropes, pulling on his hair. The ref counts but Orton lets up at 4. Orton drags Kofi up to EuroUpper him out of the ring.

Orton then goes out to fetch Kofi, and whip him at steel steps! But Kofi leaps over to leap back with more ax handles! The ring count starts again and Kofi kicks Orton around. Kofi puts Orton in the ring, but Orton rolls out the other side. Kofi goes to the apron and takes aim, but his leap misses! Kofi just hits the ground, and Orton clobbers him with a clothesline! Orton brings Kofi back over, back suplex for the American announce desk! Kofi writhes while Orton walks around. Orton brings Kofi up for EuroUppers against the Spanish desk. Orton puts Kofi back in, cover, TWO! Orton keeps his cool, because he’s in control. He looms over Kofi as fans duel again. Orton drags Kofi up to grind him into buckles. The ref counts and Orton lets up at 4, to then hoist Kofi up top.

Orton throws punches before climbing up. He stands Kofi up on the very top, but Kofi resists! Kofi fights back, but Orton headbutts. Orton tries again, but Kofi still holds the superplex off! Kofi clubs away on Orton’s back, and Orton drops down. Kofi punches Orton away, and leaps for a tornado DDT! Both men are down but Kofi crawls for a cover, TWO! Fans build to a rally and the two men stand. Kofi CHOPS Orton off his feet! And again! Kofi dropkicks Orton down, but he keeps moving. Leaping lariat! Fans fire up with Kofi as he runs and “NEW~ DAY~” Boom Drops! Now Kofi calls Orton “stupid!” as he aims from the corner. Fans clap along as Orton stands. But Orton blocks the Trouble in Paradise to the back2backbreaker, a classic move! Cover, TWO! Orton grows annoyed as Kofi survives.

Kofi goes to the apron, but Orton smirks as he walks over. Orton mocks the New Day claps, then drags Kofi through the ropes. Kofi knows this move, though, and tosses Orton out! Kofi hurries to a corner, climbs up high, and TRUST FALLS! He takes Orton out, but doesn’t stay down! Kofi drags Orton into the ring, then heads up top again. Orton stands and Kofi leaps, crossbody hits! Cover, TWO! Kofi feels how close he was, but he’s still not done. Kofi drags Orton up but Orton shoves him away. Kofi spins out but the kick is blocked! Orton drags Kofi through the ropes, for the draping DDT! But Orton won’t stop there, either. He hears the voices in his head! Orton wants Kofi to stand so much, he’s salivating. Kofi does flounder to his feet, and Orton goes, but Kofi backslide counters! TWO, TROUBLE misses! Kofi slips out and kicks Orton away! Crossbody, RKO!!

Orton smiles and laughs even though he hasn’t made the cover. Kofi rolls to the apron and onto the floor, and now Orton isn’t laughing. Orton goes out to fetch Kofi, and now fans have agreed they love “Both These Guys!” Orton spots Kofi’s family, and Kofi does, too. Kofi throws fast hands but he ignores the ring count!

Double Count-Out

Kofi doesn’t care, he just wants to unleash his fury! Kofi throws Orton into steel steps! And then goes under the ring to bring out a kendo stick! Kofi SMACKS away on Orton’s body! He has Orton staggering all around the ring as he hits him over and over! The stick breaks but Kofi still keeps after Orton! Kofi has lost his cool, but he’s going to end this now! Orton slowly gets up, his body stinging from the kendo strikes. Kofi spins, TROUBLE IN PARADISE! The Viper has been slain, but has this settled anything between Kofi and Orton?


Finn Balor VS “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt!

The Extraordinary Man has his own inner Demon, but it seems that the Eater of Worlds was hiding one of his own. Firefly Fun House was a surreal experience, but the terror Bray has put into legends and superstars is real. Can Finn stare fear in the eye and survive? Or will he be the Fiend’s first in-ring victim?

Speaking of Firefly Fun House, “LET. HIM. IN!” The lights go down, and then a lantern is inside the mouth of a disembodied Bray Wyatt head!? Because The Fiend has shed the old new Face of Fear for an even more frightening one! Finn is at a loss for words, as that puts even his Demon’s entrance to shame. But he works up the courage to get back in the ring, and this fight finally begins!

Finn is wary of the Fiend, but the Fiend grabs him first! The Fiend headbutts then stomps Finn, then finally takes off his jacket. The Fiend whips and runs Finn over with a headbutt! Finn flounders to a corner, but The Fiend is on him with big hands. The Fiend hears the fans chant “Yowie Wowie!” He whips Finn corner to corner but Finn goes up and over, but there’s the return of the Spider Walk! Finn runs in but gets caught! Finn fights free but The Fiend clobbers him down! The Fiend laughs before grabbing Finn for a sickening neck wrench! Finn is barely stirring, but The Fiend throws him down with an urenage!

The Fiend looks Finn in the eye, before looking at his own hands. The Fiend laughs more as he tries to keep his head on straight. He drags Finn up, for the Sister- NO, Finn slips out to Slingblade! And shotgun dropkick! Finn fires off furious kicks, but the Fiend shoves him away. Finn trips Fiend up for double stomps! Finn aims again, but The Fiend is up, to get another shotgun dropkick! The Fiend flops down and Finn climbs up, COUP DE- MANDIBLE CLAW!! The Fiend smothers Finn into the mat and makes it a cover, The Fiend wins!

Winner: The Fiend, by pinfall

Finn may be extraordinary, but not even that is enough for Bray’s new form. And then The Fiend teleports to the stage! Is this only the beginning of something truly wicked?

Fans can’t help but feel “That was Awesome!” However, Finn would disagree being on the other end of that debut. Will Finn be back to match monster with monster? Or does he need time to recover, both physically and mentally?


WWE Universal Championship: Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman VS Seth Rollins!

The Architect used an ingenious plan at WrestleMania 35 to take the title, but it infuriated The Beast. The Beast would have a plan of his own when he hijacked the Men’s Money in the Bank match. And after some mix-ups, some bluffs and some threats, the Beast in the Bank would cash-in at Extreme Rules to take the title back. But apparently, that wasn’t enough for Lesnar to feel he taught Rollins a lesson. German Suplexes, F5’s onto chairs and then onto a stretcher’s frame, Lesnar would not leave Rollins be until his ribs were in horrible shape. Can the Beastslayer overcome and #BurnItDown? Or will Toronto forever be THE Suplex City?

Introductions are made, with Heyman of course taking the duties of introducing the “Seth-Stomping, Rib-Breaking, Ultimate Conquering Sultan of SummerSlam, YOUR reigning, defending, undisputed Universal Champion, BRRROCK! LLLESNARRR!” With that, the belt is raised, and we finally begin the main event!

Lesnar and Rollins circle, and of course Rollins guards his ribs. But even then, Lesnar kicks him there and rams his shoulder in! Lesnar then hauls Rollins corner to corner to ram him into buckles! He knees Rollins’ ribs HARD, and lets him hit the mat. Lesnar throws his shoulders in more, but lets up at 4. Rollins SUPERKICKS! But then he runs into a German, only to land on his feet?! CURB STOMP!! Cover, TWO!! Lesnar almost lost right there! Lesnar bails out while Rollins and Heyman are both shocked. Rollins gest to the apron, runs and knees Lesnar down! Rollins keeps moving as Lesnar hurries back in. Rollins aims and SUPERKICKS, into a German! But he again lands on his feet! SUPERKICK! SUPERKICK! CURB- No, fireman’s, F5!! But Lesnar goes the other way of Rollins and they’re on opposite sides of the ring. Fans already feel “This is Awesome!”

Lesnar pulls at the rib tape, and uses it to swing and throw Rollins to a corner! Lesnar stomps Rollins and says it’s “Punishment Time, B*tch!” Lesnar throws Rollins with a German Suplex, and this time Rollins lands on his shoulders! But Lesnar holds on, for another German Suplex! And then he drags Rollins up by his hair, just to give him a third German! Rollins bails out but Lesnar won’t leave him be. He throws Rollins with another German Suplex! Lesnar takes his time bringing Rollins back up and into the ring. Rollins flounders but Lesnar is right on him. Lesnar laughs as he waistlocks and Germans again! Rollins bails out again, but Lesnar still stalks him. Lesnar brings Rollins up, but Rollins shoves him into the post! And again!

Rollins hurries to get Lesnar into the ring, then takes aim. Rollins springboards, flying knee hits! But Rollins knows this won’t be enough, so he climbs again. Flying- GERMAN! Lesnar let Rollins fly into a corner again! Both men are down as Lesnar catches his breath and shakes out the cobwebs. Fans duel as Lesnar goes bare knuckle. He stomps and snap suplexes Rollins! Rollins gasps for air given those bad ribs, but it’s only going to get worse. Lesnar rams Rollins into the corner, then brings him out for a rear bearhug! Rollins endures the squeeze, reaches for ropes, but Lesnar just clubs him back down! Lesnar has Rollins on the ropes and chokes him. The ref counts and Lesnar lets up at 4 to toss Rollins down. Heyman mocks Rollins’ pain while Lesnar looms over him again.

Lesnar drags Rollins up to tackle him into a corner! Lesnar gets a running start, but only gets post! Rollins grits his teeth as he runs, to dropkick Lesnar down to the announce desk! But Rollins keeps moving, to DIVE! He topples Lesnar down, but that’s not enough! Another DIVE and another hit! Rollins wants it again, and DIVES, to be caught! And rammed into a post! Both men are down, Rollins’ plan having backfired! Lesnar stands first and fans build to a rally. Lesnar clears off the Spanish announce desk! But he turns into a SUPERKICK! Lesnar ends up on the desk, and Rollins hurries up top! Rollins LEAPS to FROG SPLASH Lesnar through the table!! Both men are down and fans are losing their minds! The referee checks on both men, but they’re somehow okay to continue.

Both men get up and drag themselves to the ring. The referee hasn’t counted, so both men are safe. Rollins gets up top again, to Frog Splash onto Lesnar again! But he bounces off, and takes aim from a corner! Rollins wants Lesnar to sit up just enough, CURB STOMP AGAIN! Cover, TWO!?! Lesnar still lives?! Heyman is relieved while Rollins is shocked. But Rollins still has fire inside, and he stomps. Fans chant “Burn It Down!” for Rollins as he aims again. Rollins runs, but into a fierman’s! F5- NO! SUPERKICK! A THIRD CURB STOMP!! Cover, Rollins WINS!!

