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Tiffany’s 205 Live Takes: Thank You, Next Or Not

Tiffany’s Takes peers into the world of WWE 205 Live to see how the purple brand will follow-up their WWE SummerSlam title match!



WWE 205 Live Drew Gulak Oney Lorcan

Tiffany’s Takes peers into the world of WWE 205 Live to see how the purple brand will follow-up their WWE SummerSlam title match!

Well, it seems someone FINALLY let Drake Maverick know that while he was dressing up like a rapper and bugging the overseas commentators trying to get his paws on the 24/7 championship, Drew Gulak played dirty in order to keep the Cruiserweight Championship at SummerSlam. So, to rectify that situation, Maverick has decided to give Oney Lorcan a rematch.

Mike Kanellis

Mike and Maria Kanellis weren’t on 205 AGAIN this week, marking the second week without the best wrestler on the 205 roster and the Queen of the show. This makes me very sad because Kanellis on 205 has been so good. Hopefully, the time away is to give him a character reboot and end that godawful Maria storyline. I like Maria, but I HATE what WWE’s done to her First Lady gimmick. You can have a strong woman in charge without emasculating the men she’s with. WWE did that too often with Stephanie McMahon and it needs to stop.

The Singh Brothers

The Singhs are back!!!! I’ve made no secret about how much I love these guys as a team. The Bollywood schtick gets a little much and they look like cut rate male strippers, but they are fun to watch. Also, I love them teaming up with Daivari. However, I don’t think they’re the ones behind the attack on Gran Metalik. It’s a little too obvious. I’m also disappointed that the Singhs and Daivari lost again! Come on, WWE!

Cruiserweight Championship

I’m glad Oney Lorcan is getting a rematch for the Cruiserweight Championship. He definitely has an underdog quality to him, which is odd because he seems to be double tough, as Jim Ross would say.

The match was as good as the one at SummerSlam was, but I’m really over Gulak as champion. He’s a great competitor, but he’s just a boring character. Lorcan isn’t that interesting either, but his brawler, tough guy gimmick makes him more interesting to watch. I’m not surprised they gave Gulak a clean win over Lorcan, even though I don’t see the point of giving Lorcan a rematch just to have him lose again, but I’m ready for someone to take the belt off of him because he’s so bland and boring. Bring in someone from NXT or bring back one of the guys that were shipped off to RAW and SmackDown because Gulak is boring me rigid and I can’t be the only one.

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