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Tiffany’s NXT UK Takes: Cardiff Home Stretch

We are officially TEN days away from TakeOver: Cardiff! How will the superstars of NXT UK prepare for their second Network Special?



We are officially TEN days away from TakeOver: Cardiff! How will the superstars of NXT UK prepare for their second Network Special?

Jordan Devlin: It’s SO good to see the Ace back on my TV! I’ve been missing him since the Fatal Four Way a couple of months ago. I’m totally down with him taking on Kenny Williams, they had a pretty great match last year, so I fully expect another, equally great, one at Cardiff. I hope Devlin being back on TV means he’ll be back in the title hunt again soon. He’s definitely someone who should be getting the rocket, not a firecracker.

Women’s Division: I’m glad to finally see SOME sort of physical interaction between Toni Storm and Kay Lee Ray. It’s been so weird for a match to be built without the stars involved interacting with each other. I was so happy to FINALLY see Storm and KLR get physical, the short but really good match KLR had with…Shax was put on the back burner. I also loved hearing KLR’s reason for abandoning Storm. It’s nice to hear a heel have a rational, understandable reason for their behavior, rather than doing things because they can. That’s fine for a lot of heels, but sometimes I want them to have an ACTUAL reason for being a dick. That said, she deserved EVERY bit of that slap and I can’t wait for Cardiff!

Tag Team Championship: I’m not really sure just what was behind the Welsh Airmen suddenly getting a push for the NXT Tag Team Championship, but I’m HERE for it! Mark Andrews vs James Drake was FABULOUS! I’m still not sure what is up with Zack Gibson and shoes, but it was fun to watch him get mad, even if it distracted from the match. I was actually STUNNED that Andrews got the win on Drake. Flash Morgan Webster getting a win over Mark Coffey was surprising enough, but Andrews pinning Drake and guaranteeing the Welsh Airmen a title shot at Cardiff was SO cool. Cannot wait for TakeOver. ‘

Final Thoughts: This was a much more action packed episode than what’s been going on lately. It’s like someone realized that they only had two shows left to build this card and put the spurs to it. Storm and KLR FINALLY have a physical confrontation instead of talking at each other through a camera was long overdue and really gave this feud some meat to keep it going. The card is finally coming together and it’s looking REALLY good.

That’s it for Tiffany’s NXT UK Takes! Stay tuned for NXT OG!

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