Winner: Seth Rollins, by pinfall; NEW WWE Universal Champion

The Beastslayer hath slain the Beast AGAIN! And this time, with NO controversy! He didn’t need to low blow, he didn’t need to misdirect. He did it with broken freakin’ ribs, because he is Seth Freakin’ Rollins! Does this finally end things between him and Brock Lesnar?



My Thoughts:

For the trepidation and fears going into SummerSlam, this SummerSlam actually did great! I was glad we got some WWE 24/7 Championship shenanigans here and there, though not as much as I expected. The Cruiserweight Championship was good, but still not quite a 205 Live level match. If only they could find a way to put this title in the main show again. It seems they felt the need to shoe-horn in Murphy VS Crews even though Roman Reigns ended up nowhere on the show, which is somewhat a shame. But it does further some things, like Rowan going after Murphy but Bryan not really disapproving. I feel like this is the end of Murphy’s part in the story, and then things can build for Roman, Rowan and Bryan on the way to at least Clash of Champions in September, with or without Face Samoa Joe getting involved.

They definitely shoe-horned the Women’s Tag titles in, and it didn’t help they also advertised a Women’s Tag title match for Raw already. But the match itself was still a lot of fun, so it was okay for it to just be a formality against IIconics. I was really surprised to see the Raw Women’s Championship Submission Match start the main show, and I thought for a moment it was because Natty was actually going to win to make Toronto explode. The reaction would’ve been a great reason why, but naturally, Becky toughs it out and wins. Fans still love Becky so it didn’t sour anything per se, and it was such a great match anyhow, only diehards for Natty would’ve seen this as a bad thing. Also great to see Bret Hart have a cameo, it seems presenting AEW’s title didn’t hurt his standings with Vince.

The Goldberg-Ziggler match was great because it wasn’t just what we expected it to be, it was so over-the-top that it was actually hilarious. The match itself was classic Goldberg squashing his opponent, so that’s fun. But then Ziggler being so punch drunk (or rather Spear Drunk) that he kept egging Goldberg on to get more Spears, that was all amazing. But at the same time, this really needs to be the last time for Goldberg, because this kind of stuff is all he can really do anymore. On the flip side, WOW that Flair-Stratus match. THAT is how you use a legend/part-timer, because she let the younger star go over. Charlotte and Trish were so good in this match, so it’s great that Charlotte goes over to elevate her legacy. Bayley VS Ember was a great match, too, and it really worked for Bayley to intercept Ember’s finisher with her own. Chances are, Bayley circles back to Charlotte, but now it’ll be the Charlotte that beat Trish to give us an amazing match for Clash of Champions, regardless of who wins.

Ricochet looked great in the Nightwing cosplay, and he had another great match with Styles. It works out fine that the OC interfered and all that, because that counter of Phoenix Splash into Styles Clash was just so awesome. I’m not sure if Ricochet gets another chance at Clash where Gallows & Anderson are busy with their own match, or we start fresh with the other superstars. I would love to see Cesaro go Face for this match, or Strowman since he’s strong enough to overcome numbers. And while the OC offered Finn help, I was hoping he was going to surprise us with Demon. But no, still keeping Demon in the back pocket. All-white clad Balor puts up a good fight against The Fiend, who had an insanely good (and creepy) entrance, but Fiend wins because he just had to win. Fiend VS Demon at/in Hell in a Cell will be great, if Fiend racks up a win streak leading into that.

I’m actually surprised Shane didn’t stack the deck more against Kevin, but they still did a great job with how they handled it. Kevin gets to beat down Elias and get away with cheating Shane, but I feel like this will only escalate towards Survivor Series and Team Shane VS Team Kevin. I thought it would be Team Roman, but now it’ll be Kevin, since Roman has Bryan and Rowan. Kofi VS Orton was pretty good, but it did seem odd it was a Double Count-Out draw. I suppose it keeps both men strong and we can get a Clash of Champs rematch, but it was great to see Kofi tee off on Orton. I wonder if their CoC rematch is No DQ so we can get more of this.

And then we all worried what Lesnar VS Rollins was going to be this time, but WOW! They somehow handled this exactly right! All the Heel Heat Lesnar had built up really pays off for how Rollins was evading and countering, but of course Rollins still gets thrown around plenty. Something about it worked out the way it needed to, especially the announce desk splash spot, and this might have just corrected the awkward course Rollins was going. Hopefully with Heyman working Raw now, this momentum stays with Rollins so that fans care again. I would think Lesnar, mostly in character, wouldn’t want a non-Big-4 match, so maybe we can truly, truly start fresh for Rollins with any number of superstars who have just been waiting for a chance.

My Score: 8.7/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Women’s Title Eliminator Tournament Coverage! (2/28/21)

The finals are so close, we can almost taste it!



AEW Women's Title Tournament

AEW is closing in on a Women’s Championship Contender!

AEW Revolution is only one week away and Hikaru Shida still awaits a challenger! Who takes that pivotal step closer to her championship?


  • Six Woman Tag: Hikaru Shida, Rin Kadokura & Mei Suruga VS Emi Sakura, Maki Itoh & Veny; Shida, Kadokura & Suruga win.
  • Women’s Title Eliminator Tournament, Japanese Finals: Yuka Sakazaki VS Ryo Mizunami; Mizunami wins and advances.
  • Women’s Title Eliminator Tournament, US Bracket Semifinal: Thunder Rosa VS Riho; wins and advances.


Six Woman Tag: Hikaru Shida, Rin Kadokura & Mei Suruga VS Emi Sakura, Maki Itoh & Veny!

The Full Metal Warrior jumps into the action alongside #Marvelous and the Biggest Smile in the World to take on the Queen of Wrestling, the Fallen Idol and the Genderless Artist! But will Mei be able to fight properly when Emi-sensei is on the other side of the ring?

Shida and her team offer handshakes, but no one from the other side accepts. And then Maki, Emi and Veny ambush Shida’s team! They knock Mei and Rin out and then mug Shida 3v1! Emi underhooks and Veny helps out, ASSISTED FACEBUSTER! Maki fires up that iron head but Shida avoids the Kokeshi! Shida clubs Maki, bumps her off buckles, and whips her corner to corner. Maki reverses, runs in, and back body blocks! Maki fires up and then runs back in, to climb up. Maki asks, “Who is the cutest in the world? Itoh-chan, desu~!” Maki rains down fists and fires up, but Shida carries her off the corner! Maki fights free and fires off forearms, but Shida pie faces her!

Maki and Shida glare, and Maki fires off more forearms! Shida DECKS Maki with one! Maki gets mad now! She bumps her iron head off buckles, and HEADBUTTS Shida! Maki roars, tells Shida BLEH~, then runs, into a GAMANGIRI! Maki’s head is iron but her face is fragile! Maki tags in Emi, and Rin tags in to clobber her! Rin rallies, pushes Emi down, then hits a DOUBLE STOMP! Emi staggers up into Rin’s shotgun dropkick! Rin goes corner to corner CANNONBALL! Rin drags Emi up, wrenches and wristlocks to then crucifix, but Emi fights free to give Rin BACKBREAKER! And then the BUTTERFLY BACKBREAKER!

Tag to Veny, and Veny kicks Rin around. Veny toys with Rin, gives more kicks, and drags Rin up. Rin throws a forearm but Veny brushes that off. Rin forearms over an dover and over, but Veny just SLAPS Rin down! Veny runs, but Mei trips Veny up! Mei is learning much from Emi-sensei! Rin basement dropkicks Veny against ropes! Rin climbs, Veny stands, missile dropkick knocks Veny down! But Veny rolls through and comes back with a SHOTGUN BOOT! Veny hoists Rin up, blocks the rana counter, but Rin slips out to NORTHERN LIGHTS! Bridging cover, TWO! Veny narrowly escapes but Rin SUPERKICKS! Rin runs, SATELLITE DDT!

Rin and Veny crawl, Mei pushes Shida away to take the hot tag! Mei springboard STOMPS Veny down! Mei full nelsons to the CATTLE MUTILATION! Mei has a high bridge, but Veny gets the ropebreak with a foot! Mei lets Veny go to bring Veny up and whip. Veny reverses, runs in, but Mei boots Veny away! Mei goes up, leaps, but Veny catches Mei and pops her around, only for Mei to wheelbarrow! Veny blocks the victory roll, drags Mei back up, FACEBUSTER! Veny LIONSAULTS, covers, TWO! Mei survives but Veny tags Emi in. Sensei now stomps student around! Emi sucker punches Shida and Rin then brings Mei around for a TOSS!

Mei flounders to a corner, Emi elbows Shida down, and then Emi goes back to Mei. Emi gets the legs, sings and the team echoes it. Emi reels Mei back as Maki sings it loud and proud for her! ROLLING ROMERO as Maki holds out the note! Maki runs and KOKESHIS the surfboard apart! Did she forget Emi was underneath Mei? Emi gets mad at Maki for it, but Maki gets mad at Emi for getting mat at her! Veny tags in to stop all that and then BLASTS Shida’s corner! Veny stands on Mei’s head, digs the heel in, and then drags Mei back up. Mei throws forearms but Veny blocks the suplex! Mei stomps Veny’s foot! And then scoops, only for Veny to scoop back and SLAM Mei down!

Veny drags Mei up, scoops her again and SLAMS her again! Splash down for the cover, TWO! Veny tags Maki, Maki stomps away on Mei. Maki puts Mei through ropes and pulls her back in a rope camel clutch! The ref reprimands, Maki holds on until 4, and then mockingly keeps counting to 8. And then Maki goes after Mei for more stretching! Maki CLUBS Mei on the back, Emi gets a cheap shot in, Maki throws Mei down to cover, TWO! Maki is on the camel clutch again, Rin attacks Maki! Maki ROCKS Rin, stomps Mei, and tags out to Emi. Emi DECKS Rin, hits Shida, and goes back to Mei to throw her down! Emi pulls WAY back on the camel clutch!

