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Andrew’s Impact Wrestling Ratings & Analysis: 9/20/2019

Impact Wrestling says goodbye to Santana and Ortiz tonight! Do they go out with a banger?



Impact Wrestling says goodbye to Santana and Ortiz tonight! Do they go out with a banger?

This should be a fun episode! Street Fight between Tessa & ECW Originals versus Ohio Versus Everything. No DQ for Su Yung and Havok on top of LAX’s swan song.

Let’s not forget there should be shenanigans with the Bachelor and Bachelorette parties. So I’m expecting something for everyone.

Start things off by looking at how much Brian Cage cheated during his Bachelor Party.


  • Street Fight: oVe (Sami Callihan, Jake Crist, Dave Crist & Madman Fulton) vs RVD, Tommy Dreamer, Rhino & Tessa Blanchard: Tessa wins via Cobra Clutch w/Kendo Stick – ***
  • Alisha Edwards vs Taya Valkyrie: Taya wins via Road to Valhalla – 1/2*
  • Shera w/Desi Hit Squad vs Cody Deaner w/Cousin Jake: Shera wins via High Angle Falling Powerslam – *
  • The Rascalz (Dez, Wentz & Trey) vs Arez, Toxin & Australian Suicide: Wentz wins via Hot Fire Flame – ***
  • No DQ Match: Havok vs Su Yung: Havok wins via Tombstone Piledriver – **
  • LAX vs Willie Mack & Rich Swann: Mack wins via 6 Star Frog Splash – *** 3/4



Street Fight: oVe (Sami Callihan, Jake Crist, Dave Crist & Madman Fulton) vs RVD, Tommy Dreamer, Rhino & Tessa Blanchard  – After a big face off between all eight, they pair off and Sami picks RVD to start with. RVD hits Rolling Thunder, and then Sami powders and we get a cycle of the pairs taking the spotlight in the middle of the ring. Tommy Dreamer came off the top rope to the outside, Jake hit a Cutter on Tessa from Madman’s Guerrilla Press, RVD hits the 5 Star Frog Splash on Jake Crist shortly after Rhino Gored him through a table. Jake then gets tapped out by Tessa’s Cobra Clutch. Obviously there was more to the match, but it was a wide open Street Fight were everyone hit at least a signature move. Fun way to kick off the episode.

Alisha Edwards vs Taya Valkyrie – Well this was a terrible match that seems like it was just supposed to further the craptastic Ace Austin/Alisha story. Ace miraculously got out of his wheelchair when Alisha was down to take out John E. Bravo. So Ace is a scumbag…we know. The match was worthless.

Shera w/Desi Hit Squad vs Cody Deaner w/Cousin Jake- Cody got a few moments to shine, but this was really just a reintroduction squash match for Mahabali Shera. Shera never really was in trouble and finished Cody with effectively the World’s Strongest Slam, just with some added flair. Not much to make of this aside from Shera is back and he’s scary.

The Rascalz (Dez, Wentz & Trey) vs Arez, Toxin & Australian Suicide – I like the context for this match. Since The Rascalz will be in a Trios match against Dr. Wagner Jr and two mystery opponents, they want practice. So we get a Lucha style Trios match against some decently known AAA fliers. This was of course a crazy spotfest, but it was pretty fluid and fun. It’s hard to complain when you’re told ahead of time that this is a practice match for a style they haven’t had to do on TV very often. Very fun stuff and it’s hard to be mad when they pull off Hot Fire Flame.

See Hot Fire Flame:

No DQ Match: Havok vs Su Yung – This was a decent hardcore style match. Early aggression by both women allowed for a believable back and forth, Su Yung executing what may be a first in televised wrestling was fun. She tried to Roll-Up Havok from the corner, Havok held on, so Su took the staple gun to…ummm…betwixt Havok’s thighs. Not 100% sure where…but it was unexpected. Su seemed to have all the momentum. She pulled out the bloody glove, but Havok countered the Mandible Claw and hit the Tombstone for the win. The fight continues though and spills to the back. We get a scuffle up a staircase, and Havok ends up finding rope and hanging Su Yung from the railing. So…we either saw another murder or another layer to the feud…or both.

Joey Ryan is the stripper at Melissa’s Bachelorette party…I can’t even…

LAX vs Willie Mack & Rich Swann – This was definitely more of a fitting way for Santana and Ortiz to head to AEW. The story was as simple as Mack and Swann wanting to give their friends a chance to go out on their own terms. There’s a lot of smiling and pandering to the crowd early, and then we got the break neck speed match that we expected. So many tandem moves from both teams, this match was just very entertaining. It was also nice to see that the referee was allowing them to play, without getting in the way with 5 counts and unnecessary rules lawyering. With the gravity of what this meant to Santana and Ortiz, the match was definitely an enjoyable watch. The face locker room clearing out to say goodbye to LAX was nice as well.

Overall Score 7/10

This episode was a lot of fun. They played a bunch of LAX matches from the past during commercials, and the ongoing stories were extended, and not just sacrificed for a bigger LAX push. Between Johnny Swinger promos and the parties for Melissa and Brian, the comedy was present as well.

Much like I said in the beginning, this episode had a little bit of something for everyone. The ring work was hit or miss, but everything served a purpose. I like when there’s logic in how things are laid out.

Enjoy terrorizing AEW Santana and Ortiz!

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