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Andrew’s Impact Wrestling Ratings & Analysis: 9/27/2019

Brian Cage and Melissa Santos get married on this episode! How does this wrestling wedding unfold?

Brian Cage and Melissa Santos get married on this episode! How does this wrestling wedding unfold?

In what feels like a filler episode that just really is building towards the wedding, this one should be interesting.

The qualifying match with Dave Crist and Tessa Blanchard should be interesting.

Oh and of course Ken Shamrock has something to say today!

But let’s get a look at who showed up for the wedding, then go to the show.


  • The North vs RVD & Rhino: Rhino wins via Gore/5 Star Frog Splash Combo – ** 3/4
  • Shera w/The Desi Hit Squad vs Cousin Jake w/ Cody Deaner: Shera wins via Falling Power Slam – *
  • Tenille Dashwood vs Madison Rayne: Tenille wins via The Spotlight – ***
  • Tessa Blanchard vs Dave Crist: Tessa wins via Buzzsaw DDT – ** 1/4



The North vs RVD & Rhino – So The North come out dressed like LAX and start running down the team they just ran out of Impact. Konnan gets sick of it and comes out. Konnan says what may be the best line of the night, “You guys wouldn’t be stars if you were thrown by ninjas”. Konnan has great one liners. Konnan brings out friends to challenge them, the friends being RVD and Rhino.

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We get a solid match where RVD and Alexander do a good bit of the ring work, and it’s really not bad at all. The veterans get in a bunch of the signatures, RVD dives to the outside to wipe out Ethan Page. Josh Alexander uses the opening to try and use the belt to win, Konnan stops it, Rhino hits The Gore, puts him in place for the 5 Star, and the veterans get the big pop and victory over the heel champions. Solid start.

Shera w/The Desi Hit Squad vs Cousin Jake w/ Cody Deaner – In a match that was a little messy with Desi Hit Squad popping up often, the match never really felt like it got going. A few power spots, big boys running into each other, but it fell very flat because of the extra curricular bullcrap.

Tenille Dashwood vs Madison Rayne – I’ve said it before, since her short stint in ROH and the WWE Performance Center, she’s not a bad wrestler. Madison dominated a good bit of this match. She took her time early to frustrate Tenille, but it was fairly well worth it. Madison pulled off the Ripcord Cutter, Northern Lights Suplex Hold, and went for a top rope maneuver, but that’s when Tenille moved and started putting together some offense. A small flourish, then she catches Madison with The Spotlight and wins the match. Madison looked great, and Tenille looked resilient.

ImpactPlus Flashback Moment: Eric Young & ODB Wedding, April 12, 2012

Tessa Blanchard vs Dave Crist – This being an entry match for the 5 way X Division ladder match, I think many of us saw the writing on the wall. The match was decent enough with the shenanigans on the outside with oVe. Dave had a few moments where it looked like Tessa would fall to the oVe crap again, but she powered through and hits the Buzzsaw DDT for the win. She does receive a beat down from Jake and Madman Fulton, but she’s still in the ladder match.

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Ugh, we continue the Ace Austin creeper crap:

This whole wedding ceremony was fantastic. They spliced in a bunch of storyline and beautiful campy things, all punctuated by needing the Sinister Minister James Mitchell to tie it all together. Then we get Tommy Dreamer pitching to the commercial before the reception is all wonderful.

The reception was kind of cute, and we knew Sami Callihan was going to show up when they were rejected from the wedding earlier. After giving a toast to the Bride and the Bitch, Cage grabbed Sami and Sami turned…and…well:

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Overall Score: 6.75/10

The wrestling was alright in the show, but the stories and television content was what drove the show. Between the opening segment containing more talking than usual, Ken Shamrock’s segment was story heavy and the whole last 30 minutes of the show was dedicated to the wedding.

So if you need heavy wrestling to enjoy an episode, this isn’t an episode for you. But it was still pretty solid television all things considered.


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