Mei endures, Emi pushes Mei away, and then drags her up. Mei breaks free to fake the chops and leg scissor roll Emi! TWO, Mei runs and hops onto Emi’s shoulders for a spinning sunset flip! Emi punches but Mei goes Matrix! Mei runs, Emi spins her to underhook, but Mei fights off the driver to ROCK Emi with a right! Mei reels Emi in, scoop and SLAM! Mei shows her sensei that she has power! Shida pushes Rin aside to tag in from Mei! Shida runs to KNEE Emi in the corner! Maki runs in but Shida scoops her and wedges her above Emi! Veny runs in, Shida kicks Veny and snap suplexes Veny into both Emi and Maki!

Shida sets Emi up on the apron and gets some space. Shida runs back in to KNEE Emi back in! Shida’s fired up and she gets in the ring. Emi stands, Shida runs and reverse wheelbarrows to sunset flip! KNEE DROPS! Cover, TWO! Shida goes to suplex but Emi claws her back! Emi runs, but Shida tilt-o-whirl BACKBREAKERS back! Shida runs but into Emi’s tilt-o-whirl BACKBREAKER! Emi and Shida are forehead to forehead as former teacher and student are evenly matched! But then Mei and Veny get in to boot their respective opponents! Mei and Veny run, and they BOTH get tilt-o-whirl BACKBREAKERS!

Shida and Emi go after each other again with forearms and CHOPS! Shida ROCKS Emi, Emi CHOPS back! They keep going back and forth, Shida gets the edge, and she hammers away on Emi! Shida fires up, reels Emi in, but Emi fights to the dragon sleeper, TWISTING REVERSE DDT! Emi sings, “We Will~, We Will~ Rock You!” Maki sings along as Emi runs in and BODY CHECKS Shida! Emi CHOPS and runs, but into Shida’s KNEE! Maki runs in and gives Shida a TORNADO DDT! But Rin SUPERKICKS Maki! Veny SUPERKICKS Rin! Mei fakes Veny out, springboards and SUPER PUNCHES!

Mei shouts to Shida-senpai! They work together on Emi-sensei, SUPER FOREHEAD POKE! Full nelson and… SUPER FOREHEAD POKE! Shida gives Mei a boost, and Mei hits a SPLASH! Shida brings Emi up to whip but Emi holds the ropes! Mei kicks Emi’s arm from the rope, and whips Emi, only for Emi to crisscross them up! Emi uses Mei to sunset flip Shida, and then she traps them both in some kind of double Bow ‘n’ Arrow stretch! Mei tries to get free, Shida gets the ropebreak! Emi lets go, runs, and BODY CHECKS both of them!

Veny tags in and climbs up top! Veny ARIHARA MOONSAULTS Shida down! And then kips up! Veny swaggers about, slaps Shida and drags her up. Veny puts Shida in, drags her up, but Shida breaks free! Shida dodges a heel kick, Veny deflects the knee, Shida ducks another kick but Veny ducks the enziguri! Veny ripcord lariats but Shida dodges, only to run into the WINDMILL! Emi sets Shida up in a drop zone, VADER ELBOW! Veny goes up, MOONSAULT! Cover, Mei breaks it! Emi kicks Mei and Rin back out and Veny drags Shida up. Veny reels Shida in, fisherman but Shida fights out to roll up. Veny rolls through but Shida ROCKS Veny with that right!!

Shida suplexes, Veny slips out and Veny GERMAN SUPLEXES! Maki HEADBUTTS Shida into Veny’s lift, for a SIT-OUT BOMB! Cover, TWO!?! Shida survives and shocks Veny! Veny climbs up again, Rin intercepts with haymakers! Rin climbs up now, and hits a SUPER STEINER on Veny! Shida gets in as Veny goes to the apron. Shida drags Veny up to bump her off buckles! Shida dead lift SUPERPLEXES! And rolls through, to dead lift suplex! Cover, TWO!! TAMASHI!! Cover, but Maki and Emi break it! Maki and Emi intercept Rin and Mei, but Rin and Mei turn that around! Shida, Rin and Mei throw Emi, Maki and Veny into each other! Mei and Rin crisscross to dropkick Veny and Emi!

Shida drags Veny back up, suplexes, and hits a FALCON ARROW! Cover, TWO!?! Shida is shocked by Veny’s toughness! Shida sits Veny up again, runs and hits the TAMASHI!! Cover, Team Shida wins!

Winners: Hikaru Shida, Rin Kadokura & Mei Suruga, by pinfall

The AEW Women’s World Champion finishes it off! Mei is so happy for her senpai, and the three stand tall. But Emi-sensei attacks! Mei and Rin go after Emi, shove her out, but Maki goes after them! Shida grabs Maki by her pigtails and bumps her off buckles! Shida throws Maki out hard, Emi stomps Maki?! Emi is upset that Maki failed, it seems. But again, Shida stands tall with her team! Will she be standing tall against whoever it is that faces her at Revolution?


Women’s Title Eliminator Tournament, Japanese Finals: Yuka Sakazaki VS Ryo Mizunami!

This is it for the Magical Girl and Aneki! It’s win or go home, so who is heading to the overall tournament finals?!

Ryo again gets impatient with the ref and smacks him on the back again. The two shake hands to show there is sportsmanship. But Ryo’s handshake is so strong, Yuka falls to a knee! Ryo lets go, Yuka shakes her hand out, the bell rings, and the two circle. They tie up, Ryo powers Yuka right to ropes, but lets off as the ref calls for a break. Yuka composes herself again and circles with Ryo. They tie up, Yuka waistlocks, but Ryo pries free and wrenches to a wristlock. Yuka rolls, handsprings, wrenches again and has another wristlock. Ryo pretends to be worried but she body shots then wrenches through to a wristlock.

Ryo clubs away on Yuka’s arm, wrenches it more, and Yuka drops to her knees again. Yuka gets up but Ryo wrenches the wrist again. Yuka endures, Ryo lifts her up by that arm to then drop her down! Ryo keeps on the hand, Yuka fights back up, and Yuka runs to flip and wrangle Ryo down with a keylock! Ryo fights up, Yuka shifts to a facelock then chinlock. Ryo powers up, powers out, but Yuka dropkicks! But Ryo just fires up! Yuka is a bit put off by that, and tries another dropkick! Ryo still stays up! Yuka gets frustrated now and she runs, but Ryo dodges the dropkick to stomp Yuka down! Ryo clubs Yuka, whips her to a corner, but Yuka goes up and over!

Yuka gets around to waistlock, but Ryo elbows. Yuka avoids the elbows and pokes Ryo in the eye! Yuka giggles but Ryo reels her in! Ryo waistlocks but Yuka slips under to roll Ryo up, TWO! Yuka cradles, TWO! Another roll up, TWO! Yuka is frustrated but so is Ryo, and Ryo bails out. Ryo catches her breath but Yuka builds speed to WRECK Ryo with a dropkick! Yuka fires up, Ryo cools off, and Ryo takes her time returning. Yuka waits as Ryo gets in, and Yuka dropkicks the legs out! Yuka clubs away on Ryo, brings Ryo around, but can’t scoop Ryo up! Ryo scoop slams Yuka down! Ryo drags Yuka up, whips her to ropes, and runs her over with a shoulder!

Ryo drags Yuka back up, ROCKS her with a forearm, then scoop slams her again! LEG DROP! Cover, TWO! Ryo keeps cool as she drags Yuka back up. Ryo whips Yuka to a corner, Yuka dodges, and then Yuka runs back in to back elbow! Ryo catches Yuka to RAM her into the corner! Yuka falls but Ryo drags her up into a DEEP camel clutch! Yuka gets one arm free, reaches and gets the ropebreak! Ryo lets go fast, stomps Yuka, then drags her up again. Ryo CHOPS Yuka to a corner, CHOPS again, and then CHOPS and CHOPS and unleashes the machine gun CHOPS! Satoshi Kojima would be proud! Ryo fires up, does a dance, but Yuka ducks and the chop hits buckles!

Yuka kicks from below, but Ryo boots back! Ryo scoops, Yuka slips out and RANAS Ryo to a corner! Yuka runs to SHINING WIZARD! Yuka hops up, leaps, flying elbow! Ryo is down and Yuka brings her back up! Ryo resists the suplex, Yuka clubs her and rolls her to a CALF KILLER!! Ryo endures, reaches around, Yuka twists the foot, but Ryo gets a ropebreak with a hand! Yuka lets go, runs and hits a SLIDING LARIAT at the ropes! Yuka goes to the corner, goes up top, but cartwheels to avoid Ryo! Yuka runs, but into a POWERSLAM! Both women are down because of the bad leg, but Ryo fires up!

Ryo picks Yuka up, but Yuka wheelbarrows, only for Ryo to block the victory roll! WHEELBARROW GERMAN SUPLEX! Ryo runs and CLOBBERS Yuka at ropes! Then hits a ROUGH RYDER! Cover, TWO, but into the katagatami!! Yuka endures the head-and-arm, but Ryo squeezes tight! Yuka fights up, rolls back, and slips free to get Ryo for a TRIANGLE HOLD! Ryo endures and fights up, but she starts to fade! Yuka pulls even tighter, the ref checks on Ryo, but Ryo gets a second wind! Ryo powers up, dead lifts and POWERBOMBS Yuka down! Yuka flounders to a corner while Ryo catches her breath and fires herself up with slaps to her face!

Ryo runs and CLOBBERS Yuka! Yuka ROCKS Ryo, dodges, and ENZIGURIS! Ryo LARIATS right back!! Ryo fires up, Yuka sits up in a daze, and Ryo brings Yuka in for forearms from all sides! Ryo powers up but Yuka ROCKS her back! Yuka fires forearms from all sides, and ROCKS Ryo again! Yuka cravat rolls Ryo to KICK her down! SLIDING LARIAT! Cover, TWO!! Ryo survives but Yuka puts her in a drop zone. Yuka goes to the apron, climbs the ropes, MAGICAL GIRL SPLASH! Cover, TWO!! Ryo survives but Yuka keeps her focus. Yuka goes to the apron again, goes up the ropes again, and hits the MAGICAL GIRL 450, but has to bail out! Ryo catches Yuka for an URENAGE!!

