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Tiffany’s RAW Takes: Sasha Banks Is Back (and more!)

Another WWE Raw is in the books, and Tiffany’s Takes digs into the newly announced King Of The Ring, the Universal Championship picture, and the return of The Boss!



WWE Raw Sasha Banks Return

WWE Raw is in the books, and Tiffany’s Takes digs into the newly announced King Of The Ring, the Universal Championship picture, the return of The Boss, & more!

Well, the party is over. SummerSlam is officially in the books and while the Biggest Party of the Summer wasn’t a total blowout, the Women of WWE did make a major statement about why they should be given more time on the PPVs. Seth Rollins silenced the critics and proved why he IS the Beast Slayer. So, now what happens? Where does it go from here as we enter the fall?

King Of The Ring

It was announced on Monday that King of the Ring, WWE’s star making tournament will be returning, which makes me SUPER happy! King of the Ring was always one of my favorite WWE events of the year and the amount of history that happened at that event are legendary: Austin 3:16, Mick Foley’s fall from Hell in a Cell, Shane McMahon vs Kurt Angle. Now, admittedly, a lot of the King of the Ring winners haven’t been roaring successes, mostly because most of the guys look dumb in the regalia or the King gimmick doesn’t work for them. As someone who comes from a tournament loving state (March Madness is almost a state holiday in Indiana), the idea of WWE bringing back this tournament fills me with joy. However, I would like to point out that WWE is missing a prime opportunity to have a Queen of the Ring tournament.

Women’s Division

She’s BACK! After a four months, unexplained absence, Sasha Banks is back in the house!  It’s been no secret that the biggest problem with Becky Lynch’s reign as the RAW Women’s Champion has been a lack of great challengers. Don’t get me started on Lacey Evans, that was a disaster, Natalyawas good for having SummerSlam in Canada, but Nattie struggles in long-term feuds. Banks and Lynch have a long history going back to NXT and the glory days of the Four Horsewomen. The promos and matches promise to be AMAZING and Sasha could still go to SmackDown and deal with former partner, Bayley.

I’m going to admit, I wasn’t especially jazzed about the Women’s Tag Match. It just seemed like a way to put the titles on Kabuki Warriors without hurting Rhe IIconics. Plus, I’m not sold on Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross as a viable tag team. However, I’m more than willing to admit I was wrong. The two teams had a great Tag Team Championship Match on RAW. I still don’t think Bliss and Cross will last long term, but I’m enjoying the journey more and more.

Universal Championship

We have a full time champ, kids, and the Beast is pouting! Apparently, WWE decided to enforce the ‘No Rematch’ clause for Lesnar too, so the poor whittle Beast doesn’t get another chance at Rollins.  Boo the Hoo. ANYWAY, Styles vs Rollins was magnificent as always, but I’m a little…perplexed by the Rollins/Strowman/Ricochet (?) alliance. I’m not going to say it’s a heel turn for either man, since The OG OC seems to be filling that role, but it’s an interesting turn nonetheless. Plus, with Lesnar lurking around, Dean Ambrose living it up in the indies, and Roman Reigns on SmackDown, Rollins needs a big guy to back him up and Strowman fits the bill perfectly, and Ricochet is a young start that would DEFINITELY benefit from being with the champ.  We’ll see how this develops next week, but it definitely looks interesting.

That’s it for Tiffany’s RAW Takes! Tune in tomorrow for SmackDown and 205 Live!

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