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Andrew’s Impact Wrestling Ratings & Analysis 9/6/2019

Does Sami Callihan get his answers this week? Will Brian Cage vacate the title?



Does Sami Callihan get his answers this week? Will Brian Cage vacate the title?

So thanks to the power of spoilers and AEW All Out, many of us already knew that LAX was on their way out of Impact Wrestling. Tonight, we get to see how their final match stacks up to some of the great stuff they’ve done the last roughly two and a half years.

Hopefully the Ace Austin/Eddie Edwards angle comes to an end soon, this is just painfully cringey.

But whatever, don’t come out of nowhere…Sami doesn’t like that. Just enjoy the show.


  • Havok vs Su Yung: Havok wins via DQ – *
  • Moose vs Fallah Bahh: Moose wins via Spear – ** 1/2
  • TJP vs Golden Magic: TJP wins via Inverted Figure Four –  *** 1/4
  • Madman Fulton vs RVD: RVD wins via DQ – **
  • Career vs Titles: Impact Tag Team Championships: LAX vs The North (c): North retain via Argentine Backbreaker/Spine Buster combo – *** 1/2



Havok vs Su Yung – Well this kinda sucked. Havok dominated early, Su had a small burst of offense, but then it went back to Havok toying with her food. The referee was holding the law very strictly, so when Havok got in his face and left Su alone for a while, you knew what was coming. Su hits Havok with the Mist, referee calls for the bell and then a small scuffle leads to Su retreating. Insanely anti-climactic and not a very good match either.

The North gives a small promo about LAX and setting up the match for later tonight.

Moose vs Fallah Bahh – So Fallah comes out like a locomotive and takes it to Moose. Moose is never really able to get any momentum, and this looks like an impending squash. Fallah hits the BAHH-nzai Drop, but Moose kicked out. Fallah is beside himself, tries to amp himself up with the Bahh headslap, and charges in with a big boy Splash, but…nobody home. Moose shoots off the ropes and Spears Fallah into next week. So Moose gets the win before his angle with Ken Shamrock starts to really boil up, but Fallah looked impressive all the same.

I hate this cringey Jerry Springer rejected angle with Eddie Edwards and Ace Austin. Ugh…kill me now.

TJP vs Golden Magic – This was set up since Golden Magic took the pinfall victory in the four way last week. The pace starts quick and never really slows down except after a big Tornillo to the outside when the commercial kicked in. Both men missed a few high impact moves and rolled through or just ate canvas. After Golden Magic missed on the 450 Splash, TJP took advantage by hitting the Detonation Kick and then locking in the Reverse Figure Four. Really solid X Division style match.

Flashback Moment: AJ Styles vs Sting, Bound for Glory, TNA Heavyweight Championship Match, October 18, 2009

Johnny Swinger everyone…I need to adjust the tracking on my VCR…

Madman Fulton vs RVD – Dave Crist comes out with Fulton to hype him up, so the match is mostly dominated by Madman until RVD catches him with the Springboard Crescent Kick. Madman powders out, and RVD keeps the momentum. Madman gets dropped and RVD goes up for the 5 Star Frog Splash, but Dave Crist interferes and we get the DQ. RVD clears out Madman and beats down Dave, then hits the 5 Star for the crowd pop.

Career vs Titles: Impact Tag Team Championships: LAX vs The North (c) – Fast paced match that had it’s swings. LAX tried to use their speed early, but a few heel tactics gave The North an edge. The North started manhandling Santana until he came out of Sunset Roll and made the hot tag. We then see Ethan Page have a moment of insight and tell Alexander to embarrass LAX by pulling off the Street Sweeper. Santana makes the save, Rolling Cutter, Draping Stunner/Superkick combo, and it’s only a two count. Ortiz does manage to kick out of the Tandem Mat Slam that The North have occasionally used as a finish, so that gave some hope. However, The North proved to be a little too cunning and end LAX’s career in Impact. Good match, just felt very quick and lacked a little bit of emotion.

Episode ends with Brian Cage making an announcement about his health and title reign. Talks about the more important things in life, like spending time with Melissa. So he proposes to Melissa ELIZABETH Santos, so it looks like we’re getting another IMPACT wedding.

Overall Score: 5.5/10

Odd show, very odd show. Started off with a bad match that got no one excited and the in ring action was a bit lackluster all night. There were a few vignettes that furthered angles that are just dumb, like The Deaners and the Edwards/Ace Austin thing. So this was just generally hard to watch since the matches weren’t engaging and the promos didn’t do anything for me.

It did what it was supposed to as a show by keeping most of the characters relevant, but I just didn’t personally care for a lot of it. The LAX match was a bit underwhelming, the Brian Cage proposal was sweet, but one has to assume it will get ruined by Callihan since…well…it’s wrestling.

So it was alright, just really not a show I personally found very intriguing.

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