Both women are down, the ref checks on them, but they’re stirring. Ryo fires herself up, she grabs Yuka’s hair, but Yuka grabs Ryo’s ears! Ryo HEADBUTTS Yuka in the chest! Torture rack and- VICTORY ROLL FROM YUKA! TWO, and Yuka RANAS to a cover, TWO!! Yuka runs, into a LARIAT! Cover, but Yuka rolls it over, TWO!! Ryo gets to a corner, runs and SPEARS Yuka! Then drags Yuka up to SHORT ARM LARIAT!! Cover, TWO?!?!?! How did Yuka survive!?! Ryo won’t stop to worry about it, she drags Yuka up to fisherman and DRIVER!! Cover, Ryo wins!!

Winner: Ryo Mizunami, by pinfall (advances to the tournament finals)

And Aneki is heading to Dynamite this Wednesday! But will she be able to go from the Crossroads and to Revolution?


Women’s Title Eliminator Tournament, US Bracket Semifinal: Thunder Rosa VS Riho!

Nyla Rose awaits an opponent for the US Bracket Finals! Will the former NWA Women’s World Champion take one step closer to one of her goals? Or will the inaugural AEW Women’s World Champion end up facing an old foe in the finals?


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Mitchell’s NJPW Castle Attack Results & Report! (2/28/21)

There’s gold in the Castle Attack!



NJPW Castle Attack

Will there no longer be a NJPW Double Champion?

NJPW is not done in Osaka just yet! And Tetsuya Naito will never be done with the IWGP Intercontinental Championship, IF he can take it from Kota Ibushi! Will Naito deny the Golden Star God’s will to unify the belts?


  • The United Empire VS Satoshi Kojima & Hiroyoshi Tenzan; Kojima & Tenzan win.
  • Six Man Tag: Chaos VS Bullet Club; Chaos wins.
  • IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championships: Guerrillas of Destiny VS Hirooki Goto & YOSHI-HASHI; Guerrillas of Destiny win and retain the titles.
  • NEVER Openweight Championship: Hiroshi Tanahashi VS Great-O-Khan; Tanahashi wins and retains the title.
  • IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship Triple Threat: BUSHI VS El Phantasmo VS El Desperado; Desperado wins and is the new IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion.
  • IWGP Intercontinental Championship: Kota Ibushi VS Tetsuya Naito; Ibushi wins and retains the title.


The United Empire VS Satoshi Kojima & Hiroyoshi Tenzan!

Will Ospreay & Jeff Cobb already defeated the King of Cozy and Ikari no Mogyu yesterday in a Six Man Tag, but it seems the war continues! With the Dominator getting ready to face The Ace, will the Assassin and Hawaiian Hulk win again?

The bell rings and the Empire attacks! They throw Tenzan and Kojima out, Ospreay is after Kojima with forearms and elbows while Cobb chokes Tenzan on railing! The Empire whips Tenzan and Kojima at each other and the two collide! Ospreay goes into the ring, Cobb sets Tenzan and Kojima up, but as Ospreay slingshots, Tenzan and Kojima fight free! Ospreay PLANCHAS Cobb! Kojima attacks Ospreay, Tenzan adds on, and they put Ospreay in the ring. Kojima and Tenzan start throwing forearms, Ospreay pinballs between them, and Kojima uses the Mongolian Chops! Kojima scoops and slams Ospreay, Tenzan runs and Kojima slingshots, elbow drop falling headbutt combo! Cover, TWO!

Kojima clubs and puts Ospreay in a corner. Kojima unleashes the machine gun CHOPS! Cobb runs in but Kojima adds him to the machine gun CHOPS! Cobb turns things around on Kojima, but Kojima dodges and Cobb CHOPS Ospreay! Kojima then puts Cobb back in the corner for more machine gun CHOPS! Kojima pushes Cobb out of the way and machine gun CHOPS Ospreay! Kojima whips Ospreay corner to corner, forearms, and fires up! Kojima climbs the corner but Cobb drags him off with a military press! But Kojima slips out to hit a DDT! Fans fire up as Kojima goes after Ospreay with haymakers and CHOPS! Kojima whips, Ospreay dodges to BOOT Tenzan!

Ospreay elbows Kojima then leaps for PIP PIP CHEERIO! Cover, TWO! Tag to Cobb and the Empire drags Kojima up to double whip. Cobb runs Kojima over, sits him up, Ospreay Penalty Kicks! Cover, TWO! Ospreay DECKS Tenzan while Cobb drags Kojima up. Cobb headbutts Kojima to a corner, CHOPS him now, and CHOPS, and CHOPS, and fires off his own machine gun CHOPS! Cobb whips corner to corner, runs in and forearm smashes! Cobb throws Kojima down, covers, TWO! Cobb drags Kojima up and throws a big forearm! Tag to Ospreay, Ospreay climbs and Cobb has Kojima on the ropes, for draping double stomps!

Ospreay runs to dropkick Tenzan off the apron, then he runs to drop knees on Kojima! Cover, TWO! Ospreay keeps his focus as he looms over Kojima. Fans rally up, Kojima throws body shots but Ospreay hits Kojima down low! Ospreay powerbomb lifts but Kojima fights out to COZY CUTTER! Both men are down but fans rally up! Kojima hurries for his corner, hot tag to Tenzan! Tenzan runs Ospreay over, DECKS Cobb, and then fires up! Tenzan wants to Mongolian Chop but can’t so he kicks Ospreay and headbutts him to the corner. Tenzan regular CHOPS, whips corner to corner, then runs in to corner splash! Tenzan calls his shot, and he gets Ospreay up and over with a suplex! Cover, TWO!

Tenzan stomps Ospreay, headbutts him more, but Ospreay throws forearms. Tenzan forearms back, and the two go back and forth! Tenzan kicks low, wants to Mongolian but he hesitates. Ospreay mule kicks in that opening! Ospreay whips corner to corner, runs in but Tenzan puts him up and out! Ospreay ROCKS Tenzan with a forearm, springboards, PIP PIP CHEERIO! Tag to Cobb and he runs corner to corner at Tenzan, for a LEAPING back elbow! Cobb reels Tenzan in but Tenzan fights off the back suplex. Tenzan headbutts but Cobb JABS! Cobb runs but Tenzan WINDMILLS!

Tag to Kojima and he DECKS Ospreay before bringing Cobb up. Kojima suplexes for a BRAINBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Fans fire up with Kojima but Ospreay attacks from behind! Ospreay fires off forearms but Kojima swats him away! Kojima runs, Ospreay dodges and Cobb elbows Kojima at ropes! The Empire combines, tornado ENZIGURI! Cobb lifts Kojima up, RAMS him to a corner, and Ospreay DECKS Tenzan to then run side to side and BOOT Kojima! Ospreay feeds Kojima to Cobb’s ATHLETIC PLEX! Cover, but Tenzan breaks it! Fans fire up as Ospreay stomps Tenzan. Ospreay drags Tenzan up and Cobb gives him Mongolian Chops!

Cobb turns Tenzan around, Ospreay uses the Mongolian Chops! Back to Cobb for more Mongolian Chops! Ospreay and Cobb keep going back and forth hitting Tenzan with his old signature and Tenzan falls! Fans rally up for Tenzan but Ospreay slaps him around. Tenzan USES MONGOLIAN CHOPS! Isn’t he banned from doing that!? The ref doesn’t call a disqualification, though, because it isn’t outright illegal! Let’s just say Tenzan is “stealing” it from Great-O-Khan! Tenzan gives Mongolian Chops to Cobb over and over, until Cobb falls! Kojima gets in, he and Tenzan coordinate to double whip Cobb, then hit the 3D! Cover, but Ospreay breaks it!

Ospreay runs into Tenzan’s SIDE EFFECT! Kojima powers up the arm and runs at Cobb, but Cobb SUPERKICKS! Cobb scoops Kojima, for a TOUR- NO! Kojima slips out, and COZY LARIATS Cobb! Cover, Kojima & Tenzan win!!

Winners: Satoshi Kojima & Hiroyoshi Tenzan, by pinfall

If Ospreay & Cobb are the Empire, just call Kojima & Tenzan the Resistance! Will they continue to defy the United Empire and deny them their desire to take over NJPW? Or will the Dominator have something to say about Tenzan using those Mongolian Chops?


Six Man Tag: Chaos VS Bullet Club!

The Rainmaker, and Mr. KOPW 2021 beat the King of Darkness and Crown Jewel 1v1, but the Stone Pitbull was made to Breathe with the Switchblade! Will Tomohiro Ishii redeem himself against Jay White? Or will Kazuchika Okada and Toru Yano finally see that Everything Is Evil?

White wants Ishii to stay back while he shows off the muscles. Bullet Club then Low Sweets, and Ishii steps up. White is surprised he wants him again after losing yesterday. But White decides to start, just to tag out to Chase. White mockingly claps to rally fans, and Chase circles with Ishii. They tie up, Chase headlocks, Ishii powers out but Chase throws forearms. Chase fires off more forearms but Ishii doesn’t budge. Ishii swings, Chase dodges, and Chase collides with Ishii! Ishii’s ribs bother him, and White strikes! The ref reprimands but Evil gets in and he hits the Chaos corner! Chase and White stomp Ishii but the ref reprimands and White backs off.

Chase tags White, they mug Ishii, and then Yano gets in only for Chase to knock him down. White digs his boots into Ishii in a corner while Chase grinds Yano down in the other. Evil is after Okada on the outside while White and Chase whip Yano and Ishii. Yano and Ishii reverses, White and Chase collide! Ishii and Yano run White and Chase over! Okada whips Evil into railing! Ishii drags White up by his hair, CHOPS him to a corner, and then CHOPS him again! Ishii fires off forearms, the ref counts and Ishii lets off at 3. White rams into Ishii but Ishii tries to suplex. White knees low, whips Ishii but Ishii stops at the corner. Ishii whips, White reverses and Ishii hits the corner hard!

Gedo cheers while White drags Ishii up. Evil and Chase mug and stomp the other Chaos members, and then White throws Ishii out. White distracts the ref so that Gedo and Dick Togo can mug Ishii! Dick holds Ishii open so Gedo can mule kick him in the ribs! The ref sees Dick stomp Ishii and reprimands him. Dick backs off, Chase drags Ishii up and in for White, and White covers. ONE, but White covers again! TWO, and White tries again, TWO!! Bullet Club argues the count but White stomps Ishii back down. Only Gedo cheers as White tags Evil in. Fans rally for Ishii but Evil sits Ishii up. Ishii hits back with forearms but Evil scoops and slams him! Cocky cover, ONE!

