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WWE 24/7 Championship Results & Report! (8/24/19)

Happy Fox Founders Day!



WWE 24/7 Championship

Fox Sports welcomes WWE 24/7 Champion, Elias!

The bond between Fox and WWE is strengthened by sending the 24/7 Champion to their Founders Day event! Wait… Is that really a good idea?



  • WWE 24/7 Championship Triple Threat: Elias VS R-Truth VS Drake Maverick; Truth wins and becomes the new WWE 24/7 Champion.


Fox celebrates 25 years!

And to make the occasion even more special, The Drifter arrives in Los Angeles to help celebrate! The WWE 24/7 Champion plays a little music, but Drake Maverick is here, too! Security, please get him out of here. Elias knows what Maverick is up to. Maverick’s never getting the title back, he’s never consummating his marriage, just give up. Maverick demands his chance right here and now! Elias keeps saying no, but he doesn’t see R-Truth sneaking up behind! Truth yanks Elias into a school boy and the ref counts! TRUTH WINS!!

Winner: R-Truth, by pinfall; NEW WWE 24/7 Champion

13 times for Truth! But he has to worry about Maverick right away as Maverick busts through security! Truth gets off the stage and through the crowds, but Maverick keeps pursuit on the football training course. People start throwing footballs at the targets! Truth has to dodge balls while dodging Maverick. The Fox sports theme plays as Truth gets away! But they end up on the basketball court. Truth throws a quick lay-up and scores, then runs from Maverick off court.

Some time later, Truth ends up by the MLS goal games, but Maverick has him now! Maverick in fact does not get Truth, and Truth scoops Maverick to toss in the dunk tank! Truth scores the touchdown and a home run, but will he have to worry about Maverick in the fourth quarter?



My Thoughts:

Love it! This is a great plug for WWE on Fox on top of a great bit of gags. This is a good way of getting the title off Elias so it doesn’t dictate King of the Ring in that we have to keep hearing how Shane is protecting Elias. But I knew Elias wouldn’t have Shane protect him outside of a show, so this was perfect. Truth gets another reign, and I can’t wait for the continuation of this on a Raw on an already big episode what with King of the Ring continuing, and the stories developing towards Clash of Champions.

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