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WWE 24/7 Championship Results & Report! (8/9/19)

Time to Meet & Greet fans, and challengers!



WWE 24/7 Championship

Seems the SummerSlam Weekend starts early!

R-Truth has a SummerSlam Weekend Meet & Greet, but he has more than just fans to worry about. Who comes for his “baby” in Toronto?



  • WWE 24/7 Championship Triple Threat: R-Truth VS Drake Maverick VS Titus O’Neil; Truth retains the WWE 24/7 Championship.


The lines are long at the WWE SummerSlam Meet & Greet!

Truth is in Toronto and singing the “No Referees” song as he shakes hands, signs autographs, and takes pictures with members of the WWE Universe. Up next is someone cosplaying Truth’s “childhood hero,” John Cena, in a shirt that’s about the size Cena would wear. Truth is glad to sign stuff for this fellow fan of the man. The fan says “You Can’t See Me,” then because Truth apparently thinks he’s a child, lets Truth pick him up for the picture. Cheese~! But next is a Randy Orton fan, given his RKO hoodie. Wait that’s a referee! Because the Cena fan was Drake Maverick all along! Well, okay it was obvious to everyone but Truth. Maverick rolls Truth up! TWO, but Titus O’Neil comes in?! Titus pushes Maverick away to cover Truth, but Maverick pulls him right off.

While those two are scrapping, Truth makes a run for it! But he slides to a stop to make sure he picks up his own SummerSlam swag bag. Truth gets away, and now Maverick argues with Titus. Titus ruined Maverick’s perfect plan! Maverick had to steal this Cena merch and search the entire area for Truth! Maverick just wants to finally consummate his marriage! Why is Titus even here? This was Truth’s Meet & Greet! Truth grabs Maverick, scoops him, and shoves him in a trash can! The Real Deal ain’t having it from Rockstar Spud. Maverick gets up and gives chase on both Titus and Truth, will either of them find Truth before SummerSlam ends on Sunday?



My Thoughts:

Interesting how the last couple of social media based matches have been for Truth to retain. I really hope we get some shenanigans of this title on SummerSlam Sunday, especially in that HUGE two-hour Kickoff Show. With Truth and Maverick having already done a lot, it’s also great that we’re throwing in other stars like Titus O’Neil. I really hope we get more variety in the championship reigns, maybe let new stars hold onto this title to bring this title to literally new places. Still waiting for this title to show up on NXT but maybe during the next round of tapings.

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