Evil argues with the ref but then he stomps Ishii. Tag to Chase and Chase stomps Ishii before standing him up. Chase reels Ishii into a cobra twist! White mocks the fans rallying, and then the Bullet Club creates the cobra twist chain! Chaos protests but Bullet Club lets go before the ref sees. Chase tags White and they stop Ishii from getting away. They mug Ishii, but Ishii just gets mad! White rakes Ishii’s eyes, then tags Evil. Evil DECKS Okada and Yano, White digs his boots into Ishii, and then they both drag Ishii up. They mug Ishii, going after his ribs with forearms. Ishii boots White and elbows Evil away! Ishii runs White over, and drop toeholds Evil onto him!

Chase runs in but into a GERMAN SUPLEX! Fans fire up but Ishii clutches his bad ribs. Ishii crawls, and hot tags Yano! And Yano goes to the corner pad! That’s one undone, but Evil runs in! Yano dodges Evil, Evil stops himself from hitting bare buckles, and Yano tosses the pad to Dick! The ref argues with Dick but Evil kicks at Yano! Evil whips, Yano holds ropes, but Gedo swipes at him! The ref reprimands Gedo but Yano shoves Evil into him! Yano SLAPS Evil, then powers up with YTR, and dodges Evil’s ambush! Yano SLAPS Evil again, then whips him to the bare corner! Dick puts the pad back to save Evil!

Yano runs in, Evil dodges and Dick takes the pad away! Yano runs into bare buckles! Evil tags Chase and Chase stomps Yano. Chase throws a strike fest, runs, but Yano grabs hair! Chase breaks free, kicks low, and runs, into an atomic drop! Fans rally and Yano tags in Okada! Okada throws forearms on Chase, Chase kicks low and runs, but into Okada’s BOOT! Fans fire up and Okada reels Chase in for a gut wrench. Chase fights that, then bell claps and neckbreakers Okada down! Cover, TWO! Chase keeps his cool as he takes aim. BANG, and Chase reels Okada in. yano grabs Chase and throws him down! Evil runs Yano over, Ishii runs Evil over!

White bobs ‘n’ weaves with Ishii, reels him in, but Ishii goes to suplex! White slips out of that, wrenches, but has to duck Ishii’s clothesline! White throws a knee to the bad ribs! But Ishii still suplexes White! Ishii SWATS and ROCKS Chase, but Chase LARIATS! Chase JEWEL TRIGGERS Okada, but Okada avoids the Jewel Heist to put on the MONEY CLIP!! Chase is fading fast as Okada squeezes tight! Chase taps, Chaos wins!!

Winners: Chaos, by submission

The Rainmaker shoots down the Bullet Club and stands tall with his friends! But things are far from through between White and Ishii, will they battle again come the New Japan Cup? Will Okada rise up again and head back for the mountaintop?


IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championships: Guerrillas of Destiny VS Hirooki Goto & YOSHI-HASHI!

These two teams faced off in separate 1v1 matches and went 1-1! Now the tiebreaker is for the gold, and could go either way! Will GoD still reign? Or will Chaos #TurnItAllAround?

The introductions are made, the heavyweight tag titles are raised, GoD Low Sweets, but Chaos attacks them first!

Goto throws Loa out while Hashi is after Tama! Hashi elbows Tama, the bell rings, Goto and Hashi double whip. Goto kicks Tama, wrenches him down, and Hashi leap frogs to stomp Tama! Goto Penalty Kicks, Hashi mule kicks! Loa gets in, he gets double kicks and a double whip, for a double shoulder tackle! Then the hip toss senton! Fans cheer as Hashi goes out after Jado! Goto flanks Jado and they put him in the ring! Chaos hammers away on Jado’s back! Jado bails out, but GoD attacks Chaos back! Tama headbutts Hashi, Loa ROCKS Goto, and GoD whips Chaos, only for Goto to reverse! Loa runs Hashi over, Tama dodges Goto, and GoD double dropkick Goto out!

Loa drags Hashi up and reels him in for a POWERBOMB! The ref checks on Hashi, that bomb really rocked him! Loa toys with Hashi, doing the hand check like the ref would. The ref has Loa back off but Loa tags Tama in. Tama rains down hands on Hashi, then paces around. Fans rally for Hashi and Tama gets annoyed. Loa shouts for Hashi to show the fighting spirit! Tama drops an elbow! Hashi finally stirs, Tama drags Hashi up and fans rally again. Hashi fires forearms off on Tama! Tama hits low, headbutts hard and Hashi goes down. Tag to Loa, Tama stomps Hashi around and Loa slingshot sentons! Tama slingshot sentons, too, and Loa covers, TWO!

Fans fire up for Hashi and Loa mockingly applauds. Loa brings Hashi up but Hashi fires off forearms! Loa claps, eggs Hashi on, and Hashi throws more forearms. Loa ROCKS Hashi with one, then ROCKS him again! Loa still eggs Hashi on and he whips corner to corner. Hashi comes back but Loa leaps over the basement dropkick! Loa says he learned this tricks from last time! But Hashi still gets the spinning mule kick! Hashi crawls to hot tag Goto! Goto rallies on Loa with big shoulders and elbows. Loa blocks the hip toss, body shots and runs, but Goto follows to clothesline Loa down! Tama runs in but Goto kicks him to snap suplex him onto Loa! Goto drops an elbow! Cover, TWO!

Fans rally and Goto drags Loa up to fireman’s carry. Loa fights free, kicks low and knees to then enziguri! Goto staggers and Loa grins. Loa runs, Goto and Loa collide with clotheslines! Neither man falls and Loa eggs Goto on. They collide again with clotheslines, and they both egg each other on! Goto and Loa run, COLLIDE, and both men fall to the mat! Fans rally, both men head for their corners, hot tags to Tama and Hashi! Hashi rallies with elbows and shoulders, Tama reverses the whip but Hashi dodges to HEADHUNTER! Fans fire up with Hashi and he runs corner to corner, but Tama dodges!

Tama fires off fists, whips Hashi corner to corner, but Hashi comes back to LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Hashi keeps his cool and he drags Tama up. Hashi reels Tama in, but Tama slips out of the bomb! Tama gets around to dragon sleeper and TONGAN TWIST! Cover, TWO! Hashi survives but Loa gets in. GoD drags Hashi up and they throw body shots, uppercuts, and the neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Tama is frustrated but he and Loa drag Hashi back up again. Tama reels Hashi in, Hashi fights back, and he throws hands on them both! Loa gets around, GoD hits the BACK SUPLEX NECKBREAKER! Cover, but Goto breaks it!

Loa goes after Goto, Tama adds on, they give Goto GUERRILLA WARFARE! Jado calls for Magic Killer and GoD drags Hashi up. Fans rally, but GoD still hits MAGIC KILLER! Cover, TWO!?! Hashi survives and Tama can’t believe it! Jado calls for Super Bomb so Loa drags Hashi up. Loa RAMS Hashi into a corner, Tama runs in to leap but Hashi dodges the splash! Loa kicks Hashi, gets him up, but Hashi RANAS Loa away! Tama fireman’s carries Hashi for a FLAPJACK! Tama shouts, “Why don’t you just die, Hashi?!” Tama stomps away on Hashi, fans rally up but Tama and Loa coordinate. Loa and Tama climb opposite corners, Loa leaps for the FALLING HEADBUTT, but FLOPS when Hashi moves! And Goto shoves Tama off the top! Fans rally up, Hashi crawls over, and hot tags Goto in!

Goto fires up, and he hits a corner clothesline on Loa! Then one on Tama! Then on Loa! Back to Tama! Jado gets on the apron but Goto DECKS him! GoD goes after Goto together, and double whip him to ropes. But Goto DOUBLE LARIATS GoD first! Goto hits MURAMASA on Tama, to the BULLDOG! Cover, Loa breaks it! Hashi goes after Loa, whips him to a corner, and then runs in to clothesline! Hashi reels Loa in, Goto helps out, GOTO BUSTER! Tama staggers into a fireman’s carry but fights out! Hashi still SUPERKICKS Tama! Chaos coordinates, G Y R!! Cover, TWO!?! Tama survives but Goto keeps focus. Goto and Hashi drag Tama back up again and Goto dragon sleepers.

Hashi gets legs but Loa CHOPS and GERMAN SUPLEXES Hashi! Goto DECKS Loa but Tama DECKS Goto! Tama drags Goto up and reels him in. Loa helps out but Hashi returns the GERMAN SUPLEX! Tama SUPER PUNCHES Hashi, but Goto fireman’s carries and USHIGOROSHIS Tama! Loa scoops Goto for a POWERSLAM! All four men are down and fans fire up! Jado coaches GoD while they and Chaos stir. Hashi and Loa rise first, and Hashi fires off forearms! Loa eggs Hashi on, Hashi hits more and more, but Loa ROCKS him with one! And ROCKS him and ROCKS him, but Hashi staggers about!

Loa says “I bring out the fighting spirit because you suck!” Hashi dodges his haymaker to BACKSTABBER! Hashi fires up, fans rally for him and Goto as Goto and Tama stagger to their feet. Goto runs corner to corner but Tama does, too! Goto denies Gun Stun, fireman’s carries, but Tama fights out! Tama shoves, Goto dodges, Tmama dodges and redirects but has to run from Goto! Goto follows, Tama dodges and hurdles, Goto spins but into a leaping facelock! Goto powers through to a fireman’s carry! Hashi SUPERKICKS, Goto POWERSLAMS!! Cover, TWO?!?! Tama survives!?!

Goto drags Tama back up, dragon sleepers, but Loa has a title belt! Hashi dodges that attack, throws Loa out, but Tama snapmares Goto! Jaod KENDO SMACKS and Tama GUN STUNS!! Cover, GoD wins!!

Winners: Guerrillas of Destiny, by pinfall (still IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions)

Chaos forgot Jado is the insurance policy! But there’s nothing they can do about it now! GoD holds onto the gold, but will they make it through the Spring if Chaos came this close?


NEVER Openweight Championship: Hiroshi Tanahashi VS Great-O-Khan!

The Once in a Century Talent took this title off the Dragon, Shingo Takagi, in an epic battle! But now the Dominator wants to conquer the NEVER division in the name of the United Empire! Will Khan be able to trump the Ace with his iron hand?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and after Tanahashi shows off the muscles, the battle for dominance begins!

Fans rally already with “Let’s Go, Ace!” Tanahashi rushes Khan, Khan dodges and clamps on the claw, but Tanahashi slips free! Tanahashi full nelsons, Khan elbows free but Tanahashi blocks the boot! Khan clamps the claw on anyway, but Tanahashi breaks free again. Tanahashi dodges the Mongolian Chop and dropkicks a leg out! Fans cheer as Tanahashi watches Khan. Khan bails out, fans rally “Let’s Go, Ace!” but Khan taunts Yota Tsuji, the Young Lion Tanahashi has been mentoring. Tanahashi goes out to reinforce Tsuji and has him step aside. Khan sucker punches Tanahashi then whips Tanahashi into railing! And then Khan gives Tanahashi SNAKE EYES off the apron!

Khan stands on Tanahashi and mockingly asks what’s wrong. Fans still rally for Tanahashi as Khan drags him up and puts him in a full nelson. Khan is telling Tsuji to hit Tanahashi!? Tsuji seems tempted to make a name for himself, but Tanahashi fights free, only for Khan to RAM Tanahashi into the railing! Khan puts Tanahashi in, has a cocky cover, ONE! Fans rally for Tanahashi again but Khan drags Tanahashi around to dead lift him in a gut wrench. Khan carries Tanahashi around before hitting the gut wrench suplex! Cover, TWO! Khan grabs a leg and stomps the knee, to then get a standing kneebar!

Tanahashi endures, fights around, but Khan drags him from ropes for a proper KNEEBAR! Tanahashi manages to roll and get the ropebreak! Khan lets go at 4, paces about, and he drags Tanahashi up. Khan waistlocks and lifts Tanahashi to RAM him into the corner! Khan makes sure Tsuji watches as he sits on Tanahashi in the corner! The ref reprimands, Khan stands up at 4, but then grabs Tanahashi’s arms to pull them back! The ref counts again and Khan lets off at 4. Khan brings Tanahashi around to cover, TWO! Khan grows annoyed and he mocks the fans that clap, “Let’s Go, Ace!” Khan brings Tanahashi up but Tanahashi fires off forearms!

Tanahashi blocks the kick but Khan HELL STAB uppercuts! Khan drags Tanahashi up to knee low and whip to ropes. Tanahashi comes back with flying forearms! Fans fire up with Tanahashi and he throws forearms and body shots on Khan! Khan staggers, Tanahashi throws EuroUppers, and then Tanahashi scoop slams Khan to a drop zone! Tanahashi hops up, and hits the second rope somersault senton! Cover, TWO! Tanahashi keeps his cool, fans rally up, and Tanahashi runs corner to corner. Khan boots but Tanahashi blocks to DRAGON SCREW! Tanahashi holds on to GROUND DRAGON SCREW! Khan clutches his knee, Tanahashi grabs the legs and ties them up!

Khan fights and gets the ropebreak! Tanahashi stomps Khan’s legs, then drags Khan up from the apron side. Khan hotshots Tanahashi down! Khan’s bad leg slows him down but he still gets back in the ring. But Tanahashi gets his leg in the ropes! DRAPING DRAGON SCREW! And a dropkick! Fans fire up as Tanahashi hits another DRAPING DRAGON SCREW! Tanahashi drags Khan around by the leg, ties the legs up, and has the CLOVERLEAF! Khan endures and powers up, but Tanahashi drags him from ropes! Tanahashi sits back but Khan powers up again, and Khan claws his way to the ropebreak! Tanahashi lets go fast and keeps his cool as he stomps Khan down.

Tanahashi drags Khan up and reels him in, but Khan blocks the Twist! Tanahashi keeps trying, Khan throws body shots and SMASHES Tanahashi off his knee! But it was the bad knee so that was double-edged! Khan still comes back and manages a GOURD BUSTER on Tanahashi! Khan falls over because of the bad leg and fans rally up as both men are down. Khan hobbles over, stalks Tanahashi to a corner, and whips him corner to corner, following to clothesline from behind! Khan hoists Tanahashi up backwards and Mongolian CHOPS Tanahashi on the back! Khan drags Tanahashi into a Tree of Woe and digs his boots in!

The ref counts, Khan stops at 4, and he gets the bad leg moving. Khan goes corner to corner and basement BOOTS Tanahashi down! Cover, TWO! Khan keeps after Tanahashi with a lift, ATOMIC FACEBUSTER! Khan gets Tanahashi up for a BACK SUPLEX FACEBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Tanahashi is still in this and Khan grows frustrated. Fans rally up but Khan stands first. Khan says he’ll end it now! Khan clamps onto Tanahashi with the iron claw! Tanahashi resists the lift, and clamps onto Khan’s face! It’s claw versus claw, but Khan pries Tanahashi’s hand off! Tanahashi swats Khan’s hand then ROCKS him with an uppercut! Khan falls over and Tanahashi catches his breath.

Fans rally up again, “Let’s Go, Ace!” and Tanahashi steadies himself. Tanahashi watches Khan rise, then runs, but Khan uses the ref as a shield! STRAIGHT RIGHT FIST!! Both men and the ref are down and fans rally up again! Khan crawls and shouts to Tsuji to get him something! Tsuji gets a chair?! Is Tsuji now an Empire Young Lion? Tsuji slides the chair… TO TANAHASHI! Khan is furious at Tsuji’s betrayal, but Tsuji is staying loyal to The Ace! Tanahshi takes a seat and smiles at Khan, but Khan runs in. Tanahashi drop toeholds Khan onto the chair! Khan writhes and flounders into a TWIST ‘N’ SHOUT! Tanahashi runs, but Khan BOOTS him down!

Khan clamps on the claw, drags Tanahashi up, ELIMI- SLINGBLADE!! Tanahashi hurries up top, Khan stands, HIGH FLY FLOW-BODY! Tanahashi hurries back up, HIGH FLY FLOP!! Khan avoids the splash and both men are down again! Tsuji and the fans still rally, “Let’s Go, Ace!” but Khan drags himself up in a corner. Tanahashi stands, Khan shotgun dropkicks him down! Khan is slow to rising but Tanahashi roars as he fires up! Both men stand, both men roar, and they both run at each other! Khan hits a big flying forearm! Cover, TWO! The fans are thunderous with “Let’s Go, Ace!” as Khan brings Tanahashi up.

Khan whips Tanahashi to a corner, then runs in to corner clothesline! Khan whips, Tanahashi reverses, SLINGBLADE! Khan is right up, but Tanahashi SLINGBLADES again! Khan rises again, Tanahashi runs, into a LARIAT!! Cover, TWO!! Tanahashi survives and Khan can’t believe it! Khan clamps a claw onto Tanahashi’s face and drags him back up! It’s a claw torture rack! Khan stomps around to add torque, but Tanahashi endures! Khan spins and spins for a SWINGING SLAM! Khan fires up, tears away the tape and clamps the claw directly onto Tanahashi! ELIMI- CRUCIFIX!! Cover, Tanahashi wins!!

Winner: Hiroshi Tanahashi, by pinfall (still NEVER Openweight Champion)

The Ace had a trick up his sleeve and he snatches the victory away from Khan! Khan is furious and he grabs at the ref, but the ref says the count is the count! Tsuji stays close to Tanahashi as the belt is brought over to him. With both skill and savvy, will it take far more than strength and aggression to take this title from the Once in a Century Talent?


IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship Triple Threat: BUSHI VS El Phantasmo VS El Desperado!

Another unfortunate injury takes the Ticking Timebomb out of action! He forfeited this title, but his amigo in Los Ingobernables de Japon will fight to keep it close! Will the Death Mask be able to shine with gold? Will ELP only need one good shot? Or will the Rogue Luchador start on his road to taking over the Junior Heavyweight Division?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and one way or another, a new champion will be crowned in the Castle Attack!

Desperado rushes ELP but he dodges. ELP dodges Bushi but Bushi dodges and ELP falls out of the ring. Desperado CLUBS Bushi, whips him to ropes, but Bushi goes to rana! Desperado blocks, Bushi fights off the bomb, but Desperado knees low. Bushi goes to a corner, Desperado runs in to back elbow, but ELP runs in! Desperado sends ELP into Bushi, then hip tosses ELP down! Bushi runs but Desperado sends his basement dropkick into ELP! Desperado then snap suplexes Bushi onto ELP! Cover on ELP, ONE! Desperado ROCKS ELP with an uppercut, then runs corner to corner at Bushi. Bushi boots back, hops up and FLYING RANAS Desperado down!

Fans fire up but ELP clubs Bushi and whips him to a corner. ELP runs in, Bushi dodges and elbows ELP, to BULLDOG DRPOKICK both opponents! Cover on ELP, TWO! Bushi keeps cool, drags ELP up and throws forearms. Desperado ROCKS Bushi with an uppercut, ELP ROCKS Desperado! ELP whips, Desperado reverses and runs in, but ELP pops Desperado up and crotches him on the rope! Bushi runs in, ELP pops him up and out but Bushi lands on the apron. Bushi blocks ELP to drag him in, but no apron DDT! ELP shoves Bushi down, climbs up to ROCK Desperado, and then climbs up higher. ELP walks the tight rope to SENTON Desperado down! Cover, TWO!

ELP grows annoyed, but he drags Desperado up to pull on the fingers, and SNAP them! And SNAP them! ELP BITES Desperado’s hand, then knuckle locks it. ELP CHOPS Desperado, goes up and up and tightrope walks, to then go to the other corner, bop Desperado, and keep on going. ELP just shows off now, saying, “Too easy, baby!” But Desperado trips ELP up! ELP is crotched on ropes, but Bushi gives Desperado the DRAPING APRON DDT! Bushi climbs up to SUPER STEINER ELP off the top! Cover, TWO! Bushi keeps his cool as he drags ELP up. ELP spins out of the fisherman but Bushi kicks low. Bushi whips, ELP reverses but Bushi dodges to DIVE out onto Desperado!

Bushi drags Desperado up but ELP runs to go up and SPRINGBOARD CROSSBODY them both! Fans admit that was great stuff! ELP hears fans cheering, but leaves fans hanging on the Too Sweet. ELP POSTS Bushi, then fetches Desperado. ELP talks some trash and kicks at Desperado. ELP drags Desperado up to DECK him, then CHOPS him further up the ramp! ELP ROCKS Desperado with a haymaker, but Desperado throws body shots! ELP ROCKS Desperado again, but Desperado blocks the suplex. Desperado throws more body shots, switches positions, and he suplexes. ELP slips out to TEAR Desperado’s mask! ELP reels Desperado in, Gotch hold PILEDRIVER to the ramp!!

ELP even mocks Minoru Suzuki with that one! The ref checks on Desperado but ELP drags him up first. ELP takes Desperado’s mask away! ELP mocks the fans who are offended, and then he puts the mask on to mock Desperado more! Des-ELP puts Bushi in the ring and then takes Desperado’ smask off. ELP STOMPS the mask, then PUNTS it out of the ring! Medics check on Desperado while ELP covers Bushi. TWO, and ELP whips Bushi to a corner. Bushi slips out to swing kick ELP away! Bushi climbs, leaps, and missile dropkicks ELP! Fans fire up for the Bushirooni! ELP bails out but Bushi SLINGSHOT RANAS him down! Fans fire up with Bushi as he drags ELP up.

Bushi puts ELP in, takes aim from a corner, and runs in, only for the Code Breaker to be blocked! ELP knees low and whips Bushi into the corner hard! ELP tears Bushi’s shirt off, and then wraps it around his fist to punch Bushi with! ELP sits Bushi up to CHOKE him with the shirt! The ref counts, ELP lets go at 4, and fans rally up. ELP drags Bushi up and hoists him up top backwards. ELP puts Bushi in a Tree of Woe and throws knees into Bushi’s stomach! Desperado is still down as ELP mocks the rallying claps. ELP takes aim from the corner, says BANG, and then runs in to handspring around, just for the CROTCH DIG!

The ref reprimands, ELP hops off and Bushi falls out of the Tree. ELP covers but the ref refuses to count because of all those antics. Fans rally while Desperado is still down. ELP drags Bushi up and whips him corner to corner. Bushi reverses, ELP goes up and over and then dodges to springboard crossbody! Somersault to LIONSAULT! Cover, TWO! ELP clamps onto Bushi with a chinlock and grinds him down. Bushi endures, ELP shifts to a sleeper, but fans rally. Bushi reaches, fights up, and fights free! Bushi runs, but ELP gets around to half straitjacket torture rack! ELP spins for a NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Bushi survives but ELP goes up top.

ELP steadies himself, takes aim, BANG and FROG SPLASH! Cover of “Thunder Kiss ’86,” TWO!! Bushi survives again and ELP is frustrated. ELP gets his boot ready, but Desperado returns! Desperado has a spare mask, even! ELP is surprised by this most of all, but he swings on Desperado! Desperado dodges to SPEAR! But that might’ve been double-edged given the bad neck. But Desperado fires off on ELP with fists! The ref pulls Desperado away but Desperado goes back for more. Desperado CHOPS ELP, whips him to the ropes, but ELP holds the ropes. ELP boots but Desperado blocks to clothesline ELP out!

Fans fire up for Desperado as he builds speed and DIVES! The somersault tope takes him and ELP out! Desperado drags ELP up and into the ring and fans fire up again. Desperado drags ELP up, reels him in and suplexes for a brainbuster! But that’s just uno amigo! Desperado hoists ELP up top with the second, and ROCKS him with an uppercut! Fans rally, Desperado climbs, and he drags ELP up. ELP resists the superplex, Desperado throws body shots, but Bushi adds on! Bushi climbs up to get around and sunset flips, POWERBOMB SUPERPLEX! Cover on Desperado, TWO! Cover on ELP, TWO! Bushi drags Desperado up for a BACKSTABBER! Cover, ELP breaks it!

Bushi goes after ELP with forearms, but ELP rakes Bushi’s eyes! The ref reprimands, ELP lets off and boots, but Bushi blocks to put the leg in the ropes! Bushi ENZIGURIS ELP down and ELP ends up stuck! Bushi gives Desperado a FISHERMAN SCREW! Cover, TWO!! Bushi aims from a corner as Desperado staggers up, CODE BREAKER! ELP gets free and throws Bushi out! ELP covers Desperado, TWO!! Desperado survives and ELP doesn’t get to steal Bushi’s work! ELP drags Desperado up, reels him in, underhooks the arms, and lifts, and surprise! STYLES CLASH!! Cover, but Bushi GHOST PINS ELP! TWO!!

Bushi throws forearms on ELP, runs, but ELP KNEES Bushi down! Was that a V-Trigger? ELP says BANG to Desperado, and V-TRIGGERS him! That was definitely a V-Trigger! And this is definitely an Electric Chair lift! But Desperado counters the One Winged Angel to EL ES CULERO!! TWO?!?! ELP narrowly escapes and Desperado can’t believe it! ELP runs but into a SPINEBUSTER! Desperado gets the STRETCH MUFFLER! ELP endures as Desperado thrashes about, and Desperado drags him from ropes! NUMERO DOS!! But ELP rolls to make it a cradle, TWO!! Desperado mule kicks then reels ELP in! Double underhooks, but no Pinche!

ELP spins out, straitjacket and torture rack, but Desperado slips out! Desperado wrenches and reels ELP in for GUITAR DEL ANGEL! Cover, TWO!?! Desperado is furious! Desperado drags ELP up, reels him in again and double underhooks, but ELP stomps Desperado’s foot! LOADED MULE KICK! LOADED BUZZSAW! ELP drags Desperado, hooks the arms, CANADIAN REVOLUTION II!! Taker cover, but Bushi stops the ref!! The fans fire up as the ref reprimands Bushi but Bushi dodges ELP. ELP ducks the enziguri but not the mule kick! Bushi runs to CODE BREAKER! Cover, TWO! ELP survives but Bushi just goes to a corner.

Fans fire up as Bushi climbs and takes aim, M- LOADED SUPERKICK!! But Bushi flops out of the ring!! ELP can’t finish it here, but he takes aim at Desperado again. ELP reloads, but Desperado does the splits! LOCO MONO!! The straight right rocks ELP but Desperado isn’t done here! Desperado underhooks ELP, but ELP back drops to bridge! TWO!? PINCHE LOCO!! And a rolling butterlfy to ANOTHER PINCHE LOCO!! Cover Taker style, DESPERADO WINS!!!

Winner: El Desperado, by pinfall (NEW IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion)

INCREIBLE! Desperado is Mr. Junior Heavyweight Champion! He has the singles AND tag team titles! Though Hiromu is hurt, does this make Desperado THE best Junior Heavyweight today?


IWGP Intercontinental Championship: Kota Ibushi VS Tetsuya Naito!

The Double Championship may have run its course, but the course of history will follow the winner! Will the Golden Star God hold onto this belt to then fuse it with the Heavyweight Championship? Or will the Uncontrollable Charisma free his favorite-not-favorite belt from that fate?

The introductions are made, the white strap is raised, and Naito takes his time with his entrance gear. Fans clap already for “I-BU-SHI!” “NA-I-TO!” The bell rings and the differences between destinies begins!

Fans rally more as Naito and Ibushi circle. They approach, feel out the grapple, and tie up. Naito puts Ibushi on the ropes, Red Shoes calls for the break but Ibushi puts Naito in a corner. Ibushi lets off with a sharp pat on the shoulders, but Naito comes right out to circle with him again. They approach, Naito goes for a leg but Ibushi gets around to full nelson. Naito throws Ibushi down but Ibushi headscissors. Ibushi squeezes tight, Naito fights up and around and pops out to get the leg. Naito has a toehold, Ibushi uses headscissors to bring Naito down, but Naito pries free to get the toehold back. Ibushi uses a chinlock to drag Naito off, and he grinds Naito into a headlock.

Naito powers up, but Ibushi holds tight so he can’t power out. Naito throws body shots, wrenches to a keylock, but Ibushi fights back to wrangle Naito down. Ibushi has the cording hold, Naito rolls back and gets up. Ibushi clamps onto the arm, Naito trips Ibushi up and gets through the leg guard to go after the arm. Ibushi slips around and facelocks. Naito reaches back and gets a ropebreak with a foot. Ibushi lets go and fans cheer the technical exchange. Naito paces around the ring, taking a full lap before getting back in. Ibushi is ready and the two circle again. They feel out a grapple, Naito reels Ibushi into a facelock, but Ibushi shoots around to waistlock.

Ibushi rolls Naito around, shifts again, but Naito holds off the headlock and gets a double wristlock! Naito pulls back on the arm, shifts to get the other arm, chicken wing cradle! TWO, but Naito keeps on the left arm with a hammerlock. Ibushi rolls around, gets up and wrenches Naito’s arm to a wristlock. Naito rolls, wrenches back, but Ibushi drops to drop toehold! Ibushi floats to a chinlock but Naito fights up. Naito stands, powers Ibushi to a corner, and Red Shoes calls for the break. Ibushi lets go, Naito takes his time backing off, and he pats Ibushi on the shoulder. And then he fires off with clubbing forearms! Red Shoes grabs at Naito but Naito pushes him down!

Red Shoes goes out to recover, Naito whips Ibushi corner to corner but Ibushi boots him away! Naito runs back in, Ibushi goes up and over and avoids the basement dropkick! Ibushi runs, Naito drops to pop Ibushi up and then dropkick the legs out! Fans cheer this newest exchange as Ibushi is down. Ibushi growls and Naito eggs him on. Ibushi tries to stand but that leg bothers him. Naito sits and waits while Ibushi grows frustrated with his own body. Ibushi shakes the bad leg out, Red Shoes checks it, and Naito dropkicks it again! Ibushi bails out, Naito pursues, and Naito stomps Ibushi around ringside!

Red Shoes reprimands, Naito drags Ibushi up, and Naito whips Ibushi, only for Ibushi to hobble and fall over. Fans rally up, “I-BU-SHI!” “NA-I-TO!” Naito watches from the apron as Ibushi stirs. The ring count climbs, and is already 10 of 20 before Ibushi stands. Naito goes out to catch Ibushi at the apron, and he elbows away on Ibushi’s leg! Red Shoes reprimands and Naito backs off. Naito goes in, drags Ibushi up, and he kicks away on Ibushi’s ribs! Naito has the bad leg and he CLUBS the knee! Naito hooks the legs up, modified figure four! Ibushi endures as Naito adds pressure to the knees! Ibushi sits up and eggs Naito on! Naito adds more pressure and fans rally as Ibushi endures!

Ibushi drags himself and Naito over towards the ropes and gets the ropebreak! Naito claims he needs help so Red Shoes undoes the hold for him. Naito drags Ibushi by his leg, and SMASHES the knee into the mat! Ibushi grimaces, but he glares at Naito. Naito SMASHES the knee, then kicks Ibushi down to SMASH the knee again! Cover, ropebreak! Naito keeps his cool as he looms over Ibushi. Fans rally more, Naito drags Ibushi up, but Ibushi throws forearms! Naito kicks the bad leg! Naito grabs the leg but Ibushi resists the lift. Naito kicks the leg again, runs, but Ibushi manages to dropkick Naito down! Both men are down and fans rally up!

Ibushi rises first, fires off forearms then whips Naito. Naito reverses but Ibushi manages a FLYING KICK! Ibushi rallies the fans and he hits a STANDING MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO! Ibushi shakes his head and he fires up more. Naito grimaces as Ibushi stalks behind him. Ibushi waistlocks, Naito mule kicks the bad leg! Naito stands Ibushi up to kick the bad leg again! Ibushi eggs Naito on so Naito kicks the bad leg again! Naito elbows, Ibushi eggs him on so Naito SLAPS Ibushi down! Naito sits Ibushi up to basement dropkick in the back! Cover, TWO! Naito keeps cool again as he stands on Ibushi’s bad leg.

Naito stomps the leg, drags Ibushi up and puts him in a corner, to whip Ibushi corner to corner. Rocket kick and sweep, COMBINACION CABRON! Naito takes a moment to pose before he drags Ibushi up for a neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Naito drags Ibushi back up, then catches Ibushi’s forearm into a backbreaker! PLUMA BLANCA! Ibushi endures the leg hook full nelson, kicks his way around, and he gets the ropebreak with his feet! Naito holds on, Red Shoes reprimands and counts but again Naito “needs help.” Red Shoes undoes the hold, Naito drags Ibushi back up and hammerlocks, but Ibushi resists the lift! Ibushi fights free but Naito kicks the bad leg!

Naito gets the leg but Ibushi elbows free! Ibushi whips, Naito leaps, but into Ibushi’s SNAP GERMAN! Naito staggers up, Ibushi runs in but into the TORNADO DDT! Both men are down again and fans fire up! “I-BU-SHI!” “NA-I-TO!” Both slowly stir, Naito sits up first, and he drags Ibushi up to throw forearms. Ibushi throws the forearms back, and Naito grins. Naito forearms Ibushi, Ibushi forearms back! Naito DECKS Ibushi but Ibushi gets back up to throw another forearm. Naito returns it, they go faster and faster, and the fans fire up as this gets fast and furious! Ibushi gets the edge so Naito kicks the leg! Ibushi sobats, runs, but into a basement dropkick!

Ibushi hobbles, Naito trips him up, and gets the ANKLE LOCK! Naito drops down for a leg scissor! Ibushi endures and fans rally up as Naito puts more pressure on the leg! Ibushi crawls around, claws for ropes, but Naito pushes on the knee even harder! Ibushi still gets the ropebreak! Naito lets go faster this time, and takes a moment to catch his breath. Ibushi is in the corner, fans rally up, but Naito stomps Ibushi’s bad leg. Naito throws back elbows, stomps the leg, then throws more back elbows! Ibushi starts to flop over in the corner as Red Shoes counts. Naito lets off, just to stand Ibushi up for more back elbows! Naito pushes Ibushi through the ropes then climbs the corner.

Naito drags Ibushi up and hits a SUPER THROWBACK STUNNER! Naito then drags Ibushi up, for GLORIA! Cover, TWO!! Ibushi barely escapes but Naito grins again. Naito drags Ibushi back to a corner, hoists him up top backwards, then climbs up behind him. Ibushi resists so Naito CLUBS away on his back! Naito sits Ibushi back up, but Ibushi slips out to trip Naito up! ROUNDHOUSE! Both men are down but fans fire up again! Ibushi kicks at Naito while they’re both on the mat, and he gets Naito to the apron. Ibushi gives more kicks before he drags Naito up. Ibushi goes up the ropes, waistlocks Naito, but Naito resists the lift!

Naito throws clubbing shots, Ibushi gives them back. Ibushi dead lifts for the SUPER GERMAN SUPLEX!! Ibushi crawls to the cover, TWO?!!? Naito narrowly escapes but his eyes look vacant! Ibushi drags himself up, grits his teeth, and aims from a corner. Naito slowly sits up, Ibushi runs to BOMAYE! Ibushi reels Naito in, Naito fights the bomb, but Ibushi still hits THE LAST RIDE!! Cover, TWO!! Naito still lives and fans fire up again! Ibushi vows to end this! Ibushi gets the wrists, sits Naito up, but Naito avoids the Kamigoye to scoop and VALENTIA!! Both men are down after the modified brainbuster but fans fire up again!

Naito rises, drags Ibushi up, and wrenches the arm, but Ibushi blocks the tilt-o-whirl! Ibushi throws elbows but Naito throws his heavier elbows! Naito throws more elbows, Ibushi drops to his knees, but Naito just stands him back up. Naito throws even more elbows into Ibushi, but Ibushi dodges to LARIAT!! Both men are down again and fans rally up! Ibushi roars and fires up, then gets the wrists. Naito elbows first, then ENZIGURIS! Ibushi staggers, into DESTINO!! Cover, TWO?!?! Ibushi survives but Naito gets up. Naito drags Ibushi up, wrenches and tilt-o-whirls, but into a gut wrench! Ibushi fireman’s carries but Naito fights it with flailing elbows!

Naito finally slips off, runs in, but into a ROUNDHOUSE! Naito roars and comes back, into a V-TRIGGER! KENNY~! Ibushi sits Naito up from behind, BLINDSIDE KAMIGOYE!! Ibushi isn’t done there, he sits Naito up from the front, but Naito gets around to hammerlock and cradle! TWO, KAMIGOYE!! Cover, TWO!??!? Naito survives all that but Ibushi just wants to end him! ANOTHER KAMIGOYE! Ibushi flops down onto the cover, and Ibushi wins!!!

Winner: Kota Ibushi, by pinfall (still IWGP Intercontinental Champion)

The Golden Star God is still a dual champion! Ibushi has denied Naito his wish of having the Intercontinental Championship back! Does this mean Ibushi will finish his plans and unify the top two titles in NJPW? But wait! The other dual champion, DESPERADO, returns! Desperado goes to the ring and applauds Ibushi’s win here. Ibushi stands and allows Desperado to join him in the ring. Desperado gets the mic first, and he says, “Congratulations on your defense, champion. It was pretty bold of me to come out here after you had that intense fight.” Desperado says that isn’t really important. He reminds us that he is the new IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion.

Does Ibushi remember the first time Desperado challenged for this title? What year was it? Hard to recall. Anyone here in Osaka remember? After all, it happened in Osaka, against IBUSHI! “The champion completely beat me. How long ago was that?” It took Desperado a long time but he’s finally reached that title now! Ibushi nods respect. Desperado says the last few years, there’s been a tradition at the NJPW Anniversary Show that the Heavyweight and Junior Heavyweight Champions have a singles match. So it might have taken Desperado a long time, but he’s here to claim his prize for winning! But Desperado doesn’t just want a singles match! He wants BOTH belts that Ibushi has!! Fans really like that idea!

Desperado doesn’t remember how long it’s been but it has been a long time. And Desperado will show Ibushi he’s not the same man he was back then. Commentary lets us know it was February 11, 2014, so that makes it 7 years and 17 days. Ibushi says it was basically 8 years. And he’s been saying he’ll take on all challengers, anytime, any place, and anyone! The challenge is on! Desperado won his first singles title, and that’s great. And though it was a long time ago, Ibushi hasn’t forgotten that match! “I will never forget how much you SUCKED back then!” Desperado says he’s a different animal now, and Ibushi will find that out!

Then he’ll see at the Anniversary Show in just FOUR days! Because Ibushi is a fighting champion! And he will never betray the fans, he’ll never quit, run away or lose! He will absolutely keep his promise! Ibushi thanks the fans for coming out to see them in these difficult times, and hopes they keep watching and supporting NJPW! Ibushi sets the mic down and finally celebrates his win! But with only a handful of days to prepare, will the IWGP Double Heavyweight Champion be ready for a determined IWGP Double Junior Heavyweight Champion?

My Thoughts:

Another great event, a touch better than yesterday’s, but mostly because of the title matches being part of the show. The non-title tag matches were both good, from Kojima & Tenzan shocking the United Empire, and Chaos standing tall over Bullet Club. I like that Tenzan stopped caring about the agreement to never use the Mongolian Chops again. Why agree to a deal with bad guys when they just rub it in your face anyway? Okada is building momentum for the New Japan Cup, but I’m pretty sure we’re going to get a match for Okada at the Anniversary Show. Guerrillas retaining the titles make sense, we’d end up with too many dual champions right now if Goto-Hashi won.

I figured Tanahashi would retain the NEVER Openweight Championship, he only just got it. The match was great, but given the story element of Tsuji’s loyalty coming into play, this is not done between them. This story might even be Tsuji’s way from moving out of Young Lion status. Usually that happens by going on excursion, but that is made so much harder right now because of COVID concerns, so tradition might have to be put aside for these special circumstances.

The IWGP Junior Heavyweight Triple Threat was great stuff, and I missed Desperado & Kanemaru winning back the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag titles as part of the Road to Castle Attack series. But him winning the singles title is great, both for making him a dual champion, and for him to finally have that accomplishment. The Intercontinental Championship match was awesome stuff, on par with even a Heavyweight Championship match, mostly because it was Ibushi and Naito. Ibushi wins to keep the tease of title unification, but I love that Desperado wants to pounce on all of that.

I assume by unifying the Heavyweight & Intercontinental titles, that somehow removes the weight restriction. Otherwise, Desperado can’t have both Junior Heavyweight and proper Heavyweight titles. Granted, I don’t think Desperado wins more belts to make him a triple to quadruple champion, but that match is going to be great stuff to then launch us into the stacked New Japan Cup schedule for March.

My Score: 9.2/10

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